Winter's Friend

By Zekk or Zekk Skywalk

Time: 1 year after Crisis at Crystal Reef

Disclaimer: none of the characters depicted here are mine, except for Alex, who is mine. All other characters belong to Lucasfilm Ltd. And JAM! Books.

Note: Jacen and Jaina are about 16 in this story, Zekk is 19, Anakin is 14, and Tahari is almost 13. Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, Lowie, and Zekk have graduated. They stay on Yavin IV until a mission pops up. This story doesn't go in conjunction to my crisis at crystal reef story, so ignore that one. Also, there might be language/content that might make a reader a bit uncomfortable. I'd rate this PG-13. Also, I haven't read Kenobi's blade, ('cause I haven't been able to find it) so bear with me in this Anakin and Tahari training thing.


Jaina and Jacen ran out onto the landing field in front of the Jedi Academy. Zekk's ship, the Lightning Rod, was starting to land. Jacen and Jaina hadn't seen Zekk for a while, because he'd been sent out on a mission, and the mission took almost 2 months.

As the Lightning Rod touched the ground, Jaina's heart began to race. < I haven't seen Zekk in a while. He's finally back.>

Jacen looked over at his twin sister. She was barely holding herself from running up to the ship at lightspeed. Jacen giggled at that. Everyone at the Academy could tell that she liked Zekk and Zekk liked her, but they didn't admit it to anyone, but Jacen and a few others could tell.

As the Lightning Rod's access hatch slid down, Zekk walked down, or at least what looked like Zekk. He'd cut his hair short: as in centimeters short. Also, his skin wasn't as pale-white as it had been before. Jaina's jaw dropped as he ran up to hug her. "W-What did you do to your hair?!" she exclaimed. Zekk laughed a bit, gave Jacen a slap on his back, then responded. "Yeah, I cut it. After I got into a fist-fight with some Teras Kasi master, and he was able to grab my hair and throw me across the room with it, I decided to cut it. You like it?" he asked sarcasticly. Jacen nodded, but Jaina was almost frozen still and Zekk laughed again.

Tenel Ka was preparing for her early run the next morning when Zekk approached her.

"Hello, friend Zekk. I had heard that you had come back from your mission," she said.

"Yeah, well, it was the longest 2 months of my life," he responded.

"Why do you say that?"

"I was alone for most of the time. Jacen wasn't there to tell jokes, or Jaina wasn't there to help me repair my ship."

"Ah, aha. Do you wish to join me for a run?"

"That's why I came out. Durring my time on the mission, I was taught some martial arts skills, and I started running early in the morning. I thought it would be a good challenge to keep up with you."

Durring the 20km run, Zekk kept up with Tenel Ka the whole way, and at one point was ahead of her. When reaching the end, Zekk saw Jacen and his little brother Anakin waiting for them.

"Hey, Tenel Ka, Zekk, over here," Jacen yelled.

"When did you start running Zekk?" asked Anakin.

"Long story, but started 'bout a month ago," he replied between gasps for air.

"Anyway, better hurry if you want breakfast," Jacen said.

After breakfast and a lecture from Master Skywalker, the group had gathered up near the landing field to work on Lowie's T-23 and the Lightning Rod, when a shuttle appeared over them. Jaina looked over the ship for a second before saying, "hey Jacen, that's Winter's shuttle!" "Your right sis, that is."

Winter, Leia's aid and best friend, had nearly been a mother for the twins and Anakin. She had raised them from birth until 2 years old, and had been around all the time until they had left for the Academy.

Master Skywalker approached the ship, and Jacen could sense that he had known of Winter's visit. Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin approached the entrance of the shuttle, with their friends behind them. The hatch opened and Winter strolled out, and gave the Solo kids a hug. "These can't be the kids that I took care of, can they?" she said with a bit of truth behind those words. Both Jacen and Jaina gave that lop-sided grin their father was so famous for. "Of course it's us, Winter," responds Jacen. "Well, I have a possible new student for your uncle's academy. She is the daughter of a friend of mine, and she's proven that she has healing capabilities. Come on out!"

A young girl, maybe 16 or 17, came down the ramp. She wore a spacer's uniform, was about 5'6" and had long dark brown hair that was nearly black. Zekk's mouth dropped down. < She's hot!> he thought.

"Hi, my name's Alex," she said.

Master Skywalker came up and shook the young girl's hand. "I am Master Skywalker. Winter has told me you have some healing capabilities and since you were a child was able to manipulate objects at a limited level, right?" She nodded, then pointed to a small rock laying near his foot. The rock began to spiral, and then lifted about an inch above the ground before coming to a dead stop. "I think that proves it. Welcome." Luke then nodded to Jacen and Jaina. "Jacen and Jaina will show you to your quarters."

After touring the temple, Jacen and Jaina showed Alex to her room.

"That Black-haired boy. What's his name?" she asked.

"Zekk," Jaina said.

"He's hot," she blurted.

"He's also taken," Jaina said. Jacen looked at her with a bit of surprise and amusement.

"Oh," was her only response. Jacen tried as best he could to hold back a smile, but wasn't doing very good at it.

"We'll be right down the hall if you need us. The next lesson is in 40 minutes. See you then."

After leaving Alex's new room, Jacen turned to his sister. "He's taken huh? I don't think he even knows that."

Jaina gave her twin a puzzled look. "Uh, umm, well, ah." she stuttered.

"uh, aha. That's what I thought. You're Jealous. You saw how she looked at him, and how he looked at her, and your jealousy sparked."

"That's ridiculous. I'm not jealous, I'm.I'm, uh, stating the obvious. It's obvious that we're basicly a couple," she finished lamely.

"Yeah, ok, right," Jacen said with a smirk.

"Shut up."

After Jacen and Jaina left her new room, Alex sat down thinking. "Sounds like Jaina and Zekk are a thing. Well, he's good enough to fight for," she thought with a smile.

The next day, durring lunch, Alex made it a thing to sit across from Zekk. Jacen was just telling his newest joke. "Ok, does anyone know the 2nd sign of insanity? It's growing hair on the palm of your hand." At that, Zekk, Tenel Ka, and Alex looked at their hand. Jaina looked at the group as if they were stupid, then Jacen continued. "You know what the 1st sign is? Checking for the second sign.!"

Alex slapped herself on the head, Jaina slapped Zekk on the back of the head, making him blush a bit, and Tenel Ka said, "I do not relevance. I do not understand." Alex then wispered into her ear, then Tenel Ka says, "Ah, aha. Thank you friend Alex, now I understand." Jacen then put his face between his hands and growled in frustration. "I'm never gonna' get you to smile, am I?"

After eating a bit, Jaina couldn't but help herself from watching to make sure Alex and Zekk weren't looking at each other. Jacen thought, < Jaina, drop it. He isn't yours you know.> Jaina looked over at her brother. He knew she had heard at least part of that. Nobody really said anything after that, because Anakin and Tahari then came to the same table, and Tahari, as usual, began chattering away. Jaina couldn't help but notice that her little brother had grown a bit of an attraction for the young girl, and that the way Anakin was looking at her, she could tell he liked her.

"So, what do you think of Alex?" Zekk asked.

Jacen shrugged. The two of them were inside the Lightning Rod making minor adjustments. Jaina and Lowie were across the field working on the Rock Dragon, and Tenel Ka was scaling the temple. Zekk was glad Jaina wasn't here, he really wanted to talk to Jacen in private.

"Dunno. I can tell you one thing, you have a crush on her, and she has one on you."

"WHAT!!! I do not!" exclaimed Zekk.

"Yes you do. I could see how you two were looking at each other earlier today durring lunch. And, I can tell Jaina is jealous," Jacen said with a smirk.

"I.I guess you're right. I don't even know her, but I like her. But I don't like her as much as Jaina; we'd better get that straight," he said, pointing a finger angrily at Jacen.

Just as Jacen was about to say something, Master Skywalker's voice came from behind the closed door. "Zekk, Jacen, can I come in?" he asked.

"It's open," Zekk said back.

Master Skywalker opened the door then said, "I just received a message from the NRI. Seems that there are some terrorist attacks on Chandarilla. They need Jedi Knights to help with the situation. Since there are only 3 ships on Yavin IV, and I can't allow the Shadow Chaser to leave, I need you and the others to go on the Lightning Rod and the Rock Dragon. Alex is going with you, because she use to live on Chaddarilla. Anakin and Tahari will be going also, because of the pattern of the attacks, Anakin might be able to stop another one from happening."

"Ok, we'll pack up right away Uncle Luke," responded Jacen.

30 minutes later, everyone had their gear together. Jaina made sure that she was on the Lightning Rod and made sure that Alex was on the Rock Dragon. Herself, Zekk, Anakin, and Tahari would be on the Lightning Rod, while Alex, Jacen, Lowie, and Tenel Ka will be on the Rock Dragon.

< Finally, time alone with Zekk, without Alex there> she thought to herself.

After being in hyperspace for nearly an hour, Anakin had gone back into the Lightning Rod's main drive system and was tinkering with a few non-hyperspace related drive systems. Tahari had fallen asleep, which left Jaina alone with Zekk in the Cockpit.

Jaina broke the silence. "Zekk, do you, uh, like Alex?" she blurted.

Zekk sat there uncomfortably for a minute. "She's good lookin' but that's all I can say about her." He responded.

Jaina looked at him puzzled for a bit. "Oh, I thought that you um, ah, liked her or something."

Zekk looked back at her and said, "Oh, now are we a bit jealous?" he asked with a smirk.

"Jealous, ME? No, I'm not jealous!"

"Yes you are, I mean, you need to look at yourself in a mirror. That face has jealousy written all over it!"

Jaina blushed a bit before trying to slap him playfully. Zekk easily grabbed her hand. She then turned herself in her chair to bring her other hand to bear, and this time, her hand got paydirt. She was able to grab his fatigues and push him out of his chair, but not before he brought her down also, pulling on the arm he had grabbed. They both fell to the deck, with Jaina on top.

"Ha! I win!" she exclaimed.

"Ok Jaina, you win. Now get off me."

After realizing their position, Jaina didn't move. Instead, she bent over and gave Zekk a kiss. He tried to push her off of him, but then relaxed and started to respond. Just as the kiss was turning passionate, Anakin came into the cockpit and cleared his throat.

"Ahem," he mumbled.

Jaina immediately stopped, got off of Zekk, sat down in her chair, and tried to look innocent. "Oh, ah, hey little bro." She then pointed a finger at Zekk.

"We were, uh, wrestling," she said lamely.

Anakin tried to hold back laughter as best he could. "Yeah, uhu, ok, whatever," he said.

Jaina then gave her little brother a mean look. "You didn't see anything, and if word gets out, especially to Jacen, your dead!"

"As dad would say, lips are sealed," he said with a smile. He then returned to a stern face. "Uh, Zekk, I found a way to easily upgrade your ship. If we add a Corillian drive system, you know, one like in the Falcon, you can boost your Hyperdrive speed."

"That's my little brother," Jaina said with a smile.

"Rrruaaawwaaa!" Lowie yelled back.

"Master Lowbacca says that your joke, Master Jacen, was worse then the last one," Em-Teedee translated.

"Aww, I thought I'd be a good one this time!" Jacen exclaimed. Lowie, Alex, and Jacen were playing a holographic game of the battle of Bakura. Jacen was playing the Imperials, Lowie was playing the Rebels, and Alex was controlling the Ssi-ruuvi.

"Great! Skywalker is now on my ship!" Alex said with distaste.

"Hah! Se-ya Lowie, the Flurry just went down!" Jacen said.

"Aha! Se-you Jacen, the Dominant is now dead in space!" Alex said back.

"Hey, Tenel Ka, c'mon and join us. We could re-program the game to do the fight over Dathimor. We could do Hapan Battle-Dragons Vs. Imperial Star Destroyers," persuaded Jacen. Tenel Ka, who was looking at information over the bombings, shook her head. "If we are going to help these people, we need to be prepared," she said.

"I guess so. Maybe we should quit and look over the reports as well," Jacen said.

"This is a fact," Tenel Ka responded.

"Do you guys have something I could use as a weapon? For protection of course." Alex asked. Lowie pointed to a storage locker and growled something. Em-Teedee translated. "Master Lowbacca says there is a pair of stun-sticks and a blaster in that locker."

"Thanks. I haven't built a Lightsaber yet, so I may need something," she said as she got up to look in the locker.

Then there was a sound in the cockpit. Lowie got up, went in, and then growled something back into the passenger compartment. "Master Lowbacca says that we are 10 minutes from Chandrilla," Em-Teedee said.

"So, anything else happen that we should know about?" Jacen asked. The group had landed in a docking bay and headed straight for the planet's security force.

The Captain of the force had invited them to the newest scene of terrorism. A bomb had exploded near a restaurant and had blown away part of the sidewalk.

"Not really. Here is the report, and here is a map of where the bombs have exploded." The Captain handed Jacen the datapad, and he immediately gave it to his little brother. Tenel Ka and Zekk were looking around the explosion, trying to sense or find anything that might help. Jaina and Lowie were looking at the bomb reminants, and Alex was talking to the restaurant owner. Anakin looked over the map and report, and frowned.

"I've seen a pattern similar to this before, but I'll have to look at it more closely and for a while longer," he said.

The Captain put out his hands. "Keep it then. I've seen enough Jedi in my time to tell that they are good at what they do, and that they can achieve the impossible. Good Luck, and may the Force be with you." The Captain then walked away and got into his speeder, to head back to his office.

Anakin looked over the datapad again with his puzzle-solving look. Tahari broke the silence. "What do you think it is?"

Anakin shook his head. "looks like a part of a symbol I've seen before, but I don't remember what," he said. He looked at it again, was about to turn away from it again, when his face brightened up. "Hey, guys, I know what the pattern is!" he exclaimed as he began connecting the dots.

The rest of the group assembled around him and he pointed at the lines he had just drawn. "If you connect the bombings in a group of lines it shows the sign of the Manalorians!"

"The Manalorians!?" Jaina said with surprise. "I thought they were all defeated by the Jedi Knights durring the clone wars!"

Anakin shook his head again. "They may just be imposters, but they are responsible, according to the drawing."

"We should report this immediately to the police," Tenel Ka said.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Jaina said.

Winter's Friend

By Zekk or Zekk Skywalk

Time: 1 year after Crisis at Crystal Reef

Note: I'm using the Mandaloirans in this story. Since Episode 1, 2, and 3 aren't out yet, I don't know if any mandalorians survived. Also, I'd rate the full version of this story PG-13. Also, I'm using this in conjunction with a fanfic called Debut.


"So as you can see, supposedly, the Mandalorians, or at least Mandalorian wannabe's are behind the bombings," Anakin explained to the Police Captain. The group had come to the station to show them their findings.

The Police Captain nodded. "I long ago learned not to doubt the thoughts of a Jedi Knight. We'll find as much information on the Mandalorians in relativity to this planet. Also, we'll try to find anyone in the area that may be somehow related to them, and we'll try to find anyone trying to sell explosives."

Tenel Ka nodded. "Perhaps you should also check for any sittings of anyone in Mandalorian armor or such in this sector," she added.

"Done," the Captain said. Then he added, "I'll have one of my officers escort you to your rooms. From there you can work, and we will send you hourly reports. Is that acceptable?"

Anakin nodded. Jacen poked his twin sister in the ribs. "Looks like kin-kin is taking over," he said, making Jaina giggle.

2 hours later, the group was in their quarters. There were separate rooms, all of which lead into a common-room. Zekk and Lowie shared one room, Jacen and Anakin in another. Jaina and Tenel Ka also shared a room, as did Alex and Tahari. At one point, Zekk, Jaina, and Lowie went to work on the Lightning Rod and Rock Dragon in case they needed to use the ships in combat. Tahari and Anakin went there later also, and Alex went to go get something to eat. Jacen was in his room when he heard a knock.

"Come in," he said. He was reading some info on animal life indigenous to Chandrilla. Tenel Ka came in and sat down behind him. Jacen didn't realize who it was until he turned around. "Oh, ah, hi. Sorry, thought it was Jaina or someone else."

"Jacen, my friend, I must ask you something," she said.

"Sure, what is it," he said, giving her his undivided attention. < Ok, Tenel Ka, just ask. It's not that hard> "What do you think of me?"

Jacen all of a sudden started to shiver. < What do I think of her? Why, she's..maybe I should say this aloud> "Tenel Ka, you're the most beautiful person I've ever met. You are a great person and I owe you my life several times over, your."

Tenel Ka stopped him in mid-sentence. She put a finger over his lips. She then bent down and put her forhead on his. "I believe that I have the same feelings. Jaina has convinced me that I should do 'what my heart tells me.' That means I should do this. She then placed her lips against his. It seemed like they had melted together, and they only stopped when air became necessary.

"I, uh, um, don't k-know what to s-say," he said. He was still very surprised.

"Then do not say anything." She then pushed him off of the seat he was sitting on onto the floor and got on top of him. They kissed again, and the world drifted away.

"Ok, try it now," Anakin yelled to his sister.

Jaina flipped the switch. The ship's engines turned on, but not before sparking and giving Anakin a fire-bath.

"Turn it off!" he yelled.

After Jaina hit the switch off, he got down and got into the engine's repair station.

"What did you do wrong?" Zekk asked.

"Don't know. Should've worked. Jaya, maybe we need to re-tune the secondary systems," Anakin said to his older sister.

"I don't know how you guys can do this stuff without messing up. This stuff is so complicated!" Tahari exclaimed.

"To re-tune this stuff, I'll need to go get parts from the nearest starship repair bay," Anakin said.

"I'll go with you," Tahari said.

Anakin nodded. "Probobly be back in 20 minutes. Just don't blow the ship up while I'm gone, ok?" he said.

Jaina gave him a playful smile. "Oh, you know us, we'll be fine."

Anakin shook his head as he and Tahari walked away.

"Looks like your little brother isn't quite so little anymore," Zekk said.

"Guess not."

Jaina got up to leave the room when Zekk grabbed her arm.

"Jaina," he said in a stern voice. "We've been avoiding what happened earlier."

Jaina sat back down with a sigh. "Zekk, I don't know what it meant," she said.

"Neither do I," he added.

After a bit of uncomfortable silence, Jaina piped up. "Zekk, I.I think I love you," she said.

Jaina didn't get a response. Well, not the response she was expecting. Zekk all of a sudden pulled her into him and kissed her with passion Jaina never knew of. After a while, Zekk pulled away and added, "I love you too." They kissed again, and he put his arm around her. She laid her head on his shoulder and they just sat there, holding each other until they fell asleep. Then Lowie burst into the room. He looked at them, a bit puzzled, then decided to leave them, and let Anakin wake them when he returned.

After leaving the Lightning Rod, Tahari spoke up. "Those two seemed to be avoiding each other. Is something wrong, or is it just me?"

Anakin smiled before responding. "They like each other, but they try to hide it."

That made Tahari giggle. "Why?"

"I don't know. I think once you hit 16, or you start to like someone, you become weird or something."

That made Tahari laugh even more.

Anakin looked at his friend again. She was turning into a beautiful girl. He didn't like to admit it, but he kinda liked her. He hasn't told anybody, except Jacen, only because his older brother would understand, given his predicament with Tenel Ka. < Guess that makes me weird> he thought with a smile.

Alex was just on her way back to the hotel when someone stopped her.

"Who are you?" she asked.

The figure, who was clad in a black cape and hood, reached for something and said, "You are one of the Jedi here to help find the terrorists, right?"

Alex nodded.

"Good." The figure then drew what looked like a stungun and fired it right at her.

There was a flash of blue before darkness.

Later, after tinkering with the Lightning Rod a bit more, Jaina, Zekk, Lowie, Anakin, and Tahari returned to the hotel they were staying at. When they arived, they found Jacen and Tenel Ka pacing around the room.

"Do any of you know where Alex is?" Jacen asked, concern showing on his face.

"No, haven't seen her since she left," Jaina responded. Then she looked around the room. "What, she isn't here?"

"No, she isn't. She just went out to get something to eat, now I'm worried about her," Jacen said.

Then there was a knock at the door. Jaina let the person in.

"I'm afraid that your friend Alex was kidnapped."

".And we found traces of a neuron weapon fired in the area. Her blaster and stun-stick was also found. Witnesses only heard a shot, and when they reached where the sound was, nothing was there except her equipment."

Tenel Ka shook her head in disgust. "Their not afraid of the local police or us. They, by leaving her equipment, are taunting us showing their 'superiority.' There were enough Hapan assassins that did the same to recognize that," she said.

Later, the group was at the scene trying to sense anything through the force. After an hour of nothing, the group decided to head to a small shopping center, where the next bombing should occur. The group started searching for the bomb, and the police evacuated the civilians from the area.

"Maybe they decided not to bomb this place after finding out that we've got their pattern down," Jacen said.

"This is not a fact. The kind of people that captured Alex would definitely do it here, now more than ever. It is a way for them to show that 'they are smarter than we are.' Openly, they will taunt us by doing it as planned," Tenel Ka said.

"Oh, Sith! I might have found something!" Zekk yelled from under an overhang. He was checking the outside part of a caf that had a tent-like structure over it.

The group ran over to his position. Anakin pushed his older siblings out of the way and looked at what Zekk was pointing to.

"Hmm, definitely a bomb, but of no design I've ever seen," he said.

"Jaina hung over her little brother. "Me too. That means we don't know how to disarm it. We could pull the circuitry out, but that might blow us to bits faster than you can say 'big bang.'" She said.

"Maybe we could just slice it with a Lightsaber and disconnect the detonator from the explosive all at once!" Jacen said.

Anakin and Jaina both shook their head. "Uh-uh. We have no way of slicing them all 'at the same time' precisely. If you're a nano second off, Poof! Bye-bye Jacen, and bye-bye city-block," Jaina said.

Anakin then looked closer then said, "Doesn't look like we'll have time to figure anything out, the timer says 30 seconds until detonation!"

"In the words of a friend of mine, 'Maybe now is a good time like mad!" Zekk said, and started to turn around.

"Tenel Ka nodded. "This is a fact. We should leave immediately."

"I'm all for keeping in one whole piece. What are we waiting for?" Jaina said.

After the group had cleared the area, the bomb exploded. After the dust settled, they went back to where the bomb was and surveyed the wreckage. The whole area was black, and one of the support braces for the overhang was cracked.

Then something caught Tahari's attention. "Hey, look over there!" She pointed at the entrance to an alley. There, a figure wearing a black cloak, was standing. A Mandalorian chest-plate was barely visible under the cloak. He turned around and went into the alley.

"Hey you, Stop!" Jacen yelled and ignited his Emerald Green Lightsaber and ran after him. Soon, the rest of the group followed, except Anakin and Tahari, who didn't carry weapons.

Once Jacen reached the mouth of the alley, he saw the figure turned to him, pointing a blaster rifle at him. A blazing Red bold rocketed towards Jacen. He ducked and raised his pulsating Lightsaber and deflected the blast into the blue sky.

The figure lowered his weapon and said, "You and your Jedi friends will never stop us, or get your friend back!" He then hit something on his belt, and disappeared.

Jacen swore. "Damn, they have some sort of cloaking devices!" Just then, Jaina, Zekk, Lowie, and Tenel Ka ran up to him. He got up from his crouched position and said with a sigh, "He got away."

"We found an arm dealer working out of a small antique shop in the downtown area of the capital city. He has been selling the type of bombs you described to investigators," the Police Captain said.

Zekk nodded. "Who did he say he's been selling them to?" he asked.

"He described the man as a 'dark man.' About 6 feet tall, 160 lbs or so, and had a chest-plate of a Mandalorian soldier," the Captain described.

"That's our man, he's the one I fought in the alley!" Jacen exclaimed.

"The arms dealer said he overheard the man say something about showing the New Republic and especially the Jedi that the Mandalorians are back. He also overheard something about an old abandoned Jedi Temple where a holocron and a Sith Medallion exists, and he's going to find it and use it to destroy the Jedi."

"A holocron?!" Zekk said.

"A Sith Medallion?!" Jacen said at the same time.

"Did we not encounter one of those Medallions durring preperations for my 16th birthday?" Tenel Ka said.

"Yeah, that's the one," Jacen said.

Winter's Friend

By Zekk Skywalk

Disclaimer: All characters depicted here are not mine except Alex. They belong to George Lucas and his company Lucasfilm Ltd.

Note: In all parts of my story, you might see copycat parts. The first scene here is stolen off an episode of Saved By the Bell. Other parts are stolen off other shows and/or fanfics.

Part 3

"Ouch! Hey, your foot is on my arm!" Jacen said in a loud whisper.

"Ruuuhhh," Lowie responded.

"Master Lowbacca says that your arm is on his foot, Master Jacen," Em-Teedee translated. The Young Jedi Knights were in the arms dealer's shop. They were in storage compartments waiting for the person who bought the explosives to come by to pick up his next shipment. Jacen, Lowie, and Tenel Ka were in one box, Jaina, Zekk, Anakin, and Tahari were in another.

"Shhh, I believe our buyer is here," Tenel Ka whispered.

A man in a dark cloak walked through the door. He was tall, maybe 6'4" and had an athlete's build. He flashed a Merr-Sonn Power 5 Blaster Pistol and a Lightfoil, a copycat Lightsaber that was a bit weaker. The man said something not-audible to the dealer, then began picking up a set of boxes.

Zekk, in the other compartment said into a comlink, "That's our man!"

The group then blasted out of the units and those with ones, ignited Lightsabers.

Tenel Ka ordered, "Halt!"

The figure spun around, and in one swift motion, drew his blaster. A blood-red bolt flew out of it and shot strait for Tahari.

"Woah!" she screamed. Anakin knocked her out of the bolts path, and the bolt singed off his shoulder.

A second bolt shot out of the barrel of the gun, and this time it went strait at Jaina. She rose her Electric-Violet blade to deflect the bolt. The red shot flew away from her, hitting a nearby wall.

"Damn!" the black figure yelled. He then reached for his hip and drew a circular object with a barrel-like thing out of it's front.

Zekk recognized it immediately. "Ssi-ruuvi paddle beamer! Get out of the way! Your Lightsaber won't deflect it!"

Zekk's warning didn't come out before 2 shots came out. One went on a collision course for Jacen. He tried to deflect it, but found it only bent when intersected by his Emerald-Green saber. The silver beam hit him strait on the torso, making him fall. The second beam went for Tahari, hitting her in the arm, and making her jump back.

Before the hooded figure could shoot again, Tenel Ka tackled him and sliced strait through his paddle-beamer. Before he could reach for his Lightfoil, the cylinder flew off of his belt and into Jaina's hands. "I don't think so," she said.

Then the police came in, and Tenel Ka got off of the cloaked man so they could bind him. Anakin helped Tahari up, and helped her get feeling into her numb arm. Jaina looked at her brother as he held her limp hand.

Jacen, sitting up, said, "Whew! That felt weird. I feel like I was just given a numbing agent for my whole body."

Tenel Ka looked at him. "If numb is all the weapon does to you, then I say that you came off easily. That could have been a real blaster bolt that could have killed you."

Jacen smiled. "Guess you're right." Tenel Ka then helped him up.

"Ok, so where did the guy say this temple was?" Zekk asked. Jaina shrugged. The group had found out where the Jedi temple was and had boarded their respected ships to go there.

"Uh, coordinates 314-516. Stay there for exactly 3.21 hours," Anakin said from behind Jaina.

"Got-ya," Zekk said. At the same time, he and Jaina reached for the lever to go to hyperspace. Together, they pulled it.



"You can move your hand now."

"I know."

Anakin looked at their hand, and how they were entwined by the fingers. He giggled.

Jaina turned back to him. "What?"

"Nothing." He looked over at Tahari, who was trying to hold back a smile.

"Entering Hyperspace now," Jacen stated. He was on the Rock Dragon sitting by Lowie.

"Naaarrraaahhh," Lowie growled.

Em-teedee translated, "Master Lowbacca says that your piloting skills are improving."

"Yeah, well, after trying to pilot the Lightning Rod durring the Shadow Academy attack, I've made it a job to learn more about flying," he returned.

Tenel Ka, who was re-tuning her Lightsaber, spoke up. "Master Skywalker said that we can re-tune our blades to deflect the Ssi-ruuvi paddle-beamer. He also said though, that then we will not be able to deflect normal blaster-bolts."

Jacen looked down at his blade. "I'd rather deflect a normal bolt then a numbing bolt."

Tenel Ka nodded. "This is a fact."

Lowie then got up and barked that he'd be back in the 'fresher.

Jacen looked at Tenel Ka for a moment, then said, "Tenel Ka, before he comes back, I need to tell you something."

Tenel Ka nodded again. "Let me talk first. I believe that I know what you are going to say."

Jacen's jaw dropped. "You do?"

"This is a fact. I believe I feel the same way."

Jacen's jaw was so wide that he probobly could fit his fist inside it. "You do?"

"Of course. I believe the appropriate term is 'I love you.'" < Gods, I said it!"

< I love you> the words bounced around in Jacen's head. < She said it, she really said it!>

"I-I lov-love you t-too," he stuttered.

Tenel Ka, the one who never does, smiled.

"Coming out of hyper.Whoa, Shit!" Zekk yelled. Before him, on the viewscreen, lay a Nebulon-B Frigate. "Damn, it's powering up weapons!" he added.

"Let's head strait for the planet, so they can't target us!" Jaina exclaimed.

"There's the temple!" Tahari said. The group had landed safely, and had been walking for under 10 minutes.

"Looks like it!" Jacen said.

"Hurry, we don't know how long they've been here. We need to find those medallions and the holocron before they do!" Anakin said.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Jaina said.

The group headed for the temple.

The Conclusion, coming soon!!! END

Winter's Friend

By Zekk Skywalk

Disclaimer: Characters here are not mine except Drew, Alex, and her captors. Everyone else belong to George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd.

Part 4

"Look in there!" A person ordered.

"There is nothing in here, Jac," another person yelled back.

"They look like their still searching for at least one of the things," Jacen whispered. The group had hidden behind an area that used stairs to get up. Jacen had just looked over it and then ducked back down.

"Perhaps we should attack now before they do find the relics," Tenel Ka said.

Jaina shook her head. "We need to find where Alex is first, then we can."

"Doesn't look like we'll need to wait any longer, 'cause there she is!" Tahari exclaimed.

The group looked over the big step to see Alex with a gun to her back, and binders on her arms watching the stealers work from a corner.

"Arrgg, I have to do everything myself!" The first person said. He then took off his hooded cloak and revealed his head and body. He was maybe 6' 8" and had body-armor on. He also had goggles over his eyes.

Zekk looked at the man for a second before saying something. "I recognize him, he's Gundark, a former Weapons and contraband dealer during the Rebellion."

"Why then does he want th.oh I get it! He want's the Holocron and medallions to sell!" Jaina said.

Tenel Ka nodded. "His business has probably gone down now that the Rebellion is gone and the Empire is gone as well."

"Well, now we know who we're dealing with, we know where Alex is, so let's get a move on!" Jacen said.

Anakin looked over the ledge again, then spoke up. "I'll go to the other side of the room to get Alex out of those binders," he said, gripping the blaster he had. He then turned around and went down a side hallway.

Jaina pointed at Tahari. "You should stay here. You can help though, by using the force to make them screw up. Try to make them trip or something."

Tahari nodded. "Ok, I'll do my best."

Zekk looked over the ledge again. "There are 20 or so men, all have blasters, and all have body-armor. 3 have those copycat Lightsabers, and 2 have paddle-beamers. I also saw one that carries throwing knives. That means 4 guys per person. Plus we have the one watching Alex, and Gundark."

Before Jaina could say it, Jacen spoke up. "Well what are we waiting for," he said, trying to mimic his sister's voice.

Lowie was the one to attack first. He ignited his Brick-Red Lightsaber and howled a challenge. 3 of the nearest guys charged him, firing blasters. He easily deflected them, one of which hit the person firing. He went down with a smoking hole in his chest, with his armor cracked.

Zekk popped up next, hitting 2 guys to the floor with a push in the force. One other ignited a Lightfoil, and slashed at Zekk, who blocked it.

Jacen stayed behind, seeing an animal in one corner of the room, and had it try to attack a nearby worker. The thing pounced on the guy, knocking him unconscious. Jacen grinned before jumping up and running up to a person holding another Lightfoil.

Tenel Ka, at this point, was feinting off 2 workers with blasters. She deflected one bolt back at the assailant, hitting him in the leg. He yelped in pain, and fell to the ground, holding his wounded limb. The second guy drew a paddle-beamer, and shot Tenel Ka. It hit her in her good arm, knocking the blade out of it. As he drew his blaster to finish her off, Tahari, watching nearby, made his blaster shoot out of his hand, and into her's. Tenel Ka took this advantage to kick the guy in the face, making him fall back.

Jaina was now standing over 3 people, one of which had a hand gone, one of which had a foot gone, the third with his hands raised, surrendering.

Anakin had gotten to where Alex was, and just as her captor was about to join the fray, he was hit by a blue blast from Anakin's blaster set on stun. The person went down with a big thud. Anakin then got the keys from the man and started working the binders off of Alex. Now, everyone had done away with their enemies. They had now gotten Gundark up to a wall.

"Give up, you have no one to help you," Jaina said.

Gundark smiled. "Ah, but I do, young girl." He then took a box-like shape out of a pocket. "I believe that this is one of the only holocrons in existence. It would be a pity if it were destroyed." He then took out a sphere out of another pocket.

Jaina looked at the sphere. "Oh, great! Now we have a thermal detonator to worry about."

"You hurt me, or kill me, and you, along with the holocron, go BOOM!" Gundark then threw the detonator into the air. He then started to cloak. "Oh, no you don't!" Jacen said, as he grabbed Gundark and punched his belt. The cloaker phased out, sparked, then died, leaving Gundark visible.

"Whoa!" Zekk said, before he grabbed the sphere in mid-air using the force. "Uh, Anakin, here's a puzzle for you. How do you disarm a thermal detonator?"

"Levitate it to me, and I can do it," came the response.

"Ok, now let's see if we can find the medallions," Jaina said.

Later, as a New Republic fleet came, the Nebulon B frigate that was Gundark's flagship, surrendered. The Young Jedi Knights found all the medallions, and destroyed them, for they were sith items. Then they went back to Yavin IV after helping the New Republic sort out everything, bringing along with them the holocron.

Now the group had once again, retreated to their favorite spot by the river. Lowie later decided to go fly his skyhopper, and Anakin and Tahari had gone for a walk. Jacen and Zekk were dueling, while Jaina and Tenel Ka stayed in the water. Alex was back a the academy in a class.

"Yo.u're g-getting b-better, Ze-kk," Jacen said between feints and lunges.

Zekk, who had gotten in more saber practice durring his 2 month long mission, laughed. "Wh-what, giving you a-a r.un for y-you money, eh?" Jacen then stopped, and disengaged his Emerald Green blade. Zekk did the same with his Fire-Orange blade.

"I'm going to assume something here," Jacen started. "Is my sister a good kisser?"

Zekk looked at him for a moment. "What makes you think we kissed?"

"Because Jaina isn't jealous anymore. In fact, everytime I mention you name, she purses her lips."

"Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Why should I tell you? In fact, while we're on the subject, have you told Tenel Ka how you feel?" Zekk asked with a smirk.

"As a mater of fact, I did!" Jacen responded.

"You did, huh? Finally," Zekk said.

"Did what?" came Jaina's voice. She and Tenel Ka were drying off.

"Oh, nothing," Jacen said.

Jaina then came up to Zekk and kissed him on the cheek.

< She isn't bothered by the feeling, why should I be? Because, you dope, Tenel Ka doesn't show feeling like Zekk or Jaina do> But as Jacen was thinking this, Tenel Ka mimicked Jaina and kissed Jacen, bringing a bit of surprise to his face. < Ok, maybe not>

"Anakin, is something wrong?" Tahari asked.

"Nothing's wrong," he responded.

"Yes there is, I can sense it," she said. She looked deeper into his eyes, and could tell it had something to do with her. < I wonder if he's starting to feel the same way I feel about him>

"O-ok, there is. We've been friends for a long time, and this will probably sound really stupid, but I've wondered.I've wondered what it would be like to.kiss you," he said.

< Kiss me? Wow! He wants to know that?> "I have wondered about that too, and The only way to find out, is to try," she said.

Anakin smiled. "Try not. Do, or do not, there is no try," he said.

"Then I'll do," she said, right as their lips connected.

To Anakin, the kiss felt like forever, when really it was more like 20 seconds.

After they parted, Tahari shivered. "Wow!" was all she could say.

"I second that wow," he said, as they kissed again, more passionately this time. Anakin found his hands to Tahari's cheeks, and felt her arms around his neck. This time they parted more reluctantly.

"You're so beautiful when you smile," Anakin said.

"You're cute when you're scruffy-looking," Tahari said back.

"Hey, who's scruffy-looking?" he said, as they kissed again, and Yavin four drifted away.

Alex was just leaving class when a handsome young man approached her.

"Hey, my name's Drew, could I walk with you?" he said.

Alex nodded. "Sure, my name is Alex." She smiled. < Maybe I don't like Zekk as much as I thought>

The group had now gotten together to work on the Lightning Rod and Rock Dragon again. Jaina and Zekk were working on the Lightning Rod, while Lowie, Anakin, and Tenel Ka were working on the Rock Dragon. Jacen was telling his newest joke to Tenel Ka, and Tahari was chattering away to Zekk and Jaina about kissing Anakin. Raynar and Lusa were nearby sparring with Lightsabers. That is when Master Skywalker approached them. "I just got a communication from a nearby Republic base. They need Jedi to help them feint off a Pirate group that has been bothering them for a while. Are you guys up to it?"

Everyone looked at Jaina for a response. She smiled before saying, "Well what are we waiting for?"


Note: I know this is kind of a lame ending, but it was late when I finished the story.
Zekk Skywalk

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