Title: When Stars Collide
Author: Angel: da Newsies fan
Rating: PG-13 (language and suggestive dialogue)
Characters: main: Obi-Wan and you; Qui-Gon Jinn and other Jedi
Setting: Pre-TPM
Category: ABH, AU, romance/action adventure
Disclaimer: Don't sue! Star Wars belongs to George Lucas!! I'm just playing with the characters...the only characters that are mine are the made up ones, but I could care less if anyone used those.
Status: In Progress
Summary: You and Obi-Wan Kenobi loathe one another and everyone in the Jedi Temple knows it...so why in the world would they pair the two of you up for a mission and with out your Masters to control you?


Chapter 4:

"Padawan? Padawan? Come now, wake up or you'll miss your take off."

Your Master is poking and prodding you...but it isn't working too well; you never have been too keen on getting up early; especially when it's 3 o' clock in the morning.

"Master..." you moan irritably, "It's still dark outside...some back in a few hours..."

Your Master laughs softly at you, then smacks you on the head (which is currently buried in your pillow).

"Ow! What was that for?!" you cry, now pretty much awake.

"Why, nothing...but it got you up, didn't it? Hurry up and get dressed, you need to eat before you leave."

With that, Master Ling rises from your bedside and glides to the door.

You sigh and unwillingly get out of your warm bed and into the cool morning air of your room. You go through the daily routine and are dressed and ready in a little over 15 minuets.

"Hurry, Padawan, Master Jinn and Padawan Kenobi will be here to pick us up soon." says your Master as you exit sleepily from your room.

You watch her run around the kitchen for a few minuets, before deciding to plop yourself down into a chair.

"How can you be this chipper so early?" you ask her monotonously.

Your Master smiles slightly as she makes her way toward the table with breakfast.

"I suppose I'm used to rising this early, Padawan. I have to do it just about every day." she says, placing a plate of eggs and bacon before you (wow...space piggies...that's gotta taste gross!! *lol*)

You stare wide-eyed at her as she takes her seat across from you.

"You do this every day! Why?!" you ask exasperatedly.

"Because that is my duty as a Master, Padawan. Why don't you think you've never seen me asleep?" she says, starting her own breakfast.

You raise an eyebrow at her.

"Actually, there was the other morning when I came out and saw you, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan all asleep. You weren't up at 3 then, were you?" you say mockingly.

Your Master smiles and shakes her head.

"Yes, well, that was an exception. We did not finish our discussion until 3, therefore, it was reasonable to sleep until 6 o' clock." she says shoving a bite of food in her mouth.

You smile at her and stick you fork into your eggs.

"Whatever you say, Master."

The two of you eat in silence for a time and then rise simultaneously to clean off your dishes. You are both drying them when you hear the door buzz.

"Enter!" you Master calls, handing you a wet dish to dry.

A second later, the door slides open and in walk Master Jinn and....him...Kenobi.

*So nice seeing him this early." you think, remembering to shield your thoughts.

"Good morning, ladies. I trust you both slept well?" says Qui-Gon, who is just as chipper as your Master.

You both nod "yes" to his question and walk out of the kitchen, into the living area.

"Well, little one, you should get your belongings. Your ship will be departing soon." Master Jinn says smiling happily at you.

You smile back sleepily and reply with a faint "ok" before venturing across the room toward your door. When you reach it, you punch in the access code, enter and are out with your things in at least 5 minuets.

You throw your bags onto the couch and scamper to the hall closet to grab you robe.

When you turn around again, you see Kenobi hunched over a chair, with his head in his hands.

You laugh slightly and tilt your head at the sight of him.

"Hey Kenobi!" you yell as loud as you can.

This causes everyone, including Obi-Wan, to jump with a start.

Obi-Wan moans and rubs his eyes when he realizes your motive. He looks at your tiredly and glares at you.

"What do you want, Princess?"

You roll your eyes at him and decide not to answer.

You pull on your robe and walk back to the couch to retrieve you luggage.

"So, are we ready?" you ask, feeling more and more awake by the minuet.

The Masters look at you, smile and nod.

Qui-Gon jesters to Obi-Wan and he sluggishly shuffles to the door ahead of Master Jinn. Your Master decides to assist you by carrying one of your heavy bags and follows Kenobi and Qui out into the hall. She stops and waits for you to follow her and when you're out, she turns to the open door.

"Close." she says.

The door closes.

"Lock." she commands.

The door locks.


It takes you all approximately 10 minuets to reach the ship hanger and see your awaiting ship. All four of you board, both Masters now carrying luggage.

Obi-Wan is pretty close to being fully awake by now, because he keeps muttering remarks like: "Why me?" and "Of all people, it had to be her."

But you just ignore him; you're far too used to him to worry about his petty remarks.

You follow your Master to the back of the ship, where the cabins are, and then follow her into the cabin on the right.

Your cabin is pretty decent: a nicely sized bed, drawers for a few pairs of clothes...communication equipment?

When you spot that, you point them out to your Master.

"Ah, good they did as I requested! These, Padawan, are communication tools: a data pad, a comlink, Obi-Wan has the other one, and a few other useful items."

You nod and look at the other things she hadn't mentioned; this was gonna be an exciting mission! At least, you think that till you remember that Kenobi's going too.

*Man! Why!! Why me?* you cry inwardly, as Kenobi had done earlier.

You Master turns to you, bows and exits. You raise an eyebrow and follow her; she's going across the hall to Kenobi's cabin.

"Well, how are we getting along in here, you two?" she asks, smiling and placing her covered hands on her hips.

Both men look up from their tasks (Kenobi's unpacking a few things and Qui's examining his Padawan's communication tools).

Qui smiles.

"We're doing just fine, Galexa. How are you two coming along?" he asks, putting down Obi-Wan's electrobinoculars.

"We're done, thank you. You two had better get a move on or these two will be late taking off."

Master Jinn nods and happily assists Obi in unpacking.

Your Master turns, ushers you out of the cabin and makes her way down the hall to the control room at the front of the ship. She sits down in front of the navigation table and begins to look through the various maps and information on screen.

"Well, my Padawan, looks as if you've got your work cut out for you."

You smile and lean closer to the screen, just as the two male Jedi emerge from the back.

"Well, Obi-Wan is unpacked and ready to head off. Are you ready, Galexa?"

Your Master looks up from the navigation screen and at Qui-Gon.

"Yes, Qui, I'm quite ready."

She stands quickly from the seat and calls you up from the chair you'd been seated in. She looks at you momentarily, then hugs you.

"Be careful, Padawan. You're the only one of you I've got." she says, releasing you.

You smile at her and bow.

"Of course I will, Master. Besides, there's no need to worry when I've got big, bad Obi-Wan over there to protect me, right Kenobi?" you say, glancing in his direction.

He furrows his brow and looks at you strangely.

"Yeah, sure Princess, whatever you say." he replies sarcastically.

You roll your eyes and smile.

Your Master smiles too and bows to you,

"Be careful you two, come back in one piece...and try not to bicker too much, ok?" Qui says, bowing and ushering your Master off the ship.

"Bye." you and Kenobi call simultaneously.

Kenobi looks at you, then at the control desk.

"We should get going. The sooner we finish this mission, the better." he says spitefully.

You take one last look at the ship hanger and walk over to the control desk where Obi-Wan has seated himself. You then push a small red button, which makes the door close.

Kenobi looks at you in disbelief.

"That's my job."

You roll your eyes at him again and take your seat at the navigation station.

"Well, you were too slow. Maybe I'll let you do it next time."

You finish talking and turn to your duty at the screen.

"Buckle up." Kenobi says, turning all systems on.

You look behind you and quickly grab the straps to tie yourself in.

"All systems go." you says a moment later, looking at the data screen to your right.

"Ok then, hold on."

The small ship begins to shake wildly as Obi-Wan revs it up. Soon, you're hovering, flying out of the hanger and into the early Coruscant air.

"Set course for Sophax." Kenobi says, pushing a few stabilizers.

You search through you navigation station and locate the course. You attempt to put it into place, but it says it is unable to do so.

"It's rejecting the command. Maybe we need to be off of Coruscant first. I'll try again in a few minuets."

Obi-Wan says nothing and only nods his head while keeping a steady course and speed off of the planet.

About 10 minuets later you're exiting Coruscant's atmosphere and entering the wide expanse of stars.

You stare out the window wide-eyed at the scenery; space never ceases to amaze you.

"Try setting course for Sophax again." Kenobi says, pushing more buttons and activating the shields.

You turn your attention away from the stars and back to you screen as you attempt to set course again.

This time, it works.

"Course to Sophax set."

"Good." Kenobi responds, pushing more and more buttons. "Going into hyperspace, make sure you're strapped in."

You check you ties and see they're fine.

"Ok." you say, telling Kenobi you're ready to blast off into oblivion.

Kenobi pushes a few more buttons (apparently, all you need is buttons to be a pilot) then, pulls a lever.

"Hyperspace initiated."

Soon, you're pushed back into your seat by an unseen force and you stay like this for at least 10 minuets.

"Declining from hyper speed!" Kenobi yells over the noise your speed it causing.

In seconds you are back to normal speed. Kenobi pulls one more lever and hits one more button before unstrapping and rising from his chair.

"Make sure the course for Sophax is set and find the estimated arrival time." he says walking down the back hallway.

"Yes, Captain Kenobi." you mutter bitterly.

So what is he knows how to fly? He doesn't have to be such a jerk about it!

You sigh and do what Kenobi asked, rather commanded, and make sure the ship's autopilot won't be shutting off before it needs to.

You find out your information and unstrap yourself, following Kenobi's path to the cabin area.

You walk to his cabin door, lean against the doorframe and wait for him to acknowledge you; he looks up from inspecting his data pad.


You smirk and raise an eyebrow.

"Course is set and we'll have to re-engage in hyper speed in at least another four hours to make the trip there faster. Otherwise, we'll be there in four days...at least."

Kenobi nods approvingly.

"Well done, Princess, you are dismissed."

You give him a perplexed look and respond sarcastically.

"Why thank you, your Highness, I'm glad I have you approval."

Kenobi look up at you scornfully, you glare back.

"Just remember one thing, Kenobi: This is our mission, not yours. Neither of us gets to be in charge here. Got it?"

Then you storm across the hall and into you cabin where you close and lock your door.

*What an egotistical jerk.*

~~~~~End of Chapter 4~~~~~



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