Title: When Stars Collide
Author: Angel: da Newsies fan
Rating: PG-13 (language and suggestive dialogue)
Characters: main: Obi-Wan and you; Qui-Gon Jinn and other Jedi
Setting: Pre-TPM
Category: ABH, AU, romance/action adventure
Disclaimer: Don't sue! Star Wars belongs to George Lucas!! I'm just playing with the characters...the only characters that are mine are the made up ones, but I could care less if anyone used those.
Status: In Progress
Summary: You and Obi-Wan Kenobi loathe one another and everyone in the Jedi Temple knows it...so why in the world would they pair the two of you up for a mission and with out your Masters to control you?


Chapter 3:

It's almost 19:00 and you still haven't forgiven Kenobi for making you late this morning. As you sit in your bedroom and attempt to work on the homework given for the day, you're fuming with anger because you have to see him again tonight.

*Oh yea...twice in one day...* you think, rolling your eyes in the process.

So what if the guys hot? He's a total jerk when he's not asleep!

Just when you've returned you thoughts to your studies, there's a knock at your door.

You look up from your Physics book (btw, that`s the subject I`m failing...). "Come in, Master."

The door to your quarters slides open and your Master enters looking solemn.

"Good evening, Padawan. Are you ready to leave for our meeting with the Council?" she asks, her hands hidden beneath her dark brown robe.

You sigh and unwillingly nod your head "yes".

"Well then, let us be off. I'll be waiting in the living area." she bows and exits quickly with out looking back at you.

You sigh once more and close your Physics book.

"Oh well, it'll all be over in a moment's time...hopefully." you say aloud to yourself as you don your own Jedi robes.

You fix your hair into a loose bun and exit your room, pressing the access panel to shut the door behind you. When you turn from your door, you expect to see you Master sitting patiently in an armchair, but she's no where in site.

You scrunch up your nose in confusion and set off across the floor to the door that leads to your Master's quarters.

*She said she was gonna be out here, but maybe she thought I'd be longer.* you think as you fumble with your robe to find your hands.

When your hands have been revealed, you knock on the door softly. No answer.

*Hmm,* you think *maybe she didn't hear me...*

So you knock harder this time and receive no answer again. Sighing, you decide to just open the door and see if she's in there. I mean, she's your Master; what on earth could she be doing that would shock you? You open the door half way and stick your head through.

"Master Ling?" you call, hoping for an answer.

"Master Ling?"

But to your dismay, there's no response. You look around her room before shutting the door again and sigh when you find nothing out of the ordinary.

*Where on earth could she be?*

Just as that thought crosses your mind, you hear voices behind you, but they're faint.

You snap your head back through the door to join the rest of your body and shut your Master's door quickly.

You turn fully and skulk around the room for a second trying to find the source of the talking. Your search leads you to the front door of your apartment, where the voices seem to be louder. Now you can at least tell whether or not it's guys or girls. you hear a female and a male talking but can't really identify who the voices belong to. You quickly come to the conclusion, though, that the female's voice most certainly belongs to your Master; where else could she have gone? You bite your lip, move closer to the door and press your ear up against it to see if you can hear better.

You listen for a few minuets and are still unsure who the male is, when you hear a funny beeping sound; like someone was pressing buttons or something. Your eyes widen as you realize what it is, but only too late to move. The door you're leaning on slides open and you fall straight forward. The people entering must have sensed your presence because you fall flat on you face instead of on someone.

"Ouch." you say painfully as you struggle to sit up.

When you've managed at least that, you move you, now fallen, hair off of your flushed face and look up to see who witnessed your uncoordinated moment. Obviously, your Master's there, staring at you with an expression mixed with anger and disbelief. You turn your head to the left and see Qui-Gon staring at you with an amused look on his face.

*Oh, that's who she was talking to.*

You smile awkwardly at him and then suddenly come to a realization: Wherever Qui-Gon goes, Obi-Wan follows...you "smile" disappears instantly and is replaced with utter regret and total embarrassment. You sigh and close your eyes.

*Great...something else he can use against me...* you think, opening your eyes and turning your head farther to the left.

As you assumed, Obi-Wan's there looking at you with the weirdest expression, as if he was trying incredibly hard not to burst out laughing at you. You roll your eyes at him, stand up and smooth out your robs.

"Hi..." you say quietly before re-entering your apartment.

"That was very graceful, Princess." says Kenobi with a large amount of amusement in his voice.

You stop suddenly and spin around to face him.

"Thank you, Obi-Wan." you say sarcastically, before turning on you heel and scurrying to your bedroom.

When you reach the door, you push the enter button, run inside and quickly punch the panel to shut the door. You lean up against the wall (no need to have the same incident happen twice in one night) and slide down it until you're sitting with your knees up against your chest.

*Oh...my...gosh...* you think *That had to be, the MOST EMBARRASSING thing that has EVER happened to me...* You place you head in your hands and lay them on your still curled legs.

Five minuets later, you decide that you've pitied yourself long enough and that you can only avoid Kenobi for so long, so you sigh and get up slowly. You look in the mirror and decide you should probably redo your hair since it came out of its bun.

You quickly lace it up in a braid and tie the end before checking to make sure there are no stray hairs.

You turn quickly toward your door, which makes your robe flutter behind you, and walk to the door slowly. You reach out and press the access button and your door slides open. You enter the living area, now feeling a little less embarrassment and walk over to you Master, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.

You bow to the Masters and try desperately to ignore Kenobi at all costs. You Master breaks the silence immediately when she spots a chrono.

"We should be heading off. We'll be late if we don't."

Qui-Gon agrees and ushers Obi-Wan out the door, followed by you and your Master.

It takes you all only ten minuets to arrive at the Council Room, where you are quickly ushered in. All four of you stand by the door.

"Come forth, Master Jinn and Master Ling." says Master Windu.

This leaves you and Obi-Wan alone in the corner.

Luckily, though, Kenobi is unable to speak or he would be being disrespectful and he can't send you a Force message because the rest of the room would also hear it.

Instead, he stands still, in the Jedi stance, looking all disciplined and respectable. You decide to forget about Kenobi for the time being and focus on the meeting at hand instead.

"Allow your Padawans to accept this task, do you? Many trials will they face; believe in them, you do?" Master Yoda asks the Masters.

Both Masters nod to Yoda and the rest of the Council.

"Come forth, you will, Padawans." Yoda says to you and Obi-Wan.

You both walk forward and bow to the Council when you are in the center of the room.

"Ready to accept this task, are you?" Yoda asks you both.

You nod, as does Kenobi and Yoda looks over at Master Windu to continue.

"Your task is this: go to the planet of Sophax. There you will be met by a representative of the Sophaxian Royal Guard. They will then take you to the Royal Palace where a negotiation will take place. You are to be out Jedi representatives, regardless of the fact that you are only Padawans. You will be provided with information about the negotiation before you set off. Padawan Kenobi, I trust you know how to pilot an aircraft?"

"Yes Master."

"Good, then you will know where to find the map that will lead you to Sophax. You, on the other hand," he says, pointing at you, "will be in charge of locating the trade routes, planet governments...the general thing. Can you carry out this task, Padawan?"

"Yes Master." you say, nodding once.

Master Windu nods approvingly.

"Very well then. You will be in direct transmission contact with us at all times in case one of you needs to contact us or vice versa. If you feel you would be more comfortable with a Master Jedi on the ship with you, it would be wise to speak upon it now."

"No! I think we'll do perfectly fine on our own, Master. But thank you for the offer." Kenobi responds quickly.

You look up at him with a "thanks-for-answering-for-me" look. He responds with a sigh and a "can-we-talk-about-this-later?" look.

You roll your eyes and return your attention back to the Council meeting.

"Very well. You leave tomorrow morning. May the Force be with you both."

You and Obi-Wan bow to the Council and walk toward the door. You Masters then bow and soon follow you out the door.

When you reach the outside, you turn to Kenobi quickly.

"Explain." you say simply, crossing your arms over your chest.

Kenobi sighs and looks at you exasperatedly.

"What is there to explain? Do you want a Master on board our ship ordering us around like we don't know what we're doing?"

You pause a second and look down at the floor.

"Well, no, not really." you respond quietly.

"Well then, don't complain." Kenobi responds triumphantly.

You return your gaze to him almost immediately.

"I wasn't complaining, Kenobi! I simply wanted to know why you felt the need to answer for me when I'm completely capable of answering my own questions!"

"Padawans...cease the arguing. You'll have plenty of time for that on your mission tomorrow. Save up until then." lectured Qui-Gon.

"Yes, Master Jinn." You respond indignantly.

"Come along, Padawan." you Master says to you, smiling slightly.

"Good evening you two, see you tomorrow morning." Qui-Gon calls out as you walk away with your Master.

"Well, your mission seems easy enough." you Master speculates.

"Much easier than my first solo mission was, anyway."

You turn your face to her and smile.

"What did you have to do on yours?"

Your Master laughs lightly and turns her face to look at you.

"I had to go to a peace treaty signing between Alderaan and Colempha.... basically, it didn't go too well. I ended up being called back to the Council because they were afraid for my safety."

You laugh slightly at her story and turn your head forward.

"Who did the Council force you to go with?" you ask half-heartedly.

"Qui-Gon, actually. I must say, I have no idea why the council pairs people who dislike one another up."

"What do you mean? You hated Qui-Gon?"

"In more ways then one, Padawan."

You smile at her comment and dread the next morning.

~ End of Chapter 3 ~

~~~~~ To Be Continued ~~~~~


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