Title: When Stars Collide
Author: Angel: da Newsies fan
Rating: PG-13 (language and suggestive dialogue)
Characters: main: Obi-Wan and you; Qui-Gon Jinn and other Jedi
Setting: Pre-TPM
Category: ABH, AU, romance/action adventure
Disclaimer: Don't sue! Star Wars belongs to George Lucas!! I'm just playing with the characters...the only characters that are mine are the made up ones, but I could care less if anyone used those.
Status: In Progress
Summary: You and Obi-Wan Kenobi loathe one another and everyone in the Jedi Temple knows it...so why in the world would they pair the two of you up for a mission and with out your Masters to control you?


Chapter 2:

You wake up early the next morning, ready, but not willing, to start your day back to your classes. The Jedi Masters has been nice enough to give all of the Padawans two weeks off from their lessons, to do what, though, who knows.

As you walk around your room, going through the usual routine, your mind goes through a checklist of all that you need to get done today.

*Ok, go to classes and attempt to pay attention; go to `saber practice at 11AM, be sure to bring an extra tunic this time (last time, it was singed by a hyper Padawan's `saber);...tonight...what have I gotta do tonight...* you think, finally finishing you rummaging and packing.

You allow your mind to wander a tad as you stroll out of your bedroom quarters and into the living area, only to find your Master, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan sprawled on the couch and chairs: asleep.

When you see them, you try as hard as humanly possible not to laugh too loud at what you see: Qui-Gon is on one end of the couch in a sitting position, his head resting on the back of the couch, snoring softly. Your Master is at the opposite end of the couch; her legs are curled up under her body and her head is resting on the armrest, her black hair thrown every which way. Then there was Obi-Wan; this is probably the only peaceful look that crosses his face all day. He's lying in one of the chairs opposite the couch. His, still boot-clad, legs are draped over one armrest and the other is occupied by his head, which is turned to one side (obviously in your direction if you can see him). His mouth is wide open and has formed a small puddle of drool next to itself; he's not snoring. ;) You continue to contain your laughter as you scan the bunch one more time.

"Geeze, I wonder what topic could've been this exhausting." you say, shaking your head and strolling into the kitchen to prepare your breakfast.

Just as you sit down at the table, with your bowl of cereal, milk and a spoon (low and behold, they've even got cereal in other galaxies!), a tired looking Padawan enters the kitchen and plops down at the table in the chair across from you. For a moment, you just stare at him waiting for an unnecessary comment to fly out of his mouth, but he says nothing and only stares at the flowers in the center of the table.

You raise an eyebrow.

*Hmm, I guess it's too early for even him to berate me.* you think happily, turning your attention back to your breakfast.

Right as you take the first bite, Obi-Wan stirs from his daze and looks up at you tiredly.

"What are you eating?" he asks quietly.

You glance up at him, bent over you bowl, spoon hanging over it with milk dripping from it.

You quickly swallow you previous bite and set the spoon back down in the bowl.

"Cereal. Why, do you want some? There are bowls in the cabinet over the sink and spoons below that." you tell him, pointing this way and that, before returning to your own bowl and spoon.

Obi-Wan responds by staying silent and watches you eat. After about two minuets of him watching you, you are done eating and are about to get up, when you notice him staring at you, a blank expression on his face.

"What?" you ask innocently, sitting back down at the table.

He stares at you a moment longer, then a smirk breaks onto his face. You raise your eyebrows at him.

"Whoa, now you're starting to freak me out..." you say, rising quickly from the table. Kenobi's gaze follows you as his smirk widens.

Ok, you're on the brink of total freakishness, here.

*What is up with him?* you think, picking up your bowl and bringing it to the sink. When you're finished cleaning it out and stowing it in its washer, you spin around quickly to see if he's still watching you: he is.

"Ok, well then, if you get hungry, the stuff's in front of you, bye." you say with an uneasy grin, before slipping out of the room smoothly.

*Gods, is he gonna do that on a regular basis?? That was utterly weird.* you think as you make your way back to your bedroom quarters to retrieve your items for class.

You scurry around your room gathering a few last minuet things, throw your shoulder bag on and quickly open your door and find Obi-Wan blocking your way.

"AH!" you cry, startled by his appearance there.

"Oh gods, Kenobi, don't do that!" you yell at him while attempting to slow your heartbeats.

He says nothing, like in the kitchen, and only smirks as he leans on your doorframe, still blocking your only exit.

You look at him confusedly before bending over to pick up your shoulder bag that dropped when Obi-Wan scared you. You rise up and cross your arms over your chest and stare at him.

*Fine,* you think, *if he wants a staring contest, a staring contest is what he's gonna get!*

The two of you stare silently for a moment or two before you begin to worry whether or not you can keep this up.

*Man his eyes are intense...* you think, searching them for any sign of emotion; nothing, there's no emotion registering on his face, and not even in his eyes.

*Wait a minuet, he must be doing some form of meditating, but concentrating on my existence...can you do that?!*

Finally, you lose your composure and break eye contact with him.

You walk up to him and get very close, to see if you can get him to move; he doesn't budge. Apparently, being close to him did not have the effect on him you had hoped it would.

Then you get an idea.

*Fine, I'll play his little game...he's not just staring he's concentrating on my aura in order to freak me out...well, I'll just do the same to him then...only, I dunno HOW! Ok, maybe I can do something...different...*

You gain eye contact again and prepare yourself to work your charm. There's only about an inch of space between the two of you at the moment.

*Well, we'll just have to do something about that.* you think, stepping forward so you're close enough to smell him. You hold eye contact as he gulps subtly.

You see this, and smirk, almost lustfully, to try and throw him off guard and it only half works; his face cringes a little but he realizes is and quickly suppresses it.

Next you bite your lip seductively and smile coyly at him. This practically breaks him as he is unable to control neither his gulping nor his facial expressions.

*Time to go in for the kill.* you think, licking you lips unconsciously.

You smile a little smile this time and begin to close what's left of the space between your face and his, slowly.

*C'mon, Kenobi, back up, back up!* you chant victoriously in your head.

But Obi-Wan doesn't move. He just watches you more nervously and starts to breathe heavily as you get closer and closer to his lips.

Then, when you're less than a centimeter away, he screams and jumps backwards.

"Thank you for moving. Bye bye." you say smiling victoriously at him and walking away toward the front entrance.

Kenobi is still breathing heavily with wide eyes, staring at your former location in shock. When he regains his composure, you're already out the door and half way down the hallway.

You walk triumphantly, a victorious smirk still plastered on your face. Suddenly, Obi-Wan is next to you, not looking at you fully, just stealing glances. You roll your eyes at him.

"Geeze, Kenobi, don't you ever quit?" you say, walking a little faster.

Obi catches on, and meets your speed.

"Quit what, Princess?" he responds almost innocently.

You stop abruptly and sigh heavily. Obi-Wan stops as well and turns to face you.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?! Like a class or following Qui-Gon around or whatever!" you say, folding your arms over you chest.

Kenobi raises an eyebrow.

"Yes, actually I do have somewhere to be." he replies acting like you'll be sad if he tells you where.

"...but not until 11." he quickly adds with a smug smile.

"I'm all yours `til then."

You grimace at those words and roll your eyes.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Kenobi. I have better things to do then to hang out with you. Bye." you say, before quickly round a near-by corner.

To your dismal, Kenobi follows, still taunting you.

"Aw, c'mon, Princess! Don't be like that! I'm not that bad, am I?"

You stop quickly and spin sharply to give him a look.

"...Ok, ok, don't answer that."

You turn from him and resume walking again and soon stop when you're at the end of the hall.

"Look, Kenobi, as much as I know you love taunting me, you're gonna hafta stow it for now, kay? And just leave me alone `til it's mandatory that I see you again. Good, bye."

With that you open the door to the room you'd been standing in front of and enter your first class late.

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