Title: When Stars Collide
Author: Angel: da Newsies fan
Rating: PG-13 (language and suggestive dialogue)
Characters: main: Obi-Wan and you; Qui-Gon Jinn and other Jedi
Setting: Pre-TPM
Category: ABH, AU, romance/action adventure
Disclaimer: Don't sue! Star Wars belongs to George Lucas!! I'm just playing with the characters...the only characters that are mine are the made up ones, but I could care less if anyone used those.
Status: In Progress
Summary: You and Obi-Wan Kenobi loathe one another and everyone in the Jedi Temple knows it...so why in the world would they pair the two of you up for a mission and with out your Masters to control you?

NOTE: this is my very first Star Wars fic so if you're gonna flame...please keep that in mind. Usually I just read the fics but, hey this time I took a step further and wrote one. Ok, on with the story.


Chapter 1:

"You've gotta be joking!" you scream, flopping onto the couch and punching a near-by pillow.

Your Master looks at you for a moment, her emerald eyes showing no sign of disbelief at your behavior.

"You'll know when I am joking, Padawan, and now is not one of those times."
You look at her, anger surging through you like a stream of molten lava.

"Forgive me, Master," you say standing and bowing to her, "it's just that...you know how I feel about him...as does the rest of the Temple! Why would you assign me to a mission with him?!"

Your Master sighs.

"I do not decide which Jedi are chosen to carry out missions. All I do, is deliver the message when it concerns my Padawan or myself."

You sigh heavily at her and fall back down onto the couch.

"It's not fair! Why, of all people, did they have to pair me up with the one Padawan that totally loathes me!"

Your Master sighs once more then takes a seat beside you on the couch,

"Now, now, you're focusing on the negative. Padawan Kenobi has always been inhospitable toward you, that much is true. But he knows when it is and when it is not appropriate to taunt you; as do you him, I hope."

You angrily look away from here and fold your arms over your chest.

*Man, it sucks having enemies.* you think.

Indeed it does, especially when your enemy is one of the, if not the only one, sexiest Jedi Padawans at the Temple.

You two have never really been on good terms and your Master, Galexa Ling, says it's because he's jealous of the relationship you have with his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

You began your Jedi training late, it's true, and had to deal with the teasing from other Padawans in later years, as well as Obi-Wan`s, throughout the majority of your childhood. Most of the other Padawans, however, had quickly dismissed the fact that you were a late starter and had accepted you as one of their own...that is, mostly all except Kenobi.

For some really odd reason, excluding the jealousy possibility, Obi-Wan has never, ever liked you, therefore leading you to thoroughly dislike him as well. And it's not just dislike or loathing really, it's BLIND HATRED. He hates every single little thing about you. Yeah, so you have a close relationship with Qui-Gon, so what? He's the only father figure you can ever remember having, even though your training DID begin late. How can you actually hate someone for having a father-daughter type relationship?

*Oh well.* you think, *It's not like I can really do anything more to try and get him to like me...I guess I just have to accept it: he'll never see me as an equal.*

He's also gotten far enough into the teasing to give you probably the dumbest nickname ever spoken: "the Jedi Princess".

Yeah, ok, so your father just happened to be on the Jedi Council at the time you were testing and attempted to convince the other members to reconsider admitting you. (Thankfully, Yoda "sensed a future in you") So what if practically all the Council members have a strange fondness of you? So what! Kenobi just thinks you had it a little too easily. This coming from the guy who didn't get actual Jedi Training (with a Master and all) until he was 13 years old, having met Qui-Gon on one of his missions. Then again, he HAD been studying to be a Jedi since he could walk, talk and read...So maybe he's right...perhaps you did have it a tad easier then other Jedi, but is that really your fault? I mean, you were only a kid, how the hell were you supposed to understand what was going on?

But now, the teasing gets to become worse; you've got to go on a mission, the first without your Master or Qui-Gon, and to top it off ALONE with Kenobi.

*Great...just the kind of thing I need at this "oh so wonderful" point in my life.*

When you are finally able to return to reality, you realize your Master has left the couch and is staring out a window projecting exasperation, obviously, aimed at you. She must have been trying to communicate further when you decided to take a stroll down Memory Lane. Oh well, nothing you can really do about it now.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Both you and your Master are jarred away from your thoughts.

"Come in." you both shout simultaneously.

The door immediately slides open revealing Qui-Gon Jinn and his very agitated-looking Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"Good evening, Galexa." he says to your Master and quickly wishes you the same.

You turn, still sitting on the couch, to meet his eyes, respond with the same greeting and happen to pick up a thought coming from Obi-Wan who is side glancing at you:

*Gods she's got beautiful eyes...*

Your (beautiful) eyes instantly widen as you stare at him, shock registering all over your face.

*Whoa...that had to have been my imagination...Kenobi would never think anything like that about me and have his shields down...*

Obi-Wan catches your stare and raises an eyebrow.

"What are you looking at, Princess?" he snaps, the "princess" rolling off his tongue sardonically.

You stare instantaneously turns into a glare.

"Hmm, always a pleasure to see you too, Kenobi." you reply, breaking your eye contact and rising from the couch.

Your Master gives you a hard look that tells you to say no more and turns her attention back to Qui-Gon.

"So, Qui, what brings you here?" she asks, abruptly changing the subject.

Qui-Gon smiles.

"Well, we've come to inform you that there will be a Council Discussion tomorrow evening concerning our Padawans' mission. Master Windu asked me to notify you."

Your Master nods.

"Of course, thank you for the update. I'm sure my Padawan is looking forward to it, are you not, Padawan?"

You snap your head up at her and flash a charming smile.

"Oh, of course, my Master. I always look forward to working with Obi-Wan." you reply, subtly rolling your eyes.

Kenobi's face wrinkles into an expression of utter disgust, and he has absolutely no problem letting you know, as he projects it to you quite effectively.

Qui-Gon catches a bit of it and shoots a look at Obi-Wan, who quickly withdraws his projection.

You smile condescendingly at him and take advantage of the sudden silence.

"Well, it's been great but I'm going to take my leave. Good Night." you say, bowing to the two Masters, while avoiding eye contact with Kenobi.

You quickly turn on your heel and walk swiftly from the main chamber into your bedroom quarters. You shut the door softly behind you and jump headfirst onto your squishy, soft bed.

*Tomorrow is gonna be one hell of a day...*

~~~End of chapter 1~~~



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