What if Callista...
By: Callista Sunrider

What if Callista didn't lose her Jedi powers...


Chapter 1

It was a nice night on Yavin 4, and they all had just finished dinner when Callista pulled Luke aside. "Okay, Luke. Ummm, I don't know how to say this, but...I can use the Force. I don't know what happened. I woke up this morning and..."

She didn't even get a chance to finish, since Luke kissed her quickly.

"Oh, Callista," Luke said as they finished kissing. "I'm so happy now! And I thought it was hopeless! But how?"

"I don't know!" Callista said. "I remembered this strange dream I had last night. I thought I saw...my old Master."

"Djinn Altis?"

Callista nodded, uncertainty etched on her beautiful face. "He just...stared at me. He looked sad, as if he knew something I didn't."

Luke sucked in a deep breath. Djinn Altis...could this be a sign of a bad omen for Callista? He shook the thought away and waited for her to continue. "And then what?"

"I woke up. The next thing I knew, I had accidentally smashed one of your Ithorian vases with my mind. And now I can use the Force again!"

"Thank the Force for that," Luke said as he hugged her. "But did you have to break one of my vases?"

They both laughed as they headed for their rooms.


Blast it, I got a brain cramp. More to come later, I promise! May the Force be with you...:-)

What if Callista...
By: Callista Sunrider

Chapter 2

The next morning, Luke woke up to find Callista gone. He wandered into the hallway and heard the sound of a lightsaber and remote blasts. He smiled to himself, and knew instantly who was in the training room. As he leaned against the door, he saw he was right.

Callista stood amid three remotes, topaz lightsaber drawn and poised. For the first time since she'd awakened on the Hunter's Luck, he could sense her presence radiating in the Force. It was a presence he relished.

Luke knew she knew he was watching her, but she didn't turn around until she'd done a sufficient amount of showing off. She danced back and forth, successfully intercepting every shot fired from any of the three remotes. After a moment, she shut them off and turned to Luke. "That was fun," she said with a broad grin.

He had never seen her smile so widely. He hugged her and kissed her good morning. "You want a living opponent?"

She looked at him. "If you're up for it. I feel like I could take on every Dark Jedi at once."

As Luke retrieved his lightsaber from the rack, he gave her a warning look. "The higher you build yourself, the farther you'll fall. Be careful."

She chuckled. "I know, I know. But it's still a great feeling, huh?"

Luke ignited his lightsaber and crossed it with hers. "It sure is."

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