We find our heros-and some not QUITE our heros- playing a simple game of Tag.
By: Tenel Ka Erin

Luke: TAG! Your it, Daddy-o

Vader: Ok, I am mad

Leia: (running around like an idiot) You can't get me!

Vader: (Tags Han) Your it, Mr. Solo!

Han: Don't call me that, Ani...


Leia (running, circling Han) Can't get me!

Han: (reaches out and tags Leia)

Lando: (laughs)

Leia: (pushes Lando down) Your it!!

Han: (Laughs) She really knocked you down...

Lando: Got one word for you, Han...Carbinite

Han: (Closes his mouth)

Luke: Hey!!! Its Bobba Fett!

Han: Bobba Fett??!! (looks around) Bobba Fett?!? (Bobba Fett is right behind Han) Where?!? (turns around and knocks Bobba Fett over) Oops..

Luke: Right there

Bobba Fett lies there

Lando: (runs over and tags Bobba Fett) your it...?


Vader: Game over

Luke: AWWWwwww..

Han: Good...

Luke: GOOD?? (gets out his lightsaber)

Han: Luke, Calm dowm! (looks around for a weapon, although he has a blaster. He keeps looking and picks up Vader's saber.) HA! I have a saber and I know how to use it!

Luke: No you don't..

Han: Oh, yea...(Takes his blaster and shoots above Luke..but he falls over anyway)

Vader: Thanks, Han

Han: No problem..

Luke: I am not dead..

Leia: Yes you are..

Luke: No, really!

All of the Characters go and leave Luke there

Luke: HEY!

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