Visit From Rogue Squadron

By Zekk Skywalk

Time: 2 years after Crisis at Crystal Reef

Disclaimer: All characters depicted here except some of the Jedi Students, the bad guys, and some of the Rogue Squadron pilots are not mine. They belong to George Lucas and his company Lucasfilm Ltd.

Note: Jacen and Jaina are nearing 18. Zekk is almost 21, and Anakin and Tahari have made it to full Jedi Knights. Anakin is using Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber at the request of Luke Skywalker (I haven't read Kenobi's blade yet) and Tahari hasn't built her blade yet.

"Ouch! Hey, watch it," Zekk said.

"Whops, sorry, didn't mean to get ya there," Jacen said. The two of them were dueling with their Lightsabers. Jacen had just nicked Zekk on the leg with the tip of his blade.

"It's ok. We've been dueling for over an hour now, so maybe we should turn in," Zekk suggested, turning off his Fire-Orange blade.

"Maybe you're right," Jacen said, distinguishing his Emerald Green blade as well.

Just then Jacen's twin sister and the Wookie Lowbacca came running up to the two of them. Jacen could tell they were excited about something.

"Hey guys, guess what?" Jaina asked.

"You won the Falcon from dad in a bet?" Jacen replied.

"I wish. No. Uncle Luke said that we're gonna have visitors," she said, jumping up and down.

Before Jacen could ask who was coming, Zekk pointed out into the sky. "Look over there. A squadron of X-Wings!" he yelled.

Jaina glanced at where he was pointing, then added, "Those are the visitors: Rogue Squadron."

12 X-Wings, all with the Rogue Squadron Insignia, began to approach the landing field. The one at the head of the formation landed first, and Jaina, Zekk, and Lowie rushed up to the side of the snub-fighter. Jacen came at a more leisurely pace. A man in his mid-to-late thirties came down, with his helmet under his right arm. Just as Jacen was joining the group, Luke Skywalker came to greet the guests. The leader of the group made a slight bow. "Hello master," he said.

"You aren't in training anymore, Corran. Luke is just fine," Master Skywalker said.

Commander Corran Horn, leader of Rogue Squad, then turned around, and spoke to the Young Jedi Knights. "I hear that we have some great pilots and mechanics here," he said.

Jaina could barely keep herself from running up the ladder to the fighter and take the controls. Jacen spoke up first. "Yeah, two great pilots, and one ok one," he said, playfully smacking his sister on the arm. "Look whose talking, animal brain," she said.

Corran then added, "Well, we've been looking for some more pilots, and I'm wondering if 3 Jedi Knights wouldn't just do the trick," he said with a smile.

Zekk's jaw dropped open. "Are you serious? Us, Rogue Squadron pilots!?"

"I don't lie," Corran replied.

Lowie rumbled a comment, then ran up and started examining one of the fighters.

Jaina looked at Lowie. "Hey, I'm suppose to say that!" she said and went running after him.

"Well what are we waiting for," Zekk said under his breath. Jaina smacked him in the stomach.

After explaining what's going on with Luke, Corran returned to his fighter and awaited the young pilot's arrival.

A few minutes later, Jaina, Zekk, and Lowie emerged from the temple each with a backpack and a few other things. A shuttle landed and they got ready to board it. Jacen, Tenel Ka, and Jacen's younger brother Anakin arived to say farewell.

"Good luck sis," Jacen said as he hugged his twin.

"Luck has nothing to do with it," Jaina responded.

Pretending to ignore her, Jacen repeated, "Good luck sis."

Lowie made a comment, and Zekk said, "He's right. She's in good hands."

After saying their good-byes, the three of them boarded the shuttle. As the shuttle departed, Jacen mumbled under his breath, "May the force be with you."

He're part 1 of visit from rs, and ill have more soon. if ya wanna know what happens, email me.


Visit From Rogue Squadron: Part Two

By Zekk Skywalk

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine except for some of the Rogue Pilots.  All the rest are part of Lucasfilm Ltd. And the book series Young Jedi Knights by JAM Books.

"No, no, no, the LEFT one!  No, let me do it!" Jaina was getting frustrated.  <Now I know why Dad never lets droids work on the Falcon.  That droid has no sense of...ANYTHING!> she thought.  She pushed the droid aside and began re-wiring the X-Wing's engine system.  She had been here all night just tinkering with her ship.  Tomorrow she would be going on a recon mission and she wanted extra speed just in case something went wrong. 

As she was working on it, an alarm went off.  Red lights and loud noises began to sound off.  Over the comm, a voice said, "All pilots, report to fighters!   Scramble!  All hands to battle-stations!  A Imperial cruiser has spotted us!  Repeat, this is not a drill!" 

Jaina jumped down from her fighter and quickly got into her flight suit.  An R2 unit then lifted up into her fighter as pilots and astro droids began to find each of their ships.  Jaina heard a Wookiee roar, and looked up to see Lowbacca getting into his respected ship.  Jaina began to climb into her fighter cockpit when an explosion rocked the ship.  As she strapped in, she activated the computer link-up to the visual to outside and saw an Imperial Strike-Class cruiser approaching them.  Rogue Squad was stationed on a Nebulon-B frigate, a good-sized ship, but not quite as well armed as a Strike-Class cruiser.

X-Wings began pouring out the hanger of the Nebulon-B frigate, dubbed Novaflare.   Once all the fighters were out of the hangar, pilots sounded off.

"Rogue 4 standing by."

"Rogue 10 standing by."

"Rogue 7 standing by."

Jaina sounded off.  "Rogue 6 standing by."

Lowie roared in Wookiee, "Rogue 3 standing by."

Zekk said an instant later, "Rogue 5 standing by."

After everyone acknowledged, Corran ordered, "Lock S-foils in attack positon!"

12 X-Wing starfighter's wings ended up in an X format.

"Rogues 3 and 4, take those TIE's attacking the Novaflare.  Rogues 8, 9, and 10, pester the Cruiser.  The rest of you, Free shots at the incoming birds," Corran said over the comm.

Lowie pulled his X-wing into a dive and began pummeling an incoming TIE Interceptor.   After 3 shots, Lowie hit his mark, and the Interceptor went spinning out of control.  He then sensed through the force danger, and pulled his snub fighter in a steep climb, to see a Green flash of light go right past where he was just at.  Lowie roared a challenge and started maneuvering his craft into firing position over the TIE that had just shot at him.

Meanwhile, Jaina had come too close to the Strike-Class Cruiser and was trying to avoid being hit by its turbolasers.  One managed to singe her shield generator, making her shields flicker off and on for a moment.  "Ohhhh, now I'm angry!" she said, arming Proton Torpedoes.  Jaina stopped her engines, and using her inertia, spun the ship around, now flying backwards, but pointing at the cruiser.  She fired the torpedoes, hiting one turbolaser and damaging their engines.

Zekk on the other hand, was at the other end of the battlefield, targeting incoming TIE Bombers.  He had already hit 4, and was targeting another.  "I betcha you won't be expecting this!" he exclaimed as he armed torpedoes.  The bomber, who was expecting Laser fire, turned, and was grazed by the torpedo, hitting its engines, and destroying it.

Now the Novaflare and the Strike-Class Cruiser came within weapons range of each other.   Both ships began shooting at each other, lighting up space with Red and Green laser fire.  Unfortunately, the Novaflare was no match for the Strike-Class Cruiser.   Novaflare's shields began to weaken and itself in turn had not damaged the Strike-Class Cruiser much.  After about 2 minutes of shooting at each other, Novaflare had lost front shields and was now turning to get away.  Over the comm, Novaflare's captain sounded for retreat. 

Jaina heard the orders, but was at the other end of the battlefield.  A TIE Interceptor was on her tail and she couldn't shake him.  A lucky shot from the TIE's Green laser fire hit her engines and her ship began to smoke.  "I've been hit!" She said over the comm. 

Lowie saw his friend's problem right after her cry for help.  He began to change coarse with his wingmate.  Rogues never leave a comrade behind.  With a Wookiee battle cry, Lowie fired his laser cannons and scored a direct hit on the TIE's main pod.   The ship exploded in a bright supernova.  Unfortunately for Jaina, it was too late, and her ship began to plunge into the atmosphere of the nearby ice planet of Ellisa VII.  Zekk and Lowie both tried to pursue, but 3 Interceptors were in the way.   Lowie, over the comm, told Zekk to go strait for the planet and that he would cover him.  Zekk threw a "Thanks" back to Lowie as he went full speed into the planet's atmosphere.

The first thought that came to Jaina's head was <It's really cold.>  The second thing she noticed was that she was lying halfway on ice.  She tried to move, but was unsuccessful.  "I'm cold," she managed to say.  She then sensed movement nearby and tried to open her eyes.  That too was unsuccessful.  She then heard a familiar voice say, "You're awake," before she lapsed back into unconsciousness. 

Visit From Rogue Squadron

By Zekk Skywalk

Jaina woke up sometime later. A thermal blanket was over her and a small glowlamp was nearby. She opened her eyes and saw that she was in some sort of cave. When she tried to sit up, she felt a pain rush up her spine and keep her from moving too much. "Is anyone there?" she managed to mumble.

No response. She moved her eyes to look around. Her pilot suit was laying nearby, with a few holes in them. Jaina then realized she wasn't in her pilots suit anymore, but some sort of cold-weather suit. She saw her Lightsaber and blaster a few meters away, and her ships survival pack a little to her left. Then she heard something. Her first instinct was to run and hide, but since she couldn't move too well, she decided against it. She concentrated through the force and levitated her Lightsaber to her left hand.

Footsteps were getting closer. A figure emerged from the mouth of the cave and Jaina realized it was Zekk. "Where am I?" she said.

Zekk kneeled beside her. "You're still alive. That's at least one good thing," he said with a smile. "We're in a small cavern, on an ice planet. Your ship crashed and I was able to get you and some supplies out before it was strafed by some TIE fighters."

Jaina tried to sit up again, but couldn't. "How come I can't move?" she asked.

"Your ship had crashed right into a rock wall. You were injured, and I had to use some bacta geltabs to make sure you didn't bleed to death. You have a VERY large scar running from your chin down to your naval and another big gash down your right leg. I don't think you'll be able to move too well for a while. Hopefully Lowie will get back with help before you really need to move too much."

Jaina shifted and could feel the scar down her neck. It was very big and she could feel it wasn't going to be easy to move too much like Zekk said. "So are we still in danger?" she asked.

Zekk nodded. "An Imperial base is somewhere north of here, and they got an AT-AT with them. Last time I listened in on them, they were searching for us. I was able to move us about 10 miles away from your ship, but that won't be too much if they look hard. I can't risk setting up a comm unit or beacon or the Imps might find us."

"And how long have I been unconscious?" Jaina asked.

"About 4 days," came the response.

Jaina's eyes went wide. "4 days?! That sure is a long time."

"And the Imperials have been searching for 3. The nearest New Republic fleet or outpost is 5 days travel from here, and another 5 back. It 'll be 10 days before Lowie can get back to help us," Zekk said.

Jaina worked this out in her mind. Food rations would last them longer then that, but since the survival packs wern't meant for cold weather, heat may be a problem. Plus the Imperials have been searching and have a BIG head start on any friendly searchers.

Zekk took her hand. "We also may have a problem with local animals. This isn't Hoth, but something like a Wampa may exist on this planet also."

Jaina nodded. They had their Lightsabers and spare blasters, but that might be a problem also, if something like a Wampa or an Imperial scout vehicle like an AT-ST came looking for them.

"You're telling me Jaina and Zekk are on an Imperial held planet?!" Jacen almost wanted to scream.

Lowie nodded. <<Jaina also may be injured, and any New Republic help is about 6 days away.>> he said in his own language.

Tenel Ka nodded. "The Rock Dragon is capable of making it in 3 days from here," she said. She, Jacen, and Raynar had been assigned to search for a missing ship, which they had done a few hours ago.

"We'll make it there as fast as we can," Jacen said.

Lowie nodded and cut the transmission link.

"Do you think they can hold out for 3 more days?" Raynar asked from behind Tenel Ka.

"They will survive. This is a fact," Tenel Ka replied.

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Jacen.


"We have a problem!" Zekk yelled from the mouth of the cave.

Jaina was moving around now. Not very fast, but moving. She got up and grabbed the blaster rifle near her survival pack and slowly made her way up to where Zekk was crouched. She peered out the cave and saw an Imperial Flying Fortress hovering nearby. IFF's were basicly an AT-AT body without legs or a head loaded with weapons on the top. Typically they had a crew of up to 20 stormtroopers, so they might have a problem.

Zekk fired his blaster rifle again, but it didn't do anything against the hull of the fortress. "They found us," he mumbled.

"Obviously," Jaina said, firing her rifle at one of the weapons enplacements. The ship held its position and kept blasting the entrance of the cave.

There was another problem. The fortress had deployed troops and now a squad of Stormtroopers were advancing on their position.

Using a computer enhancement, the fortress' commander's voice boomed over the sound of blaster fire. "Surrender immediately, or be disintegrated."

The response came when Zekk threw out one of his ship's proton torpedoes. The explosion was enough to cripple most of the Stormtroopers, but the explosion wasn't big enough to reach the fortress.

The fortress then powered up its main weapons array and blasted at the mouth of the cave. The force of the blast caused the mouth of the cave to shatter, making the opening a pile of rocks and dirt.

Zekk was able to push himself and Jaina out of the way of the flying shrapnel but now they were stuck inside. Jaina cried out when one of the rocks hit her right leg and made the scar there bleed again. Zekk was able to get a medpac and stop the bleeding, but now Jaina wasn't going to be moving on her legs until she got bacta treatment.

Jaina twitched when she touched the injury. "Ahh, this hurts like hell. Now what do we do?"

Zekk shook his head. "I don't know."

Visit From Rogue Squadron
By Zekk Skywalk

"How much air do we have left?" Jaina whispered.

Zekk put his arms around her. "I think about an hour. Maybe two," he replied.

Jaina rested her head on his right shoulder. "And how long before help gets here?"

"I doubt in time to rescue us," Zekk said.

After a moment of silence, Zekk said out of the blue, "Jaina, I love you."

"I know. I love you too." Jaina arched her neck to kiss Zekk on the lips. It seemed to last forever. Then they broke apart from it and closed their eyes.

So they just sat there, waiting for the inevitable.

"How much longer do we have in hyperspace?" Jacen asked.

Lowie growled something. "About 2 more minutes, Master Jacen," Em-Teedee translated. Jacen, Tenel Ka, and Raynar had picked Lowie up about 4 parsecs away from the planet. They all were now in the Rock Dragon, with the X-Wing attached to the Hull.

"Do you think they're still ok?" Raynar asked.

"I hope so. I haven't sensed that Jaina has died, but that doesn't mean Zekk isn't hurt or dead," sighed Jacen.

"We are ready to exit Hyperspace," Tenel Ka observed. Lowie pulled back the lever and the stars showed again.

"Uh-oh," Jacen said. An Imperial II Star Destroyer was in orbit.

Lowie rumbled something and raised the shields. The Star Destroyer powered up its weapons and started firing on the Rock Dragon.

"We're doomed!" Em-Teedee shouted.

"Lowie, head strait for the planet. See this mountainous area? Head for the southern end," Jacen said. He could feel his sister's presence there.

Lowie acknowledged and went full speed towards the planet.

Jaina was unconscious. Her leg wound had bled enough for her to be twice as tired as Zekk. He tried to make her comfortable, but he was cold and lightheaded. They were running out of air.

"Ah, Sithspawn!" Jacen shouted. He ducked under the blaster fire and knocked Raynar out of it's path. An AT-PT had found where they had landed, and was pummeling the ship, damaging the hull. Tenel Ka and Lowie were still inside, so Jacen ignited his Lightsaber and ran strait for the Transport's legs. He ducked under a barrage of fire and swiped off one of the vehicle's legs, making it fall and make a small explosion. Then Jacen felt a preminition and jumped behind the hollow mess of the vehicle before a blaster shot went past where his head had just been.

Raynar shouted to see if he was alright before having to duck himself. He ignited his own Pewter blade and spun around to intersect with another blaster bolt. A speeder bike scout unit had found them also and was now trying to eliminate the intruders.

Tenel Ka ran out of the ship with her own blade on and jumped just as a speeder bike swooped in front of her, making her land right on top of the pilot. They both fell off, and the bike spun out of control and crashed into a nearby boulder.

The last biker scout tried to run, but a shot from the Rock Dragon's laser cannons stopped him from going to far. The bike exploded, sending the pilot to the ground with a big CRUNCH!

Raynar shivered and put the suit's hood over his head. "Man, did Jaina have to crash in such a cold place?" he said, looking around.

Tenel Ka looked around also. She didn't seem affected by the cold, though she did have a bit more on then her usual lizard-hide armor.

Lowie tromped out of the ship and said that Zekk's X-Wing was about a 3 Kilometer hike to the north. So the group, as fast as possible, headed off in that direction.

"Sir, we're 25 minutes from exiting hyperspace," the Lieutenant said.

General Wedge Antillies nodded. "Good. Have Corran prepare the fighters for launch. And tell him I'll be joining him."

The Lieutenant nodded and jogged to the comm unit.

Wedge pressed a button on his control panel. "Red Alert! Prepare for combat! All pilots to their posts!" He said and headed for the turbolift. "Captain, you have the bridge," he said.

The Captain nodded. "Captain to Lusankya crew, prepare a rescue party."

Zekk tried to keep awake. He was dizzy and seeing spots. He knew if he kept awake he'd be fine, but after that, he wouldn't have much time. Jaina was still alive, but barely. He then began to loose consciousness..

"In there!" Jacen shouted. There was a rock wall, and boulders in front of it. He could sense Jaina and Zekk's presences inside, but just barely. They must be running out of air.

Tenel Ka nodded. "We must hurry. An AT-AT is nearby."

"Hey, look up at the sky!" Raynar pointed.

"Scramble! All fightercraft launch!"

X-, A-, E-, and B-Wings began pouring out of the hanger of the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya, including 9 with Rogue Squad emblems.

As the fighters launched, the ISDII turned to face them.

The captain of the Lusankya said over the comm, "Unidentified Imperial Star Destroyer! Surrender now or be destroyed!"

The Star Destroyer turned and flew strait for the Lusankya, guns blazing.

"Duck!" Jacen shouted.

Tenel Ka rolled onto the ground and whipped out her Lightsaber. A shot from an AT-ST flew right past her left ear.

"Lowie! Raynar! Hurry!" Jacen yelled back.

Raynar nodded as he and Lowie cut through the rocks with their Lightsabers.

Jacen ignited his and leapt into the air and onto a high snowdrift. He pointed at the AT-ST's leg and Tenel Ka jumped up onto it. Jacen ducked behind the snowdrift as the AT-ST's guns blazed at him. Tenel Ka climbed up to the top of the walker and cut the hatch open. The two pilots inside yelled profanities as one of them shot at Tenel Ka, which she deflected back at the pilot. The other pilot swerved the vehicle to try to throw Tenel Ka off, before she jumped in and kicked him in the head.

"Use the AT-ST's weapons to get through the rocks!" Jacen yelled.

Tenel Ka found the controls of the weapons, swerved the vehicle to point at the rock wall, and yelled to Lowie and Raynar to move away. She hit the fire button and the laser cannons on the walker blasted a hole through the boulders.

After the hole was big enough, Lowie and Raynar ran into the cave to find Zekk and Jaina huddled up in the back of it unconscious. Raynar could sense that if Jaina didn't get bacta treatment fast, she would die. He told Lowie to get her out and tell the others to see if they can call for help while he got Zekk conscious again.

Lowie nodded, picked Jaina's limp form up, and carried her out to where Jacen already had a thermal blanket out.

Tenel Ka jumped out of the AT-ST and told Lowie to see if he could use it to get help. They switched places and Tenel Ka went to see if she could help Jaina.

Zekk slowly woke up, and Raynar gave him an air mask so he could get oxygen flowing into his body faster.

Lowie franticly tried to work the controls of the comm unit to find New Republic frequencies. He finally found one and contacted the Lusankya. He told them where to send the rescue shuttle and cut the link.

The shuttle quickly landed, and took Jaina strait for an emergency bacta tank. Zekk followed as best he could before needing to lie down himself.


It took Jaina 4 continuous days in the bacta to fully recover. She had broken her leg, scarred a lung, and lost 1/6 of her blood. Zekk had a minor concussion and a twisted knee, but didn't need any bacta treatment.

After flying in another mission, Zekk, Jaina, and Lowie went back to the Jedi Academy to await their next assignment. Corran had found replacement pilots, so the young Jedi weren't needed anymore, but explained, "If any of you decide on a military career, I'll have an open seat on the squadron for you."

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