By: Gabe Z.

If Urkel was in Star Wars...

Urkel Wars

By Gabe Z.



Steve Urkel infiltrates Star Wars!

Lt. Urkel, hero of the Alliance: Flies out of the exploding Death Star- "Did I do that?"

Darth Lord Urkel, complete with plaid-colored pocket protector lightsaber and evil plaid Sith robes.

Joins with Darth Vader and Palpatine in demonic snorting.

In Jabba's court, he replaces Salacious Crumb, mocking visitors with annoying snorting laughter.

Mace Windu to Qui-Gon- "You speak of the prophecy of the one who will bring plaid to the Force. . ."

Darth Sidious- "Viceroy, meet my apprentice. . . Darth Urkel." Urkel- "Hidey-ho! *Snort*"

Turns into Stefan and seduces Padme, Amidala, Shmi, Leia, Mara. . .

Darth Urkel trips over his robe and falls to his death before Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon even fight- "Oops! *Snort*"

Figrin D'Urkel- The new lead singer for the Modal Nodes

Vader to Luke Urkel- "You are unwise to lower your suspenders."

Urkel gets bumped by R2- "How rude!" (You have to get Urkel's voice in your head for that to be funny.)

Jar-Jar Urkel

Urkel to Leia- "Lando. . . I don't trust him, but he's got no love for the suspenders."

Ben to Luke- "Urkel. . . that's a name I've not used in a long time. . . a long time."

Darth Urkel to Luke after he cuts off Luke's hand- "Did I do that? *Snort*"

Darth Vader pursuing Luke Urkel's X-Wing- "The plaid is strong with this one."

Yoda to Anakin Urkel- "Much plaid I sense on you. . . much plaid."

Darth Urkel to Sidious- "At last we will reveal our suspenders to the Jedi. At last we will have our plaid."

Well that's all I could think of, so if you have any ideas, tell me! I'll be more than happy to put them in the next version.

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