Unlikely Happenings
By: Kat

Part One- The Beginning

"Your Highness, I do not believe this is the most reasonable course of action. The only way we can hope to settle this is through war," Senator Naptman said impatiantly.

Queen Gaeriel Twiliel sighed as she pushed her long black hair out of her black eyes. She paced around the room, her dress flowing around her. The Federation tried this with every new queen. They set up a blockade, as if trying to prove something.

"Your highness..." the senator said again

"I will decide our course of action!" Gaeriel yelled. She would decide. She was queen, wheather she liked it or not. When her mother was killed by the Federation the last time they did this. So Gaeriel unhappily became queen. She didn't have a father, and she never knew him.

"I do not believe-"

"I will not take a course of action that will take peoples lives!" Gaeriel said slamming her fist on the table.

"Your Highness," Captain Yatsmore's voice was more symathetic now, "I know because of the death of your mother-"

"And the death of thousands of others!" She calmed herself and then said "War will only lead to death."

She looked at her handmaidens, standing perfectly still. She looked at her best friend, Marnidia. Marnidia smiled at Gaeriel.

Gaeriel was very tired. "Leave. Get out." She watched as everyone filed out of the room.

She stepped into the refresher. She was simply exhausted. She leaned against the wall and slid down it. She stood and stepped out of the refesher and put on her nigthgown. She got into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

She was asleep for quite a while when one of her servents came in. "Queen Gaeriel, wake up!"

"Yes Palamar?"

"The Federation is firing on us!"

Unlikely Happenings
By: Kat

Part Two: Visions of the Future

Gaeriel dressed quikly and ran down the corridor. Captain Yatsmore and Senator Naptman were waiting for her.

"Captain", she asked, "what is your condition?"

"They haven't began firing on the palace yet."

"Two Jedi knigts have offered their assisstance," the senator said. "I have decide to stay here."

"No you musn't!" Gaeriel said.

"Naboo needs me."

"Fine," Gaeriel agreed reluctently. "Take care."

The queen and the captain ran to the docking bay, dodging blaster bolts. They got on the ship, which was filled with waiting handmaidens.

"Take off!" Gaeriel yelled. She uncomfortably took a seat.

After 20 minutes two men dressed in brown robes approachd Gaeriel.One was older, mabey 40, with short brown hair. The other looked to be around Gaeriels age. He was a bit taller than her with Dusty brown hair.

"I am Xander," the older one said. "and this is my apprentice, Jakip."

Jakip nodded at Gaeriel. "Hello," he said.

"Hello," Gaeriel said quietly.


Marnidia, while talking to Palamar, watched Gaeriel and Jakip. She saw major spark between them. She smiled, and almost giggled. Then her smile faded as she saw their clouded future.


Marnidia had always had visions. Ever since she was a child she could see things. Things that others couldn't see.She couldn't exactly make out the future, but she saw what Gaeriel had always called "visions of the future".

She knew that the war that killed Gaeriel's mother would happen. She had often seen the late queens clouded future.

Marnidia had quikly become friends with Gaeriel, And happily bacame a handmaiden, although it didn't much seem like she was a handmaiden. The others practically served her. But Gaeriel didn't use Marnidia's gift. She no longer believed in it.

At night she'd lay in bed and have simple visions. Like she'd see suiters coming for Gaeriel, and the next day there they were. She occasionaly had more important visions. But not much.

But this night she lay awake in bed wondering about what she had seen. She eventually forced herself to sleep. She dreamed of a beautiful moon. It was a jungle. She saw a war taking place there in many years.

Marnidia started out of her sleep. The sheets were twisted around her legs. Her strawberry blond hair was tangled and her blue eyes were glazed with tears.

"Palamar!" she yelled. "Palamar!"

"Yes?" Palamar said wearily walking into the room. Palamar had never done well waking at night. He brown hair got very tangled, and her green eyes were always slitty when she woke.

"Get the queen," Marnidia said. "Tell her I've had another vision."


"Marnidia, whatever it is, it better be worth the while to be waking me in the middle of the night." Gaeriel said. "And more than just a silly vision."

"There is a moon, your highness," Marnidia said. "It is a jungle. I believe it is the uncharted Yavin IIII. I believe, well....we need to land there."

"We won't land anywhere untill we reach Coruscant."

"But we must-"

"Leave us," Gaeriel said to the others in the room.

When everyone left Gaereil said. "Ok Miss Psychic, why must we?"

"I don't know for sure, but we have to. We can't go to Coruscant. There is harm there. My sences are clouded, but-"

"I don't believe you," Gaeriel said.

"Your future is clouded," Marnidia said, looking at her feet. "So is Jakip's." Then, slowly looking up she said, "You used to believe me. Until I told you your mother would-"

"Mother would have listened to you, adn now she's dead," Gaeriel said. "Why didn't you tell her she was going to die"

"You know she wouldn't have listened to me," Marnidia said. "Listen, we're going to land there. Either we'll do it willingly, the easy way, or we'll do it the hard way."

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