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*Unhidden Feelings*

By Kevin O'Brien

Jaina sat atop of the temple in the erly mornning watching the sky brighten as Yavin's sun rose in the sky. What am I going to do with my self after graduation. she thought over and over. Sudenly she relized that it was 5:30, an hour to breakfast, insted of taking a shower she desided to go for a quick swim in the pond. She jogged over to it and looked to see if Tenel Ka was swiming there, she wasn't.She's probily sleeping with Jacen. Jaina thought giggling to herself. Jaina prosedid to go over to the more sucluded side and begain to strip down to just her panties, she looked over her body after 17 years she had grown into a beautiful girl, no wonder most of the boys of her class sought after her she mussed. Jaina dived into the water.

Zekk had woken up early and had decided that a shower would not be good enought today. He glanced at his crono, it was 5:38, plenty of tim for a swim and to ketch breakfast. when he got to the pond he saw a figure lounging under the small waterfall that fed the pond. At first he thought it was Tenel Ka but she usaly swam laps. Deciding on getting a better look with out alerting her to his pesance. He snake around the trees and small rocks till he got on the other side of the pond. To his suprise it was Jaina. He sruged to himself walked out from behind the trees and droped his towel, shirt, and pants next to Jaina's clothes.

"Hay Jaina I hope you dont mind compony cause Im coming in." Zekk yelled to her and before she could protest he dived in.

"Zekk you, you scruffy looking blasterbrain!!" Jaina shreeked dipping down to her neck in the water, "Cant you see Im skinny diping you nerf herder."

"You should know better than that."Zekk chidded sarcaticly. he moved colser to Jaina, who in turn tryed to back away but was alread up agenst the wall.

"You keep your distance Zekk." Jaina said trying to find an excape route.

"Jaina look the only thing I came here for is a nice early morning swim, not you." He said even though it was only partaly true. He moved out of the way and Jaina rushed pased. "You can us my towel if you want Jaina just dont get it too wet." Jaina quickly dried herself off and put her clothes on, keeping her back to Zekk the whole time. When she was finnished she picked up the towel again and threw it into the water.

"Thanks for the towel Zekk." she said sarcasticly, chuckling she walked off twordes the temple.

That girl is..is..a...NO she's the most beautiful girl I saw. He thought. The instant anger that flared up was just a fastly put back down. Zekk wadded up where he put his stuff, retreaved the extra towel he brought, dried himself, dressed and went after Jaina. You were really smart, just jumping in and not asking if it was ok. He thought as he ran back to the temple. He desided to tell her he was sorry when he had the chance, preferable alone.

When Zekk got to the dinning area he saw that mostly every one was already there.

"Hay Zekk whats up your never late." Jacen said as Zekk came to the table with his food and found a seat.

"Oh, nothing major just had a bad night." He answered, looking over at Jaina he saw her trying to keep the grin off her face. Jacen and Tenel Ka had begain talking with each other. One thing was different, Lowie wasnt there.

"Um Jaina wheres Lowie?" Zekk asked, sttartling her out of her thought. "What, oh He left to vist home last night, you were in the jungle then, why did you what to know?" She answered quickly. Zekk decided to have a bit of fun.

"Oh, noreason Ill just have to work on the Lighting Rod by myself thats all." He answer, wating for a reaction from her.

"Hello Zekk there are other people that can help too ya know." Jaina said, an angery look on her face. Jacen look at them with some amusment, Zekk was playing her for a sap. Tenel Ka leened over to Jacen and wispered

"Why doesnt Zekk Just ask Jaina?"

"Just watch and Ill tell you after if you dont get it okay?"

"Oh ya thanks Jaina thats right I forgot mabe Raynar or even Master Skywalker would help,he might want to brush up on his mechanic skills." Zekk said thoughtfully. Jaina was feryous at this.

"Zekk your forgeting someone,....like me for instence!" She said through clenched teeth trying to keep herself from outright yelling.

"You never asked." He said mildly.

"What, what do you meen, but..." She started but before she could finish Jacen couldnt help it any more and burst out laughing folowed by Zekk.

"What are you two laughing for?" Jaina demanded, Zekk tryed to speak but couldnt stop laughing so Jacen tryed to exsplan. "Isnt it..obvous Ja..Jaina he. .Played you..you..for a..sap." He said inbetween his laughing, "And..you..fell for..it."

Jaina's fury was going away and embarisment was taking its place. She got up and started toglare blaster bolts at them. "Well Ill be dismantling the Lighting Rod with termal detonators if you need me." She said, walking twardes the door, as an after thought she called back to them "Oh and this is NOT a joke." and with thatshe turned and left. Jacen looked at Zekk, "You know I think shes realy going to do it too."

When Zekk got down to the hanger he found Jaina standing by the Lighting Rod, taucing upand down a Termal Detonator. She grined at him when he came into her view. "Jaina."

"Whats up Zekk?" She said with an innocent look. Then sudenly she through the detonator at him.

"Woha!" Zekk cried as he caught it. Instede of exsploding a tiny holo came on showing a ship exsploding. Zekk looked at it, humileation and embarisment creaping on his face. When he looked up Jaina was smiling at him, but it wasnt because she thaught what she did was funny but something else he couldnt place it though. An odd feeling begain to creap into him too. "You what to go for a walk, just the two of us?" he asked.

that wasnt the responce she was exspecting, she thought he would yell at her or make some comment. For once she couldnt think of a better responce than "Um, what are we waiting for?"She answered with a half smile.

"Great lets go." with as much confidence as he could muster.

The two had been walking in slence for about 15 minutes when they reached a small waterfall leading off form a creek, neather of them had been there be for. They setteled them selfes on some large rockes for a rest. Jaina looked at Zekk, why had he asked her to go for a walk in the first place any way she thought. Why did she keep kidding her self Zekk is a great guy, his personality was what meny girls dreamed about, and he is so cute. Her last thought made her giggle out loud.

"Whats so funny?" Zekk asked not intierly paying any attention to her out burst instead he was gasing into her eyes like she was before she giggled.

"Oh nothing, say Zekk this walk was nice and everything but maybe we could um, have dinner together tonight, just us." She asked, turning her gase away from him and looking into the water.

"You mean like a date?" He asked unsurly. Jaina looked up at him and smiled, "Ya a date." she said ust as unsurly.

Latter that eveing Zekk had set up a table and had goten all the food for there dinner in a unoccupied room in the Great Temple. Then he cleaned up and went to get Jaina from her room. She was just coming out when he got there. He looked her over she was waring a skirt and a white butten down shirt, and her hair was tied of in a tail and draped over her sholder.

"Hi Zekk you coming to get me?" She asked even thought she knew the answer. Zekk grinned, "Ya I am, you ready?"

"I guess so." she said unsurly still. The two walked to the room there meal was. Zekk puled a chair out for Jaina. Jaina smile and turned a little pink at his curticy. The dinner it self when well , they talked abuot smale things. After they had finished Zekk led Jaina to the small loveseat in the room. They sat in scilence for a whill untill Zekk desided to start talking.

"Um Jaina what do you think of me." He asked. Jaina flashed him tha t beautifull Solo-grin, "Oh Zekk you a really great...." she traled off. "Oh I dont know any more." She sighed. After a minute Zekk decided to try something. "Maybe this will help you." He put his armes around her and kissed her fully on the lips. Jaina when wide eyed but felt a calm come over her like one she never felt before, almost like all her worys were taken away. Then she realized that strange feeling she had for a while. The two broke off, Zekk looked a Jaina exspectantly. Jaina looked into him emrald green eyes and flung her arms around him tightly.

"I Love you so much Zekk I just never realized it." She said her voice muffled by his chest.Zekk put his face in her hair, "I love you two." Jaina looked up at him, "Good now you have to guy me presants." Jaina said trying hard to keep the smile off her face. Zekk chuckled.

" I just might, now what do you say lets go tell every one."

"Alright lets go." Jaina said jumping up, with Zekk in tow, twordes the door.

THE END.......

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