Trouble At Dawn In Courscant
By: Allol Dasel

DISCLAIMER: All the characters here that u have seen in books, movies or RPG (roles play games on the world wide network) from the Star Wars collection are NOT mine and are copyrighted by George Lucas. This story takes place before ANH and before the Jed massacre. Also it includes several of my characters that I put in the story to make it so that I am not totally copying the movie. I write these stories for fun and NOT u can continue on with the story.

INTRODUCTION - The Jedi council

Mace Windu and the council looked over as Obi Wan Kenobi walked into the room. The seats were in a Half circle shape and all facing the center, where a large circle with the rebel design was on it. The room was full of peace and slightly tired Jedi masters. Sitting up straight Mace spoke in a firm voice. "Master Obi wan, Please present your business to the council and welcome."

Obi Wan Bowed at the waist (it was proper respect) and then looked at the senior council members, Yoda and Mace Windu. Crossing his strong arms across his built chest, he nodded. "Thank u, master Mace Windu. Greetings to u and the rest of the council as well. I come here with the gravest of news and I wish your council on it."

"Master Obi wan, we will try to help as much as we can"

"Thank u, I shall start at the beginning. As u know Anakin Skywalker is my padawan and his training has been going well. I have come to a point where I cannot teach him much patience though. If this keeps up then I am sure he will turn. As many of u has had that vision where he was turning. I would not have come to u, if I had not felt it wise."

"Jedi master Obi Wan Kenobi, Even as a master there is many trials and u are facing one of them at the moment. However u are right about him turning. I have sensed it also, that there may be danger in the force. An inpatient padawan can be controlled with strict discipline. How inpatient is he at the moment?" asked Allie Qel Droma, a newer member of the council.

Allie had brown hair that was pinned back behind her head. Her long, strong arms were crossed gently across her broad chest. She was wearing the traditional attire and had a lightsaber with green blade at her belt, as well as some utility travel things. Known for her wisdom rather then husband, Ulic Qel Droma, she was very calm and never raised her voice to anyone. Her young hazel eyes looked at Obi Wan as she spoke to him.

He turned to the one speaking to him and looked at the young girl. In his mind he wondered how a 19-year-old could be on the council, when most had to be older. Quieting his mind, he knew she had read it and replied. "Master Qel Droma, in response to your question. He sometimes refuses to learn and would rather spend time elsewhere"

She nodded. "u must be stricter then, but what it seems that u must do is bring him to us. Master Windu, I think a test is in order." She said, looking over to the senior member.

Mace nodded, he thought this idea was wise himself. He was going to say something to that matter right before she had. Looking over to Yoda, he let him think over the idea also. The rest of the council seemed to agree, but before any action could take place, the senior councils had to talk about it.

The older Jedi master closed his eyes in thought, then opened them. "Yes, test he needs. Bring him in u will , tomorrow and test will be done" Came his reply in his old soft voice.

"Very well then Master Obi Wan, he shall be tested. Anymore business u wish to seek our advice on?" Mace Asked.

Obi Wan shook his head. "No, there is not. Thank u for your help, until we talk again, May the force be with u." He bowed at the waist and exited.

Trouble At Dawn In Courscant
By: Allol Dasel

Part 1 - The test

Anakin Skywalker entered the chambers. His short padawan style cut hair gleamed a bit in the sun and gave his clothes a rather dark effect. Glancing around with his blue eyes, he sighed softly and looked back to his master. Obi only mostioned for him to go in further. Walking to the center of the room he bowed a bit at the waist and spoke. "Greetings masters of the council"

All the council nodded, only Mace spoke. "Young Anakin.. are here for a test which shall begin now."

"How feel you?" Yoda questioned him.

"Fine sir" Anakin replied.remembering this question from before in the back of his mind.

"How feel you mentally?"

Anakin was silent for a moment, as he thought. No doubt the council knew from what his master had told him. And they could probably feel it.all the stubbornness from hours of training sessions. He must have been in thought longer then he hoped, because a voice broke him out of his thoughts.

"The training u have received is to help you.not hurt you.the stubbornness that drove you.drives everybody. You must look past that if you want to become a jedi knight and overcome this darkness that threatens you" Allie said, for she had looked into his mind.

Anakin looked over to the voice. He was a bit taken back by her beauty and knowledge at first.but managed to keep it hidden with the excuse that to him all young girls were like that. "the darkness that threatens me is concerning everybody.which is why I think that my master pushes me as hard as he does"

"We are simply trying to stop master Windu if I may ask him a question?"

Mace nodded in response and Allie continued " How long have you been training with Obi Wan Kenobi?"

"Since I was 9"

"And you are how old now?"

"19..soon to be 20"

"Have u ever looked back to why you wanted to become a jedi knight in that time?"

"No.because I know"

"Oh? And that reason is?"

"From the first time I saw Qui Gon Jinn catch that gungan guys tongue with his force speed..i wanted to be able to do that..besides at the time I was having dreams about saving my mother and friends from slavery. When I am able to , I want to go back and free her.and all the slaves....then defeat the hutts.although my master says I am not I cannot go yet"

"He knows best.I am sure of it. In your mind it may seem as if he is holding you back..yet you must be prepared if you are to take on the hutts peacefully to get back the lives of slaves."

Anakin sighed, feeling a bit of anger creep into him. Managing to keep his voice normal he replied " who says I am not ready now?"

Allie looked into his mind and could feel anger.glancing at the others, she saw they felt it also. Looking back to Anakin she smiled gently and sat up a bit straighter. "we do not say if one is ready or not.we simply let the force do that..for the force knows best.and from what you say and your midi count, the council knows that you are from the force.which means if you want to succeed , you must listen to the will drive you to your destiny."

Anakin simply nodded and turned his attention to Mace, as he heard him speak. "Is that all Master Qel Droma?"

"it may continue on with the test now"

Mace glanced over to Anakin and started calmly "Young one...Master Yoda and I have been talking.we are reminded of your first visit..which as u know.we were warned of this by Yoda.."

Anakin narrowed his eyes a bit.well aware of this fact. Cutting in he said "U were warned not to train me.and leave my talent to go to waste.Obi wan insisted though..and I got trained"

"yes u did get is a time for precaution though.the dark side draws nearer and nearer for u..if u will allow us to look inside your mind.we can find a way to stop it"

Anakin glanced around him.all were calm and cool about this.all except him. True, he had been warned of this, sighing softly he nodded. "I will"

Mace and Yoda mostioned for the rest of the council to leave. After all except them had gotten up and left, they guided Anakin over to them and then closed their eyes.telling him to do the same. Focusing on entering his mind..they got in easily and began a 5 hour search.

Meanwhile outside the room Allie was talking with Obi Wan. Obi Wan remembered this spot where his master, Qui Gon Jinn had talked to him. Glancing over to the young girl, he had to admit she was smarter then most. She sort of reminded him of Anakin only gentler and kinder.

"Furthermore master Obi wan.u should consider his life.I am sure that he misses his mother as well as true purpose for him being here. Senior members Windu and Yoda will find out soon enough." Her strong voice that seemed to demand respect said..breaking into his thoughts, it continued. "U must carry on the mission which Qui Gon Jinn set out for you."

"Thank u for the advice.I trust the council will find out.' He replied firmly.

Allie nodded and glanced out to the sunset.Obi Wan was stubborn, just as they had told him to be, yet he still had pride. Smiling gently, she said nothing and just let the silence set in. Resting her tanned hands on the rail..she leaned over it a bit and took in the beauty. She had been talking to him a while...Since he seemed a bit worried.

Obi Wan watched her, folded his arms across his chest and just gazed out at his mind he could see his master talking to him.closing his eyes he smiled at the memory and whispered "I miss u master"

Allie heard him and decided not to interrupt. Standing tall again she turned and faced him. "I think I shall be going now..hopefully the council will be done"

He looked over to her.curious a bit. "Wait...please.can u tell me how u got on the council..u seem new yet u are so wise"

She nodded. " I am new.the council found me one day when I was speaking with the head Chancellor. My father and mother were jedi.that is what brings me the wisdom.although wise as I may seem I do still have fun.have a family of my in fact. Husband, who I turned from bad to good.Son, who is just as strong in the force as his parents.." She smiled.

"U followed your parents dreams then?"

" first I felt like I had to, since they had died right after taking me to see the council..but years of being a jedi have taught me that it was my destiny"

"I think we all start out that way.although different.there is a darkness.even I cant place..but I know when it shows I will run.and the light will die a bit.but be reborn"

"The force tells u these things."

" does..but if only I knew the timing of them"

Allie laughed softly and smiled. "U are to impatient..a quality which will be changed over time"

"Impatient? I've been called serious but never impatient..I just want to stop him from turning is all"

"U are stubborn.which is good since it keeps u pushing on....ease up a bit and u will life will be fun I will check on Anakin..I sense the testing over"

He nodded and watched her walk off. About a minute later Anakin came back and the two headed to their quarters. Not before Obi had talked to him though..focusing on what his master had told him long ago.

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