The Song

By Jaina

This story takes place, let's see, I guess after Trouble on Cloud City.
These aren't my characters,and everything like that. The song isn't mine either, it's Green Days.


Czethros had everything planned out perfect. Nothing could stop him. He had already taken control over Cloud City and three of the middle levels held his prisoners. The Solo/Skywalker family, and all thier little friends. He knew his next plan of action for his revenge on Captain Solo.


"So Captain Solo," Czethros hissed as he finished his speech on how his revenge was finally being completed, "I will hurt you in a most effective way. You will feel no pain from the outside but it all from the inside. For I'm not going to touch you. I'll get my revenge by hurting..." Czethros turned around to face to group "your daughter." At that moment three of Czethros gaurds bagan to drag Jaina off. Even trusting the Force and fighting back nothing stopped the guards. Blasters had been pulled on the group so no one dared moved. "She will be sent to the spice mines of Kessel, most likely she'll be dead in a week."


Jaina made friends quickly in the spice mines. Almost everyone knew who she was and loved talking to her. They made jokes as they worked, Jaina knowing the most thanks to Jacen. However the work was far from fun. Feed almost nothing but fungus and unclean water, dozens of workers died each day. Somehow, they kept replacing them all, with people who had betrayed the Black Sun or had just mad them mad. One of Jaina's quickest and best friends was a girl named Enica. She was from Tatoonie, and had come into the spice mines the day before Jaina. She was amazed at Jaina's stmana, and they often talked while they worked, telling one another about what they had accomplished and about friends. "I wish I could meet Zekk. You must really love him, you never shut up about him."

"We're just friends." Enica laughed and got back to work. She kept talking, "So, did you hear they're sending a group to Bespin to work on repairs?"

Jaina spun around and looked like she might pass out. "They're what!?"

"Sending a group to Bespin. Why is that important?"

"That's where they're keeping my family and ...."

"And Zekk?" the young woman finished for her. Jaina blushed and nodded.

Right then a guard came over and said, "Are you Enica?"

"I am."

"Your on the Bespin team. What's your name sweetheart, I'll tell you if your on the team," the guard said with a glance at Jaina.


The guard laughed and said, "Jaina Solo? I know your not on the team."


Zekk paced up and down the halls. Jaina had been gone for a week, the amount of time it usually took for someone to die in the spice mines. Yet he melt like she wasn't dead, she couldn't be dead. That was impossible. The army of ships landed with the crew from the spice mines to fix the overall overseeing room that Czerthos had blasted to peices. Zekk was hopeful that at least someone had to of known Jaina. From the look on Jacen and Han's faces he could tell they were thinking the same thing. Leia couldn't even bare to remain on the landing platform, thinking that only bad news would come. Luke and Anakin were with her. Tenel Ka and Lowie waited with the men, but Zekk couldn't tell what they were thinking. Czeroths came down the plank of the ship and gave the small group that had gathered a look that said. 'You think I'm actually going to tell you anything?' anc started right into.

"Captain Solo I'm leaving the committed under your comand. If they have not finished clearing the debris from the sight or if you try anything else fishy I'll, um, shot you're son."

"Which one?" Jacen croked.

"Oh, um that one," Czreroths said pointing to Zekk.

"Great," muttered Zekk. The crew, half a dozen half dead teenagers, stumbled off the ship. Zekk saw with a disapointed look that none of them were Jaina. "First things first," Han said, which at this the kids looked at him like he was going to hit them, "did any of you know Jaina Solo?"

One girl stepped forward and said she did. She then walked right up to Zekk and countinued with, "You must be Zekk. You are as cute as Jaina made you sound." Which made Zekk blush and Han get a look on his face that said 'I'm going to kill that boy.' Enica continued, "She's fine, well not fine, but not dead. I'm Enica. And you must be Jacen, Tenel Ka, Lowie and her father?"

"Yea," Jacen said.

"I loved that joke about the TIE fighters, Jaina looked surprised when I laughed." Enica went on.

"Someone laughed!!" Jacen said as he held his hands above his head.


"Miss Solo," Czrethos first guard said, "you've been recruited, for a most important task. We must take you to the freezing section of the spice mines and have you turn the heat generaters off for the lower sections, otherwise the spice will melt, and that would be a problum for your comrades."

"That weather is freezing, a person would die before they could get back to the ship." Jaina replied.

"That's why you were chosen."

Jaina sat huddled in a corner of the space ship. She had been told that if she did the task correct, and by that they meant turning off the heater and then dying, her family and friends would be released. Now, she was going to die for Jacen, Uncle Luke, her parents, Anakin, Tenel Ka, Lowie, and Zekk.

Zekk. Jaina mumbled the name to herself. If she could only see one of them once she would pick him to see.


Two weeks later the crew had completted the task. Han smiled to himself. Czrethros would bring Jaina back now. 'If she isn't dead.' he thought, then shook the thought out of his mind. She couldn't be dead.


It was six months before Czrethros returned to Cloud City. The crew was long gone, and only Czrethros guards had remained. The group had no idea about Jaina. Jacen couldn't tell if she was dead or alive or what. But suddenly one day Czrethos came into Cloud City all excited and worked up and was actually smiling. The smile wasn't a pretty site though.

The group gathered around the ramp as it decended, even Leia.

"How's Jaina?" Zekk asked, the first to speak.

"Jaina?" Czrethos asked. He laughed. "Long dead. But that's not the best part..."


Zekk felt like he had been punched in the stomach. Czrethos voice drowned out and Zekk just fell down. Dead. The word echoed in his mind. How? No! Then he just curled up on the floor and cried, not caring what anyone thought.


Jacen responded a lot like Zekk, and so did Han. The three men that loved Jaina the most reacted the same. Leia began to cry and Luke hugged Leia. Leia and Han had driffted apart since Jaina hadleft. Luke always comfortted Leia, telling her everything would be alright, but what could he say now. Anakin, Tenel Ka and Lowie all began to cry quietly. They just stood there using the Force to try to calm themselves, but with little success. Czrethos stopped with what he was saying. He got the feeling, that with everyone crying no one was listening.

"Stop crying or I will shot one of you!" he barked.

All the crying stopped or slowed and Zekk got up and looked Czrethos in the face.

"Yes, what were you saying?" Zekk whispered.

"The young woman who know has the number one hit in the whole galaxy is coming here."

"Why?" Jacen replied.

"She has always wanted to be in the clouds. She's a very good singer, I brought the song, you should of at least heard this song by the time she arrives."

Czrethos slid a disk into the player and a holographic image of a girl of about 16 or 17 came on. Her long blond hair fell to her waist and her blue eyes shown clear. There was something fimilar about her, but no one could say what. They were still grief stricken.

The girl began to play the guitar while she sang:

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Tongue grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So make the best of this teson known as why,
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs and stillframes in your mind.
Hang them on a shelf to get off in good time.
Tattoes and mermories and askin' on trail.
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

The girl at this point burst into tears and sang the chorus a few more times. "Her name is Alderaan, after the planet," Czrethos explained. The rest nodded, but Zekk had a look of terror on his face. He knew that song. He knew every line. He didn't dare say anything about it in front of Czrethos or his men, but if he got a minute alone with any of his friends....


The ship landded with Alderaan on board. Much to Zekk's despair, Czrethos or his men had not left any one of them alone yet. Alderaan glided off the ship and right to the group. She wore flowers in her hair that Zekk had only seen once before. When Alderann saw Zekk she almost cried she was so happy. She couldn't believe it. She was here. Zekk stepped forward and kissed Alderaan's had lightly and then looked up into her eyes. Jacen followed suit, with a strange expression. He felt something weird from this girl, but he pushed it aside, he had not used the Force since Jaina had died, none of them had. Aftter grettings and welcomes all around, Alderaan had her two men, who were dressed so you couldn't tell who they really were, follow her onto the elevator along with Czrethos. She picked the largest elevator, that could easily hold 20 and motioned for the rest to follow her Zekk was first, then they all did.


Alderaan took a deep breath. 'This better work.' she thought. Quickly she pushed the emergency stop button and both her men pulled out their guns on Czrethos. She grabbed the com link and broadcast all over Cloud City "Begin the take over."

Czrethos pulled out his gun, but, using the Force, Alderaan quickly took it. "Czrethos, I believe you lose," Alderaan said in a dangerously sweet voice.


Right at the moment Zekk rushed forward and picke Alderann up. He spun her around and around (this is one big elevator). She put herd legs around his waist and when he stopped he pulled back a little while still holding her.

"I liked you better the other way," he whispered

"Me too," she wispered back.

Quickly she removed fake skin from all around her face and her blue eye's were uncovered and finally the wig taken off. All Zekk could say is, "I love you Jaina Solo."

"I love you too Zekk." Then they kissed, softly and then with so much passion that Zekk dropped Jaina against the wall. They didn't stop untill Han, the first one to realize what was going on, and quick to protect his "little baby girl" pulled Zekk away, almost a min. later.

"OK kid what do you..." then Han realized his little girl was standing there, back from death really. Han picked her up in the biggest hug Jaina had ever recieved. Soon everyone was hugging Jaina, and crying.


"so, I gave Jaina those flowers, and I had written the song for her. That's how I knew she wasn't dead," Zekk finished. Everything was back to normal. Jaina's parents had practaclly fallen in love all over again. Everything was back to normal. At least as normal as it could get. The kids would be returning to Yavin 4 along with all of Jaina's friend's from the spice mines. Everything was perfect. Well, almost.


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