The Nasty Surprise
By: Charlotte Leia Skywalker

"Charlie, does your Dad know you're on Cye's ship?" Ha! Does Dad know? No. Would he care? Now that happens to be a different story. Without trying to explain all my thinking, I replied "What do YOU care?!" to witch my cousin, Anakin Solo, just sighed and stuck his hands in his pockets. Heh. I can be such a little brat sometimes. Briar tells me I've been like that since Iwas two, but that's just because she's jealous. Jealous that her Mom was crazy over me when I was born. No reason to be jealous, is it?

Let me start from the beginning. I am Charlotte Leia Skywalker, and I have been featured in some of Briar's stories. I'm always the little bratty one that is also a comedy relief. I'll have you all know that I am around for more than that. Ani looks at me again, shaking his head, and walks away. That cousin of mine, I swear. He's just too much like Dad. Always following the rules, always setting things right. It gets annoying.

But, for a long time now, just about everything has been annoying me. My cousins, my dogs, my Aunt, Uncle, Mom, Dad, everyone. Ani says it's because I'm being ignored, but I know the truth. It's because I miss Briar, you Nerf herder! I want to shout every time I hear him rave about how I'm "the littlest" and "feeling left out" He tells me he knows how I feel. Puh! Yeah, right!

Ok, sorry, there went my attitude again. Cye is walking up to me now, a funny look on his face "Charlie...I know Ani upsets you sometimes, but don't let him get to you." he ruffles my flaming red hair and walks off, laughing. Geez! The people around here. They must think I'm still two years old. News flash, family, little Charlie ain't so little any more!

This is just my experiment, my first time at writing a fan fic, so if you have any negative  comments, by the Force, DON'T TELL ME!

Ok, back to the story now. I moped around the cockpit, looking for something to do, when I heard a bark behind me. I'd forgotten that Tie, my Nabooian pup, was in the ship with me.

The dog kept barking until I yelled "Tie Fighter! Shut up, now!" the dog whined, giving me her "I'm so sorry, please don't hit me!" look "Oh you little Nerf herder...I don't fall for that anymore."

Then I saw what the excitement was about. Tie, while wagging her tail, had hit a switch on the consol and started the ship up. Damn, that dog was too big! "Damn it damn it damn it!" I shouted, leaping into the pilot's chair as the ship took off.

"Charlie, if Uncle Luke heard you talking like that, he'd.....he'd...put a bar of soap in your mouth!" Ani stalked into the cockpit, grinning slightly at me. By the power of the Force, he DOES get on my nerves! He still thinks I'm a little kid. Finally, Ani notices we're off the ground "Damn it!" he shouts himself, and pushes me out of the pilot's chair.

"Ani, if Uncle Han heard you talking like that, he'd....he'd...put a bar of soap in your mouth!" I mocked him. He gave me an icy blue glare that seemed to me just like my father's.

I, in return, gave him my best Leia glare. Heh. Sometimes, I'm glad she's my Aunt. "It's not MY fault, Ani! The stupid dog was so excited she flipped the switch and now we're heading off to who-in-the-hell-knows-where!!!"

Ani looked at me, then at Tie "I swear," he muttered, sounding just like his father, "I'm going to KILL that dog when I get the chance." "That's what I'm here for..." I mused "What?" Ani asked, looking confused "I'm here to keep you from killing my dog, you Nerf herder!" I shouted and stalked down the bridge of the ship "So, that's a common insult with you and Mom, huh Charlie?" he called after me. I swear!!! That guy!

I sat on a cot, huddled in the back of the ship. Ani walked in "Bad news, Miss Skywalker. It turns out that our nav computer AND hyperdrive engines both decided to fail right out here in space. It seems as though we're stuck unless we can dial someone up on the comm. I growled something under my breath "Why this peice of-(I then said a word that made Ani shout "CHARLIE!") We better get home, soon!"

Just then, I felt a chill go down my spine. My ice-blue eyes got wide and my face got pale "A-Ani...." I stuttered "I don't think they failed without a trap" I muttered. He looked at me, confused "How do you know?" he asked. I, with a shaky hand, pointed out the window "Th-there....." I stuttered. I don't stutter unless I'm really afraid, just to tell you. Ani turned.

Outside the window was a huge Super Star Destroyer. Over the comm, an evil-sounding voice shouted "Ha ha! It wasn't your fool dog who activated the ship, it was the Empire! We have you now, Skywalker! You as well, Solo! You are both ours!"

To be continued....

The Nasty Surprise
Part 2- All is Forgiven

By: Charlotte Leia Skywalker

"What? What do you MEAN, 'they can't be contacted'??! This is my son and my niece we're talking about!!"

Han Solo shouted into the comm at the former Imperial Palace.

"I'm sorry, sir, but the ship cannot be reached." a droid's voice said.

"All right, all right! Just...try one more time. And if they still can't be reached...well...I'll get back to ya."

Han signed off the comm and stormed out of the room, to tell his wife, Leia, and his brother-in-law, Luke, that they couldn't find Charlotte Leia Skywalker or Anakin Solo.

****On the ship...****

"Ani, I'm cold...what're we doing here anyway? What's with these weirdo's? Are they out for ransom, or are they just having some twisted sort of fun?"

Charlie looked at Anakin, her eyes questioning.

"I....I don't know, Charlie. I don't know what they're doing, and besides the fact they're Imperials, I don't know who they are, either."

Anakin said quietly. Charlie nodded in response and sighed.

Then, all of a sudden, the Imperial's voice came back "Ahaaaa! We have you now! You are mi-- Wait, I already said that, didn't I? Forgive me. Well, the reason you're here, kiddies, is, yes, for ransom. We want your parents to pay us 1,000,000 credits for each of you, and when they deliver the money, we'll capture them, too! Ahaaaaa!"

Charlie glared at the comm and, in a burst of flames and static, it exploded.

"Oops...." Charlie muttered "Sorry, Ani..."

But Anakin wasn't listening. He was staring off into space, a small smile spreading across his face eerily.

"No, Charlie....that's quite all right. In fact, you've helped me come up with a plan..."

****Back at the former Imperial Palace, with Han and Leia Solo, along with Luke and Mara Skywalker****

"Are you SURE the ship can't be reached, Han?" Leia asked her husband.

Han shook his head sadly "No, Leia....I tried 5 times. Each time the stupid droid said the same thing, 'I'm sorry, sir, they can't be reached'."

Leia sighed, and glanced over at her brother and sister-in-law. Luke was quite solemn, not saying a word, while Mara looked near tears. They could've lost their only daughter out there, in dead space, and wouldn't even know it...

"Well...can you try again, Han?"

Mara finally spoke up, her green eyes pleading

"I can, Mara, but I don't know what good it will do...I have everyone out there looking for them, so far no one's been able to find anything..."

Han trailed off, then spoke up again,

"Not even any debris."

Now Mara was crying. She just couldn't help it after imagining her only little girl being blasted away, never to be seen again... Luke put his arm around her shoulders, and she could tell he was crying himself.

Han glanced at the two, feeling so sad, so sorry...he sighed and looked down, determined not to cry.

****Back on the ship again...****

There was a loud "CLUNK" and Charlie and Anakin knew their ship was now attached to the Imperial's Super Star Destroyer.

They grinned at each other, and Anakin spoke up.

"Ok, Charlie, here's the plan...when they come over here to board the ship and capture us, we'll pretend like you fainted, and you need medical attention. When the stupid guard goes to get someone, we sneak onto their ship and stun the head Imperial, then capture the rest, bring both ships down, and we're done!"

There was another "CLUNK", and then footsteps, which signaled to them that the Imperials had arrived. Charlie took a deep breath and fell to the floor with a loud "THUMP". An Imperial arrived, looking around nervously. He pointed at Charlie and kicked her "What happened here?" he asked Anakin.

Ani widened his eyes nervously "I...I don't know! She's my little cousin, ya see, and she just...went pale and keeled over all of a sudden! Her Mom and Dad will be furious if I killed her! Oh no! Please, get some medical attention! She looks really bad!"

The Imperial, only concerned about the ransom money, jogged off the ship, running to find some medical attention...

Charlie opened one eye "Ow..." she muttered, but smiled. "Now, to complete our little plan.."

She stood up quietly, and she and Anakin snuck out of the ship. Once they got to the Super Star Destroyer, they headed straight for the cockpit. Charlie grabbed her blaster and set it to "stun". Her eyes glinted, and she allowed a small smirk to creep to her features. She wasn't there to kill anyone, just capture a few people. They spotted the guy who must've been the head Imperial. Strangely, he looked a lot like Grand Admiral Thrawn, only younger. He turned to her, a look of shock on his face, but before he could do anything, Charlie put her hand over his mouth to keep him from shouting before she shot him, letting him drop to the ground, stunned. She smirked again and kicked him in the side. The other Imperials had heard the blaster shot, and arrived quickly at the scene, all of them looking horrified. They all tried to draw their blasters, but as Charlie nodded at Ani, they both concentrated hard enough to pull the blasters from ALL the Imperial's hands. Charlie stared at !

the blasters one by one, making all of them explode in a burst of flames, to vanish into oblivion. The Imps stood; looking absolutely shocked and horrified.

"Who's got who now, Imps?" Ani asked, his tone teasing.

The Imperials backed up, putting their hands above their heads, as Charlie advanced with her blaster "Now... All of you, down to the cargo bay, and make it quick!"

The Imperials, with fear in their eyes, ran off, down to the cargo bay, as Charlie grinned at Ani. She hugged him and, arm and arm, they headed for the cockpit, to take the ship down.

****Back at the former Imp Palace...****

It was getting late, Han thought. Everyone should've been in bed by now, but they were all up, waiting, waiting for news, waiting for findings, waiting for anything. Mara was asleep against Luke's shoulder and Leia was nodding off. Luke was half-awake, and that left only Han, who was still wide-awake. Just then, a Rebel troop jogged up to Han.

"Sir! We've found the children! They've touched down in the ship and are coming to-"

But he was cut off as two children's voices called out, one calling "DAD!" the other, "UNCLE HAN!"

Han shook Leia, Luke, and Mara awake as the children ran up to them. Mara, with tears of joy in her eyes, scooped Charlie up, hugging her, as Han and Leia did the same to Anakin. Luke, however, had finally fallen asleep, and was missing everything. Even though they had found Charlie and Anakin, Mara decided that Luke needed to sleep and would have to see the two in the morning.

Charlie gave her Dad a small hug and whispered "Good-night, Dad."

To which Luke just snored.

THE END!! Heh.

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