Star Wars Young Jedi Knights
Zahn Attacks!

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

	It was cold, very cold, Jacen thought. He hadn't been this cold
since he was on the dark side of Ryloth. He tried to open his eyes.
Either he couldn't, was blind or it was so dark he could see. 
	"Hello?" He called. "Any one there?" He used the force to sense
and amplify his hearing. He heard the faint sound of some one stirring.
He could sense Raynar not far from him. Zekk was also near by and Lowie
with Em Teedee. There were several other people around him that he
couldn't identify yet.  He used a trick his sister taught him to make
light. He rubbed the air molecules together and created light. He could
do it on a larger scale now because he didn't have Hethir's cold sheet to
stop him.
	They were the only ones laying down they others were pacing about
or chained to the wall. He scanned the crowd quickly, then his eyes
widened. He saw Bornan Thul, Raynar's father. There were several other
people there too; some of Nolaa Tarkona's men and some others he knew
should be dead. He reached out to his sister's mind. Then suddenly, Tenel
Ka fell out of the sky or ceiling or whatever and onto him. Jaina had
fallen on Zekk; Lusa on Raynar, Rabba on Lowie and Nolaa Tarkona herself
came falling down upon them. Anja was also there. Chaos followed. He felt
Nolaa's nails sink into his skin and her shouting at him. Her heard other
shouting at her as her franticly tried to pry her off. She now had a grip
on his neck and he couldn't breath everything went black.
	Jaina stopped and stared in disbelief. The wave of her brother's
death flushed over her. She fell to her knees. NO! IT CAN'T HAPPEN. But
it had, and it wasn't a dream. Tenel Ka was choking Nolaa now and after
she'd killed her, she chopped off her head with her lightsaber. Anja was
still standing there staring. 
	"Jacen?" She murmured. TK punched her.
	"What's happened?" Jaya asked still not fully comprehending her
brother's death. She just stared at his lifeless body.
	"This is a land of no return, a land of darkness and evil so
	"Cut the drama Jib, this is the place were characters go when
their books, movies, comics, and whatnot are declared non-canon." A
second person jumped in.
	"Aw common, its true." The first man, Jib whined.
	"Who are you people?" ZK asked.
	"We are forgotten Lords of old. We are the wonders of the
universe that some chump knocked out of the way." JB answered.
	"We, my young sir are Jib and Ken." KN put in.
	"Who?" AA asked recovering from TK's blow. TK punched her again
this time, much harder.
	"See?" KN said, mostly to JB. "We are forgotten. And now to
address the charming downed young lady's question, we really don't know
how we'd fit into your universe now. We used to rule the galaxy but now
we spend eternity here. You are stuck here too, I'm afraid."
	"Ah yes, welcome to our humble and personal sith hole. If you
really don't like the girl I suggest you kill here now before she gets a
chance to kill you." JB said to TK. She immediately ignited her
lightsaber, but JA stopped her.
	"No fair! You got to kill Nolaa! I get to her!" JA ignited her
blade and chopped off AA's head. "Yippee! She's dead!" JA jumped up and
down. ZK looked at her funny.
	"JA are you ok?" He asked.
	"Don't worry there laddy, she'll be alright. She's got canon
sickness. That's what happens when you get stuck her and things go
haywire. " JB said to ZK.
	"Ooo hoo! That confirms it! That young lady didn't disappear and
neither did that feller. You are all only partially noncanon!"
	"What's noncanon?" JA asked returning to her mind.
	"Well, this may be hard for ja to understand aren't
real. Not even in the universe you came from anymore. Do you, by any
chance, have another brother just a bit younger than you?" He said
changing the subject.
	"Yes, his name is Anakin, he's fourteen. But want do you mean not
real?" Anakin stepped out.
	"It's true, JA. There's a place with people called Earth. They
make up stories and make holovids. These stories have a life of their
own, us. We're the products of their imaginations. Now, another stories
conflicts with ours in the same universe and we have been declared out of
the story line. Now we're stuck here."
	"But you said we weren't completely noncanon." Zekk jumped in
	"If you were completely noncanon your dead companions would have
disappeared. It means that you still exist in you universe but not with
what ever experiences that were booted out of the story line." JB said
	"Huh?" They all asked. Actually Tenel Ka said, "What?" But no one
heard her.
	"You are not there anymore but there is a person there who is who
you were before your noncanon adventures or who you would be with out
them." KN explained. "You are fiction, and now not even canon fiction."
	"How do we get back?" Lusa asked.
	"You can't." The odd pair replied.
	"How did we get here?" Raynar asked.
	"We just told you. You were thrown out of the story line." JB
	"Who did this?" Em Teedee translated for Lowie.
	"Ah, now there we can help you!" KN cried. He moved to one of the
changed victims. 
	"The questionnaire please." The man pointed to the data pad
beside him. KN pushed some buttons and a hollow came up. It was a blonde
girl with green eyes. 
"Hello." She said happily, "Please state your names, type of noncanon and
"Uh, I'm Zekk, age 18, and semi noncanon from what I can tell."
"Jaina Solo, 16, semi noncanon."
"Lusa, age 17, semi noncanon. I thin that's the canon status of all of
"Raynar Thul, age 15."
"Tenel Ka Ta' Chume Djo, 16."
"Master Lowbacca is 19. And I am but a simple droid."
"Anakin Solo age 14."
"Tahiri Veila, age 12."

"Ah first appeared in a trilogy by Timothy Zahn. Your adventures
at the academy were written by Kevin-"
"Who booted them out Eva?" JB asked impatiently.
"Humph! Zahn did. You see, your adventures were written somewhat out of
order. 21 years after the Battle of Yavin when the other books had only
reach somewhere in the later teens. People kept writing to fill in the
void. Also, your books were written for young adults so some adults
didn't consider them canon before the big clash.
Anyway, Zahn wrote, and published, a book in which Mara Jade and Luke
Skywalker fall in love and plan to marry-"
"What?" The remaining Solo children cried followed shortly by their
"Yes and because she was never mentioned in your stories, your books were
'booted out'." Eva said.
"So, our parents won't come looking for us because we're not missing?" JA
concluded. "And we'd have an aunt Mara...yuck!
"Even if you missing were your parents wouldn't be able to come here,
however, your parents and uncle are here now."
"Huh?" TI asked. A group of familiar adults came walking up. Among them
were TI's parents, JA and AN's parents, Luke, Chewbacca and several
"Well, they are your parents that witnessed your adventures or were doing
other things that they haven't done in other books. Not to mention not
being married to people." Eva finished.
"And there's no way at all out of here?" MTD asked alarmed.
"Oh you can get out, but not to your universe." JB said.
"Hey, AA just disappeared!" Anakin cried.
"Oooh, not good." KN cooed. "That means that some of you, or maybe all of
you are completely noncanon."
"Not all." Eva put in. "Zekk, Anja, Tahiri and Lowie maybe, and their
parents." Zekk's parents fall on top of him.
Eva explained everything to the new groups. "And most of the people here
don't listen to us and leave trying to find their universe."
"Where can we go? I don't see anywhere to go." AN said looking around.
"The land of Fan fiction lies beyond the blackness. You can push
"Fan fiction? You mean stories fans write about the characters?" JA
asked. She tried that once.
"Yes. A terrible mixed up place. But if you go through you can have the
false hope of one day reclaiming your thrown, err home." JB put in.
"So lets go." Zekk said. "And Jaina before anything else happens I wanted
to say...I'm sorry JN died." 
"Thanks, I was trying not to deal with it but I have to he's gone."
"And you'll meet countless mixed up ones in Fanfic land."
"You do realize that actually haven't been declared noncanon yet, that
this is really a Fanfic?" Eva said suddenly. "KN and JB never ruled the
universe the author just needed some guides for you. Good Luck."
The YJK and JJK just looked at each other.
"Son, before you go, I thought you should know your last name." Zekk's
dad said. "Its Franklin."
"Really? Franklin? That's kinda...I don't know, dorky?" He made a weird
face at his newfound last name."
"No of course not really, the author just likes it. It's the name of her
stuffed turtle that she made her family get her for her birthday because
her boyfriend had one just like it. Although she spells it Franklyn. It's
also the name of the doctor on her favorite show. The boyfriend still has
he turtle as far as she knows and has the same but he's no longer her
boyfriend. He doubled timed with a younger, taller, darker girl named
Sabrina. And I said and knew that because I am controlled by the author
and so are you."
Zekk just looked at him funny. And pushed his way through the blackness.
Once he was on the other side he pulled Jaina through. This place was
blue and crawling with familiar people. Another Jaina came up and kissed
him, deeply. She pulled back to look at him and saw the others. 
"Oops. Wrong Zekk. Sorry. Hey common, I'll show you around." She waited a
moment and then said.
"Where's your Jacen?"
"He's...dead. When we were declared noncanon our greatest enemies fell on
top of us and Nolaa Tarkona killed him."
	"Ooo, I'm sooooo sorry. I would just hate it if my Jacen died!
Because you are who were created after, your Jaina Prime and your brother
would have been Jacen Prime...Get it? So we'll call you Jaima! And Zeime
and Lowimie and Rayime and Lusime and isn't this great fun? I'm called
Jaina898, the 898th version of Jaima. Also known as the blonde version.
It really isn't fair though, not all blondes are as cheery as me. Take
Jaina2 for example-"
"You talk more than I do!" Tahiri laughed, I think if we let you
then me AND MTD!" Anakin nodded. Jaina898 led them around. They lost
in a crowd in an odd story. None of them could say they weren't glad.
"Hello, are you Jaina Prime?!" A small Jaina asked. She looked
"Uh, yes, who are you?"
"I'm Jaina1, but everyone calls me little Jaina. Come, meet Lee!"
little girl took Jaina Primes hand and pulled her through the mess of
"Lee, Lee, I brought Jaina Prime." Jaina1 let go of Jaina Primes
hand and
ran up to a short, blonde girl holding and medium tall blond boy's hand.
"Hi li'le one. Hello everyone. I know you, Jaina but I'm afraid I don't
know your companions." Jaina Prime introduced the YJK and the JJK. When
she got to the detail of her brother being dead, Jaina1 started crying
and ran to find her brothers.
"I'm Lee. It's short for Leona Skywalker. In this 'demented universe'
your cousin. Luke married three times. Once to my mother, Shaala, once to
Callista, and once to Mara Jade. He's had four children. Me and my twin
brother Leon, Mion and Myra. This is my friend, husband to be, Tigris.
Over there is Maggie and her twin Kert. That's Lance and Viya Roc. The
latter two die. And those to rascals are my future children, Tyran and
"After the stories are written we all end up here and have a wonderful
time. The dead ones come back, at least until you kill them again and
everything regenerates when some one reads the story." Tigris said.
"Watch out! He's coming again!" some one yelled. "Debut's
Vader is
"Hurry, come with us!" Lee yelled. "Everyone cover for the
Primes, they
can't be regenerated!" 
Everyone was running. Jaina tried her best to keep up with Lee. Then she
heard a scream, it was Tahiri. She twisted back just in time to see her
only brother take a shot for his best friend. This allowed Zekk to scoop
up the little girl and run to her. Anakin was dead. 
Someone sliced the mad Vader in half. Jaina fell to her knee. She had
lost two brothers in on day, or at least it seemed like a day. It didn't
matter. Her twin and her younger brother were dead.  Jaina1 threw her
arms around Jaina Prime and cried along with her.

        "Ok, this is how it works, here you will have to sort your way
through the stories themselves." Pointing to a wall. "After you gone
through all the fanfics on the parallel you end up on, you start going
through other universes." Lee explained. 
        "There's no turning back. And what you're really looking for is
Source World. From there you can either convince them to put you back in
the story line or write yourselves up a universe. If you do that though,
you wouldn't know what would happen." Ty said.
        "I wanna go too!" Jaina1 cried. 
        "It's too dangerous." Zekk said.
        "Nope. I'll regenerate!" Jaina1 said looking up at Jaina Prime.
Jaina wanted to keep the little girl.
        "Ok. You can come."
        "What?" Zekk and Tenel Ka cried.
        "Why not?" Lusa asked. And so they picked up Jaina one and went
through the wall.
        "Wonder what story we're in." Jaina1 asked. 
        And that was the start of their incredible journey. Updates will
be episodes, with a title, location and force status at the beginning of
each episode.

Zahn Attacks!
Tears and Aces

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Location: A SW universe where everything seems the same, except...Jacen and Tamna.
Force: present and usable

        (Our group is comprised of Jaina, Zekk, Tenel Ka, Lowie, MTD,
Raynar, Lusa, Jaina1, and Tahiri.)
        They were standing in the great temple.
        "Do you think we're home?" Tahiri asked."
        "No, this is just some story with us in it." Zekk said. They were
walking along trying to find the way to the next universe when a sight
stopped them in their tracts. Tenel Ka was wrapped around some guy
kissing him quite passionately. The Tenel Ka watching gasped. Jaina
giggled. The couple turned around to see another Tenel Ka staring back at
        "Wow." Jaina1 said. "You two look exactly the same. No difference
at all. Usually there's something different." She looked up at Jaina and
        "Who are you?" The guy Tenel Ka had been kissing asked. Tenel Ka,
both of them, let a hand rest on their lightsaber hilt.
        "I'm Tenel Ka same as her. Who are you?"
        "Tishen Ty." The name meant nothing to any of them.
        "Um, you wouldn't happen to know where the next interstory portal
is, would you?" Tahiri asked. "I'm Tahiri and we're from a universe where
Tenel Ka likes Jacen. But when we came to a black place he was killed.
Then we decided to wonder around the fan fiction stories to try and find
Source world and a way home." Just then Jacen came around the corner
holding a strange girls hand. 
        "Hello." Jacen said when he noticed the two Tenel Kas. "Isn't
this interesting."
        "Two?" The girl asked.
        "Yes." Tahiri attempted to explain all over again but it had the
same effect. Jaina couldn't help staring at this Jacen, he looked exactly
like her brother.
        "You're obviously Jacen, who's she?" Zekk asked.
        "Tamna of course." Jacen replied. "You really are from where you
say you are! It sounds like fun but...this is so weird."
        "It's not fun!" Jaina cried. "Both my brothers are dead!"
        "Yes. Jacen and Anakin's death was not fun, it was tragic." The
warrior girl struggled against tears. Tahiri and Jaina1 nodded. Jacen
shrugged apologetically. "I meant going places like that." Tamna
considered this, then said, 
"Hmm, could we come too?"
"Yes it would be fun!"
"Fine idea," Tishen Ty said. "You two go have fun."
"Wait." The other Tenel Ka said, "Friend Jacen, are sure? It sounds
dangerous and you might never get back. You'd be leaving your Jedi
training behind and all your friends, your family." Her eyes pleaded. She
and Jacen had grown apart in the romantic sense, but she still cared
deeply for him.
"I don't think I could handle it." Jaina said quietly. "To have you back
but have it be you and not my Jacen."
"I'm the same as I've always been, Jaya, here any way. I may not be the
Jacen you knew, or maybe I am...with one small difference." Jacen said
looking toward Tamna.
"I'm not small at all! And please let us come. I know adventure and
excitement aren't on a Jedi's to do list, but..."
"You let pint sized come." Zekk pointed out. Jaina gave him a glare, but
it was more hurt than angry. Jaina1 stamped on his foot.
"I have a name you know!" Jaina1 said to Zekk.
"Yes, but you have to share it with our Jaina." They continued to argue.
"I think it is a good idea." Tahiri announced. Lowie grumbled something
to Em Teedee.
"Master Lowbacca comments that perhaps we should have left Mistress
Tahiri in Fan fiction land. Although I can't see why." The little droid
translated. Tahiri stuck out her tongue at Lowie and started arguing with
"Oh fine you can come." Jaina said. Everyone stopped arguing. "Now, how
do we get out of here?"
"Every time before some one's told us which way to go." Raynar said.
        "But we're heading that way." Zekk said pointing the opposite
direction from whence they'd come. "It should be along this wall." They
all (Tishen Ty and Tenel Ka went elsewhere to resume their kissing)
started feeling along the wall.
        "Uh, hey Tamna, wanna hear a joke?" Jacen asked.
        "Sure, comical Ace." She replied.
        "Didn't the Emperor use these two fingers to electrocute uncle
Luke with blue force lightning?" He asked holding up two fingers.
        "I don't know."
        "Because they're my fingers!"
        ""Jacen, not even Zekk laughed at that one." Lusa said.
        In the grand audience chamber there was one difference that even
Tamna and Jacen expected. A giant playing card, Ace, was on the wall
along which they were feeling.
        "Blaster Bolts! That was never there before!" Jacen cried. Jaina
knew what to do; she jumped in. They all followed her, wondering where
they were going to end up next.            

Zahn Attacks!
Jedi Rangers

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Location: Power Rangers universe, sometime between Power Rangers in Space and Lost Galaxy
Force: morphers and the powers that come with them.
People: Jaina, Lowie, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Raynar, Lusa, Tahiri, Jaya (Jaina1), Tamna, and Jace (our new Jacen)

        "Ok, Where are we?" Jaina asked suspiciously as the strange alien
        "You are in the milky way galaxy orbiting the planet earth. You
are the Power Rangers stars."
        "Who? We're-"
        "Where's Jaya? And Lowie and Tenel Ka and Lusa?" Jaina asked
suddenly as the other studied their new 'bracelets'. Alpha tried to
explain the power ranger process.
        "This is really dumb." Raynar said. "But oh well, I want to see
how these things work. Star Dust!" He morphed into the blue ranger.
        "Neat, but its kinda hard to see in here." Raynar said in a
muffled voice.
        "So we're all going to look like him?" Jaina asked looking
        "Well, no." Alpha started. "You all have different colors and
slightly different designs."  Jaina was the purple ranger, Tamna was the
pink ranger, Tahiri was the yellow ranger, Zekk was the black ranger, and
Jace was the green ranger.
        "Why pink?" Tamna whined. 
        "Because pink was the only girl color left, purple and yellow fit
Jaina and Tahiri's personalities." Jace said.
        "Oh how do you know?" she replied hugging him.
        "Now wait, this is a kids show!" Alpha said pulling them apart.
"Hand holding and little stuff only and not very often." Tamna smushed up
her face annoyed at the rules.
        "How do we get out of here and how do we gather up the others?"
Jace asked.
        "I suggest you run the course of an episode." Alpha said.
Suddenly the view screen of the Mega ship turned on. A frightening crew
met the power ranger's eyes. A Wookie shaped being sat on a throne. It
seemed to be half on fire. A warrior woman clad in black armor stood
beside him and a little brown creator with a pig nose, horns, and grayish
fur moved restlessly in front of them.
        "If you Power Dorks don't tell us the location of the crystal
pieces, we'll let loose our secret weapon on earth. Bwahhahha!!!" The
woman laughed.
        "Tenel Ka?" Jace asked.
        "Don't ask." She whispered.
        "We'll never tell you Kenita!" Zekk said for no apparent reason.
        "Ha! Come forth Centura!" A centaur came forward, well sorta. It
had long cinnamon hair that was more like snakes and Lusa's friendly
shape was now hideous and scary with her delicate crystal horns now huge
and sharper. "Now go to earth!" Kenita laughed wickedly. The fury fire
creator roared something and a cynical sliver-floating disk said in a
mechanical voice.
        "Go and meet your doom. We'll rip the information from your dying
minds!" The little pig-wolf creator began snorting and jumping around as
the transmission was cut.
        "That was Jaya?" Jaina said in horror.
        "Common rangers!" Zekk shouted. "We have to save earth!" Jaina
just stared at him.
        "Ok..." Jace questioned. Alpha had them turn into balls of light
and bop down to earth to save Banana Grove from the terrible attack. They
all tried to beat up Centura and the lackeys with her. But then Zekk
said, "Common, lets dust these guys! Star Dustin'!" and they all morphed.
They took care of all the lackeys real quick. Then they started beating
on the monster. During this battle their lighsabers changed into weird
weapons that shot light or they bashed it with. As the monster was dying.
Kentia shot and made it big.
        "Looks like a job for the Megazord!" Zekk shouted.
        "Right!" they echoed.
        "And the BarneyZord!" Jaina cried. Her special thingymabopper was
a purple dinosaur.
They all stared kicking Centura's butt and she disappeared. Then they
were all back to normal and standing in space, breathing, in front of a
black hole with and ace in front of it. They all jumped in.

I don't know why but I've always wanted to do that!

Zahn Attacks!
Imperial Run In

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Location: The Imperial Youth Trilogy
Force: present and usable

        They all fell a good two meters into this new place. They fell
right into the hallway of a bustling Imperial school. Great, Jaina
thought, looking at the crowd staring at them in their mock uniforms. One
Imperial girl ran from the crowd. Others started chattering wildly.
        "Who are you?" A pale, dark haired girl asked.
        "Uh, visitors?" Jace suggested.
        "From another dimension?" A skeptic boy asked.
        "Uh, you could say tha-" Jace stared but Jaina cut him off.
        "No, we wanted to see your school." She hoped it really was a
school. She hung her head and said in a lower voice.
        "We ran away from home, we heard about this place, it supposed to
be really good." She again gambled on Imperial pride.
        "It is the best school on planet." The boy said. Jaina knew the
story wouldn't hold up long, but how to get away? She looked to Zekk for
help. He was already thinking.
        "What is the meaning of this?" An official shouted. The crowd
came to attention. Jaina and the group scrambled up, hiding Lowie, Lusa
and Jaya crouching behind them. The official pushed the students aside.
        "Who are you? State you're business." He said briskly.
        "We're visitors. We got lost, we'd just like to leave now." Jaina
said. She was trying her best to think of a way out of this, but she
didn't know anything about this story. 
        "Visitors? I'm sorry young lady but I'm going to have to ID you
and you friends. Come this way." Tamna spotted them first, stormtroopers!
She grabbed Jaya and ran a split second after Tenel Ka shouted,
"Scatter!" Tamna and Tenel Ka moved quickly in opposite directions. Lusa
and Lowie were next, running so fast they didn't here the gasps from the
surprised students. The others were surrounded by guards. Zekk moved
instinctively in front of Jaina and put on a stern face. The guards
grabbed them and others pursued their fleeing companions. As they were
being dragged down the hallway Jace said to his sister,
        "Just like times. Remember when we were little and the Empire
reborn picked us up? Or how about the Shadow academy? Or any of those
crackpot Imperial movements?"  He really was like her Jacen, had to go
and risk the wrath of their captors. But she smiled and nodded.
        "Yes, and we always manage to get away. They never last long,
especially with the New Republ-"
        "Silence! I shall have no talk of those cursed rebels in my
facility!" The official shouted. Jaina gave an unlady-like sort but kept
mainly quiet. Then they were joined by four stormtroopers carrying Tenel
Ka with considerable amount of difficulty and seven more with Lusa. Four
were holding her, the other three had their blasters pointed at her, just
in case. But Tamna, Jaya and Lowie seemed to have gotten away. Jaina was
seated and tied to a chair in the official's office.
        "Now, state you're name and serial number." He said.
        "My name is- uh- Jain Olos. I don't have a number." She mentally
whispered the name to her brother and any of the other Jedi that could
hear her. She got a series of replies.
        "Don't be ridicules. Everyone on this planet has a number, even
visitors." He said sternly.
        "Well I don't, neither do the others." He raised an eyebrow.
        "They are?"
        "Jace Olos, my brother, Tenel Ka Djo, Tahiri Aliev, Lusa, Raynar
Luth, and Zekk Franklin." 
        "I see." He said then hit a bottom on a box on his desk. "Send
him in." A figure Jaina knew all to well walked in the door.
        "Anakin Skywalker!" She cried, although it was really Darth
        "You are wrong child." His voice rasped. "Open you're mind to
me." She threw up her blocks but what chance did she have against Darth
Vader? He pried a moment.
        "She is sensitive to the force, she has great power with in."
Jaina desperately tried to purge her memory of Jaya and Tamna. Vader
broke her defenses.
        "Her name is Jaina solo, daughter of- Interesting."
        "What is it Lord Vader."
        "I will need to see the others to confirm my suspicions." He said
and he and the official left Jaina alone.

        "Darth Vader! Hello! Blaster Blots its really you!" Jace said
        "Open your mind to me child." 
        "Hey? Who you calling chil-" Jace started but he was too busy
trying ward off Vader's mind attack. He too fell but when he did he
concentrated on Tamna's essence shielding any information that might
compromise her or the others.
        "His name is Jacen Solo, brother to the girl of sorts, also force
sensitive. I will need one more mind to confirm it."
        "Yes Milord."

        "Hello my young apprentice."

        "Jaina?" A small voice called.
        "Jaya! Where are you?"
        "Up." The little girl replied, she'd crawled through the vents.
        "What are you doing? Where's Tamna and Lowie?"
        "Lowie? I dunno, but Tamna's waiting outside for me. I can't stay
long or she'll worry."

        "Hello old friend." Zekk answered. Vader dismissed the official.
He tried to enter Zekk's mind. Zekk blocked him with more luck than the
Solo twins. He was no match for a Darth Lord of Sith though, but when he
fell he pushed his way into Vader's mind and grabbed a hand full of
images. He wasn't sure why he was doing this or why he felt the way he
did, like he knew Vader, like he had been Vader.
        "So it is true." Vader rasped, "You are not simply insane. You
are from another universe. The twins are my grandchildren and I have a
        "Maybe. Or maybe we're all escaped mental patients; our delusions
have become our reality." Zekk suggested. "How can you be sure?"
        "The Centaur and Wookie, they are proof."
        "What are you going to do with us? You know that all we have to
do is find the door and then we're gone. What would be the point of
keeping us? You've learned all the information you'll need to bring down
the rebellion from the twins mind. Why not let us go, we can't do any
harm and they are you grandchildren. We've helped you."
        "True. I will let you go. As a tribute to who I was and will
never be again now. We are one young Zekk. Be mindful of that."

        "How did you convince him to let us go?" Jace asked Zekk.
        "I'm not sure."  Lusa, Tenel Ka and Raynar came up.
        "Where's Jaina?" Zekk asked concerned. Tahiri walked in.
        "Jaya got her out some how." Jace said. He smiled, "Our
connection." It wasn't hard to find Lowie, he ran to the nearest forest
to try to plan to help them. They gathered in front of the Ace, which was
on the other side of the school.
        "Where are we ending up next?" Tahiri asked.
        "Let's find out!" Raynar called plunging in.

Zahn Attacks!
How about the girls?

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Location: uh, the twilight zone? I'm not sure…. But it sure isn't the land of milk and honey.

Force: not really

Blame: Tamna, it was her idea, I just wrote it

Jaina felt different, very different. She looked up at Tenel Ka and her suspicions were confirmed. She fought the urge to scream. Tenel Ka's eyes had never gotten so big. She looked to Lusa and Jaya, then Tahiri and Tamna, all the same. This was terrible! How could this be possible? Zekk was staring at her.

"Jaina! Blaster Bolts! " Jace cried. Jaya actually started crying. Jaina picked her up. She was about to tell her it would be all right but then she was afraid to use her voice. Would it be her voice? Her, she, girls. That was something they were no longer. They had somehow been made into boys. She, or he, cleared his throat.

"What happened?" His voice was deeper, he sounded like Jace. "How can this be?"

"I don't know," Zekk swallowed. "I hope it's not permanent."

"Better not be!" Lusa cried. She too sounded different, she too was a he.

"I bet it will all go away when we jump out of here." A miniature Jace said from Jaina's arms. All the former girls had shorter hair and they had a little more masculine look about them. Not to mention their chests. Their clothes were the same, except Jaya's dress, which was now pants and shirt with a vest.

"'Ello mates!" A tall blond boy with an accent said. "I'm Heath. Who might you be?"

"I'm Jai…." Jaina started but she was a boy now.

" 'Ello Jay. Who are your friends?"

"Uh, This is Jan(Jaya), that's Jace my twin, Zekk, Lowie, Raynar…" what to call Tenel Ka?

"Iso." Tenel Ka supplied.

"Lu." Lusa said.

"Anakin." Tahiri said.

"Taman." Tamna decided. She would have thought this guy was cute if she were a she.

"Woe…" Heath said looking at Lu and Lowie. "Well I'll introduce you to the guys, come on then." He didn't seem too rattled by Lowie and "Lu" but it was clear he hadn't seen anyone like them before.

"That's Paul, Kirk, Remi, Sockuu and Jeorgie." Heath said.

"Any idea where you're from?" Sockuu asked.

"Possibly." Taman tried out her, er, his voice.

"Any idea where we are?" Jay asked.

"Now that is a question, isn't it?" Kirk answered/asked. "I'm sure you'll find out… when the time is right!" He jumped up and left the little circle around the fire. Jay and 'his gang' sat on the logs near the fire.

"Just like summer camp, huh?" Paul asked somewhat nervously.

"This may sound weird, but have you seen anything really big and out of place that looks kinda like this?" Jace asked drawing an ace in the dirt. There was no vegetation as far they could see. Just gray sky and flat, dry, dirt.

"I may have something for you… when the time is right…" Paul mused, echoing his friend's earlier words. Zekk cocked an eyebrow at Jay. Paul seemed jittery.

"Nope, not yet." Heath said. "But I'm sure it'll turn up. Everything strange turns up here sooner or later."

"Where is here exactly?" Anakin asked.

"I wish we knew." Jeorgie said. "We haven't a clue. We don't know anything. Zip, we're even more clueless then you." Taman smiled, he doubted that. He looked around; although it appeared flat there were a few hidden valleys. In them were other small, fires that didn't give off much light and even less heat. More boys sat around them.

"There aren't any girls anywhere." Jay commented.

"No, just lost, confused boys." Heath said. "That's the way of things."

"How did you get here?" Lu asked.

"We don't know. We don't remember anything before we appeared here." Jeorgie said.

Suddenly they heard screams and when they looked up and huge wall of fire was moving toward them.

"What's it burning?" Zekk asked scooping Jan up and instinctively grabbing Jaina's hand forgetting the she was Jay.

"Who knows?" Kirk called, running with them. Remi, Sockuu and Jeorgie eyed Zekk and Jay's hand holding, but then shrugged. Explosions started going off.

"What's happening?" Lu called.

"Like I said, who knows?" Kirk replied. He ran up behind Anakin to keep him moving. The fire was getting closer. Zekk pushed Jan and Jay behind a rock that hadn't been there a moment before. He covered his eyes as a major explosion erupted in front of them. His eyes met with Jace's, a mix of fear and hope. Jace was holding Taman, not caring about her condition, confident that it would resolve as soon as they got out of here. Kirk threw Zekk a button and winked at him. "Push it when the time is right!" Heath called. Zekk wondered what kind of screwy code that was but shrugged and waited. He decided the time would be right just before the fire consumed them. He was right, as the hero almost always is and the Ace appeared blocking the fire. Sockuu pushed Heath through and the Young Jedi knights jumped in after him.

Zahn Attacks!
Prelude to Sadness (a.k.a. Prelude to Sandwiches)

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Location: the end of Promise of Deception

Force: yep

"Whoa!" Tahiri said sliding right into an alternate Zekk.

"Hey" He cried, "Tahiri? What are you…" He then saw the others. Jacen, Jaina, Lowie, Lusa and Raynar from this strange universe ran over to them. Jace and Jacen stared at each other and everyone else stood in front of their alternates starring back in wonder or amusement. Tamna stood facing a blonde haired girl, Heath, Sockuu, and Kirk just stood there, and Tahiri was hugging an Anakin.

"Anakin! Oh Anakin!" she cried. "I thought I'd never see you again, well I know it's not you you, but it's still you! You'll never believe where we're from, where are we? Have you see the doorway? It's a big playing card that has been mysteriously identified as an 'Ace'. Maybe you could come with us? Oh could you? Please? Ask you sister, she can come too, they can all come too." Now everyone is staring at her.

"What?" She asked.

"Tahiri what are you talking about? I thought you were dead!" Anakin cried.

"No, you're dead silly. I'm fine maybe I'm not, but I am."

"Who are you people? Clones?" Zekk asked suspiciously. Zekk Prime waved his hands. "No, no, no. We're…interstorical travelers and alternate yous."

"What? That's impossible! The quantum laws of time and space-" Jaina started.

"-have proven there's only one dimension." Jaina Prime finished. "It's all wrong. I don't know how but we've managed to break the laws of time and space. We aren't real anymore and you never were."

"What do you mean we're not real?" Jacen asked.

"I'm not either," Jace said. "I'm like you, even more than they are."

"Can I say something here?" Kirk asked. "What is going on? Jay, you're really a girl?"

"Yeah, the girls you see here, well, half of them, are the boys you just met. You followed us through the Ace?" Jaina answered.

"It's an adventure and a way out of that place." Heath shrugged. He looked at Zekk and Jaina. "I suspected there was something different about you, something that set you apart from us and every one else there. What are you real names?"

"I'm Jaina, that's Tenel Ka, Jaya, Lusa, Tamna, and Tahiri. Jace isn't exactly my brother. He's an alternate of my brother just like the guy he's staring at. We were kicked out of the story line in our universe and ended up in a strange new black place. We're now moving along on parallel of fan fiction stories. All by the same author I think."

"It would make sense." Anakin said. "You said it was along a parallel."

"That's what we were told." Zekk Prime said. "Unfortunately you and Jacen were killed in all the commotion. We picked up Jace and Tamna in another story. That's Kirk, Sockuu, and Heath we just met in the last story. One thing I don't understand…whose she?" He was referring to the unnamed blonde.

"I have many names, but right now I'm Anakina." She answered, Zekk Prime's eyes widened.

"I know you, you're Shine`, Shine` Kenobi my-"

"Sister." Zekk finished for Zekk prime. "She wouldn't really be your sister like Jace isn't really Jaina(prime) or Jaina's brother. But she is my sister, from millions of years ago."

"Normally that would be too weird," Raynar commented. "But now I'll by it. Ok, lets find the Ace."

"I think I can be of some help." Luke Skywalker said. "I was meditating and the force showed me your conversation and some other interesting things. We must go to the Grand Audience chamber." The young Jedi knight squared and the additionals followed him.

"There is the doorway. All of you must go through this time. The Jedi from this story will be needed to help with a great plague and a great enemy. Some of you will be forced to stay or go on with the others. You may be split up from you group but you must follow you're destiny."

"I can't leave you, Luke." Zekk said.

"What's he talking about?" Jaina Prime asked Jaina. "Zekk used to be Darth Vader, he doesn't want to leave his son again. It's hard for Uncle Luke too."

"You mean You're…I'm…we're …with our Grandfather?" Jaina Prime cried astonished.

"Well yes, you could look at that way. But he's not blood related, only spirit."

"You have to Zekk." Luke smiled a sad smile.

"Aw…" He said and followed the other through the Ace. He wondered what was going to happen. No one had explained this very well.

Zahn Attacks!
Recurring Nightmare

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Location: Babylon 5 universe, during Crusade (2267) they pop into the last episode shown on TNT

Force: only for our lovely group, their alternates, and tag-a-longs

It was a nightmare, one he'd had many times, reliving it every time he slept, thought, or breathed. There was a difference though, this time his only comfort was on the other side of the trasparasteel. He put his hand up and blinked his eyes hoping to wake up, but dreams have a certain feel that reality doesn't.

"What's going on?" A woman asked. She was very tall.

"Uh, hi?" Jaya said.

"Where did you come from, you can't be here, this is classified."

"Well, I don't know which one but we defiantly landed in some government." Anakina said. "I'm sorry, it's a little hard to explain but we didn't mean to land here and don't worry, we haven't the faintest idea what's going on here and we probably will never see anything in your universe again. But since this is classified don't you think you should call security."

"Hey!" Jaina cried, "Brilliant!" Anakina just smiled. The woman called security.

"Dr. Chambers, we have a problem." A man on the other side of the trasparasteel said.

"What is it?" She asked and turned to see the nightmare. A Tenel Ka, two Lusas, Raynar, Jacen and both Lowies were on the other side of the trasparasteel.

"How did they…"

"They just appeared. Now they're infected too."

"Jace?" Tamna cried looking from the Jacen on her side and the other one, franticly hoping for the best.

"It's ok, I'm here." Jace said putting his arm around her.

"What do you mean infected?" Zekk Prime asked.

"You don't know? Earth's been infected with a deadly plague. Everyone will die in five years unless we stop it. Your friends in the iso-lab have just been exposed to the virus…" She was studding the Lowies. The security guards came and escorted them to the brig, leaving their trapped companions still in the contaminated room. Raynar was in a daze.

" 'I don't know' is not the answer I want to hear Lieutenant," Captain Gideon said in his annoyed tone.

"The readings are inconclusive, some sort of energy surge blackout most of the ship for a slit second and that's when intruders appeared. Sir, I suggest talking to them. They gave Dr. Chambers the impression they weren't from around here but knew what to do."

"Alright, lets go talk to them. Have Eilerson and Dr. Chambers meet us there."

"Who are you?" Captain Gideon asked.

"Well my name is Jaina but that's not what you're really asking. You want to know how and why we came tumbling into you're little operation and where we came from."

"That's about right Jaina. I'd also like to know why the identical twin population has risen.

"We're not entirely sure but we'll tell you what we know and what we've been told. We know that one day we were minding our own business when we fell into a black place. All of our enemies and anyone who was involved with us also fell into this place." Jaina Prime said.

"Jacen, Jaina's twin brother was killed in the struggle that followed. We were then told to go to a place called fan fiction land. The land of fictional stories written by fans. Once there we were told to go through the stories individually. A raving Vader killed Jaina's younger brother Anakin. And Jaya, a smaller version of Jaina decided to come along" Zekk Prime continued.

"Then we picked up Tamna and Jace in the first story we went through and learned that door way between stories is marked by something called a playing card ace. It's a white playing card with-" Jaya tried to explain

"We know what an Ace is." Gideon interrupted.

"You do? What does it mean?" Jaya cried.

"That's not important. Go on."

"Well we've going from story to story trying to find a way to our world. On the last on we picked up alternate versions of our selves and a few extras." Zekk Prime said looking at Anakina. "Captain I know this is a pretty hard tale to swallow but it's the truth and its all the explanation we can give." Captain Gideon looked at Lieutenant Matheson,

"Are they telling the truth?" He asked almost sarcastically.

"Yes sir." The Telepath replied.

"Wait, you actually want us to believe that?" Eilerson laughed.

"Hello." A Cheerful voice called. They all looked to the technomage Galen.

"Hello Galen, what brings you here?"

"Them, they are of course telling the truth." He was still smiling, that worried Gideon.

"Is there something you'd like to share with the rest of us?"

"Actually yes, bananas are no longer in season…what a pity." Anakina giggled. Everyone looked at her.

"What? It was funny. A lot funnier then the last joke Jace tried to tell." Jaina groaned at that thought. Jace shrugged innocently.

"What about this plague we've been hearing about? And our friends?" Zekk Prime asked.

"Well there's nothing we can do about them right now." Dr. Chambers answered. "They been contaminated and we're still trying to find a cure."

"What kind of plague, how fast does it work?" Jaina asked.

"We're not sure what kind yet and we estimate it will be about five years before it can adjust to our biology. But I'm not sure about you and your…hairy friends."

"Those are Lowbacca. He or they are Wookies."

"Captain, Dr. Chambers, they're ready to proceed in med-bay." Lt. Matheson informed then.

"Alright. I think I'd better go along incase any other uninvited guests show up. Lt, you have the bridge. I'm going to have to ask you and your friends to sit tight awhile, Jaina." They nodded reluctantly. Dr. Chambers, Lt. Matheson, and Captain Gideon left. Eilerson studied them a moment and exited laughing. That left our group of wanders with hood bald man in a black cloak.

"Who are you?" Jaya asked.

"Now that is a very interesting question. My name is Galen. I am a technomage." He pulled out a crystal ball and showed her an Ace floating in a fiery background.

"Ooh." she cried with delight. "What's a Techno…mage?"

"How did you know we were telling the truth?" Zekk and Zekk Prime asked in unison. Zekk backed off.

"Ah well that is a secret you see. But it doesn't really matter now does it. I know why you are here."

"So do I." Jaina said. "This what uncle Luke meant. Some of us are stuck here…we can't spread the plague to other 'worlds'. And I think we might be able to help them."

"Yes." Galen said. "You have unique powers." No one noticed Raynar Prime.

"We don't." Sockuu spoke up. Everyone had forgotten him, Heath and Kirk.

"Maybe you're supposed to continue the journey." Tamna suggested.

"No way, we're staying here." Heath replied. "I've had it with Aces and plagues and stuff I'm staying put." His companions nodded.

"Trouble." Anakina, Zekk, and Zekk Prime said and unison and a few seconds later the ship rocked.

"We're under attack by…Draak!" Anakina informed them.

"Draak? Who are Draak?" Tenel Ka asked. "What sort of enemy are we dealing with?"

"Nothing to worry about." Anakina continued. "They're the ones who infected earth but this ship can handle them." Another blast rocked the ship and the Technomage left.

"Are you sure?" Zekk asked his 'sister'. She smiled.

"I say we get out of here." Jaina Prime said. She and Jaina had just rewired the lock on their door. They all ran out into a wall way…except Raynar Prime.

"Come Raynar, we must hurry." Tenel Ka called to him with an unknown sense of urgency.


"Come on Raynar!" Jaina Prime called.

"I'm staying here." Raynar didn't budge. Suddenly Zekk Prime understood.

"Lusa." he said. Raynar nodded.

"That's how my father died, on the other side of the transparasteel of a plague to kill humans." They all understood now…except Heath, Sockuu, and Kirk who couldn't figure out what transparasteel was.

"It is not the time to decided whether to leave this world or not. It is time to help these people." Jaya said surprising everyone. "Now come on Raynar!"

"I don't suppose they'll have a couple of X-wings lying about for us." Jaina mumbled. They made their way to the fighter bay.

"Can we fly these things?" Zekk asked the two Jainas analyzing the strange craft that resembled X-wings slightly.

"Yep. They're similar enough with the force to guide us." They Jainas concluded. "They're called Star Furies." The two Zekks and Jainas climbed into to the extra fighters.

"Too bad the Lowies aren't here." Jaina said sadly as she prepared for launch. The others had gone back into the hallway.

"Naw, they wouldn't fit." Zekk answered and they were off.

"Captain we have an unauthorized launch in Bay 3." Lt. Matheson said.

"What? Who's piloting those things?"

"This is Excalibur to Gamma Star Furies 1, 2, 3, and 4. Identify yourselves."

"I guess makes us Mini Rogue Squadron." Jaina laughed.

"Very funny Gamma 2, watch your tail!" Zekk warned her.

"Common, we both know that's you job." Zekk Prime said.

"Excalibur, this is Gamma 1, we just thought you could use some help." Jaina Prime responded.

"They have Star Furies in other dimensions?" Captain Gideon asked himself but went back to out thinking the Draak. After they won the battle and were in hyperspace something strange was sited. A Giant Hyperspace…Duck. And of course behind that was the Ace.

"I won't leave Lusa." Raynar said again stubbornly.

"Raynar-" Jaina Prime began.

"No, he should be allowed to stay." Zekk Prime put his hands on her shoulders, whispering, "I'd stay if it were you." Jaina blushed.

"Yes." Jace confirmed. "He can help."

"I believe the only ones meant to leave are Jaina Prime, Zekk Prime, Jace, Tamna, Anakin, Tahiri, Tenel Ka, and Jaya." Liya informed them. They discussed it a bit and decided she was right. And so they went jumping out an air lock into the Ace.

Zahn Attacks!
Star Wars Disco: Return of our Jacen!

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Location: A Cantina somewhere in a parallel SW Universe, with some unexpected surprises

Force: ?

"So what's this place gonna be like?" Jace asked.

"I don't know, but were in some sort of Cantina." Tamna stated the obvious. There was Star Wars Disco playing and a disco ball was going. The place was pretty empty. They all go out on the dance floor and Jace starts doing some weird disco moves. Tamna joins in. The Austin Powers walks across the dance floor, if you can call it walking. And says. "Yeah baby." To Tenel Ka who flips him over her shoulder and throws him out the widow.

The normal Cantina crew comes in, with the Warners (Yako Wako and Dot.) and Batman. They all join Tamna and Jace's disco. Jaina says, "Ok, this place is pretty weird. How do we get out of here?"

"Come on Jaina, this is fun!" Jace calls. Lowie 's having a ball and Jaya is jamming. Zekk just shrugs, "Disco isn't my thing either Jaina but they do seem to be having fun." He grabs her hand and spins her out on the floor. The Max Eilerson and Dureena dance across the floor and jump out the smashed window, followed by Trace running from the psycho with a knife, who is being chased by Lt. Carr and Capts. Gideon and Lochley.

"Ok..." Tamna says. And the dancing Hercules picks her up and twirls her above his head. Then goes out the window.

"This is kinda fun." Jaina says as young Ioles acting like a dear bounds through followed by the Mystic Knights of Tir N' Og in full armor. Batman and Robin are really getting down.

Just then a girl who looks just like me, the author, gets up on a table and announces to Tenel Ka's delight, that I've decided to bring Jacen, and I mean Jacen, back into the story. I then poof into smoke and he appears. He's a tad confused.

"Where am I? And what in the name of-" "Lugh" Rohan supplies from out of nowhere. "Is going on?" Robin and Batman are dancing on the wall with Spiderman and Superman. Then Pippi and the Greg the Glue man move the party onto the ceiling.

"Did I hit my head? Or did I just die and go to the Twilight Zone?" He then sees Jace and Tamna boogying. "Ok, so how can I be over there, dancing with that girl if I'm over here?"

Tenel Ka tries to explain.

"We were declared non-cannon, Nolaa Killed you, we've been wondering around fan fiction land and ending up in weird universes trying to find our way to Source World were we can hopefully get back home. That's Jace. He's another version of you, that why we call him Jace. He's dancing with his girlfriend Tamna. That's a smaller version of your sister, we call her Jaya. Jaina and Zekk kind of adopted her. That's another version of Anakin, Niki The real Anakin died after you."

The music changes to haunted house music and everyone starts creeping around in circles eyeing each other suspiciously. Jace notices Jacen and comes over to shake his hand and introduce Tamna. Back to disco.

"You're still the cutest, Jace." She says. He smiles and kisses her.

"Ok...?" Jacen says still puzzled.

"Never mind trying to understand." Tamna says. "It's too weird." Just then a purple dinosaur runs in crying, "Oh no, I love you, you-" and then gets shot at by the Power Rangers (in Space not the others) they all run out the window too. The Sailor Moon bunch, ALLL of them, come in and the place still seems kind of empty.



And that, ladies and gentlemen and whatever else might actually read this stuff,


The rest is listening to Messages From Earth by Christopher Franke.


Suddenly, the Sailor Moon villains start tearing up the place and they're trying to kill people (or steal their energy or pure heart or whatnot). Spiderman ties some of them up. Superman holds them while the Sailor Scouts moon dust them. Barney and the Power Rangers run back through followed by the Magician, who stops and throws some cards at the bad guys. Meanwhile the Joker, Batman Beyond, his girlfriend, Pikachu, and Ivanova show up. The Young Jedi Knights know the battle is in good hands so they follow Kozmos to the doorway and float up each turning back to look at the audience smiling with their hair swinging in slow motion tinkling with magic of anime (you can see their eyes through their hair.)

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