Star Wars: Temple of Cross Roads
By Anakina Kyp-Jade

this takes place..250 years after Vector Prime, give or take 20 years, Luke, Leia, Han, Jaina, Jacen, the YJK, their children, their children's children and so forth for awhile, are all dead.BUT there are people of the Skywalker/Solo/and such lines running yither and hon.

The Jedi council was totally restored and the Jedi are still training on Yavin IV BUT they train there till 15, and then get a Master. The New Republic is basically the only government and the galaxy is fairly peaceful interplanetary. However, a whole slew of planets are involved in civil wars.


"Deek, we may have found her." Trii-Lon calmly informed the boy.

"Her midi-chorian count is not as high as yours but it is significantly higher then usual, she has the right face shape and eye color, she was the same manner as you described but she doesn't seem to have gotten her memories."

"When can I see her?" He asked.

"Right now but the council has specified that you are to speak to her only in their full audience." Trii Lon motioned for Deek to enter the council chamber. The Jedi Council was housed on Yavin IV in the secondary audience chamber. There were 12 members: M' Hem, Ani Links, Yoda Solo, Prish, Leia Skywalker, Windu Jeki, Solaa Chanda, Ezria Thul, Lubanancaa, Kkisheajklem, and Lin-Ky Jenet-Prindlehelper. It was modeled after the old Jedi Council Chambers from the days before the Empire, the days of the Old Council. Yoda Solo was the eldest member of the council, at 106. His distant cousin Leia, was the youngest ever member of the New Council, at 26. Deek paced around the middle of the three tiled circles on the floor examining the girl suspected of being his sister.

"Please answer my questions truthfully, Sionead." He said taking her name and background information from the minds of the room. "Your answers will not affect your judging at all." She kept her piercing green eyes on him, her gaze and expression unchanging.

"Do you recognize me?" He asked.

"No." she answered, puzzled.

"Not at all? Even through force?"

"No." She said after her invisible fingers washed over him.

"Tell me if these names are familiar to you in any way, Anakina?"

"Not with the 'a'."






"Time? Like on a chronometer?"

"Uh, no, moving on, Natani?" He felt her emotions shift; he instinctively hid it from the council.

"Yes.once when I was exploring the force." This was a half-truth he noted.






"Wasn't she a mysterious Jedi during the early days of the New Republic, before the New Council?



"Alright, have you ever had strange dreams in which you were you but not you now?"


"Do you ever have dreams about fury humans, especially twins one with strawberry blond fur and one with black in duel to the death?"


"Do you ever have dreams about being in death duel with Darth Vader in which he chops off his head."

"No, but I used have dreams about him chasing me into the jungle and being eaten by a rancor that just happened to be there." She cocked a lopsided Solo grin at him that Deek recognized all too well.

"It's perfectly normal for students to become frustrated or angry and brush the Darkside briefly in an exercise, have you done so?" (Have you ever drowned in a bowl of soup, do you plan to so in the future?)

"No." She was telling the truth.

"Good, good, thank for answering my questions."

"You may be departed now." M' Hem's raspy voice instructed the girl.

Sionead bowed her head to the Council, but did a separate nod for Deek.

"Well?" Ani asked Deek. "Is it she, is she the light child?"


"I sense uncertainty." Yoda observed.

"She should be, but she isn't." Deek's black hair fell in front of his clouded ice blue eyes. "She's just a normal girl, well as normal as any one is." He explained. Leia smiled,

"Thank you Deek." He nodded and left.

Star Wars: Temple of Cross Roads
By Anakina Kyp-Jade

"Trii-Lon, hey wait up!" Deek called

"Hey wait up? Is that anyway to address one's Master?"

"Yeah well I'm all very new at this, only done it.3 or 4 times before." Deek smiled, Trii-Lon laughed. "And before that? Sith Lords let you call them by name and 'Hey wait up'?"

"No, but-"

"And you let you students address so informally?"

"Well with Ephefanie, yeah."

"She doesn't count and it was bad conduct anyway."

"To let my wife call my by name?"

"No, to marry or even flirt with your apprentice! Not to mention she was you great-great-granddaughter."

"You make that sound bad. True I seem to marry into the same line a lot but it's not like its blood or anything." Deek said in his defense.

"Its still incest in my book." Trii-Lon shook his finger teasingly. Deek had been around since life only really existed on one planet. He died but then the part him that made him who we was, was preserved by the force and born into a new body with no knowledge of his previous life. For the first few million years the rules were simple: he always went to the dark side, his hair was always dark but his eyes were light and he only got his memories if was permanently separated from his parents at and age older than 11. However things started to change; now his appearance wavered as did the times he got his memories and though he still went to the Darkside he could come back.

Deek had been several Sith Lords in his time, the most memorable being Darth Vader. In that lifetime he married Padme` or Queen Amidala of Naboo. In his next lifetime he was Zekk and married Jaina Solo who happened to be his granddaughter. Then he was Tinmar and married his apprentice and great great granddaughter, Ephefanie.

Trii-Lon was much older than Deek but only in this life for as far as anyone knew, Deek and his sister were the only ones to have more than one life. And that's who they thought Sionead might be. The difference in ages (either way you look at it) didn't matter: Trii-Lon and Deek were good friends.

"The girl disturbed you." Trii-Lon observed.

"She's not Anakina but.she almost is. I mean she's not but she's very similar." Trii-Lon nodded. Deek continued,

"And I worried about her." He didn't feel like revealing her deception even to Trii-Lon. "I could sense that she was worried about her wasn't going well."

"She has great power, power that could be used for darkness. You know ever since you they've been more careful about who they let continue." It was Deek's turn to nod, but her was filled with the need to protect the girl even though she was not his sister.

"Even I could train her." Deek mumbled. Trii-Lon sighed, "You know they'll never let you have an apprentice, Deek."

"Yeah, mini Darth Vader's went out of style a long time ago, I know but my girls and Uly turned out find and so did Ephefanie and our kids." He shook his head.

Sionead woke early as usual; throwing off her sleeping clothes as she stepped into the refresher and hurried through washing. She then pulled on one her favorite outfits tied up her academy uniform as a pack and slipped it on her back. She walked quietly through the temple feeling the cool stones beneath her bare feet. When she reached the door to the outside she slipped her shoes on and stepped out into the twilight. This was her morning routine, one she'd carried out since she was eleven and was permitted to venture out alone. Of course then, she was only allowed in the clearing around the academy. But now she went where she pleased.  She followed hidden paths that were only felt not seen. Her hike was exercise in more ways then one. She walked briskly but also kept her senses sharp enjoying the jungle atmosphere. She used the force to coax small creatures out or to repel potential predators. She exercised her control of her fears and other emotions stirred by the flora and fauna.

Her journey ended when the planet, Yavin rose above the hill, Massanian. By then she was always at a good meditating spot. She set her internal clock and lost herself in the force. Today her mind was troubled and she found it hard to concentrate. She had only been trying to mediate for a minute when she jumped and decided to do something drastic. She ran along a path that created itself in front of her but disappeared behind her. Her heart raced.

"Will it be there?" She asked no one. She increased her speed running as fast as she could. Soon she was in a clearing and now she was crying as well. She dashed into the temple, down the hall wall to the picture of her friend. Murals and mosaics decorated the halls showing the histories of different races and even universes. She felt safe in the Temple and would Natani offer some comfort. She put her hand on the girl and she sprung up before her.

"Hello Sionead." Natani Jade said. She had reddish hair down to her mid back and was slightly translucent. "You're are frightened."

"Oh its stupid." Sionead practically wailed falling to the ground. She half expected Natani to give her some lecture on controlling her emotions of self doubt or something a Master would say. But Natani was not a Master, she was a girl. A girl who had once been in a position much like Sionead's and had died because of the decision the council made.

"If it's stupid why are you so upset? You are afraid of the council's decision. There is no shame in being afraid, but it must be controlled. You have done well at that."

"Until now." Sionead whimpered, she felt so foolish.

"I was afraid too, afraid of council and their decisions and afraid of the place sent me and afraid of dying." Sionead looked up, she felt even more foolish bringing Natani her problems when the girl had been through so much more. "But the council will not sentence you to death, true they could send you away and deny you anymore training but no matter what their decision face them today unafraid. They may delay three more days until the deadline. And even if they decide you are not to be trained you must be strong and brave and a Jedi should be." Students that made it all through the 14 years of training her granted the status Jedi. If the student was trained further by a Master and passed the trials they were granted the Jedi Knight status.

"I know and there is no shame in being only a Jedi. I know all this and I know I'm letting my emotions run away with me but they are so over whelming and if I were perfect now what would I learn from a Master?"

"No one is ever perfect and there is always something to be learned but your point is correct." She pulled Sionead to her feet.

"You have never looked past my story, have you? Here talk with him and then her." Natani pointed to two pictures further down the wall from hers and then disappeared. Sionead took a deep breath and touched the picture of the boy. He came out of the wall and should a good 12 cm taller than her.

"Hello." He said. "My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi." Sionead had heard of him but never seen a holo of when he was young.

"I'm Sionead." She then explained her plight to him.

"When I was about to turn 13, the deadline for my time, only one Master was scheduled to come by. He hadn't chosen a Padawan since his last one turned to the Darkside. And he didn't choose me." Sionead remembered something from her history class about that but nothing detailed.

"I was rejected and sent to another planet to help with the talent and knowledge I had but I was not to become a Jedi. Qui-Gon saw too much of his earlier apprentice, Xanatos, in me. But I won him over in the end." Obi-wan smiled. "Even if you can't win them over you can give it your all and at least show them you are a Jedi at heart." Sionead nodded.

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