Star Wars: Before The Saga

by Emily Doyle

A Star Wars Story

        Jedi Master Shay Raga watched her seven-teen year old Padawan sleeping peacefully in his quarters. She would usually be sleeping along with her apprentice but now she was suffering. She was suffering from her broken heart. 
                   Her best friend was dead because of her.
        A month ago she and another Jedi were assigned a mission to retrieve a captive friend of the Jedi. As they flew to the ship where the man was being held hostage, Droid Flyers damaged Shay's friend, Jedi Knight Ian Kinship's, E-Wing Flyer. Shay begged Ian to let her help him but he insisted that she continued with the mission. 
        Shay assumed that Ian floated off into space and eventually died from lack of oxygen. She hated that she didn't help her friend. She hated that she just abandoned him. 
                                    She hated that she let him die.
        Ever since that day she didn't sleep at all. Though she was not mentally tired from the lack of sleep, she was physically. She wanted to sleep but her mind wouldn't let her. Images and memories of Ian haunted her every second of her life. She knew that she had to stop mourning and continue with her Padawan's training, but somehow she couldn't. She had loved her friend like a brother and he died. How could she possibly get over something like that? 
        She turned away from her Padawan and stood in front of the window, looking out at the vast city. The buildings surrounding the Jedi Temple were peaceful in some odd way to her. As she gazed at the site she heard her apprentice yawn and get out of his bed.
        "Good morning, Master," he said as he walked to his trainer. "Hello, Neo. Did you sleep well?" his Master asked. "Yes, and you?" Neo said, putting on his Jedi robes. "Very well." Master Shay lied. She did not want to worry her Padawan about something so silly. "Go to the Dueling Room. There will be other Padawan's training there today. I have a meeting with the other Council Members. Wait for me to get back." The Master said, walking towards the door. "Yes, Master." Neo obeyed, following his Master to the hallway. They separated and walked to the rooms they were needed in.
        As Neo entered the Dueling Room, he wondered why his Master was awake so early. She was usually waking at the same time he did, but for the past month she wasn't. He had heard rumors that her close friend Jedi Knight, Ian Kinship, had been killed on a mission. Neo assumed that this was why she wasn't sleeping, but wasn't sure. 
        "Hey, Neo!" Frez Kin-Te welcomed. "Hi, Frez. Care to duel?" Neo said, igniting his light-saber. As his green blade shot out of the silver handle, Frez ignited his light-saber. Frez leaped into action and swung at Neo's head. Neo blocked the blue saber easily and pushed Frez away. He swung at his friend and was blocked. They practiced for thirty minutes or so before Neo's blade was at Frez's neck. "I win, man." Neo said, un-igniting his light-saber. "Damn it! Neo you're too swift for your own good." Frez said. "Only because I have such a great Master." Neo said, sensing his Master behind him. "Thank you, Padawan." Master Shay said, putting her hand on his shoulder, "But, no one likes a suck up." Frez laughed and waved "bye" to Neo. "Master, must you embarrass me in front of my friends?" he said, as they walked out of the Dueling Room. "Why of course, Neo. It is my purpose in life." The Master said sarcastically. The Padawan laughed while he and his Master walked down the hallway. 
        For ten minutes they walked around the Jedi Temple, talking and laughing with each other. Neo had always loved these times. He felt like Master Shay was no longer an instructor but a friend. 
        When he had first arrived at the Temple, he was very shy and didn't make friends easily but, Master Shay made friends with him immediately. His Master had always been there for him in the tough times in training and out side of his Jedi life style. She always knew what to say to make him smile, or make an attack better. He loved his Master and hoped that one day when he was a Jedi Master also, he and Master Shay could go on missions with each other. That would be wonderful, Neo thought.
        As Master Shay talked about a time she failed to concur an opponent, Neo saw Teresa White talking to her Master. She flashed a beautiful smile his way that made him blush. "You like her don't you, Neo?" Master Shay said. "What? No! It's against the Jedi way to have feelings for another Jedi and I would never disobey the rules." Neo said defensively. "That's right, Padawan. It's good that you can understand the ways of the Jedi." Shay said, as they turned into a meditating room. 
        Master Shay and Neo sat down on the floor and started to meditate. Neo called out to the Force and tried to concentrate but, he kept on thinking of Teresa. What if she liked him? Would he agree to have a relationship with her and disobey the Jedi way? What would happen if the relationship was discovered? Would he be failed as a Padawan? He needed to meditate on these questions, so he did so. For thirty minutes the two were in deep meditation, until Teresa and her Master, Master Rank, came in. Neo opened his eyes and looked at Teresa, who was sitting in meditating position. She sensed him looking at her. She turned her head and smiled at him. Neo smiled back, blushing even more then before. They both went back to meditating for a few minutes and then Neo looked at the two Jedi Masters in front of him. They were both fortunately in deep meditation. 
        He turned to Teresa and tapped her gently on the arm. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Do you want to go take a walk?" Neo whispered in Teresa's ear. She looked into his eyes and smiled. "Yes." She whispered back. They both got up silently and started to walk out the door. "Where are you going, Padawan's?" Master Shay said, still with her eyes closed. "For a walk, Master. I would've told you, but I didn't want to disturb you." Neo said. Master Shay chuckled and said, "Meet me back at your quarters before night fall." "Yes, Master." Neo said. 
        The two Padawan's walked out into the hallway, laughing with embarrassment. "Master Shay seems very nice." Teresa said, "You're so lucky to have her as a Master." "Yeah, I guess I am." Neo said, as they turned a corner. "You know, she isn't always that nice. He said.  Neo looked at her smile. She was so beautiful! "I love your smile." He said as they walked. "Really? I've never liked it." Teresa said. "Well, I think it's beautiful," Neo said, "Just like you."  Teresa faced him and blushed. "Thank you. You know, Neo, the first time I met you I thought you were a real scum bag." She said, "But, now I know how sweet you are." Neo grinned and led Teresa into the Fountain Room. The two Padawan's walked around the room until they came to the largest fountain. They both stared in awe and eventually sat down next to it. The mist sprayed onto their faces as they talked about training and memories. 
As Neo finished the end of a story about his time at Tatooine, Teresa looked at her watch. "We need to go. It's almost night fall and my room is more then ten minutes from here!" she said, worriedly. She got up and started walking quickly away from Neo. I'm sorry Master, but I can't hold this inside forever, Neo thought. He lunged forward and turned Teresa towards him. He looked into her bright blue eyes and leaned closer to her face. Finally, after much hesitation he kissed her, and she kissed him back. When the kiss ended, Neo still held Teresa close to him, and she rested her head on his chest. "Neo," she said, looking up at him with worried eyes, "we can't do this." "Why?" Neo asked softly. "Because, if we are found out, the Jedi will fail both of us as Padawan's and-"she started. "Yes, yes, I know. But, what if we kept this a secret? What if we made sure no one would find out about us?" Neo said, looking down at Teresa. "I......I don't know Neo........all of this is going far too fast.......I just need to think about it......" she said, pulling away from Neo, "I'll meet you here again tomorrow......same time, okay?" "Yeah. Good-night." Neo said, reluctantly. He slumped down in front of the fountain once again and thought about what was going to happen. He loved Teresa, and he didn't want to let her go, but he knew that if he didn't only suffering would come. It was a very hard decision, indeed. He eventually got up and ran to his quarters to find his Master quietly waiting for him on her bed. "Hello, Padawan. You're late." She said. "Yes, I know. I'm terribly sorry, Master. I just got caught up with something else." Neo said, still panting from his sprint. "Yes, yes. Time for sleep. Tomorrow you'll have training all day." Master Shay said, taking off her boots and brown Jedi robe. "When you say all day, what time do you mean it will stop?" Neo said, remembering that he needed to meet Teresa at the fountains by six. "Until seven or so. Why, do you have somewhere to go or something?" she answered. "No, just asking out of curiosity. Good night, Master." he lied. "Good night, Neo." She said, lying down on her bed. As Neo undressed for bed, he thought of ways to meet up with Teresa by six. Tomorrow night would determine the rest of his life, and he couldn't miss it. He would have to get out of training early.

        As Shay slept for the first time in weeks she saw visions of Ian. He was inside of his E-Wing Flyer, with his eyes closed and breathing heavily. Shay could see something purple in the window, like space clouds. No......these weren't space clouds. The only thing that looked like that were above the planet RetWe, which wasn't very far away from Coruscant, the planet she was on now. She opened her eyes and stood up in bed. The first thing that came to her mind was, Is Ian still alive? She decided that tomorrow she would go looking for her friend's ship. I'll just take Neo out of training early, and spend the night looking for Ian, she thought and went back to sleep.
        "Faster, Padawan, faster!!! If this was a real battle I would've already killed you!" Master Shay yelled at Neo as they light-saber dueled. "Sorry, Master." Neo said slashing at his Master, "You're just too damn fast!" Shay's blue saber met Neo's in a block. Master Shay Force jumped above Neo, attacking him at every angle. Surprisingly he blocked every one of the hits. As she landed, Neo turned swiftly around and blocked her attack to his back. "Good, Neo." she said. "Thank you, Master." Neo said, attacking again. Master Shay grabbed his fighting hand and put her saber to his neck. "Fight's over. Good job though. You can hold me off two times longer then our last training period." she said, looking at her watch, "You are dismissed. I need to go somewhere." "Yes, Master." Neo said.
        As Neo ran to the Fountain Room he wondered about Teresa. His stomach was in knots. He entered the room and found Teresa at the largest fountain. "Hey.", he said as he walked to her. "Hi, Neo. I've come to a conclusion about us." Teresa said. For a second Neo thought that she was going to say the opposite of he wanted to hear but, when she took a huge step towards him he knew everything was okay. She leaned into him and put her head against his chest. "Oh, Neo....this is going to be so difficult." she said softly. "Don't worry, we'll be alright. We just need to be...........careful." he said. She looked up at him and he bent down to kiss her. She kissed back and released. After the kiss she just held on to Neo, as if he was going to float away. "Let's get out of here. My Master won't be back till late. We can go to the lake or somewhere that we could just be together, with no Jedi interruptions." Neo said. "Neo, I can't just leave. I have training to do and if my Master found out I was with you he would-" she started. "Wait. What's so bad about spending time with me?" Neo asked. "After I was late last night my Master asked me where I was, and I said I was with you. He told me not to see you any more because you were taking time away from my training." she said, "But, it's not like I could just let you go, Neo. I love you." 
        With those words Neo was over whelmed with joy. "I love you too." he said, holding her close. At that moment everything felt right. He felt full. "Why hello." a voice said from behind them. They both twirled around and found Hanko, an older Padawan, standing behind them, smirking. "Well isn't this interesting." Hanko said. "Just get out of here Hanko. This doesn't have anything to do with you." Neo said, walking towards him. "Oh, I get it; you want me to leave so you can keep making out with that slut." Hanko said, pointing to Teresa. "Hey! You don't talk about her like that, you scum!" Neo said, pushing his former friend down. Hanko fell down on his back and quickly recovered. As he stood up he grabbed his light-saber from his belt. "You don't really expect me to fight you, do you?" Neo said. Hanko ignited his light-saber. "What? Too chicken?" he said. "Hanko! I'm not going to fight you! Good bye." Neo said grabbing Teresa's hand and walking away from Hanko. Hanko swung at Neo but, Neo ignited his saber right in time too block the attack. Teresa ignited her light-saber and joined the fight. As Hanko attacked Neo, Teresa Force jumped above Hanko and tried to hit him from behind but, he turned in time to block her. Hanko pushed Teresa's light-saber right out of her hand and swung powerfully at her. "No!!!!" Neo yelled as he watched the saber slash Teresa in the stomach. Hanko watched her fall limply to the ground and turned to Neo with shock in his eyes. "I didn't want to......she......I........I killed her.........." Hanko said. 
        Neo fell to the ground next to Teresa and cradled her in his arms. "No." he whispered. Teresa slowly opened her eyes and put her hand to Neo's cheek. "Neo.........." she said. She closed her eyes again and passed. Neo held her for minutes until he realized what had happened. He grabbed his light-saber and ignited it, walking towards Hanko. "You killed her!! You killed her right in front of me!!!" Neo yelled. "I.......I didn't mean just happened..........." Hanko said, backing away. Neo couldn't stand the man in front of him. He had killed the girl he loved just a few minutes ago. He wanted to kill this man. Neo screamed and he struck Hanko in his stomach. Hanko's eyes grew large as the light-saber cut threw him, killing him instantly. Neo watched in shock as his former friend fell to his knees. Tears ran down his face and he started to run out of the room. He ran, and ran until he found his Jedi Star fighter. He flew into the distance until he came to his home planet, Naboo. The beautiful planet came into view as he entered the atmosphere and landed. Neo found his mothers house and knocked on the door. 
        As Shay searched for her friend a very bad feeling traveled through the Force to her. She felt feelings of death and anger in the disturbance. She shook off the feeling and continued to search for her friend. Finally, something showed up on her monitor. An E-Wing Jedi Flyer. Shay flew faster in desperate curiosity. A small ship came into view. Ian, Shay thought. She put on her head set and swallowed hard. "Hello? Is any one out there? This is Jedi Master Shay Raga. Anyone there?" she said into the microphone. She waited for minutes. Then, a crackling was heard in her ear. "Hello?" a pitiful voice said. "Yes, hello. This is Jedi Master Shay Raga. Confirm identity, please." Shay said. She waited curiously for an answer. 
        Finally the voice said, "Jedi Knight, Ian Kinship." Joy filled Shay as she flew closer to the E-Wing. "Ian! Ian, it's me!" she said. "Shay? Oh, Shay.......finally." Ian said quietly.
        Shay attached an emergency chord to Ian's ship and took off to Coruscant. Once they landed Shay ran to Ian's ship and opened it with her light-saber. Ian was pale and sweaty. Shay picked him up and took him to the medical center of the Jedi Temple. The droids said that he would be fine. Shay walked into the room Ian was being treated in and sat down next to him. "I don't see how you survived in there for a whole month." she said. "I guess the Force didn't think it was time for me to leave." Ian said, his long brown hair blowing from the wind coming threw the window. "I guess not." Shay said, "I missed you, Ian. You seemed to be gone for years." "I missed you too, Shay. I knew you would come back for me." Ian said. Shay smiled and looked at the clock on the wall. "I'm sorry Ian, I need to go find my Padawan." she said. "Oh, of course. Come back and visit soon." Ian said, putting his arms out to hug Shay. Shay bent down and hugged her close friend and walked out of the room.

Now to find Neo, Shay thought as she walked down the hallway.

        Neo embraced his mother in a tight hug as he walked in the small house. "Oh, Neo! I've missed you so much, son." his mother said. "Yes, I've missed you too, but I'm afraid that I've come with bad news." Neo said. "Neo, what happened?" his mother said worriedly. "I'm sorry mother, but I am or will be expelled from the Jedi Order." Neo said, turning away from his mother's disappointed face. "But, why? What did you do?" his mother asked. "I.......I fell in love with a girl..........and the girl was killed right in front of me. The man that killed her was another Padawan, and out of rage I killed him. And as I killed him," he turned to his mother's scared face, "I was filled with pleasure...........and I know that is not how I should feel when killing another person............" His mother turned away and put her hand over her mouth. "Mother." Neo said, putting his hand on his mother's shoulder. "No!" his mother cried, pushing the hand away. Rennin, his mother's boy friend, came out with a cup of water in his hand, looking very disturbed. "What's wrong, honey?" the man said. "Nothing, Rennin. I'm just talking to my mother." Neo said, trying to pull his mother over to him. "No!" she cried, walking to Rennin. "Mother!" he said. "Neo, I think it's time for you to leave........" Rennin said, turning away from the confused Padawan. Neo looked at both of them and turned away, then ran fast into the distance.
        As he reached the top of a small cliff in the forest he thought about Teresa. He couldn't believe she was gone. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Get married, and what not. He closed his eyes and sobbed until the sun came up. 

        Master Shay looked worriedly for her Padawan. He wasn't in his room, or the Dueling Room. She highly doubted he was spending free time in the Meditating Chamber so she didn't bother with that. She thought deeply about her Padawan's favorite places to go and then it hit her. The Fountain Room! She jogged to the room and walked on the path that guided her to the largest fountain. She stared at the horrid sight in front of her.
        There was two dead Padawan's in front of her, with light saber wounds to the stomach. She knew these Padawan's. One was an older Padawan named Hanko and the other was a good friend of Neo's, Teresa. Is Neo involved with this?, Shay thought. She ran out of the room and got into her ship once again and set the track for Naboo, Neo's home planet.
        As she walked around the planet she tried to call out to Neo using the Force, but the dark side was clouding everything. What the hell is going on?, Shay thought. She traveled into the forest and sensed Neo. She followed the Force and found Neo's brown Jedi robe lying at the top of a cliff. She looked down and saw a small piece of paper hidden under the robe. She un folded it and read:

              Dear Master Shay,
I sensed that you would come here and search for me................
I am completely hollow.......the girl that I loved, Padawan Learner Teresa White, was killed by Hanko. I saw it my self and out of rage, I killed Hanko...........I am terribly sorry for my betrayal and hope that someday you and the Jedi Order will forgive me........
        After I realized the horrible thing I had done I left the Temple and went to my mother's house. When I told her about the kill she banned me from her house and acted as if she was disgusted with me. 
        Now, my friends and my family have abandoned me and I am dead I will become physically dead.........
                Goodbye my beloved Master, I will miss you,
                                        Neo Thrasku
        Shay dropped the suicide note and looked around. How could this happen? Why hadn't her Padawan came to her with his problems? She walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down.
        There at the base of the rock was her Padawan's mangled body, covered in blood.
Shay turned away quickly in utter disgust. She looked around in panic and decided to meditate and try to communicate with her dead Padawan. She sat down and called out to the Force opening the passage between the normal world and the netherworld. Clouds parted and a beam of light passed her. "Master?" a voice said. "Yes, Padawan." Shay answered. "Master, I'm so-" her former Padawan started. "Neo, why didn't you come to me?! I could've helped you." she yelled at him. "Master, you have no idea how much pain I was in. Even you, a very powerful Jedi Master, could not heal my broken heart." Neo's voice said, "Master, I love you, but I need to leave you now. And please do not mourn my death. I am happy here. Contact me again, Shay. Good bye for now." "Good bye, Neo." Shay said, as she broke away from her meditation. As she opened her eyes she thought about what she would say to the Jedi Council. She couldn't just say her Padawan committed suicide. Maybe should say some scum dealers killed him for his light-saber. But what would she say if they asked her about the two dead Padawan's? Say she didn't have anything to do with it? What if they had her recorded on the security cameras? She had so much to plan out on her way back to Coruscant. 
        She decided to tell the Council that her Padawan was killed by pirates on his way to visit his mother. If they asked her about the two other Padawan's, she would say that she went in there, and was horrified by the site and thought that there was a rebellion so, scared for her Padawan's life, went looking for him and eventually found his ship floating helplessly through an asteroid field. She flew into the Temple's hangar and went to go visit Ian. 
        Ian walked through the hallways thinking of Shay. He was so happy that he still had a chance to tell her how he felt. Ever since they met, as young Padawan's, Ian had had strong feelings for Shay. He hated the moment when he told Shay to leave him and go on to rescue the Senator that was being held captive. When she finally agreed to leave him he tried to tell her that he loved her but connection was lost as he floated helplessly into space. 
        This time I'll tell her..........., he thought. He knew that it was against the ways of the Jedi to have a relationship with another Jedi, but he knew that somehow him and Shay would make it work. He knew that she loved him and he knew that they would be together some day. But, he wanted that some day to be soon. Very soon.
                                                        Part 2:
                                  Twelve years later.........
        Padawan Learner Stonest Kinship and Jedi Master Ian Kinship practiced furiously in the Dueling Room. "You are a very good, son, but you are not good enough to defeat me." Master Ian exclaimed, slashing powerfully at his son with a purple light-saber. His son blocked the attack with his blue blade and pushed his father away. He grunted as he twirled, using the Force, to his right and attacking his Master in the side. Ian blocked the strike and Force pushed his son back wards into the wall. He Force jumped to his son and rose his saber high above his head before slashing down. As the saber traveled quickly towards the Padawan, Stonest met the purple saber before it even had time to get half way to him. He called to the Force and pushed his father back wards powerfully. Ian smirked and came at Stonest with great Force power, but his son blocked the attack once again, Force jumped above him and put his saber to his fathers head. "I'm sorry to say it, father, but I have won once again." Stonest said, un-igniting his light-saber. "Ah, yes you have son. Good job." Ian said, turning towards his beloved son. He put his arm around Stonest and walked with him into the hall. As they walked they bumped into Jedi Master Shay Raga. 
        "Hello, good friend." Shay said, hugging Master Ian. "Hello, Master. Nice to see again." Stonest said, shaking the Masters hand. "Yes, and same to you, Stonest." she said. "Son, will you excuse Master Shay and I, please? I will meet up with you later." Ian said. "Yes, father. Good bye, Master Shay. I'll see you soon?" Stonest said. "Yes, hopefully." Master Shay said, as she and Ian walked down the hall, away from Stonest. 
        As soon as the two Master's were out of sight, they turned into a shadowy corner. Ian hugged Shay tightly and backed her into the wall behind her. He released from the hug only to go closer and kiss her. She pulled away from the kiss and looked up into his green eyes. 

"We shouldn't be doing this here." she whispered, looking around to check no one was around to see them. "Then where else?" Ian said, grinning. Shay sighed and hugged him once more then pulled away completely. "I'll see you tomorrow, Ian." she said, walking out of the shadows and into the hallway. "I love you." Ian whispered, quickly. She turned and smiled then waved and walked away. Ian turned and put his back to the wall and hung his head, while smiling. He took a deep breath and let his happiness soak in. He and Shay had been seeing each other secretly for one year now. After he married Helena Wick twelve years ago he realized how much he missed Shay. But, he couldn't leave his pregnant wife. When his son was born he thought about leaving his wife, but realized that his son would be scarred for life with out a father. The only way to be with Shay was to cheat on his wife, and betray the Jedi Order but, he was ready to do that to be with her.

        Once he confronted Shay about his feelings she was shocked and refused to talk to him for weeks until she realized her feelings and gave in to the betrayal. They were planning on retiring from the Jedi Order after Stonest was granted the role of Jedi Knight. Also, Ian would leave his wife and move to Naboo with his true love, Shay. He was training Stonest harder then most Masters would train their Padawan but, he wanted his son to be Knighted soon. He was desperate to spend his life with Shay. 
        Ian walked out of the corner and down the hall to find his son. He could sense that he was near. As always he was right and found Stonest in the Meditating Room. He sat down next to his son and stretched out with the Force and found a passage to become centered and full. He dazed and thought about things in the past and things that would soon happen. Then, suddenly a dark ripple in the Force made him open his eyes and stand quickly. His son sensed it too and ignited his saber right as loud alarms sounded.
        "What in the hell?!" another Jedi yelled from behind the father and son. Suddenly an explosion was heard and all of the Jedi ran out into the hall. Cloaked figures battled with other Jedi with red light-sabers and eyes that glowed with rage under their hoods. Ian ignited his saber and jumped into action, destroying figure after figure with his powerful Force blows. Stonest twirled and slashed at the figures.
        What the hell are these things? Are they Sith?!, Stonest wondered as he stabbed one of the figures and pushed one away from him with the Force at the same time. He looked for his father as he battled yet another unknown person. He saw his Master fighting three of the enemies at once, killing one with just a powerful Force push. Stonest ended the battle with the figure and ran to help his father. He Force jumped above one of the figures and cut it's head right off. His father smiled and pulled his son closer to him. "What are these things father?!" Stonest yelled over the battle. "Son, these are Sith. Don't you see how they are fighting? With anger and rage." Ian said. Before Stonest could reply he felt a Sith behind him and turned swiftly around and cut it across the stomach. 
        Shay was battling two Sith at once blocking strike after strike, and being blocked over and over again. She finally swung around and killed one of them and then stabbed the other in the stomach. Ian, she thought as she tried to talk to him through the Force. 
        As Ian battled another Sith he heard Shay calling his name. I'm fine Shay, are you?, he said through the Force. 
        Shay received his answer, and told Ian that she was fine also and went back to the battle.

        After many deaths and wounds the Sith Army retreated with only half of what they came with. The halls of the Jedi Temple were filled with dead Jedi and Sith. The Jedi Council was called in for an immediate meeting.
        "Making this army, a lot of time it took. For sure, we know that." Master Yoda said, stroking his chin, "A millennium ,this must of taken." "Master Yoda is right. We haven't heard from these `Sith Lords' for a millennium. They must have been making this army in all that time." Master Windu said. Everyone in the room nodded in agreement. "We need to find out who is controlling the army and fast. I think that Master Ian and his son, Stonest should go undercover to find this Sith. "Master Qui-Gon Jinn said. 
        "Oh, I don't think that Stonest is ready for something like that." Master Shay said, leaning forward in her chair, "He's only eleven years old, he can't possibly defend him self that well." 
        "Well, Shay, he did manage to defend him self against the Sith that attacked today." Master Ian said. Shay gave him a harsh look, and leaned back into her chair, "Well, Ian, we don't know if these were the strongest or the weakest. If the Sith at the base are stronger, you two have no chance to come out of this mission alive." Shay said harshly.
        "Yes, I agree with Master Shay. We need to send two masters not a Master and Padawan. Maybe even a few Jedi Knights should come along." Master Rank said. "Too suspicious, that would be, to send more than two Jedi." Yoda said. "Yes, but if we have more of the Jedi, the suspicion won't matter. If the Sith attack, then we'll have enough Jedi to defeat them!" Shay said. "Yes, but think about what you just said, Shay. If the Sith are stronger than today, the Jedi that we send will get killed. If we send more Jedi, MORE Jedi will be killed." Ian said. "So, it's okay to just send two Jedi to be killed?" Master Rank yelled.

"Well, it's better than five Jedi being killed!!" Ian yelled back. The Jedi Masters argued for minutes.

"Okay, everybody, STOP!!! We will send three Jedi Masters; Master Rank, Master Ian Kinship, and Master Qui-Gon Jinn will go." Master Windu yelled over the Jedi. All the Jedi stopped, looked around, and nodded their heads. "I agree", Master Yoda said. "I." Master Rank said, sitting back down. "I." said Master Even Piell. "Then it is settled. May the Force be with us." Master Windu said, standing up out of his chair. Master Yoda followed.

        All the Jedi started leaving the room, and the only two that were left, were Ian and Shay. 
        "I don't want you to go. If I lose you.........I'll have no one else." Shay whispered, stepping towards him. 
        "I'll be fine, Shay. Do not worry. Search your feelings, and you'll find the truth in what is soon to come." Ian said, putting his hand on her shoulder, "Please, don't do anything that could get you in trouble with the Council. Don't come looking for me, no matter what you feel. If I'm in any trouble, the other Jedi will get me out of it. I mean there are three of us." 
        "Yes, yes, I know." Shay said, "Just please, Ian, be safe."  She wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a quick tight hug. 
As they released, Ian gave her a kiss on the head. They both stayed, and looked at each other, not wanting to let go, or even think about what was to come.
        "Ian, we need to talk about the-"Master Qui-Gon said from the doorway. He stopped and looked at the two Jedi, who were quickly moving apart. "Oh, yes Qui-Gon, the mission." Ian said, walking towards him. Qui-Gon walked into the room and eyed Shay suspiciously. "Alright." Qui-Gon said, turning around. "Come; let's discuss this over a nice cup of tea." Ian said, putting his hand on Qui-Gons shoulder, walking with him out of the room.
        Ian turned his head and nodded to Shay, with the most serious face. The only thing she could find to do was lift her arm limply and wave.

        Qui-Gon and Ian walked into the dining area and sat down next to a table near the window. 
        The orange sun light spread across the table and into the room. Ian looked out the window and saw the hover cars, and speeders flying around the vast planet. 
        "It is really beautiful, isn't it?" Qui-Gon said, leaning back in his chair. "Yes, it is........" Ian said looking back at his friend. An elderly woman came up to the two Jedi. "Hello young Jedi. What would you like?" 
"Two cups of tea, ma'am. Thank you." Qui-Gon said, "So, what is going on between you and Shay Raga?" 
        "What? Shay? Well, she's one of my closest friends. I've known her for many years, Qui-Gon." Ian said.
        "Ian, do not lie to me. I can sense the connection between you and her."
        "She is just a friend. I would never disobey the Jedi way. I'm offended that you would think that of me."
        "Hmm. I thought that you would trust me with something like this, old friend."
        "Trust you with what, Qui-Gon? I already told you, Shay and I are just friends."
        "Are you getting angry, Ian?"
        "Qui-Gon, can't you just stop?"
        "Yes, you're getting mad. I can feel it."
        "Qui-Gon, stop this non-sense."
        "Why should I? When you're a disgrace to the Jedi."
        "I think that I should leave."
        "Once you walk out that door, you're walking out of your career as a Jedi."
        "Are you threatening me?"
        "Perhaps I'm trying to help you, Ian."
        "Well, I don't think I need you're help, Qui-Gon."
        "Then you're making a very large mistake." 
        "I guess that's a risk I'll have to take."
        "A risk you'll regret, friend."         
                Ian looked at the man across the table, thinking seriously about the conversation.
        "Can I trust you?"
        Qui-Gon looked relived and leaned across the table.
        "Of course."
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