Title: Somewhere Out There

Author: jedidanny

Rating: G

Genre: Sci-fi, action adventure, romance

Disclaimer: The Star Wars characters belong to the Star Wars God George Lucas. The Sanderson sisters along with the recognizable characters from Hocus Pocus belong to the creater of that movie, but what I've turned Danny into from that movie, belongs to me. ^_^

Authors note: This is kind of a song fic, but a long one. It'll actually have more then one chapter! And it'll have more then one song. ^_^ The song Somewhere Out There is a song "Max" used to sing to "Danny" before he died. I didn't intend for the story to be a song fic, but as I was writing the first chapter, I thought of the song so I added it in there.

Somewhere Out There

Chapter 1

A boy looking to be about 18 years old with brown hair and blue eyes wearing a blue CHAMPION sweatshirt stood in the graveyard, helping to protect his little sister from the 300 year old witches who wanted her to drink a potion so that they could kill her and become beautiful. Next to him was Alison, a girl with long brown hair wearing a brown sweater. The cat was Binx, the boy the witches had turned into a cat 300 years ago. An eight year old girl named Danny, short for Danielle, with long brown hair pulled back into a braid and blue eyes wearing a witches costume stood in the whole where she was supposed to be protected by circle of salt that had been put around the outside of it stood waiting for the witches to come. The witches couldn't go near the ground in the cemetery, and that was the girls only saving grace at the moment.

Finally the witches came flying through the sky on their brooms, and stayed above the cemetery. Winnefred, the eldest of the witches, glared down at the eight year old from where she sat on her broom evilly. The witches spread out, and so did Alison, Max, and Binx.

Danny put her hand up to her neck where her locket Max had given her usually sat, but she didn't find it there. She looked around to find it laying on the ground a ways from the whole. Danny climbed out of the whole and stood up quickly, running toward the locket to pick it up. She turned just in time to see Winnefred coming right at her.

Maaaaaax!" Danny screamed.

The witch brought Danny up on her broom and into the sky, holding onto her as she took out a bottle of potion from her cloak.

Max, Alison, and Binx all looked up to see Danny on the broom, too high in the air for any of them to reach. Danny pushed against her so she would knock the bottle out of the witches hand. Max caught it before it hit the ground.

After a few minutes, Winnefred started to suck up Max's life high above the ground after Winnefred said that Danny would die if he didn't give her the bottle. Instead, he drank the potion. Winnefred had lowered to the ground and pushed Danny off of the broom, making her fall softly onto the ground, and grabbed Max.

Danny stayed by Alison and Binx, and soon, Winnefred had finally sucked up all of his life. Winnefred came closer to the ground, and she dropped Max's limp body as the sun came up. When it finally did, she and her sisters turned into dust, never to be seen again, or so Danny soon thought.

Danny ran toward Max's body on the ground, and put her head on his stomach, tears now starting to roll down her cheeks.

"Max...Wake up. Let's go home, Max. Please..." Danny said. But, it was too late.


"Max. . . Max, no. Wake up. Max. . ." The twelve year old Jedi Princess said as she dreamt.

She laid in her bed in her room of the Imperial Palace on Corustant, dry tears on her cheeks from crying while dreaming.

Somewhere out there

Beneath a pale moonlight

Someone's thinking of me

And loving me tonight

Suddenly, Danny woke up, sitting up and looking around her room. She looked out the window to see the stars in the sky, then at her Chrono to see its was two in the morning.

The young Jedi groaned, and laid back down for a minute, realizing it was just a dream. But at one time it hadn't been just a dream, and it had actually happened. She sighed, getting out of bed and grabbing her cloak from where it hung on her chair, and walking out of her room. She stretched out with the Force to find out if her cousin, Luke Skywalker, a famous Jedi Knight and Rebel hero, was asleep or meditating somewhere within the palace. Not to her surprise, she found him fully awake, and she followed his presence, finding herself having to go outside and to the roof top of the palace. When she went outside, she put the cloak on, keeping the hood down.

Somewhere out there

Someone's saying a prayer

That we'll find one another

In that great somewhere

Out there

Luke didn't have to turn to look at her to know he was there. Her strong presence in the Force told her that she was coming. He had also felt that something was troubling her. He glanced up at when he felt her standing next to him while he was sitting down, and patted the roof next to him. "What's troubling you at this hour, young Jedi?"

Danny sat down and looked out toward the stars, her dark blue eyes sad. She had always blamed herself for Max's death, and could anyone blame her? She shouldn't have let him die for her. . . She shouldn't have climbed out of that whole. . .She missed him so much, and her life hadn't been the same since he had died. . .

And even though I

Know how very far

Apart we are, it helps

To think we might be

Wishing on the same bright


"Max used to tell me that whenever I felt sad, I should look up at the stars, and pick one star out to make a wish on it, and it would come true. After he died, I tried it once, and I wished for him to come back. But he never did. . ." She said, not really meaning to avoid his question.

He asked her again anyway, "Danny, what's wrong? You know you can tell me."

"I had a dream about Max. I figured if I went back to sleep. . .I might have the same dream again, or worse. So I came out here. I figured you'd be here anyway," She answered.

And when the night wind

Starts to sing its lonesome

Lullaby, it helps to think we're

Sleeping underneath the same

Big sky

Luke nodded, understanding. He knew that she had been through so much, and she didn't deserve any of the pain it gave her. He knew that she knew he would always be there for him to talk, and so would his twin sister, Leia Solo, but, would she accept it?

Somewhere out there

If love can see us through

Then we'll be together

Somewhere out there

Out where dreams come


"Luke, I've been thinking, and. . . I was thinking of going back to Earth to visit Alison and Binx for a few weeks, maybe a month. They need me there. I don't know that for sure, but I can just. . .feel it." She looked at him, "Is it all right if I go back for a little while?"

Luke studied her face, and he could see how important it was to her to see her two friends, although he had never met them before, but Danny had told him about them. He wondered what would happen with her Jedi training though. "I'm not going to keep you from going, Danny, if it's that important to you. . . But what about your training?"

Danny hadn't really thought about that. It was important to her, but she knew she needed to go see her friends. Not just because they wanted to see her, but because she needed to see them. . .In other then a bad dream. "I'll train while I'm down there, and when I come back I'll train with you just as much. If you don't want me to go and you think I should stay, I will," She answered.

Luke smiled at the young Jedi and put a hand on her shoulder, "No. You can go. Have a good time. You deserve to have some fun."

She smiled and hugged him, "Thanks, Luke."

The Jedi Master hugged back, smiling, "You're welcome, Danny." He let go and looked at her, "Now come on, off to bed with you."

Danny laughed and stood up, "Night, Luke." With that, she went back into the palace and to her room, falling back into a peaceful sleep.