Last Words?
By Solo

    Not even the good guys are infallible, in my book. So what would Jaina say knowing that she is most likely not going to make it out? Maybe answer that special question someone asked her?

    Jaina made sure the door was locked and secure. It had taken some searching to find a room with a working comm. unit, and no telling how long it would take for them to find her. Moving over to the comm. unit she keyed it to record and transmit a message. Her image came on the screen, showing how the message would record. Her hair was a mess,  her clothes were torn, dirty and stained with blood. Not bothering to fix her self up she hit the record button.

" Mom, Dad, Jacen, Zekk or anyone else who can hear me,  I tried but there gonna get me... I hope the info I sent was gotten.  Don't send a rescue party if I can get out I will. I don't know what they will do to me but I wont tell them nothin'."
Jaina turned her head listening to the sound of doors being smashed farther down the hall. She turned back to the screen after a second of starring at the door.
" I gotta hurry there gonna be here any minute." She sighed, "No sense in running I'd just get shot."
A dent started to appear in Jaina's door. She gasped and looked at the door in surprise, quickly she went back to the screen.
" This is it Mom, Dad, Jacen, Anakin I... I love you all. I hope we will all be together soon... No probably not, they might just kill me or I could end up in a cell just to rot. Take care of yourselves K? Zekk you watching this? Hope so. Zekk, oh Zekk I love you so... so much."
Jaina took off a ring on her finger. The men were almost through the door now but Jaina ignored it.
" I should have told you  Zekk when you gave it to me before the mission, I was to nervous to answer you then, Now though I think I have an answer for you."
The door busted open and Several black clad men rushed in and grabbed Jaina.
" Zekk I-" Jaina started but was cut off by one of the men covering her mouth. Her ring fell form her hand and
landed on a chair, it was just visible on the screen. As they pulled Jaina away another one of the men pulled out a blaster and shot the screen knocking out the picture of the message. The audio was still recording and the sounds of  the men beating Jaina and her screams of pain could be heard from just outside the door way.
Jaina was beaten severely, but she didn't care about her wounds, working enough energy she gave one last cry, "Ye-"
It was cut short by the sound of a hard object hitting the back of a skull. Her last thought was the hope that would Zekk hear the message. The Comm. unit stayed recording for a few hours then automatically saved and sent the message to Jaina's friends, family and... lover.

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