An Unexpected Twist
By: Bria Raltin

Kiana wasn't exactly sure why she was here. After leaving her previous home she had no where else to go. She had heard about a position as a bounty hunter, and since she had nothing better to do....well, why not?

She was in a cafe in the capital of Belvis, sipping a hot chocolote. Interesting where in the galaxy was that dude? Her bright blue eyes narrow as patrons walk hurridly by. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he appeared. With his dark, unruly hair and dangerously good looks she got a chill as he started toward her. Others in the cafe move away quickly and there is a aura of danger emenating from him. Yup, this was her man. She stands and moves her hand over her close-cut silver hair in a nervous gesture. He notices it and slides into a chair oppisite her , creating a slight breeze that rustles her thin clothing. He grins arrogontly.

"Nervous are you? He growls, still with his grin.

"Nervous? Me? Ha!" Her hand drops down to her empty holster and a feeling of vulnerbility washes over her. He laughs and extends his hand.

" Thul Sol."

" Kiana Kalli." She shakes his hand firmly. His grin turns less sinister.

"So, I've heard from my....sources, that you want to become a crew member of my ship. It's not often that a citizen from a noble's family wants to leave and become an outlaw. Interesting.....very....interesting." He laughs lowly at the surprised and scared look on her face. "Yes thats right. Even with your changed appearance and name I know who you are. And I believe....that you will be much, more valuable as a hostage, then a crew member." Before Kiana could react with anger or fear, Thul's hand strikes out and his calloused hand wraps around her slim wrist. He brings his other hand up,with a hand-held blaster in his hand. Pointed at her chest. "Men!" He calls and about five of Thul's thugs surround her. "Up! Up! Up!" He orders. Kiana stumbles out of her chair and it falls down behind her. Startled by the noise she jumps a little. The men behind her, their attention focused elsewhere, they think she is trying to escape and open fire. Scared, she falls to the floor and puts h!

er hands over her head. Blaster fire flies over her head and she hears screams of pain. Two minuetes later Kiana dares to open her eyes. Bodies of the thugs were strewn about her. And her breathing returned to normal. They had been caught in a crossfire. She was finally safe. Kiana pulls herself up and looks around, giving a deep sigh. She looks up at distressed voices and sees sentinents stopping at the cafe window, just realizing that something wasn't right. Suddenly, a creak makes her spin around. There, standing behind her with a blaster burn across his forehead, was Thul. Her heart stops beating so quickly and she makes her way towards him. She stops and puts a hand up to his forehead.

"We got them." He says in a tired voice.

"Yes, we did."She anwsers, taking out a hankercheif and putting it to his wound. "Good job Commander."

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