Title: All For You, Sweet heart

Author: jedidanny

Summary: Han and Leia's honeymoon. They both reflect on everything they've been through together.

Genre: Romance, action-adventure

Disclaimer: Star Wars does not belong to me. However, I did use some things such as describing the setting of Han and Leia's wedding which was in the book Courtship of Princess Leia which does not belong to me since it was written by Dave Wolverton, but I changed some things around. Get the picture?


All For You, Sweet Heart

Leia knelt down on the floor holding the hands of the love of her life, Han Solo, as their arms laid across the alter. Han seemed to be unable to take his orbs of brown off his wife-to-be as she looked around.

The ceiling was enormous and vaulted, carved from one monolithic stone, and brilliant lights reflected from the dome, bathing everything in a soft, celestial glow. From all over, a thousand guests sat to witness, and some turned to turn to look at Luke Skywalker, brother of Leia, who had arrived later then he planned as he slowly made his way toward the front so that he could stand by Han as his best man.

Luke wore a gray robe, his hair slightly wet from taking a shower before leaving to come to the wedding.

The officiator stood in his emerald robes of office, about to start leading Leia in her vows. She looked at her brother and a smile came to her face as she watched him.

Han was dressed in a black tuxedo, looking very handsome, but, hey, he was Han Solo. When wasn't he handsome?

Luke looked to his sister, who was dressed in a beautiful wedding gown, her hair all done up, and smiled back at her as he stood by to both give Leia away and be Han's best man.

"Do you, Princess Leia Organa, take this man Han Solo to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Leia felt Han's thumb rub over the knuckles of her hand and it sent a tingle up her spine which made her turn to look back at him, suddenly becoming lost in his eyes.

"I do," She answered.

"And do you, Han Solo, take this woman Princess Leia Organa to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," Han answered, still staring into her eyes.

Luke looked to notice that they hadn't given the rings yet. Good, he hadn't missed it. Han turned to look at him, and Luke brought out a ring with an Alderaanian diamond in it. He handed it to Han.

Han turned to look at Leia, and the two stood up.

The officiator looked at them, "Place the rings on the other's fingers."

Han took Leia's left hand into his hand and slipped the ring onto her ring finger. Then, Leia took the ring that she had bought for him and did the same for him.

"By the powers invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Han and Leia moved closer and Han lifted the veil from over Leia's face. He took his hand and put it on her chin, bringing her face close to his. Their lips touched, and they fell into a pationit kiss.

As the newly weds kissed, the guests stood up and began clapping, smiles on their faces. Most of the women had tears rolling down their cheeks.

When the kiss broke, Han looked into Leia's eyes, "I love you, Princess."

A smile that turned into a grin came to the bride's face, "I know."

The two turned, looking at everyone, and began walking back down the aisle before getting ready to leave for their honeymoon.


A few minutes later, Han and Leia stood outside the chapel, getting ready to leave for their honeymoon.

Chewbacca, who had been shampood, walked up the ramp of the Falcon carrying two bags of luggage. When he came back down the ramp a few minutes later, he said something to Han.

"You sure you don't mind us using her? We can always rent a ship to take," Han asked him.

Chewbacca grumbled something back, and raised his arms as if shooing the two away.

A grin came to Han's face, "All right, buddy. Guess we'll see you when we get back, then."

Chewie grumbled something back to him that made the grin brighter on Han's face. He just laughed and started leading Leia up the ramp.

Leia stopped in her tracks and let go of Han's hand, turning to look at her brother, who was leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest.

He felt Leia's eyes on him and stood straight back up, walking away from the wall to walk over to his sister and wrap her in a hug.

Leia hugged back, closing her eyes a little before stepping back a little, taking his hands into hers as she did so, looking up at him.

"You sure you'll be okay while we're gone?" Leia asked him.

Luke chuckled, "I'd come, but Han would make me be the buttler and I wouldn't be able to do much supervising."

"Hey, I heard that," Han said from behind Leia.

Luke laughed even more, shaking his head, "I promise, I'll be fine. Go and have a good time. I'll see you when you get back."

"All right," Leia answered. She stood on her tip toes, even though she was wearing high heels she still had to stand up on them to reach him, and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you, Luke," She said softly.

Usually that would have made him turn redder then the two suns on Tatooine, but it didn't, only a little bit. This was his sister. There was no reason to feel embarrased.

"I love you, too, Leia. Go and have fun. I'll see you when you get back," He said softly.

She let go of his hands and walked backwards, then turned as Han put his arm around her. They walked up the ramp and disappeared into the ship, the ramp closing behind them.


Leia and Han walked into the cockpit of the Falcon and sat down, Leia in the co-pilot chair, Han in the pilot's chair. Han started up the engines and soon the ship was flying out into space.

There was a long silence between the newly weds as they flew off toward their destination where their honeymoon would be.

Han glanced over at Leia and reached his arm out to put it on hers, "You okay sweetheart?"

Leia looked over at him and instantly looked into his big brown eyes, the eyes she fell in love with all those years ago. A smile came to her face as she used her other hand to put it on his.

"Yes, I'm O.K. I was just thinking," She answered.


The carbon freezing chamber of Cloud City. Darth Vader's breathing could practically be heard from right behind Leia. Nearby stood storm troopers, Chewbacca, Lando Calrisian, Boba Fett, and Han Solo. Han's hands were held together in bindings, yet Chewbacca and Leia's weren't.

Little creatures called Ughnauts began to set the freezing chamber up as Han neared his 'old friend' Lando.

"What's going on. . .Buddy?" He asked.

Lando leaned over and muttered, but was loud enough for Leia to hear, "You're being encased in carbon freeze."

A Wookie howl came from Chewbacca, and Han and Leia turned to look at each other, longing in their eyes.

Boba Fett walked up to stand next to Vader, "What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me."

"The Empire will confiscate you if he dies. Put him in," Vader answered.

Another howl came from Chewbacca as the troopers walked toward Han. He tried to knock them away from his friend, but Han had to convince him that there would be another time.

After doing so, Han looked at Leia, and soon the two found themselves kissing. The kiss broke when the troopers pulled Han away to put him on the platform.

"I love you!" Leia shouted to him.

Han seemed to look directly into her eyes, "I know."

I did this all for you

I risked my life saving

You from the Death Star.

I joined the Rebellion because

I knew I had fallen in love.

I fell in love with you.

It was all for you.

I saved your life on Hoth

When we barely escaped

From Vader's grasp.

I was tortured, and for what?

All for you. I was put in carbon

Freeze, and in the end, it was

All for you.

Years later I've looked into

Your eyes and I could fall

In love all over again. Those

Brandy brown eyes, the smile

You give me. Your rebellious

Self. Who couldn't fall in love

With you?

I fell in love with you.
I did it all for you.

Before I knew it, I found

Myself saying I do to the

Most wonderful woman in

All of the galaxy.

I did it all for you.

It was all for you...

End Flashback

Han leaned over and kissed her, passionately, and Leia felt herself falling in love all over again. They leaned their foreheads toward the other.

"I love you, Princess," Han said.

"I know, nerf herder."

They soon landed at their destination and...well, you all know what happened after that:).

Note: Ok, yea, the little poem thing at the end kind of sucked, but...if any of you who can do the poem writing thing can write a better poem for me, I'd appreciate it. Send it to my email address and lemme know that that's what it's for. Thanks! :)