Two Peas In A Podrace
By: India Skywalker

Note: Anakin the ONLY human type thing to be able to drive a podracer!? Dude we are your descendents so don't give me that crap! MWAHAHA!!

India, Saber, Aqua, Cris, Briar, Charlie, Luke, Alex, and Mara Jade (Sorry if I forgot any one but dangit we have too many people!) were standing in the rather un-friendly bar on Tatooine. You never saw that much sand in your life until you came here. Briar was playing a game of cards with Cris, little Aqua (Saber's little sister, an exact version of her sister without the golden horns) watched over their shoulder chanting for them to kiss up a storm. Briar was blushing and getting mad, Cris doing exact same thing making Aqua laugh harder.

Mara Jade was talking to Luke about how much of an alcoholic their tiny child was. Charlotte was hung over a bar table with Alex drunken off her ass. India and Saber were having an argument on which of their plans to nuke the empire was better.

All the while in the small catana, Aliens cussed them out in their own special language, getting harsh responses from the dragons and anyone else who could understand them. An announcement pealed through the busy space port announcing one of it's many events. "Excuse me people, The pod race will start in 5 minutes thank you."

Charlie leaped up in her drunken stage. "I'm entering that race!" she ran outside the door. India coughed and Aqua scurried over to Charlie.

"Um..miss Jedi? That's the closet...." She put her claws over her mouth with a giggle. Charlotte swirled around and walked out drunkenly, Mara and Luke following her in worry.

"I'm getting my pod racer off the ZERO-ONE!" India leaped down with the drageen following her.

"Not so fast Indi-O!" Cris called. "We are getting ours off the Serpents Snare!!" the rest followed Cris and Briar.

"I'M NOT A CHEERIO!!!" she yelled at him.


They all stood by their podracers, India with Saber and Aqua by their sunset orange podracer named the "Sunset Streak" Cris and Briar had their podracer out called the "Serpent's Snare 2." Alex and Charlie were polishing up their blood red podracer called the "Blood Red Podracer." Luke and Mara watched them all muttering about how 6 Jedi/Terrias/Other type people racing against one another and with aliens WOULDN'T turn out okay.

"Don't worry mom and dad! I got it handled!!" Charlie ran to her podracer and knocked Alex unconscious. Luke put his head in his hands with a shiver. Mara patted him on the back.

The bell rang and they all set up their podracers. Charlie razzed an alien named Sei-si-too. India smacked Charlie, Charlie smacked Alex, Alex yelled in protest, Briar accidentally hit Cris, Cris hit India, and a big fight resumed.

Podrace was delayed

After the dust cloud cleared, they weren't considered a natural threat and people didn't have to be evacuated from the planet. They leaped in their pod racers.

India looked down. "Saber right engine."


"Aqua left engine!"


"Let's kick some ass!"

Briar hit a control and put on her helmet. "Right and left engines check. Cris how are the back thrusters....Cris?" She looked back at him. Cris was snoring away. Briar slapped him over the head. "Wake up."

"I'm up I'm up!!!" he choked out in half sleep.

Charlie gunned her ship. "Alright!! Full power! WOOOO HOOO!!!" she was cheering and all before the race even started. Alex swallowed.....

"Ready....Set......GO!!!" The announcements rang out and everyone gunned their motors.


Charlie was still a little drunk but other than that everyone was doing fine. Until the second turn, into the canyon.

Kae-swonde slammed into Charlie's podracer making her veer into the others.

(yes this might be short, if I had access to video graphics I would make a movie but I don't so SHHHHUUUUSSSSHHH!!!!)

Podracers slammed into each other causing a big explosion taking an alien straight out of his more than roomy pod racer with the twin gigantic engines. Charlie and Alex landed on one engine, Briar and India landed on the second engine, Saber on one connector cable to the engine and to the pod, Aqua landing on the other one. Cris landed in the cockpit.

Much to everyone's fear, a podracer going 386 MPH was being driven by Cris, whom was still asleep.

Briar hollered her head off at Cris threatening things to do to him that are so harsh it cannot be written here.

Yet, after all the screaming and close misses of canyon walls as everyone hung on for dear life, they did win the podrace.

Cris, is still tied to the top of the Serpent's Snare after 3 weeks of hyperspace.

Lovely friends we are.....HEE HEE

Note: Short? Yeah....funny? no I don't really think so. It was something to do on my insanity stage I experienced a while back. Briar, Cris, the Serpents Snare and the other things are Briars. (I named her pod racer though....) Charlie and Alex belong to Charlie, Saber is Saber's, Aqua is....well disappeared for a long while...oh and Briar? WE NEED A MISSION!!!!

Thank you.

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