Part One

Jaina laid under the Rock Dragon trying to improve the hyperdrive unit. She had always loved working on the ship. Even though it was not hers, she felt like her and the ship had a special bond. Just like her father, Han Solo, and the Millennium Falcon. She smiled as she start to think what it would be like to have her own ship. She shook her head trying to focus on the job.

As she worked on, Jaina started to think about her future. She was 18 and about to be knighted. Job, money, Zekk. Zekk, What about him and her. Would they grow apart or get married. Jaina didn't know.

" What'cha doing ?" A voice said from the outside of the Rock Dragon. Jaina raised her head in surprise of the voice. She hit her head against the hyperdrive unit. She cursed as she slid from under the ship. " What!" She yelled not looking at the person.

" Are you okay? I didn't mean to surprise you," The stranger's voice said. Jaina looked up to find a handsome young man. He looked muscular and had blond hair, just like her uncle. He was tall and had shaggy, dirty clothing. The strangest thing about the man was his eyes. They were a yellowish green color. She hadn't seen a person with his eyes except for the emperor. She forced a smile and rubbed her head. " It's okay.... I was just working on the hyperdrive." The man look at her confused.

" Is it broken?" He asked.

She shook her had and replaced the fake smile with a real one. " No I just trying to improve it."

The boy smiled and held out his hand. " My names Deson BeeTwoSeven." Jaina was surprised at the mans last name but she just threw the thought into the back of her mind.

She shook his hand. " Jaina Solo." She noticed a series of numbers tattooed all around his wrist.

He let go of her hand and kneeled down to look under the ship. " She's Hapen.. I like it.... need some help?" He asked as he turned around and smiled.

His smiled reminded her of her aunts, Mara Jade. Jaina looked at her crono then back to him. " Sure but it's time for lunch we can come back to it later."

Deson smiled and nodded his head. " Sound great, thanks." He said as he turned around and started to walk to the jungle.

" Hey where you going?" Jaina yelled staring at him.

He turned around and thought for a moment. " I like to.... Um.. eat in the jungle."

Jaina smiled and shook her head. " How are you going to make any friends that way," She ran to him and grabbed his hand. " Come on you can sit by me and my friends."

Deson started to protest but just shook his head. " Ok.. I guess it wouldn't kill me to be around some of your friends." Jaina smiled and led him to the temple.

As they got closer to the temple she realized that Deson was getting nervous. " Um... you're new here aren't you?" She asked trying to make him relax.

" Um.. Ya I came in last night." He said still staring at the temple. Jaina was confused. The only ship that had come in last night was a supply shipment. He probably hitched a ride with the ship, he isn't the first Jaina thought as they entered the temple.

This is stupid man! How could you enter the temple. Deson thought as he and Jaina made there way toward a table full of force users. His grip on his tray of food tightened. He looked around at all the jedi. He wondered if any of them recognizes him. No way! the attack against this place was 4 years ago No one would recognize you. He sat down at the table trying not to cause any attention to himself.

" Guys I'd like to introduce you to Deson he's new at the academy." He heard Jaina say.

He looked up at everyone at the table with a fake smiled. " Hello," he said trying to sound like he was happy to be here. He looked around at the people. There was a girl with red hair sitting near a boy that looked like Jaina. Her twin her thought as he continued looking at the remaining people. There was a boy with spiky hair and a centaur girl. There was also a wookie. He gulped as he looked at all the people. If any of them recognized him he would probably not make it out of here.

" It's nice to know there's still some force users out there," One of the boys said smiling. " Names Jacen Solo."

He held out a hand. Deson hesitated for a moment then shook it. " You're Jaina's twin," Deson said realizing that he was safe from being recognized. He started to relax a little bit more.

The boy nodded his head " Yep but I'm a lot smarter." He said as he stuffed some ration cubes in his mouth. A biscuit flew through the air towards Jacen and hit him right in face. Everyone at the table laughed except for Deson. He was confused. What was so funny about getting hit by a biscuit. He didn't understand. He just smiled. He turned his head to look at Jaina when he saw someone coming towards her. Oh my god ... Zekk is here. Oh I'm so dead. Deson looked down at his food preying that his former general would not see him. " Please sit somewhere else." He repeated softly as he tried to hide his face from him.

" Hey gorgeous," He heard Zekk say. He risked a glance to his left. He saw Jaina and Zekk kiss. He returned his gaze back to his tray. If he didn't look at him he would be okay. Don't draw any attention to yourself Deson thought as he ate his food in silence.

" Zekk I'd like you to meet my new friend Deson. I met him while I was working on the Rock Dragon," He heard Jaina say.

Oh thanks Jaina that really helps me out a lot. " Nice to meet you," He heard his former general say. He had to look up. Maybe he wouldn't recognize him. He took a deep breath and looked up. He found Zekk smiling at him. That smile faded when he saw Deson's face. " I thought you were dead!" He yelled making everyone in the chamber look at the two.

Deson frowned " You wish," He then slammed his fist right into Zekks face. Zekk collapsed to the floor holding his bloody nose.

He felt through the force that someone was about to hit him from behind. Deson ducked and brought back his elbow hitting someone in the stomach. Shit! His mind yelled as he leaped onto the table. He sent his foot into the wookies face. He heard the wookie bellow in pain. Deson looked around for a second then jump to the next table. A couple of the students fell back onto the floor but one human took out a vibroblade. Deson took out the two lightsabers that were hidden in his torn up tunic and sliced the blade in half. The student looked at his blade then fell to the floor begging for mercy. Deson jump off the table and ran as fast as he could out of the chamber. And they call them self jedi knights Deson thought as he raced down the empty corridor. He looked behind him to find the Jacen right on his trail. He cursed under his breath and turned left into a hallway. Where was he? He didn't know. He was lost. Deson sensed that Jacen had almost caught up to him. He took another turn. That's when he saw the most glorious site in the Yavin four's jungle. A window. He used the force to speed up. He ran as fast as the force would let him. He jumped into the air and dove out the open window. His side hit the hard temple stone and he started to roll down the slanted wall. He tried to grab onto anything that would stop him but there was nothing. Make yourself as light as a feather His mind screamed. He closed his eyes and started to concentrate. He made his body as light as a feather. By the time he got down Jacen stood on the ground holding his lightsaber.

" Stop right there," he said trying to be brave.

Deson landed gently and snatched his lightsabers with lightning speed and ignited them. " Jacen... I don't want to cause trouble I just wanted to know her... Zekk frightened me," Deson said as he backed away towards the jungle. " I just want to go back to my friends." Deson said immediately realizing his mistake. You IDOIT Deson heard his mind scream.

" There's others?" Jacen asked with a confused look. Deson smiled a sent a small pebble sailing towards Jacen. Jacen turned around a sliced it in half. This was his chance. Deson deactivated his lightsabers and ran into the jungle. He heard Jacen give chase.

Zekk sat on the sleep pallet in the medical center. Even though his nose was healed it still hurt. Maybe it wasn't his nose that hurt maybe it was his pride. How could he have let Deson surprise him like that. You're the one that scared him his mind said. " Shut-up," Zekk mumbled. Zekk stood up and started to pace. He couldn't believe Deson was alive. How could he be alive after... after what happened.

4 years ago

" Kill all the jedi trainees and make sure no one escapes," Zekk yelled as he and his platoon of Dark knights walked though the thick Yavin Jungle. Zekk looked around with a evil smile on his face. He sniffed the air and smiled. He smelled the darkside in the air. His grip tightened on his lightsaber as he plowed his way through the bushes and weeds. He looked back at his hand picked platoon. He could tell that they were all ready to kill. Except for Deson. His smile from his face fell and was replaced by a frown. Deson was one of the best soldiers. He was the emperors son. Well, Deson had at least 29 fathers and 1 mothers. He was a Bio- weapon created by the Empire but still he never like killing or hurting anyone. Zekk sighed and looked forward again.

Suddenly the bushes in front of him rattled and a young boy ran right into Zekk. The young boy fell to the floor staring at Zekk. A smiled formed on Zekks face as he brought his lightsaber up. With all his might he brought it down. The blade stopped a half of a inch away from hitting the boy. He noticed that a green blaze of light had stopped his lightsaber. He looked up to find Deson holding his jedi weapon. Zekk backed up surprised. WHAT IS HE DOING his mind screamed. Deson stood infront of him holding his lightsaber. " Deson what are you doing!" Zekk yelled " You heard what I said and I mean it!" Zekk could tell Deson was scared.

" Sir.. He's only a boy... I .. I .... I will not let you harm him," Deson said bravely. He heard his other dark knights gasp.

" You leave me no chose," Zekk said as he snapped his fingers. " Boys, kill him. I will go alone to the temple." Zekk turned around and pushed his way past his knights.

He walked through the jungle with silence. The silence was broken by Deson scream.


Zekk stopped pacing and shook the memory out of his head. Zekk returned the sleeping pallet and laid down. Why would he risk coming here? Zekk sighed and shrugged. He didn't know. Suddenly the door chimed and swooshed open. Zekk looked towards the door to find Jaina standing there.

" How are you ?" She said sweetly as she walked towards him. Zekk was about to reply when a thought came to his head. JAINA he came because he liked Jaina! He was so stupid! He should of thought of it before. Jaina had told him that they met by the Rock Dragon.

" Jaina I love you!" Zekk yelled as he jumped up and drew her into a kiss, then ran out of the room. He had to find Master Skywalker.

Jaina stood motionless still trying to figure out what happened. She knew Zekk loved her but why was he so excited? He must like my new haircut Jaina thought as she started to fix her hair.

" Deson how could you?!" A dark hair woman named Kia yelled as she smacked him acrossed the face. Deson flew to the floor spitting up blood. He had brought this on himself for being seen by the jedi trainees. Why had he gone anyway? Because of Jaina. He staggered up and frowned.

" I fell in love with a girl, I just wanted to talk t..." He never got to finish the sentence. A fast blow the jaw sent him sprawling to the floor again.

" Deson, you serve the darkside with the rest of us. We don't talk, love, or feel for the jedi! Got it! " He heard Kia say.

Deson nodded his head slightly. He staggered to his feet and wiped the blood away from his mouth. " I... I'm sorry," he sputtered.

She glared as him and shook her head " ... Get out Deson I want to talk with the prisoner you got us from the academy." Deson turned around and walked out the tent. He moved out of his way to let two human boys drag Jacen Solo to his doom. I'm sorry Jacen.

Jacen felt himself being dragged on the rocky ground by two strong looking boys. He head was spinning. Something was wrong with him. The boys stopped and pulled him to his feet. He was in a dark tent. Jacen looked around curiously. " Nice dirt hole.." He mumbles under his breath as the guards behind him pushed him farther into the shadows.

" Hey want to hear a joke," Jacen asked trying to get himself relaxed. He heard the boys grunt and he continued. " What do you call a dark jedi with a doctors degree in Science, Math, and Astronomy?"

The two boy stopped pushing him for a moment and waited for the punch line. Jacen forced a smiled and said " A dump jedi." The boys pushed him hard sending him to the floor in another tent.

Jacen stood up spitting the dirt that had gotten in his mouth. He turned around and noticed the boys where gone. He turned back around and walked forward. What's going on? He said in his mind and he walked deeper into the shadows. Suddenly he felt something happen in his mind. He fell to the floor screaming. It felt like someone was trying to tear all his memories away from him. Jacen screamed in pain. Suddenly everything went black.

" What have you done to him!?" Deson yelled as he busted into Kia's tent. She laid in bed only wearing the sheets that was wrapped around her thin body.

" What do you mean?" Kia said as she wrapped her arm around a figure under the covers.

" You stole his memories and replaced him with new ones !" Deson yelled angrily.

Kia smiled at him evilly. " I take it you found out about me making Jacen believe he's my husband."

Deson waved his fist in the air. " He already had a girl that he loved, you ten dollar a hour whore!" Deson yelled. He didn't care what happened. She had no right to do this.

Kia leaped out of bed letting the sheet drop. " How dare you !" She yelled as she swung for her. Deson ducked and sent his fist into her rib cage. She staggers back screaming in pain. " GUARDS!" She yelled as she collapsed onto her bed.

Deson whirled around igniting his lightsabers. He was ready. Suddenly he felt something with the force. He reacted with lightning speed. He fell to the ground and rolled barely missing the lightsaber blade. Deson rolled to his feet and stared at Jacen.

" How dare you hit my wife!" Jacen yelled as he charged him. Deson brought his blade up just in time to save himself from Jacen's beam.

Don't hurt him! You have to run and get help. Deson leaped into the air and sent his foot into Jacen's face. Jacen staggered back. Deson turned around a sliced through the tent wall and jumped out. He took off running through the jungle. He didn't know where he was but all he knew is that he need the jedi knights to help him.

" Master Skywalker?" Zekk called out as he entered Luke's chamber. He looked at all the ancient jedi artifacts that Master Skywalker had collected over the years. " Master Skywalker," Zekk called out alittle louder.

" He ain't here!" He heard Mara Jade Skywalker yell from the refresher.

" Then I need to talk to you it's really important," Zekk said as he walked to a chair and sat down.

" Can it wait?" Mara said from the refresher.

" No, It can't I have something to tell you." Zekk said looking towards the ground. How was he going to tell her this. The refresher unit's door opened and Mara walked out soaking wet wearing only a towel. Zekk looked up at her but quickly looked back down to the ground. " Mara.. You used to work with the Empire right?" Zekk said still trying to find the right words to say to her.

" You know I did Zekk what's wrong I can feel your scared." He heard Mara say.

He looked up hear and frowned. " Mara do you remember a project B27" Zekk asked.

Mara stared at him for a moment and frowned. " Yes... I do ... The emperor wanted a perfect soldier so he mixed about 30 blood type together with a unborn child.... The egg was created in a tank till it split apart and created two eggs... After that it started to grow at such fast speed it shattered the tank and the two escaped... How do you know about this Zekk?"

Zekk frowned and closed his eyes. " That one kid that attacked us yesterday was someone that I trained at the shadow academy. His names Deson BeeTwoSeven.... Mara he's the child that escaped.."

He opened his eyes to see Mara staring at him blankly. Suddenly her face filled with anger. "Zekk! Your lying!" She yelled as she grabbed Zekk by the hair and flung him to the floor.

Zekk hit the stone floor hard and staggered up. " Mara I swear!"

Mara stared at him for a moment and frown. " I'm sorry Zekk It's.... It's just that I was part of the experiment.... The only women and that makes me his mother.." She said as she lower herself to a seat. " Deson is alive?... The scientist told me that his heart would explode in about a day... What about his sister?" She asked looking up. Zekk stared at her confused. " Deson had a sister?"

" Jacen Darling could you please pass me that flask of water," Kia asked as she laid in bed. He ribs hurt and she had a headache. Why would Deson attack her? She smiled At least I know he has a dark side.

Jacen walked over to her and sat down on the bed handing her the water. " Her you go."

She smiled and grabbed the glass and drained it down. " Thanks darling," She said as she sat up in bed and kissed him. Jacen wrapped his armed around her and kissed her neck. She laid back down onto the bed and pulled Jacen on top of her. She leaned in to kiss him when someone busted in.

" Mistress we ha.... Did I come at a bad time?" The black hair boy asked as her backed away towards the opening of the tent.

Kia frowned and pushed Jacen off of her. " What!?" She asked in a harsh voice.

The boy took a deep breath. " We are unable to find Deson... We should pull back are search party before it gets dark."

"No!" Kia yelled as she jumped up. " You will search for him tonight, tomorrow morning, Every minute of your pathetic life till you find him Do I make myself clear?" She yelled as she stood up and walked to the boy.

He shook his head " Of course.... Sure perfectly Mistress." He said as he took a short bow and walked out of the tent.

Kia turned around and looked back to Jacen " So where were we?"

Tenel Ka ran through the jungle letting the moist morning air hit her face as she ran. The sun was just coming up. Tenel Ka leaped over a fallen tree and puddles on her way to the lake. She needed to swim. Maybe that would relax her. How could you relax with you knowing that Jacen could be dead! Her mind screamed at her. Tenel Ka slowed down a bit as she approached the lake. She started to peel off her armor still thinking about Jacen. She threw her armor onto a rock and waded into the lake. She sighed and let the cool water relax her. She looked at the trees and listen to all the sound of the animals. Suddenly birds erupted from the tree crying out in terror. Tenel Ka looked around wondering what was going.. Suddenly she saw a human teenager burst through the bushes at top speeds. It was Deson! He appeared to be running from someone or something. Tenel Ka took a deep breath and lower herself in the water only letting the top of her head stick out. He eyes were barely over the water and she stared at Deson.

Water! Thank the stars Deson thought as he slowed down and trotted to the lake. He had been running more then 8 hour strait he was exhausted. He kneeled down and dipped his hands into the water. He was about to pull them up when one hand emerged from the water and grabbed him by his hair. Deson fell forward and into the water. Deson felt himself get pulled up to the surface then felt a small dagger against his throat. He stood perfectly still.

" Where is Jacen!?" He heard a voice say behind him.

" I don't really talk well with a dagger against my throat," Deson said hoping the attacker would put down the dagger.

" To bad!" The harsh voice said and the dagger pushed into his skin harder.

" He's at the camp!" Deson said angrily. " I was going to the temple to get help!" The dagger pushed harder into his throat making it hard to breath.

" Ya right! Don't you dare lie to me!" The voice said " Know where is the camp I need to save Jacen!"

Deson secretly pulled the blaster out of his belt and twirled it around and pushed it against the figures stomach. " Listen here! I've been running all night from people, my legs hurt, and I have a damn dagger to my throat! I warn you I'll pull the damn trigger if you don't lower the dagger and BACK OFF!" Deson yelled angrily. The stranger hesitated for a moment but then let go of the dagger.

Deson turned around and found the girl with the red hair he saw yesterday with Jacen. He pointed the blaster at her head. " You want to rescue Jacen? Go ahead! Here's a maps!" he let one hand drop from the blaster and he pulled out a piece of fabric from his pocket. He tossed it to her and frowned. " But he won't come with you.. Someone gave him a new memory."

The girl looked at him strangely. " What do you mean?" She asked sounding confused.

" Her names Kia.. She can get into peoples heads She made Jacen think she's his wife!" Deson yelled still angry. He was not having a good morning.

" J.. J .. Jacen's my boyfriend she can't do that!" She yelled at him. Suddenly he heard something in the distance. People talking. He could tell the girl heard it too.

" What's your name?" He asked returning his gaze to her.

She stared at him for a moment then frowned. " Tenel Ka," Deson lower his blaster.

" Tenel Ka get your cloth back on fast!" She stood there for a moment. " You have to trust me! Those are people that are looking for me! If we get caught Jacen is never going to remember anything." Deson said staring at her. She nodded and put on her armor quickly. Deson smiled " Know where the jedi temple?" he asked.

" This way," She said pointing.

Deson heard some twigs snap close to him. " Go!" He yelled softly. Tenel Ka turned around and ran. Deson followed her.

" Sir look," A teenage said and he picked up a map. " I found this on the ground. The elderly man nodded his head and smiled.

" We're on the right track... It's appears are prey is heading for the jedi temple... interesting." He looked at two boys and pointed at them. " You two go and tell the mistress what we found. The rest of use will keep on looking." The boys nodded and ran back towards the camp.

"Sir Qorl?" he heard a boy ask behind him. Qorl turned around and stared at the thin dark hared boy.

" Yes?" He asked in a rough voice. The boy pointed to a some foot prints. " It appears are traitor has company."

Qorl walked over to the prints and kneels down. " Yes it appears so.. let us continue," Qorl ordered and he stood back up and walked off following the foot prints.


Part Two

Leia walked out of the Millennium Falcon followed by her husband Han Solo. She looked around at the Jedi Academy and almost busted up in tears. One of her children was gone. Possibly dead. Because of some... some evil jedi. She closed her eyes and squeezed them tight till the tears vanished. Leia looked up at her husband and stared at him. Oh how he reminded her of Jacen. Han looked at her and reached for her hand. He grabbed it and squeezed it tightly. He smiled at her. A weak smile. Not the Solo lopsided smile. She sighed and looked back at the temple.

They both walked slowly down the ramp towards the massive temple. Leia slowly walked looking at every jedi trainees. Finally she found a familiar face. Jaina.

Jaina was running towards them. Her face was pale and her eyes were red. Leia could till she hadn't slept much. Leia held out her arms and let her daughter run into them. " Mom.. It's nice to see you.." Jaina said trying not to sound scared. Leia hugged her tightly.

"How have you been?" she asked trying to sound brave. Jaina let go and backed away. " I'm fine.... Sort of ... I haven't slept much," She said. " We can tell," Leia heard Han say behind her. Jaina hugged her father and smiled weakly " I shouldn't worry... Jacens been in worse things then this," Jaina said trying to sound hopeful. " Mom Uncle Luke wants to tal... Oh my God!" Jaina yelled staring behind Leia. Leia spun around to find Tenel Ka running at full speed towards them. A strange looking boy ran behind her panting for air. " That's the guy that kidnapped Jacen ! He's going after Tenel Ka!" Jaina yelled pulling out her lightsaber. " Don't worry I got him," Leia heard her husband say as he pulled out his blaster and fired a stun bolt strait at him. The boy only had time to stop in his tracks before he was hit. He crumble to the ground and laid still. Tenel Ka stopped and looked back at the boy then back to them. " What are you doing!" She yelled. Leia, Han, and Jaina ran to her.

" He was about to attack you you're lucky I'm such a good shot," Han said smiling. Tenel Ka mouth dropped open. " He wasn't chasing me he was following me. He was going to help us find Jacen!" Tenel Ka yelled angrily. Leia looked at her husband giving him a evil glare. Han's smile drop and he put his blaster away. " Opps,"


Luke Skywalker walked into his quarters dead tired. His body ached and his head was pounding. He didn't know why he was so tired. Today was like any other day. Luke sighed and closed his eyes. He sent a stream of force to his head trying to ease the pain. " Mara you here?" He called out as he made his way towards the living room. " Skywalker get you jedi butt in here!" He heard her say. He smiled. He loved it when she called him Skywalker.

He entered the living room and saw Mara in a towel. And right beside her was Zekk. What's going on here? Luke thought as he came closer. " What's going on?" Luke asked as he shifted his gaze to Zekk and back to Mara. Mara raised her head and stared at him. He could tell she had been crying. " Luke.... They're are.. alive. " She managed to say before she started to cry again. Luke moved quickly to her and sat down putting his arms around her.

" Who's alive?" He said softly. Mara looked up at him and tried to speak but erupted in tears. He shifted his gaze to Zekk hoping for a answer.

Zekk bit his lip and looked out at the ground. He didn't speak for a moment. Finally he looked back up at Luke looking directly into his eyes. " I.. um... guess you could say Mara's children."

Luke stared at Zekk confused. " What are you talking about!" Luke said loudly.

Zekk opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Mara. " The Empire created two.... Children using blood types.." Mara stops for a second and wiped the tears from her eyes. " They used many blood... blood types from the best of best. But they also used some jedi blood." Mara tried to continued to talk but started crying again.

" They used Mara's, the Emperor , and probably more." Zekk spoke up. Luke sat there for a second not knowing what to do. Why hadn't Mara told me about this he asked himself.

Suddenly the door chimed and swooshed open. Luke looked towards the door to find his niece carrying a boy about her age into the room. She was followed by Han, Leia, and Tenel Ka.

" Make room," Jaina said as she walked to the couch. Luke stood up followed by Mara and Zekk. Jaina dropped the stranger onto the couch and then backed away. " Man he was heavy! Lucky I had the force or we would have had to drag him." Jaina said. Luke walked closer to the boy. He placed a hand on the boys head. " Which of you stunned him?" Luke asked as he looked back at Han. Han frowned and leaned against the wall. " I made a mistake... It ain't my fault."

Luke shook his head and returned his attention to the young man. He lifted up his eyelids and saw that they were dilated. Luke also saw the color of the boy's eyes. Luke gasped and backed up. He looked back at Zekk. " Is .. is this who I think it is?" He asked trying to remain calm.

Zekk nodded and looked down at the boy. " Luke I would like you to meet Deson BeeTwoSeven.... The emperors son."


Deson sat up groggily. He felt terrible. He hadn't felt this bad since the day they took him out of carbinite. He looked around at his surroundings. Where was he?

" Where am I," He said out loud. He forces himself off the couch and stood up. He looked around again. He appears to be in a room made out of stone.

It only took a second for Deson to realize where he was. He was in the temple. He frowned and mumbled a few curses under his breath. He looked around and studied the room some more He saw a three doors. He looks at each of the door and finally made up his mind. He started to walk towards the one to his left but tripped over his own feet. He hit the floor hard. He cursed under his breath again and stood up . Must be the stun affects his mind said as he stood up. Deson made it to the door and opened it slightly. It was a refresher. He closed it and turned to the door to the right of him. He walked to it and opened it slightly. It lead out into the temple halls. He smiled and walked out. He didn't even see Zekk till his fist connected to his jaw. Deson fell to the floor holding his jaw.

" Deson... How good it is see you again," He said in a rough tone. Deson looked up at him and frowned. He staggered to his feet and stared at Zekk. " Oh I can really tell old buddy," Deson said still glaring at Zekk.

Zekk shrugged and smiled. " I just greeted you the same way you greeted me."

Deson shook his head in disgust. " I never figured you as a light sider Zekk? What happened did Jaina make you stay with her?"

Zekk smile faded and frowned. " I stayed because I wanted to become a great Jedi." Deson busted up laughing. " The only thing you'll ever be is a great trash collector," Deson said referring to Zekk's old nickname at the academy. He could tell that Zekk was getting mad. " Deson I thought you were here to help us get Jacen back," Zekk said.

Deson rolled his eyes and smiled. " I was till some jerk stunned me, trash collector."

Deson turned around and started to walk down the hall. Suddenly he felt Zekk push a blaster against his back.

" You can cooperate and come with me to meet Master Skywalker or I can stun you and drag you to him." He heard Zekk say angrily. Deson frown and slowly reached down for his blaster. When he got to his holster he found it wasn't there. Deson closed his eyes and mumbled some curses. He then raised his hands and put them behind his head. " Lets go."


Luke Skywalker walked through the halls with Han, Leia, Jaina, Tenel Ka, and Mara. He didn't know what to say. Should he be mad at Mara for not telling him about this? He sighed and put his arm around his wife.

He looked at her. Everyone could tell that she had been crying. Luke only seen Mara cry once in his life. That was the day he had been shot by a imperial officer on a mission. The doctors said he should have died but somehow he had pulled through. He still had a huge scar on his left side of his stomach.

" Mara I got to ask you something," Luke heard Han say from behind him. He frowned and shook his head. If he was Han he would keep his mouth shut. Luke barely kept Mara from killing Han for stunning her son. Mara stopped walking and turned around. " What is it Solo."

Han cleared his throat " I was just thinking.. If this was your son wouldn't he be about in his late twenties?" Luke looked at Mara and waited for an answer. Finally Mara spoke. " I don't know Solo, but I can tell you this! That boy in Luke and my quarters is Deson."

" Maybe he couldn't grow for a while," Tenel Ka said. All of the eyes glued onto her. Tenel Ka continued " Some time ago a female scientist from Hapes tried to create a child since she couldn't have any children. When the HSC... The Hapes Scientist Circle found out they closed the project. Afte...."

" We don't need a history lesson, Get to point," Mara said in a harsh tone. Luke frowned and grabbed Mara's hand. Tenel Ka looked at Mara then at Luke. " When they release the child from the cylinder he didn't grow for 4 years."

Luke nodded his head " It's possibility." Suddenly he heard someone start to laugh from behind him. Luke turned around to find Deson and Zekk. Luke saw that Zekk held a blaster. Luke raised a eyebrow and walked towards them. As he got closer he saw that Deson had a bloody lip. Luke looked at Zekk and frowned. " Zekk did you hit him?" He asked hoping that Zekk didn't. Zekk nodded his head slowly and frowned. " Yes I did Master Skywalker.. I'm sorry."

Luke frowned and shook his head. " Anger leads to the darkside Zekk." Zekk lowered his head " I'm sorry I know shouldn't have done it." Luke nodded and looked at Deson. Deson busted up laughing.

" Holy Sith Zekk! You turned into a first class, wampa rat eating, not educated WUSS!" Deson said loudly. Luke could feel anger rising from Zekk. Luke quickly walked over to Deson and motioned Zekk to back up.. Luke stared at Deson for a moment wondering what to say. Deson shook his head and smiled. " You got this all wrong... I didn't stop growing because I was a experiment. I stopped growing because I was frozen in carbinite for about 15 years... Does that answer your question, Father 28?"

Luke eyes widened and his mouth dropped. " They used my blood?" Luke said. Deson smiled and nodded his head. " The emperor told me and my sister who were my fathers." Deson grinned. " So you need my help to find Jacen.... Lets make a deal daddy... If you don't stun me anymore I'll help you."


Qorl frowned as he watched Deson walk out of the temple with a group of people through his binoculars. He shook his head in disgust and turned around and glared at his troops. " Look at that! Are prey has gotten away.. I thought I taught you better! We should have caught him before he reached the temple!"

He looked around at his troops. He could tell that they were disappointed in themselves. Qorl shook his head and started to walk away from the temple towards camp. " Come on... We need to warn the camp before the rebels attack," He said as he ducked under a branch.

Jaina walked through Jacens room feeding her brother's animals. She still couldn't believe what happened to her brother.. How could someone take someone's memory away. She brushed away a tear and continued to feed Jacen's animals. Jaina finished feeding the creatures then turned around and ran strait into someone. She back up and stared at Deson. He stared at her and then looked at the creatures in the cages. " So these are Jacens?" He asked in a emotionless voice. She nodded her head " Yes.. Yes they are." She looked at Deson and frowned. She still didn't trust him. He looked away from the animals and look at her. " Jaina.. I'm sorry for what I did... It was stupid of me to come here in the first place.. If I would have stayed away from the temple Jacen would still be here," Deson said. She could tell he was telling the truth. He turned away and started to walk out.

" Why did you come here anyway ?" She asked. He stopped and looked back. He stared at her for a minute and frowned. " I wanted to know who you were.," He smiled weakly. " I fell in love," He then turned around and walked out. Jaina stood there for a second then ran out calling his name. "Deson wait!" She called as she approached him. He turned around and stared at her. She wet her lips and looked at him. " Deson you might have led my brother to your camp... but you chose to come back here and try to help him...," Jaina leaned over and kissed his cheek. She looked at him and smiled. " Thank you Deson." She then turned around and walked away.

Kia stared at Qorl and his troops with anger in her eyes. " You incompetent fools!" She yelled with rage. " You are my best platoon and you can't even catch one person!"

She stared at them all. She knew she needed to make a point. She looked around the group and finally pointed to a boy. She signaled him to come closer. The boy hesitated for a moment then came closer. She stood up and walked to him slowly. She finally stopped a foot away from him. She raised her left hand and stared at the boys. The boy eyes open as he grabbed his throat and started to choke him. " Unfortunately I'll have to kill him to prove a point." Kia said evilly. The boy fell to his knees clutching his throat. His face turned a dark red.

" Madam Kia release him at once," She heard Qorl say. She turned around and looked at him. Qorl bit his lip. " Madam Kia.. We are low on troops and with the Rebels coming we'll need all the troops we can get.. That boy your choking is one of my best soldiers.

Kia stared at him for a second then looked back at the boy. His face was know dark blue. She sigh and released him. The boy gasped for air and coughed violently. She motioned for her troops to help him up. They did. " Get out all of you Know!" Kia yelled evilly. " KNOW!" Everyone in the room scrambled to the door and left.

Kia sighed and walked to her throne and sat back down. She closed her eyes and leaned back in the throne. " Jacen.. Get me some thing to eat," She said tiredly. " Yes dear," She heard Jacen said. She sighed and opened her eyes. Jacen bought her a plate of fruit and gave it to her. She smiled at him " Thank you." He nodded and sat in the throne next to hers. She looked at Jacen and smiled. " Honey.. I need you to get together with Qorl and make a battle strategy. The Jedi might be attacking."

" Why would they attack?" Jacen asked. She looked over at him and smiled. " Oh ... You know Jedi.. Always trying to start a war." Jacen smiled and looked at her. " Ya... sure, I'll meet with Qorl tomorrow."


Part Three

" Deson! There you are!" Deson heard a familiar voice call out from him as he walked through the temple halls. Deson sighed and turned around. Mara Skywalker ran up to him. " How'd you get out of my room without the New Republic guards seeing you?" She asked curiously.

Deson shrugged and smiled. " It's a gift." He bowed his head and then turned around. " I apologize for scaring you mother." He said as he started walking away.

" I need to ask you something Deson." He hear Mara say from behind him. He turned around and leaned against the wall.

" Okay, Shoot," He said. Mara stared at him and walked closer to him.

" Deson, you said you met the emperor. I just want to know when did he find you?" She asked in a clam tone. Deson raised a eyebrow.

" May I ask what your talking about?" He asked confused. He had know idea what she was talking about. Mara stared at him for a second. " You know when you and your sister escaped, When did the emperor find you?" She asked in the same calm tone.

Deson smiled and nodded his head. " Oh your talking about the cover up!" He said before he started to laugh. " Me and my sister didn't escape! The Emperor thought you were getting to attached to me and my sister. So he made the Scientist transport us to him and lie to you."

Mara stared at him with a shock expression on her face. Deson patted his mom on the shoulder. " I wouldn't be shocked, You must by now know that the emperor has lied to you before."

Mara nodded her head slowly. Deson turned around and started to walk away. He was about to turn the corner when Mara called out to him. He turned around and looked at her. " What know?"

Mara jogged up to him and stopped a couple of feet away from him. " Why did the emperor freeze you and your sister in carbonite?" She asked. Deson frowned and sighed. " Me and my sister were joking around about dethroning him and he heard us. He put us in carbonite for are punishment. He said he would release us in a few months but he was killed in the death star." Deson shook his head. " I don't know what's worse. Dying or being put in carbonite."

He looked back at Mara and smiled weakly. " I hope I answered all your questions because I'm tired." Deson said as he yawned. " And by the way, Can I get a room of my own. I think I'm alittle to old to be living with my parents."

Mara smiled and shook her head. " I can see you got Skywalker's sense of humor.. both of you have the corniest jokes I've ever heard." She said and she gave Deson a hug.

Deson was a little surprised but returned the hug. He guess he could let his mom hug him once. He pulled away and smiled " Thank god I don't got his looks." Mara's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She punched him in the shoulder and said she would get him a room. Deson followed her as she led him to his room.


Raynar and Lusa stood at the waterfall staring at the starlit sky. The night was unusually quiet. Raynar looked at Lusa and smiled to himself. God she's beautiful he thought as he scooted closer to her. He reached into his pocket and made sure that the ring was still there for the 10th time. It was. He took the ring out and hid it from Lusa. He didn't want her to see it yet. " Um.. Lusa I have been meaning to ask you something." Raynar said still trying to think of the words to say to her. Lusa looked at him and smiled. " Yes Raynar?" Raynar gulped and took a deep breath.

Raynar got down on one knee and grabbed Lusa's hand. " Lusa, We've been in love for many years. We are about to become Jedi Knights and I want us to be together forever." Raynar paused for a moment and stared into Lusa's eyes. " Lusa.. will you marry me?"

Lusa stared at him with a surprised look on her face. Raynar stared into her eyes not saying anything. He lifted up the ring and slipped it on his finger. Raynar saw a tear fall Lusa's eye and she nodded her head. " Yes Raynar I will!"

Raynar leaped into the air and yelled with joy. He then wrapped his arms around Lusa and kissed her.


Jacen and Qorl sat at a table discussing the what to do about the Jedi Academy. Qorl wanted to run and find somewhere else to live but Jacen wanted to fight the Jedi. " We can't just run away every time we have to fight the jedi!" Jacen pointed out for the fortieth time. Qorl shook his head and frowned. " We don't have enough people to fight the Jedi! We only have 10 Dark knights and 50 storm troopers left!" Qorl pounded his arm on the table. " We are dead if we stay here!"

Jacen smiled and shook his head. "We won't loose this time! We will defeat the enemy once and for all!." He stood up and walked slowly towards Qorl. "We have enough men to attack the Jedi and kill everyone in the temple! If we attack tonight we would have the temple in a hour! " Jacen said smiling.

Qorl was about to protest when someone entered the room clapping his hands. " Bravo darling! Bravo!" Kia said as she walked to the table. " I bet we could take the Jedi and there defenses... They wouldn't expect a thing, I have foreseen us as the winners of this battle."

Jacen wrapped his arms around his wife and hugged her.

" We will fight and we will win!" Jacen said smiling evilly. " The Jedi die tonight!"

Kia grabbed a cup from the table and held it in the air. " To the death of the Jedi!" She yelled. Qorl and Jacen grabbed a cup from the Jedi and raised there glasses. " To the Death of the JEDI!"


Deson woke up from his bed soaked with sweat. He had just had the worst nightmare. He had seen the temple being taken over by the his sisters forces. Deson got out of bed and walked to the refresher. He turned on the facet and splashed water in his face still thinking about his dream. Could Kia be on her way here to take the temple? He didn't really know. He grabbed a towel from the ground and wiped his face off. He walked out of the refresher and walked to a window. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep if he didn't make sure that the dark forces weren't on there way here. Deson took a deep breath and climbed out of his window. As soon as he left the window he found himself sliding down the temple wall. Deson waited till he was about to hit the ground when fell forward and rolled. He felt himself hit the ground pretty hard. Not dangerously hard but enough to get the wind knocked out of him. He staggered to his feet and brushed the dirt off his pants. He smiled and then walked towards the docking bay. He hoped that was were the kept the speeders bikes.


Zekk sat near the lightning rod staring out at the starry night. Jaina had been there with him earlier but told him she was tired and she left. So know here was Zekk all alone. He tried to think about Jaina but kept on thinking about one person. Deson. He knew he was up to know good. That's when he heard a speeder bike start. Zekk leaped to his feet and ran to were they kept the speeder bikes. As soon as he turned the corner he saw a person on a speeder bike fly off towards the jungle. Zekk knew who the person was. It was Deson. He just knew it.

Zekk cursed some rodian curses and ran to a speeder bike and started it. He hit the gas and flew out of the bay at full speed.


Qorl didn't like this at all! Attacking the Jedi was the most idiotic scheme he had ever heard of. He didn't care what Kia foresaw he still thought it was a bad idea. He sighed and shook his head. Why did he even agreed to help Kia. He didn't really know he just remembering sounding like a good idea at the time.

Qorl looked up at the moon as he and what remained of the Second Imperial Army walked through the jungle. Qorl suddenly heard a noise. Speeders Bikes.


Deson sped through the jungle at full speed. He stared down at the jungle ground seeing if there was any people down there. Suddenly he felt a trimmer in the force. Deson turned his head and cursed under his breath as he saw Zekk race towards him. He could tell that Zekk thought he was running back to his sister. Deson slowed down and waited for Zekk to catch up.

As soon as Zekk caught up to him Deson acted like he was unrolling a window. He then looked at Zekk and said. " Is there a problem officer?" Zekk took out a blaster from his holster and aimed it at Deson. " What are you doing out here?" He said with a bit of anger in his voice. Deson raised a eyebrow and looked at the blaster. " Do you always carry a blaster?"

Zekk nodded his head. " Better safe then sorry, know what are you doing out here?"

Deson frowned then looked down at the jungle floor. " I was just seeing if there was anyone out there, Is that all right with you?" He asked. Zekk raised a eyebrow. " And what are you looking for? I doubt you're looking for animals." Zekk said as he lowered the blaster.

Deson smirked then shook his head. " Nope, I just had a dream and I wanted to see if Kia and them were coming." Zekk leaned against the speeders bike handles. " Kia's might be coming.. and you just came here to check it out, How nice of you.." Zekk mumbled softly. Deson was about to make a remark when his danger senses went off.

" Look out!" Deson welled as he leaped off his speeder bike and tackled Zekk. As soon as both of them fell off, there speeder bikes exploded. Zekk and Deson fell towards the ground screaming. Blaster fired barely missed them as they fell through trees and vines. Finally they hit the ground hard. Deson staggered to his feet and grabbed Zekk's elbow. "Come on!" He pulled Zekk to his feet but then Zekk fell on his face. Deson cursed and then lifted Zekk over his shoulders and started running. Blaster bolts hit the trees and rocks as he ran with Zekk on his shoulder. Deson only stopped for a second to look to a place to run. East, West, North, or South... hmm... Lets go west he thought to himself as he started running through the jungle once more. He saw the temple in the distance and he ran as fast as he could. He could still hear people behind him. As Deson leaped over a rock two figures leaped into front of him. Deson smiled as he got a idea. He lifted Zekk off his shoulders and threw them into the people. The people caught Zekk and staggered back. Deson sensed someone was about to attack from the back. So he ducked and let the gray lightsaber fly over his head. Deson leaped into the air and sent his left leg up as he twirled in the air. His foot caught someone in the jaw. The person fell to the floor holding his hurt jaw. Deson used to the force to make the person's lightsaber fly into his hand. He then sent his foot into the teenagers head knocking him out. Deson twirled around and ducked as two pair of lightsabers flew towards him. As soon as Deson ducked he stuck out his foot and tripped one of the students. The dark jedi fell to the floor and hit his head on a rock. He laid there not moving. Deson stared at the remaining student. The dark jedi stared at Deson for a moment then charged him. Deson was about to do some fancy fighting move when a rock flew from the ground and smacked right into the students skull. He fell like a rock. Deson looked over and raised a eyebrow. " So when have you been away?"

Zekk staggered to his feet and glared at Deson. " I woke up about the time when you threw me into those two!" Zekk yelled angrily. Deson smiled then ripped some vines off a tree. " Help me out trying them up."


Kia walked into the clearing with all her troops. It had been five minutes since she had sent her best troops to find Deson and she knew they were either dead, or knocked out. " Mistress Kia! Look!" One of her followers said as he pointed a candle towards a tree. Kia shook her head in disgust when she saw he troops tied up. A message was carved into a tree next to them.

The Empire died and so will the dark knights.
Lay down your weapons and lets not fight!

Your former soldiers,
Deson and Zekk

Kia let out a scream of frustration. " DESON I"LL KILL YOU AND ZEKK I SWEAR." She yelled at the top of her lungs.


Raynar and Lusa walked slowly towards the temple hand in hand. Raynar was the happiest man in the world! Who would have thought a girl like Lusa would say yes. It had taken major guts to ask her to marry him. He smiled and looked at Lusa. " So, when do we tell the others?" Lusa looked over to him " I think we should wait tell Jacen is found... I don't want to tell Jaina this is the happiest day I ever had when she has been going through hell." She said. Raynar thought about it for a moment then nodded his head. " I guess your right." He then leaned in for a kiss. They kissed for awhile. Raynar thought it would last for ever but suddenly someone behind him cleared there throat. Raynar thought it was Master Skywalker but when he turned around he found storm troopers all around him. Raynar was about to reach for his lightsaber but Lusa told him not too. They both raised there hands slowly. Two teenagers emerged from the crowd and walked slowly towards them. Deson could make out a girls face. She had black hair and looked a little bit like that new guy, Deson. That when it clicked in him. This must be that Kia girl Deson was talking about. The other person walked closer to Raynar and smiled wickedly at him. It was Jacen! "Jace man? Is that you?" Raynar asked stunned. Jacen drew back his hand and smacked Raynar hard a crossed the face. Raynar fell to the ground holding his jaw. He looked up and glared at Jacen. That's when he saw Jacen do something. Jacen slapped Lusa. Raynar leaped from the ground onto Jacen. The both fell to the ground throwing punches. They fought for awhile. Jacen somehow got on top of him and started punching Raynar in the face. He tried to block them but he wasn't doing a good job. Jacen started to get up thinking Raynar gave up. He was wrong. Raynar raised his knee quickly and nailed Jacen hard between the legs. Jacen fell to the ground screaming in pain. Raynar was about to leap onto Jacen when he heard Lusa gasp. He turned his head and found a lightsaber to Lusa's head. Kia held it. " Stop this know or this centaur b**ch dies," Raynar stood up slowly and held up his hands. Kia signaled for five guards to take them. She then looked at a older man. " Qorl take them to the cliffs and execute them."

Raynar saw that Qorl was about to protest put Kia held up a finger. " I'm the leader and I mean know!" The elderly man nodded then walked towards them. Raynar felt himself get pushed through the jungle as the guards led them to there death.


Luke Skywalker woke up from his bed to blaster fire. He quickly grabbed his jedi robe and out it on. Then he walked to the window and looked out. His eyes caught sight of storm troopers. About 50 of them firing at the New Republic Guards as 30 other soldiers stormed the temple. " Luke what's going on?" Mara asked from behind him.

" The 2nd imperial is attacking!" Luke yelled as he ran to the computer in his room. He went through some programs and then activated the alarm. A second after he did it a huge noise blared through the temple.


Jaina leaped out of her bed as soon as she heard the alarm go off. She didn't know what was going on but bet it involved the remaining dark knights. She quickly put on her robe and grabbed her lightsaber. She walked slowly towards her door. She was about to open the door when two dark skinned boys busted in. She immediately activated her lightsaber and took her stance. The boys looked at each other then smiled. The lifted up there lightsabers and swung it at Jaina with full force. Jaina fell to her knees and let the boys lightsabers fly over her head and into each other. She could tell they weren't very good lightsaber fighters.


Lowie leaped from his hammock as soon as he smelled the sent of blaster fire. He reached for his belt and took out his lightsaber. He ignited it and ran to his door. As soon as he opened his door a dark knight ran towards him. Lowie raised his lightsaber and blocked the blow. The boy backed up a little then ran after Lowie. Before there lightsabers crashed into each other, Lowie deactivated his and move out of the way. The boy sliced threw the air and fell forward clumsily. Lowie grabbed the kid by the back of the shirt and threw him out the window. The boy screamed loudly as he fell but finally silenced when he hit the hard ground.


Tenel Ka stood over the tied up boys in her room. The four boys had ran in her room holding lightsabers. They didn't think a one armed girl was going to be such a challenge. They were greatly mistaken. She had fought all for of them and had kicked butt! Know they laid on the floor struggling to get out of the rope she had use to tie them up with. She walked to each of the boys and took all there weapons. Whatever weapon she found she threw it out her window. When she was finished doing that she walked to her door and opened it. She looked back at the boys and nodded her head. " Have a nice night gentlemen."


Qorl and the five storm troopers stood in front of the two jedi. They had taken there weapons and were ready to execute them. Qorl raised his blaster and orders his men to raise there's. They did. He detected a hit of fear from the two jedi. " Ready.... Aim... FIRE!" Qorl yelled. The boys pulled the triggers and..... nothing happened. Qorl suddenly grabbed the nearest boys neck and snapped it with ease. The boys lifeless body fell to the floor. Qorl quickly retrieved the hidden blaster from his boot and fired four stun blast at the boys. All of them fell to the ground. Qorl looked at the two jedi then took out a remote from his pocket. " A little thing that I made... it makes the people blasters that are near me not fire for 10 seconds." He bowed his head and then took there lightsabers out of his pocket. He tossed it to them and said " Let the jedi bring peace to the galaxy again," Then he turned around and walked into the jungle. He wanted to retire and live in the jungle with peace. He was getting to old for this,


Jacen and his wife watched from a distance as the fight raged on. It appears there side was doing a good job. The Jedi were putting up a good fight but soon they would loose. He felt Kia lips press against his cheek. He smiled. " This was a good plan," She said with excitement. Jacen nodded his head. He suddenly felt something with the force. He and Kia quickly turned around and stared at two boys holding lightsabers. There in front of them stood Zekk and Deson.

" Kia! So nauseating it is to see you again," Deson spat at Jacen's wife. He and Kia drew there lightsabers and got ready for a fight.


" You take Jacen, Zekk, But try to knock him out don't hurt him," Deson told Zekk as he made himself towards Kia. He hoped Zekk could take on Jacen.

Deson twirled his lightsaber as he made his was towards Kia. " I'm sick of the 2nd imperials and you," Deson said angrily. His sister smiled at him and shook her head softly. " Deson I've always been better then you in fighting you don't have a chance." She said evilly.

Deson walked slowly towards her and raised his lightsaber. " Shut up and fight."

Kia shook her head and lowered her lightsaber. " It wouldn't be a fair fight....Here take this," She said as she grabbed her blaster from her belt and tossed it to him. Deson caught it and frowned. " Oh wow.. these kinds of blasters can only fire one shot." He then put the small blaster in his pocket.

Kia shrugged, then raised her lightsaber and swung her lightsaber at Deson. Deson blocked his sister lightsaber with his. He pushed her away and sliced at her belly. She sucked into her gut and sliced at Deson. Deson did a back flip and flew over his sisters lightsaber. He landed softly on a tree branch. He stared down at his sister and smiled. " Pretty good huh?"

Kia wiped some sweat away from her forehead and nodded. " You will lose this battle... and so will your friend Zekk," She said. Deson looked away at Kia and stared at Zekk. Zekk appeared to be okay. That's when he realized his mistake. He looked back at Kia but it was too late. A huge rock smack right into his chest and sent him flying to the ground. He hit the ground hard and felt acouple ribs snap. He staggered up and held his lightsaber weakly. Suddenly another rock came from behind him and hit him in the back sending him to the ground. He was about to stand up when a rock fell right on top of the hand he was holding his lightsaber with. He screamed in pain and let his lightsaber go. He knew his hand was broken. He staggered up but was immediately was hit by dozen rocks. Deson staggered back and tried to block the rocks but without a lightsaber it wasn't much help. Suddenly he felt his danger senses explode. He looked up just in time to see a tree limb fly into his right shoulder. He screamed in pain and fell right onto his back. He laid there in pain not knowing how he was going to win. Suddenly Kia was standing right over him with her lightsaber a inch away from his face. " That was pathetic Deson!" She said as she raised her lightsaber. " Know you die!"

That's when he heard a scream. He could tell Kia heard it to because she turned her head to see Jacen leaning against a tree holding his bloody forehead. This was Desons chance. He drew the small blaster from his pocket and pushed it against Kia's stomach. Kia looked back down at him with fear in her eyes. The y stayed like that for a moment just staring at each other. Finally Kia spoke. " Deson... this isn't the jedi way."

Deson smiled and looked into her eyes. " Guess what, your not a jedi." Then he pulled the trigger.


Jacen staggered back holding his bloody forehead. He couldn't believe this lightsider had struck him. He felt anger rush through his body. He gripped his lightsaber tightly then ran towards the jedi. He was almost there when he heard a blaster go off.

That's when the pain came. He fell to his knees screaming in pain holding his head. What was going on! He felt like a thousand things were being stuffed into his brain. He managed to deactivate his lightsaber before he fell to the ground unconscious.


Jacen and Tenel Ka walked towards the medical bay hand in hand. It had been a week since the attack on the academy but Jacen still had a horrible headache. The medical doctor said it was his memory returning back to him and it should go away soon.

Jacen couldn't remember much about what happened when he was with Kia. He only remembered how he felt when he was around Kia. He had loved her.

Jacen looked at Tenel Ka and wrapped his arm around her. She leaned her head against his chest. He was glad that he was back with Tenel Ka but for some reason he still felt like he loved Kia. He hoped the feeling would go away.

Tenel Ka and Jacen walked into the medical bay just as Deson started to step out of the bacta he had spent a week in. He wrapped a blanket around himself and looked around. Jacens Aunt, Mara, leaped from her seat she had spent a week in and ran and hugged Deson. Deson returned the hug. Jacen stared at them for awhile and waited for them to finishes hugging. Finally after a couple minutes Deson pushed away and grabbed a towel from the medical droid. Jacen and Tenel Ka walked up to him slowly. Deson looked up and smiled weakly. " Jacen It's good to see you back to your old self."

Jacen grabbed Deson hand and shook it. " Thank you... Thanks you for helping me." Deson nodded his head. " I got you into that mess I had to get you out."

Deson dried off his wet hair and looked around. " Can a ex-dark jedi get a bite of food around here."


2 days later

Deson walked towards the landing pad with Mara and Luke. He had told them that he wanted to explore the galaxy before he became a jedi last night. He thought the both of them were going to be mad but surprisingly they understood. He was going to take a transport today when it came to Yavin for next deliveries drop off but this morning Luke woke him up and told him had a surprise for him.

So here he was walking with his parents to the landing pad. " Come on Luke what are you going to show me?" Deson asked as they got closer to the landing pad. " You'll see," Said Mara as she wrapped her arm around Luke. He could here them whispering about something. Finally when they got to the landing pad Deson saw Jaina and Lowie working on a transport. He saw Zekk, Lusa and Raynar carrying some tools and bags onboard. He also saw Tenel Ka, Jacen, Leia, and Han clean the ship. What's going on here? Deson thought as he walked closer to the ship. " Know what it this?" Deson asked as he looked at the ship. He felt Lukes hand on his shoulder. " This is a gift ... It's a old ship I haven't used in years... Used to be the Shadow Chaser, Deson I want you to have it." Luke said. Deson turned around and shook his head. " You joking me! Your giving me this beauty?"

Luke nodded his head. " Yes I am.. You do know how to work a ship right?" Deson smiled and nodded his head. " Father 12 was one of the best flyers in the galaxy, I bet I can handle it."

Luke nodded his head and then handed Deson a Data Pad. " Just punch in the name you want to call it and you can leave."

Deson stared at the pad and thought for a moment. Then typed in the name and handed it to Luke. Luke looked at it and nodded his head. " The Jedi's Echo.. I like it."


Deson sat in the pilots seat of the Jedi's Echo staring out at the stars. He still couldn't believe he had his own ship. Before he left everyone wished him luck and gave him a hug. Even Zekk. Deson knew he needed money if he was going to see the galaxy. So he had decided to start smuggling. He started to think about where he was going to go first but was interrupted by the computer beeping. The hyperspace calculations were finished. He looked down and grabbed the hyperdrive lever. " Lets rock and roll." Deson said before he pulled back the lever and went into hyper space.

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