The problems of two Skywalkers
By DesonB27 and Mirri Skywalker

Deson B27 sat at the controls of his ship slowly piloting towards Yavin Four. The small moon got closer every minute. Deson just sat there staring at it. He was going back to Yavin Four. The planet that he had vowed never to return to. The planet where his mother lived.

It's not that didn't want to see his mother again. He couldn't wait to see her. The only thing he didn't want to do is go back onto the surface of that humid planet. He didn't know why, but every time he came in contact with that planet he could still feel his sister's presence.

"Stop whining," Deson mumbled under his breath as he pushed a button on his radio and asked for clearance to land. There was a moment of silence. Deson leaned back in his seat frustrated. "Any time, gentlemen!" Deson screamed at the radio, still waiting for the response.

Finally the radio came to life. "You have clearance to land, Jedi's Echo. Enjoy your stay on Yavin Four."

"Oh yea, I'll have a fun old time there." Deson muttered, as he piloted his ship down through the atmosphere.


Deson walked slowly down the boarding ramp of the Jedi's Echo, feeling a little nervous. He hadn't seen his mother and father in more then a year. Well, he had seen his mother but that was only on the holovid. This was real life

This was one of the first times in his life that he was actually terrified. God, he hoped everything was the same. He hoped that his best friend, Jaina had graduated. He hoped it would still seem normal to him.

Deson sighed and breathed in some of the humid, jungle air. His yellowish eyes searched around for a moment until he spotted a woman with red-golden hair. He smiled wide and dropped his brown, torn up bag to the ground. He ran to her.

"Deson!" Mara Jade Skywalker cried happily as he leaped into her arms and gave her a strong hug.

He pulled back and smiled. "Mom, you look just the same since the last time I saw you! And, I have to say, the academy still looks like hell," he said as he looked around.

Mara wrapped her arm around his shoulders and started leading him towards the temple. "A lot has changed since you've been gone."

Deson looked around and raised an eyebrow. "Yea? Like what?" He asked as he looked at her.

Mara was about to say something when a girl about 5 feet, 8 inches with dirty blonde hair walked out of the temple.

"Mom! We need to talk. Luke refuses to let me go to the speeder bike races! He promised. This place totally sucks!" She shouted as she got closer.

Deson looked at Mara confused. "Mom? Did I hear her wrong?" He looked at the girl and back at Mara. "You have a daughter?"

Mara looked at the girl and then back at him for a moment and then smiled weakly. "Mirri, I want you to meet ... your brother, Deson." Mara stopped and looked at him. " Deson I want you to meet your sister, Mirri."


The girl stared at Deson for a few moments, eyebrows raised. She finally turned to Mara.

"Very funny. Now, like I was saying before, Luke is being--"

"Mirri!" Mara cut her off sharply. The girl snapped to attention and crossed her arms. Deson looked over at Mara and saw that her eyes held a look of annoyance and frustration. "Will you stop for just one minute and give me some peace?" Mirri stopped and crossed her arms. Mara sighed and rubbed her temples. "Thank you. Now, let's get one thing straight here, young lady. I do not appreciate you calling your father by his first name--"

Mirri snorted. "I barely know him; why call someone that I've only known a couple of weeks 'dad'?" She cut off when Mara gave her 'the look'. Mara continued.

"And furthermore, I am not joking." She shoved Deson forwards gently. "This is your brother, Deson." There was a moment of silence before the girl blew up once again.

"My brother? Gee, guess it must've been another one of those minor details of my life that slipped your mind, huh, mom?" The girl continued to ramble on as Luke Skywalker walked quietly up to the group. He smiled as he caught sight of Deson, and frowned when he saw Mirri raising hell. He sighed, rolled his eyes, and walked up to stand next to Mara and Deson. He greeted the young man with a smile and firm handshake.

"I see you've met Mirri." He gestured to the raving teenager. Deson nodded, the shock of the news still not quite settled in.

"I...uh..." Deson was at a loss of words. He had another sister? He stood there, stunned beyond belief, watching the girl pace back and forth. She definitely took after Luke in looks, but had Mara's defiant nature. Deson wondered if her grandfather had also contributed to that spark of impishness. He glanced over at Mara and Luke, who in turn turned to face him. Luke sighed.

"I think an explanation is in order....for both Mirri and Deson." Deson nodded and crossed his arms.

"I'd believe so."

Mara smiled grimly. "Well, let's discuss it over lunch then, shall we?"


Deson sat in Luke's and Mara's quarters staring across the table at his new sister. How could Luke and Mara not tell him about this! How was anyone supposed to know what to do when they just met a new family member. Deson didn't have a clue.

"Deson!" Mara's voice knocked him back into reality. He slowly looked at her.

"Um.. Yeah?" He asked, as he picked up his fork and stuck it into his salad bowl. Mara looked at him with a concerned look on her face.

"I was just wondering if you were okay? You look a little pale," She said. Deson smiled weakly and shrugged.

"It's not everyday you find out that you have a new family member," he replied as he looked at Mirri. She was glaring at him. They stared at each other for a second. Finally she spoke.

"How the hell can he be my brother! He looks nothing like you or Luke!" she yelled. She leaped up and threw her napkin down. "And when the hell were you going to tell me about him, mom!"

Deson stood up and started speaking before Mara or Luke could get a word out. "I am a genetic experiment created by the Empire. They mixed 29 male blood types and 1 female blood type together. Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker were part of the experiment. That's how I was created."

Deson slowly turned around and glanced at Luke and Mara. "Why did you have to tell me like this! I had a sister and I had to kill her. I don't need or want another one!" He stood up and walked quickly out of the room.


Mirri was seething. She glared at both Luke and Mara, her gaze strong enough to melt an iceberg. She was so mad she was shaking, and she became even more angry when she found that she couldn't think of any cutting remarks to throw out.

"This is bullshit," she bit out. "I'm going out." Not that there was anywhere to go 'out' to, but she didn't care. She quickly grabbed a cream-filled pastry from the center of the table, stuffed it into her mouth, and stalked towards the door. She heard Luke calling after her.

"Mirri, you're being unreasonable--" She spun to face him, anger etched into her face.

"No, you're being unreasonable," she spat. "This whole academy thing is a load of crap, and so is the fact that I have a brother created in an Imperial research facility! For once, why don't you think of how I feel!" With that, she spun on her heel and strode quickly out of the door and headed towards her room. Located in the very lower levels of the Great Temple, it was secluded from any of the other students. And she preferred it that way. She had no desire to converse with them or have any kind of friendly relationship. Her best friend was lightyears away, probably off smuggling, while she was stuck here in what she called 'the 7th layer of hell'. She reached her room a few minutes later, and grabbed a small duffel bag from her closet. If she couldn't leave Yavin 4, then she'd do the next best thing: leave the academy. She did whenever she was angry at her mom or dad.

"I can NOT believe them," she muttered to herself as she threw a clean pair of clothes in her bag. "I guess I'll just spend the night in one of the temples." She glanced around the room quickly, scanning it for anything that she might have left behind. She grabbed a picture of her boyfriend, Jedi Knight Kyp Durron, and stuffed it into one of the pockets in her pants. Sighing, she left her room and headed for the temple's hangar bay. She'd take a speeder out to the river, then decide which temple to camp out in.


Deson sat on a boulder at the river trying his best to clear his mind of all the evil thoughts that clouded it. The thought of even having a sister was enough to make him turn into the darkside. He knew he shouldn't have come here today.

He sighed and laid down, stretching out on the boulder. "I guess I'm sleeping here tonight," He said as he looked up at the sky. Deson knew if he stayed in his ship or the academy Luke or Mara would talk to him. He didn't really feel like having a family togetherness talk right now. All he wanted to do is get some fresh air and stay as far away from that Mirri girl as-

Suddenly Deson heard something. He sat straight up and listened. It was a speeder. He quickly got onto his stomach and looked into the jungle. Suddenly a speeder came into view. With Mirri on it.

Deson made a disgusted face and was about to leave his place on the rock when he got an idea. He looked at the duffel bag that Mirri had and he smiled. He used the force to make it fly off the speeder and make all the contents fall out. He held in a laugh and watched Mirri stop the bike, curse loudly and start to gather the items.

Deson looked around and saw a picture laying on the ground. He also noticed Mirri was reaching for it. He quickly used the force to make it skip towards the water. He saw Mirri look around angrily.

"Who the hell is out there!" She shouted. Deson let his legs dangle over the boulder and stared at her. He looked at the picture and it floated to him. He grabbed it and studied it.

"Ain't he a little old for you?"

Mirri looked up at him and gave him the finger. "Hey jerk! Give that back before I kick the living shit out of you!" Deson smiled and tossed it down to her.

"Why're you down here? This is where I usually spend my pathetic life." He asked as he grabbed a stone and skipped it across the water. Mirri looked at him for a moment then leaned against her speeder.

"For your information, I'm looking for a place to stay for the night," she said.

Deson smiled as he got an idea. "There's a temple about 12 miles to the west of here. Very cool and comfortable."

Mirri looked at him for a moment then got on her bike. "Thanks," She mumbled before she sped off.

Deson cracked up as he watched her disappear from sight. "Oh, I forget to mention the stones there give you a bad rash when you touch them," he managed before he fell onto the boulder laughing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mirri finally reached the temple that Deson had directed her to right when the sun began to set over the horizon. She quickly grabbed her duffel bag, slung it over her shoulder, and headed towards the massive temple that towered in front of her. She slowly pulled her gloves off of her hands, staring up at the ancient temple ruins.

"Man, this place looks worse than the academy." Half of the temple had collapsed to the ground, either by an attack, or by age itself. The other half looked like it was about to fall in on itself, but Mirri found that the walls and support beams were sturdy when she reached out with the force.

"Well, I guess this place'll have to do for now," she mumbled to herself. She walked over to the still-standing part of the temple, and dropped her bag onto one of the stones. She leaned down and began unpacking her bag. She pulled out a blanket and a permanent marker, and sat down against a large stone. As the sun set even further behind the trees, she amused herself by writing 'Sith Rule' and 'Rebel' on her upper arm in basic, just to piss her father off the next day. When she was satisfied, she leaned against the large rock, closed her eyes, and became lost in her thoughts.

She had a brother. An older one at that. She scowled when she thought of their earlier conversation. His words when he'd seen the picture of Kyp rang in her ears. "Ain't he a bit old for you?" She'd wanted to hit him. Not for the remark, but so he'd possibly pass out and not find the time to mention the picture to Luke. Her and Kyp had been seeing each other for the past couple of weeks, but she didn't dare tell Luke. Kyp was a good ten years older than her, and she knew that Luke would have a fit when he found out that they'd been doing a lot more than just seeing each other.

And then there was Luke himself. He didn't understand her. He didn't understand that she'd been living off of his empty promises, that she was hurt whenever he had to go back on them. And she hated the fact that he tried to act like nothing was wrong when the only time she'd talked to him in her life was over the holonet. And then being brought to the academy against her will. That was what pissed her off the most. She reached back and scratched the back of her neck. Mara kept saying things would get better, but it seemed like things were only getting worse.

Mirri yawned and rolled over onto the ground, resting her head on a folded blanket that she'd brought along. There would be time enough to figure things out when she wasn't under constant scrutiny. She drifted off to sleep with the lulling sounds of the animals in Yavin 4's jungles echoing in her ears.


Deson walked through the academy halls slowly reading all the room numbers on the doors. He was looking for the 'suite' Luke had assigned him. Oh, how he couldn't wait to see what the moss looked like in his room! He sighed and continued down the hall. By the looks of it, he was at the very bottom of the temple. The basement. " So this is where Luke keeps all his little children... Locks them in the basement away from civilization." He mumbled as he walked towards a door.

He checked the number on the door and opened it slowly. As soon as the door opened, a small rat ran out of the room. Deson raised an eyebrow. "I see house keeping is doing it's usual bang-up job." He walked into the room and threw his bag onto the small cot in the corner. "Well, I guess this is going to be my dream home for now." He walked to the trunk near his bed and started to unpack his clothes into it. A couple of minutes later he heard a knock on the door.

Deson turned around and saw a man with black hair walk into the room. It was the man in Mirri's picture.

"Hey, I was just wondering if you've seen the girl that lives in the next room?" He asked in a calm voice. Deson 's eyes widened and he fell onto his bed.

"Damn you Luke!" he mumbled. " A room right next to Mirri! What did I ever do?" He looked up at the man and shrugged. "I have no idea. Sorry."

The man thanked him and walked away. Deson laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. "Yippee. First I have meet my sister, and now I'm forced to live by her!"

Deson sighed and sat back up. He quickly got done packing and walked out of the room and to the mess hall. He better get something to eat before he started his first day as a Jedi trainee.


The next morning dawned bright and hot as Mirri woke from her deep sleep. She yawned, rubbed her eyes, and glanced at her wrist chrono. Eight o' clock, Yavin time. She groaned. She'd missed Luke's morning lecture, and she was sure she'd be spending some time in his office later that afternoon. Mirri shrugged and sat up in her spot, stretching at the same time. She was about to begin packing her bag when she noticed something.....her arms were covered in large, red blotches, as were her shoulders.

"What the hell...?" She quickly dug through her bag and found a mirror. least it hadn't spread to her face. But what was it? She stood quickly, and sighed with relief when she saw that her legs had been protected by her long pants. She looked at her surroundings. The temple looked like every other temple on Yavin 4, but......Mirri's mouth fell open. The stones were tinted pink, that could only mean that that jerk Deson had pointed her in the direction of one of the temples that Luke had specifically told her to stay away from. She scanned her memory for the reason it was forbidden, and one look at her arms confirmed it. The stones created a rash when they came into contact with human skin. It didn't itch, but it left large blotches of red. Mirri nearly freaked.

"I'm going to kill him!" Her shout caused a large flock of birds that were nesting in the surrounding bushes to take flight, but she didn't care. She quickly gathered her things, attached them to the back of her speeder, and took off towards the Great Temple.


Deson sat in the mess hall, alone at the table. He ate alone like usual. He always ate alone. When he had been stuck in Yavin Four's jungles with the rest of the hiding shadow academy trainees. When he was in space, smuggling illegal spices. When he was growing up in the Imperial Palace when the Emperor still ruled the galaxy. He was used to it by now.

His yellowish eye looked away from the stew he was eating and he glanced around at all the chatting students. They were all so happy.

Deson looked back down at his stew and started eating again. Suddenly someone sat down at the table. He looked up and frowned. It was Tryke.

Tryke had been at the Shadow academy with him. He was pretty big for his size but his brain was as small as a rock. Deson always wondered how the hell he had the force. He always thought you needed to have a life to have it.

"Tryke, never thought you would be here," Deson said as he ate some of his stew. Tryke stared at him and leaned forward.

"Why're you here? This is a place for people with potential. Not freaks like you."

Deson glared at him. "I'm not a freak. I'm... like everyone else," Deson spoke trying to believe what he was saying. Tryke gave him a smirk and stood up.

"Lets take a poll then, shall we?" Tryke said as he stood up on the bench.

"Okay everyone listen up! See this guy right here! He is the Emperor's son! He also killed his sister just for the heck of it!"

Deson looked around, his yellowish eyes frightened. Everyone was staring at him. Some wore a confused look. Most were disgusted. Deson looked back down at his stew and continued to eat.

"Now, who thinks this freak should leave this place... Rumor has it that he's spying for the Empire," Tryke said. He heard a loud chorus of 'yeah'. Deson looked up at all the people. What did he do to them?

"Well, maybe he'll take Mirri with him! That girl's as screwed up as he is!" Tryke cried, laughing. That was it. Deson grabbed a fork and leaped from the bench.

He tackled Tryke and pushed the fork against his throat. He looked down into Tryke's eyes and saw fear in them. Deson stared down at him, angry. "Tryke, if I were an Imperial spy, you would be dead right now!" He snarled. He quickly stood up and stormed out of the mess hall.

He walked to his room and slammed the door, closing himself off from the real world. The only thing that eased his mind was the thought of Mirri covered with the rash from the temple.

"Talking about Mirri, shouldn't she be getting back around know?" He asked himself as he sat down on the bed and grabbed a book.


It was just beginning to get humid out when Mirri reached the temple. She growled softly as she parked her speeder in the hangar bay, and then proceeded towards her room. Maybe she could get a shower before Luke sought her out to yell at her again, and before every student in the academy noticed that she had something all over her arms and shoulders. She rounded the corner that led to the mess hall, but jumped back quickly when she saw Deson stride angrily out the door. She considered following him and giving him the beating that he deserved, when she heard raucous laughter coming from the mess hall. She narrowed her eyes and strode into the room.

One of the more advanced trainees, Tryke, sat at a table with his friends, laughing loudly. She narrowed her eyes as what he said reached her ears.

"Seriously though," he said in that haughty tone that Mirri hated. "I mean, how can he even be considered the Emperor's son? He can't be considered anyone's son. He's just an Imperial reasearch project gone wrong." One of his friends chuckled.

"Are you sure? I think maybe Mirri's the project gone wrong. The girl is psychotic. You know, I heard she beat up that new guy, Slate, a couple days ago. Master Skywalker still hasn't gotten an explanation from her." Tryke snorted.

"He probably caused her to break a nail or something." This was followed by another fit of laughter, but quickly died down when one of Tryke's other lackeys spoke up.

"Uh, Tryke? Maybe you should take it easy," he said, his voice filled with nervousness. He'd caught sight of Mirri slowly making her way across the room towards the group, her face expressionless.

"Shut up, Daivid," he snapped. "You're acting like that conniving little bitch is" Realization sunk in too late. Tryke whipped around, only to come face-to-face with a very angry Mirri Skywalker. "Ah....uh...Mirri!" His voice held a cheerful note to it, but Mirri saw right through it.

"Care to call me a conniving bitch to my face?" she bit out. Before he could answer, she'd grabbed the collar of his shirt and flung him to the ground. The boy hit the floor with a thud, but was on his feet in an instant. She was on him before he even gathered his wits, kicking, punching, and screaming insults. A large group had formed around the two fighting trainees, chanting for one or the other. The fight continued even as Luke came in five minutes later and attempted to break it up. Mirri was so blinded by her own rage that she nearly hit Luke while he was pulling her away from the older boy. Mara ran into the room shortly after Luke, grabbed Tryke and pinned his arms behind his back. The two trainees were still glaring at each other and mumbling threats as Luke and Mara hauled them off to Luke's office for a briefing. The Jedi Master sighed. What a way to start the morning.


Deson sat in his room, attempting to read. He stared down at the words, but didn't read them. He just sat there... with a couple of tears falling onto the pages. His days at the academy were starting out terribly! First his parents crack the news that he has a new sister, and now everyone hated him because... he was what he was.

He wiped the tears from his face and remembered the words of wisdom he had gotten from father 12. A true soldier doesn't shed tears; he leaves that to his opponent. That's when he got an idea.

Deson quickly stood up and ran to his trunk. He opened it and grabbed the small pack of blue powder he had gotten from his last smuggling job. He smiled, and ran out into the hall towards the room where the plumbing systems were held.

Deson forced the lid open on one of the pipes with a screwdriver. The lid popped off and fell to the floor. He quickly poured the powder into the pipe and screwed the lid back on. For the next five hours, anyone who took a shower in the academy would turn a light blue. Deson quickly unscrewed the pipes that led to Luke and Mara's apartment. He was about to leave when he stopped. He looked back and walked to the pipe that led to Mirri's room. She wasn't one of them that laughed at him... maybe.... Deson quickly unscrewed the pipe that led to her room and ran back to his quarters.


"And this time I mean it, Mirri!"

The door to her room slammed close with a loud bang, leaving Mirri standing by herself. She narrowed her eyes, and went into her refresher unit. She proceeded to study the area around her left eye, which had become swollen. She growled when she saw a hint of black and blue around the area.

"Eh, well, I got him good," she mumbled to herself. "Jerk-off won't dare pull crap like that around me again." She giggled when she remembered Tryke's bloody face glaring at her. After an hour passed, he'd look like a raccoon, and just the fact that she'd been able to make Luke mad at her made her feel better.

After cleaning up her cuts and attempting to do something about the rash that was all over her arms, she decided to get a shower. Luke wanted her out in front of the hangar bay at midday for another one of his jedi lessons, and she knew that her mother would be extremely angry with her if she blew him off again. She strode back into her room, rummaged through her trunk, and brought out a clean pair of clothes. Yes, a shower would make her feel better, and then she'd be able to figure out a way to endure Luke's lesson.


Mirri knew something was wrong right when she stepped out of the shower. And one glance at her reflection in the mirror nearly caused her to slip on the cool stone floor. Her skin was tinted blue! Not to mention her hair looked terrible. Instead of being dirty blonde, it had ultimately been replaced with navy blue. She gaped at her reflection.

"What the fuck?!?" she yelled. She searched through her trunk and grabbed a black outfit (the one she had wanted to wear was blue), and quickly pulled it on. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and decided the only thing that looked bad was her light blue skin. Her hair, she decided, actually looked really cool.

But that still didn't excuse whoever had pulled the stunt. And when she found out who'd done it, they'd be sorry. She strode out of her room, muttering curses under her breath. She headed for Luke's office, oblivious to the students that were pointing and giggling at her. She burst into Luke's office a few minutes later without knocking, and slammed the door. Luke jumped in his seat, and when he caught sight of her, he could barely keep in his laughter.

"Shut up," she snarled. "Look what happened when I got in the shower!" Luke burst out laughing, only making the girl more angry. "This isn't funny!" she shrieked. "Whoever did this is going to be beaten beyond recognition when I get through with them!" Luke finally gained control of himself, and was about to speak when the door opened softly. Mirri whipped around and saw Deson standing in the doorway. When he caught sight of Mirri, he couldn't keep the grin off his face.

Deson walked into Luke's room, ready to start the private lesson he had scheduled.

"Hey, Luke, I was just-" He stopped when he saw Mirri. He tried to hold back his grin as he backed up out of the room.

"I'm going to beat the living crap out of you!" Mirri yelled, as she hurried towards him. Deson held up his hands as he backed up.

"I swear to god that I unscrewed the pipe to your room!" He said as he backed up into a wall. Mirri walked closer to him and grabbed him by his shirt collar.

"Guess what? You unscrewed the wrong one!"

Deson grabbed Mirri's hands and yanked them off of his shirt. He then pushed her away. Mirri got in a fighting stance but before Deson or her could throw a punch Luke stepped in the way.

"Deson, what did you do?" he asked.

Deson told his story quickly. At the end he smiled. "They all deserved it!" he said, pleased with himself. Luke glared at him and walked back to his room. A couple seconds later, Luke's voice boomed over the speakers.

"Attention! This is Luke Skywalker. I want everyone to meet in the grand audience chamber. Also, no one turn on your water. I'm afraid... we have a problem."


Deson stood in front of all the jedi trainees, mentally cursing Luke. He cleared his throat. Luke was making him apologize to everyone. Life was so unfair!

Deson looked around and saw that half the people in the chamber were blue. He smiled slowly. "Um.... man, guys... you look a little blue. Something wrong?" He joked, trying to lighten everyone's mood. No one laughed. He heard Luke clear his throat and he cursed again. "Okay... I'm sorry. I was just pissed since everyone was laughing at me... I shouldn't have gotten my revenge." God, this was humiliating!

"Get out of here, freak!" Deson heard Tryke yell. He looked around and finally spotted the older boy. He wanted to use the force to hurt him but he was able to control himself. Suddenly, he heard his father speak.

"Tryke, you will not speak to my son like that!"

There were about a million gasps. Tryke looked like he was going to die. "He's the Emperor's son, not yours!" he shouted. Deson glanced over at Luke and saw that he was seething.

"Tryke, I want to see you in my office in an a hour. Got it?" Luke demanded. Tryke slumped down in his chair and grumbled. "And if anyone else wants to make fun of Deson, I'll see you there too. You are dismissed." With that said, Luke turned and strode out of the chamber.


Deson hadn't taken five steps out of the door leading into the grand audience chamber when Mirri stepped in front of him, blocking his path. She looked rather hysterical in her all-black outfit and blue skin. She shoved him into the nearest wall.

"Your speech was enthralling," she gushed. "Too bad it had to end so soon. I was beginning to enjoy watching you turn the color of Yavin." She grinned evilly. "Let's get one thing straight, okay? You stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours. You prank me, I prank you. It's that simple. Even if you are my brother, I don't care. I don't need or want one." She turned to leave and nearly smacked into Luke.

"Whoa, there, kiddo," he steadied her with his hands, and looked down at her. His eyes narrowed in suspicion when he saw Deson standing against the wall. "Anything I should know about right now?" he asked Mirri. She shrugged nonchalantly.

"No," she answered shortly. "Just talking to Deson." Luke gave her a look that told her that he knew there was more to it than just that, but he let it slide.

"Well, then," he said, a brighter tone to his voice. "I'll see both of you outside the hangar bay in fifteen minutes for your lesson." Mirri and Deson gaped at him.

"What...what do you mean?" Mirri asked. "Both of us?" Luke nodded a hint of a smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.

"I've decided to pair both of you up for your lessons.... See you in fifteen minutes." With that, he strode off, leaving behind a very angry son and daughter.

Deson and Mirri walked down the halls together, not saying a word. Deson knew that she was pissed at Luke. Like he wasn't! What Luke was doing was totally unfair! So far, his first three days here at the academy have been a nightmare.

He looked at Mirri and stared at her blue skin. That brought a smile to his face. A small one, but still a smile. Mirri must have seen him because she turned and glared at him.

He glared at her.

And she glared right back.

Finally, they reached the hangar bay. Luke stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You're late," he said.

Both Mirri and Deson shrugged. Luke looked at them both and then walked to a table and picked up two packs. He tossed it to both of them and smiled. "I want to see if you can work together. You both will be sent into the jungle. You must stay together or you will fail." Luke smiled at them.

Deson glared at him. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" he asked through clenched teeth. Luke shook his head and walked to them.

"If you want to be Jedi Knights, you must learn to cooperate." He smiled and nodded towards the door. "You leave now."

Deson and Mirri looked at each other, groaned, and walked out the door, through the academy, and out into he jungle.

Oh, this is going to be fun Deson thought wryly. Loads, and loads, of fun.


They'd only been hiking for about an hour and a half before Mirri called for a rest stop. Deson glowered at her.

"Do we have too?" he asked irritably. "You don't look tired at all." Mirri shrugged.

"We don't have too. But I'm tired and thirsty. You can go ahead if you want too. Wouldn't want to tie you down." She said the last part with sarcasm dripping from her voice. Deson narrowed his eyes and set his backpack down without a sound. They'd reached the river now. Mirri removed her boots and rolled her pants up to her knees. Deson rolled his eyes and sighed in frustration.

"Take your time, your highness," he said sweetly. "Wouldn't want to rush you or anything." Mirri straightened up and smirked.

"No, you wouldn't, would you?" So saying, she dove under water. Deson sighed and sat looking at his surroundings. Maybe they could spend the night here. That way they wouldn't have such a long hike back to the academy the next day. On second thought, he thought with a smile, maybe we shouldn't. She might try to drown me in the middle of the night. The thought of drowning suddenly snapped Deson back to reality. Mirri hadn't come up for air yet!

He looked around frantically. "Mirri!" he yelled. No reply. He searched the river carefully, but the water was a mud brown, and he couldn't see anything. He tried again. "Mirri, this isn't funny!" Again, no reply. He was getting desperate. Luke would kill him if he found out. He jumped down from the boulder that he'd been resting on and landed on the river bank. He did a quick scan of the area with the force. Nothing. Without thinking, he dashed into the river, stopping when he reached the middle. The water was up to his neck, and he looked around again. "Mirri! Can you hear me?!" As he'd expected there was no answer. He was about to dive under the surface when something brushed past his leg. He whipped around, but no one was there. He turned back around.

"Aw, man, Luke's gonna kill me!" he muttered worriedly. There was a moment of silence......and then, before he could even detect it with the force, Mirri popped out of the water right in front of him, spitting a mouthful of river water in his face. She grinned.


Deson backed up, trying to block the stream of water Mirri spat at him. He felt his leg hit a rock and he fell. He felt water fly up his nose as his head went under water. God! That girl!

Deson quickly kicked off the bottom, erupted from the water, and tackled Mirri. They both fell backwards. Deson laughed and swam away from Mirri.

"Come back here!" Mirri shouted as she swam after him. Deson quickly started to swim down the river trying to get away from Mirri.

"Come on, you can catch me! I though you knew how to swim!" Deson yelled back. Suddenly, he felt something. The water was getting faster! "Mirri! Are there rapids on this river?" He called, trying to grab onto something.

"Yeah, but they're all the way down-" Mirri started to say before she let out a shriek. Deson looked in front of him and saw what Mirri was shrieking at. They were about to go over a waterfall.

"Holy Shit!" Deson screamed. He turned and tried to swim in the opposite direction, but it was a vain attempt. The water was too strong. Mirri held out a hand and he grabbed onto it. He immediately stopped moving. He saw that Mirri had grabbed a branch

Deson smiled. "Wow! That was a close-" He cut off when he heard the worse sound in the world. He heard a branch crack.

"Oh, crap!" Mirri cried, before they went over the edge.


Mirri couldn't believe her luck when the branch to the tree had snapped. The current from the river grabbed hold of them once again, and pulled them over the edge of the waterfall. She held onto Deson's arm, for all the good it would do her, as they fell. Well, she wasn't going down without a fight, that was for sure. She looked over at Deson, and, gathering her thoughts, she concentrated on one thing: falling slowly. She saw, in her mind's eye, Deson catching onto her idea and doing the same thing. But, try as they might, they weren't fully in tune with the force. They slowed in midair for a fraction of a second before crashig into the water and rocks below. Mirri heard a quick snap! as her ankle hit a rather large boulder, and then a searing pain up her right leg. She went to curse loudly, but all she got was a mouthful of water as she felt herself being dragged underwater. She tugged urgently on Deson's arm, motioning for him to pull them up to the surface. He looked back at her, and gestured with his hand. His foot was caught in between two rocks, and it was lodged. Mirri reached down and began pulling as hard as she could on the rocks. They didn't budge. Her ankle was killing her, and she needed air, but she had more important things to worry about. Gathering what concentration she still had left, she concentrated on the two rocks. She pulled as hard as she could, and finally, when she thought that there was no way she could stay underwater any longer, the rocks moved enough for Deson to get free. He sprang to the surface of the river, sputtering and coughing, with Mirri alongside him. Exhausted, the two trainees made their way to the bank. They pulled themselves up wearily, their strength spent. Mirri coughed violently before settling down. She lay on her back, gasping for air, and grimacing with pain whenever she had to move her ankle. She glanced over at Deson, who was staring at her. After a moment of silence, she croaked out.

"Good going, genius. Now look what you've done."

Deson sat up weakly, feeling like total bantha dung. He still couldn't believe his luck. First he almost drowned and then he had to hear Mirri bitch at him about it. He looked at her and shook his head.

"Me? I didn't do anything. You're the one that decided to take a dip! This is all your fault!" he said, trying to sound angry.

Mirri glared at him and tried to stand, but immediately fell to the ground. Deson rolled his eyes and stood up. "Sit down and shut up!" He snapped, as he took of his shirt and started to tear it into strips. He looked around and grabbed a nearby stick.

Deson looked at Mirri and frowned. "This might hurt a little." He then put the stick against her ankle and wrapped his shirt around it. After a moment, Mirri's foot was set.

"Okay, do you know where we are?" he asked, looking around. It was already getting dark. Mirri shook her head, small droplets of water flying through the air.

"I have no idea."

"Great, this is going to be fun," he mumbled. He turned to Mirri. "I'm going out for some fire wood. You going to be okay?"

Mirri crawled over to a moss-covered rock, and leaned against it.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." For once her voice didn't hold any contempt in it. It was emotionless as she stared at the waterfall. Deson nodded slightly then turned and left in search of firewood.

Mirri sat looking after him. She couldn't believe how stupid she'd been, pulling a stunt like that back there. No matter how much she denied it, she knew it was her fault that they were stuck out in the jungle.

"Great," she mumbled. "I have a broken ankle. We have no food, no extra clothes, and it's freezing out here. How much worse can it get?" Right as the words left here mouth, it started raining. She sat there, by herself, as the rain pummeled down. "I had to open my big mouth."

Deson returned a few minutes later, an extremely annoyed expression on his face. He sat down next to her in what was now a mud puddle. Neither of them cared. They sat there together, rain streaming down their faces, staring at absolutely nothing, and brooding over how crappy their day had gone. Out of the silence, Mirri spoke.

"This sucks." Deson turned to her, an angry spark in his yellow eyes.

"Will you shut up?" he said. "You've already gotten me into enough trouble as it is." Mirri stared at him, her mouth hanging open in shock.

"Me? Hey, you were the one who decided it would be funny to put that blue stuff in the plumbing, and direct me to the nearest temple only so I could arrive back at the academy with rashes all up and down my arms!" Deson turned to glare at her.

"Well if you weren't such a stuck up brat maybe I wouldn't be like that!"

"Yeah? Well how do you think I feel? You're the one who showed up uninvited and decided it would be fun to intrude on my life!"

"Look, if I could leave Yavin 4 and you then I would, but I can't so, shut up and leave me alone!" Deson narrowed his eyes and turned away, as did Mirri. They sat like that the rest of the night.


Deson laid on the ground, staring at his sister's lightsaber blade. She wore that same evil expression. Once again, he had failed. His sister had won and now everyone was going to die because of his mistake. He had failed again. Like always. Failed everyone he loved. Failed his new friends. Failed his mother and father. He had failed, failed, failed.

"That was pathetic, Deson! Now... you die." Kia said evilly. She raised her lightsaber to strike, but she was distracted when a scream sounded out of nowhere. She turned her head, searching for the source of the noise.

Deson saw her mistake before she did. He drew his blaster, shoved it against her stomach, and fired. He saw his sister fall to the ground... dead. That was when he felt half of him disappear. He screamed in pain. Deson! Shut up! I'm trying to rest you jerk! Do you-

"-hear me, stop screaming!" Deson woke up to Mirri's voice. He looked over at her and saw an annoyed expression lighting up her face. But he also saw something else: concern.

Deson looked at her and wiped the sweat off his face. "I'm sorry," he muttered as he started to get up. "You feeling okay?" He yawned and stretched.

"I'm hungry and I feel like crap!" Mirri snapped. Deson looked at her and was about to say a comment, when he sighed. He didn't feel like fighting right know.

"I better get breakfast," he said. He started walking towards the jungle when Mirri's hand shot up suddenly and grabbed his hand.

"Hey Deson. Who's Kia? You where screaming her name," She asked. Deson frowned and looked at the sky.

"My sister... It's a long story," he said, as he walked towards the jungle. "I'll be back soon with breakfast."


Deson arrived back at their campsite an hour later, a rare assortment of fruits and berries in his arms. Mirri rolled her eyes.

"Is that all you could find?" she asked. Deson nodded, sat down without a sound, and braced himself for Mirri's whining. To his surprise, it didn't come. She grabbed a large yellow fruit and began to peel the skin off of it. They ate in silence before Mirri looked up at Deson.

"So. Who's this Kia person again?" Deson stiffened.

"Like I said. Long story."

"Yeah, well, we're going to be stuck here a long time. Tell it to me." Deson stared at her with his piercing yellow eyes, and she stared right now, unflinchingly. After a moment's notice, he answered.


"Why not?"

"Because it's none of your business!" he snapped. She lifted her hands in a gesture of innocence.

"Okay, chill. Gawd, you're so tense all the time. You need a vacation." Deson grinned.

"Hey, what about you? It seems like you're on a massive case of PMS whenever anyone tries to talk to you." The younger girl snorted.

"That's the only way for people to get the hint that I don't want anything to do with them." She concentrated on peeling the skin off of another of the fruits. "And besides, I have a reputation to uphold."

"A reputation? Your reputation only boasts of you being the biggest bitch in the academy for no apparent reason." Mirri glared at him and he chuckled. "Hey, just telling you what I heard." They both went silent again as they ate. Finally, Deson stood up. "Well, there's no point in staying here. We're going to have to head back to the academy so your ankle can get looked at." Mirri shrugged.

"Why have them examine it? I already know it's bro--ow!" She'd been attempting to stand up, and had put too much weight on her injured ankle. She crashed back to the ground, barely holding in another yelp of pain. Deson sighed and helped her stand up once again. She wrapped an arm around his waist in an effort to take her weight off of her foot, and he helped by sliding his arm around her waist. They looked up at each other.

"Dude, this is embarressing," Mirri grumbled. Deson shrugged.

"If you'd rather do it the hard way...." he raised his eyebrows, and she sighed.

"Lead the way then."


It had been three hours since they started their hike towards the academy, and neither of them had said a word to each other. Once or twice Mirri would tell Deson to stop, but that was about how far their conversations got. Deson didn't know what Luke wanted them to accomplish on this little camp out, but he could tell that so far that they were failing.

Deson took a deep breath and stopped for a moment. Hauling Mirri's ass all the way up the mountain was not his idea of a Jedi lesson.

"Let's rest for a moment," he said. Mirri nodded, and he helped her sit down. As soon as she was comfortable, he took a seat. Oh yes, this was going to be a long trip.

"Let's talk!" Mirri whined loudly. Her voice sounded frusterated. Deson looked at her.

"Why the hell would we want to do that?" He asked. It was bad enough that he had to be near her, now he had to talk to her.

"Because I'm bored," she snapped, as she tried to get more comfortable. Deson sighed and wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

"Fine... what do you want to talk about?" He asked, not really caring.

Mirri narrowed her eyes at him and looked away. "Fine, jerk, we don't have to talk if you're going to act like that."

Deson closed his eyes and groaned. "Fine... we'll talk. So, who's that guy in the photo I saw? You know, the guy that is old enough to be your dad."

Mirri narrowed her bright blue eyes and glared at him. " At least I have someone that cares for me! Who do you have?"

"I have mom and dad," he said quickly. Mirri busted up laughing.

"Mommy and Daddy! That is pathetic They're not really your parents!"

Deson leaped up and grabbed Mirri's arm roughly. He hauled her to her feet, and wrapped his arm around her waist. They started to hike up the mountain again. Deson glared laser bolts at her.

"No more talking."


"I could really use a glass of Tatooine Sunburn right now," Mirri said wistfully, staring up at the night sky. She was lying on her back, hands behind her head. Deson was sitting in front of her doing god-knows-what. He hadn't talked to her since their first rest stop. Mirri had tried repeatedly to create a conversation with the young man, but he had shut her out. She narrowed her eyes. She'd about had enough of his bullshit. She sat up slowly, searching her surroundings for anything that might get Deson's attention. Her eye landed on a small pebble, and, picking it up, she tossed it at him. He didn't move. She growled softly, and finally did the only thing that she could think of: She stuck two fingers in her mouth, and whistled long and hard. The sharp sound echoed all around them, and finally Deson whipped around, and grabbed her fingers out of her mouth. The whistling abruptly stopped.

"What do you want?!" he cried. "Huh? What is it?!?"

Mirri stared at him blankly. "Nothing......absolutely nothing." Deson growled and turned back around. A moment later, she spoke again. "If you really want to know who the guy in the picture is, I'll tell you." Deson didn't turn around, but she continued to talk. "He's my boyfriend. Kyp Durron. You heard of him?" There was a slight nod in Deson's direction. "I met him a couple weeks ago while he was giving seminars at the academy. We didn't exactly hit it off on the first day.....but dad ended up pairing us together for a test. It was like this one, where you had to trust the person you were paired with. Anyway, I guess to make a long story short, we've, uh, been inseperable after we spent that night in the jungle together." She grinned as Deson turned to face her.

"And how old is this guy?" he asked harshly. Mirri ignored his tone, a playful look sparking in her bright blue eyes.

"Twenty-eight," she answered.

"And how old are you?"


"Brilliant," he muttered. "Abso-bloody-lutely brilliant." Mirri shrugged.

"What's it matter? It's the same age difference between my Uncle Han and Aunt Leia." Deson rolled his eyes. There had to be a mistake.....there was no way this girl could be related to him, let alone be his sister. He turned to face her again.

"Why are you telling me this?" he spat. Mirri shrugged.

"Because I have nothing better to do." Deson sighed as Mirri continued. She was talking about speeders now.....god, would the girl EVER shut up?!

Deson tried to ignore Mirri's voice for the eighteenth thousandth time that night. He had attempted to use the force to stop his hearing, but all it did was give him an ear ache. He tried telling the girl to shut up. She still talked. He even tried stuffing leaves in his ears! But still, he could hear her.

What was she talking about know? He looked over at Mirri with a dull expression on his face. She was talking about pod racing. He groaned and looked back at the jungle. God, she wouldn't shut up... just like Kia sometimes.

Deson grabbed his head, frustrated. "Shut up Kia!" He yelled, without realizing his mistake. He looked at Mirri. She stared at him for a moment a little surprised.

"My names not Kia," She finally said.

Deson looked away from her and mumbled a sorry under his breath. They sat in the dark for a moment in silence.

"Deson, I don't care if it's a long story, just tell me what happened to your sister! If you don't let it out, you'll get jerkier, and weirder, and you'll end up blowing the whole academy up!" Mirri paused. "Wait a minute.... Blowing the academy up doesn't sound so bad."

Deson looked at her and shrugged. Why not? Maybe she would shut up if he did. "Luke told you about the Shadow Academy attack, right?" He stared at his hands. If he was going to tell this story, he didn't want to see the pity in Mirri's eyes.

"Yeah, he did," she said.

Deson continued. "Well, after that attack, about fifty stormtroopers, and twenty dark knights hid in the jungle. My sister and I were one of those hiding. Kia soon became the leader of the group. Right after that, she started wanting power." He looked at Mirri and frowned. "Well, about four years after the attack, I went into the academy. Zekk saw me, I kicked his ass, and was chased by Jacen out into the jungle. Jacen was captured, and Kia screwed with his mind. She made him think that they were married, and she used that as an incentive to get him to help attack the jedi trainees."

Deson finally looked at Mirri and saw that she was paying close attention. "Well, I hated Kia for doing that, and I started helping the Jedi. There was a battle, and Kia and I fought. She almost killed me, but before she could cut my head off, I shot her in the stomach with a blaster." Deson looked at Mirri and saw that she felt sorry for him. He quickly looked away. "After that day, I stayed away from Yavin Four. I smuggled, raced, I also became a bounty hunter. But finally I came back here to face my fears."

He looked at Mirri. "That's what happened," he said, as he lay down on the rocky ground.

"Deson, I'm-" Mirri started, but he held up a hand.

"I know you are... everyone is," Deson said as he closed his eyes. "Get some sleep. We have another long hike tomorrow."


They had about a second's warning before it attacked. It was a telltale shift in the force, a signal to move. And move they did, as a large dog-like animal with sharp fangs pounced at them from the bushes the next day while they were hiking. Deson immediately dropped Mirri, rolling to the side as the animal pounced. Mirri managed to drag herself quickly behind a small boulder, cringing in pain the entire way. The animal turned its attention on Deson, who was now in a battle stance, even though he had no weapon to wield.

"Deson are you crazy?!" Mirri cried. "What the hell are you doing?!" He paid no heed, his attention only on the snarling animal in front of him.

"You have a better idea?" he called. The dog growled, and leapt at him, narrowly missing him with its long claws. Deson jumped to the side again as it came back at him.

"Oh, yeah, real smooth!" Mirri yelled. "Why not keep doing that until it gets dizzy, huh?"

"Shut up!" he shouted. "I'm not in the position to--ah!" The animal, noticing Deson's momentary distraction, pounced at him, fangs bared and claws outstretched. Deson saw it too late, and before he could jump out of the way, it landed on his chest, pushing him to the ground. Mirri shrieked, Deson cursed his bad luck, and the animal let out another ear-piercing scream before attempting to rip Deson's throat out with its claws.

Mirri couldn't believe this. It wasn't fair! With a growl, she began to slowly make her way around the boulder to help Deson. Along the way, she reached for a large rock, bigger than her fist. She grinned. This will do quite nicely.....

Deson had his hands wrapped around the animal's throat, holding it back with what strength he had left from helping Mirri up the mountain. Just when he thought he couldn't hold out any longer, something strange happened.....the animal had jumped away from him, and had turned it's attention to...Mirri. Deson looked up, and saw that she was grinning evilly, tossing a large rock up and down.

"You want a piece of me?" she challenged the animal. She threw her rock forcefully, hitting it in the stomach. Their opponent recoiled with a yelp, but bared his teeth and growled a moment later. Mirri snorted. "Bring it on, bitch!" She grabbed another rock, hurling it with all her strength. She scored. Big time. The rock hit the animal on its skull. It stood in it's spot a moment, teetering back and forth, before dropping to the ground, knocked out. Deson sat on the ground, panting. He had a rather large gash on his chest, and it was bleeding profusely, but he ignored it. He stared at Mirri, surprise written on every feature of his face. She just grinned.

"What the hell was that?" Deson asked, as he held the gash on his stomach. He didn't really feel any pain from the cut. That was weird. He had been cut before, and he knew every cut usually gave a little pain. But for some reason, he didn't feel any.

"I don't know, but what ever it is, it's either dead or unconscious," Mirri answered as she knelt down by him. "You got to admit, that was a pretty good shot."

Deson looked at her as if she was crazy, and smiled. He looked over at the animal and shook his head. " Yeah, it was.... thanks."

Mirri looked over at him with mock surprise. "Deson, was that a 'thank you' I heard from you? Did you actually say something nice to me?" She asked. She gave him a teasing grin.

Deson shook his head. "Yeah, it was, and if you ever tell mom or dad, I'll kick your ass," he said as he attempted to stand up. He only got to his knees before everything started to spin. That's when it dawned on him. "Oh, shit!"

Mirri looked at him curiously. "What? Something wrong?" Deson looked at her, concerned.

"I think that thing had some sort of poison or something on it claws! The cut is numb and I'm dizzy," he said. His vision blurred out for a second and came back. He looked at Mirri. "This is bad."

Mirri groaned and fell onto her back. "Why me! Jesus, everything was just fine before you came here. Are you cursed or something?" she asked, frustrated.

Deson lay onto the ground and rolled onto his stomach. "Seems like it. Now, since I'm poisoned, and you have a broken ankle, what do we do?"

He looked over at Mirri and saw that she was about to say something. But he didn't hear her because that was about the time when he fell into a deep sleep.


Mirri had probably been talking for ten minutes before she noticed that Deson wasn't listening. In fact, he wasn't even awake. Mirri nudged him.

"Des....hey, are you okay?" Her only was a reply was a light snore. She giggled to herself, and gave him a good smack on the cheek. He didn't budge. Mirri narrowed her eyes. "Dude, this isn't funny. I'm not sure if whatever that thing is is dead!" Still, Deson didn't reply. He was out cold.

"Great," she muttered. "Just great. We're stuck here until he wakes up." She lay down next to him, putting her arms behind her head. Well, she might as well do something useful. Calling on the force, she concentrated on the split bone in her ankle, and the healing process began.


Deson awoke three hours later, groggy and disoriented. At least, Mirri noted, he hadn't been mumbling about Kia again, which was a plus.

"Where are we?" he asked, sitting up and rubbing his head. Mirri grinned.

"Dathomir. You've been kidnapped by a clan of nightsisters who are, at the moment, fighting over whos concubine you get to be." Deson stared at her, a puzzled expression on his face.

"This doesn't look like Dathomir." He finally caught onto the joke a moment later. "Ha-ha," he sneered. "How long have I been out?"

"Around three hours," she answered calmly. He looked at her and was surprised to see her eyes shut. Her face was creased in concentration, and beads of sweat stood out on her skin.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Healing my ankle. Now shut up." Deson raised his eyebrows. From what he'd gathered, Mirri had only been at the academy for a few weeks. There's no way she could be an experianced healer; not yet anyway.

"I thought you didn't know how."

"I don't."

"Oh." He fell silent, and examined his chest. The animal had left a five-inch scratch where it had clawed at him, and the poisen from the tips of its claws was now giving him a headache. He turned to Mirri. She was still in her state of meditation.

She emerged from her dream-like state ten minutes later, completely exhausted.

"Okay. I think I should be able to walk on it, though I'll still need the splint." Deson looked at her questioningly.

"How long have you been doing that?" he asked. She shrugged.

"About three hours. Didn't have anything better to do." He nodded.

"So, should we get started again?"

"Yeah. Let's go." She slowly pulled herself to her feet, and gently put her weight on her injured foot. Mirri grinned. "Hey, I think it worked!" She walked a couple of steps, and turned to grin at Deson. "Dad might give me extra brownie points for this little stunt." She quickly adjusted the splint on her leg, stood, and turned to Deson. "Let's go."


Deson didn't know if the poison was affecting him, or if he was just in a talkative mood. For some reason, he just felt like talking. Knowing from the way he usually acted, it was probably the poison. But he didn't care.

"So there I was, flying my ship through the Maw system, with the pirates on my butt! And I'm dodging left and right trying not to get stuck in a worm hole. I couldn't go into hyperspace, so I did the next best thing: I used the force to find a way through a black hole!" Deson paused for a moment and laughed. "When I came out the other end, I found my self twenty light years away!" He looked at Mirri and chuckled. "Great! Wasn't it great!" Deson smiled at the younger girl, waiting for her to start laughing, but she didn't. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"I do believe you're either drunk, or still sick."

Deson stared back at her and chuckled. "Well, fine, I don't want to talk to you either!" he said, as he stuck his tongue out and looked away from her. They walked for awhile in silence.

"I remember once, when I was about to leave for the academy. Tigris and I got dead drunk at a cantina and we got in this brawl! I kicked the shit out of twenty smugglers; it was great!" Mirri smiled at the memory.

Deson chuckled. "You're lucky you weren't fighting me. I would have kicked your butt!"

Mirri was about to protest when, suddenly, a low hum resounded throughout the forest. They both looked around frantically, wondering what it was. A ship started to hover out of nowhere overhead.

"A ship!" Mirri shrieked, waving her arm.

Deson stared at the ship, smiling. "With our luck that would be an Imperial ship."


Mirri turned to him and gave him a disgusted look. "Oh, come on, Des, there's no way it could" Her voice trailed off as the ship got closer. And, as luck would have it, it was an Imperial ship. Mirri turned to Deson angrily.

"That's it! When we get back to the academy, you're leaving! All you ever do is bring bad luck!" Deson narrowed his eyes.

"Me? What about you? It's your fault that we're lost!"

"Oh, shut up, Deson. Everything was fine until you showed up!"

"Fine? Yeah, I'm sure you'd be having a blast sitting in Luke's office right now, getting lectured for your latest prank!" Mirri's mouth dropped.

"Hey, what would you know anyway, you freak?!?" Deson recoiled in disgust. The girl had her mind set, and there was no point in arguing with her. He decided to keep quiet; Mirri didn't. She pasted a surprised and excited expression on her face, and when she spoke, her voice was dripping with sarcasm. "I know! Maybe they've come to take you with them! Probably want to use you for some more experiments, lab rat!"

Deson's anger was nearly reaching it's breaking point. He clenched his hands into fists. Think of Luke....and Mara....think of what they'll do to you if let your anger take control......That worked for, oh, five seconds. With a growl, he leapt at Mirri, and before she knew what had happened, he'd managed to pin her to the ground. She sucked in a breath of surprise, and her eyes scowled up at him. Deson sat on top of her, his hand wrapped around her throat, and his breathing became ragged. The girl struggled beneath him, and, finally, kicked upwards with one of her legs, catching him in the small of his back. He tumbled off of her, and she quickly gave him a swift kick in the stomach. He grabbed her leg, and gave it a sharp twist, making her curse loudly. He let go, and they stood glaring at each other, panting. Deson had to admit, the girl was a superb fighter, but she fought in anger and aggressiveness, not in defense for herself or for others. They were about to go at it again when there was the sound of footsteps. Lots of them. Before they knew what had happened, they were surrounded by Imperial stormtroopers. And they were pointing blaster rifles directly at them.


Deson sat in the small room in the Imperial ship, with Mirri sitting in back of him. They both were cuffed, and were not able to use the force. Something in the room was blocking it.

"Mirri, this sucks!" Deson cried. Mirri twisted her head around partway and gave him a surprised look.

"Oh no! Really? I didn't realize that!" she said angrily.

Deson glared at her angrily. "You think this is my fault?" he shouted. Mirri growled at him. Deson stared at her for a moment and then turned around. "You stupid bitch," he mumbled.

"What did you say?" Mirri asked from behind him. Deson looked at her and smiled.

"I said I had a back itch." Mirri looked away and mumbled something of her own. Suddenly, the door to the room opened, and a man stepped in. He had black hair and wore a captain's uniform. He stared at them.

"Waiter, Waiter. We're ready for our check," Deson joked. The captain frowned at him and then walked to a table situated in the middle of the room and sat down.

"Names?" He said in his low, harsh voice.

"Han Solo," Deson said.

"Jabba the Hutt," Mirri answered with amusement. The Imperial captain sighed, grabbed a control from his pocket, and pushed a button. Suddenly the cuffs on their hands started to shock them. They both let out cries of pain.

"Names?" the captain asked again.

"Tryke Frones, and this is Kia Bytch," Deson said angrily. The captain nodded his head and wrote the names down on a peice of paper.

"Species?" He asked in his harsh voice again.

"We're both meat popsicles," They said in unison. After that, they were shocked again.

"I can keep on shocking you if you keep lying," the captain said. Mirri and Deson looked at each other and, with a sigh of surrender, they started to answer the questions.


Deson lay on a cool metal bench situated at the back of his holding cell. After their little talk with the Imperials, they had been thrown in this room. Soon after, they had taken Mirri. Deson hoped she was all right.

He stood up and stretched, feeling small. He hated when he couldn't do anything. Deson walked to the door and looked through the small window. He could hear voices. He listened carefully.

"Yeah, man, as soon as the commander arrives, we get to kick some Jedi ass," He heard someone say.

"Talking about ass, did you see that sweet honey they dragged out of here an hour ago? Damn, I wouldn't mind paying her a conjicle visit," a voice answered. He heard laughing, and then the talking stopped.

Cursing under his breath, Deson walked back to his bench. He might not like Mirri much, but if anyone touched her, he'd have to kill someone. He sat down and held his head in his hands. Once again, he thanked his mom for talking him into coming back to Yavin Four.


Mirri growled to herself. She'd put up one hell of a fight on the way to the briefing room, and had ended up paying dearly with a cut on her forehead. They'd also stuck an extra pair of binders on her wrists, so as to prevent her from getting lose. She took a quick glance around the room. It was dark, with gray walls. It was empty, save for a large desk near the back, and a large viewport facing the blackness of space. She rolled her eyes.

"How dramatic," she muttered. Her words were immediately followed by a quick shock from the binders encircling her wrists. She jumped in pain.

"Be quiet," a commanding voice snapped. The chair that had been facing away from Mirri slowly turned around, revealing the same captain who had interrogated Mirri and Deson earlier. He had black hair, with streaks of white running through it, and his gray-black eyes held a cold look to them. He stood slowly from his desk, running an eye over her athletic figure. She flushed.

"What, scoping me out so you can add me to your list of playthings?" she snarled. He glared at her, and walked slowly over to where she stood.

"No, but if you don't get that mouth of yours under control, I'll see to it personally that the doctors down in medbay shut it up for you." He reached out a hand and slowly lifted her face so as to look him in the eye. She glared. "And I do suggest you take my advice. It would be such a waste of a pretty face."

Mirri jerked her face away, cringing. Her ankle was beginning to act up again. "Save it," she snapped. "What do you want?" The man sighed.

"Really, my dear, how can it not be obvious? To restore the glory of the late Empire of course!" Mirri let out a snort of laughter.

"Oh, my god, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day!" She nearly doubled over laughing. "Jeez, are you that dense? Let's see, how long have the remnants of the Empire been trying to take back their territory?" She pretended to think. "Uh.....twenty years? Or wait, it might be twenty-one, not sure." She glanced up at the captain. "Will you give it up? It's pointless."

The captain raised an eyebrow. "Oh, it is, is it? I see you haven't been keeping tabs on who's got control of the Imperial fleet these days."

"What's it matter? All of those self-promoted morons can't fly their way out of a paper bag." This, of course, was met with a violent slap across the face. Mirri stumbled backwards, and fell to the ground. The captain stood over her, glaring.

"Such negligence will not be permitted in my Empire, girl." Mirri glanced up and narrowed her eyes.

"Your Empire?" she snorted. "This is crazy. The Imperial forces are almost down to nothing. How can you expect to overthrow the New Republic with just a few star destroyers?" She rubbed her temples and muttered. "I could really use a drink right now..." The captain narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, my Empire.....allow me to introduce myself. Captain Brasen Kelper, leader of the remnants of the Empire, and...." He leaned down close to her face, and grinned evilly, "....dark jedi knight." It was then that Mirri noticed the lightsaber hanging at the man's belt. She sucked in a breath of surprise. This could be trouble......


Deson sat on his cot with his head still in his hands. He had been waiting for quite awhile for Mirri to return, but the only people that came by his cell were those damn Imperials. Deson was really starting to hate being alone. He actually found himself wishing Mirri were there, talking about speeders.

Deson lay down on the bench. He had only been lying down for only a minute when a small hole at the bottom of the cell door opened, and a tray filled with food slid into the room.

Deson leaped onto his feet and walked over to the food. He knelt down and sniffed it. It smelled like shit that had been shit on. Deson glanced out the small window.

"Waitor, this is not what I ordered! Where the hell is the manager?" Deson called. A guard looked into it and held up his middle finger. "I can do that too!" Deson said with mock excitement. He held up both his hands and flipped the guard off. He stood up and kicked the tray away. "Dick head." He walked to the bench and sat down.

"Deson B27, I presume?" a voice asked, as the door opened. A woman walked in. Deson had to admit she was beautiful, but god! He could smell the dark side reeking off her.

"What's your perfume? 'Oh to a Sith dick'?" Deson asked. The girl smiled and walked to him.

"Deson, that's not very nice."

He flipped her off. "My name's Tryke Frones," He said, standing up. The girl let out a chuckle and leaned against the wall.

"Bull! You forget we are the Empire," she said.

Deson smiled. "The same Empire that got crushed like a bug!" The girl nodded her head and sat down. She crossed her legs and looked at him.

"That was the old, this is the new," she said.

Deson looked at her and rolled his eyes. "The Empire will always be the same. Dumb, slow, and made up of jerks." The girl stood, walked towards him, and moved a finger down his chest. Deson pushed her away. She smiled.

"We can change that Deson... You were programmed to be the ultimate soldier. You still are. Deson, as you as Emperor, and me as Empress, we can bring back the glory!"

"And suffering and evil," Deson added.

The girl looked at him and frowned. "I'll be back later for you decision. Think about it." She said She knocked on the door, and the guards let her out. She looked through the window and smiled. "I forgot. My name's Kathrine. Kathrine Kelper." She winked at him and walked away. Deson shrugged.

"And that means what to me?"


Mirri couldn't help herself. Her eyes kept darting from Kelper's face, to his lightsaber, and back to his face again.

"A....a dark jedi?" she managed. "What the hell do you mean, a dark jedi?" Kelper rolled his eyes.

"I think it's self-explanatory." He turned and strode away from her, back towards his desk. She managed to pull herself to her feet, and she stood staring in disbelief. Kelper chuckled. "Surprised? You have every right to be......Luke Skywalker has filled his students' heads with the nonsense that there are no dark jedi left." Mirri growled softly to herself. Sure, her dad was a pain in the ass sometimes, but she knew that the 'nonsense' that he lectured them on every morning was for their own well-being, not just to waste time.

"So, let me figure this out," she said. "As a dark jedi, you're going to kidnap students from my father's academy, force them to turn to the dark side, and use them against the New Republic? Sorry to burst your bubble of joy, but that's already been done. And it failed." Kelper stopped in his tracks, and slowly turned to face her. She looked at him. "What?"

"What...did you just say?" he asked softly. His voice held an edge to it. Mirri glanced around nervously.

"I, uh, said that the dark jedi thing was going to--"

"No, before that!"

Mirri thought for a minute. "I said--." All to late she saw her mistake. "Oops, ah, uh, forget what I said before that. Too many cuts, scrapes, and hits on the head."

Kelper strode up to her, his eyes angry. "Luke Skywalker's daughter....but that's impossible! Skywalker doesn't have a daughter!"

"Hey, I'm here, aren't I?" she bit out. "Just got to the academy a couple weeks ago. Figures he hasn't told anyone. Gawd, that is so like him...." Kelper stood towering over her, glowering down at her.

"What is your name?" Mirri shrugged.

"That information is classified." Another shock from the binders. "Ow! Okay, okay, chill. It's Kia."

"That's what you said earlier," he snarled.

"But I lied about my last name."

"And who's the boy?" Mirri thought quickly.

"My best friend, Dack. We were, uh, camping out in the jungle. For a test." Kelper narrowed his eyes.

"Wonderful.....absolutely wonderful....this is turning out to be better than I'd hoped. Guards!" Immediately two stormtroopers appeared on either side of Mirri. "Take her back to the cell and put her with the boy. And make sure she doesn't get loose. She is a valuable asset to our victory against the New Republic." With that said, he turned and went to sit down at his desk. The stormtroopers grabbed each of her arms, and began pulling a kicking and struggling Mirri back to her holding cell.

Deson woke up as soon as he heard the cell door open. He sat straight up and shielded his eyes from the light that flooded the room. Two stormtroopers threw Mirri into the cell and closed the door. He stood up and walked to her.

"You okay? Anyone hurt you?" Deson asked, trying not to let the concern drip from his voice. Mirri looked up at him and stood up.

"It'll take more then a couple of Imperial assholes to hurt me," she said, her voice full of cockiness..

Deson shook his head and walked back to the bench. "If you're hungry, there's some stuff on the floor over there. They claim it's food."

"No thanks. And by the way, why the hell do you get the bench?" Mirri asked. Deson looked at her and then around the room. There was only one cot. Sighing, he stood up.

"Fine, have the bench," he said, as he lay down on the floor. "So what happened on your end?" he asked as he stared at the ceiling. Mirri walked to the bed and lay down.

"I accidentally told them that I was Luke Skywalker's daughter. But don't worry, they think you-"

"They know who I am. They know I am a B27 series. Anyway, I was proposed to by this Kathrine Kelper girl." He spoke still looking at the ceiling.

"Kelper? That was the dark jedi's name," Mirri said. Deson looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Dark Jedi?"

Mirri looked at him and nodded. "He was a dark jedi. He was ranting on about some sort of plan." She spoke to him almost, in a whisper. Deson sat up and held his head in his hands.

"This sucks! God... we really need to find a way out of here."

He looked at Mirri and she nodded. "Yeah, well, you're the genius here. You figure out a plan. I'm getting some sleep."

Deson mumbled some names under his breath and laid down. He then started to try and figure out a plan.


Mara Jade Skywalker sat in her quarters, wringing her hands together nervously. Mirri and Deson had been gone for over three days now, and she was more than a little worried. She jumped in surprise as Luke entered the room. She looked at him expectantly.

"Anything?" He shook his head.

"No. I've sent out group after group to look for them, but they've all come back with nothing." He paused. "Well, one group did find their backpacks down by the river, but other than that, nothing's turned up." Upon seeing Mara's dejected expression, Luke took her into his arms and kissed her forehead. "Don't worry. We'll find them." Mara buried her face in Luke's tunic.

"Luke, what if they're hurt? Or worse, what if they ended up killing each other?! I told you you shouldn't have made them go out in the jungle together! You know what happens when Mirri's stuck by herself with someone that she hates!"

Luke laughed. "Gawd, Mara, you've spoiled that girl to no end. No wonder she pitches a fit whenever she doesn't get her way."

Mara narrowed her eyes. "Shut up, Skywalker. I'm being serious. We didn't exactly break the news that Deson was her brother the right way. She's mad at you, she's mad at me, and, worst of all, she's mad at Deson."

Sighing, Luke stood and led her over to the small kitchen area in their quarters. He set to work making them each a cup of stim tea.

"Well," he said a few minutes later. "If anything, we know that they're still alive. We would've known through the force if they were dead or not. Chances are they're just lost."

"Or Mirri possibly kidnapped Deson and is holding him ransom until you change your mind and take her to the podraces on Malastare," Mara grumbled. She sipped her tea, and glanced at Luke over the rim. He was glaring at her. "What?"

"Why is it that I'm always the bad guy?" he asked. Mara rolled her eyes.

"Luke, you promised her that you'd take her. You should know by now that every promise you break to her makes her even more upset at the prospect of being here."

He sighed and sipped his drink. "I'll make it up to her."

"You keep saying that."

"Mara, I can't help it if a galactic conflict arises every time Mirri and I plan to do something together. What do you want me to do, call up the Empire over the holonet and tell them to postpone their attack while I'm out spending quality time with my daughter?"

Mara grinned. "It wouldn't hurt."

Luke sighed in frustration. "Mara--" He was cut off when the door to their quarters opened. They glanced behind them to see Tryke standing in the doorway, looking haggard.

"Master Skywalker? Do I have to go out with the rest of the groups and look for Mirri and Deson?" he whined. "I'm tired and hungry, not to mention they'll probably turn up soon anyway. It's probably just another prank they're trying to pull."

Mara could barely contain the rage building inside of her. "Get outside," she growled. "You are not excused from the search. And stop complaining." Tryke sighed, bowed his head, and left. She turned back to Luke.

"I guess we'd better get back outside and start searching." She gulped down the last of her tea and handed her cup to a cleaning droid. Luke nodded and did the same.

"I guess so." Luke grabbed his jedi cloak and slid it on. He turned to Mara and smiled. "Let's go." Hand-in-hand, they walked out the doorway and headed outside to commence the search for Mirri and Deson


Deson and Mirri marched down the narrow corridor, binders secure around their wrists. Seven stormtroopers walked behind them, and seven stormtroopers walked in front of them. Deson knew that there was no way he could get away from them without getting killed.

He looked at Mirri and saw that she still had that cocky look on her face.

"Stop it," he said irritably.

Mirri looked at him and frowned. "Stop what?" she asked in a bitchy tone. Deson looked away.


After a couple of moments they reached a large chamber. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all made out of glass. Deson was amazed. As soon as he stepped into the room he felt like he was walking in space. Even though he was being held captive, he had to admit, this was cool.

A throne in the middle of the room wasn't facing them, making it so they couldn't see who was sitting in it.

"Welcome Children of Skywalker," A familiar voice said. The throne started to turn towards them. "Welcome to my humble home. It's not the Shadow Academy but still.... it'll get me my revenge." The throne came to a stop and Deson gasped. He felt his heart skip a beat. There, standing in front of him, was a ghost. Someone that was evil and should be dead. The person in front of him was Brakiss.

"Deson B27, I always knew you would desert the darkside someday. I shouldn't have released you. Why couldn't you be like Kia?" Brakiss asked. Deson stood there. What could he say? He thought Brakiss was dead.

"Who the hell are you?" Mirri snapped, stepping in front of Deson and stretching up to her full height. Brakiss let out a loud chuckle and leaned forwards in his seat.

"I am Brakiss, Master of the Shadow Academy," he answered, smiling.

"There isn't any Shadow Academy left to master, shit for brains!" Mirri snarled. Brakiss frowned at her and stood up. He walked to Mirri, grabbed her chin, and kissed her. She pushed away and spat at him. "You son of-" Mirri never got to finish her sentence. Brakiss slapped her a cross the face, making her fall to the ground. Deson leaped at Brakiss, ready to kill the man, but two stormtroopers help him back.

Brakiss looked at Deson. "Deson, I know you have a darkside! Join me! Be one of my humble servants!" he cried, as Kathrine and Brasen Kelper stepped from out of the shadows. Deson shook his head.

"I would rather die, you pathetic excuse for a clone," he spat.

Brakiss smiled and patted Deson on the head. "You figured it out. I'm not Brakiss, I'm his clone, A perfect replica of the great master himself." An evil smile crept across his handsome face. "And I will get my revenge! On Luke Skywalker, then every Shadow Academy trainee that turned!"

Deson looked at him and then down at Mirri, who was struggling to get herself into a sitting position. "Since you're not with us Deson, you will die!" Brakiss continued. "Tomorrow, Deson will fight Brasen in a death match!" There was a cheer from all the soldiers. Deson looked at Brasen. "You might be a great fighter Deson but I taught Brasen everything I know!" Brakiss said in a low voice.

"I'm surprised he could even walk then!" Deson replied, as he tried to get away from the stormtroopers. They held on tight.

"Take them away!' Brakiss said. He walked back to his throne.

Mirri was picked up by stormtroopers and both of them were dragged to their cell.


"I'm bored," Mirri whined for about the umpteenth time. "Come on, you're the smart one, make up a plan to get us out of here!"

They'd been in their holding cell for little over an hour, and in that time, Mirri had found plenty of things to complain about. Deson had pretty much kept to himself over that time, thinking. Thinking about Brakiss's clone, about his upcoming fight, and the best way to shut Mirri up. He glanced up at her pacing form. She had refused to sit still, and had ended up pacing back in forth in front of the cell door, which, to her satisfaction, had made the outside guards nervous. Deson chuckled to himself despite his melancholy mood. Mirri turned to him, irritation lighting up her features.

"What's so funny?" she snapped. He shook his head.


Mirri sighed and sat down on the small sleeping pallet next to him. She was silent for a moment before speaking. "Hey, why is it that you get to fight? I mean, I'm just as important as you are."

Deson rolled his eyes. "Trust me, if I know Brakiss, you won't be a spectator." He sighed and leaned back. "You know something?"


"Hit me if I'm wrong....but you do realize that we're going to have to work together to get out of here, right?" Mirri was silent for a moment.

"Actually, I could get us out of here right now," she scoffed. "All by myself, too." Deson laughed.

"Oh, really? And how might you be able to do that, O' Illustrious Leader?"

Mirri just grinned.


"So, what do you think Master Brakiss will do with the chick in the cell, huh?"

The two guards standing outside Mirri and Deson's cell stood leaning against the wall, blaster rifles slung casually over their shoulders. The one who had just spoken - a blonde that went by the name Wyll - threw a glance into the small window that was set into the door. He saw the girl pacing back and forth, and then sit next to the boy on the single sleeping pallet. His partner, Rhett, shrugged.

"I dunno.....probably make her his personal plaything. That's how it always ends up. All we get to do is stand back and watch." He looked into the cell. "Damn she's good lookin'......what I'd give for just ten minutes alone in a room with her...."

Wyll laughed. "I'm with you, pal. That's one hot sweetie in there. Too bad we can't--" He was cut off suddenly when a loud shriek resounded throughout the hallway. The two men looked at each other, then into the cell, to find Mirri and Deson in a full-fledged, one-on-one, fist fight. Deson had grabbed Mirri by the collar of her shirt and flung her to the ground, and Mirri had taken advantage of her position by kicking upward. She missed her intended target, ended up knocking the wind out of him by catching him in the stomach. She was on her feet in an instant, and had proceeded to pin him against the far wall. She was a full head shorter than Deson, but it didn't stop her from getting a death-grip on his throat. He staggered backwards into the wall, and quickly kneed her in the stomach. She immediately let go of his throat and stumbled backwards. Deson grinned.

The two guards, however, were far from grinning. If the girl or boy were hurt in any way, then Brakiss would have their heads. Literally. Rhett quickly punched in the security code on the control panel. The door slid open with a low hiss, and the two guards pulled their blasters, setting them on stun.

"Hey! Stop!" Wyll yelled. He paused a moment later. The surrounding room was empty. "What the hell....?"

"Hiya, boys." Rhett and Wyll spun around, but it was too late. Mirri and Deson had somehow managed to sneak behind them while they'd rushed into the room, and before they knew what had happened, they were each dealt a punch in the face. The guards staggered backwards, tripping over each other. Mirri turned to Deson, smiled, and gestured towards the open door.

"After you, dear brother."


Deson and Mirri ran down the corridor of the ship, searching for the hangar bay and holding the two guards' blasters in a ready position. Deson wished he had his lightsaber, but he guessed that a blaster would do fine. He looked at Mirri and smiled. "Any idea on how to get out of here?"

Mirri looked around and shrugged. "I got out of the cell, you figure this one out." She murmered. Deson looked around the corner and saw that there were three stormtroopers standing watch. He looked at Mirri and held up three fingers. She nodded, and they edged for the corner. Deson looked at her, nodded, then dove around the corner and fired two shots, hitting two stormtroopers in the face. The other stormtrooper was blown back by a shot to the stomach.

Deson looked at Mirri and smiled. "And I thought we couldn't do anything together."

Mirri emitted a low chuckle and helped him to his feet. They both walked to the stormtroopers and took the power packs from their blasters. Deson looked at the two he killed and smiled.

"Shit, Deson, how the hell did you nail them like that?" Mirri asked incredulously. Deson looked at her and put the power packs into his pocket.

"Bloodtype 21 was from a master marksmen. I was programmed to know how to fire like him."

Mirri raised and eyebrow and stood up. "Deson, every time I think you're normal, you say something like that." Deson looked at her and shook his head.

"Come on, we need to find the hangar bay."


They had only been running down the corridor for five minutes when they spotted the entrance to the hangar. They both ran for the door as fast as they could. Almost there.... Deson thought as he ran.

Suddenly, Brasen and Kathrine stepped out from the shadows. Kathrine swung for Deson with all her might, but he ducked, did an uppercut, and sent her sprawling into the wall. Deson used the force to grab her lightsaber, and he activated it.

"Mirri, take Kathrine.... Brasen's mine!" he yelled, as he and Brasen glared at each other.

"Why do-" Mirri started to say.

"JUST DO IT!" Deson snapped, blocking Brasen's first attack.

Brasen sliced at Deson's foot, but he did a front flip, landed behind Brasen, and swung his lightsaber at his back. Brasen deactivated his lightsaber and rolled away. Deson's blade barely missed his midsection. He leaped to his feet and stared at Deson.

Deson smiled. "I can till Brakiss taught you how to fight!" He said mockingly, enjoying the skirmish. Brasen attacked with lightning speed, but Deson was able to block each one of his attacks.

"Come on, Brasen!" Deson crooned, smiling. Brasen backed up and ran at him, ready to make a heavy attack. Deson was ready to block when he got an idea. He held up his lightsaber to block the attack, but before their lightsabers crossed, he deactived his weapon and dodged.

Brasen, not expecting what had just happened, stumbled. Deson twirled around and swung his lightsaber with all his might. Brasen didn't even get to turn around before his head was sliced off.


While Deson was amusing himself with beating the living hell out of Brasen, Mirri and Kathrine were engaged in an all-out street brawl. Each had no weapon to wield, so they settled for the next best thing: their hands and feet.

The two girls circled each other like nek-battle dogs, each glowering and emitting small growls from their throat. Suddenly, Kathrine lunged at Mirri, clawing furiously. Mirri quickly jumped to the side, and delivered a crushing blow to the small of Kathrine's back. The older girl cried out in pain as she hit the floor, and she staggered back to her feet. Mirri grinned.

"Guess I haven't lost my edge after all," she sneered. So saying, she threw a roundhouse kick, only to find herself on the ground a moment later, her previously broken ankle throbbing painfully. Glancing up, she saw that Kathrine had managed to catch her leg and twist it. Mirri growled, jumped to her feet, and tackled the other girl. They both crashed into the durasteel wall, and Mirri took advantage of her position by grabbing Kathrine by the throat and slamming her head against the wall with enough force to crack a rancor's skull. There was a loud crack as the other girl's head collided, and then her body went limp. Mirri let her go, and Kathrine slumped lifelessly to the ground.

"Well, that takes care of that," she said cheerfully. Mirri turned around just in time to see Brasen's head roll to the ground. She subconsciously rubbed her neck, and walked over to stand beside Deson. "As much as I'd love to hang around and watch you decapitate every person on this ship, I think we'd better bail."

Deson nodded and switched off his lightsaber. "Yeah, I'm with you. Let's go." The two headed into hangar bay, doing their best to sneak along the wall and stay in the shadows. They finally reached a large pile of shipping crates near the far end of the hangar, and they crouched behind them, trying to catch their breath.

"So," Mirri panted. "What's the plan?" Deson turned to stare at her, and then he let his gaze travel over the various vessels that were docked. His eye fell on a pair of Z-95 starfighters. He turned back to Mirri and grinned miscieviously. She scooched slowly away from him. " have that scary look in your eyes again...."

"You know how to fly one of those?" He pointed to the Z-95's. Mirri narrowed her eyes, peering at the ships.

"I dunno....I think I could figure it out. Doesn't look much harder than an X-wing. Why, you finally using what little brain you have left and figuring out a plan?" Deson rolled his eyes.

"Ha-ha, very funny." He turned to stare at the ships again. "And yes, I do have a plan......but you have to follow it, or it won't work." Mirri grinned and saluted.

"Commander Skywalker, reporting for duty, sir!"

"Alright, then, Skywalker. Here's the plan....."


Deson hid behind a ship, kneeling near a control panel. Mirri stood behind him with two blasters, watching his back.

"Anyone coming, Mirri?" He asked. His arms were elbow deep in wires.

"Shut up, I'll tell you when someone's coming," she whispered back to him. Deson nodded and stuck his head into the hole in the wall, searching for a specific wire. There it was. He quickly grabbed it and ripped it in two. He then proceeded to wrap one end of the wires around his stolen lightsaber. After wrapping the other end of the lightsaber with the wire he crawled away from the panel. He stood up and wiped off his hands.

"Okay, when they fire their lasers it'll backfire and disable the ship," he said, smiling. "It'll make engines and weapons go off-line for about 4 hours."

Mirri slapped him on the back. "You're a genius. Now, let's go." Deson nodded his head and then snuck to a headhunter. He quickly climbed up into the cockpit and started up the systems.

"Lets rock and roll," he mumbled. He looked over to the side and got a thumbs-up from Mirri. He smiled and pulled back a lever. The ship started to hover, and he guided it slowly out of the hangar, with Mirri following close behind.

He pushed another lever and the sound of his main thruster engines coming to life resonated throughout the small fighter craft. He felt the headhunter pick up speed as he headed out into open space.


"Sir, two ships just left the hangerbay!" An officer said to Brakiss. Brakiss stood up from his seat and looked at the officer.

"Check the cells!" He snapped. The officer nodded his head and spoke quietly into a radio. After a couple of seconds, a voice replied.

"They're gone! Brasen is dead.... Kathrine is in critical condition," the voice reported.

Brakiss yelled in rage. "Fire at them! KILL THEM NOW!" The officer nodded and punched in some commands on the command console.

"Firing lasers." The officer said before he pushed the button. That's when the explosion occured.


"Hmm...I wonder what this button does." Mirri glanced around the small confinement of the headhunter, trying to figure out what each switch, dial, and button did. She spotted a small joystick off to her right, with a small green button on it. Her curiosity took over in an instant. Reaching out with one hand (her other was busy with the main controls), she pressed down. The small fighter craft shuddered for an instant, and then the cockpit was suddenly filled with a bright light. Mirri grinned. She'd found the trigger to the main lasers. She pressed down on the button again, and bright streams of green laser fire erupted from the tips of her ship's wings. She guided the ship closer to Deson, and she keyed in the communications radio.

"Hey, Des!" she called into the speaker. "What do you say we do some damage to our good friend Brakiss?" There were a few moments of static before Deson replied.

"No! Let's just get out of here. We need to get back to the Academy and warn mom and dad." Mirri snorted.

"Oh, come on!" she whined. "Will you stop acting like a wuss and have some fun? Brakiss deserves it!"

"Maybe so," Deson answered. "But we don't have time, Mirri. I have a feeling they already know that we're--" The communication was abruptly cut-off when a bright turbolaser lanced past the two fighters, narrrowly missing them. Mirri threw her craft into an evasive maneuver, trying to get away from Deson. She keyed on the comm once again.

"Looks like you don't have a choice now, big bro." Deson paused.

"Big bro?"

"Shut up." Mirri spun her fighter to face the large ship that had taken her and Deson hostage. She quickly flipped the switch to the deflector shields. "Shields up," she murmured. She settled into the pilot's seat and took a deep breath, preparing herself for an assault of laser blasts from the looming ship. However, none came. She narrowed her eyes. "What the hell? Why aren't they firing?"

"Hey! I guess my little trick worked after all." Mirri sighed in disappointment. She'd forgotten about Deson's stunt with the lightsaber and the ship's wiring.

She was suddenly thrown back in her seat as the looming ship burst into a bright ball of flame. Mirri reflexively threw an arm across her eyes to protect them from the blinding glare, and she used her other hand to turn the headhunter hard to starboard. The turn was so sharp and abrupt that Mirri had to keep both hands on the steering so the craft wouldn't straighten out. The headhunter's engines groaned with the strain that Mirri was putting them under, but the jedi trainee didn't care. She finally straightened the fighter out, and immediately kicked in the main thrusters. The Z-95 shot forward, away from the destroyed ship. She keyed in the comm frequency for Deson's headhunter.

"Hey, Des....what the hell just happened? I thought the weapons systems were supposed to shut down, not blow the damn thing up!" She waited a couple of seconds, but no reply came through. "Deson? Hey, you there?" A feeling of panic crept along Mirri's spine, and she picked up her visual scanning. Deson's ship was nowhere in sight. "Oh, shit!" Mirri keyed the radio on again. "Deson! Answer the damn radio now! This isn't funny!" Still no reply. "Shit, shit, shit....dammit, Deson, where the hell are you?!" The only response was the sound of static.

Mirri was about to turn around once again when the back of her neck began to tingle. And she had a distinct feeling that someone was laughing at her......a moment later, Deson's ship shot out in front of her, and she saw him laughing his head off in the cockpit. The static that was being emitted from the speakers vanished abruptly, and Deson's voice resonated throughout her cockpit.



Brakiss lay on the ground of the Star Destroyer. He looked over at the men that were strewn across the floor. Some were dead; some were not. He stood up and walked over to the console. He growled when he saw the readouts. Half the ship was destroyed.

He quickly walked out of the bridge and towards the medical bay. He turned the corner and ran straight into a stormtrooper.

"Sir we-," The stormtrooper never got to finish his message. Brakiss chopped him in two with his lightsaber.

After he got to the medcenter, he strode over to the doctor, killed him, and took Kathrine from out of the bacta. He turned around and stormed out of the medic bay.

After walking a while he walked into his private chambers and pressed a statue down. A wall slid open revealing a small escape pod that could fit ten people in it. Brakiss strapped Kathrine in and walked to the controls. He pushed down the lever and the pod flew from the ship, leaving every incompetant fool with it.

"Someday, Skywalker, I'll get my revenge!"


Mara Jade Skywalker sat outside of the temple, holding a picture of Mirri in one hand and a small, worn out picture of Deson in the other . She stared down at the pictures, thinking about them. She wiped her eyes and put the pictures in her pocket.

She started to walk back into the temple when two ships started to descend from the atmosphere. Two headhunters. She stared at them curiously and started to walk towards the landing pad.

Who could this be?

Suddenly, she heard a message through the force ~ We late?~ It was Mirri's voice. Luke must of heard it too because he came running out of the temple faster then humanly possible.

They both ran to the landing pad and waited for the ships to land. Mara smiled, glad that her children were okay. They were back home. They came back home safely.

A few moments later, the two ships landed and the two children hopped out. Mara ran to Mirri and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly. She looked over at Deson and, after disentangling herself from Mirri, walked to him. Deson smiled and held out his arms.

She hugged him. After a moment they pulled away.

"Where the hell have you been?" Both Luke and Mara asked in unison. Mirri and Deson looked at each other and grinned.

"It's a long story."


"....And then, right when we thought we were going to run through the doors leading to the hangar, Brasen and Kathrine jumped out, blocking our path!" Mirri grinned at her surrounding audience. Deson had decided to let Mirri tell the tale of how their 'lesson' had gone, though he knew she'd stretch the truth to every possible limit.

They were all in Luke and Mara's quarters. Mirri was lounging in a recliner with her injured foot propped up on a foot rest. After many hugs and kisses down by the landing pad, Mara had immediately hustled Mirri and Deson to the medical bay. Mirri's ankle hadn't healed all the way, and there were still minuscule cracks in the bone. She'd soaked it in bacta, and then the med-droid had wrapped it in a tight bandage. Deson was sitting on the floor, leaning his head against another chair, while Luke and Mara sat together on a sofa. Deson had to admit, Mirri could definetly tell a story.

"Okay, so we start fighting, right, and then, before I knew it, we were surrounded by dozens of stormtroopers! I hit Kathrine over the head when she wasn't looking, grabbed her blasters, and got all of the troopers before they knew what hit them," Mirri grinned. "With Deson's help, of course." Luke rolled his eyes.

"So what you're saying is you and Deson managed to take out over a dozen stormtroopers with just three blasters, and you didn't get hit at all?" Deson responded before Mirri could open her mouth.

"What Mirri is trying to say is that she fought Kathrine, I fought Brasen, we escaped in the headhunters, and came back here. She just threw the stormtroopers in there for good effect."

"And I'm assuming she threw the battle with the Sith Lord in there for good effect, too?" Luke stared at Mirri and crossed his arms. She blushed.

"Okay, so there wasn't a Sith Lord.....but it did put an interesting twist in the story." Mirri leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. "You got anything to eat? I'm starving." Mara smiled, got up, and headed to the kitchen. She returned a few minutes later with a hot bowl of soup for both Mirri and Deson. They were all silent for a few moments before Deson looked up at Luke and Mara.

"So....what now?"


Deson threw another bag into the back of his ship, still trying to tell himself this was the right thing to do. Once again, he was leaving Yavin Four. He would go back to smuggling. He sighed and walked back down the ramp.

Luke and Mara stood there. Mirri was nowhere in sight.

"Deson, please don't go," Mara said. She walked towards him, and Deson shook his head.

"I'm not ready for the force yet."

"You're not ready to have a sister, you mean," Luke corrected. He walked up to Deson and put a hand on his shoulder. "Deson, I know it's hard, but you can't do this." Luke stared at him. "You need to stop living in the past. If you don't leave it behind you, you'll turn to the darkside."

Deson looked at him for a moment, and then back at Mara. "I will return... but not now!" He turned around and started to walk up the ramp. He was almost to the top when someone yelled, "Stop!" He turned around to find Mirri running towards him.

Mirri stopped when she reached the base of the ramp. "Deson you can't go!" she said quickly. Deson leaned against the wall. This should be good.

"Why not?" he asked.

Mirri looked at him and started up the ramp. "This whole academy is boring. I'm the only one that has fun! That is, until I met you! You pull pranks on people!" Mirri smiled. "Just like me."

Deson glanced down at Mara and Luke and saw them smiling. He looked at Mirri and shook his head.

"I'm not ready!" he cried, frustrated. Mirri frowned at him and put her hands on her hips.

"You'll never be ready, Des. You'll just keep on going through life without a purpose," she said. Mirri narrowed her eyes when she saw his skeptical expression. "Oh, come on! What do you want me to do, beg?"

Deson grinned. "Maybe." Mirri frowned deeper and shook her head.

"Hell no! I ain't begging for your jedi ass." She smiled. "And what have you got to lose if you stay here?"

Deson looked at her for a moment, and then back at his parents. "Oh, dammit!" He began walking down the ramp. Mirri looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

Deson sighed and looked at her. "I have to unpack all that crap again."

He looked at Mara and Luke, shaking his head. "She's right. I'll stay."

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