The Kiss
By Jaina

Disclamer:the characters aren't mine, i'm not making any money, blah,blah,blah

Jaina blinked as she drifted out of a deep sleep. She looked around at her friends. They were on another camping trip out in the jungles of Yavin 4.

Jaina noticed that someone had gotten up and left the group. Without a sound Jaina got up and began to follow the person. Using the force Jaina sensed it was Zekk, and that he was upset about something.

When Jaina reached the temple she saw Zekk bent down looking at something. Jaina noticed it was a part of the temple he had severed off during their lightsaber duel.

'Oh, Zekk' Jaina thought.

Jaina went up to Zekk and put her arms around his back and her head on his shoulder. He didn't seem surprised to see her.

"Why do you do this?" Jaina asked.

"How, how could you forgive me?" Zekk asked, without looking at her.

Jaina sat down against the wall of the pyramid and looked at Zekk.

"Zekk," she began and then she sighed. "Zekk don't think about that, it can't help anyone."

"But still what if I turn back,"

"You won't,"

"and I try to kill you again,

"Stop saying stuff like that!"

"and I do,"

"Stop it!"

"How could you forgive me knowing what I did, and what I might do?"

"Because I love you!" Jaina finally shouted. She looked away from him and didn't exactly know what had just happened.

'I do,' she realized, 'I do love him.'

Zekk was quiet for a min. Then looked up at Jaina. He touched her check with his hand and began to pull her face closer untill they kissed. The kiss seemed to go on for eternity, but in fact it was more like 15 sec.s

"No one ever told me that," Zekk said looking into Jaina's eyes, "my family was never that close, we just never said anything. After, they died, well..."

Jaina kissed him again. "You don't have to say anything."

Zekk leaned up against the wall and put his arm around Jaina, and that's where they fell asleep.

I promise you people, that sounded alot better in my head. I'm going to write a sequal, if I have time.

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