The Journal of Kat Solo
By Katie Mcgittigan

This is my first attempt at Fan fiction so don't be too critical. The only characters in this story that are mine are the ones that I made up. I hope you enjoy my story!



Dear Journal,

I, Katherine (Kat for short.) Solo, am on my way to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy. When I get there I will meet my cousins, Jacen and Jaina, for the first time. I hope we will become good friends! I miss my home world, Corellia dreadfully, but who I am not missing is my father. My father was Thracken Sal-Solo. Yeah, I know he was evil, but don't worry, I'm not. I only saw my father once. Once was enough! Thanks to him, my poor mother and I had to go into hiding for the past ten years. We were finally found by the kind Master Skywalker. It ended up that he found some Force potential in me. That is why I am on my way to the Academy. Okay, now that you know my history, here are the facts: I am 15 years old. I have raven black hair and dark green eyes. I am rather short for my age. I always wear a crude heart shaped piece of metal on a chain around my neck. My mother gave it to me before I left Corellia. Master Skywalker is calling for me to come see something... I will write more when we get there...


Part One

Dear Journal,

We have arrived at the Academy. Jaina and Jacen were there to meet the ship. Master Skywalker walked up to them and gave Jaina a hug and shook hands with Jacen. He then walked up to me and told me through the Force not to be nervous. Automatically I felt myself come down. He introduced me and told them my story. After they got over the shock, Jaina asked me if I wanted to meet their friends, Tenal Ka and Lowie. Lowie was nice, but while Tenal Ka was cordial, I could tell she was suspicious. They all took me for a walk in the jungle. After this, I was shown to my quarters and settled in for the night.


Dear Journal,

I have been here only a day and I am already homesick. It is nice here and everything, but I just feel left out. Everybody here is paired off: Tenal Ka and Jacen, Jaina and Zekk, Raynar and Lusa. The only one that doesn't seem to have a partner is Lowie, but I can sense that he enjoys being alone. If I had somebody to take my minds off of things for just a little while... Oh well! Enough complaining! On the other side, Master Skywalker says I have great skill for the Force! He says that if I keep it up, I will be able to start constructing my own lightsaber next week! I think I want a pale green beam with a dark obsidian handle... It will be beautiful!


Part Two

Dear Journal,

I now have my lightsaber. I hope I can catch up with the others in training soon. As for the others, I am getting along great with them. Jaina is so friendly and easy to get along with. Tenal Ka is just now starting to open up even though it has been a week. Jacen and Zekk are kind but pretty distance. As for Lowie, I have no idea what he is really saying and what Em Te-dee is elaborating on. Master Luke (Skywalker seems so formal so in my journal I will call him this but never to his face.) is about one of the kindest people I have ever met. He has been helping me catch up because he knows how important it is to me to catch up to the rest.

Oh, I almost forgot... I met Uncle Han. (He is really my cousin but this is what I was asked to call him.) He came in the Falcon to visit his children and meet me. Aunt Leia sent her regards and that she was sorry she could not come because she was so busy. They seem like nice people. Jaina has her mother's looks and her father's personality, while Jacen has his father's looks and a personality all his own. I have to go now, it is time for my lightsaber lesson with Master Luke.


Part 3

Dear Journal,

Every thing is the same as always. There is not much to write about. Eat, sleep, and train is my schedule now. I must go train some more...


Dear Journal,

Sorry it has been so long since I have written. Nothing much has happened lately ... until now! Master Luke has brought a new student to the Academy! His is 17 and an orphan like me. (If I forgot to tell you earlier-My mother died of disease right before I left to come here. It is what convinced me to come...Don't think me cruel hearted, my mother had been sick for so long that she told me she wanted to die and that I shouldn't be sad for her.) His name is KC and has perfect blonde hair and deep blue eyes. And I almost forgot... he is from Corellia too. Master Luke bumped into him on the streets of Corellia and as it turned out, he had much potential. KC, according to Master Luke, has had an upbringing like mine...locked away by a cruel family member and left to be food for the wampa rats. It seems that we have a lot in common. I am looking forward to getting to know him better...


Part Four

"Hey KC!" said Kat coming up to KC in the hall. KC looked up bewildered until he looked up and saw that it was Kat. He smiled. "Hi Kat! What's up?"

"Not much. Just the normal. You know...Eat, Sleep, Train. Nothing exciting ever happens. To tell you the truth... I'm bored stiff!"

"Well if it won't take to much time out of your busy schedule, I was wondering if you would go on a walk with me in the jungle." KC smiled at her pleadingly," It would be nice to talk with someone from my own planet again."

"Sure, lets go." Kat agreed readily.

"So tell me about yourself, KC. I heard what Master Skywalker said but what else? Any deep dark secrets you don't want the rest of us to know?" Kat asked jokingly as they strolled through the beautiful Yavin 4 jungle.

" Not much. Other than the fact that I'm an only child, an orphan, and spent my whole life so far wandering around the streets of Corellia. I am 17 and think you are very pretty. That about sums it up. What about you?"

By this time, Kat was blushing furiously. " Well," began Kat, still trying to fight down the heavy blush, " I was born and raised on Corellia like you. My father was Thracken Sal-Solo and my mother was a famous Corellian singer. My father was killed many years back and my mother died just recently making me an orphan. I too am an only child. That's about it. I came here and well you know the rest..."

" I sure am glad we met, Kat. I think we will become very good friends."

"Same here. Goodnight!" said Kat as they reached the doorway of her quarters.

" Yea. Sweet dreams angel." said KC as he gave her a friendly peck on the cheek, " See you tomorrow."

Dear Journal,

I just went for the most amazing walk with the new guy, KC. We talked about our backgrounds and how we came to be here. He called me pretty! Can you believe it?!? And when we got back to the room, he kissed me goodnight on the cheek!! I can't wait to see him tomorrow!


Part Five

******A Year Later*******

Over the last year, Kat and KC had become very good friends. Most of thetime they hung around with Jacen, Tenal Ka, Jaina, Zekk, and Lowie.Nothing very exciting happened until this very morning...

It was the morning of Kat's 16th birthday. Her friends were taking herfor a picnic and swimming at the waterfall in the Yavin 4 jungle tocelebrate the day. She was getting ready when she heard a knock on thedoor.

"Knock, Knock. Anyone in there?"called a familiar voice from the doorway.

"Hi, KC! Come on in."

"Happy Birthday Kat! Are you ready for a day in the jungle?"

"Sure. I'll be right there. Just let me put my locket away...Okay ready!"

"Nice outfit!" commented KC.

"I thought you'd like it. Tenal Ka gave it to me yesterday as an early birthday present." Kat was wearing a suit of bright red reptillian armor similar to what Tenal Ka always wore.

"I could get used to you wearing that. Now I see why Jacen likes that lizard armor so much."

"Yea well, as Jaina would say , 'What are we waiting for?' Let's go!"said Kat as she and KC went to meet the others.

The small space craft was hovering not to far from Yavin 4. On board was a person Kat knew all too well. He was watching the little episode with Kat and KC on his holo-screen. "Yes, my sweet,"said a hoarse, cracking voice. "Go stumbling into the jungle with your little friends. Go unexpecting right into my trap. You are makng this to easy, my pet! Way to easy!" The speaker broke off with an evil laugh."I'll get youmypretty and your little friends too!"

Part Six

Kat and her friends were leisurely walking through the jungle on Yavin 4. They were going on a picnic by the waterfall and had all the time in the world. Master Skywalker had given them the day off in order to celebrate Kat's long-awaited birthday. Kat smiled as she remembered the way the twins had pleaded with their uncle for the day off...

"Uncle Luke, can we have the day off tomorrow?" asked Jacen. "I don't know. What's so special about tomorrow that you need the whole day off?" replied Master Skywalker with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Oh! We thought you already knew. Tomorrow is Kat's birthday." said Jaina, more than a little surprised that her uncle seemed to have forgotten.

" Oh, yes! I remember know! Just how many are included in that 'we'?"

" Just the norm. Me, Jaina, Tenal Ka, Zekk, Lowie, KC, and Kat, of course." Said Jacen.

" Yea! We were going to take a walk in the jungle and have a picnic by the waterfall." added Jaina.

" Sounds nice." said Uncle Luke.

"Does that mean you'll let us go?" asked the twins in unison.

" Well, I guess so, but on one condition..."

"Yes?" asked the twins anxiously.

"... that you all have fun and be safe!" finished Master Skywalker.

"Kat! Hey, Kat! Wait up!" someone called. The voice brought her back to the present. When she looked around she noticed that she was way ahead of the others and she slowed her pace some. Just then KC came running up. It had been him who was calling.

"Hey gorgeous! A penny for your thoughts..." he said.

" Hi KC! I was just thinking how lucky I am to have friends like all of ya'll. What was it that you wanted to tell me?"

" Oh, Well, you see... I got you this present and I sort off forgot it back at the academy..."

"That's okay. You'll just have to give it too me later."

" Ok. I just didn't want you to think I forgot about ya." Kat felt KC slip his arm around her shoulders as they walked. Yea, she sure was lucky to have such good friends.

"Hey, guys! Wait up for the rest of us!" called Jacen from behind. "Unless, of course, you want to be by yourselves!" he added after getting an elbow in the side from Jaina.

Little did the Jedi know that at that very moment, a ship was secretly landing deep in the dense jungle. A shadow stepped from the ship an menacing laughter filled the clearing. " Don't think you can get away from me this time, my pretty!" shouted the shadow in a strange, crackling voice.

To be continued soon...

Part 7

"Here we are." said Jacen as they reached the waterfall, " Last one in is a rotten rancor!"



"Yippee!...Brrr! It's cold!" All of the Jedi jumped into the water.

"Jacen, my friend?" asked Tenal Ka.

"Yea?" answered Jacen.

"Race ya to the waterfall!"

"Your on! On your mark, get set, GO!" shouted Jacen right before he took off after Tenal Ka. The other Jedi soon tired of swimming and waited on the shore for Jacen and Tenal Ka to return. Zekk and Jaina decided to take a walk and Lowie left to go climb some trees.

"I guess it's just you and me, Kat." said KC slipping his arm around her waist again.

"Yea. I guess it is." replied Kat as she rested her head on his shoulder.

" Oh! What a touching little seen!" said a crackley voice from behind them, "Don't move , Young Jedi. I'm afraid we have you surrounded." Said the shadow just before Kat and KC were stunned.

To be continued soon...

Part 8

Kat woke up with a severe headache. She sat up and glanced around. Instead of the familiar surroundings of her quarters at the academy, she found she was in the cargo hold of some strange ship. Something moved beside her. She turned and saw that it was KC, just waking up.

"Where did they take us?" he asked Kat.

"I don't know. I just woke up." replied Kat.

"I think I can answer your questions," said the familiar, crackly voice. A tall lady dressed in dark violets and blacks enters the hold.

"Grandmother Angustia! What do you want with us?" asks Kat coldly as she recognized their abductor.

"Nothing much my dear. Just you...I only need your friend for persuasive purposes;in case you don't agree with me."

"You can't hurt me now! I'm a Jedi!" replied Kat.

"True...True, but sadly this only makes you more valuable, honey."

Angustia nods her head thoughtfully. "I must leave you now so you can say goodbye to your little friend. You won't be seeing much of him... unless, of course, you cooperate." The nightsister left the room, her black cape fluttering around her heels.

"You know that witch?" asked KC, still shocked by their present prediciment.

"Unfortunately, yes. She's my grandmother. My mother's mother. And "witch" is a perfect name for her. She is a master sweet talker. Never lisen to a word she says. She could talk a Hoth ice monster out of its prey. Ever since I was born, she has been after me to join her and the other nightsisters. She knows I'm powerful in the ways of the Force. She thinks together we can take over Dathomir and let the nightsisters rule once again. But she's wrong! I'm not evil like my father or her!" explained Kat.

"Poor thing." said KC, "You have bad luck with relatives. Don't worry Kat. We'll get out of this together, I promise. We'll think of something." he took her hand and held it tight. Two nightsisters entered the hold. One yanked them from each other and placed some Force handcuffs on KC and led him down the corridor of the ship. The other pushed Kat down the hall and into a small room.

"Stay here until Angustia comes for you." she said as the door closed behind her.

* Like I have a choice.* thought Kat to herself as she tried to no avail to yank the door open *Looks like I'm on my own now.*

Part 9

Meanwhile Back at the Academy...

"Kat! KC! Where are you?" yelled Jacen. He and Tenal Ka had come back from their race and were searching for the others. They had met up with Jaina and Zekk and were told that Kat and KC were missing.

"Jacen!" said Tenal Ka pulling on his sleeve to get his attention, "Look!" On the ground were ship tracks and a sign of a recent struggle.

"Ah, man! Do you think they were kidnapped?" he was kneeling on the ground to get a closer look at the marks. "Hey! What's this?" Jacen had picked up a piece of dark violet material. It was ragged on the edge suggesting that it had been ripped off of something. Jacen handed the shard to Tenal Ka. She inspected the cloth closely and stood up quickly.

"Jacen, we must hurry and get this to Master Skywalker right away. I am afraid our friends may be in more trouble then you could imagine." She took off running, leaving Jacen behind in the dust.

"Hey, wait for me!" shouted Jacen hurrying to catch up with the speeding girl.

Back at Angustia's ship the Nightsisters were just sitting down for a meeting. Kat was thinking of escape in her prison room when suddenly she could hear the Nightsisters at their meeting in the adjacent room. Her grandmother, Angustia, was talking. She would know her evil grandmother's honey sweet voice anywhere.

"I have at last captured my Force strong granddaughter. Together we will fight Dathomir and reclaim it for the Nightsisters! At last we will have our revenge!" crowed Angustia to her fellow Nightsisters. There came a cheer from around the table. The Nightsisters were thrilled to have such a strong ruler. Kat listened in disgust as Angustia told of her plan to reclaim Dathomir for the Nightsisters. Kat, herself, was a major part of the plan. She was to go back to the Academy and convince the Princess Tenal Ka to journey with her to Dathomir. Instead of going to Dathomir, she would take Tenal Ka straight to the Nightsisters. The Nightsisters would then use Tenal Ka as a bargaining tool against both the Dathomir government and the Royal House of Hapes.

"What happens if your granddaughter doesn't want to cooperate? Are we then sunk?" asked a daring Nightsister with a rather husky voice.

"I have my ways of making her participate. For one thing, I have that little friend of hers. She seems to be rather fond of him. I, for one, am not afraid to resort to torture..." Angustia broke off with an evil laugh.

Kat gasped at the thought of them harming KC.

*If they harm one hair on his head I'll...* Kat thought to herself but stopped as she heard what Angustia was saying next...

"Even though my granddaughter would ease things along, it can be done with out her." continued Angustia.

*I must warn Tenal Ka* thought Kat, *Somehow we must get out of here...and soon...*

Part 10

Kat sat in the dark cell still thinking about what she had just heard. Somehow she had to get out of here and warn Tenal Ka of the Nightsister's plan. Somehow she had to talk to KC. Suddenly, one of Master Luke's lessons popped into her head. The lecture had something to do about an ancient Jedi skill about talking "mind-to-mind." Master Skywalker said few could master this skill and that in order to "mindspeak," you had to be very close to the person. He told them that it was most common among twins like him and his sister, Leia. Jacen and Jaina had told her that they can communicate mind to mind. But two people didn't have to be twins, just really good friends such as her and KC! Maybe, just maybe, she could reach him. Well, she figured it was worth a shot.

*KC!* Kat called in her mind, trying to visualize him, *KC! I need you!* Nothing happened. Kat tried again: *KC! KC! KC, Where are you?!* Oh, Why wasn't he answering?!?

*KAT!* came a familiar voice in her head.

*Kat? Is that you?* It was KC! He had heard her!! It had worked.

*Yea! Listen, I heard the nightsisters talking and they plan to use me to get to Tenal Ka.* Kat continued to tell KC about the evil plan.

*Man! We have to get out of here and warn Tenal Ka!* said KC.

*My thoughts exactly!* replied Kat, *Where exactly are you? I am in a locked room just next to the meeting room.*

*I am in a locked room too. I think I'm on the other side of the ship than you. Do you have something in mind?* asked KC.

*Yep! I think it's time I start being a better granddaughter.* Kat said with a slight smirk.

*What?!* asked a shocked KC.

*You'll see!* Kat said and broke the mind connection.

Kat pressed the comm link next to the door. "Grandmother!" she called, "I have decided to cooperate!"*NOT!* she added silently to herself. "Good!" her grandmother's voice called back. "I knew you would come around." The door opened and Kat walked out of the prison cell.

*So far, so good!* thought Kat to herself. be continued......

Part 11

*Think nightsister. Think calmingly evil.* Kat told herself as she walked into the nightsisters' meeting room.

"Welcome, little one. I am glad you are finally seeing things our way. It will make things go easier for both me and you." Angustia said motioning for Kat to take a seat near her, " Now to continue our little discussion..."

Kat looked around the room. She noticed that both of the young Jedi's' lightsabers were resting on the table in front of her grandmother. They were the next necessary step in the plan. "...and we will not go down without a fight! Meeting dismissed." concluded Angustia. Everyone rose to leave, except Kat. She rose slowly out of her chair and hung toward the back of the crowd, waiting for them to clear the room. Kat went to the table that held the lightsabers and hid them stealthily in her newly donned violet robe.

*That was easy* she thought to herself,* a little too easy!* She quickly exited the room and in her haste, nearly collided with a droid.

"Excuse me." she said.

"Oh, I am 8Z-24. How may I serve you?" replied the droid.

"Could you tell me where they are holding the Jedi boy?" asked Kat.

"He is being held in prison cell 6-B in the left wing of the ship. Why do you ask?" inquired 8Z-24.

"Never mind 'why'! Can you take me there?"

"Of course, Mistress ......?"

"Kat." They scurried down the corridor and into the left wing and stopped suddenly in front of a cell door.

Kat turned to the droid, "Thanks 8Z!"

"Anything to help, Mistress Kat." The droid walked off down the corridor. Kat turned to the controls next to the door. "Thank you, Jaina!" she muttered as she messed around with the wires inside the controls. The door suddenly slid open.

" AHHHHH!" the person inside yelled.

" Hush, it's only me!" Kat whispered.

" Kat?" KC asked in shock.

" Yea, I am here to rescue you. Here." she said handing him the lightsaber.

" Thanks. So what's the plan?" he asked.

" I'm afraid you're not going to like it." she told him while pulling out an extra set of nightsister clothing.

" No way!" he said looking at the stack of clothes Kat held out to him.

Part 12

Two shadows walked down the corridor of the Nightsisters' ships.

" I still don't see why I have to wear these ridiculous clothes!" whispered one of the figures fiercely.

" I told you, KC!" the other whispered back with a sigh, " The only way to get a male off of a ship full of females is to make him look like a female. You do look hilarious though!" The girl stifled a giggle.

"Alright already! Just promise me one thing, Kat. Don't breathe a word of this to Jacen or I'll never live it down!" said KC.

" Okay, not a word!" said Kat still trying to keep from laughing. She looked up and noticed the sign next to the door said "Landing Bay".

" We're there." said Kat. They walked through the door and glanced quickly around at the different ships. Kat's gaze settled on a Skipray blastboat, the perfect ship to get the heck out of there! Kat pulled on KC's sleeve and pointed at the ship. KC gave a swift nod, then both headed for the craft. Kat put a hand on her lightsaber as they approached the blastboat. Two guards were patrolling the area near the ship. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers and quickly had the guards tied to the nearest post. Kat and KC ran aboard the blastboat. KC, being the better pilot, sprinted to the cockpit and fired up the ship. As the ship moved toward the exit, the hatch doors opened letting them fly easily out. The hatch doors closed behind them and almost immediately an alarm went off. The battlestation started shooting at them.

"Let's see how much firepower this baby has!" shouted KC as Kat climbed into the gunner's seat. " Here come some fighters!" KC shouted to her.

" I have them in sight!" said Kat. TTSSSEEWWWW! Kat fired the laser gun. " Yahoo! Got one!" Kat yelled excitedly.

" Great, but stay alert 'cause more are coming in!" replied KC. TTSSEWWWWWW! TTTSSSEEEWWWW! TTTSSSEEEWWWW!!!! The fighters blew up as they were hit. " Good shot! You can come up to the cockpit now, we made it away." KC told her. Kat came bounding into the cockpit.

" We made it!" she shouted. Kat gave KC a quick kiss in her excitement, then looked away blushing when she realized what he had just done. KC just stood there smiling. Kat shook her head to clear it and said, " Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go home!"

Part 13

Jaina and Zekk were taking a walk around the academy talking about where Kat and KC might be.

" I'm sure they're ok. They can take care of themselves, you know." Zekk assured Jaina.

" Yea, I am just worried, that's all." Jaina replied. Jaina glanced up at the sky and noticed a ship coming in to land. " Zekk! Isn't that an Imperial blastboat?" Her hand unconciously going to the hilt of her lightsaber.

" It sure is!" He also had a hand on his lightsaber, " Wonder what it is doing here?" he said.

" Let's go find out!" Jaina replied, already heading in the direction of the ship that just landed.

KC had just finished landing the ship at the landing bay at the Jedi Academy.

" Come on, KC!" Kat called, " They must be worried about us. We have been missing for a week now." They walked down the ramp of the ship and suddenly two shadowed figures stepped in front of them.

"Stop right there!" called a familiar voice from one of the figures.

"Jaina?" Kat asked astonished, " It's just us!" The two figures stepped out of the shadows and it was indeed Jaina and Zekk.

" Good thing you spoke up, Kat," said Zekk, " We thought you were imps."

" Nah!" said KC, " Just a couple of nightsisters." Kat and KC were still in full Nightsister regala.

" Well, Kat, I must say you look pretty impressive, but as for you!" Jaina said looking at KC and cracking up.

" You are so lucky Jacen didn't find you!" Zekk added with a laugh.

"What?" KC said sarcastically, " You mean to tell me I don't make a cute girl?"

" Far from it, buddy," said Zekk, " Now let's get you two back to the Academy and you can tell us all about what happened when you're cleaned up.

Dear Journal,

Well, we are back at the Academy and in normal clothing again. Master Luke and Tenal Ka were worried by the ease of our escape. They told us to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Now that I think of it, we did get a way a little too easy from a ship full of Force sensitive witches. I hope that was the last I see of my Grandmother, but some feeling keeps telling me that I will see her again in the near future. It is a meeting that I dread. Ever since we got back, I have had this queasy feeling. Sometimes I feel a shock go through my body and a flash of anger rise up in me. It scares me. I have not told anybody about this, not even KC. I WILL NOT turn evil like Grandmother Angustia and father. I WILL NOT! Tenal Ka has been watching me closely since we've returned. I think she senses something wrong. Master Luke has called a meeting to discuss a counter attack for the Nightsisters' plan. I must go now...


Part 14

Kat stretched and sat up in her bed. She was just about to get up when she heard a knock at her door.

" Rise and shine, sleepyhead. Master Skywalker wants to talk to you," KC's voice came through the door. " Rough night sleep?" asked KC as he entered the room.

" Yea." Kat answered while hurriedly pulling a comb through her matted long dark hair. " Blaster bolts!" muttered Kat under her breath as the comb hit a tangle, " Long hair can be so much trouble sometimes. At the moment I wish I could cut it all off!" Kat said vehemently, jerking viciously at her hair with the comb. KC looked on the scene with an eyebrow raised. Kat never had shone signs of a temper before.

" Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Kat in her normal cheery tones, " You said Master Skywalker wanted to see me?"

" Yea, we should get going." KC replied, still thinking of Kat's display of temper. He wondered if he should tell Master Skywalker, since they were told to report anything suspicious about Kat. KC dismissed this thought with a shake of his head. Nah, he wouldn't report it. Chances were that it was probably an after effect of not enough sleep. He probably shouldn't worry about it at all.

Later, the students were all congregated in the meeting hall waiting for Master Skywalker to appear. The students were casually talking amongst themselves, when he walked to the front of the room. The room quickly turned silent.

" I'm sure all of you have heard of the Nightsisters' attack by now. We plan to be ready for them when they arrive. Those of you who were here during the Shadow Academy's attack, know that fighting Nightsisters is no easy task. Since they are also trained in the Force we need to outwit them. The two students who were kidnapped by the Nightsisters have informed us that they are at least one thousand strong. I have already informed both the New Republic and the Hapan government of our plight. Soon a group of volunteer students will travel to Dathomir to warn them of the Nightsisters. We are doing all that we possibly can at the moment to ward off the attack. Classes will go on as scheduled for everyone except the group of volunteers. May the Force be with you all." With that the meeting broke up. Kat and KC joined up with the others outside of the meeting hall.

" I wonder what suckers they got to go to Dathomir." KC said to the others.

Master Skywalker came up behind the group just then. " Well Jaina, did you find some others to go with you to Dathomir?"

" You?" Jacen said rolling his eyes, " I should have known my big sister would have wanted to go play hero!" he said teasingly.

" Does that mean you don't want to go?" Jaina asked him.

" I can't let my sister go into a dangerous situation without me can I?" Jacen joked, " Of course I'll come."

" Jaina, my friend, I would be happy to accompany you on your mission to one of my home planets." Tenal Ka said. Lowie roared his agreement.

" Thanks, Tenal Ka and Lowie. Zekk?" asked Jaina with an imploring look.

" Sure, what the heck. By the way is it my turn to rescue you or is it the other way around?" he asked. As an answer he received a playful swat on the shoulder from her.

" What about us?" KC asked pointing to himself and Kat, " What are we to do while ya'll go to Dathomir?"

" I believe I have work for the two of you. Come to my quarters after the noon meal and we will discuss it then," said Master Skywalker.

" What type of work?" Kat asked with an eyebrow raised.

" Patience is a virtue, my young Jedi. I will tell you all about it later," he said in serious tones and then added with a laugh, " Don't worry. I have a feeling it will be to your liking." He then walked off to talk to Jaina about the plans for the trip to Dathomir.

" I wonder what he has in mind." Kat said to KC. KC didn't notice the flash of violet that appeared in Kat's eyes for a moment.

to be continued...

Part 15

Kat and KC stood outside the door to Master Luke Skywalker's quarters. Kat reached up and pressed the com link next to the door. After a moment, the door slid open and they walked inside.

"Hi Kat, KC. Come about your assignment?" asked Mara Jade-Skywalker, Luke's wife. Kat and KC nodded in assent to the question.

"Yes, ma'am. Where could we find Master Skywalker?" asked KC.

"He's in the back room getting something together for ya'll. Just go back. He's expecting you." she said giving them a little push toward the rear of the quarters. KC and Kat found Luke sitting on the edge of a chair leaning over a box full of stuff. He looked up suddenly when he felt their presence enter the room.

"Hi guys. Sit down," he said motioning toward a couple of chairs," I guess you would like to know what you will be doing for awhile. Ya'll heard tell everyone at the meeting that we are ready for battle. Well, while we might be ready for it, it doesn't mean that I want to have to fight. For a Jedi, fighting is only a last resort and one that I would like to refrain from using. What I mean is that I think I have come up with a plan so that we don't have to fight the Nightsisters. My idea is that the three of us could go back to the fleet in the blastboat you borrowed and let Kat pretend that she has captured us and that we are her servants. Once inside we should be able to sabotage the system and then get away. Any questions?"

"Yes, sir. So let me see if I get it. You want us to travel with you back to the Nightsisters, you and I dress up as Kat's servants, and once inside we blow it up?" KC ventured. Skywalker nodded an affirmative.

"Am I to pretend to be a Nightsister again and try to get on my Grandmother's good side?" Kat guessed.

"Correct. Now why don't you both go back to your quarters and pack about a few weeks of clothing. I'll see you later." he said standing up and walking them to the door. "Remember. Don't tell any others about the plan. Jaina and her crew already know so it won't matter if you talk to them. Just not anyone else." The door shut behind them as they left. "What do you think of the plan?" KC asked Kat as soon as they were out in the corridor.

"I don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Kat replied. be continued...

Part 16

" Jacen! Get out here!" called Jaina walking up the gangplank to the Rock Dragon, " We have to get going!"

" Coming, coming. Just making sure my pets have enough food for a few days," replied Jacen dashing into the ship.

" Yea, yea," said Jaina unimpressed, " Lowie, did you check the systems? Is everything working correctly?" Jaina fiddled with the controls in the cockpit. " Ok, everyone strap in tight. We're ready for take off!" called Jaina into the rear of the ship taking her customary seat in the pilot's chair.

" We're in for one heck of a bumpy ride!" added Zekk plopping down beside her.

Kat and KC were standing on the landing platform watching the departing ship whiz off into the sky. Anakin, the twins' little brother, came running up to them. His friend Tahiri close behind.

" Uncle Luke wanted us to tell you that everything is in place," panted Anakin trying to catch his breath.

" Where are ya'll going?" asked Tahiri.

" It's sort of a secret," said Kat with a frown on her face, " Come on KC. We've gotta go. See ya later Anakin, Tahiri." Kat started walking away.

" Yea, we should. Bye, guys!" said KC following a retreating Kat.

" We're coming up on Dathomir now," reported Jaina. The wild planet could be seen on the view screen. Jacen and the others walked into the cockpit to see the view.

" Once again my sister, the pilot, got us here safely. Way to go, sis! We didn't think you could do it, " said Jacen in a serious tone but with a twinkle in his brandy-brown eyes.

" Why you scruffy looking." started Jaina giving her twin a pop on the head.

" No really, Jaina. You did a good job piloting. Of did happen to have the best co-pilot," Zekk joked pointing to himself. At the same time Jacen added, "Whose scruffy looking'?"

"Oh, Zekk. Of course you're the best!" said Jaina leaning over and giving him a quick peck on the cheek, totally oblivious to what Jacen had to say.

Jacen, seeing it as the golden opportunity to tease his twin, chose that moment to start making kissing noises earning glares from the other two in the room.

" Ok, ok; I surrender. I'll go 'check' on Tenal Ka," said Jacen holding his hands up in mock arrest

" You do that!" said Zekk with a hand on Jaina's shoulder, starring daggers at her twin.

" Ready for lift off, Captain Solo!" shouted KC in a mock salute at Kat, " It's all yours!"

" How did I ever let you talk me into this? You're the better pilot and you know it!" she replied her voice wobbling nervously. KC grabbed her shaking hands.

" Calm down! You know you need the practice. You'll do fine," he told her, giving her a kiss. " Better now?" he asked in a low voice. Kat nodded, surprised.

" Ahum!" Master Luke cleared his throat. He was standing in the doorway to the cockpit. Kat and KC jumped apart. Master Skywalker chuckled as he walked in the room.

" I'm going to just stay in the back. I trust you kids to get the Shadow Chaser safely to its destination. Trust in the Force. Let it guide you to the Nightsisters' base. May the Force be with you!" said the Jedi Master and with that he left the room.

Kat and KC glanced shyly at each other. KC grinned suddenly, thinking to himself that he should like to try that again. They both got back to what they were doing. The ship took off, leaving the Jedi Academy far behind.

.To be continued.

Part 17

Tenal Ka stood at the window of the Rock Dragon looking out at one of her home planets, Dathomir. She had forgotten how beautiful the wild planet was and much she missed it. Jacen walked up behind her and gently placed his hand on her shoulder, startling the warrior girl out of her thoughts. She relaxed again as soon as she saw that it was only her friend. Jacen noticed the slight frown on her normally stoic face, causing an identical frown to appear upon his.

"Hey, you okay?" he asked his companion softly.

"I'm fine, friend Jacen," replied Tenal Ka keeping her eyes on the view of her planet.

"You know, everything is going to be alright. I mean, we are Jedi, and we'll do everything in our power to stop the Nightsisters," Jacen told her seriously and then added with a twinkle in his brown eyes and the Solo lopsided grin on his face as she turned to face him, " Wanna here a joke?" Then, to Jacen's surprise, the warrior girl started to laugh.

"What? What'd I say?" he asked.

In answer Tenal Ka gave him a kiss on the cheek whispering in his ear, "Thank you, my friend!" and then walked away, leaving a bewildered young Jedi behind her.

Kat sighed in satisfaction as she saw the evil Nightsister's base come into view ahead of the ship. KC grinned and gave her a hug telling her that he knew she could do it. Kat was just amazed that she had gotten them there all in one piece.

As the Jedi Master walked in, Kat noticed that he had bundles of clothes in his arms.

"Who are those for, Master?" she asked pointing to the pile in his arms. Luke Skywalker's eyes twinkled merrily as he tossed a bundle to both of his students. He himself was already dressed in the attire of a Dathomirian male

KC's eyes got wide as he examined his package.

"Oh, no! Not again! No way!" he exclaimed with disgust.

(to be continued!)

Part 18- From KC's View

Caught again! It feels like I just left this cell room! Where is Kat? I can't reach her with my mind like before. She must be out of my range! Sith spit!

You see, Kat and I were on this mission to destroy the Nightsisters' base that is run by Kat's evil grandmother Angustia. We even had Master Luke with us this time, so how could we be caught? I just don't understand how they knew where we were! Where is Kat? I can hardly feel her presence! That can't be good! I'm so worried about her! She hasn't really been herself lately, not nearly as optimistic as she used to be.

Well, I guess you are pretty confused by know as to who I am, so I should probably tell you. Well, I'm KC. Just plain KC; no last name. I'm an orphan and am native to Corellia. Just last year I started training to become a Jedi at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy. That's where I met Kat Solo and her cousins, the kids of Han and Leia Solo(the twins Jaina and Jacen and their younger brother Anakin.) I guess you could say Kat and I are close friends. In fact, she's the best friend I've had in all my 16 years, and I'm extremely worried that something bad has happened to her. Lately we have had a pretty busy time of it. We were captured by her grandmother, the nightsister, and taken to their base (where I am now) and then Kat rescued both of us and we "borrowed" a ship from the witches and high-tailed it back to the Academy. Ever since then, Kat constantly has been acting strange. I mean, this is a girl who never yells at all and I heard her yelling at her hair when it wouldn't become untangled! She seems to have been in a horrible mood since we got back. A frown was never to be seen on her face before, but now it sits there permanently.

I am starting to get suspicious of the Nightsisters. I think they might have done something to Kat to make evil flow. It wouldn't have to have been much, just a small incantation, because, you see, Kat has been cursed with a hideous family. Not only does she have an evil grandmother, her father was just as cruel. Kat is always worrying that she might turn into a despicable character like them. I've always been able to calm her before, but this time it seems incurable! But I won't give up until I succeed! Kat is my, well, friend and I won't lose her like I lost my parents! I won't!!

Oh, great. Someone is opening the door to my cell. It's some Nightsisters! Angustia is in the lead! and there behind her's Kat!

Kat! Come on! It's me, KC! She stares at me with a blank face! I glare at Angustia, What did you do to her?, I growl. Nothing, she says. Oh, yea! I'll show her 'Nothing'!! Darn! My wrists are being bound with Force cords! She says something about an interrogation room and Kat nods. I'm being dragged down the empty corridor. I won't lose my friend, you witch! I think silently. I'll get you for this Angustia!!!