The Hidden Truth
By: Charlotte Leia Skywalker

Dated "before Star Wars"

Disclaimer thing: I made up most all of these characters, including Kahn, Shea, Sabor, and Aaron. I did not, however, make up the planet Coruscant or the great Jedi Temple, so I give The Great Lucas credit for those things. Anything other than that, I'm not quite sure about right now, because I'm just beginning to write this story. If u have any comments (and I don't mean hate mail!) send them to OR

Our story begins with a small Dathomirian shuttle landing on a pad outside the great Jedi Temple of Coruscant. A woman, carrying two small children, walks up to the enormous Temple.

She takes a deep breath and knocks on the huge wooden door. She is greated by a man, who looks oddly at her as if a civillian off-worlder has no place in a Temple such as this. Quickly, though, his confused expression changes to a smile and he invites the woman in, introducing himself as Master Sabor.

"I'm N'eesha Ta Kai, and these are my two daughters, Kahn and Shea Ta Kai. I came to this  Temple, and to you, Master Sabor, because my husband is gone and I cannot take care of Kahn and Shea anymore. A few times I have noticed something....odd about my daughters. I thought nothing of it, until now. I have realized that these two are indeed very special and may have some Jedi potential. That, Master Sabor, is why I am leaving them with you."

The woman, N'eesha, with tears in her eyes, hands the startled Master Sabor the two girls and quickly walks outside. Her sobs can be heard echoing through the halls, even as the ship takes off.

Master Sabor looks down at the two girls, Kahn and Shea, as one begins to cry. Sabor wasn't told which was which, so he looks at one and asks quietly "Kahn?" even though the child is too young to be talking, she nods her head in an affirmative.

"You must be Shea," he says to the quieter one. He then realizes what he's doing and immediatly takes the two up a long flight of stairs to the head Jedi Master, Mace Windu.

"Master Windu?" he calls, "We've had an"

The tall Jedi Master appears, and although he stands over six feet tall, the young Master Sabor towers over him.

Master Windu looks up "Yes, Sabor...?" he asks before looking at Sabor and noticing what he's holding. "Oh my..." Master Windu mutters "Where'd you pick up those two?"

Master Sabor points down the flight of stairs "Some odd woman came in here, explained how 'special' these two are, told me her and their names, then....left."

Master Windu shook his head "As much as I hate to say this, Sabor, I'm not sure we can keep  them. They are, by the looks of it, not so much as...4 months old, and let me remind you, this is a very busy Jedi Temple, not some sort of daycare or orphanage."

Master Sabor puffs up his chest and draws the girls closer, as if they are his own "Then,  Master, I will take care of them, until they are of age to be tested. Then we will find out if the crazy woman was right."

Without another word, the young Master stalked down the hall, still holding Kahn and Shea  close.

******5 years later, the girls have just had their 5th birthday.*******

Kahn rolls her eyes tiredly "Sabor, are you SURE we have to do this? I mean, what if Mother was right about only one of us? I wouldn't want Shea to be disappointed."

Shea, who had been quiet from the beginning, just shook her head silently, sending her amber-and-black streaked hair over her shoulders. She turns to Kahn, blinking her pale green eyes "Don't you understand, Kahn? This is what we're here for and I..." Shea then notices Kahn isn't paying attention to her and just stops talking, as she usually does around her sister.

Master Sabor looks sternly at the two, focusing first on Shea's pale green eyes, then on Kahn's deep, stormy grey ones. Although they were sisters, Kahn and Shea didn't exactly look alike. Kahn had stormy grey eyes that always seemed to reflect her mood, and raven hair with amber streaks going through it, whereas Shea had calm, lonely-looking pale green eyes and amber hair with raven streaks shooting through it.

From the beginning, they had their different personalities as well. Kahn had always refused to dress like the Jedi, so she wore a tight-fitting black tanktop and long, baggy dark blue pants, her hair was usually in intricate warrior braids, and she wore a tight-fitting band of silver around her right upper-arm. Shea, on the other hand, wore a small black Jedi robe with a white tunic and matching pants, and tiny black boots that almost went to her knees, while her hair was always loose and spilling over her shoulders. Master Sabor looked fondly at both of them, remembering how protective of them he'd been when Master Windu said they couldn't be kept. But now, Master Sabor was near losing his patience. The girls were constantly arguing, as sisters will do, but it was getting near out of hand. He held each girl with one hand and started walking, knowing they'd follow. Finally, Master Sabor reached the testing room, where the Jedi Council waited to test each girl in turn. He gave Kahn a tiny shove and whispered into her ear, "Don't be nervous, and remember you'll always be special to me, Kahn Ta Kai."

Kahn stared bravely into his eyes "Me? Afraid? Good joke, Sabor." she then walked into the Council room, an air of defiance around her. As the door shut, you could hear Master Windu greeting the little girl with "Greetings, Kahn" and Kahn replying with "Yeah, yeah, hi to you, too, Windu. Hey, that rhymed..."

Instantly, when he heard her reply, Master Sabor sighed in unison with Shea. "I told her to greet him with respect, and that's what she does..." Sabor muttered. Shea looked sadly up at him and said, in a slightly shaking voice, "If Kahn doesn't make it....I will, Sabor. If not for myself, for you.  And Kahn."

No more than an hour later, Kahn emerged, looking exhausted physically and mentally.

Master Windu appeared behind her "She did surprisingly well, Sabor. We will see Shea now." Kahn gave Sabor a told-you-so smirk and leaned against one wall, saying in a sickeningly and falsely sweet voice, "Good luck, Shea!"

Shea started to say something, a slight fire in her eyes, but instead heard Master Windu calling for her and walked into the Council room, her small black cloak swirling behind her in an unseen wind.

Sabor dismissed Kahn for a while, to brush up on her training or sleep....whatever she chose was fine with him. After the little girl had grinned devillishly and skipped off, Master Sabor paced to his own chambers and started walking nervously in a circle. He knew how much this meant to Shea, she had always wanted to be as good as Kahn, and in his eyes, always was.

But he wasn't the one judging her....

****About an hour later****

Shea emerged from the Council room, and grinned broadly at Master Sabor, who had met her at the door with an anxious smile. Master Windu dismissed Shea, and Yoda came up behind Windu, smiling ever so slightly "Very good, these two did. Wonderful teacher you are, Sabor."

At this, Sabor smiled bashfully, but his smile turned to a frown at Yoda's next words "But...afraid, we are....Kahn...dark potential, she may have. Gaurd her well, you must. Now, these two are yours. Now, you must train them. Protect them from the Dark Side you must, Sabor."

Later in the day, after Sabor had sent the two excited to-be Jedi off to bed, he started pacing his room again. Dark potential? What had Yoda meant by that? Sabor decided not to worry himself and went to bed. But, during the night, he had this dream...or was it a chilling Jedi vision?

It was in a misty place, both of the girls were dressed as he had seen them, they looked the same as usual, except much, much older, maybe 18. Something was also different about Kahn...she seemed....dark. Secluded, maybe. But just dark, evil, cold. The girls were engaged in a fierce lightsaber battle, which seemed never to end until Kahn whipped her double-bladed lightsaber around and the opposite end caught Shea square in the stomach. Shea's eyes widened and she fell to her knees. Sabor tried to scream, but no sound came. Shea's pale green eyes focused and unfocused, and she croaked out her last words...


*dun dun duuun!* Chilling Jedi vision, eh?

Well, too bad!

To be continued......

The Hidden Truth
Whispers of Darkness

By: Charlotte Leia Skywalker

Disclaimer: Ok, I don't own Mace Windu, or Yoda, or...yeah, those people, so don't sue me. I'm not making any money off this thing, so there's another reason NOT to sue me. I do, however, own Master Sabor, Shea, Kahn, and those people, so NO ONE except Bri and Indi and Ara (if she ever writes a fanfic) can use them, cuz those ppl are me buds! Ok, I think that's it.

Here's what you've all been waiting for!


Master Sabor felt like he was falling...falling....falling...until "THUD" he landed on something hard.

He opened his eyes and found sunlight streaming in through his window, the twins Kahn and Shea Ta Kai standing in his doorway, giggling at him. Sabor groaned and sat up

"Niiiice fall, Sabor! I'll give it a 10." Kahn commented.

"Kahn! That's not a nice thing to say...I'm sure Sabor was having a bad dream and..." Shea trailed off when she noticed her sister wasn't listening. Shea glared slightly at her sister and walked to Sabor, helping him up. "Thank you, Shea." he said stonily, and although he was talking to Shea, his eyes were narrowed at Kahn.

"Hey! It's not my fault you can't stay in your own bed, Sabor, geez!" Kahn shouted.

"I wasn't saying it was your fault, Kahn, I'd just appreciate it if you'd keep your comments to yourself next time." Sabor said, trying to keep the anger out of his voice.

"Sure, whatever" Kahn mused.

Sabor sighed, clearly exhausted with Kahn, and walked out of the room, down the staircase to the dining hall. He grabbed a piece of fruit and sat down at a table, next to his good friend, Aaron, and Aaron's wife, Anna.

"Good morning, Sabor!" Anna greeted him cheefully. He looked at her, a flat expression on his face.

"Trouble with the twins, eh?" Aaron smirked "Master Windu was always right about them... They're more trouble than their worth." Aaron told him.

"Well...Only one of them. She's more trouble than the two of them put together." Sabor said  before taking a bite of the fruit. He winced when he heard Kahn's next words:


Sabor groaned to himself and stood up from the table. As he was walking, he suddenly stopped, remembering the reason he had fallen out of bed. He'd had a very odd dream the night before, about Kahn and Shea. Yoda had warned him about some dark potential Kahn might have...

He shook the thought away. Kahn had an attitude, yes, but that didn't necessarily mean she'd turn to the dark side.

Sabor turned around, changing his mind again, and sat down with Aaron and Anna again, regaining his calm disposition once more.

As he kept talking with Aaron and Anna, his worry faded and he relaxed more. Soon, he had forgotten Yoda's words.

*****It is 8 years later, the twins have just turned 13*****

"Hi, Zane!" Kahn called out and giggled cutely at the boy. Her call was met with an angry glare from Zane's girlfriend, Ara.

"Stay AWAY from Zane, you player." Ara growled

"Geez, ARIANDA, don't get so uptight about your little boy!"

This time Kahn's words were met with a green glare from Zane's direction.

Just then, another girl along with her boyfriend walked up "Can't we all just get along like some freakishly big, happy family?" the girl asked with a smirk.

Kahn whirled around to face the other girl "Stay outta this, Charlie. Go have fun with Alex or something."

Alex Kenobi narrowed his teal eyes at Kahn "Look, Kahn, I DON'T want to hear another comment like that. Master Sabor HAS told me a lot about you...have you ever heard of, oh, say, blackmail? It's a very useful thing..." Alex trailed off, grinning at Kahn.

Kahn glared at him "Look, twerp, one word and you're bantha fodder!"

Alex hid behind the girl, Charlie "Oooh Charlie! Save me! I'm SOOO afraid of mean old Kahn and her scary glares!!"

Kahn just growled and stalked off, yelling "SHEA! GET OVER HERE!"

Shea, Kahn's twin, rolled her eyes and muttered "Yes, Master..." before following.

"Why that little (a word that made Zane widen his eyes @ Ara)! Who does she think she is, flirting with absolutely EVERY guy here..." Ara growled

"Forget her, Ara...She's just, erm, least that's what Sabor says" Charlie  looked at Ara "Ok, so she's not misunderstood. She's just a flirty player. Anyway, forget her."

Alex's head snapped up, his eyes narrowed as if he'd just heard someone insult him

"Alex, what's wrong?" Charlie asked, concern in her ice-blue eyes

"It's something about Kahn...she's not quite right--" Alex was cut off

"In the head." Ara finished

"That's not what I was going to say, but it's right...She's not quite right in her Force-sense. It's like there's some dark cloud over her, all the time..." He shook his head "If you ask me, she's Sith material."

"Puh-leeze, Alex, you said that about Shea at first, too. Just forget Kahn and all this dark stuff, a'ight?"

Alex nodded uneasily. He still had an odd feeling about Kahn....

*****That night, in a training center...*****

"I've always been better, Shea, and you know it!" Kahn shouted, swiping at her sister with her  lightsaber.

Shea ducked "Kahn, this isn't a matter of who's better!" She ducked again as Kahn lashed out with her anger and slashed with her saber again.

"You're right!" Kahn roared "IT'S A MATTER OF WHO WILL SURVIVE!"

Kahn swept again at Shea and tossed her bangs out of her eyes. Although it was a cold night, and mist was floating around in the training room, Kahn was hot from fighting her sister for nearly an hour. "Kahn, please, you don't have to do this... I surrender, I give up! I'll let you be better, I'll live in your shadow! You can be in the spotlight! Just, please, don't do this!"

Charlie Skywalker and Alex Kenobi were walking through the dark halls when they heard  lightsabers clashing and voices shouting "Hmm...I wonder what that is..." Alex murmered.

Charlie shrugged "Sounds like Kahn and Shea. I think we better get Master Sabor...."

Alex nodded to her. He sensed something wrong, UTTERLY wrong, about what was going on.

They ran, in unison, back up the stairs. Charlie stopped by Ara's room and dragged her half-asleep friend out of bed, then followed Alex. They pounded on Master Sabor's door until he opened it, looking groggy

"Lemme guess...the twins, right?"

Alex nodded, eyes wide "But...they're not just arguing...I think," he took a deep breath, "I think Kahn wants to kill Shea."

Sabor's eyes widened "WHAT??!!!" he shouted. He then rushed down the stairs and didn't wait for them to follow. When he arrived at the training room, he pushed the door open to find the twins engaged in a fierce lightsaber battle. The mist hung around them, and the only sound was their heavy breathing and the lightsabers clashing. Suddenly, when Shea didn't see it coming,

Kahn swept with her lightsaber and sliced into Shea's side, nearly cutting her in half.

Sabor screamed and ran up to Shea, scooping her up and dashing out the doors to the nearest med center. He called for a Two-OneBee medical droid and set Shea down on a cot. "You'll be ok, Shea, please, live for'll be ok." Shea groaned and fell unconcious.

*****A few days later, Shea is recovering, and Sabor is thinking about what happened.*****

Sabor sat up in bed suddenly, realizing something. He remembered the dream he'd had so long ago, right after the twins were granted permission to be trained. He thought the twins had looked about 18, and they were in some sort of misty place. In his dream, he had been frozen in his place and Shea had died. What had happened a few days earlier nearly matched his dream, except for a few things. The twins were only 13, Sabor had saved Shea, and Shea hadn't died, just gotten seriously injured. He then remembered Yoda telling him,

"Kahn....dark potential she may have."

Sabor knew it then, if he hadn't before. His dream was reality. Kahn was destined to be a Sith. Shea was going to die in 5 years. Sabor realized he was going out on a limb with this accusation, but he was almost certain he was right. He shook the thought from his head and curled up, hugging his knees close to his body. He drifted off to sleep, his dream still in his mind.

Yes, that night, he had another dream.

He was at some sort of bonfire or something, but everyone looked incredibly sad. The students looked older, which surprised him. He heard someone whisper "Oh Shea....why?" He then realized that it wasn't a bonfire, but a funeral pyre. For Shea.

Yoda appeared and shook his head, "Warned you I did Sabor. Gone Shea is. Sith Kahn is. Listen, you did not." The dream faded into darkness with Yoda's voice still ringing in Sabor's head.

The end. To be continued, if I have time later....

I know, this one was kinda lame, but I'll do better next time, hopefully...

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