The First Time
(a sequal to The Kiss)

By Jaina

These characters don't belong to me, they belong most likely to Lucas Films, but do you really care?

Zekk walked through the forest as he thought of the week before. He had kissed Jaina. Or Jaina had kissed him, he couldn't really remember. Did it matter? She had said she loved him. He beleaved her, and he knew deep down, he loved her too, it was just... what was it? The fact he had never told anyone else that? Or was he scared to lose her? One thing he had learned as a bounty hunter and a dark night, don't love, you won't be hurt. Sounded easy enough, right? Jaina wouldn't be here forever, and she probably wouldn't love him forever. So as long as he could lose Jaina, he wouldn't love her.


Jaina woke up in a daze. Where was she? Something had happened. Something bad. As she looked around at her unconsious friends she remembered. The explosion, the laugh, the...she shook her head. So they had been kidnapped. Again. Jaina sighed. She hated this part of being a Jedi and the daughter of Chief of State. Always someone wanted your blood. Who was it this time? She couldn't tell where she was, what kind of craft she was in. She looked at her brother as he woke up with the same look on his face.

"Where are we?" he asked sleeply.

"My guess, we've been kiddnapped," Jaina replied.



About this time everyone else began to wake up. Tenel Ka, Zekk, Lowie, even Raynar and Lusa had been captured. Jaina shook her head. She could understand her and Jacen, Tenel Ka, and even Zekk if it was another Empire. Another Empire. Could that be possible?

"Hey sleeping beuty wake up," Jaina said with flat humer as Zekk woke up.

Just then a door opened and a person with a big smile on his face came in.

"Hello children, did you all sleep well?"

"Where are we?" Tenel Ka demanded.

"Home, of course!" the guy replied with just a little to much hyperness, at least from Jaina's point of view.

"We aren't home. If we're home, where's Master Luke, and the temple, and everything else. Or where's my mother, and the rest of the ships?" Raynar replied.

The guys smile faltered and as he walked over to the guandark standing in the doorway you could hear him saying "Damn, why isn't that amneisa potion working?"

"Sir, you didn't give orders to inject the potion."

"Yes, I did, I told you to get the potion, then to wait a second, the Master wanted something then... oh shit."

The guy turned around on his heels and didn't look on bit friendly as he stormed toward them.

"Okay, here's the deal, you're almost jedi knights, well now you're going to be full Jedi knights, only none of this light crap, the dark side is the only side, and don't try to disagree, I'd hate to have to explain to the Emporer why some of his new trainiees were dead."

With that the man stormed out of the room, without closing the door. The guandark motioned for them to follow him. Without a sound they stood and followed him to the large window in the front of the ship, as the pulled out of hyperspace. They were somewhere near Tantooine, that much Jaina could tell. Then she saw it. Another Death Star.


Jaina ran down the corrider panting. She heard the others catch up behind her. They were only 20 kilometers from the hanger bay. They had knocked out the energy shields, and stealing a ship couldn't be to hard. Jaina was very glad she had listened to those stories Mom, Dad, and Uncle Luke were always telling about the Death Star.

"That doors sealed," Lusa told Jaina as she tried to open the doors. "So, we're trapped."

"We're not trapped," Jacen replied, "We'll just go back the way we came."

"We can't we locked those doors," replied Jaina. "And it's not going to be smart, running back into those 150 something storm troopers."

Lowie looked at the radar pad he had taken and chuffed out very quick barks.

"Master Lowbacca says that several hunderad storm troopers have cut us off at the door you wish to go through." Em TeeDee translated. "Oh dear."

"To bad there isn't a garbage disposal, eh sis?" Jacen tried to joke.

"Very funny, well we can't wait here forever, they'll come throught eventually. So, I guess we just hotwire the door and run, we do have lightsabers. 2 or 3 hundered Lowie?" Lowie nodded his head. "That's not too bad."

Jaina tried to hotwire the door while Zekk started to think. This was a stupid plan, but was there really another way? No. And they'd proabably all be killed. So he had done it. Gone his whole life without loving. No, no he hadn't.

"Jaina, I gotta tell you something," Zekk started.

"Can it wait?" she cut him off.

"Untill we're dead, no it can't,"

"We aren't going to die. I can feel it."

"Jaina be realistic, but I have to tell you something..."

"Allright, make it quick, I've allmost got this door open."

Here goes nothing he thought, "Jaina, I love you."

"What? But Zekk I thought..." Jaina covered her mouth with her hands and dropped the cords. She threw her arms around Zekk.

"I love you, too, but you knew that." They kissed and after a couple of seconds and the sound of a loud wistle, most likely from Jacen, they became aware that they were not the only people in the galaxy, much less this room.


Don't you hate it that I don't have an ending? Couldn't think of one. Oh, well let your imaginations think for a while, then email your thoughts to me. Thanks!

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