The Devastation
By: Charlotte Leia Skywalker

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Early one morning, in the Jedi Temple of Yavin 4, Charlie Skywalker was sleeping when the sound of the comm unit woke her up. Charlie was so startled she rolled out of bed, landing with a THUD on the stone floor. She blinked, coughed twice, and answered the comm.

"Hello? Yes, this is Charlie Skywalker... Uh-huh. A mission? Great! To Naboo? Even better! Thanks! The other Jedi and I will get right on it! Major Skywalker signing out!"

She ran down the hallway, to one of the lecturing rooms, where she knew she'd find her father, Luke Skywalker.

"Dad! Dad! Guess what? The New Republic has a mission for us! And it's to Naboo!"

Luke turned calmly to Charlie and smiled "Quite enthusiastic, aren't you?"

Charlie grinned "That's me! I'll call Bri, Cris, Indi, and Saber. This is gonna be a great trip!"

She ran off down the hallway once more, toward Alex Kenobi's room, and pounded on his door, shouting "Hey! Kenobi-butt! GET UP! We have a mission!"

A tired and annoyed-looking Alex Kenobi appeared at the door and glared at his best friend "A mission? At," he checked his chrono "5:30 AM? Sorry New Republic, I've gotta sleep." He closed the door tiredly and Charlie sighed, shaking her head, and walked back to her room to call her friends. Mo'kin, another Jedi student, was lurking in the dark corner of the hallway. He grinned to himself "To Naboo, Naboo." He said quietly and laughed hoarsely before skittering away again.

Charlie was in her room, talking to her Jedi Master and aunt, India Skywalker

"Hey Indi! Goooood morning! Guess what? The New Republic has a mission fer us! To NABOO! Ha! HA! Well... anyway, tell Sab and meet me on Yavin 4, in front of the Temple, tomorrow at 0800, which means 8:00 AM. Okay. See ya then!"

She replaced the comm, then picked it up again and dialed her cousin, Briar Solo, on Endor.

"Hey Bri! Yes, I know how early it is there. Yep. Yeah. OKAY! I get the point. Anyway, the New Republic has a mission for us. We're going to Naboo! You an' Mr. Ganders are to report on Yavin 4, tomorrow at 0800. Yes, I can hear Cris yelling at me... No, no need to put him on. See you tomorrow. Bye Bri!"

Charlie grinned and giggled a little before going into a coughing fit and sitting down on her bed. She coughed once more and stood up, then walked down the hallway to the lecture room again, and crept up on her father, surprising him with a shout of "EEE-YAH!" He whirled around, lightsaber drawn, only to see that his 11-year-old daughter was the "threat". Charlie smiled.

"Everyone's gonna be here at 0800 tomorrow. You an' Mom are supposed to stay here, and the New Republic was gonna get Jaya and Zekk to come with us, while Jacen, Tenel Ka, Uncle Han, and Aunt Leia stay on Coruscant, making sure nothing goes wrong."

Luke Skywalker smiled again "All right. Your mother and I will do fine here. Now, you should be studying or training, since the mission isn't until tomorrow, Major." He grinned at her and turned again, facing the window.

Charlie grumbled about studying and stalked off.

The next morning, at about 8:00 AM earth time, three ships touched down. Briar's ship, the Serpent's Snare, along with India's, the 001, and Zekk's Lightning Rod. Charlie was standing outside the Temple, between her mother and father, when the ships touched down. She grinned at her cousins, Jaina and Zekk, as they emerged from the Lightning Rod.

"Hi guys!" Charlie shouted. Zekk waved, and Jaina smiled.

Next, Briar and Cris came from the Serpent's Snare. Cris was glaring at Charlie, still annoyed at her waking him up so early, and Bri was yawning. She smiled when she saw Charlie

"Hey Charlie-san!" Bri called.

Last but certainly not least, India and Saber walked down the ramp of the 001.

Charlie ran up to Indi and hugged her, "Long time no see Indi-o!" She grinned.

India grinned back "Yeah, really... And don't call me Indi-o!"

Charlie laughed and Saber leapt on her head, shouting "Hat!" Charlie let the little dragon sit on her head and walked to her parents, gesturing for the rest to follow.

"Ok people.... We're going to take two ships. Mine, the Dark Invader, and Bri's, the Serpent's Snare. My Mom and Dad are going to stay here on Yavin 4, in case we have any news, and Han and Leia are going to stay on Coruscant for the same reason. Zekk and Jaya are going to come with us, since the New Republic didn't really want to send a bunch of "kids" as they put it out on a mission. So, shall we go?" There were a few murmurings of "Ok," "Yeah," "Sure" and "Let's go." Charlie grinned "I'll take that as a yes. Bri, Cris, Zekk and Sab are going in the Serpent's Snare, while Alex, Jaya, Indi, and I are going in the Dark Invader. To your ships, troops!" Charlie grinned and jogged to her own ship, with Jaina, India, and Alex following.

One day later, the two ships dropped out of hyperspace, just above Naboo's atmosphere. They scouted out for a place to land, but when they did, they were shocked to find the horrible condition Naboo was in. The New Republic official had warned Charlie that Naboo didn't look too good, but she hadn't expected what she saw. The majestic Palace was nothing but crumbling pillars, and all the beautiful forests and plains were burned to a crisp. Charlie stood, shocked, in one of the burned fields, when Mo'kin charged out of the forest. He looked like he'd gone crazy, his eyes were glowing green, and he shot some weird crimson liquid out of a syringe-looking gun. The liquid hit Charlie full on in the chest and she gagged, coughed, and fell to her knees, going unconscious. By that time, the other Jedi Knights had found her. Alex widened his teal eyes and ran to her side, skidding on his knees to land next to her.

"Well... she's still breathing, but she's got a lot of difficulty. We better investigate!"

Zekk scooped Charlie up and looked Alex in the eyes " and Jaya should go investigate the city ruins. Bri and Cris, your mission is to scout around in the forest, see if you can find anything linked to Mo'kin. Indi and Saber, check the fields for the same thing. I'm going to take Charlie to what's left of the Palace. We'll meet up back here in," he checked his chrono, "One standard hour. Go!"

The others ran off to their specified locations, but Alex just stood, blinking at Charlie's unconscious form in Zekk's arms. Jaina tugged lightly on Alex's arm "C'mon, bud. Let's go find shelter." Alex sighed and glanced at Zekk, then narrowed his eyes "Take good care of Charlie... If you drop her, you'll have to answer to me!" he ended with a glare before turning around, stalking after Jaina, to the ruined capitol city of Theed. Zekk smiled to himself, realizing just how much Alex cared about Charlie, and carried the little Nabooian girl off, trying to find a safe place to wake her up.

Bri and Cris scouted around in the forest, looking for evidence. Near where Mo'kin had come out, Cris stumbled over something and glanced down "Hey Bri!" he called "I found something!"

Briar jogged over and looked at what Cris was pointing at "What is it?"

Cris knelt down and picked up what seemed to be a holo message, adressed to none other then the Jedi Knights. A man of about 50 years old appeared in a tiny holo and grinned maliciously.

"So... Your little Princess friend is unconscious, eh? If you think the worst is over, you're in for a big surprise." The holo message flickered and finally vanished, leaving Cris and Briar wondering what the man could've meant.

Cris finally spoke up "D'you think that guy could've been related to Mo'kin? He kinda looks like him... like somebody else, too."

Briar nodded "He does... He also looks like," she gulped "Senator Palpatine... AKA Emperor Palpatine."

Cris nodded worriedly and slipped the holo message into his pocket before both of them hurried off, deeper into the forest.

India and Saber stood in the middle of the charred field, glancing around. India shaded her eyes and looked into the horizon. She heard a crunching sound and glanced down at Saber, who was chewing on something.

"Saber... What is that?"

Saber glanced up at Indi and handed her something that looked like a leg bone. India gasped, horrified "Saber... wh-where'd you find that?"

Saber pointed in the direction they'd come from. India shook her head and turned, walking off in the opposite direction. Saber scampered after her, shouting "Indi! Gimme that back!"

Alex seemed quite preoccupied as he and Jaina wandered through the city ruins. Jaina glanced around and stepped back as a very sick-looking Nabooian kneeled in front of them, tugging at his throat.

"Please," he coughed "Please... help... me..." he gasped and fell over. Alex backed away slowly.

"Something VERY strange is going on here, Jaya... That guy looked really sick... Like he had some really bad cold..." they finished the sentence together "Like Charlie's."

Jaina looked at him; worried "You don't think her cold was... on purpose or something, do you?"

Alex shook his head "At this point, Jaina... I don't know."

Zekk glanced down at Charlie as she started to stir. She looked even weaker than before, and he didn't want to put her down, afraid she wouldn't be able to support her own weight. Charlie struggled a little "Zekk," she coughed "Zekk, put me down. I'm not a baby." He set her down carefully, and he had to catch her as she nearly fell over. She pulled her arm away "Zekk... I told you. I'm not a baby!" she trooped off toward part of the ruins, stumbling a little all the way. He sighed and followed her. "Charlie," he called out "Charlie wait! If you hurt yourself, Alex will blame me!" but Charlie wasn't listening. She stumbled again and fell to her knees, coughing hard and struggling to breathe. Zekk picked her up again and walked toward the ruins of a hanger bay, thinking it'd be a good shelter.

"Now Charlie... I want you to stay here and rest, while I go find the others. They're probably all waiting for me. I'll bring them back here, and we'll all discuss what we've found, if anything."

"But I," Charlie started

"I said stay here. When I say something, I mean it. Briar can tell you that." With that, he walked out of the small shelter, to where he agreed to meet the rest of the group. Charlie blinked and watched him leave, before blacking out again.

Briar checked her chrono and saw the others heading back "Cris, it's been about an hour... I think we should go meet with the others." Cris nodded and they turned around, going back to where they started. There they met with the others. Zekk told them he and Charlie had found shelter, and they were all supposed to follow him back and discuss what they'd found. Everyone nodded and there were murmurs of "Right." "Uh-huh" "Yep" "Good idea", and they all followed Zekk as he walked slowly through the fields. The group walked through the ruined streets of Naboo, where buildings were smoking and people were screaming. Zekk finally came to a ruined Palace hanger bay, and stepped in. Charlie was in one of the corners, coughing quietly, breathing raggedly. Alex sat by her, Jaina by him, Zekk by her, until the entire group was in a circle. Alex and Jaina started.

"When we were walking through the streets of Naboo," Alex began, "We came upon a citizen who looked quite sick. He coughed and gagged a few times before he died in front of us, out there on the streets. He seemed to have a very bad," he was interrupted when Charlie burst into a coughing fit. He continued when she silenced herself. "Cold. A very bad cold, just like Charlie's." Jaina nodded, approving of Alex's summary of what they'd seen. Zekk went next "Well... We didn't really find anything, except for burning buildings and everything, and then we found this shelter."

Briar and Cris were next "Well, Cris, clumsy as always," Cris interrupted Briar with a shout of "Hey!" Bri ignored him and continued "Tripped over a holo message. He has it in his pocket, I believe. Cris, would you care to show the message to our comrades?" Cris grumbled and took out the holo message, then activated it. The same figure of a 50 year old man stood in front of them and repeated his message of,

"So... Your little Princess friend is unconscious, eh? If you think the worst is over, you're in for a big surprise."

Briar and Cris stayed quiet as the message faded, and Bri glanced over at Charlie, then at the floor.

India and Saber went next. India was holding something behind her back. She gulped and said quietly, "Well... We were walking along and Saber was crunching on something, so I asked her what it was and she gave me this." India took the "thing" from behind her back, revealing to all that it was a human leg bone.

Briar grimaced, Jaina went pale, and Charlie blinked, then coughed quietly.

Saber looked annoyed "I found it, it's mine! I was chewing on it... It didn't taste too bad, anyway."

Zekk stood up "I think we better contact the New Republic. Alex, stay with Charlie. The rest of you, come with me."

On Yavin 4, Luke Skywalker was sitting with his wife, Mara Jade, waiting for any news from their daughter and her little band of Jedi. All of a sudden, the comm rang. Luke jumped up and answered it,


Zekk responded "Hello, Luke. This is Zekk... We've had a very disturbing development. Mo'kin is somehow involved in this odd plan of... somebody's. Charlie is getting worse, because Mo'kin shot her with this weird red stuff. Bri and Cris found a holo message from someone who looked kind of like Palpatine and kind of like Mo'kin. Indi and Saber found... a human leg bone, and Jaina and Alex saw a Nabooian citizen die in front of them. We are planning to return to Yavin 4 soon, then to Coruscant and report to the New Republic. Alex has advised that maybe he and Charlie should stay on Naboo for an extra day, because Charlie's too weak for travel right now."

Luke, stunned, said simply "I see."

Zekk sighed audibly and continued "So, we're going to take the Serpent's Snare and see you two in about a day or so. Zekk, signing out."

Luke replaced the comm slowly and sat next to Mara. Mara was apparently unaware of the situation and smiled "So, how's it going down there?"

Luke shook his head and sighed, then walked out. Mara looked after him, puzzled, and called "Luke... Luke? What's wrong?"

Charlie stood with Alex supporting her as they watched the Serpent's Snare take off. All of a sudden, Charlie felt another hand on her shoulder, a cold icy one.

"So, little Princess..." said a chilling voice "I see my plan is working. You don't have a cold, my dewdrop, but a genetically engineered disease that only effects Nabooians. To get better, dearest, you must surrender to me, Palpatine the Second. Well... My real name is Neekoym, but we won't go into that. By surrendering to me, you will become an Imperial and hand the throne over to my nephew, Mo'kin. I will be Grand Moff of Naboo, and Mo'kin will be Prince. So, if you surrender, my beauty, you will live, as will your planet... If you don't, however... Then the end will be closer than you think." He whispered this last sentence and laughed maliciously before vanishing into thin air. Charlie nearly fainted, and Alex caught her. He whispered into her ear "Don't worry, Charlie. We won't let him take over. You'll survive."

Charlie glanced up at him, worried, and he picked her up wordlessly and carried her back to their shelter.

"Sir, an incoming message... from someone who calls himself Palpatine the Second." Said a New Republic officer to Luke Skywalker. Luke nodded at the officer "Play the message." The officer nodded curtly and said "Sir." Before pressing the "Activate" button on the comm that played the message aloud.

Neekoym appeared "Hello, Skywalker... It's Neekoym, Mo'kin's uncle. The entire planet of Naboo has sworn to me, and most are planning to be Jedi." He smiled falsely, then shook his head in mock sadness "A pity those two children had to die in the process. I believe you knew both of them? A girl, Charlie I think, and a boy, Alex. The fool girl surrendered to the Empire just before she died. She wanted the antidote to a plague that's been going around, but I simply didn't have enough. She said she had to save her planet" he shrugged "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that no New Republic assistance is needed anymore, the planet is in peace and harmony again. Oh, and, by the way, I'll be taking Mo'kin out of your academy. He must stay on Naboo now, and reign as their prince. You know how it is, friend." With another false smile, the message ended.

Luke sat, stunned, and slowly shook his head "This can't be true... Charlie isn't dead... I couldn't have just... lost her like that. Besides, she wouldn't surrender to the Empire, not even to save Naboo... Would she?" Mara was standing in the doorway, having heard the whole thing "If I know our daughter... She's got my spunk and your spirit. She wouldn't surrender to anybody. She's a fighter, you know. She'll battle this disease for as long as she can. Still..." Mara didn't finish her sentence, instead shook her head and walked away. Luke sighed again and answered her, even though she was gone "I hope so, Mara."

Charlie looked weakly at Alex. He was sitting on the floor, chin cupped in his hands. Alex finally spoke up "Charlie, I think I'd better contact your parents. Since there's no comm unit around here, I'm going to go find the Dark Invader and use the comm onboard. Stay here, and try to get better, ok?" Charlie nodded and coughed, then watched Alex walk off, out the door. Alex wandered through the streets, trusting his Force sense and his sense of direction to guide him to Charlie's ship. When he finally got to it, however, he was shocked to find it'd been bombed. There was virtually nothing left onboard, and the comm unit had exploded, so there was no way to contact anyone. When he went to the cockpit, he found the hyperdrive engines in ruins, the nav computer in shreds, and the hull scorched. He shook his head, a few tears trickling down his pale cheek "No..." he whispered. He understood now. They were trapped on Naboo, with no way to get off or contact anyone. Charlie was gett!

ing weaker day by day, and if she didn't get the antidote, she'd die. He walked slowly, mechanically, back to the ruined hanger bay, where he found Charlie, pale and weak, finally asleep in the corner. She roused slowly when he walked in. In her eyes was a fire of determination. She said quietly, her voice rasping

"Alex... It doesn't matter how sick I am. I need to save my planet from Neekoym and Mo'kin. Carry me to the throne room." With a sigh, Alex picked her up and carried her slowly out the door.

"Hmm... Trouble you sense? More trouble there is, Skywalker, much more." Luke glanced up to see Yaddle in the corner.

"How do you know my name?"

Yaddle grinned and raised her eyebrows, wiggling her ears.

"Classmate of mine, you were, Skywalker."

Luke narrowed his eyes "But I've never seen you before in my life."

Yaddle laughed "Heh. Teacher of mine, Yoda was. Teacher of yours, Yoda was, as well. Classmates that makes us, correct?" Yaddle grinned and answered her own question "Correct!" she crowed.

Luke smiled finally "So, there's more trouble then I sense, huh?"

Yaddle didn't have time to answer before Han and Leia walked in. Leia glanced up at Luke; her dark eyes full of worry "We got a message from 'Palpatine the Second'. We assume you did, too?"

Luke nodded gravely "Unfortunately so."

Han looked uncomfortable "We're sorry, kid... The New Republic has decided to go along with this Palpatine guy. If he's as dangerous as he sounds, there's really nothing we can do... Besides, you have to admit, Charlie and Alex haven't contacted us for nearly 2 weeks now... There has to be more wrong then we originally thought. Frankly, kid..." Luke always dreaded sentences started like this, yet Han continued after a small silence "Frankly, kid... I don't know if they're still alive."

Luke looked at Han, tears forming in his eyes. He looked down and said quietly, "Frankly, Han... I don't know either."

Alex carried Charlie to the dark throne room. The overhead lights had been shut off, the windows boarded up so that the only light came from seemingly floating candles, which were actually simulated candles projected by floating droids. Two guards at the door stopped Alex. One kicked him in the knee, making him fall, but he still didn't let Charlie go. The other guard tore Charlie away from Alex, kicking him back and tossing Charlie to the ground in front of Neekoym.

"Go!" one guard ordered Alex. Alex felt a stinging sensation in his eyes, and knowing he was going to cry, he hurried away so he wouldn't have to see Charlie beg. Charlie, down on her knees in front of Neekoym, began speaking softly, her voice rasping.

"Please, Palpatine the Second... I beg you. Give me the antidote and I... I will pledge my allegiance to your Empire, as long as my planet can live on." Palpatine laughed coldly and looked down at her "Speak up, child, I can't hear you."

Charlie said a little louder "I beg you. Give me the antidote. I surrender."

He laughed again. "Your planet will live on, yet you shall not. No antidote for you! You will die Imperial, however. Now go, before you make me sick." Charlie kept her head bowed.

Alex, who had formed a small band of followers, felt a tiny glimmer of hope through the Force. He responded to it, sending his own hope back, and tracking it. "This way!" he called to his followers. He walked slowly, deliberately, until the tiny glimmer led him to the Palace throne room, where Charlie was on her knees, near death. Alex and his little crew knocked out both guards and crept slowly into the throne room. They surrounded Neekoym and Alex zapped him with Force lightning, while one crewmember whacked him over the head with a club made of bone. Another crewmember handed Alex a rope and he tied Neekoym up with it. Leaving Neekoym unconscious, he bound and gagged the guards before finding the Palace communications center. He thanked the Force briefly and dialed the number for Yavin 4.

The comm unit rang again, and an officer answered, a small smile spreading across her face. "Yes sir, Mr. Kenobi, I'll find him right away." The female officer set the comm down gently and jogged through the halls to the lecturing room where Luke, Mara, Han, Leia, Zekk, and Jaina were gathered. The officer grinned "Mr. Skywalker, there's a comm message for you, from Alexander Kenobi."

Luke's eyes lit up and he ran out of the room, down the hall to the comm station. He responded to the call "Alex? Alex is that you?"

Alex grinned to himself, "Yes, Luke, it's me! We're alive! Our ship was nearly destroyed and the communications were knocked out... Charlie was about to die when we burst in. Neekoym, AKA Palpatine the Second, is bound and gagged, as are his guards. The only thing we need now is the antidote. Send in a New Republic squadron and we'll search the Palace for it, then give it to all the citizens of Naboo, including Charlie. It seems this virus is airborne, so if we just spray the antidote over the city, it should heal everyone."

Luke was overjoyed "I'll send two squads out there! One for the antidote, the other as an escort to take you kids home!"

Alex grinned "All right! We'll be waiting!"

Luke disconnected the comm and hurried back to his family.

"They're alive!" he shouted "Both of them! Alex and Charlie are alive!" he turned to the officer, who was still standing there "Send two New Republic squads to Naboo, and hurry! See if they can get there in less than a day! And we're coming with them!" he grabbed Mara's hand and they followed the officer to the hanger bay, where she gave orders for two fleets to be sent out. Luke and Mara boarded one of the ships and rode with the fleet, all the way to Naboo. They were there in about 12 hours, which was extraordinary, considering how long it usually took. They touched down on Naboo, and one squadron immediately started searching the Palace for the antidote, while Luke and Mara went with the other squad to find Charlie, Alex, Neekoym, and the two guards. Alex called out "Luke! Mara! We're in the throne room!"

The two, accompanied by a squad, ran into the throne room. While the squad took care of the guards, Neekoym, and his associates, Mara and Luke took care of Charlie and Alex. Luke picked Charlie up and hugged her close, carrying her out to one of the squad ships. Mara grinned at Alex, hugged him and kissed his cheek "I can't thank you enough." She whispered. Alex blushed and followed Mara and Luke as they walked out. Neekoym was just about waking up now, as were the guards.

"You'll pay for this!" Neekoym shouted to Charlie.

Mo'kin, not knowing what was going on, appeared from his hiding place.

"Uncle, what's going," he stopped talking quickly when he saw all the New Republic troops.

"Get the traitor!" Alex shouted. 4 troops rushed forward and captured Mo'kin. The New Republic put the entire supply of antidote in one ship and sprayed it over Naboo, giving Charlie a shot of it as well. Instantly, she perked up and hugged her father, speechless. After all that, they boarded their respective ships and the two squads flew back to Yavin 4.

The End.

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