Prologue - The Darkside Mistress strikes
By: Allol Dasel

It was a cold night and down the street in a small simple house was a mother laying in bed. In her arms was a small child. The mother leaned down and kissed the baby's forehead while family watched near by. In the back of the room stood a single person.

She was a force user and had many skills. Many skills which came from her own mother, who had died at the hands of another force user long ago. Her father had rushed to save her but the dark force user had killed him also. The sith witch as Marina had called her, took Marina under her guide and led her down the dark path. Marina's brother had been there and watched. The witch had left him be and when he tried to attack, Marina attacked him. Now the dark Jedi observed the small child and smirked.

This child would bring back the darkside she could feel it. Without her brother to stop her now, she could do what she wished. Her master had instructed her to watch the child as soon as it was born. Going over to her sister, as she held the baby tenderly she smiled.

The mother looked up at her and smiled back. "Marina, you're an aunt now. Me and Toran decided to name her Leslie what do u think?" she questioned Marina.

"I think it's a fine name Lena. I wish u the best of luck also"

"Thank u sister dear."

Both sisters looked at each other and then Marina turned to see Toran walk through the door. Marina went over to the corner and sat down again. Soon the family cleared out and that left Toran, Lena and Marina alone. Smirking, she closed her eyes and prepared her darkside powers, which had developed over time. The happy couple didn't notice as they basked in there own joy.

Seeing her chance, Marina attacked Toran first. Sending deadly bolts his way, he could not stop them and got killed. Lena watched horrified as the sister she once knew as kind changed before her eyes. Her horror was over quickly though, because she got struck with a bolt.

As she lay dying, from the pain and weakness that she was in, she looked up at her once kind sister. "Why Marina.why?"

Marina smirked and replied "because dear sister, u have something I want so I am going to take it. Now join your husband and become one with the force so u can live happily ever after."

Marina ignited her saber and sent a blow down at Lena's chest. Lena groaned as the blade sunk into her skin and clothes and pierced her heart. Marina deignited the blade and clipped it back to her belt. Picking up the child, she cradled her and walked out of the room. Getting into a waiting shuttle, she faced her master who smiled.

Nodding her approval, she smirked and blessed the child's head with a simple spell. Looking to Marina she blessed her with a cover up spell, which would allow her to face the Jedi and make them think she was one.

The Darkside Mistresses
By: Allol Dasel

DISCLAIMER: the characters that u recognize from the series are most likely not mine. I am just using them to make this story star wars like. If u are 5 or up or watch television u can read this stuff. Mild swearing, mild fighting, and of course kissing and seducing.

The time zone of this is right when Luke skywalker has just started the Jedi academy.

Part 1- A Troubled Jedi (introduction)

Leslie D' Courta sat in her chair at the long table and said nothing. It was another Jedi meeting, aboard her aunt's ship and she had to attend it, because her aunt couldn't. Her long black hair was tied back in a ponytail that flowed onto her strong built back. Which was covered with a black tee shirt that was see through and had a tank top underneath it. Her pants were a deep purple and had slits up the sides that reached an inch before her knee. The sound of traveling boots against the chair legs and soft drumming of her nails were annoying to those around her. She didn't mind though, even when the person next to her turned and faced her.

"Leslie would u mind stopping that, its annoying and getting on my nerves" Tommy said.

Tommy was a 16-year-old boy, who had blonde hair that was neatly cut and wore Jedi attire all the time. His father and mother were close friends of Leslie's aunt and hoped the two would wed someday. Although Leslie never did like him and appeared a "weaker" Jedi in his eyes, she didn't care.

"Tommy, shut the galaxy sake up. I never asked for your lip" she snapped at him, slightly sharper then she had hoped.

"I never said u did ask, I was just telling besides aren't u supposed to be watching your temper. Master Ken wasn't to happy last time u snapped out at someone. That's why you're here ya know."

"Correction Jedi boy I am here, because I am supposed to be sent to Yavin 4 for Jedi training from the great master Luke. Why do u care about my temper though? I mean it's not like u like me or anything because u don't and we both know it"

"Tommy and Leslie is there a problem?" they heard a sharp voice to them. Both heads turned as they faced Master Ken Longra. He was a member of the small 5 people Jedi council on board the ship. The rest of the council consisted of Tommy's mother and father, Leslie's Aunt Marina and a mysterious new Jedi named Diane.

"No master Ken we don't, I was just bored and Tommy was complaining about it" Leslie said in her normal tone.

Master Ken raised an eyebrow and walked over to his apprentice. Putting a hand on her shoulder he said, "Leslie, if u don't care to put in the hours of attending meetings we could always train more and your family would never know of the info we share here."

"Like I care? I mean Aunt Marina never makes it anyway and she is always busy which leaves me to attend these meetings which have no business with my future."

"Calm your mind young one. I think some meditation is in order. Thomas u will fill in for her, for the rest of meeting and she will be meditating in her quarters. Diane would u please go with her, perhaps u might be able to help her some. Seeing as how your past and family relates to what she is going through"

Diane nodded and got up. Going over to Leslie she looked at her and said, "yes I can master Jedi. please come with me Leslie."

Leslie got up and pushed past her master. As Diane led her out, an errie feeling came then left as they disappeared. Ken went back up to the front of the table and started talking about what they had before. Tommy sighed and looked as they left, then turned his attention back to the meeting. This was how it usually went so no one paid much attention, except Ken, who said nothing.

In her room, Leslie sat down on the bed. Diane smiled and went over to her. "Now dear, tell me what's wrong?" Diane said gently.

"Nothing is, its just those meetings are so boring. I mean it's the same stuff all the time. Not to mention they are expecting me to uphold my Aunt's position due to her being away a lot. I don't feel as if I can do that, I really don't."

"I am sure u can, all u must do is try harder and hold your tongue when able to. But I sense this isn't the only thing wrong."

"I guess I can tell u, since everyone knows. Master Ken is going to send me to see Master Luke Skywalker, in hopes that I will become a better Jedi and then later marry that dreaded Tommy."

Diane nodded and sort of smiled. She could understand what the young Jedi was going through. Putting a hand on her shoulder she let some calm flow into the young girl. "What is so bad with that?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe the fact that Tommy doesn't like me. We are both being forced into this, thanks to our beloved caretakers."

"I am sure something will work out. Just u wait and see, the force has odd ways of working."

"Yeah well, it had better work fast."

"Why not go into meditation, it might just help u?"


Leslie sat back and relaxed her mind. The thoughts of the meeting leaving her head one by one, she started to see a small dot of light in her mind. As the thoughts cleared and left her, she reached down with the force and dove down inside herself. Slipping into a trance, she didn't even notice Diane slip out of her room.

********************************In the a cave on Yavin 4**********************

Teshla Kard smirked as she watched the holo from her seat. "Very good and how is your niece coming along?" she spoke in a silky ice voice.

The Figure smirked as her green eyes lit up with a new life. Her hands remained clasped in front of her. as she moved slightly, her Jedi attire moved with her slim form. Speaking in a pleased voice she replied "the more meetings I miss on that silly Jedi council, the better. I send her every time and every time she bores of them. When the ship lands soon on this planet, she will be in your grasp. With that u can make her a night sister and I can report all the many things I have learned about the council."

"I like your loyalty, when u arrive come to me as soon as u can. Then we can plot a way to get your dear little niece here. But we must make sure her hate for the Jedi is stronger then it is now."

"Yes master"

"Now to move on to other long till u get here? I want to make sure no one intrudes on that happy little party till I say"

"We are in orbit now, that's why I could talk to u. Master Ken and the rest of council agree to sleep then head down tomorrow in the morning. I suggest if u plan to attack though u use precaution."

"We will then. How many more of there are the Jedi on board?"

"There is me, Thomas or Tommy as most call him and his parents, a strange Jedi named Diane, Master Ken and of course Leslie. The pilot is not a force user that I know of"

"Good, then we shall have enough forces to take them out. We shall continue this tomorrow. In the meantime, may the darkside be with u sister" Teshla smirked and the holo faded out. This was all too easy she thought to herself.

Part 2- The Temple
By: Allol Dasel

Leslie groaned as her Crono went off. Opening her eyes slightly, she looked at it and saw it was 6:00 am. Why on earth Jedi had to get up so early was beyond her thinking. Getting up, she went over to her clothes and put them on. Looking at herself in the mirror, she brushed her hair and pinned it back. Heading out of her room and down the hall, she grabbed her lightsaber quickly and shut the door. Going down to the training room on the ship, she stopped at the door and walked in slowly.

Tommy and Ken were already training for the day. Diane and her aunt were talking and the rest of the Jedi on board the ship were talking over plans she supposed in a corner. Staying where she was, she observed everyone before heading over to her aunt.

"Hello Aunt Marina." She said.

Marina turned and saw her niece. Smiling she hugged her and replied "Good morning dear niece. I hope u slept well. Diane was just telling me about what was causing u trouble last night. I hope the jungle and new planet helps take away those troubles u know I hate to see my favorite niece in pain. No matter what kind it is"

"I did sleep well. And I don't think the jungle will take away my problems though. Every time I see that horrible Tommy I dislike him more."

Marina kept the smile on her face and nodded. She could understand how Leslie felt. So many people pushing her to follow their ways. If only she could turn her now and reveal her true self, then she would help her further. But she couldn't, no she had to wait till it was time. Plus her master still needed her to do her job and revealing herself would give it away. No one could ruin it for her, not even the Jedi master Ken, who stupidly put her on the council. Looking over to him, she saw he was still busy.

Master Ken smiled at Tommy's progress. He was mediating and proving himself a good Jedi for master skills. Now if only Leslie could show that progress, without the anger or sarcastic tones that is. "Thomas, very good. We shall continue later today since the ship is going to land soon," he said.

"Ok master" Tommy replied

Ken nodded and went over to Marina, Diane and Leslie. Observing them silently, he watched as they talked amongst themselves. Smiling, he sensed it was good talk and spoke up. "Having fun talking to each other are we ladies?"

Leslie and Marina turned to face him. Diane, who was already facing him, smiled. "Yes, we are. We are just discussing what the planet will be like."

"Well I am sure it will be fine. After all there is the academy and many new friends for u to see. Plus u will have Thomas to keep U Company."

Leslie smiled a fake smile. Speaking in a semi sweet tone she said, "that sounds fun, Master. I can hardly wait"

Hearing a voice over the loudspeaker they all turned. "All crew members please get to your seats and all passengers please find your placed we are landing soon" the voice boomed.

All the Jedi got up from what they were doing and walked out to where the seats were. Leslie sat down next to her aunt. Tommy sat with his parents and Diane sat on the other side of Leslie. Ken took his place as co pilot. Glancing out the window, Leslie sighed and saw the landscape get closer and closer.

In her cave Teshla smiled. The shuttle would be landing soon and she would be ready. Folding her hands in her lap, she knew Marina would arrive soon, with information, which would help bring down the small band of Jedi. Looking over to the fellow sisters beside her, she nodded to them and they left the room.

As soon as the ship landed, Marina took off into the jungle, leaving Leslie to take her bags. Leslie walked to the temple and glanced up at it. She didn't notice Tommy come up behind her.

"Nice looking ain't it? For something so far into the jungle I mean" he said.

She turned to him raising an eyebrow. " yeah, whatever. I only hope there is someone here that will not boss me around like Master Ken did and u." she said icily, before walking into the temple.

Tommy shrugged and followed her. Behind him came Ken, with Diane, Tommy's parents and the pilot in tow. As they walked into the temple, they felt the lightside so strong. Hearing a voice, they followed it and found themselves looking into a great hall where many students had gathered. Leslie was already there, just watching.

Luke Skywalker smiled as he looked over and saw the small group standing by the door. Going over to them, he bowed slightly. "Welcome to Yavin 4 and to my Jedi academy. As soon as I am done talking to these students we can get u settled in" he said in a gentle tone. Then going to the front of the great crowd gathered, he continued "Class demised, Jacen, Jaina, Tenal Ka, Anakin and Kyp please stay after."

Moving so the class could move out, they saw several students stay behind. Walking into the room, Leslie was the only one that stayed behind. Ken bowed slightly, as did Tommy's parents, Tommy and Diane. The great Jedi looked at them and the introductions began. As they talked, Leslie sighed and stayed where she was. Luke looked over to her in concern and walked over to her. Jaina went with him and smiled a warm smile.

"Hi there, I'm Jaina Solo. Who are you?" she asked Leslie.

Leslie looked at her and smiled slightly. "I'm Leslie D Courta" she replied.

Luke extended his hand to her. "Welcome Leslie, Master Ken has told me of you. I am sure u will be happy here in no time at all. I see you have met Jaina. She can show u to your room. I am Luke Skywalker, master jedi and the one who runs this academy."

Leslie extended her hand and shook his. Nodding, she turned as Jaina led her to her new quarters in the temple. Talking when able to and answering the girls questions as the came. When they got to her quarters she was glad to see the girl go. Unpacking her stuff, she looked up and saw the rest of the students that had been told to stay.

"You sure are quiet aren't u? Well nothing that a joke cant fix. U wanna hear one?" the boy that looked like Jaina asked.

A tall girl in the most odd outfit stepped forward. "Must u bore everyone with your jokes friend Jacen? I am sure she would like to be spared the misery." Looking over to Leslie she smiled. "Please excuse his humor, I am Tenal Ka and this loon head that was going to tell his jokes is Jacen Solo"

Leslie smiled and nodded. "Hi, I'm Leslie D Courta and u don't need to excuse him. I have my own pest to take care of like that named Tommy."

The group laughed softly and then the tall boy spoke up. "I'm Kyp Durran, pleased to meet ya. I hope u like it here. Its pretty peaceful here except when someone tells a corny joke"

Jacen looked hurt for a second. A small boy reached up and hugged him. "Don't worry big brother, I like your jokes." He said smiling. Jacen hugged him back and replied. "thanks Annie"

Leslie raised an eyebrow. "Annie? As in Anakin Solo?"

Anakin looked up at her and smiled. "yep that's me"

Leslie smiled slightly and talked with them as she unpacked her stuff. They seemed nice and friendly. Not to mention they liked her and had humor in almost everything. Perhaps this would work out, she thought to herself.

Marina faced Teshla and bowed low. "Rise my sister" Teshla said.

Marina rose and smiled slightly. "The plans are going as well as I hoped. Now what are we going to do?"

"Come with me and we shall discuss it" Teshla said, leading her out of the main chamber and into her own private chambers.

Part 3- Planning Death's
By: Allol Dasel

Teshla seated herself at a table. Montioning for Marina to join her, she smiled gently. Marina sat down and looked over to Teshla. "My master, I have news about the Jedi u might be interested in. it Appears Ken and Diane are staying along with Tommy and his parents. With them all together we can wipe them out quicker"

"Does this master Ken know about u or your background" Teshla replied.

"No he does not."

"Good, we shall keep it that way. Tonight I want u to take out one of the Jedi, while they are walking or something. Kill them and blame it on a wild creature. I suggest u keep this up till there is only Ken left. Then we will attack him when he least suspects it. Also I am going to drop this...Shield on u that is keeping your past from the Jedi in due time. Prepare for it, bye working on your lightsaber skills. But DO NOT give yourself away."


Both women nodded to each other and the conversation continued. Little did they know that above ground, Leslie and her new friends were having a conversation of their own, while they ate lunch.

Leslie sighed and sat down at a table. She was the first one to sit down she noticed and she also noticed the others were still talking in the lunch line. Picking up what looked to be a burger of some sort she took a bite out of it. The food was different that was for sure. But then anything was better then those veggie and mineral cubes she got. Continuing to eat her food slowly, she didn't notice Jacen come up behind her.

"Hello there, sorry I didn't get to tell a joke earlier, but I can now if ya want." He said, then not

Waiting for her to answer "What do ya get when u cross a princess with a smuggler?"

Turning around to face him, she waited till her mouth was empty and said "Why u stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking Nerfherder!"

He smiled and nodded his head. "Yep that's what u get"

Leslie raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly, looking over his shoulder to see Tenal Ka, Jaina and Kyp heading her way. Sliding in next to her, Tenal Ka smiled. "U are quite clever friend Leslie. To not let his jokes effect u"

Kyp chuckled and sat down across from Leslie. "So why are u sitting alone?"

"I don't know.just used to it I guess. I mean on the ship it was either sit with Tommy and listen to him, tell me a big long lecture over Jedi meetings or eat alone."

"Hmmm neither sounds fun, but then u haven't listened to my uncles lectures." Jaina said raising an eyebrow and sitting down.

Leslie shrugged and went back to eating. The five talked about training, the force and how dull lectures can be depending on who u were and who was giving them. They didn't even see Luke come over to them with Zekk behind him, until Zekk announced loudly "have room for me guys? I just got back from working on my ship." Then looking to Leslie, he continued "hey, u must be the new girl I haven't met yet. My name is Zekk, no last name"

Leslie looked at him and nodded. Putting down her food, she replied "I'm Leslie D Courta"

He smiled a bright flashy grin and slid in beside Jaina. She smiled and scooted closer to him. Looking over to Leslie once more, he said "nice name.. I hope ya enjoy your stay here. Oh thanks master skywalker for showing me to where they are."

"Your welcome Zekk, I came to get Leslie though." Looking down at her, he smiled gently. "We have tests to perform so I can know where to place u. Kyp u may come also, if u wish."

Leslie heaved a sigh and got up. Grumbling, she headed after him, sensing Kyp behind her. They left the eating area and went down to his office. Mentioning for Leslie to sit, he gently shut the door. "Your former master told me of where u had reached, but I still think the tests are a good idea. But before we get to that please tell me of your past." Luke said gently, folding his hands in his lap.

"I was born on a planet, my mom and dad got killed by a sith and my Aunt Marina came and saved me. Ever since that I have been with her. That's all I know of my history."

"Hmmm do u remember anything else?"

"Nope, other then Aunt Marina having a brother. And my grandparent's names were Lenia and Nero. Both Jedi although Lenia never used her power much and preferred to smuggle. My aunt says that she got killed when she was on a trip and when my grandpa tired to save her, he got killed also. But I don't know if that will help u any, since u asked my history"

"Who told u this?"

"My Aunt."

Luke nodded and smiled slightly. "The name Nero is familiar, I believe there is a Jedi named Nero Jr. who is supposed to speak with me in a weeks time. Perhaps that is your aunts brother and he would know more of your past?"

"I guess"

The two finished the chat and the tests began. First Luke tested Leslie on reaching out with the force. Next on her skills to read peoples minds, which he used Kyp's mind for. Then he tested her ability to pick up things, using the force. Finally, he finished off the tests with having her tell of how she felt about the light and dark side. After all the tests he let her go and talked to Kyp.

"Her mind is strong, yet there is some darkness.. some mysterious thing in her past or present life, which is creeping up on her slowly. If we could stop it then we could make her more into an exellant Jedi. Her former master told me of how she would sometimes have small fits about having to do certain things. What did u observe?" Luke asked Kyp.

"The same thing, Although I sense something wrong. U notice how her aunt told her of her parents, yet not of her past." Kyp replied.

"Yes, I find that odd. Perhaps that Nero fellow might help us when he arrives."

Several hours later, Marina emerged from the hidden lair. Walking into the forest she glanced around seeing if anybody was out and about. Seeing no one she hurried through the forest and back to the temple. Stopping at the door, she hesitated before stepping in. running into Tommy's parents, she smiled slightly. They nodded and went past her, for their daily walk. Remembering what Teshla had said, she followed behind them slowly.

In her room, Leslie sighed. Master Luke had tested her and not told her the results. She hoped she would be in Kyp Durrans class. He seemed to understand her, at least more then Luke did with his force sense. Sitting down on the bed, she went into a two-hour meditation.

Creeping down low, Marina watched as the two lovebirds gazed up at the stars. They could not sense her presence, not yet at least. Gripping her red bladed lightsaber at her belt, she closed her eyes and let the force flow stronger then it was before in her. Opening her eyes, she unclipped her lightsaber and ignited it.

In the academy, Luke and the others were in the main hall, having a Jedi meeting. Feeling a ripple in the force, Luke closed his eyes and reached out with the force. Something was about to happen, in the forest. Reaching out more, he attempted to get deeper and find out who was causing the trouble and what they intended to do. Hearing a voice, he opened his eyes.

"Uncle Skywalker? Are u all right." Jacen asked.

"Yes, I just sensed danger in the jungle."

"Where exactly in the jungle.Maybe I could run and see what it was?" Tenal Ka spoke up.

Luke shook his head and got up from his sitting position. Perhaps she could help, but he would have to go with her. "Tenal Ka, Jacen, Jaina, Kyp and Zekk. I am going to check this out. U stay here, the jungle is no place when three is danger about at night."

They all nodded in response to him and started talking once again as he walked out. Not even bothering to grab a cloak he headed out into the jungle, using the force to guide him. As he went deeper and deeper, he noticed this as where his students swam or talked. Stopping, he glanced around and headed north a little ways, before he almost tripped over something. Looking down he saw it was one of the people who came to the planet. Hearing a scream, he ran forward, just to see another fall and a shadow that looked to be like a creature slink off into the night.

Ken and Tommy heard the scream in their minds and jumped up from the forest floor, they were sitting on. Ken used the force to guide him, with Tommy in tow. They didn't notice a figure hiding in the brush when they got to the area Luke was in.

"Master Skywalker, what happened here and who screamed?" Tommy asked.

"A wild creature attacked two of your group. I came just as the creature was fleeing. Be careful where u step there is a body over there and here." Luke replied.

Tommy looked and saw a face of terror on his father's face as he looked down. Shaking his head, he felt tears forming. "No.. Not them. Not my family!" he cried out.

Ken put an arm around him and gently said "Tommy, It appears they did try to fight the creature off, but it overpowered them. U cannot do anything to bring them back, but u can prevent this from happening."

Marina smirked and headed back to the temple. Hiding the two lightsaber's she had stolen she used the shadows to hide herself. She could feel them still at the death sight, looking around for the creature that attacked them. Snickering, she thought to herself "Welcome to the forest Jedi knights and masters.night creatures and sith rule here but u don't know that."

When she approached the temple, she stepped in and looked around. Seeing no one she headed down to her room, going past Leslie's, she peeked in. Smiling slightly, she continued back to her room, hoping to not run into anyone, along the way.

Master Skywalker and Ken reached out with the force, in attempt to find the creature. Having no luck, they headed back to the temple. Tommy stayed by his parent's side, not wanting to go. Luke stopped and went over to him. "Young one, your parents will become one with the force soon, just wait and see. Then u may be together again." He said.

Tommy nodded and just like Luke had said the bodies' disappeared. Tommy got up and went over to where Ken was. His eyes were still teary and inside he felt a bit of anger. He didn't believe a creature would do this, at least a creature wouldn't take their lightsaber's. Luke had noticed also that their lightsabers were gone as well as Ken had.

Part 4 - Leslie and Tommy
By: Allol Dasel

Leslie yawned as she lay in bed. It was morning almost and the whole academy was still asleep. She sensed something had happened last night, right before she had gone to bed. But she didn't care to look. Getting up, she headed towards the refreshers.

Turning on the water, she got her clothes ready as the water heated up. Picking out a short tee shirt and light blue pants, she looked in her hair clip drawer and dug out a silver hair clip. Grabbing her shampoo and soap she set them in the refresher and peeled off her nightgown. Stepping into the water, she let it run down her body as she washed her hair first, then her body. When she was done she stepped out and wrapped her towel around her.

In his room, Tommy sat staring out the window. He missed his parents, they were all he had. Other then Marina, Ken, Diane and Leslie, who hardly paid attention to him, like the others. Sensing movement in the temple, he looked towards the door and got up. Walking out of his room and down the hall, he wandered around, trying to find who had woken up, perhaps they would like to talk.

Stopping at a door, he knocked on it. "Yeah who is it?" came a voice he knew as Leslie's.

"Tommy, just wanting to talk so don't go all prissy on me"

Leslie raised an eyebrow and pulled her shirt over her head. Pulling it down she headed over towards the door. Opening it, she looked at him. Stepping to the side, she went to where her make up was and put it on, as he walked in. "Tommy u look terrible what happened?" she asked still doing her make up.

Tommy sat down on the bed and glanced over to her. "Thanks for noticing, I didn't sleep well."

"Couldn't u run to mommy or daddy to tell them the dream or whatever caused it"

Tommy's blood boiled a little, as he remained calm. "That's the reason I couldn't sleep mom and dad got killed by a creature supposedly."

"They shouldn't have gone out then, I mean they were warned of the creatures here so they can't say they weren't."

"Would a creature take their lightsabers? And then run when Luke and Ken came along with me?"

"I dunno, maybe it was a dark Jedi or something I wouldn't worry about it. I mean u still have my aunt, Ken and Diane. Plus your parents are one with the force so there ok now."

Leslie didn't get an answer as she heard him get up and leave. Shrugging, she looked over to him leaving and finished with her make up. Getting up, she headed out and to her aunt's room. Where she was sure she would be sleeping still. When she reached the door, she knocked lightly. "Aunt Marina are u awake yet. I need to speak with u." she called out.

Marina smiled as she heard her niece's voice and opened the door. "Hello Leslie, u know I will talk to u anytime that u need me, come in please" she said in a friendly tone.

Leslie stepped in and Marina shut the door behind her. She sat down on the bed and sighed. Marina joined her and looked at her. "Something wrong dear?"

"Yeah, not with me, with Tommy. His mom and dad got killed, by a wild beast supposedly last night."

"Is he sure?"

"No, he thinks a dark Jedi did it, but I think a wild beast did it. Then took their lightsabers and smashed them with its big paws."

"Hmmm how interesting.I am sure Master Skywalker will take care of it. Tommy does know he still has me, Diane and Ken though right?"


In his room, the jedimaster Luke Skywalker sighed. This had been the first attack to happen in a long time. As he got up, he grabbed his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt. Heading down to the training hall, he thought about practicing some before he ate. As he passed Marina's room, he heard voices and guessed Leslie was awake, as well as some others. No doubt the other students would wake up shortly.

Entering the training hall, he sat down on a mat and closed his eyes. Clearing his mind out slowly, he breathed in deep and let it out slowly. As he began to slip into meditation he became more relaxed. He would stay in this meditation till the sun rose a bit more. Since his job was tiring this was very refreshing to him and he looked forward to it.

Two hours later, the cafeteria was a buzz with life. Jaina and her brother were in the line, waiting for there food. Kyp and Zekk were sitting at a table talking to Anakin and Leslie. While Tenal Ka was with Diane, standing and talking. Luke walked in, now refreshed and ready to go. Going to the back of the line, he started a conversation with Ken, who was ahead of him.

As the chatter continued with Kyp, Zekk, Leslie and Anakin they didn't notice Tenal Ka or Jaina and her brother coming towards them. Leslie saw them out of the corner of her eyes and smiled slightly. as Jaina approached, she leaned down and kissed Zekk on the cheek. Zekk jumped almost ten feet in the air and everybody cracked up laughing.

"u happy to see me or did my beauty scare u?" Jaina asked him in a tease tone.

"Both" Zekk shot at her before laughing.

Ken looked around the room as he continued to listen to Luke. They were missing Tommy and Marina it seemed. Looking over to Leslie's table he smiled, when he saw her being friendly. Usually she was moody but today she was cheery. Heading over to her as soon as he and Luke got their food, he said "Good morning.. Jaina, Jacen, Kyp, Tenal Ka, Anakin and Leslie" looked to Zekk. "and a hello to u also, even though I don't know u"

Zekk smiled and said "I'm Zekk and u are?"

"Master Ken.Leslie's former master till I brought her here, along with Tommy."

Zekk nodded and looked over to Leslie. She gave him a blank look back and got up. "Well I should be going guys, c ya Master Ken and Skywalker."

Luke looked over to her, raising an eyebrow. "Where would u be going off to young one. We class in 20 minutes."

"Um, going to look around the temple some ok? I mean its big and I just here so I would like to check it out."

"There isn't much, but if u insist in going then have Jaina, Jacen, Kyp, Anakin, Tenal Ka or Zekk go with u. they know this place well and will make sure u make it back to class on time."

"Ok.but I would always be back to class on time u know. I always did before u could even ask Master Ken. Although I doubt he would say I am the perfect student"

The area around that table became quiet. Luke looked over to Ken, who had no alarm on his face at all. Jaina, who was bored of the silence, got up and started to head out. Tenal Ka, Kyp, Zekk, Jacen and Anakin followed her as she called out with the force to Leslie "come on, we'll show ya around now. I think uncle Luke and your former master wanna talk"

Leslie got the message and headed out after them. Ken and Luke watched them leave, then glanced to each other. Luke moistened for Ken to follow him to his office. The rest of the cafeteria stayed talking and didn't notice them leave. While Diane who was in the corner of the room still, watched them all go and then headed out , to see Marina.

When they reached his office, Luke sat down behind his desk. Ken sat down in a chair on the other side of the desk and looked at him. The great Jedi master placed his hands on the desk and spoke. "She is rather difficult at the time, but I am sure after we train some, she will be much tamer. She told me of her past, but there is still something missing."

"Yes I noticed that myself. She was much worse though on the way here. To get to the source of the problem we would need to know her full history. I regret to say her Aunt is even shadier though when it comes to these matters." Ken said.

"There is someone that is coming that might help us though. His name is Nero Jr. , a Jedi knight ,coming in on request to be trained more. He himself said that perhaps he might be able to help Leslie out, when I told him, she was coming also."

"That's good, now if u need help training her or placing her in a class do tell me, I can help."

"Thank u for your offer, but I already have help. Kyp shall train her, with my help. He seems to understand what she is going through."

Ken nodded and the two smiled slightly then Luke got up and headed towards the door. "The morning class should be starting soon and I must be there to lead. Would u mind gathering the two others of your party that didn't show up today?" he asked.

"I wouldn't mind at all, I was about to do that anyway before Leslie got in her mood" Ken replied. Getting up, he walked out of the office and went to find Marian and Tommy.

The tour around the Temple had been fine to exellant. As she headed back to the main hall with the others, she sighed gently. Kyp was to be her new teacher, she had found out. He was different then Ken had been. More kinder and gentler, willing to talk things out, or so she had seen him do with Jaina and her friend Tenal Ka. When they reached the hall, she stepped into it and stayed by the door. All the others except Jaina went ahead.

"You coming with us or are u gonna stay here Leslie?" she asked.

"I'll stay here, if no one minds." Came Leslie's reply.

"Well my uncle would mind and so would Kyp. After all u are here to learn and the only way to learn is to get close up, not avoid it."

"Ok. I'll go with ya" Leslie said reluctantly. She followed Jaina into the room and up to the front, where she saw the others and Master Luke. Sitting down, she looked behind her, to see Tommy and Ken come through the door. Feeling someone sit next to her, she saw her aunt and smiled. Marina put her finger to her lips and then looked at Luke, as he began to talk.

After the meeting, training began and the students went separate ways. Marina went with Ken, Tommy and Diane. While Leslie went with Kyp and Tenal Ka. Which left Jaina, Jacen, Anakin and Zekk with Luke.

Part 5- The Darkside Strikes
By: Allol Dasel

It was in the middle of training and Tommy jabbed forward with his saber. His feet spread apart as he leaned forward with the jab. Leslie, whom he was sparring, raised her saber suddenly and jabbed it towards the hilt of his saber. He lowed his saber as he felt the tip of hers skim his hand. Flinching from the pain, he got thrown off as she sent a force push at him.

Ken, Luke, Diane and Marina watched from the sidelines as the two sparred. It was near the end of the week and they had been training hard. Marian smirked as she saw Leslie do a double move on Tommy. There wasn't much more to watch though because Tommy jumped up quickly. He charged at Leslie and slashed at her legs.

She jumped up quickly and swung her saber at his chest in a slash direction starting from his right shoulder to his left side. Marina sent a force push at her, hoping to make the saber hit him. Tommy jumped back, his side getting hit as the saber sunk into it. He yelled out in pain and ducked, kicking her feet out from under her. As she fell, she growled and swung her saber out at his leg unexpectedly. Luke and Ken rushed forward, sensing anger in her before she could hit Tommy and Ken took the hit. He flinched as him and Luke helped Tommy up.

Marina walked over to her niece and helped her up. Taking the lightsaber from her hand, she held it firm and walked her over to a bench. Luke glanced over to her, sensing there was something wrong and that the push at Tommy with her saber was not all her doing. Going over to them, he said, " Leslie and Marina please come with me. Ken and Tommy u may train some more if u wish or get him down to the med. bay now"

Leslie glanced over to Luke, nodding she grabbed her saber back from Marina and headed after him. Marina followed close behind, a smile spreading across her face as she thought of what Leslie had done. With the current snaps of her temper here and there this was the actual first step she had taken towards anger in fighting. Teshla would be pleased to hear this. Perhaps at the end of the week, she could reveal her true self and kill Ken and Diane, since she knew they were leaving soon.

When they reached Luke's office, he guided them in and shut the door behind them. Sitting down, he moistened for them to sit also. Leslie and Marina both sat down and glanced to him. Leslie stayed quiet as Marina spoke up "Master Skywalker may I ask why we are here. I know Leslie is here because of her sudden urge out there, but why me?"

Luke looked to her, and studied her a bit before answering. "I asked u to be here because u know Leslie better then anyone else and because I wanted to ask u something. Leslie I shall get to u after I am done with your aunt so wait there."

Leslie looked at him. "Like I have any other options?" was her reply as Luke spoke to her aunt.

"Leslie told me of what she knows of her past, but still I need to know what happened before u took care of her. Perhaps that would solve why she is like the way she is. There is also a guest coming by the name of Nero jr., which should help us, since he has a way of reaching out with the force and seeing things. But do u know anything because I want to ask family before I ask a stranger."

Marina kept calm, hiding her hate for her brother as she spoke gently and calmly. "I know not her past, since I took care of her after I found a sith had attacked her mother and father. Killing them both and leaving her alone, so I swore on my life I would take care of her, till she was old enough to take care of herself."

He nodded and found a spark of interest in wanting to know her past. " What of yours, do u remember anything of it that could help her?"

Marina thought for a bit, wondering what she should say. Thanks to her brother still being alive, she couldn't use his name or Luke would go further then he had already. She would have to lie a bit, but since this was a Jedi she was talking to she could. So far he hadn't detected anything so he wouldn't now.

"My dad was a Jedi and my mom was a Bounty Hunter and Smuggler at times. Although she did use the force also sometimes when she wanted to. As for siblings I remember having a brother and a sister. Leslie is my sisters child."

Luke nodded. "Thank u for that. It was brief but good. Now Leslie would u mind telling us why u did what u did?"

Leslie looked at him, no emotion on her face or in her voice as she answered him. "Well about the push or double move I did it because I could and because that's what I would do if I were fighting. Now I never intended to hit him, but I felt something push him towards him almost right before it hit. When I hit Ken in the foot I actually meant to hit Tommy that time, since he pushed me down and me not sensing it. It was an act that one would do when they felt threatened.."

Luke nodded, sensing truth in her words. "I am sure u didn't mean to hurt him, which u did. I think some meditation would help u know. But as for the thing u felt, it was probably the darkside. Meaning it will try again, it seems it already got Tommy's parents, because I doubt a monster or creature would steal lightsabers and now its trying for u. Marina tell all the others to be wary of this person or thing that is spreading. I will tell the class in the morning and have Nero Jr. be wary also when he comes."

Marina nodded and smiled slightly in her mind. Thinking about what she would do when he came. Quickly hiding the thoughts, she smiled slightly at Leslie's direction. "Leslie, would u like me to go with u, when u meditate?"

"Sure, I don't mind, since obviously this thing wont leave my mind."

"Marina u may go, but Leslie stay here I want to scan your mind to make sure the dark presence is gone." Luke cut in.

Marina nodded and got up. Opening the door, she walked out and shut it behind her. In the hallway, she growled low in her throat. Not only was Nero coming, but also Luke looking into Leslie's mind might give him the chance to see who did it. She would head to see teshla but it was too risky in the daytime. Deciding to wait till Luke was done with Leslie, she leaned against the wall, not noticing Ken and Diane come down the hall.

Ken and Diane were talking, when Ken accidentally ran into Marina. Looking at her, he nodded gently in greeting. She nodded back, gently smiling. "Hello Master Ken, I trust your foot is ok."

Ken replied "yes it is. I was quite surprised at Leslie though for aiming it at Tommy. Where is she so that I may talk to her?"

"She is with Luke, he is clearing her head of any anger she had."

"That's ok. I would have just spoke to her about it then made her train harder"

"Have u ever thought once, that maybe pushing her harder to train, would push her harder towards the darkside? If u haven't noticed, she seems to like Luke's calming ways better."

Diane raised an eyebrow and looked to Ken. He sighed gently. "Marina I trained her that way, because that's the way I was brought up. Now as u see I grew up perfectly fine. All she needs is firmness."

"Firmness brought her to snapping will do it again. Ken I suggest u watch what you're doing.. Or she will turn."

"Why so harsh words?"

"They are a warning."

No more was said between them. Diane sighed gently and gently pushed Ken. "Come on Ken, let's go and talk further on Tommy's training. I am sure Marina wants to wait for her niece." Breaking the silence.

Ken Longra nodded and started walking down the hall. Marina saw Diane and him talk in a low tone as they turned the corner and were gone from her sight. Sighing, she remained in her leaning state and waited for Leslie.

In Luke's office, Leslie had her eyes closed and was sitting straight in the chair. Luke was standing behind her, his hands hovering in the air over her head. As she felt the thoughts in her mind shifting this way and that at his command, she made no move to fight back. His calm ways with teaching almost amazed her, since he got effect so quickly.

Luke kept his eyes shut as he searched through her mind. He didn't read any of her thoughts really, just looked for the darkside. When he found a trace of what had been there, he visualized it in his mind and then set to work destroying it. The darkside dot became smaller and smaller, as he worked at making it die. Finding something interesting just before it died on him, he kept his eyes shut and concentrated on it.

It had a family resemblance almost. What amazed him most was that when he was in his reach out search, he traced the darkside back to its oringal place almost. Then he found it had disappeared. "Hmmm, there is more to this then it seems" he thought to himself as he eased himself out of her mind.

"Ok, Leslie u may open your eyes now. All the dark presence is gone," Luke said, laying a hand on her shoulder gently.

Leslie opened her eyes and felt a calm almost. She smiled slightly and got up. Facing Luke, she bowed to the waist and then came up again. "Thank u Master Skywalker. May I go now?"

He nodded yes and replied in a soft tone. "Yes u may and may the force be with u.. Always"

Leslie smiled and opened the door. Walking into the hallway, she saw marina. Marina smiled, seeing her and led her down the hall gently. On the way to her room they talked somewhat, telling each other what had happened and what to do to solve it.

Part 6- A Visitor finds a Surprise
By: Allol Dasel

Nero jr. sat in his seat, in deep meditation. He was almost to the planet surface and there was something there that was interesting to him. He sensed something.. Familiar yet far away, Like he had remembered that person from a long time ago. There was also another force presence there, familiar to him. He promised himself he would check it out as soon as he talked to the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

In her room, Marina reached out with the force and sensed something. It was a light presence that was very familiar. Tracing the names she came to one.Nero Jr. Her beloved brother, that she had left alone so many years ago. Smirking, she said out loud, "so dear brother, u can come to meet a jedi have u? Well I am sure your stay will be short."

Luke, who was watching Kyp train Leslie, felt something and closed his eyes. Reaching out with his mind, he sensed someone coming. Smiling, he opened his eyes and looked over to Kyp and Leslie. "Very good both of u. Kyp, u are a fine teacher and Leslie, u are a good padawan. But I wish u both to come with me now. We have a visitor approaching and u both might like him"

Leslie deignited her saber and clipped it back to her belt. Kyp did the same, then asked "is it that Nero fellow?"

Luke's reply was him turning and walking out. Leslie headed out of the room after him. Kyp sighed and ran to catch up with both of them. When he caught up, he walked with them to the outside of the temple. Looking up, they saw a shuttle coming down. As they waited for the shuttle to land, Leslie closed her eyes and sent a message to her aunt. "Aunt Marina, there is a visitor now arriving, would u like to come down and see who it is?"

"Not right now dear, I am about to do something important" Came her aunt's reply.

"Ok then.have fun" Leslie finished off the conversation as she heard a laugh in her mind and opened her eyes. Looking to the window where her aunt's room was, she saw a figure come to the window and then smile at her. "Oh I will" was all that was said, before the figure popped back in the window.

Looking back towards the shuttle, she saw it land and the ramp go down slowly. Waiting till the ramp was lowered was a man, standing right in the entrance. His brown hair was cut neat and trim. A lightsaber dangled at his belt. He was wearing jedi attire and almost reminded Leslie of an older, grown up Tommy, with brown hair. The man walked down the ramp and over to Luke. Both men shook hands and exchanged greetings. Luke led the man over to where Leslie and Kyp were.

Leslie looked over to Kyp and saw him bow slightly. Following his example she bowed at the waist then looked at the man. "Greetings, I am Nero Jr., jedi knight and friend of Luke Skywalker" she heard him say.

Nodding, she let Kyp introduce himself, then said, "I'm Leslie D' Courta"

Nero nodded and thought for a moment. "Hmm Courta u say eh?"

"Yes and if u have a problem with it, then u aren't a jedi" Leslie retorted.

Luke smiled gently and looked to Kyp, they nodded and Kyp put a hand on her shoulder. "Leslie, calm yourself."

"I am calm damn it Kyp."

Nero raised an eyebrow. "Young one, I am sorry if I offended u. perhaps u would wish to discuss this further? Over lunch I mean. Its served soon isn't it?"

"Yes, today's specialty is vita-cubes and some kind of drink.oh also sorry if that seemed like I was mad. I wasn't, it's just that lately I have been confused over a lot and someone questioning my name as if they knew me isn't helping."

"Its ok Leslie. Just make sure that u don't get to confused. Or your head will spin and fall off"

Kyp, Luke and Nero chuckled softly. Leslie shrugged and turned, walking back inside the temple. The men watched until she was out of earshot, then Kyp looked over to Nero Jr. "Nero Jr. sir, would u mind joining me and master Skywalker in his office after the meal? We have some questions we'd like to ask."

"No, of course I don't mind. Anyway I can help would be good. Leslie is the one that had trouble with the darkside right?" he replied

"Yes, she is."

"Am I to guess we are going to talk about her? Because she reminds me of someone, Not only her name, but her attitude. My sister was like that, in the end she ended up turning, but I think I can help this girl so she doesn't turn."

"We were hoping u could. She doesn't know much of her history and her aunt is not telling us all she could I sense. However once we trace the girl back some, I thought we could determine what made her like this."

"Very wise thinking. Shall we eat now?"

"Yes, please do join me and my friend in my academy." Luke said starting to walk towards the temple.

In her room, Marina scowled. With her brother here now, she was sure he would remember her, which would blow her cover. She couldn't deal with him now, she had to make sure that no one found out she was dark yet or her master would not be pleased. Hearing a knock on her door, she said, "who is it?"

"Its me, Leslie can I come in?" came her nieces voice.

Marina used the force to open the door and smiled at her niece. "Come in the visitor nice that came?"

Leslie walked in and shrugged. "Yeah pretty much. He looks like Tommy though. A grown up and brown haired Tommy that is."

Marina laughed softly. "That good or bad?"

"Both I guess. Good in a way, because he is friendlier then Tommy and bad because I sense something.odd about him."

"Oh? Like what" asked marina, who was interested in what he told her.

"Oh like.I know him from somewhere. Ya know that feeling ya get when something seems so familiar yet when u try to get closer it wont let ya or u cant seem to understand it."

"Where have u seen him before?"

"Well I don't know.but it feels like I have seen him before, when I know I haven't"

"That is odd. I wouldn't worry about it.the more u worry the more it will make you frustrated later on"

"Yeah, your right. Anyway, u wanna come down to eat with me and Tenal Ka? Kyp, Anakin, Jaina, Jacen and Zekk are already down in the cafeteria."

"No thanks, I think I'll wait for Ken and Diane. I wouldn't want to intrude on your little friends."

"Ok.well Ken isn't coming down to the eat. He is staying in his room, helping Tommy with his hand to hand combat. Diane wont be around for a while, she is gonna take a walk through the jungle while its still day."

"I will go down later, I promise"

"Ok, c ya"

"Come on friend Leslie.lets get something to eat before Jacen makes all the food disappear with his jokes" came a voice from someone out of Marina's view.

Leslie laughed and turned, running out with the girl who marina could not see. Marina heard the sound of footsteps running and a voice say " on your mark.get set.GO!"

Running down the hall, Tenal Ka skidded around a corner, Leslie on her heels. Both girls raced into the cafeteria, stopping right at the door. Leslie looked over to Tenal Ka and stuck out her tongue. Going over to the line she said back to Tenal Ka. "Aha Tenal. I beat ya!"

"u may have beat me friend Leslie, but my Jacen , Jaina, Zekk ,Anakin and Kyp beat us here and to a table" Tenal Ka replied pointing over to them.

Leslie looked over and shrugged. Just as she went to pick up some food she heard someone call her name. "Hey Leslie. We already got u and Tenal Ka some food." Looking over to Jaina, she smiled and walked towards the table. Tenal Ka followed her and slid next to Jacen, who leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Leslie rolled her eyes at the sight of it and sat down next to Anakin. The usual chatter started between them as Jaina passed Leslie her tray she had got for her. Leslie mumbled a thanks and started eating, while talking to Anakin and Kyp about ships and what makes them work.

Marina smirked as she waited outside the entrance of the jungle for Diane. She was hidden well and had even conjured up a mask. Which risked her being found out, but the sooner she got more Jedi out of the way, the better. Seeing Diane come up the path she reached down and ignited her blade, which ruined her mask but she didn't care. The force flowed through her as she sprang out at Diane.

Diane's danger sense went off as she looked around. Jumping back, she saw marina spring out at her and looked at her. She seemed meaner then before, something was different. "Marina what is the meaning of this?"

"To destroy u"

Diane put a hand on her belt and then looked at the saber in Marina's hand. It wasn't hers it was Tommy's mothers saber. Gasping, she exclaimed "it was u, that killed them wasn't it?"

"Yes, now that u know I am gonna have to kill u to."

"Marina, do not do this. There is good in u, I can see it. Just let go of the saber"

Marina growled and leaped at Diane. Diane quickly unclipped her lightsaber off her belt and ignited it. Bringing her blade up in defense, she blocked Marina's blade and the two became involved in a quick-witted lightsaber duel. Marina's eyes now burned a red fire tone, while her anger for the Jedi leaked out little by little. Diane saw this and knew she wouldn't have time to call for help, she kept defending as Marina attacked. As they backed further and further into the forest, the clash of their lightsabers died down and a loud roar came.

At the same time it seemed, Nero Jr., Kyp and Luke all sprang up. They glanced to each other and nodded. Heading out, they exited the eating area and hurried out to the entrance. Luke reached out and sensed danger. Looking down the path, they saw branches that had been cut down by lightsabers. Looking to each other, they all thought the same thing and took off down the path.

Part 7- A Surprise Is Found
By: Allol Dasel

In the cafeteria, Leslie sighed. Anakin was talking non-stop now about how to fix a hyperdrive and Zekk was arguing with him over the proper way. Kyp had left so there was no one to talk to and Jaina and Tenal Ka were talking about their boyfriends. Getting up she grabbed her tray and started to walk out, the others didn't notice her leave.

Setting her tray down on the counter, she walked out the door and out into the jungle. She looked at the path and tilted her head. All was silent but it seemed something had gone on here. Wondering, if she should look, she shook her head no and turned around. Then walking back inside the temple she walked to the training room.

In the training room Tommy and Ken were sparring. Leslie smirked as she watched Tommy weaken slightly when Ken kneed him in the stomach unexpectedly. Tommy fell back but recovered quickly and swung out at Ken. Ken shook his head and deignited his saber, stepping away from Tommy. "Tommy, u must be able to keep your mind on the present." Ken reminded him.

Tommy deignited his saber and clipped it to his belt. "Sorry Master Ken. But my mind was distracted. I felt a ripple in the force."

"Well duh u felt a ripple in the force jedi boy, some creature cut a whole bunch of tree's down and let out this loud scream. Only a foolish jedi wouldn't hear it or sense it." Leslie spoke up, staying in the shadowy doorway.

Tommy jumped slightly as he turned to face her. Ken shook his head and looked over to Leslie's form in the doorway. Leslie smirked slightly, seeing Tommy jump and then looked towards Ken. Ken was wearing a disappointed look on his face as he spoke to her. "Leslie what have I told u, about doing that."

Leslie stepped away from the shadows. Placing her hands on her hips, she replied "doing what? All I did was talk to him"

"No u criticized him. No more calling him "jedi boy" and no more sneaking up on him. That makes him lose concentration"

"Then maybe he should study more. And besides I call him jedi boy because that's what he we both know we dislike each other"

Leslie that will be quite enough of that, get to your quarters and when u see Diane, tell her to come here please?"

"Sure, but she isn't around here, I checked before. She went out for a walk"

"A walk?"

"Yep, she wanted to get one before it got dark and she had to stay inside."

"Hmm, well I hope she gets back ok. I am going to check to see if she is ok. Tommy u stay here and train against that probe droid. Leslie, go find master skywalker or Kyp and start training"

"U aren't my master now, so u cant tell me what to do. But I'll leave Tommy alone if that's what u mean." Leslie finished, walking out of the training area.

Ken and Tommy watched her go they nodded to each other and then Ken left the room. Tommy ignited his saber and started deflecting the shots as they were fired at him. As he deflected the shots, his mind became a bit clearer, yet there was still worry. What was the ripple he felt? Could Diane be in danger or could she already be dead?

Marina and Diane were now facing a monster. From the look of it, Marina could tell it was real as she grabbed for her saber. Diane also grabbed for hers and they accidentally grabbed the same one. Marina pulled the saber away from Diane and stood facing the beast. Diane grabbed at the other saber and gripped it. As she ignited it, she kept her guard up. Both women knew they had to take care of this creature, they could take care of their fight later.

Smirking, Marina got an idea and concentrated on the beast's mind. Not much thought was needed since she was already using her dark powers or some of them. Deigniting her saber, she slipped back into the tree's silently. She climbed one and pictured the beast moving to her command.

On the ground, Diane stepped back, as the beast advanced. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Marina disappear and then focused her attention to the beast. She saw it lunge forward towards her. Reaching out with the force, she saw marina in a tree. She was controlling the beast to attack Diane!

Diane slashed out at the beast and cut its arm. It howled and then attacked fully on her paws swinging wildly. Not letting her fear get the best of her, she concentrated on the beast and saw she couldn't get control of it. Cursing, she swung out and the beast swept her saber away from her grip. Backing into a tree, she gulped and prepared herself for death, sine a jedi must never fear anything.

Luke, Kyp and Nero Jr. saw Diane back against a tree and looked into the clearing, there approaching her was a beast. From her spot, Marian sensed people coming and quickly commanded the beast to kill her. The beast slashed at Diane and hit her in the chest. She fell back and then Marina heard a blast.

Nero Jr. lowered his blaster as he saw the beast fall. Running into the clearing, he looked down at Diane. Her body disappeared as he went to touch her hand. Looking to Luke, he saw their faces make no sound. Hearing a sound, they turned and saw Ken come down the path. They started talking, while Nero Jr. glanced around. Going over to where her lightsaber was dropped, he picked it up and then sensed something.

Marina looked down at the figure that had entered. She knew he sensed her and quickly she shimmed down the tree and out of view. Heading back to the academy, she concentrated on hiding her darkside once more. When she reached the temple, her darkside was almost covered as she stayed outside and went to a hiding place, a secret entrance to her master's lair that she had showed her. Making sure no one saw her, she popped down in it.

Luke walked over to Nero Jr. Kyp and Ken were behind him. Nero Jr. shook his head and looked around to where Marina had been. Glancing to the others, his face was emotionless. "This beast was controlled by a dark force. I sensed someone's presence then it left. Whoever was here and caused this is gone. I traced their dark path to the temple since it was clear as day, then it disappeared. I'm sorry I couldn't help more"

"Its all right. Now we only have to solve one question.who could have done it? Leslie, Tenal Ka, Jaina, Anakin, Tommy and Zekk were all at the temple. Marina hasn't shown her face around much, but from what I guess, she decided to stay in her room or something, since that's where she resides a lot." Ken said.


"Yes, she is the aunt of Leslie. Although she hardly shows up around here"

"I had a sister named Marina, but she got taken away by a sith witch years ago. When I tried to stop her, she attacked me, that's all I remember."

"Perhaps then, u can talk to us some and tell us of her and what happened. Maybe u can also help Leslie while your at it" Kyp suggested.

Nero Jr. nodded and then turned. The group of men started to head out of the clearing, Nero Jr. followed them. In his mind, he was pondering something. Could Marina have come back? If she had, this would mean she would kill all the Jedi, then perhaps turn Leslie. She had help in this, if she had gotten this was just a matter of when the help would show up.

In her cave, Teshla looked over to see Marina come in. Nodding, she smiled gently. " I trust u killed more Jedi?"

Marina nodded. "Yes, I killed Diane just today. Or actually controlled a beast to kill her. But the nature of my coming here is important. They have a new visitor. One, which I think, will wreak our little plan. I am not sure if he knows of me yet, but he possibly could."

Teshla raised an eyebrow and stroked her chin thoughtfully. She to had sensed something like this about to happen. Sitting back in her seat, she looked towards Marina again. "Hmmm, what is this strangers name?"

"I do not know. All I know is that he knows Leslie from the past and possibly me"

"Could it be your brother?"

"Perhaps, if it is then I cannot go back, he'll see me for sure"

"Too true, but there is a way.tonight when u get back, sneak in, use the darkside of the force to hide u, u have done it before. But this time use full darkside and you'll be hidden so even the Jedi master Luke Skywalker cannot notice u"

"Yes my sister"

"Now lets stay here for a while, till night falls to pitch black, then u will get Leslie and bring her to me." Teshla said, smiling evilly.

"Yes my sister" Marina said as the two turned and walked off.

At the academy Luke was talking with Nero jr., Kyp and Ken Longra. They had come to one conclusion on the Marina matter. She was a sith witch, or rather trainee and was trying to turn Leslie or would one of these days. As soon as she returned they would stop her, but until then they would do their best to protect Leslie.

Part 8- Leslie finds out
By: Allol Dasel

Looking at the stone in front of her, she concentrated. Leslie had been training for two hours almost now. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Nero Jr. and Kyp watching her. Why she had to train now was beyond her. Concentrating on the stone again, she made it rise and set it atop the other one. It stayed and she set to work moving the other stones.

"Good Leslie.keep your mind on the force and it will help u" Nero jr. said.

Not saying anything to him, she concentrated on the rest of the stones. This form of training wasn't difficult in fact it was rather easy. Too easy she thought to herself. Looking over to the adults, she studied them, they were talking about something.what though? Getting up she went over to them.

"All done are u Leslie?" Asked Nero Jr.

"No....This training was to easy for me. something is wrong.and your not telling me"

"Nothing is wrong Leslie, I just let someone else have a go at training u. that's all" Said Kyp, fully aware that she was starting to get curious.

"What aren't u guys telling me?" Leslie demanded

"Leslie, Kyp is telling the truth when he says what he does" Nero Jr. said calmly

"I'll go get Tommy since this training is starting to bore u. then u can spar" Kyp said, exiting the room.

Leslie watched him go and sighed. "He isn't telling me something, and u aren't either. What's wrong? All the adults are acting strange"

"Leslie, perhaps he is entering his mid life crisis. Ya know, that does happen, as for me I don't know what's up with him"

"And here comes Mr. mid life Crisis himself" Leslie remarked, seeing kyp enter again.

Kyp looked over to them and grinned. "Who says I'm having my mid life crisis.I am still as young as I was before. Tommy go and spar with Leslie please"

"Ok Jedi boy En guard" Leslie said, igniting her saber and getting into the proper stance.

"Leslie.please refrain from calling him that and go on with the lesson" Kyp broke in.

"What? I was just calling him what he is." Leslie started.

She didn't notice that Tommy had ignited his blade and lunged at her side. Whipping her head back to him in time, she raised her saber and blocked it. Focusing her mind on beating him, she let the thought that something fishy was up drift away for a while. He sent a knee up to her side since the side was open. She stepped to the left, sensing his move almost and lifted her blade away from his. Stepping back a bit, she sent a swipe towards his gut. He back flipped and his foot hit the hilt of her saber.

She dropped the saber and turned her waist slightly to the right, sending a swift kick up towards his chest with her right foot just as he came out of the flip. The foot connected and he stumbled back. Quickly getting steady again, he saw she didn't have a saber and slashed at her feet. She jumped up and sent a kick to his face, while in the air. He ducked and raised his saber up so that her leg would be cut as she flew over him.

Nero Jr. and Kyp who had been watching this, turned in alarm as they heard a scream. They saw Leslie laying on the ground, a small gash in her skin from where the saber had hit her. Tommy dropped the blade and looked at her. "I'm sorry Leslie, I thought u would react in time."He said quickly.

Leslie looked up at him, her eyes flashing a deep crimson for a second before she replied "ok.."

Getting up, she limped over to her saber and picked it up. Clipping it back to her belt she looked over to Kyp and Nero Jr. They watched her approach and Kyp smiled. "Very good young Leslie. I am proud of u, u didn't lose your temper when he hit u. although I don't think u should train anymore with that leg. Why not go and get it healed?"

"Before I do that I want to know what is happening.. Something Is up and everybody but me knows it. I mean, usually Tommy is all like rude to me. And Kyp, u aren't always this nice when it comes to training. I sense as if u are trying to force me to keep my mind of something."

Nero jr. looked over to Kyp and Kyp looked over to Tommy. Then the three looked at each other. Leslie put her hands on her hips and observed them. "Well?"

"Leslie, it's about your aunt. She is a sith witch and Nero Jr. here is your uncle..." Kyp started

"What? Marina ain't a sith witch, she would have told me!" Leslie cut in

"Leslie, allow me to explain something. My sister.your aunt, lied to u, in hope that one day u would turn. She got taken away one day by a sith witch, by the name of Teshla and when I tried to stop her. She attacked me and allowed the witch to take her. Also she allowed the witch to kill her parents and mine. Their names were Lena and Nero. Two very famous Jedi. U have heard about them though so I will continue on. Well I thought Marina was gone for good, but I never gave up the search. Even after I found a Jedi master and got trained, I never gave up. I was determined to get her back."

Leslie watched him emotionless as he Nero Jr. continued. "Then when she heard u were born. Her master most likely gave her the command to take u away. I came to see u and my sister Lena but got there to late. When I came both your parents. Their names were Lena and Toran. Both your parents were dead. Toran, had got killed by sith lighting and Lena had gotten attacked by lighting also and then stabbed with a saber. Although she was barely alive, she managed to tell me who had attacked her. I couldn't believe her but then it all fell into place. Well Marina acting as she does now proves that she killed them. U can't go around her, because she will turn u. That's why she has allowed u to hate Tommy."

Kyp raised an eyebrow and Tommy looked at him in disbelief. Leslie blinked and looked to Nero Jr. Slowly as if she knew something to it, she spoke "that explains this feeling I have then. That she was lying to me, although people always said I looked like Lenia and I had heard of her, although I felt some ties with her and Lena, my mother. A woman that looked just like me when I first saw her visited me in a dream. Then something made her go out and when I opened my eyes I saw my aunt standing over me. Then I felt the memory be gone and I drifted back to sleep."

Nero nodded "she was trying to block u from your mother, her sister. Now u understand why we are keeping u here. When Marina comes back, she will want to take u away. But she won't get a chance to because u will stay here with Kyp and Tommy. Luke and me will confront her."

Leslie looked at him with a bit more respect "ok. I understand. Thanks.Uncle Nero Jr."

He nodded and hugged her gently. Leslie blinked and hugged back a bit. "now u go and learn lessons with Tommy. Kyp u go with them, I am gonna have a further talk with Luke and Ken."

The group did as they were told. Leslie and Tommy headed to the grand hall to see Tenal Ka, Zekk, Anakin, Jaina and Jacen. Kyp followed behind them. Nero watched them go and sighed. He exited and headed down the hall to Luke's office. He didn't see Luke and Ken in the hallway as he bumped into Ken. "Sorry Ken, can I talk to u two?"

Ken nodded and replied "its ok Nero Jr. let me guess.. The subject is Leslie?"

Nero Jr. nodded and Luke opened the door to his office. Luke sensed something wrong and shut the door behind him, as Ken and Nero Jr. walked in and sat down. Walking over to his desk, Luke asked, "Did she find out?"

"Yes she did. And she agrees to let me deal with her aunt and my sister. She now knows of her full past as well as Marina's. Now its up to us, to face Marina."

"Ok.. That's good. Nero Jr. it is my guess when I say that u will confront her first and then we jump in if needed?" Ken asked

"Yes, because the shock of seeing me again will set her off a bit. If she hasn't seen me already that is.besides there Is a few things that only I can do to make marina come to her sense's, if she hasn't already gone totally bad I mean"

Luke nodded in agreement and the three remained talking until night fell. Then the plan they had constructed was put into action.

To be continued.(don't u love those words?)

Part 9- Flames of love and losses
By: Allol Dasel

Marina stepped out of the secret entrance to the cave and glanced around. So far there was no sound at all or sense of danger. Heading to the temple entrance she fought back the feelings of anger for the jedi. As soon as she had Leslie she would show them...And kill all the jedi there. Little did she know that Nero and Ken were waiting up in Leslie's room as well as Luke waiting by the doorway. As she walked forward and into the temple she heard a voice from the darkness.

"Marina, Where have you been? Leslie had been worried about you as well as the rest of us" Came Luke's calm voice.

Looking over to the voice, she saw a lantern come on and smiled a bit at Luke. She was sick of acting like this..but it needed to be done. "I was.out makingsure no one attacked this place. I heard about the so called Sith attack. I didn't want anyone hurt is all."

"Thank you for caring, Leslie is in her room, you had better go see her or she'll worry to much"

'I am headed there now. Good night master Skywalker"


The two finished off as marina turned and went inside. Luke watched hergo and then put out the lantern. Using the force he headed over to where he saw her emerge and found nothing. Then as he was feeling more, he felt a handle and pulled on it. A door opened and he looked inside. There was a long hall and at the end of it was a door. Jumping down into it, he found he could not use the force and used the faint light coming from the door to help him see.

Meanwhile above surface and in the temple, Marina was just opening the door to Leslie's room. Stepping in, she didn't notice Nero or Ken. She looked Over to Leslie and smiled gently. "Hello Leslie..I'm sorry I worried you and I would love to make it up. Would you like to come with me for a walk around the temple?"

Leslie nodded and got up. Heading out the opened door, she hugged her aunt once and then stepped out.well aware of what was to happen next. Just as Marina went to follow the door shut and there stood her brother and master Ken. Not knowing what was happening all too much she knew better then to let herself over react.

"Greetings Master Ken and Nero I presume?" she said in a sweet voice that she always used around the jedi.

"Hello Marina, we know you want to see Leslie so we won't take long. We were just here training her and consoling her why you were gone." Ken said, sounding as pleasant as possible.

"Greetings.Marina. You are correct on my name." Nero Jr. replied.

Putting on a gentle smile, Marina fought inside to keep this control..her brother should have died...but he didn't. Hiding her thoughts from them she said. "Thank you master Ken.talking to her so she wont think I do not love her is important..seeing as I am the only one of her family left and I have left her alone quite a lot. Now what did you two gentlemen wish to talk to me about?"

"Your background and why you have been going out so is starting to concern me." Ken said.

"Well I have been safe proofing the temple so to speak..due to the point that we lost two beloved jedi masters" she replied, hating the word "jedi" even more now. Then she continued, "as for my background, both my parents were a half time smuggler and the other a half time bounty hunter. I lost my brother to a sith when I was young and then lost my sister when I was older to the hands of a sith.poor souls" As she finished she hid a smirk by glancing to the window and sighing softly as if playing the part of sorrowful. Hopefully this would fool them.

Ken glanced to Nero and they shook their heads. The only way to get her to confess was to go straight to the point, But in a gentle way, not harsh.

"How did you come across Leslie?"

"Her mother was my sister, I found the child after the blasted sith had killed my sister and brother in law."

"Ah well I am sorry to hear that"

"Yes, most are and I thank you for caring..I hope that clears up my not being here all the time."

"It does Marina but I am amazed at how well you can use the darkside and not be all sith like around us jedi" spoke up Nero Jr.

Turning around a bit, she raised an eyebrow and hid a smirk. "Why do u accuse me of being sith?"

"Because no matter what you say I can tell the truth or lie in your words sister dear"

Remaining calm, she started lifting the mask that hid her true identity. " I don't believe you heard me right when I said a sith had killed my brother"

"Oh I did..and that sith was killed our parents as well. Not to mention Leslie's parents." He replied..perfectly calm as his sisters true face began to show.

The closer Luke came to the door, the more he got curious as to what hid behind it. When he got to the door he rested one hand on the button and pushed it. The door slid open and he stepped in. He was in some sort of room and could use the force again. With the force he felt evil nearby, his sensing was answered when a thin female figure stepped out of a door and walked to her chair...she didn't even notice him until she glanced over to the door which had been opened. Going over to the door she closed it and turned around to go back to her chair when she noticed a sense of good nearby.

"Jelia and Noia, je Na get ki name ye" she spoke into their minds with the force, telling the two to enter the school and take Leslie, since Marina was in trouble. Then going back to her chair she jumped back in alarm as a male sat in it..looking over her files. Drawing in her darkside she prepared a hate ball.

Luke looked up and over to the sith with the hate ball. He knew her, she was the night sisters leader. Seeing she was mad at him (for she had good reason to be), he drew his saber and flipped out of the chair and to the opposite side of her. The two regarded each other as Luke ignited his lightsaber and started getting a force shield up. Teshla threw off her cloak and smirked at him.her words like ice as the ball launched itself at him with force speed. "Well well well..pleasure to see you again master Skywalker.I only wish you could stay longer"

Sensing the attack through the force, before it came, he dodged and flipped over her head, sending a horizontal slash at her back, from her right shoulder blade to her left hip as he came down. She responded by ducking low and rolling away from him, before he could cut her back. Jumping up and igniting a blood red lightsaber she extended the blade to full length and held it with two hands, bringing the saber up and blocking the saber right at midway point. Then, while she was still pressing against it she turned her saber in a sharp circle to try and get his wrist with her blade as well as keep his saber pressed against hers. Luke twisted his saber out of the hold and avoided the hit to his wrist. For his counter attack, he swung the saber vertically at her waist, attempting to cut her in half.

Turning her wrists slightly she lowered the saber and blocked the slash at her waist. Next she raised the saber with his against it, using the force to help her and attempted to press his arms back with pushing her weight on him. He allowed himselfto be pushed back, still holding strong and then sent a force push at her while she was still focusing on pushing him back. The force push worked and she went flying several feet.

Leslie let out a gasp as she was grabbed from behind. A figure clamped a hand over her mouth and attempted to bind her hands with force cuffs quickly. Turning sharply, since the grip wasn't tight enough and she could move she sent a knee up at the figure's groin. The figure stepped to the side and then she saw two sabers appear out of the darkness from her spot in the training room. A light flicked on and before her, stood two females dressed in black robes that they took off and threw back. Then both charging at her, onejumped and did a fly kick towards her face while the other waited still getting closer and did a kick at her groin. Quickly stepping back and igniting her blade she swung it in a wide circle attempting to cut off both legs headed towards or at least hurt them.

The one flying at her head flew over her and her hip got slashed instead. But the one heading at her groin however stopped in mid-kick and stood, blocking the slash with her own saber. Then pushing against the smaller girl's form she let the blades sizzle as she pushed with her weight trying to get the girl to fall. Her partner came up behind Leslie and sent a slash at her shoulder blade an arm attempting to cut it off. Getting an idea Leslie ducked low.allowing herself to fall off balance and roll out of the way.

While the one pushing against her fell and the other slashing at her back ended up cutting the other ones arm off that held the saber from the force she stood and prepared herself for the fight. Little did she notice Master Ken come to the door and watch.

The girl who got her arm cut off screamed out in pain and started chanting something. The other girl lunged at Leslie, sending a slash at her chest horizontally. Leslie raised her saber and blocked the shot, this time pressing her weight forward on the girl and attempting to push her back as she started feeling anger stir in her head. The girl pushed back on Leslie and sent a force push to her before she could do anything. Falling back several feet, the room turned a deep blue tone as the girl who had been chanting made a portal appear and jumped through it. Then it closed behind her and Leslie got up and tried to clear the angry while parrying all the hits from the sith.

In Leslie's room, Marina and her brother were at it. Little did they know several other fights were going on as Marina jumped out the window and landed on the ground. Her brother followed and landed on his feet. Sending a slash at her waist while she was still down, she rolls away and kicked out with her feet at his saber in attempt to break it free from his hands. The kick was slightly off and hit his groin instead. As he doubled over in pain, she jumped up and sent a kick at his face. He grabbed her foot and attempted to twist her in the air and make her fall. As she was turned she pointed her saber directly at his body and jabbed forward with it...hoping it would hit his stomach while she fell. Seeing the saber coming in the turn he used the force to fling her against a tree.

Hitting the tree she lost her saber and got knocked out. Nero Jr. went over to her and said softly "sister dear I will not kill you..not unless you give me reason and so far this is not reason enough." Picking her form up, he checked to make sure she was still alive.

Luke ran after Teshla as she disappeared into a strange room. Using the force to help him, he saw the lights on a device come on and flicked on the lights. He was standing in a clear room, which was made of earth. In the corner was what seemed to be a lift. Jumping into the shaft he shot up a hook and wire to the top of it and pushed the button to make it go up and went up rather quickly. Getting to the platform part, he cut a hole in it with his lightsaber since it was easy to cut through. Jumping up, he saw he was in a cave. Deigniting his saber yet still holding it in his hand, he followed the tunnel.

Flipping over the sith quickly, Leslie sent a kick at the back of her head which ended up hitting the sith in front of the face and distracting her while Lesliesent a blow at her shoulder. The girl fell back and her neck got cut turning the turning of her head, but not before cutting off Leslie's foot. Falling to the ground tired out and weak, Leslie looked over to her master and saw no emotion in his face. He went over toher and smiled gently. Then picking up her form which was cut up badly from the fighting, he said "you fought well young one..I am proud of you."

As Ken walked past the door on the way to the med. area, Leslie let out a scream as she saw what was happening.

(To be continued.oh yeah I love those words.heheh)

Part 10- The Breaking Point
By: Allol Dasel

Nero Jr. sensed a dark presence coming near but couldn't place it. Turning his head to his sister he didn't notice the dark figure in the cave, for she had masked herself and was where she couldn't use the force. Teshla began prepping a spell in her head, when she saw him. Turning off the force field that hid her she released lighting at him. Nero Jr. suddenly sensing danger near by rolled to the side and the lighting hit his sister who was woken up and glared at him. Marina smirked at her master and then Teshla sent another force lighting attack at him. He dodged the lighting and ignited his lightsaber again. Seeing this Marina called hers to her and lunged at him. Using the force to aid him, he waited till her saber was about an inch from him and attempted to trip her while swinging his saber into her side and blocking the blow. Stopping the run and jumping about a foot away from him (she had faked the lunge) she sent a fly-kick at his chest. He raised hissaber up a little, seeing the fake move and attempted to cut off her leg, from the knee and down.

Marina sent a message to her master. "Now master" to which Teshla replied with An ignitation of a lightsaber and hurled it at the jedi slowly.

As he glanced at her, he could see the pain in her eyes. Little did he know that she was setting up a trap. As she closed her eyes and forced the blood to flow from the wound, she lay there, looking helpless and defenseless. He leaned over the wound and tore off some of his cloak..In attempt to stop the bleeding. She spoke in an icy voice even now as she said. "Kill me now and do what you should.jedi"

"No.I will let you live..there is hope for you turning. Our parents even said so."

"That would be a mistake" she smirked lightly as the saber came towards him.

Sensing it , he moved to the side quickly and instead the saber hit her. A bright flash was made as her body exploded on touch with the lightsaber. Then they heard the scream of Leslie from the entrance. Luke came running out just to see Marina die as well.

All was dead silent from the blast of evil energy, until Teshla, enraged by this lunged herself at her Apprentice's killer. Nero, being quick rammed her in the chest with a knee and she grabbed his knee and twisted it using sith strength. Inside she was beginning to tire but her hatred led her on. Feeling the twist, he let out a scream of pain and pushed all the pain back, sending a force push at her.

Leslie's eyes were wide for a moment then they narrowed. Even though Ken had done his best to shield her from the blast, he was weak, and the power had gotten to her. When he turned back to see the fight, no one noticed her eyes crimson now as her hands begin to sizzle with friction. Ken and Luke, sensing something looked over to her and noticed the sizzling. Ken quickly attempted to put her out for her own good but instead she gripped it from him and hit him. As he fell, so did she, but the pain didn't matter as she felt the anger grow and grow inside her...finally letting loose in a lighting blast at Nero and Teshla. Leslie couldn't control it as it spewed out of her.taking all her last energy.

The lighting headed towards them and they were so into the fight they didn't notice it as the lighting pierced into there hearts directly. As the bolts ended, Leslie collapsed and went limp fully. Ken, who had just woken up, looked at the fighting area. Luke rushed over to his side.

"Ken, you ok?"

"Yeah...fine.but Leslie aint. Nor are the others" Ken remarked moistening to the charred bodies of Nero Jr. and Teshla.

The YJK's and Tommy, who had felt the blast, ran out. The class was in pure silence as Luke pushed them all inside and Ken whispered softly "goodbye Nero and Marina", on seeing Nero's spirit leave his body and his body fade. Getting up, Ken picked up the limp body of Leslie and took her to the Med Area.

Part 11- Galaxy Sky
By: Allol Dasel

(based 11 years after the deaths of Marina ,Teshla ,Nero Jr, Tommy's parents and Diane)

"Mom can u tell me the story of Uncle Nero and Aunt Marina again?" Asked Dekina

"I have told you over 20 times go play with your brothers and sisters" Leslie Degona replied, shooing him off.

Beside her, she heard a chuckle and looked over to her husband. "Kids bugging ya about those big bad sith days again?"

"What do you Jedi boy?"

"I think they are and I think there mom needs some attention" Tommy said moving onto her lap sideways in the grass. And kissing her cheek.

Leslie grinned and tickled his sides lightly. Tommy laughed and then she kissed him back on the cheek and glanced over to their children playing in the lawn.

Behind them, several spirits came into view.hiding themselves and just listening. " you ever wonder why the kids are so interested in people they haven't seen? Leslie asked.

"Nope.You missing your family again love?"

"Yeah..cant forgive myself for killing them almost. I would have turned into Marina had no one stopped me"

"Well Ken and Luke put you through a lot of training but it paid off.besides it wasn't your was that damned Marina's"

"Damned is right.curse to the family actually. But then I have my own little curse right here existing with Nero and Nero Jr. one to many Nero's at times" Came a voice from behind them with a slight laugh.

Alarmed Tommy and Leslie turned and saw, standing behind them in the air Lena and Nero, Lenia and Toran, Nero Jr. and Tommy's parents. Leslie blinked and then smiled a bit.

"Hello darlings..just decided to see how you were holding up..and that fact that Nero here wanted to see his grand child" Lena said again.

"Hey! I wasn't the one complaining about making sure she fell in love, love" Came Nero's voice and looking between the two, Leslie couldn't tell which was father and which was son.

"Leslie.I am so glad you are not do know that right?" Said Lenia

"yes mother I know..I don't know if Jedi boy knows that though" She chuckled

Lena started laughing softly as well as Nero. Their kids looked at them. "What's so funny mom?" said Nero Jr. and Lenia at the same time.

"Oh nothing really just that Leslie got a guy the same way I got Nero"

"You mean you were like me? All mean and stuff?"

"Yep.but I guess all women in this family are like that"

"Leslie.we do forgive u, ya know.For killing your uncle. We would also like to thank you for marrying our boy and blessing him with kids" Said Tommy's mother

The talking continued for a while until soon Tommy and Leslie fell asleep in the grass, cuddled up to each other. The spirits faded away with one message left to those that were listening.

"No matter where the rose grows, there will be thorns"

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