The Cloning Crisis
By DesonB27

Garowyn sat in the smoked filled cantina sipping her bitter ale. She stared out a window at the stars remembering old times. Horrible memories filled her head as she thought about her past. She shook her head and stood up from the bar. She took out two credits and tossed them to the bartender. She turned around and walked out of the cantina relieved to get some fresh air. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. God was she tired.

She opened her eyes back up and walked slowly towards docking bay 57. She walked past closed shops and beggers . A couple times she would stop and toss a credit to one the poor people, then she would move on without a word.

Garowyn finally got to docking bay 57 and she opened the door and walks to her beat up ship. The New Chance. She looked at her ship in pride. True it was always breaking down and needing repairs but for some reason she always loved it. Maybe it was because Shuwalkie, her wookie friend gave it to her. She quickly walk to the ship, pressed the security code, and walked up the ramp. She closed the ramp after she entered and walked to the small bedroom in the back. It wasn’t actually a bed room. It was more like a hammock and some crates she stored her stuff in. She walked into the room, discarded her lizard hide armor, and climbed into the hammock. She pulled the covers over her and closed her eyes.

Garowyn gasped as she felt her foot slip from the tree branch. She tried to grab onto something but there was nothing. She fell backwards and hit her head hard against the tree branch then felt her self fall of the branch down to the ground of Kashyyyk. She closed her eyes and tried to use the force to lift her but her mind was to tired and wanted to fall asleep. She knew it was the affect from hitting her head. She frowned and felt a tear fall from her eyes. She was going to die. She knew it, nothing could save her know. She opened her eyes and saw that she was getting closer to the ground. In a couple minutes she would hit it. If the fall didn’t kill her, the horrible animals would. She cursed the jedi brats for doing this to her. That’s when she realized something. She had brought this on her self. She shook her head and said one thing before she closed her eyes. " I love you Deson." She then closed her eyes and let her mind go to sleep. Before the darkness surrounded her she heard a wookie call near by and she felt a heavy hand grab her. She opened her eyes to find herself swinging through the air with a wookie.

Garowyn woke up gasping for air. She wiped the sweat off her face and got out of her hammock. She hated when she dreamed about her past. She grabbed the lizard hide armor from the ground and put it back on. Garowyn walked to the small refresher and started to braid her light brown hair. It took her only a few minutes before she was done. She took one last look at herself in the mirror then walked out of her ship hoping to find some new business.


Deson felt another round of blast from the enemies ship laser cannon hit his shields as he tried desperately to out maneuver the pirates ship. He looked back down at the hyperspace controls and cursed when he saw them still adding up. He wasn’t going to last much longer out here. His radio crackled then he heard the same message he had got earlier. " Space vessel, like I said before, stop your vehicle and turn over your cargo."

Deson looked at the radio and pressed a button. " And like I said before. You can take my cargo when you take it from my dead hands!" Deson screamed into the radio. The pirates responded with another round of blast. Deson’s shields were down to 32%. Deson let out a string of curses then sent his ship into a roll barely missing more blasts. He straitened the ship back up and then flew towards a passing comet at full speed. He felt his pursuers laser blasts hit his shields knocking them down to 7%. Deson hoped he would get to the comet before the pirates managed to destroy his ship. He wiped the sweat off his head, then he looked back down at the hyperspace controls. Still adding. "I really need a faster hyperdrive," Deson mumbled as he pushed his ship to the left missing some more blaster fire. Nope he wasn’t going to last long out here.

Deson stared at the near comet as he got closer to it. He felt a blast knock his rear shields to 1%. He bit his lip as he dodged some blast knowing he had to get to that comet.

Deson turned his ship to the left some more and sped right into the comets tail. Deson dodged chunks of ice and rocks the best he could. Deson smiled knowing he had escaped the pirates. The smile quickly faded when a blast barely missed him and hit the chunk of ice in front of him. The pirates had followed him in. Deson looked around for a second then turned his ship to the right and headed towards a huge piece of ice. He knew this was his only chance. Deson fired his lasers and blew a hole into the ice block. He sped his ship up and flew right into it barely making it. Deson turned his ship left in right trying to not hit the ice walls of the ice block. Finally the cave came to a dead end. Deson screamed as he got closer Suddenly his ship crashed through the thin layer of ice and into space. He had made it through the tail. Deson heard the beeping of the hyperdrive. He grabbed the lever quickly then pulled it back and entered hyperspace.


Jacen sat on a cliff staring down at the beautiful jungle of Yavin Four. He felt millions of species all around him. In the grass and in the trees. They were all over the place. Jacen sighed and laid back on the rocky terrain. He looked up at the beautiful blue sky and closed his eyes.

Ever since he escaped from Kia B27 two months ago he had been doing all right. He and his friends had been knighted already and Lusa and Raynar was about to have there wedding. Yes, everything was perfect. Until two days ago.

That’s when Jacen started to remember everything he had done with Kia. He remembered how angry he felt. He remembered how evil he was. And the scary thing is that he remembered how it felt to be evil. He loved it.

Jacen opened his eye quickly and sat straight up. He took in a deep breath and stood up. He was not going to let himself fall to the darkside. He was not going to become his grandfather.

Jacen took one finally glance at the jungles below then started back towards the temple. He had to meet Tenel Ka for lunch. Jacen walked slowly through the jungle staring at all the plants and animals. He smiled softly.

" I control you Jacen, You are still my puppet," A voice from behind Jacen said. Jacen swore he heard that voice before but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Jacen twirled around looking for the person. He didn’t find anyone. He looked into the deep jungle. " Hey who’s here?" He called out into the dark jungle. Silence.

Jacen took one last glance around then turned around and walked slowly towards the temple. As Jacen got closer to the temple he could have swore he felt someone’s presence right behind him. He kept looking behind him but he didn’t see anyone. Suddenly Jacen heard a battle cry then he felt something wrap around his feet. He fell to the floor and hit it hard. Jacen shook his head and smiled. " Tenel Ka you freaked me out!" He yelled still staring at the dirt.

" Guess what sweaty it ain’t Tenel Ka, It’s Kia," He heard the same voice say from behind him. Jacen struggled to get up but something was holding him down. He opened his mouth to say something but it was like something was covering his mouth.

" No don’t talk, just listen Jacen my dear." The voice said in a harsh tone. " You, Zekk, and Deson thought you kill me but I warn you I have returned to have my revenge."

Jacen struggle some more. Suddenly he heard a snap-his of a lightsaber then he felt something against his neck. " You have been warned."

Suddenly everywhere around Jacen shattered like it was glass and he woke up on the cliffs laying on the rocky terrain. He had fallen asleep. Jacen quickly got up and spun around looking for Kia. She wasn’t there, it was nothing more then a dream. Or was it. Jacen mumbled some rodian curses under his breath then took off running towards the temple at full speed.


Jaina laid under her new ship, The Century Falcon, making repairs. She loved working on her new ship. She always kept it clean and working. She had got for a gift for her father. It was almost identical to the Millennium Falcon but was alittle bit faster. He dad still said he could beat her in a race.

Jaina smiled slightly as she replaced a cyberfuze on the Century Falcon that did not need replaced. She finished with the cyberfuze and then checked it out. It was perfect. Just like always.

Suddenly Jaina felt someone grab her feet and pull her from under her ship. She let out a scream of terror and kicked wildly. " Hey! That hurt," She heard a familiar voice say. Jaina stops kicking and quickly got from under her ship. She smiled and yelled. " Deson!" Then she gave him a tight hug.

" Hey know I can’t breath!" Deson said with a goofy smile on his face. Jaina pushed away and stared at Deson. He still looked like the same old Deson. Only with longer hair. He was a little taller then the last time she seen him but he still looked like someone you dragged out of a jungle.

" Deson what brings you to Coruscant?" Jaina said as she put her hands on her hips and stared at him. He shrugged. " I just got enough money to buy a bigger ship here," He said as he looked past her and looked at her ship. " And talking about knew ships when did you get this beauty?"

Jaina grinned and happily bragged about how her dad gave it to her and how her ship could beat anyone in the New Republic.

Deson shook his head. " Sorry to say Jaina but this knew ship I’m getting could run circles around that thing!" He said smiling his goofy grin. Jaina raised a eyebrow. " What happened to the Jedi’s Echo?" She asked as she took out a white rag and started to wipe off her hands.

" Well I’m still going to keep the Echo but I need a faster and bigger ship for smuggling missions." He said. Jaina raised a eyebrow. " Will aren’t we the Han Solo of the next generation?" She asked. Deson chuckled then looked at the crono on his wrist. " Hey you want to get a bite to eat?"

Jaina smiled and nodded her head. " Sure."


Zekk sat at the long table surrounded by the top generals in the New Republic. He didn’t know why he was here he just woke up and found a message from them telling him to arrive in the meeting room at twelve.

So there Zekk was sitting in a chair listening to the generals speak on and on. After the first couple of minutes of the meeting Zekk figured out that the generals were worried about the number of attacks by pirates that had occurred lately. A couple of times he wanted to make a suggestion but before he could say something they would go on. Finally Zekk stood and cleared his throat loudly. Everyone looked up at him. Zekk straitened his shirt then spoke. " Excuse me generals, I was just wondering why I am here, I’ve been sitting here for most of the day and I haven’t been called on yet."

The generals all looked at Admiral Ackbar. Ackbar turned his fishy head towards Zekk then gestured for him to be seated. Zekk sat down quickly and waited for the generals response. " Zekk, We need inside men on this mission. The pirates are starting to hire bounty hunters and smugglers for soldiers. We need good men we can trust. We want you, " He said.

Zekk raised a eyebrow and said. " Admiral We have thousands of spy’s out there couldn’t you ask one of them?"

Ackbar shook his head and frowned. " The last four men that tried to sneak in were killed before they even got onto the main ship. We know that you used to be bounty hunter. You would be the perfect man for the job."

Zekk stood back up. " Sir I was a bounty hunter only for a couple months and that was about four years ago." Zekk debated. How could they think he could slip in because he was a bounty hunter 4 years ago.

Ackbar cleared his throat then nodded his fishy head again. " We are aware of that but Zekk… Only your friends and the top generals here know about you quieting, No one else knows. You would be a good man for one of the men I’m sending in."

Zekk gave a confused look to Admiral Ackbar. " How many people are you going to send?" He asked. Ackbar looked around at the table of generals then looked back at Zekk. " You and one more, Jedi Master Skywalker suggested him… He’s been a smuggler for two months and many people know him," Ackbar said.

Zekk closed his eyes and cursed under his breath. " It’s Deson isn’t it?"

He opened his eyes and looked back at Ackbar. He shook his head. " Yes, you will be teaming up with a young smuggler called Deson B27."


Jaina walked into a smoking cantina with Deson giggling. Deson had just told her about the time he had flown his ship through a comets tail.

" Deson you the most craziest pilot I know. You would fit right in with the Rogue Squadron!" Jaina said as Deson led he to a table.

They both sat down in the old looking chairs and grabbed the small menus. Deson looked up at Jaina and smiled when he saw he expression on her face as she read the menu. " You not used to eating with the scavenger group?" He asked still smiling. She looked up with a confused look on her face. " May I ask what is a Rodian Lizard steak?"

Deson chuckled then leaned back in his chair waiting for the waitress.

" Well it’s a lizard that comes from Rodiania. They’re pretty good… maybe a little to hot for a spoiled rich girl like you," Deson said with a little sarcasm in his voice. Jaina gave him a smirk then he felt someone kick him from under the table. " Hey if you can eat it I can!" She said. Deson shrugged. " Suites yourself."

A waitress in a skimpy dress finally got to there table. " Welcome to The Glowing Hawkbat , were you can get good food for a low price." The waitress said in a duel voice. " What can I get you two?"

Deson smiled and laid his menu down. " Well sweetheart We’ll both have the Rodian Lizard hide." He said trying his best to flirt with her. The waitress looked down at him and gave him a weak smile. " Oh great another smuggler trying to score with me!" She then winked at him and asked.

" Anything to drink?"

Deson looked at Jaina and smiled. " We’ll take the strongest stuff you got." He saw Jaina straiten up in her seat but then she relaxed. The waitress looked at Jaina and then back to him. " It’ll be done in 15 minutes."

Deson smiled and nodded his head. " Thanks sweetheart."

The waitress rolled her eyes, turned around, and walked away. Deson looked back a Jaina and smiled. " You might be right. I am turning into the Han Solo of this generation."

Jaina rolled her eyes then smiled at him. " All you need to do is save the New Republic from being destroyed."

Deson shrugged and said. " I could do that with my eyes close."

Jaina stared at him for a second then shook her head slowly. " I don’t know where you get you fantasies Laser Brain." She said as she got up from the table. " And if you will excuse me I have to use the little smugglers room." Then she walked away.

Deson sat there for a minute just smiling. Jaina had not lost her spunk. He was about to go to the bar and ask what was taking so long for there drinks when a tall young man walked up to him. " Are you Deson B27?" He asked in a squeaky voice. Deson nodded his head and smiled. " Yea that’s me, Why? You need a smuggler?"

The tall man shook his head slowly. " No… We want you in a group… A very powerful group, The pays good." He said softly trying not let anyone around him hear him. Deson raised his hands and shook his head. " Oh No, Sorry pal, I don’t join groups. I work alone!" Deson said smiling. " But thanks for asking.

The man stared at him for a minute then drew his blaster in a matter of seconds. " Oh I insist you come with me!" The man hissed. Deson smiled and shook his head. " And I suggest you sit down." Suddenly bar stool from acrossed the cantina flew through the air and smacked the man right in the feet tripping him. Before the man fell he got off a shot. It barely missed Deson, but the alien behind him wasn’t so lucky. It hit the huge blue skinned creature right in the leg. The alien bellowed in pain and fell to the floor. Before Deson could draw his blaster the man on the floor was surrounded by men holding blasters. Finally one man with red hair yelled. " That was my co-pilot you just shot! Know you die!" The guy with red hair raised his blaster and pointed it down. He never got to pull the trigger. A blaster bolt struck the man right in the head. Deson twirled around to find about 20 men wearing strange robes. That’s when the violence erupted. People were ducking behind tables firing at the men in robes. It was a all out war. And Deson and Jaina was stuck in the middle of it. " Crap I just wanted a nice dinner with Jaina and I get a war." Deson cursed as he pushed his table over and ducked behind him. " This is just great!"


Garowyn walked slowly towards her favorite cantina, The Glowing Hawkbat. Half of her wanted her to go back to sleep but she knew she would probably have more nightmares. Plus she needed to get some work to pay for the repairs she had just got on her ship.

As she approached the cantina she heard some commotion from inside. ‘Probably another bar fight,’ She thought to herself. She smiled slowly.

‘ Well, I wonder who started it?"

Garowyn picked up the pace and walked towards the cantina. Maybe if she hurried she would get there in time to watch the end of the fight. When she got to the door she quickly walked through and barely moved out of the way before a blaster bolt hit her.

Garowyn quickly grabbed her two blasters at her sides and pulled them out of there holsters. She aimed at the man that had shot at her and fired. She struck him in the chest sending him down to the floor.

Garowyn ran quickly to a table and pushed it over, then she got behind it. What the hell was going on?

She looked to her left and saw one of the smugglers she usually saw here at this time. " Hay Mac, What the hell is going on here?" She yelled at him. Mac looked over at her and told her what him.

" And then this kid said I suggest you take a seat and a stool floated up and was thrown into this guys knee-" Suddenly a blaster bolt shut Mac up for good. Mac fell forward and laid there not moving.

Garowyn let out a shriek of anger and stood up and fired at two robed men. They both went down in seconds. She ducked back behind the table trying not to inhale the smell from Mac’s smoking body.

Suddenly she saw something from the corner of her eye. She turned her head quickly and found her self staring at her ex-boyfriend leaping over the bar barely missing a round of blaster shots. She couldn’t believe it. Deson was still alive.

She quickly got up and ran towards the bar. Blaster bolts hit the wall behind her as she ran. She kicked off the floor and did a flip behind the bar. She landed in a crouch right near Deson. Deson turned and pushed a blaster against her forehead. He then saw who it was.

" Garowyn? You’re alive?" He barely manage to sputter out. She stared at him and nodded. " Yea I’m still alive but we won’t be soon. Lets get the hell out of here!"

" No, Jaina still here! I need to find her." Deson yelled as stood up and fired another round of blaster bolts. ‘ Who’s Jaina? Deson’s new girl?’ She thought as she stood up and fired. Deson looked at her and shook his head.

" Didn’t mean to read your thoughts but Jaina is a friend and the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia!" Deson yelled. She could barely hear him because of the blaster fire. And that’s when she smelled something. She knew that smell. It was from a chemical that knocked people out. She grabbed Deson’s hand and tried to drag him to the door but it was to late. She was surround by darkness and she fell unconscious.


Zekk walked slowly down the hall thinking about what just happen. He still couldn’t believe that the New Republic was going to send him to spy on pirates just because he was a bounty hunter for a month or two. He grumbled a few curses. The worst part of the mission was that he had to be with Deson. He knew that Deson was a good guy still but ever time he saw him he reminded him of his past. Zekk didn’t like this.

" Zekk! Hold on!" A voice from behind him yelled. Zekk turned around and saw Admiral Ackbar running towards him. Zekk waited for Ackbar to catch up.

" Zekk I didn’t tell you everything about the mission." Ackbar said when he got to Zekk. Zekk raised an eyebrow. " What didn’t you tell me sir?" Zekk asked in a confused voice. Ackbar looked around for a second then leaned close to Zekk. " What I didn’t tell you is that one of a spy’s did get into the group." He whispered into Zekk’s ears.

Zekk crossed his arms acrossed his chest. " What do you mean? Who is the person?" He asked. Ackbar looked around again and then said. " Lets just say Lando suggested her and that she is off spice."

Zekk smiled slowly. He knew who Ackbar was talking about. It was Anja.

" Know Zekk you have to meet up with her when you are in." Ackbar said before he turned around and started to turn around. " Hey Ackbar why didn’t you tell me that during the meeting." Zekk yelled. Ackbar turned around and gave him a smile. " You and me are the only ones that know about it and I plan to keep it that way."


Deson woke up slowly with the worst headache he had ever had. He staggered to his feet holding his pounding head. Stars! What the heck did he drink last night? Deson opened his eyes and looked around. He wasn’t in his ship. This place was ten times better then his room in his ship. It had fine furniture and everything. Suddenly he heard a groan behind him.

He quickly turned around reaching for his blaster but found that it was not there. He walked slowly towards the bed. There was someone in it. He grabbed the silk cover and slowly pulled them down. Brown hair was under the covers. Oh shit please say it ain’t her Deson thought as he pulled the covers all the way down. When Garowyn face appeared Deson let out a sigh of relief. Deson was about to ask himself how she got here and how she could still be alive when he remember the attack in the cantina.

Deson gently touched Garowyn cheek and said softly " Wake up."

Garowyn stirred alittle then slowly opened her eyes. Deson smiled down at her. " Well, good morning."

She stared at him. " What happened? Where are we?" She asked in a weak voice. Deson shrugged. " I think we were captured by the people at the cantina." He said still looking into her eyes.

Garowyn closed her eyes again and groaned. " I feel like the force is not with me… It makes me feel sick."

Deson smiled and said. " They have those ysalamiri up, You know what those are?"

Garowyn nodded slowly and then pulled the covers off her and steped out of bed. Deson helped her to her feet. Deson noticed that she was wearing a black robe. He also noticed that he was too.

Suddenly the door opened behind him. Garowyn and him turned quickly and stared at the person in the door way. It was a teenage boy about his age. The teenager walked into the room did a slight bow and then said. " Sir, I’m glad to see that you are awake. Miss Kia would like to speak with you. You can bring your mate with you."

Deson stared at the teenager for a second then asked. " What do you want with us? Why are we prisoners?"

The boy stared at him for a moment. Finally he spoke. " Sir you are not a prisoner. You and Kia are the boss of this group."

Garowyn and Deson exchanged glances and then looked back at the boy. " Um… Wait for us outside… we need to get dressed." Deson finally said. The boy nodded and stepped out of the room.

" What are we going to do?" Garowyn asked with a little fear in her voice. Deson looked back at her and shrugged. " Get dressed and get ready to meet a ghost.


The Cloning Crisis
By DesonB27

P.S. I dedicate this story to a friend of mine that is fighting cancer. Christian Shibley, hang tough!

Tenel Ka sat on the soft sheet waiting for Jacen to arrive. They both had promised to meet each other near the waterfalls for a romantic lunch. Everything was there. The food. The drinks. Tenel Ka. But the only thing that wasn't there was her boyfriend, Jacen Solo.

She remembered seeing him walking into the jungle earlier that day but that was about 6 hours ago. He couldn't still be in there... could he?

What if he fell and broke his leg? What if he was attacked by an animal. What if a other jedi trainee stole him away from her.

That last idea made her chuckle softly. She knew Jacen would never leave her for another women. He knew that she would beat the living sith out of the girl if he did.

Tenel Ka sighed and leaned back tiredly. Where the hell was Jacen? Tenel Ka closed her eyes and sighed. Jacen could be so unpredictable at times. That was probably why she liked him.

" Hey you looking for me." She heard a familiar voice say from behind her. Tenel Ka opened her eyes, sat straight up, and turned around to find Jacen grinning at her. " Sorry I'm late... I guess I fell asleep in the jungle." Jacen said as he kneel down beside her and kissed her. " How are you?"

Tenel Ka returned the kiss and smiled at him. " I am fine. What about you?"

Jacen shrugged and sat down on the sheet and grabbed some grapes in front of him. " I'm okay," He said before he stuffed the grapes into his mouth. Tenel Ka could tell he was hiding something. He had been trying to hide something from her for the last week.

" Jacen are you sure?" She asked in a worried tone.

Jacen looked up at her smiling his famous solo smile. " I think I would know if I was fine or not." He said as he grabbed some more fruit and ate it.

" Jacen I know something's wrong," Tenel Ka said. " Now will you please tell me what's wrong.?" She stared at Jacen.

Their eyes met.

" Tenel Ka I told you I was fine." Jacen said with a bit of anger in his voice. " Now get off my case!"

Tenel Ka stared at him surprised. " Jacen, what ever is bothering you maybe I can help." She suggested. Suddenly Jacen exploded with rage.

" Listen to me! I don't need any damn advice from a ice princess like you! I don't need anyone's help!" Jacen said as he stood up. Tenel Ka started to speak but Jacen kicked over a jar that was holding fruit and sent it flying. " Kia was twice the women you were!" He said.

Their eyes met again

Finally he turned and started to walk away but suddenly something happened. He fell to his kneels and scream in pain. Tenel Ka leaped up to her feet and ran to him.

" Get out of my head!" Jacen screamed. " Get out of my head!"


Zekk walked into the medical bay with a worried look on his face. He had just come home from the meeting when he got the message that Jaina was hurt. The message had said that she was poisoned by some kind of knock out gas. Zekk shook his head.

He quickly scanned the area searching for Jaina. Finally he saw her. He quickly ran to the bed she was sitting up in. " Jaina, are you okay? I heard what happened!" Zekk said in a worried voice. Jaina looked at him and smiled weakly. " Zekk, I feel sick,"

Zekk smiled and wrapped his arms around her. " You'll be fine, Jaina, you just inhaled some bad gases."

He felt Jaina lay her head on his shoulder and her arms wrap around him. They sat like that for a moment just holding each other. Suddenly Jaina pushed away.

Zekk looked at her concerned " Jaina? What's wrong?"

Jaina looked at him with a worried look on her face. " Is Deson fine?" She asked.

Zekk stared at her not knowing what to think. Was Deson with her? " Deson was with you?" He asked.

Jaina nodded her head. " Yea, that's the reason I was down there! So where is Deson?" She asked. Zekk looked around and quickly grabbed a passing droid. " Is there a Deson B27 anywhere here?" He asked quickly. The droid took a moment and then responded in a metallic voice. " I am sorry sir, Maybe he didn't give us a name please describe him."

Zekk let out a frustrated sigh and then described Deson. The droid uploaded the information. After a couple seconds the droid shook its head piece. " I'm sorry sir. No one matching that description is here."

Zekk looked at Jaina and told her to wait there for a moment then he ran off towards a communication screen. He punched in Admiral Ackbar's code and in a couple seconds the Admiral answered. " Yes Zekk, Is there something you need?" He asked.

Zekk shook his head. " It's Deson, I think he's been kidnapped."

Deson followed the guide through the twisting halls with Garowyn at his side. He still wasn't sure what was going on. What did he mean by HE and Kia was the boss. If this was the same Kia he knew a couple months ago she wouldn't have even let him share the same oxygen. Deson didn't like what was happening. He didn't like it at all. He glanced over at Garowyn and tried to put on a smile. " I guys we'll be eating fancy." She looked at him and just nodded her head slowly. He could tell she still felt drained of the force.

Deson looked at her and studied the long black dress she was wearing. They had found it in the closet in there room. He did have to admit that it was beautiful. If this was really Kia she had really soften up a bit since the last time he saw her.

" In here, sir," There guide said as he stepped to the side of the door and opened it. Deson nodded his head and put on his most serious look on his face. " Show time," He whispered to Garowyn and then he walked in.

The walls of the room were gold and were decorated by pictures of planets. The room had dark red carpet and had a chandelier. There was a long table was in the middle of the room. Many people sat around it eating. Deson looked down at the table and locked eyes with someone.

" Kia," He said bitterly. Kia sat in her seat smiling at him. She held a piece of bread in her hand. Deson took a couple steps forward and put his hands on the table. He leaned against it and stared into Kia's eyes. " Last time I saw you, You had just become a holy person," Deson joked. A picture of Kia laying on the dirt with a hole in her stomach flashed through his memory. Kia stood up, laid her bread down on a plate, and looked at him confused.

" Kia B27 became religious? How wonderful and here I thought that she had became an assassin for the empire." Kia said as she started to walk towards him. Deson stared at her confused.

" That was a joke, I was referring to when a blew a hole right into your large intestine." Deson remark angrily. He didn't know what Kia was trying to pull but he was not going to fall for it.

Kia stopped in mid-step and stared at him. " Deson, My information told me you were a honest, good man." Kia shook her head. " He has become just like his father, Damn, another one."

Deson pointed a finger at his chest. " Me! You're the one that tried to kill innocent children and grownups at the Jedi Academy! I killed you to stop you from becoming the Emperor!"

Kia stared at him for a second with a blank stare on her face. Finally she smiled widely and walked up to him quickly. " Deson, I'm not the Kia you knew! I'm Kia B26... The project before yours." She said gently. Deson stared at her not knowing what to say. Finally he spoke. " Show me you service numbers."

Kia quickly shot up her hand and pulled back the sleeves on her shirt revealing the numbers tattooed around her wrist.

Deson grabbed her hand and studied them. He stared at it for a couple minutes even after he read it. This was Kia B26. He looked back at her and then towards Garowyn. He saw Garowyn leaning against the door holding her stomach.

He had forgotten all about her. Kia must have seen her too because she ordered a guard to help Garowyn to a seat.

Deson looked around the room staring at all the people still trying not to make eye contact with Kia. Could this Kia be like him? Someone that didn't want to destroy life? He didn't know.

Deson looked at Kia and then walked to a chair and took a seat right next to Garowyn. " You were created out of the same genetic code then Kia, how do I know you're not like her?" Deson asked as he leaned back in the chair.

Kia smiled, walked to her seat acrossed from him, and sat down. " That's not exactly true. Unlike Kia and you, I didn't have Luke Skywalker blood sample. I had another father instead and I had two mother." Kia said as she buttered a piece of bread.

" Father 29 was named Mace Windu and Mother 2 was named Katrina Kies."

Deson straightened in his seat and then leaned against the table. " I see, was that the reason you were defective?" He asked as he filled his glass with juice. Kia was about to answer when someone behind him spoke. " The Emperor wanted the impossible. He wanted an assassin with no emotion. The closes he ever got to that was the B27 project." The voice said. Deson leaped up and twirled around. He knew that voice. He had heard it before. He had heard it ever day. It was his voice and the person in front of him was himself. " Deson B26," Deson said. B26 looked at him and smiled. " Deson B27, how glad it is to have you in are loving family," B26 said.


Jacen sat in the dark room. He felt ropes slowly wrapped around him. He tried to kick away but he couldn't do it for some reason.

Pity... We made such a wonderful couple Jacen. You and me. Two strangers in love.

Jacen heard the voice say all around him. What was going on? " Why have you taken me from the Jedi Academy?" He asked still trying to get his body to move.

Your body is still at the academy. Your mind is trapped in the dark part of your mind.

The voice echoed loudly. Jacen looked around angrily.

" Who the hell is doing this?" He yelled. There was a quick flash of light. After the flash was over Jacen found himself standing in Yavin Fours Jungle. He looked around and found that he could walk again.

Jacen, Darling. This is were we met. It was love at first sight when I saw you chasing Deson through the jungle.

Suddenly the bushes infront of him rattled and Deson came running out. Jacen was expecting Deson to crash right into him but Deson went right through him. " What the hell!" Jacen yelled as he looked at his body. Suddenly another figure bursted out of the bushes. It was himself.

Jacen watched as the other Jacen ran after Deson. Jacen quickly started running after the figure.

In your mind I will make us relive the past and I'll change it. The jedi academy will fall, Deson will die, and I will rule the universe.

Jacen heard the voice echo all around him. " Shut up!" Jacen yelled angrily. What the hell was happening. Was this really Kia doing this to him or was he just going insane? He didn't know but he was going to find out.

Jacen quickly ran trying to catch up with himself and Deson. When he finally caught up to them he found that the illusion of him was hanging in a net from a tree. " Nice job Jedi!" Deson yelled to the person. The illusion if himself reached for his lightsaber but found it wasn't there. Deson kneeled down and picked up the lightsaber. " Jacen, I'm sorry but I can't let you find out where we live" Deson said. Suddenly all around him people came walking out of the bushes. They were storm troopers. A older man walked to the Deson and patted him on the back. " Deson, We've been looking for you. I see you caught a Rebel.... Interesting."

Jacen watched as Deson and the older man talked. After a minute they stunned the illusion of him and started to drag him away.

In life there is very few second chances. I am proud to know that me and you get another chance. Remember Jacen, You are a puppet to me. Nothing but a theater to help me run my show. I control your body and mind.

Jacen looked around and let out a scream of pain. He realized he was slipping. Slipping into his own growing insanity.


Zekk sat at the control in his ship the Lightning Rod. He stared out into hyperspace as he leaned back in his chair. He still felt pretty bad for leaving Jaina without telling her. Well, he had left a note for her but still he felt like crap about it.

Zekk didn't really want to go on this mission. He was supposed to go with Deson but Deson vanished. Zekk thought since Deson was gone that the mission would be canceled. He was wrong. He still had to go on the suicide mission but alone.

But on the brighter side he got to see Anja. " Yippee," Zekk mumbled under his breath. The last time he saw Anja she tried to steal him away from Jaina.

` Shut up and stop complaining!' his mind told him. Zekk sighed and leaned back in his seat. Maybe he should stop complaining. It wasn't going to help.

He quickly leaned his seat back and laid down. Maybe he could get alittle shut eye. He closed his eye's and tried to sleep.


Deson sat at the table next to Garowyn staring at Kia. She had just got telling him about the crew or should he say clones?

" So you're telling me that everyone here is a clone and are ... programmed to listen to every word I say?" Deson asked as he lifted up his glass of juice. He looked at Kia as he sipped it.

Kia smiled and nodded her head. " Yes, they were created just before the Empire fell, I found them a year ago, and I reactivated them,"

Deson looked at Garowyn and saw that she was confused.

" How can you make a person do that?" She asked curiously. Deson looked back at Kia.

" Everyone has to obey something there body tells them. A baby has to obey it's lungs. When you touch something you're nerves automaticly tell you what feel. The Empire adjusted these clones genes and made it so that they would have to obey us," Deson B26 said. " They can't harm us, we control them."

" So basically, they're drones, right?" Deson asked. Kia shook her head and swallowed the juice she was drinking. " No, they have emotions, they have a life, they are like you and me." She said. "They just can't disobey us or harm us."

Deson shook his head. " I see, how many clones are their?" He asked. Kia looked at Deson B26 and then back to him.

" Nine thousand."

Deson and Garowyn gasped. They looked at each other. Deson looked back at Kia. " This is a ship, I know that, but what kind of ship can hold 9,000 clones?" He asked already knowing the answer. Kia leaned forward in her chair and smiled. " A Death Star."

The Cloning Crisis
By DesonB27

Zekk had left her. He had left Jaina to deal with the shock by herself. She had arrived back home tired as hell when she found the letter. It was from Zekk telling her that something important had come up. She knew that he must have been called off by a mission.

Jaina could understand that. She didn't need him then but five minutes after she found the letter she got a message from Yavin Four. It was from Tenel Ka. She said that something was wrong with Jacen.

" He told me that I wasn't even half the women Kia was and then he collapsed!" Tenel Ka said as she cried. It was an odd sight. She had never seen Tenel Ka cry before.

" Jacen wouldn't say that! Something was making him say that! We all know that he loves you!" Jaina said as she thought of what could have caused Jacen to say such a thing. Tenel Ka wiped another tear away from her eye and looked at Jaina.

" Do you think…. Kia could be doing this? Some kind of revenge beyond the grave? One of his last words he said to me was Kia," Tenel Ka asked. Jaina leaned back in her seat and thought.

" It could be, Kia and Deson were taught some Sith powers when they were young I think. She might have done something before she died," She said. Tenel Ka looked away from the screen and then back at Jaina. " Then only one man can help Jacen."

Jaina nodded her head. " Deson might know what Kia is doing."

Tenel Ka smiled for the first time that conversation. " Great! You know how to contact-" she froze when she caught the frown on Jaina's face.

" What's wrong?" Tenel Ka asked in a worried tone. Jaina let out a heavy sigh and cursed loudly. She looked at Tenel Ka. " Deson was kidnapped! I don't know where he is!" Jaina said. Tenel Ka's face on the screen turned pale. " What?" She asked.

Jaina told her what happened and saw Tenel Ka's face grow paler and paler. " So what know?" Tenel Ka asked. Jaina stared at the screen for a moment then she got an idea. " I'll go look for him," She said still not sure if she would find him. Tenel Ka stared at her for a second and was about to say something but stopped. She looked at Jaina and nodded her head. " I'll keep my eyes open for anything that will help Jacen, you just find Deson."

Jaina nodded her head and said her final goodbye and then shut off the communicator. She stood up and went into her room getting ready to pack. Finding Deson was going to be tricky but Jaina was up for the challenge.


Zekk walked slowly into the smoked filled cantina trying to put on his most toughest look. After his long journey through space he had figured out by some old friends and the force that he could find someone here that could help him get into the organization. The person he was looking for was a man that went by the name Faloose Gabbist. Zekk had done some research on the man. The man was a con-man. He was also suspect in a few murders.

Zekk knew he had better be careful. He knew this mission was important to the New Republic. He didn't want to screw it up. He was a Jedi Knight now. He should be able to handle the mission.

Zekk's green eyes finally adjusted to the dim light and he walked further into the cantina. He stopped for a minute to check out his surroundings. All the tables were full. Most of the men in them were laughing drunk as hell. Zekk ignored them. He was looking for the men Faloose would have hidden just in case he got in trouble.

Zekk spotted them. He could tell that the men sitting at one of the front tables were his men. They all sat up straight not touching there drinks. Zekk knew if these were normal guys they would be sucking back on the Corillian Whiskey that they had in there glasses.

Zekk looked around some more. He spotted two more of Faloose's bodyguards. These two women. They were players in the band. They never took there eye's off the man Zekk assumed was Faloose. There was one more guard of Faloose that was sitting at the bar watching the entrance. The man never took his eyes off the entrance.

Shit, this guy has heavy reinforcements! Zekk thought as he made his way to the table were he thought Faloose was. He walked past it only making a second of eye contact. He then sat down at the table directly behind the man. All he needed know is to gain Faloose's trust.

Zekk waited for a minute and then he saw his chance. A rather large wookie was walking along with a female with blonde hair. She also wore a uniform Zekk knew about. It was the Blonde Hawks uniform.

The Blonde Hawks were a tough gang made of women of all species. Zekk knew that they would be the perfect way to get some trouble started.

As soon as the female with blonde hair walked by Faloose's table, Zekk used the force to pinch her behind. The women stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around. She glared daggers at Faloose. Zekk used the force to enhance his hearing.

" Hey baby, you looking for a customer?" Faloose said to the women glaring at him. The women didn't say anything to him. The only thing she did is bring back her fist and send it into his face. That was the start of the brawl.

Men and women from Faloose's force ran towards the attacker but were stopped by some gang members from the Blonde Hawks. Zekk smiled slowly and stood up. He backed up into the wall and waited . He needed to save Faloose or something along those lines. Suddenly Zekk saw his chance.

A female wookie grabbed Faloose and lifted him off the ground by his neck. Zekk grabbed his blaster and from his belt and fired a blast into the creature's leg. The wookie dropped Faloose and fell to the ground screaming. Zekk ran to Faloose and grabbed his shoulder.

" You okay?" He asked in a rough tone. Faloose stared at him for a moment and then nodded. " I owe you one," He said. Zekk nodded his head. " No, you owe me 100 credits!"

Faloose was about to say something when sirens filled the air. Faloose let out a yell telling all his men to retreat. He then looked back at Zekk. " Come this way, if you want credits, I might be able to get you more then 100." Faloose said as he and Zekk turned and bolted out the door. Behind Zekk he heard everyone doing the same.


Jacen huddled in the corner of Tenel Ka's room staring at the four dark Jedi's raping her. Tears fell from his eyes. Tenel Ka's screams sounded so real. She was screaming his name for help.

Jacen couldn't even lift a finger! He was trapped in this land of illusions. He wasn't able to hurt anyone. No one was able to hurt him. He closed his eyes and slowly whispered a verse over and over.

" This is not real. This is not real. This is not real. This is not real." The words poured out of his mouth quickly and quietly. He was scared. He was helpless. And he was hearing Tenel Ka in pain.

" Jacen! Help… me.." He heard Tenel Ka say from behind him. Jacen looked behind him at the men harming and defiling Tenel Ka. They were laughing!

Jacen felt anger rise in him. He stood up and walked to the first one. His fist swung quickly and they disappeared in and out of the mans face. The man didn't even flinch.

Another scream from Tenel Ka made his rage rise. " GET OFF HER!" He screamed loudly as he threw his leg into the mans stomach. Still nothing happened.

Jacen fell onto the floor holding his head. This wasn't real! He shouldn't be scared. He shouldn't be angry. He shouldn't fall into the darkside. This wasn't real!

Suddenly a figure walked into the room. It was him. Jacen walked into the room holding a lightsaber. He brought it back and with one swing he cut the four darksiders apart.

Jacen felt a second of pride wash over him. Maybe this illusion of himself was going to help Tenel Ka. The pride quickly washed away from him when he saw the illusion of himself start kicking Tenel Ka.

Jacen let out a scream of angry and turned away. But that didn't stop Tenel Ka's cries from being heard. He quickly ran out of the room and ran into the hall way running through lightsaber duels and people. He ran into the jungle and fell onto the ground crying. Still, all around him, Tenel Ka's screams were heard.


It had been along day for Garowyn. She was tired and she still felt like crap because of the force bubble. She wished that Kia would take the lizards-things down. She looked at Deson and saw that he had the same expression on his face. They both were worried.

He must have caught her looking at him because he turned his head and looked at her. " Well, this is an interesting situation," Deson said to her. Garowyn nodded her head.

After they found out that they were on of the most deadliest things in the universe Kia had informed them about why she had it created. She said she wanted a planet for her 'clones.' She said that the laser didn't work but something in the back of Garowyn's mind told her that was not entirely true. Garowyn didn't know about Deson but she sure didn't trust Kia.

Garowyn and Deson walked into there quarters and shut the door. Deson walked to the bed and fell onto it. He roll onto his side and looked at her. He gave her a weak smile and patted the bed. " Hey baby, this bed is big enough for two people." He said. She could tell he was joking.

Garowyn grabbed a pillow and a cover and threw it into Deson. He caught it smiling. " This bed is big enough for two people. I guess I'm going to have a lot of free space to stretch out," She said smiling at him.

Deson shook his head and stood up. He walked to the couch in the room and put his pillow down. He then laid down. " So, what do you think about Kia?" He asked. Garowyn shrugged as she unhooked her lizard hide armor and let it fall onto the ground.

She heard Deson whistle at her and she looked at him. " Oh come on, I'm wearing a under gown!" She said smiling. Deson laid on his back and put his hands behind his head. " You still look good." She heard him mumbled.

Garowyn slowly walked to him and kissed him on the lips. Deson looked up at her and smiled wider. " You still haven't answered my question. What do you think?"

Garowyn shrugged her shoulder as she walked to the bed and climbed into it. She had to admit it was comfortable. " She's okay," She said as she closed her eyes. She was so tired. She heard Deson say something but she was already falling asleep.


Tenel Ka held Jacen's hand as she sat in his room near his unconscious form. When Jacen had fallen unconscious Luke and Tionne had search for what was wrong. They found nothing. So they brought him to his room to rest. They told Tenel Ka to remain calm and that Jacen was going to be okay.

Tenel Ka wanted to believe them but couldn't. She felt Jacen's pain. She felt that he was angry, hurt, and scared. The emotions that led to the darkside.

" Jacen is a Jedi Knight, He will be okay," Luke said from a crossed the room. Tenel Ka looked at him and then looked back at Jacens face. Tenel Ka let a tear splash down on Jacen's face.

After a minute of feeling more of Jacen's pain Tenel Ka stood up. " Something's wrong!" She yelled at Master Skywalker. Luke looked at her and sighed. " I don't know what to do. I feel his pain yet I don't detect anything," He said frowning. Tenel Ka shook her head. " Jacen's in trouble and I'll be damned if I let him suffer. He has always been there for me! When I needed a favor, he was there. When I needed a friend, he was there. When I needed someone to love, he was there! I refuse to let him lay here in pain!" Tenel Ka yelled. Luke stared at her for a moment. He seemed to be thinking something over. Finally he spoke.

" I can link your minds together." He said. Tenel Ka looked at him confused. " What?" She asked confused. Luke frowned deeper and then continued. " I could send you into Jacen's mind. You would be inside his dreams or nightmares. It's risky."

Tenel Ka raised an eyebrow. " Risky?" She asked. Luke looked at Jacen and then back to her. " I can get you in there but you have to find a way out. If you can't stop the pain in Jacen, you will never be able to leave his mind. You will be stuck with him feeling the pain in him. Tenel Ka, it will be like real life in there. You can get hurt or even killed." Luke said to her as he walked to her. Tenel Ka looked at him for a moment and then back to Jacen. After a moment of silence she looked back at Master Skywalker.

There was no way she was going to sit around and let Jacen suffer like this. She took in a deep breath of air and nodded her head. " I'm not afraid." She said. Luke looked at her for a couple seconds. " You will be," He said. " You will be."


Zekk sat in a ship near Faloose reading the data card in front of him. It was a contract. Right after he saved Faloose from the brawl in the tavern Faloose made him a deal. The deal was that if he worked for a group he would become richer beyond his wildest dreams.

" So, Zekk do we have a deal?" Faloose asked. Zekk looked at him and smiled. " Shit man, you think I would refuse a offer like this!" Zekk said as he punched in his name on the data card. He then tossed it to Faloose.

Faloose caught it and smiled. " You know what Zekk, I don't usually offer a job so quickly to a person I just met, but you are different. You have potential."

Zekk shook his head and smiled wider. What a moron! Zekk thought. Faloose put the card away and held out his hand. Zekk shook it. " Welcome to the Star Nova, the toughest and most dishonorable organization of pirates ever!"

" Thanks man, it's an honor, so lets talk about missions. What kind of stuff will I be doing?" Zekk asked trying to keep his harsh tone. Faloose shrugged his shoulders. " I got no clue, maybe you'll pilot a ship on a raid. I just recruit man."

Zekk nodded his head and leaned back in his chair. The door to there left opened and a short man that looked like he spent way to much time in a rat hole walked out. " Five's minute's tell's we's get's to's base's," The man spoke in a strange accent. Faloose dismissed the man and looked at Zekk. " Get ready to get out. I don't feel like staying here long."

Zekk nodded his head. " Thanks," He said before Faloose stood up and walked to the front of the ship. Zekk smiled at his own skill. Ha! Who the man… Zekk the man!


Deson B26 walked down the halls of the Death Star in deep thought. His thoughts were about the B27 series. He didn't trust B27 one bit. He had done some research on him ever since they found out that he could be alive. He didn't like what he found.

The B27 series was supposed to be the closest the Empire ever came to the perfect killing machine. The series were able to fight twenty different ways, slice into any computers, and assassinate any target in less then two minutes. This scared B26.

Deson wasn't really scared of things. The only thing that frightened him was when he knew that he was weaker then someone. And he was.

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. He stopped walking and looked around. " Oh damn it!" He said as he saw were he was. It would take him about thirty minutes to walk to his quarters. He sighed and walked to the small radio attached to the wall. He was about to call a small transport to pick him up when he remembered that he was near Kia's place. She wouldn't mind him crashing at her place for the night.

He once again scratched the back of his neck and started walking. After a minute of walking he reached Kia's door. He pressed the 'door' bell and waited. No one answers. He pressed it once again. No answer.

" Kia? You okay in there?"

Still nothing was heard.

He pounded on the door. " Kia! Open up!"


He unclipped his lightsaber from his belt and activated it. He sliced threw the iron door with his weapon and ran into Kia's room. " Kia!?" He screamed as he ran into the dinning room. Nothing. He ran into her bedroom. She wasn't there either. He ran into her refresher then and then backed away holding his mouth. Inside the tub sat a burned skeleton. He backed away feeling sick.

He felt even sicker when he saw a ring he gave Kia on the skeletons finger. He walked slowly towards the tub and looked at his now dead sister.

His hand accidentally touched the water and he stumbled back holding his burned thumb. " Acid… but who-" Deson stopped in mid -sentence. He felt anger rise up in him. " B27 did this!" and with one last glance at his sister, he stormed out of Kia's quarters holding an ignited lightsaber.

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