Surprises: Beginnings
By Jaina02

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, they belong to the writers that made these characters possible. I won't hurt them, I am just going to borrow them for a little while and then give them back.

The trees of Yavin 4 created an almost luminescent look through the bright moonlight. Millions of leaves made shadows on the underbrush of the small moon. The forest was usually quiet at night, except for the occasional thumps and clatters that the rare nocturnal animal made. Tonight, though, the forest rang with laughter and splashing from the long river that cut through the forest.

"Look out below!" Jacen yelled at his twin sister. She looked up with her brown eyes and saw Jacen swinging dangerously close to where she and her friend Zekk were lazily floating. They didn't have time to react and Jacen let go, landing in the middle of them and drenching them with water.

"Jacen, you nerf-herder!" Jaina sputtered laughing, "You better watch out! When you wake up tomorrow morning with water all over you, you will know who it's from!" With that, she grabbed the top of his head and dunked him.

Zekk laughed and went under water as well, grabbing Jaina by the feet. When they all came up they were all laughing and splashing each other.

A loud sound of a throat clearing stopped the three, and even before they turned to look, they knew that it was Master Luke, or, to Jacen and Jaina, Uncle Luke. He still had the boyish looks of when he had been younger, but carried a stillness about him that made him look much wiser. They looked surprised to see a young girl standing next to him. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair was cut shorter than Jaina's and angled around her face, so that it gave her an exotic look. She wore little, if none, make-up and her smile showed that she had a line of braces on her upper and lower teeth. Uncle Luke had his arm protectively around her shoulders.

"Jacen, Jaina, Zekk, and Tenel Ka, this is Padme. She is a new, but not untrained student." he smiled at her and made a sweeping motion with his hands, "Padme Amidala, these are my nephew and niece, Jacen and Jaina, and their friends Tenel Ka and Zekk.." Each of them raised their hand to acknowledge who was who.

"Jaina, where is Lowie?" Luke asked.

"I don't know, he was here just a..." She didn't have time to answer. They all saw a dark figure swinging through the trees, and a desperate cry for help.

"Master Lowbacca, are you sure you have to this, it is a very long drrooopppp." EmTedee's voice box was cut off by Lowie dropping himself into the river from a vine. He jumped out of the water and roared a question at the others.

"I'm Padme," she answered for him.

The others looked at her surprised, including Luke.

"How did you know what he was saying?" Luke asked puzzled.

"My mother made me study different types of languages for as long as I can remember. I know several languages other than Basic, including Wookie and Hapan," she said grinning.

"Wow!" Luke said surprised, "Your mother never told me that you knew several other languages, I am going to have to talk to her about this," and with that, he turned around and left.

"So, Padme, wanna hear a joke?" Jacen asked her smiling.

"Sure! Jacen, right?" she asked him.

"Yup! Okay, there's a Jedi, and an Imperial and a Bothan that are doing construction work on Coruscant and they are all complaining about what their wives made them for lunch. The Jedi says: `Blaster bolts, if my wife makes me one more ham sandwich, I am going to jump off this building!' and the Bothan says `Me too, if my wife makes me one more turkey sandwich, I am going to jump off this building!' and the Imperial says `Me too, if my wife makes me another bologna sandwich I am going to jump off this building!" So they all agreed and made it into a pact. The next day, the Jedi opened up his lunch and saw that there was a turkey sandwich and said `Well I don't have to jump off the building!' and the Bothan opened up his lunch and said `Hey! Me neither!' and the Imperial opened up his lunch and there was a bologna sandwich and so he jumped off the building. The Jedi looked at the Bothan and asked ` Padme was laughing hard to and the others just stood and didn't get what was so funny.

Jaina extended her hand, "I am Jaina Solo and that is my blaster brains brother Jacen. He extended his hand. "And these are our friends Lowie, Zekk and Tenel Ka," each one shook her hand.

"So, tell us about yourself," Tenel Ka asked.

"Well my full name is Padme Amidala..." she trailed off again, "Guliana, and I was born on Naboo. It is a small planet and I was named after a brave queen there. My mom put me in school there, but that didn't last long." she giggled, " I was kind of a nuisance. I was constantly moving things with my force abilities, so they kicked me out. Which was actually good for mom because then we could move around more. My mom is an anthropologist and she travels to many different planets, so she got me a droid his name is Es Tedee or School Teacher droid. He is so boring!" she grinned, "My mother has trained me since I was little, so now I came here to learn anything that she didn't teach me. She lost her powers..." Padme shut her mouth and looked away, "Sorry, I can't talk about it right now, so that's pretty much what my life has been like the past 15 years."

Jacen and Jaina looked at each other and they both had the same thought: she was lying. They couldn't figure out what she was lying about, but she was lying about something. They had to tell Uncle Luke! She might be an Imperial spy! They played cool though and grinned at her.

"So I told you about me, now you tell me about you," she smiled.

They rattled on about the Second Imperium and the Diversity Alliance and Anja, but Padme didn't listen, she knew them as well, if not better, than they did themselves. She also knew that they knew she was lying, and she was, so that meant that they were perceptive.

They had all stopped talking. She looked at them with clear eyes and smiled, "I think I am going to enjoy it here!" she said her eyes full of laughter and tears. She had wanted to be here for so long and now that she was here she was very happy!

The new friends walked back to the Jedi Temple chatting and laughing, just as Master Skywalker was coming out.

"I see you have got to know Padme! I hope that you will be good friends!" he smiled, "Now, I believe that it is time for lights out. Rest well," he turned to Padme and put his hand protectively on her shoulder and she didn't flinch. `A strange thing' all of the young Jedi thought. They walked into the temple talking quietly.

Jaina was worried. Padme seemed nice enough, but she was keeping things from them and that bothered her. She could be a dark Jedi, even though she thought that she would have sensed it. And there was something going on with her and Uncle Luke. They were very intimate. She sighed and stepped into the refresher and turned on the shower. When she got out of the shower she felt that she needed to talk to the young girl, so she slipped into a pair of nightclothes and went in search of her room. It was easy to find and she was easy to perceive, almost as easy as her brother. This troubled her, none of her friends were this easy, the only people that she could `feel' this easily were her brothers, her mother and Uncle Luke, and they were all family. She knocked quietly on her door and she was answered by a quiet "Come in."

"Jaina, hi! What brings you here?"

"Well, I kind of wanted to know some things, like, why were you lying to us today?" There was no use beating around the bush.

Padme bit her lip and was going to answer her when two people walked through the door. Jaina looked up to see her Uncle Luke and a woman who looked very familiar, standing there holding hands. Her mouth hung open and she knew that she was gawking.

Luke looked at her and couldn't hide his surprise, he took a deep breath.

"Jaina, do you remember this woman?" he finally asked her.

She studied her for a moment, and used the force to feel the woman, but all she found was an empty hole. She gasped and started to grin, "You're Callista!" she said, "I remember you! You baby sat me and Jacen a long time ago, you were the only baby sitter that we liked!"

The look on Callista's face was astonished. She remembered her! "Yes, I am Callista, Jaina you have grown to be as beautiful as you mother!"

Jaina snorted, "Thank you, but what are you doing here?"

Luke took another deep breath, "Jaina Solo, meet Padme Amidala Skywalker."

**This is the first in a series that will be called Surprises, but will have subtitles. Thank you for reading it. If it sucked, tell me please! **

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