Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice
Past Returned

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

setting: Just after The Rising Force (I couldn't wait until Dark Rival so
I decided to write my own...).

Qui-Gon folded the letter and tucked in his robes. He briskly
walked away telling the officer he was going for a walk. The man started
to protest but decided not to bother a Jedi. Obi-Wan just stared after
him. He would have run after him but he sensed something. Something from
Qui-Gon's past. Maybe a villain he only defeated had returned to power.
Obi-Wan decided to find out where he was supposed to go.
He was living we a nice farming family, a Padawan farmer. He had
to admit he was disappointed but so far it hadn't been too bad. He had
helped the family as much as he good, fetching this, bringing that. There
was a father, Krin Yikle and his wife, Lin Yikle and their two sons Brin
and Fin Yikle. The boys were twins, only seven. He was to stay with the
family 'until such a time as they deem he is ready to endure the
hardships of farming alone.' That was a sith of a thing to tell someone.
He kept trying to put Qui-Gon out of his head, was I wrong to let
him go? Always before I've been wrong for following, so what now? He
thought the Jedi would at least come make sure he was settled in, but
perhaps this Xanatos guy had to be dealt with right away. Great, then
he'll leave and my fate will be sealed. Farming wasn't bad, just good. He
fell asleep thinking of Qui-Gon, hoping that Xanatos was something he
could handle.

Shine` put the temporary dye in her hair, the same color it used
to be. She braided it, the same way it used to be. She put on a gray
robe; she looked the same as she used to. She walked through the
hallways, the same as she used to. She walked up to the Padawan at the
door, letting her Master presence flow through her. The girl moved aside
allowing her to enter the council chambers. A wave of gasps went up. She
had her girl-in-training presence now.
"It can't be!" Mace Windu cried.
"Natani Jade?" Yoda asked, his ears faded in color just a tad.
The force was mysterious but this was a little much. The girl had died
over 17 years ago, and here she was maybe 13.
"Did I not tell you I would be back?" Shine` asked. She let he
full force, her Master force flow around her, through each of the Jedi on
the council. She kept her guards up though so they would not know the
whole story, that could be...disastrous.
"But you're dead!" Yaddle cried. Her confusion was no louder than
the others. Mace dared to say,
"Perhaps she is the one, the one-"
"No. I am not. The Chosen One is yet to come." I turned to Yoda.
"Where can I be of most use?" I don't know who, but someone
thought loud enough for me to hear, 'In your grave'. But it wasn't my
grave; it was Natani Jade's.
"Bandomeer." Yoda replied. "I sense great trouble there. Qui-Gon
is there, with a boy who has great potential."
"I sense it. I will go. I am not Natani Jade, I am Shine`. Natani
died when you killed her. But I will always come back." As I walked out
the door Shine` called back, "See you in 20 years." She didn't know then
that they would all be dead before she made another miraculous return.

Qui-Gon paced back and forth. He knew this day had to come. He
knew it. Surprisingly he couldn't keep his mind on the crisis. He kept
drifting back to the boy. He was so much like Xanatos, but there were
definite differences. He decided to quiet his thoughts by checking on the
young Jedi. He found that the boy had already settled with a family who
would tech the ropes -Padawan farmer- a glimpse of the boy's thoughts
from the night before. He walked toward the house and then Obi-Wan ran up
to him.
"Are you ok? Did you take care of this Xanatos guy? I can't talk
long I have chores." Obi-Wan blurted out excitedly. Such a waste, Qui-Gon
"I just came to make you'd settled in. It isn't too bad, I hope."
He half wanted the boy to be unhappy, he half wanted to take him away.
But there was still the unsure feeling.
"Naw, it is hard work but I'm getting used to it, the force helps
a lot." He wasn't happy, but he wasn't miserable either. "What's the
story of the guy? Is he some villain you defeated before that has come to
power? Or did he kill your Padawan?" Obi-wan covered his mouth as soon as
the words leap from his lips. Jerk! He told himself.
"Very perceptive Obi-wan. I must leave you to your chores. I will
come back when I have dealt with Xanatos." He left quickly.
"Perceptive about what? Xanatos or being a jerk?" Obi-wan asked
himself. He went back to lugging the pales full of grain.

Qui-Gon had nothing to do but wait. He would have to wait until
Xanatos came to him. There came a timid knock at his door.
"Enter." A girl, about 13 he guessed, came in.
"Qui-Gon, I am Shine`." She hid her force presence altogether. "I
will take you to Xanatos."
There was something very strange about this girl, he couldn't place it.
She led him toward Obi-Wan's new home but then turned down an ally before
they left the town. She led him to an open field and then pulled a root,
it was really a door handle. She led him down steep stairs, it was pitch
black so he had to use the force to sense the next step. The girl must
have been very familiar with this place.
"Just a bit further." She said. Her voice was sweet and filled
with innocence. He couldn't understand why she was with Xanatos.
"How did you come to know Xanatos?" He asked.
"Oh, I don't know him. I just bring you down here and leave.
He'll be waiting. I never even had to talk to him." This made little
sense to Qui-Gon. Suddenly they came into a room filled with light. And
there stood Xanatos. He was a bit older and taller and he looked
different in black but it was Xanatos.
"Ah, Qui-Gon. And who is this? Your little pet? A Padawan?"
Xanatos asked looking at Shine`. She smiled, "No. I am not his Padawan;
he has not taken one since you. I just brought him to you."
"I see, we will have to discuss how you found me later." He
flicked his hand at her, intending to knock her unconscious but nothing
happened and the girl dashed up the stairs. "It's just you and me,"
Xanatos snickered, igniting his crimson blade.

Shine` raced up the stairs, running out into the light she let
her full force guide her. Once she located the youth the force specified,
she dulled her force down to nothing and ran up to him.
"Boy, boy! Are you a Jedi?" He looked at me surprised.
"No, I'm a farmer." He said, sadly.
"But the Jedi may be in trouble, if you're Obi-Wan, please come
and help him." He of course asked her to lead the way.
"It's his old Padawan, Xanatos. He's a dark jedi and he wants to
face his old Master. He intends to kill him! Qui-Gon would not want you
there but I worry." She kept running.
"How do you know him?" This red-haired girl couldn't possibly
know him.
"I don't, exactly, but Natani Jade knew him and she knew my
mother. Natani told my mother he was very wise and when she died, she
told me to find him."
"You're an orphan?"
"Yes. Yes I am." If he only knew, she thought. She'd reached the
door. And led him down the stairs. When the came into the light they saw
a fierce battle taking place.

Qui-Gon was loosing control. His emotions boiled, he had loved Xanatos
like a son. And Xanatos had betrayed him. His grief, his anger, his
hatred of the darkside was taking over. Shine`'s eyes flashed and she
cowered behind Obi-Wan. She'd been right to bring the boy but she was
afraid. The battle was worse than she'd expected. Xanatos looked up and
saw Obi-Wan. The boy was standing up straight, hand on his training
lightsaber, staring straight at Xanatos. Xanatos smiled curling his lips
back and knocked Qui-Gon sideways. Obi-wan stepped forward.
"No Obi-Wan!" Qui-Gon cried. "Leave, go now!" Xanatos dealt
Qui-Gon a force blow and the Jedi's consciousness faded. Obi-wan did a
flying tuck-roll and landed in front of Qui-Gon he raced his lightsaber
and prepared to defend himself. Shine` dashed behind him, taking
Qui-Gon's lightsaber and scurrying to a place where she could give it to
Obi-Wan. If he was going to defend Qui-Gon, he would need a real
lightsaber. I tossed it to him and he reacted quicker than Xanatos
bringing it to his grasp. He ignited the green energy blade and let the
force flow through him. Xanatos laughed and lunged at the boy. Shine` and
taken a defensive position behind Obi-wan. If Xanatos would dare harm him
or Qui-Gon, she would demonstrate her full power.
"Mere boy, you honestly like you can protect him?" Xanatos
snickered. "He is a fool and you will both die. The girl will make a nice
prize." Ha! That's what you think, she thought.
"He is a wise..." clash of blades "...kind..." clash jump
"" flip "...good...Master!" They were throwing all their
strength into pushing their blades together. Xanatos threw him back.
"He is blind. Not only to the true ways of the force but the ways
he claims to uphold. Yoda wished him to take you as his Padawan; the
light side wills it and he still leaves you to rot." Qui-Gon had started
stirring. "He is a selfish, self-centered man who only cares for the pain
of the past. Obi-Wan was giving in, his anger taking control. "No
Obi-Wan!" Shine` cried.
"Do not give in to anger!" Qui-Gon mustered. He was regaining his
strength. Xanatos began fighting harder. "I will take you as my Padawan.
I will teach you the true ways of the force." Xanatos offered.
"Never." Obi-Wan wasn't doing good. Qui-Gon tried to stand. He
found he could.
"Jedi or farmer, its you choice. Better to serve evil than
nothing at all. In time you see the truth in the darkside." Xanatos was
closing in.
"No." Obi-wan said and Qui-Gon was at his side. Obi-Wan handed
over the green blade falling behind the Master but drawing his own blade.
Shine` stood beside him. "You fought admirably." She said.
"Thanks." He flashed her a smile and Qui-Gon was locked in battle
again. "What's your name by the way," he asked, moving back in forth as
the battle shifted from one side of the lit cave to the next. Obi-Wan's
presence helped Qui-Gon control his emotions.
"Shine`." She would have said more but Xanatos had Qui-Gon in a corner.
The force flowed between them, they were now battling on a different
level.Obi-Wan was about to watch the battle, about to let the force connect
him, when a boy a little older him came out.
"Padawan wants to fight a Master? Then fight me, Inkin, I am almost a
Master."  Two more students came behind him. Obi-Wan wasn't surprised,
the darkside wouldn't follow the rules of the council regarding one
Padawan. Inkin ignited his lightsaber and Obi-Wan brought his up. Another
student threw Shine` his lightsaber, believing she was also part of the
Jedi circle. She smiled. The student still with a lightsaber lunged at
her she brought her borrowed blade to meet his.
"Only one Padawan per Master." He hissed. "Can't obey your own rules,
come with us. There are no rules. You can do what you want."
"You assume to much. I am not a Padawan." She let her Master force pulse
followed her girl-in-training and full Jedi Knight. She'd been teasing
him, confusing him. He stumbled and she knocked him back. She would not
kill him. Qui-Gon would kill Xanatos and that would end this stupid
battle. He soon discovered her skills too much for him.
"What are you?" he panted. She looked about, the other Jedi locked in
battle. Only this boy would know. She opened up completely let for full
force and full identity. But with that came the full pain, the pain of
millions of years of loss and suffering. She had underestimated the pain.
It crushed the boy, he fell to the ground with the horrible knowledge of
how life truly is. He was being crushed by her first four lives as the
others came his heart stopped. She was shocked. She had no idea what had
happened. She stood there over his lifeless body and cried. She'd killed
him, killed an innocent boy who had been miss used. But she turned her
attention back toward the Jedi. Obi-Wan wasn't doing very well. His
opponent was stronger.
"You are stronger in the force Obi-Wan!" She called. Then she slipped
into Qui-Gon's mind battle to her horror she appeared as her first self.
Her dirty strawberry blonde fur just as she remembered it. She hadn't
been careful enough. She watched as the two Jedi fought on several
plains, levels, in their minds. There were four that she could see. Four
shelves with separate Qui-Gons and Xanatos'.
On the highest one, They were wrestling, on the bottom one sitting and
talking. On the middle two they were lightsaber dueling and staff
fighting. This a place where minds met, so there was white from Qui-Gon's
mind and black from Xanatos's melding into gray in the middle. Shine` was
surrounded by an aura of blue, her mind. As she looked around she saw
dozens of smaller battles taking place. Some in the gray with to
different opponents, some in the white with two Qui-Gons or Qui-Gon and
Yoda or Qui-Gon and Obi-wan. In the black there were fewer battles taking
place. A few Xanatos against Xanatos' and a few involving his students,
but not as many as in Qui-Gon's.

Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice
Past Returned

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Authors note: I have now read Dark Rival

Obi-Wan's worry grew, Qui-Gon haden't moved for some time. He
knew his master was alright...for now. He grew very tired of fighting
this strange boy. He looked over to the girl. She had killed the first
boy she battled by using the force. How hhe didn't know but he had felt
the boys pain, a shadow of it, anyway. He wondered if it was good she was
on their side. But how had she entered Qui-Gon's battle? He wasn't sure
he'd be able to and he had a conection with Qui-Gon.
"You, you betrayed me. "Xanatos said. There was no anger in his
voice. They were no longer in the mind battle. They were in a gray place,
alone and unarmed. "You treated me as a son, I was your Padawan, your
friend! But you betrayed me."
"I did not.." Qui-Gon said. Xanatos seemed a sad child now, not a
mighty fighter. "You betrayed yourself."
"You killed my father!" Again no anger, only deep grief. This was
a place of pain.
"He was leading a war, a war of evil. He would have enslaved
thousands and killed even more. He did it out of greed. Xanatos, my hawk,
I did what I had to." 'My hawk', that was what Qui-Gon had always called
him. Xanatos was walowing in his pain. His pain of betrayal, of loosing
his father, of loosing Qui-Gon, the thought that Qui-Gon had a conection
with another, the pain of fighting his old Master, and the pain of
knowing he had failed all his dreams.
Shine`'s battle brought her nearerand nearer Xanatos and Qui-Gon.
Once the got close a force was crushing them. Shine` was thrown off guard
by this pain. She fell to her knees. The student she'd been battling with
also crumpled under the weight of Xanatos's and Qui-Gon's pain. 
It was pure agony. It burned every inch of the boy's body. He couldn't
even move to cry out. It was heavy, hot and cold and the same time, the
pain was too much. The boy collapsed.
Shine` buckeled down grasping at the floor. Such pain had never been put
on her like this. Slowly her pain had built up but feeling someone elses
all at once was pushing her to the limits. She didn't move though,
punishing herself for the pain she'd put on her first oppenett. Then came
the flashes, moments of pure pain, without thought. They were memories,
Qui-Gon finding Xanatos as a boy, the times Xanatos blue eyes lied to
Qui-Gon, eveything.

Obi-wan and the student he'd been fighting just stared at them.
Their Masters and their companions all still and quiet. Obi-Wan only knew
one thing to do, he went over and tried to pull Shine` out of the circle
of pain. It wieghted him too but together the were strong.
"Thank....You." she gasped. She wanted to feel the pain but she didn't
want to die.
"What is that?" Obi-wan asked.
"Pain. All the pain they have caused eachother."
"We must call them back." Obi-Wan said.
"They may not come." Shine` knew the pain could consume them.
"We have to." He looked at her, she had gotten in before, could she take
him too? She took his hand and let the force flow through them she then
she closed eyes and tugged Obi-Wan's mind with her.
"My hawk, you know why I had to. You know the fault was not mine." He
paused. "But I am sorry. I always have been. I did not want to take him
from you."
"You didn't want to take him from me...what about me from him?"
Xanatos'sanger built up. "You weren't just trying to keep me? A son
truley? You cause pain, Qui-Gon, and that is all you'll ever do! You will
drive that new Padawan away to, you'll kill him!" The anger glowed red,
mixing with qui-Gon's green to make a brown middle.
"No." Obi-wan said before Xanatos could go on.
"He will not. I am not his Padawan and even if I was he would not cause
me pain. If I felt pain it would be because of me."
"And I'm just here on a whim, no ties to either of them." Shine` said.
"If you two don't stop this, your youngest Padawn will die. He can't
escape your pain and the other is not strong enough to save him. My pain
alreay killed one." Her words were like knifes to Xanatos, and to
Qui-Gon. Her voice even sounded like frozen blades to Obi-Wan. He also
noticed she looked different in here, shorter redder hair and...fur!
"Go! Leave me be!" Xanatos's anger, frustration could not escape his
pain. When fear and desperation mixed in, a deadly expolsive was
created. A few quick flashes and they were all sent into blackness.
Qui-Gon was up first. He had a mild headache but nothing to
complain of. He looked around. Obi-Wan right next to him, Shine` across
the room. Xanatos and his youngest apprentice near her. The other boy was
gone. Qui-Gon laid his hand on Obi-Wan, the boy was barely alive! What
had happened in those few seconds before the blackness? He strained to
remeber, a bubble of Xanatos's deadly emotions was headed straight for
him and- and Obi-Wan had thrown himself in front of it, taking the bluk
of the pain. The boy was brave, very brave. All his other faults were
atoned for by his courage. The boy had shown him that again and again. He
would take Obi-wan for his Padawan learner. He lifted the boyand headed
toward the doorway, he looked down at Shine`. He would come back for her.
Just then she opened her eyes and got up. She followed him up the stairs
into the daylight. Qui-Gon did not look back at Xanatos or his
apprentice, he would forget them.

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