Star Wars Young Jedi Knights
A New Generation (a.k.a. Final Battle With the Sith)

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Intro: It has been 17 years since Crisis at Crystal Reef. Jacen and Tenel Ka got married so did Jaina and Zekk, and Lusa and Raynar, and Lowie and a Wookie female named Frinanumca, or Frina. Their children being: J+TK- twins: Luke and Tanwyn - 14, J+Z- twins: Katani and Cryshala - 13 and a son: Uly - 10, Lusa and Raynar: a son: Bornan - 15, Frina and Lowie: a girl: Prynacca - 18 (Wookie equivalent of 13/14) Cirrus - 13 - Anakina's student.
Luke is mostly supervising at 57.

"Cirrus!" Jaina called, it was getting late and the girl had disappeared again. It was dangerous in the jungle especially for a partially trained young girl at night. "Can I look for her mom?" Katani asked.

"You mean can _we_ ?" Her twin sister put in. Both girls had identical faces with the same emerald green eyes as their father. Luckily Katani had black hair and Cryshala had brown. The both wore it down and at the same length. It was slightly waving and very thick.

"It's too late for children to be out in the jungle." Jaina replied still scanning the horizon for any sign of the missing girl.

"Mom!" They cried in unison. "We're not kids anymore!" Cryshala said.

"And what if we take Luke and Tanwyn with us?" Katani pleaded. Jacen was out looking for Cirrus with Zekk and Tenel Ka had gone out to do her routine an hour ago.

"No. That's final. Dad and uncle Jacen will find her." Jaina said decidedly.

"Then can we at least go over to that tree..." Katani started pointing to a tree about eight standard meters away.

"And call from there with our friends?" Cryshala finished. Jaina laughed, not only did they finish each others sentences like she Jacen used to do but they were always bargaining like her mother, Leia.

"Ok, ok. But make sure you tell their parents where you're going to be." She sounded like such a mother...and she was. She remembered all the mischief she, Jacen and the others got into. Saved the galaxy a couple of times though, she thought happily.

"Pryna!" Katani called to her Wookie friend. "Cirrus is missing again." Pryna called back that she was coming. Katani had learned Wookie before anyone else. She was very good with languages. Pryna jumped down from her tree house. When Lowbacca and Frinanumca had moved to Yavin 4 permanently the built their house in the tall trees. Pryna had golden eyes and rich chocolate fur, even darker than Rabba 's, Lowie's old dear friend. Rabba had died saving Lowie and all the Young Jedi Knights. Pryna wanted to go out after Cirrus and was somewhat upset that she couldn't. She called up to her mother, telling her where she was going.

"Come on Luke!" Cryshala called. Her boy cousin was always slow. Uly appeared hanging upside down from a near by branch. His black curls dangling as he moved his eyebrows comically. He liked to imitate people and once he'd seen Jacen do it, it became his trademark. As he swung back and forth he hummed his latest tune. He was the family musician. Tanwyn had already appeared wearing her usual navy blue lizard hide armor. She took after Tenel Ka. And Luke took after Jacen. Although he wasn't particularly good with plants or animals, he was always trying to be funny. Luke was an artist, always drawing, in fact that's why he was always late. He was always finishing something up. Finally the brown hair boy fell backwards through the door land with a 'thud' in front of his cousins, sister, and now Pryna.

"Uh, oops." He said somewhat embarrassed as his 10-year-old cousin burst into laughter from his perch. Uly did a flip and landed cross-legged next to Luke. The boy reminded everyone of Anakin because of his talent with the force.

"Lets go." He said scrambling up and running off. The two sets of twins and their Wookie friend ran after him, coming to a halt in front of Bornan's quarters. Raynar and Lusa were usually with the fleet, leaving the boy alone at the Jedi academy. Bornan was a fairly quiet boy, he rarely spoke even when spoken to. His parents worried about him but when he made friends with Uly and Anakin, they relaxed. He had cinnamon hair in a braid that came to his waist, crystal horns and brown fuzzy skin. But he had only two legs and had normal feet. No one had ever made fun of the mixed breed boy and it didn't seem to bother him.

"Bornan, do you want to come watch for Cirrus with us?" Katani asked.

"She's run off again." Cryshala added.

"Luke's blushing too!" Uly called. The strange boy appeared. Luke turned even redder. Everyone knew he liked Cirrus, he was always bringing her pictures and trying to be friends with her. She just didn't seem to want any friends. She mostly ignored them all. She liked to run especially alone in the jungle. Luke had managed to find out she loved to write though. He was perfecting a picture to go with one of the stories he read. She hadn't exactly let him, but it was very good.

They all went to the tree the twins had picked out. Uly hung upside down and hummed again. He didn't have his father's emerald green eyes; he had the strangest color turquoise that anyone had ever seen. His sisters sat back to back under the tree. Tanwyn jogged around the perimeter, Luke swung right side up on a long branch. Pryna had disappeared into the canopy to look for Cirrus. Bornan sat at the foot of the tree almost under Uly.

They took turns calling Cirrus's name but they heard nothing. Luke got up and paced farther and farther from the tree but he always came back and always stayed in sight. He was very worried; she had never stayed out this long. He wished his father had let him go to. If Cirrus was going to listen to anyone it would be him. Then they saw a flash in the distance, an orange flash.

"Cirrus!" They all called. Then they heard a Wookie challenge and Pryna swung from the trees toward Cirrus. Luke slapped his heard muttering something about irrational Wookies. Katani leaped up and lit after the Pryna, surprisingly keeping up. Without her sisters support Cryshala fell backwards. Bornan's swift reflexes saved her head from hitting a rock.

"Thanks," she said looking up at him, her head still in his hands. He let go once she'd steadied herself but never answered. Luke restrained his sister from running after the two girls. Uly swung up on to the branch and dashed in the opposite direction, towards help, towards Jaina. Using the force to aid his steps and direct him to his mother was natural.

"We have to go after them!" Cryshala said. She and Katani hated being separated, but Katani didn't seem to mind as much. Bornan nodded, and Tanwyn was already preparing to catch up to the Pryna and Katani. Luke sighed he hated disobeying rules. It was a strange quality in a Solo boy. They all ran in the direction the flash had been.

Cirrus hated it here. All she wanted to do was be alone, to run and be free. She knew she was going to be in trouble and she hated that but she needed to run. It was like an addiction. She could sense the too fully trained Jedi on her trail as well as their foolhardy children. Pryna was the closet to her. The young trainees annoyed her very much, especially Luke. He had some endearing qualities but she didn't want to be her and she didn't want friends, she wanted to be set free. She was too deep it thought she didn't notice the danger tingling at the back of her neck. Soon she had run straight into the monster. Her eyes flashed with fear for a moment, then turned to determination. She used to force to flip back away from the beast. She put the thought of food in its heard and directed in away from away from her. She supposed she'd have to ask Master Solo what the strange creature was. Her last flip landed in a tangle of surprised Luke. He'd been sensing her fear not her actio!

ns. At first she tore away, but then seeing the gash on his head from the rock he'd been thrown into she pulled away gently.

"Sorry." She said not looking at him. After her second capture she'd been forced to wear the bright orange academy jump suit. It made her easier to locate.

"Hey, I was the one not watching where I was going. Of course you weren't really watching wear you were flipping, not that you could." He said scrambling up to his feet and offering his hand. She ignored him as usual.

"Umm, are you ever going to tell me why you always run away and manage evade everyone for so long?" Again she ignored him. He brushed the dirt off his brown summer suit. It was brown short pants and a long brown tunic. He didn't bother to straighten his unruly brown hair. It was even darker than his father's was and he wore it in a mushroom like style. She didn't wear any shoes, like Tahiri but for different reasons. When she heard that Tahiri hadn't worn shoes she stopped. She did everything in her power to make things difficult.

"Why do you have to do everything your not supposed to?" He asked in frustration. "You're always running off, you never wear shoes, you never play with us, and you won't be our friend. You never show up to classes on time and you never complete the assignments. Why? Don't you want to be a Jedi?"

"I might if it weren't being forced on me." she crossed her arms. She wished he'd disappear.

"What do you mean? If you don't want to be here why don't you just go home?" He couldn't under stand her at all.

"I don't have a home. I was a slave since I was six. Tionne discovered me and since the planet wasn't part of the New Republic and permitted slaves she didn't have authority. She did the only thing she could do and bought me."

"But then why can't leave?"

"Because it is illegal by to set me free. I can't leave unless she does or she has a mission for me. And doing want I want is never included in the deal. I'm a slave, Luke, I can never leave. She wants me to be a Jedi so I must. Since she isn't here to order me to behave and their are no overseers to report me I can get away with a certain amount of freedom."

"Yikes." He said. He had had no idea. "Uh, You want to play tag? Unless is forbidden in your contract, of course."

"I do not play games...I was never allowed."

"First time for everything. You run, I chase and, if I can I tag you. Then I run, you chase and tag. It's real simple." He waited for her answer.

"Why not?" she asked, dashing off.

"Oops, now she's lost again." Luke laughed as he ran after her. But he had a plan. He was going to try and heard her back to the academy and if her could tag her he would run in that direction. His good sense of direction was the only thing he seemed to have in common with his mother. He closed his eyes using force to aid his steps, trusting the path it led him on. He could sense her, she wasn't far ahead. He opened his eyes. They were almost to the academy.

Star Wars Young Jedi Knights
A New Generation

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Authors note: I changed Cirrus to Crisus

They were almost to the academy. He never caught up with her, when he reached the academy she was gone.

Tanwyn ran up to her panting brother. "Where is she?"

"She just...ran" He wasn't used to running so much.

"We have got to get you running more dear brother." Tanwyn said.

"Mother and Father and everyone else will be glad she's found but not too happy we found her. And does anyone know what happened to my sister and Bornan?" Katani asked. Everyone shook their head...except Uly.

"Alright, Uly, what do you know?" Luke asked. The boy pointed toward Bornan's quarters.

"They're behind. Let them be, he has to make friends." Katani marveled at her scheming brother. Pryna grumbled a comment.

"Yes, lets go see what our parents have in store for us." Katani agreed.

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