Star Wars
Young Jedi Knights (sorta)
Jedi Academy
By Anakina Kyp-Jade
Disclaimer: Usually I don't bother with these things, you know the deal
but this story ties in with the Young Jedi Knights books so I just wanted
to stress the issue that some of this stuff isn't mine! I have to have
some things the same you see, like Luke's lectures.

Time: during Heirs to the Force

[-1-] Kris was not happy. He had been uprooted and now they were trying to replant him. Not literally, Kris was a full-blooded human from Coruscant. He was a normal, average, fourteen-year-old boy. He had a beast friend and a girl he was quite found of as well as a dozen other friends who hung around him. He had the perfect life on Coruscant. There were his parents, though, they were not part of the perfect life. "Welcome to the Jedi Academy. I'm Tionne, please follow me." The silver hair woman interrupted his thoughts. He was glad however because he'd been sitting there, waiting for almost an hour. She led him into the great temple, down a corridor and into Luke Skywalker's 'office'. "Hello Kris, I'm Master Skywalker. Welcome to the academy." Luke said with no emotion in his expression. "Hi." Kris responded. Tionne left. "Before you get settled in, we have to talk about why you're here. You must not use the force like that again ever. It's best right now if you only use when you're instructed to. Do you know what you did?" "Kinda. I knew it was wrong as soon as it started but I wasn't in control anymore. I tried to stop, I really did, and I didn't want it to happen. I was mad, yeah, sure but..." "It's all right Kris. It was accident. That's why your here, to learn to use the force properly." Luke said, though, it certainly wasn't all right. Luke took Kris to the main audience chamber, he was giving a Lecture. As the students were seated he caught a glimpse of a girl with red hair. She winked at him. He ended up between a strange alien he'd never seen before and a small boy who had the widest eyes anyone had ever seen. The girl was on the other side of the boy. Master Skywalker began, "May the force be with you." That seemed to have an effect on most of the other students. A boy smiled, a girl shivered and others all reacted in little ways. "As I have told you many times I don't believe the training of a true Jedi comes from listening to lectures." Then why were they? Kris wondered. Master Skywalker continued, "I want to teach you..." Kris wasn't paying any attention anymore. This was boring. Some weirdo in the front row asked a question. He could tell the other students didn't approve. He guessed the colorful boy did it often. Master Skywalker kept talking, trying to answer the boy's question so that he would understand it. Kris looked around. Stones, students, and a Master. This was his future? He looked over at the girl he'd seen earlier. She was intent on the stone under Master Skywalker's feet. He tried to see what was so interesting but he was just bored. He tried to listen to Master Skywalker again. Just as he might have been able to, a droid sounded the alarm, something was wrong. They were told to practice their skills. He didn't have any skills, unless you counted... but he didn't and Skywalker didn't have enough students anyway. The students filed out. Three ran after Skywalker the rest went toward what he guessed were their quarters. He decided to try and follow the boy he'd been next to. "Hey, wait up!" The boy hesitated, unsure if Kris was really calling to him. "Hi. I'm Kris Xef, I just got here before the lecture and I wonder if you could help me." "I don't know, what do you need help with?" "What should I do? I don't have any skills and I haven't been given quarters." Kris didn't like asking for help but he had to. "Well, I could take you to Master Skywalker's room and you could wait outside until he comes. Once he's done with whatever is wrong I'm sure he'll look for you." "Thanks! That'd be great. So what's your name?" Kris asked as the boy led him back toward Master Skywalker's chamber. "Gem Antilles." "You mean like the great fighter pilot?" "Yes. He's my father." "Cool. My parents are just normal people, not famous or anything. We have a garage and hanger on Coruscant." They had made it to Skywalker's room. "Well, see you around." Gem said and scurried back to where ever he had to go. Kris learned back on the wall. "Hello." A voice called. {-2-} "Hello." Kris replied, somehow he knew who it was. The red headed girl stepped forward. "I'm Prix. You've already met Gem and you'll meet Yaden soon enough. What do you think about the force. It seems like trickery to me. I know it isn't but I'm still a non believer." He looked at her, how could she have doubts? She hadn't had the experience he'd had, nothing like it apparently. "It's real." "That's it? You seem the sort of person who has more to say." "Usually, but not on this topic. "Ok. So what do you think is wrong?" "You mean why Skywalker dismissed like that and ran toward the landing pad? Probably some loading accident or something." "Maybe. I think the Solo twins and Tenel Ka will beat the rest them to the landing pad." "You mean the chief of states kids? They were the ones running after Skywalker?" The students hadn't been going to their quarters after all. "Yes but they didn't run far, you should have stayed longer, they climbed up a rope on to the roof. You saw Tenel Ka climb down this morning didn't you?" "Who? No I don't think so. Must have come in after that." "She's a warrior girl from Dathomir. You manage to miss everything. I met her and the Solo kids earlier. So what's your story?" "I'm Kris Xef. My parents have a hanger and garage on Coruscant. Not much to tell. How about you? You said your name was Prix, last or first?" "First. I'm Prix Calquin my parents are in charge of the major bank systemizing on Corellia. 'Put your trust in Calquin, the bank of a new age.'" "Hello Kris, Prix." "Hello Master Skywalker." Prix said. Kris just nodded. They all went inside Master Skywalker's room. "I suppose you'd like quarters and a tour as well as some introductory lessons, Kris." He said. "I'll put you near Gem and Prix since you've already met." He brought up a map and showed Kris how to get there and which one it was so Prix could take him. She was also designated his tour guide. Master Skywalker then told Kris about the force. Although Prix had already had this lesson she stayed to hear again. "The force connects all living things. It penetrates us, binds and flows all around us. You have demonstrated much potential. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just feel. Let out all of your tension, any nervousness or anxiety. Just feel." Kris did as he was told. He just felt. At first all he felt was his own mind trying to relax. But then he felt Prix also struggling with her excitement and Master Skywalker's calm center of peace. He let go of all his feelings and just felt the peace. "That's it. Now feel the force flowing between us." Prix let go of her mind and so did Kris there was a moment of serenity but then he saw a bolt of lightning and his mind snapped together with Prix's. He opened his eyes in shock. Prix also saw the lightning. "What was that?" She asked in alarm. "I'm not sure. The force works in many ways. Perhaps the answer will come to you when you meditate or sleep. Don't worry, no one was hurt." Luke reassured her. She shivered and went outside with Kris following her. "Ok. This way." She said. He followed her equally quiet. She didn't tell him that the other day her mind had snapped with Gem's during an exercise they were working on. But now she was sure about him. Once they got to his quarters Prix showed him where she, Gem and Yaden had been assigned. She knocked on Yaden's door. "Jreetings." She said. "Hi." Kris replied. "Yaden 'K this is Kris. Kris that's Yaden." Prix introduced them. Yaden was the alien he'd sat next to during the lecture. She was tall and long and skinny. Her skin was tinted yellow and her eyes were black. If she had eyes, Kris couldn't be sure they weren't holes or something. She had green hair, green hair that might better be called green Jell-O. It didn't appear to have strands at all and is quivered slightly when she moved. She wore a simple long turquoise dress with a leather tie at her waist. Even though she was the strangest creature Kris had ever seen, he thought of her as rather pretty. She invited Kris and Prix in. She had standard academy quarters like everyone else. Her walls were decorated with colorful tapestries. She had a computer and several parts on a table in the center of her room but mostly, it was empty. "I'm Hryz." Yaden supplied. Although Kris was trying not to stare he apparently wasn't doing very well.

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