Sith Empire
Jedi Lost
By: Kris Balzer

Chapter One-The Beginning

The spaceport was full of activity. Aliens from every major trade world were here trying to make the best deal in this newly found world. Jaina Solo-Thul glanced over at her husband. They had come here to get away from their busy lives, yet Jaina allowed Zekk to conduce business.

Zekk Thul clasps his hands together. And moved them back and forth together. "What do you want to do first, Jai?" He asked as he took her hand in his. "Go to our room, shopping or my business?"

Jaina rested her head against his shoulder as they walked through the crowd. "How 'bout you do whatever business Raynar and you plan to do, while I go shopping. I want to get away from anything to do with politics for awhile." She signed, she was going to enjoy this small vacation as far away from politics as possible.

Zekk signed. He wanted to send time with his wife. "Ok, I won't be long. Trust me." Zekk kissed her hand he held and than her lips. Zekk left his wife while he went looking for his imformats.

Jaina went to the nearest shop she saw. It was a small corner shop. That gave the owner a great view of the market place and the Palace courtyard. The shopkeeper was an eldly man. He waved at the beautifull customer coming his way.

Jaina smiled at the old flirt. "Hello, good sir." She said polity. She noticed what he was selling, all different kinds of jewerly. Jaina never saw anything like these. They had some sort of writing on them, an ancient one at that. Yet Jaina knew them, but could not place the order they spoke to her. She understood them yet they remind silent.

"Greetings, Great Lady." The merchant bowed at Jaina. A graceful bow, from years at a long forgotten court. Jaina knew something, yet she did not speak it, she could not.

"You have already hear of me, sir? How is that this is a newly joined planet to the New Republic-"

"'Tis not the Republic from where I have heard of you, My Lady." The shopkeeper explained. "'Tis from the Sisterhood that you are known to me and others of this planet."

"The 'Sisterhood', tell me what that is, please." Jaina probed him with the force, but he rivaled nothing about the 'Sisterhood' he spoke of. She sensed he had some abitily in the force.

"A great order, better than it's counter part, the Brotherhood."

"What is it? The religion here?"

"All in good time, My Great Lady. Now I think its time to move on. Sorry for the lost of you're husband's-"

Zekk was blindfolded and tied. Yet his ears could still hear. He could not use the force for he was bringing blocked, he guessed by an ysalamiri. The creature created a small force blubbe naturally. Zekk had never seen one and wish he could now.

"Is all in ready?" A woman voice said just behind Zekk's ear. She leaned down next to Zekk to speak with their prisoner. "Would you be good if I remove your blindfold?" She hissed in his ear.

Her voice made his blood run cold. He was thankful at the moment for the ysalamiri. It did hide his emotions well enough from this Dark Sider. "Of course." Zekk lied. He could probably lie his way out of most of trouble. When it didn't involve a force user. But it was worth a try, the ysalamiri actually worked for him on this.

The woman removed his blindfold. Now he saw who had grabbed him. Six men and two women, all were carrying lightsabers. A large group of Dark Siders it would seem had gather together. Zekk wished he knew what they were planning to do to him.

"So you're the famous Jedi Trader. And she picked you? I see nothing in you-" The woman said. Her red hair flew over her shoulder as she turned away from him.

"I happy you don't see anything to in me. But she does see something in me as I do her." This was about Jaina, not myself, stupid Zekk. Zekk thought to himself.

"What does this have to do with my wife?"

"Everything and anything, but why should I tell a Jedi sum like you?" She said.

"Uthara, stop playing games with him. And let's get this over with." A man about Zekk's age said to his companion. He couldn't believe this woman; she liked playing games with any males she came across.

"Have it your way, Erik. I still think we should kill him. It would be more fun that way." Uthara throw her arms up in the air.

Zekk fought against the restaints. He had to get out of here before that woman got her way. Something was going to happen to Jaina, he had to be there to help or protect her.

"You know what the Lord said. He needs to remain alive, expect to her he most be dead. It all for the plans, Uthara. You know this. So just do what needs to be done and lets leave this boring place." Erik said as he move away from the group. Looking around, searching for something of interest. He found nothing to amused himself with.

Two other of the men bought in a young man. He was a few years younger than Zekk. The dark siders and this young man kept their distance from the ysalamiri's force bubble. The young man looked like the other man in the group, yet very frighten.

Zekk wonder what they were going to do to him along with their plans for himself.

Uthara came within the force bubble again. Zekk saw her expansion changed on her face where the bubble began. "Let's get this show moving." Uthara pulled out a whip. It began to grow a soft yellow. Zekk knew that the whip was not soft. Uthara flick her wrist and the whip's long hard rope came out Zekk.

Zekk fall out of the chair he was in. Pain filled his consciousness. The whip hit him again and again across the back. He looked up to see what was becoming of the young man. Zekk saw a pool of blood. And now that he was igroning his own pain, he heard the screams of the man. Than it was over and blackness took Zekk. Left to wonder what this was all about.

Then it hit. Waves moving through the Force towards Jaina like a wild fire on the plains. Jaina leaned against a wall. She felt extreme pain coming from her husband. It was gone a few minutes after it had come. Jaina fell to her knees. The crowd paid her no mind and did not feel Zekk's death or her grief. Zekk's death… stayed in her mind as her grief took hold of her heart and mind.

Again Jaina tried to reach her husband through the Force but found nothing expected her own sorrow. Tears flooded her vision. Pain filled her breasts and heart. How can he be gone? Jaina thought through the Force and how did that man knew he was dead? Jaina looked where that shop was just- it was gone! Jaina got to her feet. She felt dizzy as soon as she did. She put her hand against the wall for support. She looked up and down the crowded street but could not find that old man. He was gone!

Zekk is dead! You couldn't help him or even known he was in danger! Jaina thought to herself. More tears came as she found her way to the hanger bay where the Jedi Hope, await her. Jaina had designed that ship with the help of Lowie and Zekk.

The ramp lowered upon Jaina's command. She climbed aboard, tears still running down her face. Jaina requested clearance to leave. She got it faster than she had thought.

The Jedi Hope went into orbit around the planet. It was not there long before it went into hyperspace. Its course was unknown, yet Jaina did not care. Her heart ached already. She could not return to her family like this. A failure to the only man she had ever loved. She was a Jedi Knight but she did nothing to save him. Yet she did not even know he was in danger. Jaina Solo was no longer a Jedi Knight or a Solo.

Jaina got up from the pilot's seat and headed for theirs-her chamber. She threw herself on the bed. Sobs over took her. Jaina did nothing to control them. Sleep took her in a few minutes.

Jacen Solo woke up in the middle of the night. Tenel Ka slept soundly next to him. Jacen reached out with the Force to feel his son. He was save in his crib. So Derian was not the reason for his awaking.

Than it hit him, his twin cry through the force, Jaina's overwhelming grief. The wave kept hitting him again and again. Jacen tried to reach his twin. Jaina, what happened? He called out to her through the force. Something was blocking him from her. It was a barrier was like none other Jaina had ever put it up or Jacen had felt in any other Jedi Knight.

Jacen gently shook Tenel Ka to consciousness. "Jacen, it's too early." Tenel Ka said sleepily.

"I know. But Jaina is in trouble."

At that Tenel Ka reached out and felt the wave of grief. Tenel Ka got up. "Can you contact her?"

"I am being blocked by something. But I don't think Jaina the one doing it." Jacen and Tenel Ka got dressed. "You get Derian. Meet you at the hanger bay." Jacen walked out the door. The wave of grief was still there, and it affected him. He put his hand on the wall to keep him steady.

Tenel Ka went over to the crib in the corner of the room and picked up their baby with her single arm. Derian yawned as he began to awake due to the movement.

Derian was fully awake when Tenel Ka got to their ship, the Rock Dragon. Jacen had become a better pilot over time as he waited for Tenel Ka to get out of the Hapanian Court meetings.

"Ready?" Jacen said as he hopped in the pilot's chair. Tenel Ka still holding their son, slide into the copilot's seat next to Jacen.

Tenel Ka keyed in to the comm station on Hapan. "Hapan Control, this is the Rock Dragon. Do we have clearance to leave?"

"Of course, your Highness. Please stay on course already set in. It is cleared."

"Acknowledge, Control. Rock Dragon out." Tenel Ka keyed off.

The Rock Dragon headed into hyperspace. Its course

Ally and Allan screamed until their grandfather got up and looked in on them. Their grandmother stayed in their nice warm bed, she knew their grandfather could take care of their needs. Ally was the loudest and didn't stop when Han walked in.

"Ally, Allan what is the matter?" Han Solo asked as he picked up his three-year-old granddaughter. He seated himself and Ally next to Allan on his bed.

"Mummy." Allan said as he rapped his tiny arms around his Grandpa. "Wave, like ocean-"

"It hurts in here." Ally pointed to her heart.

"One of those Jedi things." Han murmured as he pulled his grandchildren close to him. Their hair was a darker brown than Jaina's or Jacen's. Han studied them. Ally's green eyes were filled with tears. Allan green eyes were dry but they showed signs of tears coming. "Can you tell your granddaddy more about your mummy?"

"Something happened to Dada." Allan started.

"Mummy could not have helped. Mummy don't knew what was happening to Dada."

Han had raised twins before and knew they thought the same and talked as one for a couple of years. He followed them easily.

"Mummy hurts in here." Allan pointed to his heart. They were smart but at the middle of the night, even three-year-olds got lazy.

"Can't touch her. Something in the way."

"A barrier of some kind?" Han asked

The twins nodded, yet they knew how to put up their own Force barrier, a strong one at that. And take down the ones their parents used for themselves. It was a game the young Solo family loved to play.

"This one not like others. Can't take down."

"Someone else making it." Ally thought a moment. "Dada is hurt throughout body. Dada not with Mummy."

Both twins twitted their heads as if listening to or seeing something. Through the Force they saw their mother. Laying on their parents' bed aboard the Jedi Hope. She was crying uncontrollably. Her body shook with the sobs. And then the link was cut off. A wall now once again stood in the place of their mother.

"Mummy's gone." Ally said as the wave of grief ended.

"Gone?" Han asked. Was she dead? No he could not believe his daughter might be dead.

Allan felt his grandpa's fear. "Mummy is this here, we saw her."

"Crying and shaking. Than a great-"

"Wall came up. Can't feel Mummy. She alive but that's all wall will let out."

"Find Mummy, Granddaddy?" Ally asked as both of them held him.

The twins grow up in a stranger life then Jaina did. Yet it could not be helped. Also Jaina and Zekk took care of the twins whenever they could, most of the time that chore fall upon Han and Leia or Lowie and Raynar. But the thought of not having their mother here at all scared them worst then anything.

Han picked up both of the twins. His back protested but he ignored the small pain he felt. He carried the twins into the master bedroom. Leia stirred in her almost sleep state.

"What happened?" Han was taken back in surprise. Leia was a Jedi Knight and she didn't feel what happened to Jaina? Somebody was playing games here and Jaina was the grand prize.

"I'll tell you in the morning. You don't mind…?" He left it hanging as Leia took the almost asleep Allan from his arm. They were getting to big to carry, that was for sure. Especially Allan, he was a big three year old, not fat but he looked much older than three. Together, Han and Leia set the now sleeping twins in the middle of their bed. Han signed couldn't his family just retire and let another family have all this fun?

Jaina was deep asleep, dreaming. She felt her body was laying on something soft. Her body felt so weak. Her heart pumped blood for it's body, but hurt more than anything she could ever dreamed of. Jaina felt like what had happen was all a dream. She wished it so.

She imaged that Zekk was still alive and was fixing breakfast like he normally did for her and their children. Jaina imaged her body was not in any pain at all. It was only dream.

Than reality hit her, bring her back to an awake state. Hit her hard again. Your husband lives no more! Her mind repeated to her. In fury, Jaina hit her head, hard. Trying desperately to blocked that out.

Soon she had a major headache along with her heart that felt like breaking inside her.

Jaina curled up in a ball. Her body hurt. Her soul wanted to break into small pieces and never be put back together again.

Sleep took her again. Jaina woke within her sleep. She looked around the dull color sky and ground, there was no ground! She was afloat somewhere. Jaina looked up.

A dark figured stood, floated before her. "Who are you?" Jaina asked. Her voice sounding loud in her ears.

"The question is; who are you to become?" The figured said. Her voice sounding light but full of a heavy burden.

"Become? I don't want to become anything!!" Jaina release some of the building anger she felt. The grief remained and grow with every second Jaina took breathe. If only she need not breathe, than the grief and pain would not grow anymore. She could already not bare it.

"You will become something, dear daughter." The woman said. Yet she did not step any closer. "You will learn in days to come and your lost will be great. Be well and try to understand why these events take place."

Jaina fell back into a dreamless sleep again. As lost as ever in her grief and as to what just took place.

"Did you do as I command?" Keyia asked as his high council return.

"Of course, Oh Great Keyia." Erik teased the man twice his age. Keyia, in his late forties was planning to go after a woman close to Erik's age. Erik wanted the woman and of course, Keyia's power. That would come soon enough.

"She is on her way. She is only an hour or so behind us." Uthara snarled out. Why they needed a Jedi wretch, she could not understand.

"And how is that you beat her here?" Keyia demanded from her.

Uthara's pulled back red hair followed her head's movements as she paced back and forth. "I set her ship into a small detour, so we may watch her arrival." She smiled at the men. "Surely you wanted us to watch the arrival of the one who will bring us to full power of the galaxy. Or have a I missed something?"

"You are right, for once. Now let us make ready for our honored guest." Keyia smiled. Besides the power hungry 'children' that made up his small high council. He's plans seemed to be working out just fine. Soon he would have the greatest weapon to used against the Republic.

The Jedi Hope landed on autopilot on a planet unknown to its systems. Keyia, Erik and Uthara stood near by as the ship landed. The ramp lowered but no one came out. Keyia sensed that his prey was the only member aboard and she was deep asleep in her grief. Keyia walked up the ramp. Followed by his council, more like the 'children' who wanted what he had and would get in days to come. Keyia walked towards the master cabin.

The cabin was in the back of the ship. The passageways were lighten by lights over head and the interior were well furnish will rugs. The door to the desired cabin opened as the trio arrived.

Keyia's prey or now prize slept in a small ball on the large bed. She had cried herself into this sleep and did not stir when Keyia picked her up. She was surprisingly light and not uncomfortable to carry.

A room was made ready for the Jedi woman that Keyia had said would bring the Jedi and the Republic to its knees. Soon they would have an all the information they needed to bring the Republic down and their Empire at the sit of power in the galaxy.

Sith Empire
Jedi Lost
By: Kris Balzer

Chapter Two-The Plans

Keyia watched as his prize slept. He covered her carefully with soft blankets. She did not stir, only moaned quietly in her grief filled sleep. Sitting next to her on the bed. Keyia's heart opened to her. She did not know it but he felt his heart open to someone for the first time in his life.

He knew what he must do. The plans he had been perfecting since his rise to power, three decades ago, were going to change a little. He could not use her as he first thought he could but instead train her to be his equal. Commanding and conquering by his side. He never wanted or thought about having an equal. Keyia made it impossible for the Sisterhood to back behind one candate for the Title many hoped for.

Now, Keyia knew there was someone who had the ability to be his equal. She needed some training, but the ability and power was there, waiting to be let out. If they ruled together, they could lead the Empire into greatness and the Republic would fall.

Signing, Keyia cleared her face of her brown hair. Than he got up, looking around the room one more time. The self-heating bath was ready whenever she woke. And a slave was sent for to prepared the Jedi for when, she woke. Keyia knew she would have questions and the slave could answer the basic ones without giving anything away.

All was in readiness, Keyia left the room. The only sound was the door sliding shut.

Keyia waked down the well-lighted hallway. None of the busy messengers bother the Dark Lord. Only an old woman dared to stop him.

"My Lord Keyia, I greet thee." The hunchback bowed. She wore a ragging old brown robe. Her name was long forgotten by all in court but no one bother to remove her, finding her only when she wished to be seen and heard.

"What is it now, old one?" Keyia said rudely. He had other appointments that needed his attention. Keyia did not have the time nor did he want to hear the mumblings of an old woman, especially this old woman.

"Listen to I, Great Lord. For Doom is the path, if you chose an equal."

"I'm the Dark Lord, I cause doom whenever I go!" Keyia picked up the speed of his pace. Hoping to move too fast for the old woman to follow.

The old woman had no trouble keeping his pace. "Doom for the Empire, my Lord. The equal you seek shouldn't be the Jedi Princess. She will be your down fall."

"She is worthy of me. The only one in the galaxy! We will rule the Empire together, as equals." Keyia reached the throne room. He turned sharp on his heel to face the hunchback. "Now be gone before I make you regret your coming!"

"Go now, do I. Warned you, I did." The hunchback turned and left, never evening looking to see if Keyia would try anything.

Keyia throw open the double doors. They crackle at the force of the opening. His court was already assembled and awaiting their Dark Lord. They stood around a table that was brought in by slaves.

"Our Lord." The vessels charmed in unison. They bowed as one and waited for him to respond with a nodded.

Keyia clasped his hands behind his back as he rounded the table while his court prepared their reports. Keyia placed his hands on the back of his chair. He studied his vessels a moment.

Erik seated to his right. The young lord was Keyia's second in command within the Brotherhood. Not because Erik was trust worthy, but because he has won over the others, within the court and the Brotherhood. His next step would be Keyia's title. Expect Keyia stop his plans whenever they began to show their faces. Erik hated it while Keyia loved to play with him.

Uthara and the other ladies of the Sisterhood seat next to Keyia on his left. Uthara's plans were simple, become Keyia's equal. Which would never happen due to the fact Keyia spoiled all her plans before she could even full think them through. How could she even try to be his equal with these plans? Erik, at least thought the plans out before he started them. And had the Brotherhood's backing for some of them, where Uthara did not have the Sisterhood's.

The other ladies from the Sisterhood, just seat there. Most of the Sisterhood awaited their age-old prophecy to bring their Greatest Lady. Not many challenged Natasha's rule for the moment. Their Great Lady would bring their order out of he darkness it had been in since its birth.

"Report." Keyia said in a commanding tone.

Keyia's older brother, Ke'more stood, "My Lord," he said with no respect in his voice. Ke'more's hatred for Keyia was stronger than any other emotion in his body. He was made crippled by the younger. Now a metal arm replace the one he had lost. Ke'more had challenged Keyia in single combat for the title Keyia now held. Keyia spared his life, finding it amusing for him to live. "The She'tar affairs are all in order. Everything is running as you deemed."

"So the slave pens are all filled? And the market is at its peak?" Keyia asked smoothly.

"At times the pens are empty and at other times they are full. It all evens out in the end." Ke'more shrugged his gigantic shoulders.

"I want them filled at all times, Ke'more."

"Slaves need to breed, and they breed better outside of the pens. If more of the children live to age five, more slaves in those years to come. And they seemed to be a bit more healthier."

"I want a study done; to see which one produces the most slaves. I want to see the report before you do anything."

"As his Lordship wishes." He bowed mockery before he seat down.

Keyia glared at his half brother but chose to ignore him. "Next," Keyia waved his hand in boredom.

The other reports were all simaly. Most of the vessels feared Keyia enough to not challenge him and run their systems the way Keyia wanted them run, orderly. The fleet was completing the last of the ships. A few more months and the Republic will have a fleet they can not hoped to stand against.

"Dismissed." He called after the last report on some small world.

They got up quickly and left, leaving only the table and chairs where they were. Erik and Uthara stayed and climbed the six steps to the throne where Keyia seat down. The slaves, murkily entered and carried the table and chairs away.

Erik waited until the three were alone again, before speaking. "How is our guest?"

Keyia seat in the metallic color, cool throne. Like the Dark Lord should when speaking to his 'children'. They were not his but they acted like children in many ways. "Sleeping. Uthara where is Natasha?"

"The Elder? She would be-" Uthara paused. "I do not know. She's like that old hang. Nowhere when you want her, there when you don't want her."

"Only when a child like you looks." Natasha said behind the throne. "What does the Dark Lord wish of Natasha?" She said as she bowed before Keyia. Erik and Uthara both jumped at her appearance. She always seemed to surprise them.

Keyia smiled at their reactions. He had learned since to control actions such as those. "How is the ancient Dark Lady?"

"Natasha be fine. Natasha honored Dark Lord has not forgotten her like others" She glared at Uthara and Erik. They turned their eyes away.

"Now be nice. I have a favor to ask of you. May I ask?" After the first few years as the Dark Lord, Keyia had learned to respect the woman, no one dared challenge for her title. Eighty years she had held that title, no one disrespected Natasha and lived long.

"Ask Natasha anything, Dark Lord. Natasha has no troubles with questions, answering is a different story."

"I thought you would feel that way. Have you heard of the woman here?"

"Which woman? The Jedi? Of course, Natasha knows all who come and go. She be a powerful ally, Dark Lord."

"I know, that's why I want you and whoever else you desire to train her in the ways of the Sisterhood."

"Train her to be Sith?" Hard thing to do-"

"Can it be done?"

"Of course, hard yes, impossible never. She will the greatest ever. Greater than Natasha." Natasha smiled, she knew what the Dark Lord wanted and understand. She would be dead soon and Keyia did not want the weakling fool Uthara by his side.

All color denied from Uthara's face. She had wanted that and it was in her reach, until now. Now that Jedi woman would have to die, after she helped overthrow the Republic. Uthara did not want to deal with that problem.

Keyia smile, of pure evil. His 'new' plan would work out, just fine. "You seemed to have read my mind. She sleeps now but start her training as soon as possible, The Republic grows weak as we grow strong."

"As the Dark Lord commands." She bowed again and left the way she had come, through the shadows.

The Shadows Walkers, as they are known throughout the Empire, are a slaved race to the Sith Empire. They hate when a Sith learn their ways and walk among their passesways. They still had the ability to lock her out of areas, she never knew about. The Shadow world was grey in color. No light was needed inside their world, the world outside gave all the light that was needed in their world. Natasha followed one path until she came to where she saw the Jedi was sleeping.

The Jedi slept on her side, in tight ball. Her hair was fanned out around her head. No one else was in the room as Natasha left the Shadow world. Instantly Natasha felt the wave of grief. Darkness seemed to surround the Jedi.

"So, she will replace Natasha?" She asked in a soft voice. She laid a winked over the Jedi's shoulder.

The darkness laid upon the Jedi like a blanket, comforting her and strengthening her anger, at the same time. The darkness stirred around her body, acknowledging Natasha's presence. "Yes." The darkness answered in Natasha's mind.

The Jedi moaned when the darkness talked. Natasha turned her attention to her sleeping student. "What are you doing to her?"

"Building her anger. Great is she, but her anger is weak. Most be made stronger or all shall fall."

The Jedi rolled over and moaned again. "Can she hear Natasha and you?" Natasha asked. A look of worry on her face, Natasha did not want the Jedi to know much about her plans or the Dark Lord's.

"Yes, and no, she knows of this but she can not fight against what is happening or what will happen. When she wakes, she will not recall this but she will know of it, like a dream. Now be quiet. Work must be done and you must be ready for the Dark Lady's coming. Jewel of the Sith shall come from her."

Natasha watched in silent a few more moments longer before turning and returning to the Shadow world. She had things she must see to, if she was to train a Jedi to be a Sith. Not just any Sith, but the Dark Lady and the one who will bring the Republic to it's knees.

Another watched from across the room. Unknowing to Natasha or the darkness. She turn to the one who knew she was there, hiding in the shadows. "Jewel of the Sith will come along with the Jewel of Thira. Watch over her, Shadow. She needs you to care for needs that will be clear at a later time."

"As you have ask, m'lady." The tall thin humanoid bowed in respect. "My kin and I will take care of her and the Jewels."

"Good." The spirit said and than was gone. Shadow watched until the Jedi stirred into awakness.

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