SeeDs of the Force
Part 1
By Zekk Skywalk


"C'mon Irvin, you can do better then that."

"J-Just shut up," Irvin ordered.

Zell stood up and got ready to dodge the next attack.

Irvin aimed his shotgun again. He pulled the trigger.Just as Selphie yelled from behind him. The shot went wide.

"Oops," she giggled.

"Whats up?" Zell asked from behind Irvin.

"Oh yeah.We got a new mission!" Selphie exclaimed, jumping.

Irvin's shoulders went up and his eyes went wide at the word 'mission.' "Lets get goin then!"

"Jacen.Jacen wake up."

Jacen blinked his eyes open. "Wh-where.?"

"I think we're in a jail cell. I dunno where exactly," Zekk's voice said piercing the darkness.

Jacen sat up. He couldn't see too well, and he rubbed his head. "Where's Tenel Ka and Jaina?"

"They aren't here. I don't know if they're here or even still alive. Our force powers are some how being limited here," Zekk said.

Jacen tried reaching out through the force to find his sister or Tenel Ka, but didn't have any luck. "I hope they're ok."

"So boss, what's the new mission and who do we have to kill to accomplish it?" Irvin asked with a grin.

Squall ignored him. "We're being ordered to recover Republic emissaries from Galabean forces."

"That's it?" Zell Asked.

"Piece of cake," Irvin said, shrugging.

Selphie looked around. "Where's Instructor Trepe?"

"She went with Rinoa to see if they could politely get them out of prison, considering Rinoa's father is a military General," Squall answered.

Irvin rolled his eyes. Zell snorted.

Squall nodded. "Make sure your GF's are ok and equipped."

"I don't like the sound of this," Jaina whispered.

"This is a fact," Tenel Ka added. The room that the two of them were in had started to move.

After minutes of jostling and shifting, the room was quiet again and the door opened.

A guard walked in and pointed a rifle at them. "Come with me. Both of you. You are to be interrogated."

"We refuse to cooperate," Tenel Ka said.

"You'll have to kill us first," Jaina added, standing up.

"That wont be necessary," a voice said from behind the guard.

The guard quickly turned around and his face connected with the end of a whip. The guard fell to the ground unconscious.

Quistis walked in. "We need to get moving," she said.

Tenel Ka narrowed her eyes. "Who are you?"

Quistis shook her head. "It doesn't matter. Right now we." she was cut short when Rinoa hit her to the ground and closed the door behind her. Right after the door hissed shut, an alarm rang and gunfire started outside the door.

"Um.would you believe I hit a few buttons looking for their weapons and accidentally hit an alarm?"

A few seconds after the gunfire rang, it stopped all of a sudden and a huge roar was heard.

"Wha.?" Jaina mumbled.

Rinoa and Quistis stepped outside and led Jaina and Tenel Ka out. Jaina almost yelled and Tenel Ka got into a battle stance as they saw a huge lion like creature enwrapped in flames. Galabian soldiers were lying on the ground not moving.

The lion like creature roared again before disappearing and Zell appeared out of nowhere.

"What took you?" Rinoa asked.

"Sorry, got caught up fighting a slug like creature outside the door," Zell replied.

Irvin ran down the stairs. "Squall and Selphie are dealing with the base commander." his eyes shifted to Jaina and Tenel Ka "What do we have here? Hello ladies, and who might you be?"

Zell shook his head and Irvin walked closer to them. He took their hands and kissed each one on the fingers. "Alow me to introduce myself. My name is Irvin, and I am the sharpest, smartest, and best looking of the group. What might your names be?"

Jaina blushed and Tenel Ka took her hand back. "Where are Jacen and Zekk," she asked.

Before anyone could answer, a bat like creature flew out of a ventilation shaft nearby and and veered towards the group. Tenel Ka tackled Jaina to the ground just as the creature swooped past where her head had just been. It turned around and was about to make another pass when a figure appeared above it and swiped its head off with a sword-like weapon.

"Stupid fly," Squall said. He walked to the body and took something off from around its neck. "It has the keys to their weapons," he said motioning to Jaina and Tenel Ka.

Zell walked a bit closer to the creature and looked up. "How many levels did you jump down now?"

Squall remained silent. Irvin measured mentally. "Looks like 12 this time. I think that's a record."

Tenel Ka raised an eyebrow. Jaina's jaw dropped. Rinoa and Quistis began giggling. Squall didn't seem to notice. "Selphie is looking for the other emissaries."

Squall looked around and walked towards a door like opening in the wall. He waved the keys in front of it, and the wall opened a small door and dropped the hilts of Jaina and Tenel Ka's Lightsabers out of it.

As they collected their blades, Selphie ran down the stairs. "I found the other prisoners, but we'd better hurry. I think I broke a pannel I shouldn't have."

Jaina closed her eyes and tried to find her brother. "I can't sense him."

Selphie nodded. "There's an anti-magic field around all the prison cells and doors."

A roar echoed around the area. "Uh oh, I think that creature I took the keys from just woke up. I hope he doesn't realize I drew from him," Selphie said, looking around.

Zell took a surprised step back. Squall put a hand over his face and shook his head.

Selphie led the group down to where she said Zekk and Jacen were being held. They were only one level away when one of the doors to the stairway shut.

Selphie pulled at it. "I cant open it without my GF," she said.

Tenel Ka gently pushed her away from the door and ignited her Lightsaber. She cut through the door within seconds.

"Never mind," Selphie said. Irvin chuckled.

The group found the cell Zekk and Jacen were in and opened it. Jaina stuck her head in. "My turn to rescue you guys right?"

Jacen rolled his eyes as he climbed out. Tenel Ka handed them both their blades as they emerged.

Rinoa urged them to hurry. "We have to hurry before." An Icicle shot towards her and Squall sliced it in half mid-air with his Gunblade. They all turned to see a Dinosaur-Eagle-mix creature standing before them.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Jaina mumbled.

SeeDs of the Force
Part 2
By Zekk Skywalk

"So now what do we do?" Jaina asked. Turning to the others, she saw that one of her rescuers, Quistis, was no longer with them.

Jaina looked around, and noticed Jacen and Zekk do the same thing. Tenel Ka was watching the creature, too focused to notice.

All of a sudden, a small creature crawled out of a hole in the ground that wasn't there before and began glowing. It disappeared just as fast as it had appeared, and Quistis was all of a sudden among them again. "Lets get moving," she said, ignoring the confused looks on the other's faces.

As they turned around to run, the creature's eyes began to glow. "Look out!" Jacen yelled to Tenel Ka, but it was too late. A focused red beam shot out at the warrior, but before it could hit her, it hit some sort of crystal like shield that wasn't there before, and reflected back at the creature. Tenel Ka almost looked surprised, and Jacen grabbed her by the hand and pulled her along.

The group began going up multiple stairs and Jacen counted the ammount. "Hey, why are we going up? Wouldn't the exit be at the bottom?" he asked.

Zell answered. "We've been here before, and trust us, the door is at the top."

Jacen was about to ask why the door was at the top when he sensed a tremmor in the force, and he ducked. A trooper with a sword jumped over where his head had just been and swiped in the air with his weapon. Jacen rolled, and ignited his Lightsaber.

Squall turned back after hearing one of the prisoners drop to the ground. He was about to draw his gunblade, but saw the young Jedi ignite his energy weapon. The trooper charged, swinging his sword, but the one called Jacen moved faster then Squall could imagine. He leapt into the air and over the trooper, then swiped down with his blade, cutting the trooper's right arm off at the shoulder. The trooper cried out and fell to the ground.

Jacen turned his blade off and motioned for them to get going. Squall nodded in approval and they all returned to their stair climbing.

They soon reached a control room of sorts, and Jaina resisted the urge to go find out what they all do. She had a feeling she wouldn't be able to figure them out anyway.

The group crossed the circular room and were about to make it to the door when they all saw a brown robot, two blue robots, and two troopers in their way.

The red trooper spoke up. "Halt. Drop your weapons and follow me or be destroyed."

Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, and Zekk all ignited their Lightsabers. The trooper didn't seem impressed.

"Give up now or be destroyed!" He commanded again. The robots moved into what appeared as a combat stance. The blue trooper drew a sword.

Squall looked at the others and they all nodded. Irvin moved in a blur of motion and a shotgun ended in his hand. BANG! He began shooting at the brown robot, and began showing off, shooting behind his back, under his leg, and twirling around.

The brown robot ran up at the shotgun wielding enemy and swung with a hand. Before it could connect, a flame orange color came down on the arm, and it fell off, revealing mechanical parts and gears. Zekk rolled to the ground to get out of the way so Irvin wouldn't accidentally shoot him.

One of the blue robots shot off a dozen small missiles, but Quistis was a step in front of it. She also fired missiles, and the robot's all exploded in his face. It looked partially phased, but then fell down when a whip tangled around its legs and pulled at its legs.

The red trooper shot at one of the escapees, who deflected his shots with some violet colored sword. She then put up her hand, and the trooper felt like he was being pushed hard, and fell to the ground. Before he could get up, a man with odd markings on his face ran up to him and began pounding his fists into the downed soldier's gut. Unconsciousness came swiftly.

The blue trooper ran up at one of the women. Before he could even get close, a dog came out of nowhere and rammed into him. He rolled to get up, and the dog bit at his arm, making the trooper drop his sword. He was about to call a spell when he heard something fire off a spring and a disc shaped blade shot to his head. The trooper felt immediate pain, then nothingness.

The second blue robot had been surprised when one of the former captives had cut off its leg with her turquoise blade. He had shot his eye beams at her, but she deflected them into the wall with her blade too. He turned to fire at her again, but he felt something pierce his armor from behind and a gunshot. He fell and tried to turn around, and saw a figure with a gunblade standing before him before his computer malfunctioned, and shut down.

Everybody retreated from attacking when Selphie yelled something out. The young Jedi took their cue and ran back to where they had been before.

Selphie disappeared, and a black creature appeared. It looked like a demon had escaped from the deepest reaches of hell. It moved its arms and almost identical creatures began appearing from emptiness. They all were very small, but there were very many, at least a hundred. The small creatures swarmed around the downed troopers and robots, and covered them. An explosion ripped through the room and then there were no more enemies.

The Jedi turned their blades off. "Wow," Jacen said surprised. "Sure wouldn't want to be those guys."

Selphie reappeared by Rinoa, who was giving her dog something to eat. Squall holstered his weapon. "Lets go," he said, as if battle had not just happened.

The crew hurried out the door and Jacen looked around. "Uh, how do we get down?" he asked.

Squall pointed across a bridge to a door. "That's the opening," he said.

Irvin grinned. "Or you could try jumping down to break the Commander's record of levels jumped," he joked. Squall shook his head at the word 'Commander.'

Jaina, Jacen, Zell and Selphie went across first, and then motioned for the rest to hurry.

Squall and Tenel Ka were the last to cross, but just before they reached about midway, the bridge began to shake, and the thing split in two and began lifting up as if a boat was going underneath.

Without thinking, Squall launched himself over the gape, and landed safely on the other side, rolling down the now 40 degree angle. Tenel Ka hesitated only for a fraction of a second before doing the same, and landing closer to the group then Squall had, even though he had a head start.

They all ran down the flights of stairs to the desert bottom where a spaceship awaited them. Jaina and Zekk both looked at it very intrigued. "What kind of ship is this?" Jaina asked.

Zell answered as the others boarded. "Its called the Ragnarok. Don't ask how we got it, it's a pretty long story," he said as they boarded.

But once Squall reached the cockpit, he realized that the controls had been blasted and the ship was now useless until it could be repaired. Irvin hovered nearby and noticed too. "Great. Now we have to walk back to Garden," he said.

Squall got everybody out of the ship and all the supplies they could carry. "We have a long walk ahead of us now. Timber is far away from here and we can't fly. So we have to walk," he said monotone.

Jacen and Zekk both looked surprised. Jaina tossed one of the supply bags over her shoulder. "If you boys can't do it Tenel Ka and I will carry you babies," she said with a grin. Jacen frowned and Zekk rolled his eyes. "If you go half as long as we do I'll be impressed," Jacen challenged, though he knew Tenel Ka could go on walking for days if she had to.

Squall looked blankly at the young Jedi and shrugged. "Whatever. Just keep up."

SeeDs of the Force
Part 3
By Zekk Skywalk

"Can we take a break?" Jaina asked. Zekk and Jacen both nodded at her question and turned to Squall to hear his answer.

Squall sighed and nodded. Jaina sat down on a rock, while Jacen and Zekk sat down just where they were standing. Tenel Ka sat down, not looking at all tired, by the small stream that was by the path they were taking.

Zell plopped down on a small boulder. "What I'd give for a hot dog right now," he said. Selphie giggled and Irvin halfheartedly nodded his head. Squall didn't sit down and he leaned against a tree and looked ahead down the path. Everybody else sat down beside the path.

Jacen, after catching his breath, drowned out the silence. "Why did the Republic hire SeeD's to get us out of the prison? They have troops of their own."

Quistis answered. "Our orders came directly from an important person of sorts, a Master Skywalker, asking specifically by name for us to go," she said.

Jaina frowned. "Why would Uncle Luke hire someone when he could send Republic troops? And how did he know their names?" she asked the other Jedi.

Zell stood up and began doing some martial arts moves in the air. Selphie giggled again. "Can you ever stay still for more then 2 minutes?" she asked. Irvin chuckled. Zell rolled his eyes and sat down.

Jacen looked at Tenel Ka, who was being very quiet, and then at Squall, who was being very quiet too. "Hey, are you two related to each other or something? You sure act the same," he said, grinning. Zekk and Jaina both noticed the similarities and began grinning too.

Tenel Ka got up and sat down by Jacen. "This is not a fact. I have never met Commander Leonheart," she said.

All of the SeeDs except for Squall laughed when she said 'Commander Leonheart' and Rinoa tried to contain herself. Squall shook his head.

While everybody was laughing, Jacen sat up and ignited his Lightsaber. "Shhh.someone's coming," he said.

Squall turned around and looked in the direction that Jacen was pointing.

Everybody turned in that direction. Tenel Ka spoke up. "I feel it as well. There are Seven presence's."

All of a sudden gunfire erupted and everyone dove for cover. Jacen tried deflecting a shot, but realized it was a bullet and he had to duck to avoid getting shot. "Sithspawn, we can't deflect the shots. They just burn up if they hit our blade."

Zekk drew a blaster he had recovered from a fallen soldier back at the prison. "At least they don't go all the way through your blade and hit you," he said while returning fire. Irvin was doing the same.

Jaina also drew a blaster, but when she came up to fire, a shot hit her in the shoulder. She cried out, and fell to the ground. Jacen looked as if he too was shot, but he didn't have a wound. "Jaina." he mumbled, and started crying. Zekk crawled beside her and felt she was limp.

Selphie didn't seem to see a problem as she crawled up too and pointed at Jaina's dead body. An aura surrounded her and the wound disappeared, and she blinked her eyes open. Jacen stopped crying and hugged her. Zekk hugged her too and asked, "how did you do that? She was dead." his voice trailed off.

Selphie smiled. "Phoenix Dawn. It's a potion that brings a dead combatant back to life," she said, pointing at an empty vial in her hand. "W-wha-what just happened?" Jaina asked.

Jacen explained while Zekk turned his attention back to the battle. The gunfire had mostly stopped. "How many left?" he asked Irvin.

Irvin shrugged. "Two, maybe three. They took shelter behind those trees over there," he said pointing them out.

Zekk nodded, then ignited his Lightsaber. He then let go of the hilt, and levitated it slowly to the trees, keeping it low to the ground. Once close enough, he used the force to swing the blade horizontally, cutting the tree in half and onto the remaining soldiers. "Problem solved," he said with a grin, bringing his weapon back to his hand.

Squall stood up. "Lets go."

Zell laughed. "Yes sir, Commander sir," he said with a salute. Rinoa and Quistis both giggled, and Irvin raised an eyebrow to see what Squall would do next. Squall didn't or at least tried not to notice his comment. Zekk helped Jaina up and helped her along.

"Boy, now I'm hungry for one of your 'hot-dogs,'" Jacen said.

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