Star Wars
Jedi Knights: Promise of Deception

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

The next book after Crisis at Crystal Reef.

  1 |________________________________________________

Jaina clutched her stomach as a wave of dizziness passed over
her. Then a terrible headache started joined with nausea. She tried to
use the force to dim the pain long enough to figure out what was going
on, but nothing happened. Concentrate, she told herself, still nothing.
She decided to go to the medical bay, although she couldn't figure out
could possibly be wrong with her.  
She passed her brothers room and paused, wondering if she should
talk to him first. Then she heard a crash, from one of the cages in his
room and a feeling of wrong in the air. She knocked once then managed to
push the door open. Her twin brother, Jacen, lay shaking on the floor.
"What's going on?" He groaned. Apparently she wasn't the only one
affected by the strange wave of pains.
"I don't know." She breathed, "I have a terrible headache and I'm
dizzy." She helped him up.
"Me too." He slowly followed her to the door. They both used the
wall for support. When the made it out into the corridor they were met by
many more Jedi staggering toward the grand audience chamber. With the
flock was Tenel Ka and Lowbacca. The warrior girl stood up straight but
her face was white and pained. The Wookie drooped like a dying plant. Not
far behind them came Raynar and Lusa.
"Do you know what is going on?" Jacen asked them in a labored
voice. Raynar just looked on pale and dazed. The centauriform girl
stamped her hoof feebly. Tenel Ka shook her head slowly. Lowie barked a
quiet "no". Zekk came up to Jaina and the group waiting beside Jacen's
"Master Skywalker called a meeting." He was as solemn as ever but
his forehead was covered he sweat and his naturally pale face was whiter
than the snow covered world of Hoth.
The young Jedi knights followed him up the stairs and took their
seats. Anakin and Tahiri found their friend Sannah and sat in a row in
front of the older Jedi. For once, Tahiri was completely silent. The
orphan girl from Tatooine had been raised by the Sand People and had no
one her own age to talk to for many years. Now she had Anakin and Sannah.
Sannah was a Melodie from Yavin 8 and her time on Yavin 4 was almost
over. When Melodies turn 12 they must change into adults and they must be
in the ___ waters to transform.
Master Skywalker did not have to raise his hands to quiet the
chatter as usual. All his students where quiet but not calm. He could
feel the sickening waves too, but he also felt their pain and fear.
"I do not know exactly what is causing this...illness, or what it
is. I have contacted the New Republic and apparently not everyone is
affected." He tried to keep his voice steady, calm, strong. "Only those
especially sensitive to force seem to be affected. There is no medical
basis for this, so the medical droids and bacta tanks can't help." He
again had to compose his voice. "Until we know what is happening, nothing
can be done. All classes will be canceled. You are free to stay in your
rooms or if it distracts you from the pain, you can wonder about outside
but stay with in sight of the great temple. The Force is with us, we will
overcome this." The Jedi Master stepped away.
"Ah. Aha." Tenel Ka managed to say. "We must solve this mystery."
"I'm all for that." Jacen said. "But right now I think I need to
rest." Jaina just nodded. She was far away...she was on a desert planet.
She was walking, there was something strange in the distance it was a...
"Jaina? Jaina! Are you ok?" Zekk asked. He seemed the least
afflicted by the strange sickness.
 "Jaina..." Jacen struggled to say.
"I'm fine...I guess I was dreaming. I think I'll rest too."
"Yes, we can all rest then meet here in...two standard hours?" Lusa
suggested. She also seemed less affected. They were all to weary to think
of a better plan.

Anakin and Sannah helped Tahiri struggle to Master Skywalker's chambers.
"I'" Tahiri said. They let go and knocked softly. Luke
appeared at the door. Anakin, who barely had a headache, spoke up first.
"Sannah needs to go home, it's almost her time to change. I know it's
dangerous, but we helped Lyric all that time ago. So can we go too?" I
sounded like Tahiri, he thought.
"Will you be strong enough?" Master Skywalker asked. Yavin 8 was
dangerous place for the healthy.
"I barely even feel it. And we're both older now, plus we are not looking
for the key to the golden globe this time." He smiled. The last time he
and Tahiri went to Yavin 8 they had been on two missions. One, to help
protect their friend Lyric during her change and two, to find out what
the writing in the Palace of the Woolamanders meant. They had to free the
sprits of the Massasi children trapped in the golden globe.
"Ok." Luke gave in. "It just so happens, Peckhum is making a
delivery in about two hours, is that soon enough?" he asked Sannah.
"Oh, yes." She answered with a sad look in her eyes, she was hoping for a
bit longer to say good-bye to everyone.
Once outside Master Skywalker's room, Tahiri collapsed. Anakin and Sannah
picked her up and shook her awake. Anakin knew she wasn't strong enough
to make this journey, but he also knew she wouldn't stay behind.
"Tahiri, I know you won't hear it but-"
"Oh no, Anakin Solo, you are not leaving me here! I'll be fine." As if to
disagree with her, her legs went out from underneath her. Sannah barely
caught her. Anakin didn't feel like arguing, besides he knew it would go
no where.

"I'll stay awhile, if that's ok with you." Zekk said.
"You should rest too, but I'd like the company. Although, I'm not sure
I'm feeling very talkative..." Speech was hard for her. It hurt in
several different places.
This any better?
Y-Yes, this doesn't hurt. I wonder why you and Lusa seem less affected?
Anakin too, he seemed fine.
I don't know, I can't think of anything I have in common with your
brother that I don't have with you.
How about Lusa? I don't think she and Anakin have anything in common.
Nope, I can't find a connection. What were you dreaming earlier? Zekk
asked. She looked up at the ceiling.
I'm not sure. Suddenly I wasn't in the Grand Audience Chamber anymore; I
was in a desert...walking. I saw something on the horizon but I don't
know what. It's the key to whatever is going on, I know it is. She turned
and faced him. Too weird? He leaned forward and kissed her forehead.
How about I let you sleep so you can finish the dream and solve
this whole mess?
Ok, but puzzles are Anakin's department.

Zekk walked outside by the river thinking. He knew he should be
thinking about the current crisis but his mind wandering to the question
Master Skywalker had asked him, "What next?" It was a familiar question;
he had asked himself that a million times. He felt like going somewhere,
getting out and exploring. He had already tried that though, it led him
There were lots of ways to serve the New Republic, some went out
and patrolled borders, or became ambassadors. With the Empire reduced to
a few ships scattered around where the core worlds would let them hide,
there was no one to fight. His mind wandered to Jaina. She was 16 now,
the same age he was when he went to the dark side. He wasn't much older,
so what were they going to do?

  2 |________________________________________________

Jaina was walking on the same planet as before, but this time she
was with Jacen. She felt small in the huge deserted place; old ruins were
everywhere. Jacen must have felt the same way because he took her hand.
She couldn't see the warrior girl or their Wookie friend but she sensed
that they were there. She looked toward the setting sun, and there it
was. A huge pillar, they were far from it bust she could tell it was
huge. Then, suddenly they were right next to it and she saw four strange
markings and then she woke up. All of her symptoms had stopped, except
the headache. She check the chronometer, she had a half an hour until she
had to meet the others.
She stepped into the refresher unit and quickly showered. Then
she picked out a clean brown flightsuit. She had just brushed her brown
hair off her shoulders when she heard a soft knock at her. It was her
brother, her little brother.
Come in. She didn't feel like testing her voice just yet. The
door slide open and Anakin walker in. He was more like her than Jacen was
but both twins had to admit: Anakin was the weird one, he was also the
genius. What's on your mind little brother?
"You can talk regularly now, everyone is better. Only the
headache is left." He said quietly. He walked up and gave her a hug. This
surprised her; he haden't hugged her in a long time.
"I'm leaving. It's time for Sannah's changing. Write down the
marks so I can see them."
"Huh?" What was he talking about? Jaina wondered.
"The marks, on the pillar. When Tahiri and I were trying to break
the curse of the golden globe, it helped when we wrote them down."
" did you- ok." Better not to ask, she thought. She wrote
down the marks carefully, using a Jedi method of recall. "There."

"Umm hmm." He said. "Use the computer search of them. You might
find something." He paused. "Maybe it will be like the golden globe.
Anyway, good-bye. I'll see you when you get back, Jaya." He hadn't used
that name for her in so long it seemed like forever.
"Anakin, you're the one who's leaving, silly. I'm not going
anywhere." She said puzzled, he was definitely the weird one.
"Oh, that's right, but yes you will. Give it some time." And he
was gone. She paced around her room for a moment, then decided to head to
the Grand Audience Chamber. She didn't have to walk slowly or hold the
wall, but her head was a nagging reminder that something wasn't right.
When she entered the large room, she spotted Zekk and Tenel Ka waiting.
"Hi." She said smiling.
"Greetings." Tenel Ka nodded, backing away casually. A smile
tugged at her lips. She knew Zekk and Jaina would want to talk...alone.
"You seem better." Zekk said with a smile. Just then Lusa trotted
up with Raynar beside her.
"I'm glad this thing seems to have passed," Raynar said as
brightly as his rainbow robes. "Except for the headache." He added
rubbing his temples.
"Where is Jacen?" Lusa asked. "And Lowie? This is the time we
agreed on." Tenel Ka rejoined the group.
Zekk shrugged, "Maybe they over slept."
"Or are catching a loose pet." Tenel Ka suggested. Raynar and
Jaina remembered the crystal snake incidents.
"Or saying good bye..." Jaina murmured. "Well Jacen could be
saying by to Anakin. He came to tell me it's Sannah's time."
"Ah, the shut down sequence was restful. Even though I suffered
none of your mysterious ill effects." Em Teedee chattered bobbing along
with his microjets. Lowie growled a greeting. Jacen came up behind his
sister and surprised her with a poke in the back. Em TeeDee had
distracted her.
"Feeling better?" She asked.
"Yeah, Anakin hugged me and called me Jasa." Jacen whispered
making a funny face of surprise. She nodded but didn't have time to
"Anyone have any ideas?" Lusa asked.
"Jaina the mystic, did you finish your dream?" Zekk asked
"I think so, Jasa- uh, Jacen, did you have any dreams?" She
hadn't meant to call him that.
"Yeah I did Jaya." He thought she had been teasing him. Tenel Ka
raised an eyebrow at the nicknames. "We were walking where there was a
lot of sand and a big pillar. It was just you and me, but I could feel
Tenel Ka and Lowie were near by."
"I had the same one. Anakin said to write down these-" She handed
the them to Lusa and they were passed around the small circle of friends.
"-He also said to check the computers for something about them."
"I saw a totally different set." Jacen said. He quickly jotted
them down next to Jaina's.
"And what are all my finest young Jedi doing?"
"Uncle Luke!" The twins exclaimed.
"Ah. Aha." Tenel Ka said. "And who is accompanying you?"
"This is Liya. She's a new addition. One of my former students,
Kyp, discovered she had great talent with the force. She has already
learned very much." The girl nodded her head in greeting. She looked
about Jaina's age.
"We're going to solve the mystery of that weird wave a of pain."
Jacen said.
"And lasting headaches." Raynar put in still rubbing his temples.
Raynar and Jacen could be quite the comedy team occasionally. Luke
nodded. He had every confidence that they would. It was just the sort of
thing he used to do with Leia, Han, Chewie, and Lando.

  3 |________________________________________________

Raabashyyk had decided it was now or never. If she still carried
the plague now, she would always. If only there was some way to test it
without killing. She decided to go to Coruscant and tell the New Republic
exactly who she was and what danger she posed. They could do tests or
find someway to make sure that no one else died. She dreamt that Lowbacca
would be on a sandy outer-rim planet soon and she intended to be there,
if she could.

After the young Jedi knights had showed the new girl around and
left her in her quarters, they went back to the subject of a plan.
"Master Lowbacca and I ran the checks you requested Mistress
Jaina. We discovered that they are an ancient form of writing called
Ilonigs. They were used by the beings some scientists believe all
sentient races are descended from from. The only places Ilonigs are still
readable are the desert planet of Ilog and the ice planet of Ilokis.
These planets are located at the very most outer edge of the rim of known
space. No archeological team has ever returned from either place. Oh my!
Apparently it is rumored that a hostile alien race from beyond the rim
monitors the planets and attacks anyone entering the vicinity."
"Nothing out of the usual there, when do we leave?" Jacen asked.
"We can't just charge off not knowing what to expect." Jaina
"Why not?" Tenel Ka asked. "Is that not what we always do?"
"She's right, you know." Zekk said.
"Yes, I know." Jaina agreed. "But maybe this time we should be a
little more careful. We could have been killed so many times."
"Alright who says we through her in the river-" Jacen started.
"And depart immediately." Raynar and Lusa finished together,
laughing. "And this time you are not leaving me behind." Lusa smiled.
"Of course you really are right Jaina." Jacen said. "So lets make
a plan."
"Alright two planets, two ships. And between the all of us, two
crews." Zekk said. "I got the Lightning Rod." Lowie and Tenel Ka claimed
the Rock Dragon.
"Hey, Jaina, uh, would you mind coming with us? It will be just
like old times." Jacen said. "Besides we're together in the dream."
"You sound like Anakin. But I guess-" She looked at Zekk who
shrugged "-sure."
"Alright, Raynar Lusa, you're with me." Zekk said.
"What is your intended destination?" Liya, the new arrival asked.
She seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.
"Uh, Ilog and IIokis." Jacen said unsure on what to do. What as
she doing here?
"Ah hmm. Are you seeking the ancient ruins?"
"I guess so." Jaina answered.
"Need any help? Since the classes have been canceled there is not
much to do here. I have heard much about the ruins, and the strange force
guarding them."
"Uh, no offense but you're not fully trained yet-" Zekk started.
"But then neither were we when we starting our crazy adventures. Sure.
There's room on the Lightning Rod for one more." She bowed her head in
"So Liya, where are you from?" Jaina asked. "Lets go pack." she
and the new student walked away.
"If Jaina hadn't just left, she say, 'What are we waiting for'.
So what are we waiting for?" Jacen asked and walked Tenel Ka to her room.
The others went to their rooms. They didn't know how long they were going
to be gone so they packed enough to keep them awhile.

"Actually, my clan is nomadic. We go everywhere." Liya replied.
"Clan?" Jaina asked rummaging around her room.
"Yes, I am of the clan Caaliin. Our people are called the
Travelers and that is what we do. I spent time of Darthomir and even with
the Singing Mountain Clan, the same clan as the Princess. I've been to
Coruscant, Tatooine, and Hapes. As well as many other places."
"Have you ever been to Ilog or Ilokis?"
"No, we do not go there. We have seen the Power, the ones
protecting them. I do not know why but they do. They will try to destroy
us, and the are usually successful."
"But they've never come up against us before, we seem to pull off
some amazing things."
"I have heard. That is why I asked to come with you, I believe
you have a chance. But this whole thing is still ill advised." They
talked awhile more. Liya had never unpacked so there was nothing to pack.
Jaina discovered that she had a strange accent. She said all "j" 's, like
"y" 's, so "Jedi" became "Yedi" and "just" became "yust" and so on.

"Alright, we leave in 15 standard minutes." Zekk said to his
crew. He walked off to find Jaina. He found her finishing up pre-flight
checks on the Rock Dragon.
"Hey, need any help?" He asked. She looked up and smiled.
"No, all done." She tossed her hair back, of her shoulders. It
was a little longer than shoulder length now.
"So whose turn is it to pull off the amazing rescue this time?"
He asked.
"Mmm, I don't know, mine I think. But we never really take
turns." Jaina said.
"Yeah, I guess not." He paused. "Well, may the force be with you,
with all of us." He hugged her and returned to the Lightning Rod.

  4 |________________________________________________

"What do our spies have to report, Celtan?" a young man asked
from his command chair.
"The Force seems to have recovered from our initial poisoning. It
mostly healed itself." The young woman answered. "Koty, it did weaken the
Jedi though, if we do it again and attack immediately, the New Republic
would fall."
"We know they are going to fall, we just want to minimize our
losses." He said. "Celtan, this is it, we really can do it. Prepare to
send the team down again, this time with much more toxins. We want to
wipe out the Jedi threat for as long as possible. Use it all."  He
gripped the armrests tightly. "This it." He repeated.
Celtan relayed his orders to Galain, had of the science team that
developed and delivered the poison that stole the Jedi's power.

"All systems check," Raynar informed Zekk. "Let's go." He sat
happily in the co-pilot seat.
"Rock Dragon, We are ready to depart. See you at the rendezvous
point." Lusa said. They took off and proceeded out of the atmosphere.
Then, they made the jump into hyperspace. Liya entertained the group with
her stories of places she'd been and the stories her Clan recorded about
Ilog and Ilokis. All they knew is that no one was allowed to land on the
planets. Her Clan believed all human life started on Ilog and that Ilokis
was their first colony. Then they spread out among the stars and forgot
their past.
When they dropped out of hyperspace, they met the Rock Dragon.
"Ok, we'll check out Ilokis and meet you here in three days."
Lusa confirmed. "May the force be with you."
"And you." Jacen replied. The two ships split up.
"I'm picking up patrol ships on long rage sensors. They must be
Univi, the guardians. We can hide in the planets shadow and hope they
their scanners don't pick us up, or try and reason with them." Liya said.
"Sneak in, I don't like listening to rumors but I can't ignore
them." Zekk said and he piloted them toward the dark side of the planet.
"Have they picked us up?"
"I don't think so...not yet anyway." Liya replied.
"Alright, here we go." He flew into the atmosphere and found
nothing but dark, flat, ice land. He landed as near the only structure as
he could. They put on thermal suits to keep warm and took out potable
lights. He hadn't wanted to be detected by the ships so it was a good
half a days hike to, whatever it was.
Lusa led the way with Raynar close behind her. Liya was next and
Zekk brought up the rear. They marched along silently for hours before
they could even see it. It was a large tower off in the distance and it
seemed that they would never reach it. On one of their breaks, Lusa
decided to break the silence. "What do you think it is?" She asked.
"I'm not sure, maybe some old ruins of a city or temple." Raynar
"A marker." Liya said simply with no explanation.
"The key to Raynar's lasting headache." Zekk suggested. The boy
immediately started rubbing his temples again.

Jaina smiled, it felt so good to be in the pilot seat of the Rock
Dragon. It also felt good to be creating a tradition, a tradition of a
Solo as pilot and a Wookie co-pilot. She missed Zekk, of course she did,
but this was...right. She looked back to see her brother at com unit and
Tenel Ka right next to him at navigation.
"There are two ships orbiting the planet. They have not picked us
up on their sensors yet. What are you are your recommendations, captain?"
Tenel Ka asked. She didn't smile outwardly, but Jaina could sense it. She
enjoyed calling Jaina captain because Jaina loved it.
"We should probably avoid detection. At least," Jaina said, "For
now." Tenel Ka nodded.
"Mistress Jaina, if I may ask, how planning you to do that?" Em
Teedee asked.
"Actually I was hoping that you could-"
"They've spotted us!" Tenel Ka cried. "Moving it intersect."

"Koty, we've picked a...a ship coming toward the planet!" Celtan said in
surprise. "Don't they know not to mess with
      the most powerful fleet in the universe?"
      "We're not _that_ good." Koty replied. "Perhaps they're here to
join, try and contact them."
      "Patching them through." A brown haired young man popped into
      "Who are you and what business to you have here?" Koty asked.
      "Hey, I could ask you the same thing." Jacen replied. "We're
investigating the planet below, it may be linked to some
      mysterious happenings."
      *So,* Koty thought, *He knows, partially.*
      "Negative, this is our territory, unless you want to join..."
      "Join what?" It was a girl's voice and then the young woman came
into view. She was obviously the young man's sister.
      "Our...our political movement." Koty answered.
      "No thanks," The girl replied, "We have own."
      "Then I will have to ask you to leave or will be force to open fire
upon your ship."
      "We don't want any trouble-" The boy started.
      "Then leave!" Koty motioned for the com officer to end the
transmission. "Give them 5 seconds to think they blow them
      out of the sky." He ordered.
5 |________________________________________________

      "What's his problem?" Jacen asked. "And why is the commander of a
force that keeps everyone out of this sector our age?"
      "He may not the commander." Jaina said. "But even if you take into
account that we have the force, we've done some amazing things for our
      "Mistress Jaina! I hate to interrupt but-" Lowie growled a warning.
      "Incoming!" Jaina cried, surprised. They hadn't moved any closer to
the planet. "Yes, Master Lowbacca, that's what I was try-"
      "All right Lowie, here we go." She and the Wookie franticly tried
to dodge the fire, using the force they managed not to be destroyed, but
the damage was not good.
      "Secure your crash webbing, we're going down!" Jaina cried.

      "Have then been destroyed yet?" Koty asked impatiently.
      "No sir. They're- They've just gone into hyperspace!" The officer
lied. Finally she could do some good. She had already falsified the
      "Let me see!" Celtan demanded, but the young traitor had done her
work well. "It's alright Ishany." Koty believed her! "It's not your

Liya was very impatient and angry. She knew they were wasting their time
here but to tell them that meant explaining _how_ she knew that. They
kept walking until they found the pillar. It was very tall and had
strange writing all over it, but that was it. Liya clenched her teeth as
she read the inscriptions. *Do not cry. It was long ago. Not you,
Anakina, not Liya. You are Liya. * She accidentally read the last part
out loud. "Always remember what we have learned and never forget our
      "What?" Raynar asked.
      "You can read them?" Lusa cried.
      "Yeh-yes." she looked down. "I will read them for you on one
condition, you do not ask or speculate on how I know Ilonigs." The three
Jedi nodded. *I could tell you a lot more if that promise could cover not
speculating on how I know more.*
      "We are the people of Ilog and we are soon to die. Our curiosity
led us to great evil and it will consume us. Beware the heart of Ilog and
Ilop. Do not enter the mines. Do not touch the stones of the underneath.
Always remember what we have learned and never forget our tragedy."
      "Where's Ilop?" Zekk asked. Liya couldn't stand it anymore.
      "It was their first colony and it was destroyed by the dark power
of the white heart stones, the darkside." She blurted out covering her
mouth as soon as she said it.
      "Liya...I'm sorry but I have to ask how you knew _that_." Zekk
said. Maybe bringing her along wasn't such a bad idea.
      "The force?" she offered meekly. No one believed it but they let it
be and headed back to the ship.

The Rock Dragon plummeted to the surface. Between the four Jedi's
they managed not burn up in the atmosphere or on contact with the hot
desert sands. As they filed out to look at where they'd landed Jacen
"Kinda looks like Tattoine."
"I hate hot sandy places." Jaina grumbled remembering her
treacherous encounter with the day side of the Twi'lek home world,
Ryloth. Jacen shielded his eyes as he scanned the horizon.
"Man, that thing really is huge, I can see it from here, even
without the force." Jacen said in awe.
"This is a fact." His warrior friend Tenel Ka was also looking and the
tower which appeared tiny from so far away.
They gathered water rations from the ship after Jaina confirmed her
fears. She couln'd repair the Rock Dragon with the supplies and parts she
had. She came up against something she couldn't repair. Jacen could tell
it really bothered his sister. Lowie and Tenel Ka walked behind the twins
hoping to replicate the dream. That was their only clue.

Rabba couldn't do it. She couldn't turn herself in. She wasn't still
carrying the virus anyway. She kept telling her self that. She decided to
find the planet of her dreams. What could it hurt? Lowie wouldn't be
there anyway. Dreams never meant anything. She just missed him. She
plotted a course for the outer rim. She would sort through all the files
and fine all the desert planets. She'd narrow it done by feeling and try
the rest. At least it would give her something to do.

"They're not here!" Raynar cried in surprise.
"Relax, They still have a day." Zekk said putting his feet up and
learning back. Just to be sure he reached out with the force. She was
walking...with Jacen...and the towering pillar was a long way away. She
seemed ok, a little shaken up but ok.
"So Liya, would you mind explaining how you know so much?" He asked.
Turning his attention away from worrying over the girl he loved.
"I would. Besides you would not believe me." She said plainly.
"Sure we would." Raynar said.
"We have the force, we would know if you were lying." Lusa added.
"So shoot." Zekk said impatiently. He couldn't wait to here this
"Please, do not make me." Her voice was pained and her expression
worried. "It is a very long, painful story, not to mention impossible."
"Nothing is impossible." Lusa breathed, "We have proved that many times.
We all have painful pasts. If it would help, I will tell you mine."
"I'll share." Raynar said thinking of his father.
"I guess I could add my past." Zekk said wondering how she would react
when he told her his dark past.
"You will believe me?" She asked genuinely afraid. That was something
about her that worried Zekk, her fear. Her fear, her anger, and the
secrets she kept. He was afraid she might make some of his mistakes. The
three Jedi nodded.
She took a deep breath, "I will begin at the beginning, the very
beginning. It was somewhere between 80 and 800 million years ago. I don't
know exactly, but it was before humans evolved, before we went to the
stars. There were four sub-species, Woolies, Walkers, Crawlers, and
Swimmers. Every scencient being you see today evolved from them. Anyway,
I was very special, I was the first born in my family, but also I was
different. Tiran and I were the first twins ever, not only that but we
were different colors. All walkers had blond fur on their arms and legs
and heads. They all had dull blue eyes. Tiran had dark brown fur and I
had a light reddish blonde. His eyes were ice blue and mine were swampy
green." She paused to look at her audience. It seemed like ages since
she'd told this story, and it had been. She decided to cut short.
"I was born and raised on Ilog until we started our colony on Ilop. I
died when it was destroyed. That was the end of my first life. I am
usually born anywhere from 12 to 300 years after I die. I lived about 70
lives. I used to remember all of them but I've lived so much some of them
are fading." she waited for a response.
"Well, that was interesting and that answers my question. But now I want
to know how in Sith you managed it." Zekk didn't know what to think.
"Perhaps another time?" Lusa had come to her rescue. "You've answered his
question and you look tired." She nodded and the girls went into the
"So what do you think?" Zekk asked the young merchant.
"She's telling the truth, but holding something back, the reason her
story is so painful."
"Yeah. I think we should go down and visit Jaina tomorrow, uh, I mean all
of them."
"I know exactly want you meant. You're crazy for her." Raynar said
smiling. "Kinda like how I fell about Lusa."
"Yes. Jaina is wonderful. It just seems weird sometimes, she's almost the
same age as I was when I went to the dark side." Zekk thought out loud.

"Alright let's get down to the planet!" Koty said excitedly. They landed
near the 'well' and started setting up the equipment they needed to
poison the force. It had to be done just right, the toxins had to hit the
black stones at the bottom of the shaft to effect the lightside. It
didn't make any sense to Koty, the white stones seemed to be connected to
the darkside and the black stones to effect the lightside.

It seemed that they weren't getting anywhere to Jaina. They gotten near
enough to the pillar to seem the some sketchy lines but they had to get a
lot closer before they would be able to make out which set of
inscriptions. They had walked for two days now, camping at night. It got
very hot in the day and very cold at night. Sometimes it seemed like
walking was the only thing that she'd ever done in her life. Then she'd
look over at her brother and remember all the adventures they'd had; even
when they were little they'd done amazing things and then they defeated
the Shadow Academy, the Diversity Alliance, and the Black Sun. She was so
deep in thought she didn't notice time passing. The next thing she knew
her brother was whistling at the height of the pillar. It was right in
front of them. She looked up and used the force to scan the markings on
the pillar.
They repeated over and over again. The same sad story replaying over and
over so no one would ever forget. But that was all she got with the
"What do you think?" She asked her brother.
"I think we'd better watch out! Blaster Bolts it's that crazy commander!"
Jacen exclaimed pointing at a group not far from where they stood.
"They have not detected us yet." Tenel Ka stated. But that was soon out
of date. The twins ducked behind the pillar.
"Get them!" Koty cried. He whirled around scanning for Ishany. *Traitor!
She lied, she's with the resistance!* He saw Celtan armed with a heavy
blaster blasting the sith out of the pillar. It seemed a shame to ruin
the monument put he saw what she was doing. When it fell it would crush
the intruders. The girl was the first to ignite her glowing energy blade.
That spelled out trouble for Koty and his party. They had more weapons
and shelter but they had the force.

6 |________________________________________________

It seemed the sort of place Lowie would hang out, a desert planet
protected by a powerful mysterious force. Raaba decided to give it a try.
If it didn't work out maybe she could settle there, make a new life. The
guard force hardly crossed her mind.
Zekk pushed the Lightning Rod's engines to the limit, he could feel his
friends panic. They were in trouble.
"Always pulling off the rescue, well almost." Raynar said trying to cheer
Zekk up. He could feel the danger too but he was also worried about Zekk.
The dark haired young man seemed to be a gilt magnet. If he didn't kill
himself before he reached 22, Raynar would believe in miracles.
"Just hold on." Zekk muttered.
"Ilog." Liya said looking at the view screen. Lusa put her hand on the
girl's shoulder. "It will be alright. We must save our friends." The
younger girl nodded. They flew in low over the battle just in time to see
the pillar fall and a purple blade fly out of Jaina's hand. The pillar
appeared to crush her. (She dies, Zekk and Jacen go crazy and to the
darkside and their rage destroys the planet) Zekk fell to the floor and
Raynar jumped into the pilot's seat, taking the controls. Lusa sat beside
him helping him maneuver. Liya knelt beside Zekk and touched his
shoulder. He looked similar to her first love, Tyme, when she died.
"Your eyes can deceive you, what does the force tell-"
"I can't! Something strange is down there!"
"The stones. Oh!" She exclaimed.
"SHUT UP! Just leave me alone."
"I know it hurts-"
"How? What do you know?" (Ha, classic 'what do you know?' sob
story of pain and woe, 'oh, I had no idea.')
"I know more pain than you can imagine! When I was 15 my brother and
father went to the darkside, my brother murdered my mother and father. I
had to say good bye to my first love and kill my brother. That was just
my first life. The cycle of pain is never ending! Every lifetime my
parents are killed or I never see them again! And I live with every
memory of the pain I've seen and felt. And I also know those stones, she
may still be alive."
The whole time she'd been talking Zekk had been muttering "Shut up!"
slowing gaining volume until they were both screaming. Then Zekk
collapsed again crying like a child. If the situation hadn't been grave
Raynar would have found an 18-year-old man crying somewhat amusing.

"JAINA!" Jacen cried as he saw his sister disappear behind the rolling
pillar. He nearly was squished as well but Lowie tackled him out of the
"Jaina. No. Jaina." He stared blankly at the pillar. It had stopped
rolling, stopped by something in the way. He fell to his knees; Tenel Ka
raced to his side. "Em Teedee, go see if Jaina is..."
"I understand Mistress Tenel Ka." The little droid zipped toward the
"Jacen...I'm sorry. I hope she's ok. I..." The warrior girl didn't know
what to do or say. She hugged Jacen and whispered, "I love you." He
hugged her back and Lowie crooned a low mournful sigh. He looked up at
the sky shouted with surprised. The embracing couple tore apart from each
other and cried in perfect unison, "The Lightning Rod and the Rising
Star?" Em Teedee announced, "I've found her, my scanners have been thrown
off by what ever it is disturbing your force senses. I don't know if
she's alive but the pillar did not crush her. I can not understand why it
would affect me. I see you've spotted Master Zekk and Mistress Rabba. "
Normally he would have made more comments but even the little droid knew
to hush now. They ran toward the pillar and the landing Lightning Rod.
They got there in time to see Zekk pick up Jaina's limp body.

Jacen ran to the young man's side, smoothing his sister's hair away from her face, she was breathing.
"Thank goodness! Jaya." Jacen was unsure what he was feeling. He was excited and happy but he had a tugging feeling. Zekk carried Jaina aboard his ship and Lusa began attending her.
"She'll be alright if you guys stop mopping about and stop that crazy group that did this." Lusa shoed everyone but Raynar away from Jaina. He helped her clean Jaina's cuts and care for her larger wounds.
The other Jedi Knights ran back into the battle. They ignited their lightsabers and deflected the blasts. Liya tuck-rolled and pulled out her own blade. It was clouded gray. It had changing patterns the swirled like storms.
"Where did you get that?" Jacen asked her.
"Long story," She replied, hanging back by Zekk as Tenel Ka and Jacen charged toward the main attack vehicle. Lowie took a secondary and they took the third.
"You deflect, I'll disable." Zekk instructed Liya. She nodded; defense was better for her. She was unable to help using her full force potential. Hopefully the others would be too distracted to notice her Master force. Zekk dove toward the attack vehicle and slashed it with his lightsaber. The armor was strong, but with time he could cut through. That wasn't his main concern. He had to take out the guns. He flipped up using the force to guide and propel him. Liya was doing her best to attack the incoming shots, but something was odd about her. Zekk decided to figure it out later. He was now on top of the tank like attack vehicle. He was trying to cut through the main gun but the other's kept firing at him. He was desperately dodging them and keeping his blade on mark. Liya helped a lot and if it was possible she began drawing more fire. She stole a glance at the others, they were all doing about the same. She couldn't figure out how, but Lowie had finished and was now helping Jacen draw fire for Tenel Ka. Zekk was almost finished...done!
Now with four quick swipes and he leaped down. Their vehicle was disarmed. They others finished a split second latter. Now they had to worry about the ground forces. They were still trying to poison the force.
They had little trouble disabling most of the ground crew. Most of them were scientist. Soon Liya and Lowie were cleaning up the scattered soldiers, Tenel Ka was wrestling Celtan and Jacen was face to face with Koty.
"No weapons, a fair, hand to hand fight?" Koty asked glancing at Jacen's lightsaber and his blaster.
"I don't want a fight-"
"You're going to get one!" Koty threw down his blaster and charged the smaller boy. If he could only but his people some time, they'd pull through. Jacen switched off his lightsaber and met Koty's charge.
Tenel Ka had the other girl under control, she held the girls hands behind her back and kept her from helping Koty. Lowie stopped Zekk from joining in, this was Jacen's fight. Koty was bigger and stronger than Jacen but Jacen had his own advantages. Jacen pushed Koty off him, "First you poison the force," Koty pushed to the ground and punched him.
Jacen kicked him and rolled sideways getting up.
"Then you shoot our ship down." Jacen dodged when Koty charged him again.
They had been edging their way to the shaft near the pillar. This was wear the toxins were administered. Koty hoped to push Jacen off.
"Then you nearly kill my sister!" Jacen was too near the edge, Tenel Ka thought. She watched Koty at him one last time,
"No body messes with my sister!" Jacen ducted just in time, sending Koty his back and into the shaft.

Star Wars
Jedi Knights: Promise of Deception

By Anakina Kyp-Jade
7 |________________________________________________

Liya's heart raced, that could be worse then anyone thought. She and Zekk
ran over to Jacen, Tenel Ka was still holding Celtan. Liya peered over
the edge of the shaft, the lights began glowing more intensely. She saw
Koty at the bottom of the shaft, on the black stones. Zekk looked down
wondering what she was looking at. 
"What does that mean?" He asked her.
"It means he's still alive, and it means he's like me. He will die and
stay dead yes, but now he has the force and can't turn to the dark side."
"I don't get it, those stones can...give people force abilities? They can
prevent people from going to the dark side?" Jacen had joined them.
"No, they conducts the force like metal conducts electricity. Something
about them charges the midi chorline in your blood. They go crazy and the
next thing you know there are so many you start hearing voices. And you
can go to the dark side but it's very unlikely." Both boys looked at her.
"Never mind. It doesn't matter. We have to get him up here."
"Why?" Jacen protested, "I just got him down there."
"Don't worry I'll handle him." Tenel Ka had knocked Celtan out and she
and Liya used her fiber cord to go down and get him.

"Feeling a little better?" Lusa asked Jaina who had remained conscious
for a record two minutes.
"Yeah, I think so." She sat up and drank the water Raynar handed her. She
looked at the view scene, there was Zekk and Liya and Lowie fighting the
remaining attackers. Tenel Ka was kicking the sith out the girl who
dropped the pillar on her. Her brother was fighting the 'crazy
commander'. Zekk was now just watching with Lowie and Liya. Her brother
wasn't doing so well, but wait, yes he was. The commander went for a
flying fall down a hole. They brought him up and headed toward her. She
sat up and almost tried to stand but the glances from Raynar and Lusa
made her reconsider. They came and Zekk and Jacen ran over to her. Zekk
hugged her gently then pulled back to kiss her. She was glad of that.
"That never gets any more beautiful." She whispered to Lowie. Jacen was
giving Zekk a funny back off look. Jaina laughed. Lowie looked out the
still open door at the sky and mumbled something. 
"Your right, that never gets any easier." He stared at her is surprised
and grumbled a question.
"You'd be surprised what I understand." She also looked up at the sky and
mumbled her own something, "Tyme." 
It was Tenel Ka's turn to look at Liya, "How do you know Wookie? And how
do you know about those stones?"
Liya sighed; it was time she told them the entire whole story. She had
them all sit down and get comfortable. Jaina was still on the bed, but
she was resting her head on Zeek's shoulder. Tenel Ka and Jacen were
siting back to back and Lusa had folded her legs with Raynar beside them.
She began by telling them what she told the crew of the Lightning Rod the
day earlier. Then she added the key parts she'd left out.
"Our people were always curious about the rocks on the bottom of the
shaft. My father was the lead scientist on our first colony, Ilop. He
brought up the stone and when he and my twin brother touched it, they
turned evil. They touched the stones to others and then we fled into the
forest. That's where I met time." She blushed. "He was my first love. We
met when we were fleeing from my brother. Then my brother left, he took
my mother and father with him and killed them so he could follow his own
dark wishes. Tyme and I touched the opposite stones, the stones that
conducted the light side. When he came back he infected me with the dark
power and it was killing me. Tyme threw the dart my brother used back at
him. My blood had a similar affect on him. I made Tyme leave to save the
"My brother and I battled to the death. I took of his head. The evil was
so enraged the planet was destroyed and Ilokis was frozen. Ilog was
turned into desert and my people had to leave. They scattered, and
started from scratch on their new planets. They had already started
developing different languages before they'd left, and the Woolies are
the ancestors of Wookies. I picked it up very quickly. The next time I
was born they asked me to pick a word to describe the idea of time. I
thought of my friend and chose his name. 
"There are a few other quirks, like the title Skywalker and how Tyme was
the only one to keep it. Also, my original name, Anakina. Tyme named his
son after me and it became a family name. My brother Tiran was born into
an Anakin Skywalker, the one who became Darth Vader. I was Shine` at the
time but before that I was Natani Jade."
They all looked at her in amazement. She had lived for millions of years!
They all had many questions. Yes, she had the force every time. No she
didn't remember everything every lifetime. If she was separated from her
parents at 12-18, she got her memories. It had to be a forever separation
though, like in her first life. She didn't remember if she was too old or
too young. No, she had never talked to her since, not as her brother at
least. She had spoken with Anakin Skywalker but he had been too young
when he was separated from his mother. No she'd had never went to the
dark side or finished Jedi training but Tiran always went to evil and she
had been a Master (self-trained).
The captured Koty began to stir.
"Ah aha. It seems our friends is waking up." Tenel Ka observed. Jacen
tensed, Tenel Ka put her hand on his shoulder. "If you need us, we will
be outside." She grabbed Jacen's hand pulled him out the door. The others
crowded around Koty. Liya stood ready to restrain him. His eyes flashed
open but his hands flew up to his head in stead of lashing out at his
"Lis-listen t-to m-meee," Liya's voice was echoed in Koty's mind. "Listen
for the quietest voice. The one you can hardly hear. Listen to it. Be
calm, push the other voices away." She still echoed but Koty did as he
was told. Soon the rush of noise that had attacked him had died down to
the murmur of the smallest voice. What he learned in those few seconds
before opening his eyes was incredible. He was left with a calm feeling,
and a feeling of regret. He had done the wrong thing, many wrong things.
The first thing he saw was the face of the girl who told him how to
control the voices. She had green eyes and a strange blonde-auburn color
hair. He smiled at her. He knew she was a friend.
"My name is Liya. You have just been given a great gift."
"Sure, and I wish I could thank the son of a sith that gave it to me."
Her expression tensed. He then noticed the others in the room. There was
the boy's sister, a Wookie, a dark haired young man, a blond spike haired
young man, a centiauriform young woman. There was also a miniaturized
droid hovering on micro jets.
"How about you call him Jacen? This is his twin sister Jaina and Lowie
and Zekk and Lusa and Raynar. Tenel Ka is with Jacen, waiting outside to
avoid incident."
"I'm Koty." He knew this was not good.

Ishany had escaped. She had gone back to her planet and brought back an
army of people who did not support Koty and his kind. Unfortunately, his
kind had also brought re-enforcement. She looked down at the planet and
the ships around her, today would be the day her people would be free.
She spotted a small ship coming in. 
Rabba had found Ilog, and the attack fleets assembled around it. Now she
was sure Lowie was there. 

8 |___________________________________________________________

Rabba landed the Rising Star next to the Lightning Rod. The
attack fleets had taken no interest in her, only each other. She was
unsure what would happen, would she expose them all to the plagues? Would
his friends hate her? Would he hate her? She opened the door, it was now
or never.
Lowie grabbed her in a fierce hug and wouldn't let go. At least
he hadn't tried to kill her. Then he surprised her by doing the Wookie
equivalent of a kiss. They were too young but she was glad.

"Rabba's back. Hmmm." Jacen said. He and Tenel Ka had a
meaningful walk, er, talk. 
"We should warn the others." Tenel Ka said, raising an eyebrow at
the questionable activities that the young Wookies were performing.
"Uh, yeah." Jacen agreed. They burst in the door, interrupting
Liya's conversation with Jaina. She had been discussing Koty's future.
"Rabba's back and there's gonna be trouble. There seem to be two
large fleets up there."
"Oh no!" Koty cried. "Ishany must have warned the Resisters!"
"The who?" Jacen asked. ("No, that's a band dear," TK corrects)
"Never mind." Liya said. "We defend the defenseless. They have
defenses and they are having a revolution." The others just stare at her.
"Ugh! Its part of the Jedi code, the old one anyway. Besides
Jaina needs major Bacta tank attention." 
"Rabba?" Jaina asked.
"Yes." Tenel Ka said. "And Lowie is quite, uh, glad to see her."
"I'll say" Jacen muttered under his breath.
"We can't all fit in the Lightning Rod." Lusa observed. They were
crowded in and couldn't fly with so many passengers.
"You think Lowie's alright?" Jaina asked.
"I think so." Her brother said, "But if it would make you feel
better I'll go check. Problem solving isn't my department." He went
Lowie and Raaba were commenting on the fleet overhead. 
"Uh hi, Lowie, Raaba." Jacen greeted. Lowie chuffed back. Em Teedee
zoomed over to Jacen.
"Master Jacen is there any way I can be of service?"
"No I just came to check on Lowie for Jaina. They're all deciding what to
do. We can't all fit in the Rock Dragon. So Lowie, you seem ok. Raaba,
how are you?" He was obviously uncomfortable around her. She said she was
fine. She offered the Rising Star to help but they still could not
transport everyone off planet.
"Thanks though. I'll tell the others." He went back inside, leaving the
two Wookies to talk of the past.

"...So it is agreed." Tenel Ka finished saying.
"On what?" Jacen asked, "Raaba offered her ship but it's still not
"Lusa, Raynar, Liya and Koty will stay here until we return for them.
Lowie and Raaba will make there own decisions." Tenel Ka informed him.
"The rest of us will take Jaina to Coruscant." Jacen nodded. It sounded
good to him.

Lowie had mixed feelings and he sensed them in his friend. They wanted to
be together; to be friends, but the events in their past made them
uncomfortable. Lowie grumbled his feelings, best to be honest and get it
over with. He told her that he valued their friendship and he valued her,
but he was upset about what happened the last time that they met. 

She agreed, she felt similar but she was sorry for what happened
last time. She knew she should have trusted Lowie but she was just so
afraid of loosing him. She had known in her heart that he would never
join the Diversity Alliance willingly. She just wanted to have things the
way they were, before he'd gone off to a Jedi Knight and she had faked
her death. But she knew that was impossible, and she really just wanted
him to forgive her.
He told he would, but he wasn't sure his friends would be so
quick to trust her. She should know that they were just as important to
him as she was and he would always be there for them. 
She nodded. She knew were his loyalties were. She would not make the same
mistakes twice. She rose and pulled him up. It was time to speak to the

Lowie and Rabba decided to stay on Ilog and watch over there others. They
all watched as the Lightning Rod disappeared into the pale sky, carrying
Jacen, Jaina, Zekk, and Tenel Ka.

Liya coached Koty on how to handle his gift and they all waited on the
lonely desert planet. Liya knew how to find water and food so they were
set. The battle above ended in stalemate but none of them would know and
only Koty knew why and who.

End of Book I

Promise of Deception: Book II
By Anakina Kyp-Jade

1 month later they are all on Yavin 4, ready to journey back to the rim. Ishany found them and Koty had to fight not to strangle her. She told the Jedi about Koty and his 'political movement'. It was based on the planet Czsan and spread across a vast beyond rim Empire. Koty was the military leader and in times of trouble, the leader of all. Their society was based on age. You were born on the southern continent of Mora and lived there with your parents until five. Then you were considered 'prime' and went to the northern continent of Shagr. On Shagr you had a job, career, and family. Your family was a group of five others who all varied in age. The children and teens ruled while the old and youngest farmed and lived simple lives. This culture had thrived since the great scattering of Liya/Anakina's people. Now civil war was tearing apart the planet and at the center of it all were two groups of small defenseless children. Each group had kidnapped the others smallest children as hostages. The Young Jedi Knights would have to save them.

___ 1 |______________________

Anakin and Tahiri were coming too. During the battle on Ilog many of Koty's military had seen them, so they would have to disguise themselves. Anakin and Tahiri were not seen, but the bright orange academy suits were too conspicuous. Anakin chose a white shirt, blue pants and vest with boots for his new outfit. Tahiri selected a plain pale blue dress with soft sandals. Jaina wore soft green pants, white T-shirt and brown jacket with normal brown shoes. She used a dye pot to blacken her hair and had her brothers twist it into a small, sloppy bun. Jacen chose nondescript brown pants and shirt with black boots. His hair was alight brownish blond. Tenel Ka wore a simple white robe and normal shoes. Her now brown hair was neatly braided into one large braid.

Zekk chose not to try anything with his hair and wore a green outfit. Lowie had auburn fur and his black strands were a chocolate color. He decorated his belt with different kinds of left over parts from the old rebel base. Em-Teedee was placed in a snug little green pouch on Lowie's newly decorated belt. Raynar wore blue pants and vest with a pale blue shirt. Lusa ware a flowered pink cloak and her cinnamon hair was a dark reddish purple color.

When had all gathered in the grand audience chamber they couldn't help but laugh at how different they looked. Liya had used the force to create her disguise; she was her original self. She had the strangest color fur they had ever seen. It was sort of blondish brownish reddish aburnish pale gold. They all decided on Strawberry brown. Koty was Koty. Their cover story was: They had helped Koty escape and wanted to join his empire. Since Koty was so respected, no one would doubt him.

Promise of Deception
Book II
By Anakina Kyp-Jade

He had learned much in his 1 month of training but declined Luke's offer to stay and train. He didn't want to be a Jedi; he wanted to go home. He would help the young Jedi Knights find the resistance but then he was out. He only owed them that much.


Liya is disguised as her former self, Natani Jade.

They had repaired the Rock Dragon, and Jaina was fully recovered. Jaina co-piloted for Zekk and Raynar and Lusa were with them. That left Tenel Ka, Jacen, Liya, and Koty in the Rock Dragon and Lowie and Rabba in the Rising Star.

When they got to Ilog Koty's guard ships met them. He went to the com and told them to stand down. When they landed on planet he directed them to their quarters and left to attend to his business.

"Liya, lets go for a walk, I want to talk to you." Jaina told the girl.

"How old are you?" Jaina asked her once they were alone on a nice path through a garden behind the Inn.

"15, in a sense." The small fire haired girl answered. "Have the other's told you about my...pervious engagements?"

"Zekk gave a brief re-cap." Jaina said, looking distant as she thought of Zekk. "I'm 16 and he's...about 18." The last part was a whisper.

"You two are beautiful together. It's wonderful to see that again. In all this time I've never actually married. Once, almost. We were just too busy to settle down. But I had three children. Two boys, twins and a little girl. I would have married and had more but I died."

"What was his name?" Jaina asked. Liya smiled with a look of mischief in her eyes.

"Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was such a dear. I was Shine` Kenobi. But to most I was 'Kenobi's witch'."

"What did you name your children? What were they like? How old were you when you died? Them? Was Kenobi older than you were?" Jaina had a million questions.

"We named them Qui and Gon and my little girl was Cethryn. The twins were Obi-Wan's children, always into mischief and always in trouble. Cethryn was my girl and was small, kind, more patient then I'll ever be. It was as long as I ever lived, I was about 39. They were almost 14 and 11. He was about a year younger than me." Liya said thinking of her two greatest loves.

"Since you were as good as married, what was it like," Jaina blushed,

"Being married, from my point of view, depends on who you marry." Liya smiled at Jaina and then changed the subject. "What do you think of Koty?" Liya didn't seem like a mother anymore. Jaina made a face.

"Hmm, I like him." Was the reply to Jaina's scrunched up nose.

"Don't you...well I mean what about Obi-Wan? I know he's dead but it doesn't seem like you should be getting crushes on people. I mean affairs and divorces aren't uncommon and he is dead were still almost married."

"He's dead, his almost wife is dead, and I'm 15. It wouldn't be natural if I didn't have a crush on him. Everyone else is coupled off. The first few life times I didn't love anyone. I was being faithful to a dead boy. He was my first love...and you uncle has his eyes." Jaina made another face at that thought. They were now back were they started and it was getting dark. Zekk was waiting for them. He put his arm around Jaina and they all went inside.

Koty was waiting for them.

"You must come to the dance tonight." He said, then whispered. "To avoid suspicion and to make to friends." He secretly hoped they'd change their minds about the resistance, he'd hate to kill them.

"We always have the best times." A girl came up and grabbed Koty's arm. She smiled playfully at Jacen.

"Katie, these are some new recruits. They helped me escape from those who had captured me. Jacen, Jaina, Lowie, Lusa, Raynar, Zekk, Tenel Ka, Liya, Anakin, Tahiri, MTD, meet my sister Katie."

"Hi." Jacen and Jaina said in unison.

"Greetings." Tenel Ka nodded. They all said hello to Katie and headed off to the main building. It was loud. Everyone was dancing. Some were human and some were not. Lusa even saw other centauriformed beings. The Young Jedi Knights just stood there watching. A metal sounding music was playing with heavy drums and hard strings. It seemed to be a free for all, no steps no organized pattern. They stuck out horribly. All except Liya. She seemed to blend right in she moved the way the others did. It wasn't uniform, they all had their own styles. Koty had disappeared into the crowd. Katie had stayed with Jacen.

"Come on, don't tell me Jedi can't dance!" Liya shouted over the music.

"You're Jedi?" Katie said shocked. They all looked at Liya, they had wanted to keep that secret. She just smiled at them.

"Uh, yeah." Jacen shrugged. "We were gonna be but it didn't work out. Koty had a better offer." Katie started dancing and so did Anakin and Tahiri. They caught on almost as fast as Liya did.

"Travelers have to adapt to all kinds of environments and cultures. We have to learn quick with some."

Jacen started to. Tenel Ka almost cracked a smile at him. It took him awhile to catch on. The others joined in, Zekk last.

"Zekk!" Jaina cried in surprise, "You're good!"

"I used to hear this one all the time on Coruscant. Street kids always throw the best parties!" He laughed. Jacen just about had the idea down when the song changed. This one had a shaky sound to it at the light flashed all over the place. The moves changed, now the mild hip swing changed to heavy hip shaking and partners were all over each other. Anakin and Tahiri made faces.

"Is there a junior dance?" Anakin asked. Most 14 years might not have minded as much, but Anakin wasn't into partying, especially not like this. Katie laughed and moved closer Jacen. He didn't know what to do. He wasn't going to dance like that and certainly not with a complete stranger. Cute but no. Tenel Ka maybe...

Tenel Ka did save him. She came up to Jacen and started talking to him politely and Katie backed off. She and Jacen started dancing. They weren't as attached as the other couples but it gave Katie the point. Jaina and Zekk didn't hold back. Even though Liya and Katie didn't have partners they still danced.

The music changed again. It was a mix aimed to please everyone. The Young Jedi Knights had a good time. Koty managed to introduce them to the contact even though Katie followed them almost everywhere. The contact was Ishany.

"Great." She said and led them out of the dance hall. They followed her down several allies. Once they were inside Zekk asked,

"Why do you trust Koty? He could be setting you up." Ishany shook her head.

"No, family never betrays family. He's my cousin. I'm more worried about the children. I don't understand why this has happened. Radical groups from both sides have put the children in danger. They stole our youngest and we stole there's but the world is falling apart. I don't know if any of us are going to get out alive. If they would just agree to our compromise it would bring our people together."

"What's the compromise-" Jaina started.

"Ana, do you feel it?" Zekk asked Liya suddenly. She nodded, but she was staring at him wide eyed. Soon the other Young Jedi Knights knew what they were talking about a cold wave of darkness and evil passed over the force.

"There's some thing else behind all this."Anakin said eerily.

"The Sith." Liya hissed. "They are here, they are here!" Her eyes seemed to glow with a green fire.

"The who?" Ishany asked. (No, that's a band.but not The Band)

"The Sith..?" Jaina said. "Liya are you sure?"


"Yes." Zekk agreed.

"Yep." Anakin said. "The Force says so."

"Oh my! The Sith? We're doomed!" MTD exclaimed.

"WHO ARE THE SITH?" Ishany cried.

"Usually a particularly nasty bunch of characters, travel in two's, use the force for evil, follow certain evil teachings, were out to destroy all Jedi but destroyed themselves to a point.oh and they like wearing black." Jacen said.

"Oh, them! There's a whole colony of them right over there." She said pointing. The Young Jedi Knights just stared at her for a moment.

"Great!" Tahiri cried, "The last Sith stronghold and we walk right into it. Great Bontha!"

"Perhaps it would be a wise course of action to leave immediately." MTD said nervously.

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