Past Opened
By: Ashleigh

PART I: Allison

Allison looked at the planet yavin IV with nervousness. She was about to meet her brother Zekk again after 9 very long years. After the time of disasters on ennth, she was sent to an orphanage on Corellia, where a man named Chris took her in and taught her the jedi ways. Allison was surprised, shocked, and thrilled when she got word Zekk was alive and well on the moon yavin IV , being instructed by the great Master Skywalker himself . Chris had encouraged her to visit her brother and apply for the acadamy. She had potential. Lots of it. Allison remembered the sorrow she had felt when the lady of ennth had told her her family had died. And now she was going to meet her brother again after all this time. being the only female in a family raised by her father, Allison was more of a tomboy than the sophistacated, beautiful young 14 year old woman she appeared to be. Her long black hair fell into a braid the middle of her back and her shining hazel eyes were full of worry as she sat back in the seat behind the pilot. Allison had looked forward to this day ever since Chris had told her that Zekk still lived, but she realized she was sweating and calmed herself with a technique Chris had taught her. "this is control.State your buisness and who you are." the voice of the comm officer rang in her ears and Allison jumped with surprise. She quickly replied," I am here to submitt in the acadamy. Master Skywalker knows I'm here." At least she hoped so. Chris had told her he had contacted the acadamy and let them know she was coming, but hadn't told them she was realated to Zekk, not just yet. Allison hesitated before adding," I also request Zekk to be at the landing pad when I arrive. Tell him it is Gamma. He should know what i'm talking about. Over." Gamma was the name of her and Zekk's puppy on ennth. Zekk had loved the little creature with all his heart and Allison douted he had forgotten about Gamma. She waited in silence for a few min. pondering what she w!

ould say to Zekk when she met him again. He would be 18 now, she thought wistfully. He probably will be as handsome as their father, Eric. Eric had been a pilot in the revolution on ennth, years ago. He had died in the disaster, but Allison missed him so much. The frieghter she was on, the *Nova's world*, groaned as it landed on the field that served as a landing pad. Allison bounded out of her seat with excitement, and ran to the hatch as fast as her legs would carry her. The door slowly opened, revealing humid air and bright sunshine...and Zekk. His face was a storm of emotions as she leaped into his arms and hugged him tightly. When they pulled away she could see the soft sheen of tears in his eyes, and could feel them running down her cheeks in wet streams." Allison." he said softly.She smiled at him through her tears." Hi, bro" Then she noticed the woman standing by Zekk, who had brown eyes and hair. She looked rather confused, and Zekk suddenly turned to her and smiled."!

Jaina, I'd like you to meet my sister, Allison." The young woman gasped and quickly pulled Allison into a firm embrace. Zekk seemed to have feelings for her, she noted happily. At least he wasn't alone all this time.Jaina smiled at her and said,"Pleased to meet you, welcome to the Jedi Acadamy! I'll fix you a room while you and Zekk can get... reaquainted. Zekk smiled-he had been doing that a lot - and told her thanks. Then he turned back to me. " I think we have a lot of catching up to do."

Later that night, Allison sighed contently as she watched the stars from the roof of the great Massasi temple the acadamy was housed in. Earlier today she had talked with her brother for hours, being interupted only when it was time for midday meal. Allison was facinated with the jedi acadamy, with all the students and workers, everyone seemed to have a job to do and wasted no time doing it, But Zekk reassured her they were weren't always like this. He told her they were having a huge party the next day, some sort of reunion thing. She smiled to herself at this thought. How appropiet! Jaina was, as it turned out, Zekk's girlfriend and fellow jedi. She seemed nice enough, Allison mused. Jaina and Zekk continuously eyed each other throughout the meal and his other friends chatted away with her, as if they had known her all their lives, instead of since midday meal had began. She was just as friendly to them, and when Jacen, Jaina's twin, told her a joke, the final wall was torn down and Allison made instant friends with a lot of people at the acadamy, even if it was her first day. Just then, she heard someone behind her. She turned in surprise as Master Skywalker gently asked her how she was doing. "great!" she replied" I've met all sorts of people, and I really enjoy being able to see my brother again. It's been 9 years, you know." the jedi master gazed at her." you have a lot of potential as a jedi, Allison. If you like, you could train here with Zekk and maybe even become a great jedi someday." Allison was delighted."Of course I will!" she breathed.But then a thought occured to her. "Chris, my old instructor, could he come here?" She pleaded." he was trained a bit in the jedi way, and he won't be a bother, I promise,Please?" Master Skywalker smiled and said"we shall see. I will contact your friend and test him.Is he availible right now?" "Yes" Allison and the jedi headed toward the comm station.

With a start, Allison woke up in a strange bed and smiled happily as she recalled the party that was going to happen today.Last night she and Master Skywalker had contacted Chris and he was on his way right now. A knock on the door brought her back to reality. Zekk entered and urged her to the landing pad." Your friend Chris is here and would like to greet you." Allison grinned like a child and bounded out of the room, already dressed and ready to go even before her brother came in.After Chris was settled in and she was fixed up properly for the party, Allison joined her new friends at the refreshment table, eager for some fun. They laughed at one of Jacen's poor jokes and talked about the * Rock Dragon*, Tenel Ka's ship, and the *Lightning Rod*, the ship Zekk owned. It had been given to him by Peckhum, the kind old man whom Zekk had come to think of as family. As if on que, Peckhum walked up to Zekk and greeted him with an embrace. His gaze flickered over to Allison for a moment, and he asked me if he had seen me before. I told him I hadn't and Zekk chose that moment to introduce us." Peckkhum, I'd like you to meet Allison." Peckhum's eyes widened and it was appearent he reconized her name. Zekk must have told him about his sister, because he said" A pleasure to meet the young sister of Zekk!" The rest of the hour Allison and Chris were greeted with warm smiles after being introduced to practically everyone at the acadamy. Jaina seemed especially happy, Allison noticed, because her parents and friends had arrived, after months of being away from her and Jacen.Zekk was practically teeming with joy. The wookie Lowbacca had invited his entire family and the night was peirced by frequent roars.Allison grinned in content. She was with her family, friends, and she had a whole new life planned ahead as a jedi.


Zekk leaned back in his chair. He glanced over at his sister, and smiled to see her so happy. He and Allison had been really close as kids, even though they were 4 years apart. He thought back to 9 years before, when his siblings had been happy, carefree, and loving. That had all changed in the time of disasters, and Zekk hadn't belived any of his family survived that aweful ground quake. But obviously Allison hadn't been on the planet when it occured. She had told him she had run away right before and had found out an hour after she was put in a relocation station that her family was gone, but unlike Zekk, she didn't even resist when they put her in an orphanage. Zekk was so lost in thought, he failed to notice Jaina, who had snuck up behind him. With a giggle, she tackled him. Zekk, caught off gaurd, yelled in surprise.Jaina kissed him and grinned at his expression. Zekk smiled shyly and kissed her back. "hi! I didn't see you!" " I noticed."Jaina smiled and kissed him on the cheek.Zekk blushed slightly, but said,"Do you mind?" It was Jaina's turn to blush whan she realized she was still on him.They got up and headed off for a walk.They were silent most of the way, but when they reached a pretty waterfall Zekk dived in the pool and motioned for Jaina to get in as well. Jaina shrugged" Why not?" She laughed and dunk Zekk. He came up sputtering and lunged at her in mock revenge. Still laughing, they climed out of the water after a 1/2 hour of splashing and dunking.Jaina wrung her hair out and said"They probably are wondering where we are. Zekk smiled " Let them wonder" Jaina giggled as he pulled her closer, until he was kissing her passionatly, She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed back.

The next morning everyone was tierd after the previous day's party. Allison sat on a rock, pleased with her life. Chris, as it turned out, was exceptianatly powerful in th Force, and was in a lesson with Master Skywalker at this moment.Allison was due to her own lesson with Kyp, a jedi knight, in an hour. Zekk was with Jaina, instructing her with her lightsaber, even though she probably didn't need it.Allison was so happy.She had found her place in life as well as her brother. After an hour of thinking, Kyp called her inside for her lesson.She smiled he lead the way to the training room. At last, her life was perfect.

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