One Last Hope
By Crisi

Description: A young woman escapes from a planet out in the unknown region that is being torn apart by court politics and along the way she gets help from some familiar SW people.

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Chapter 1

The stars turned to lines as Z'an'dra leaned back in her chair, pulling her long black hair out of her face, and exhaling the breath she hadn't known she was holding. She had finally done it! She thought. Escaped all of them, left them all behind. They would not be bothering her any more.

"They can have the stupid throne for all I care... I would have lost it any way" She muttered to her self in an ancient language. "Great.. I'm talking to myself again! Oh well, no one else to talk to out here luckily." No one would come after her she knew and no one that knew her would be out there. Any person leaving the planet was rare, just as any one coming to the planet was. Z'an'dra watched the controls in front of her, silently thanking her father for teaching her what few others knew, how too fly a ship. She looked through the small bag she had managed to bring with her, Sy'vien had warned her against bringing any more.

Z'an'dra's eyes fell on a picture, only a few weeks old, of her, her brother, and Sy'vien. She felt so guilty about leaving them there, but her brother would have only gotten in the way. She hoped he would not be too mad at her leaving him behind. He was merely a child and wouldn't understand why she had to go. He knew nothing yet of court politics, arranged marriages, or power hungry people who would stop at nothing. At least this way she was saving him the pain of having to go to her funeral. He had been so sweet and innocent when she saw him last, watching closely as he ate his breakfast and played in the garden. Knowing that this would be the last time she would see him or their planet. She hoped Sy'vien would succeed in keeping him safe, maybe one day he also would have to leave the planet, for his own safety.

She brought up the star maps, looking for someplace somewhat safe, that the Jedi might be at, but where she wouldn't be noticed by most. Finally after some searching she chose a place named Corellia, it was large enough to have Jedi and where she could slip in unnoticed.


The bar was small, dark and filled with smoke from every imaginable smokeable substance, most especially the illegal ones. The men watched her, with a look Z'an'dra had seen many times before on the faces of the men at court, one she had most especially seen on her stepfather. Only one man did not watch her that way, he seemed curious about her and as she watched him she saw his gaze drop down to the light saber at her belt. He had shoulder length brown hair that was pulled back out of his face.

"Oh zanden! He knows I'm a Jedi!" she thought to her self." Didn't you want to get the attention of the other Jedi any way?" A voice answered her back, startling her. Speaking in a language she hadn't heard since she left home two weeks ago."What the.. Star, is that you?" Thoughts tumbled about her head, wondering how Star had gotten there.

"Well, you didn't think I was gonna let you leave by your self now did you?" He asked her back.

"But, the dragons.. They would never have allowed you to leave. How.. why?"

"I'm sick of those boring old idiots. Much more fun out here with you.. always did want to get off that planet, yes always did. I simply stowed aboard you ship, been hibernating since we left, space travel makes me sick!"

"Is that where you are now?"

"Yepens, me be there. Must sleep again now.. bring me something to eat back with you?"

"Of course, good sleep Star." She looked back around the room, ignoring the other men and concentrating on the one whom

had noticed her light saber. She reached out with the force, using a trick her father had taught her. She followed the force, using it to find out where other midicloriens where gathered. Just as she suspected, this man was either a Jedi or had the potential to be one. She would let him make the first move, though she could read on his face that he was curious. Finally after what seemed like hours, he approached the table.

"Can I buy you a drink?" the stranger asked her.

"Yes, but I suppose can," she said in basic to him, trying to keep it from coming out to accented or halted.

"What do you want to drink then?"

"I don't care.. whatever you think is good." Hopefully he wouldn't bring back anything too strong, the stuff at court was much weaker then the drinks she had already experienced here on Corellia. He then came back to the table with two drinks and handed her one.

"I'll get right to the point, where did you get that light saber?" He asked, watching her suspiciously. She finally caught on, realizing he figured she'd stolen it.

"What? You don't even ask my name, just come making accusations?" She said, trying to act annoyed or angry, though she must admit to herself that she would act the same.

"Are you sure you wish to tell him your name?" Star asked.

"Quiet up, Star!" She thought back at him. The man seemed to realize that the silent conversation was taking place, though he didn't seem to hear any of the words.

"Fine, what is you name? Mine is Qui-Gon Jinn."

"Z'an'dra. Now that's more like it, now you're being polite. I built my lightsaber, don't worry, I didn't kill one of you Jedi for it."

"What makes you think that I'm a Jedi?"

"Because, you noticed the lightsaber, I saw your light

saber, and the fact that you have many midicloriens in you. I took guess you had been trained." Z'an'dra smiled smugly, glad to show him up. She had always been very observant and had used that to her advantage many times in the past.

"Were you trained at the Jedi temple?"

"No, I was trained by my father, who was trained by his, who was trained by someone named Yoda. I wish to find this Yoda and talk to him. Before you ask, no, I'm not from around here, if you wish to know more, I'll tell you, but away from this place."

"Fine, where then?" He was even more curious then before she noticed.

"My ship. No one will hear us there." Z'an'dra got up and motioned him to follow her, he hesitated but finally decided to trust and follow her.

"Now, just to warn you, my friend Star is back at my ship, though he probably won't talk to you. He doesn't speak your language very well at all. He can also be, well, rather surprising."

"What is your language then?"

"One that I'm sure none of the planets outside of ours have heard for centuries. An ancient language called Dritten. Most people on my planet have never even heard your basic before." She smiled sadly, thinking of her home, her people. She had chosen this path for herself, but she often regretted it.

"So why do you know basic?"

"I will explain that in good time." She no longer was even sure if this was a good idea, but she couldn't back out now. The two entered her ship, and she led him to what served as a living room. A small purple and gold dragon flew out at them, landing peacefully on Z'an'dra's shoulders.

"Hello Star. So there you are." She said in basic, knowing the dragon would understand it, even if he couldn't speak it.

"Did you bring me eats?" He asked back in Dritten.

"Yes, I know you are hungry, here you are." She handed Star some food and let him go about eating it.

"That's.. That's... a dragon??" Qui-Gon was amazed to see one, he had heard of them of course, but to his knowledge they only lived on smaller outer rim planets and were much larger then this little one.

"Yes, that's what he is. Now, do you wish to hear my story or not?" she began to grow impatient, it was hard enough to work up the courage to tell all she had to tell to a stranger, but it would be even harder if he wouldn't stop gawking at Star.

"Oh, yeah. Of course." He seemed to be collecting his thoughts, still surprised to see a real dragon. "So, what planet are you from, you might as well start there."

"Its name is Drachen, but I doubt you've heard of it, few people ever leave and few come. Or solar system only has 5 planets, 3 of them are dead worlds. The other one besides Drachen is Corten. It is just jungles, animals, and two colonies from Drachen. We speak an ancient language called Dritten, one that hasn't been spoken in the rest of the universe for centuries. There are rumors of life on Z'ha'dum'tro, one of the dead worlds, but no one has returned from any explorations there. The few people that leave our planet never travel farther then Z'ha'dum'tro...."

"But someone must have for you to learn basic!" Qui-Gon interrupted her.

"Yes, my grand-father. He then taught my father, whom taught me, no one knows I know it. As a child, when I spoke it they thought it was made up words. As I was older, my father taught me to hide it. My father wanted to leave Drachen long ago, but my grandfather told him to stay, if my father had left, my mother would have become the ruler, most likely destroying our world. She is now the ruler, and is doing as my father and grand-father feared." Her eyes began to mist, remembering her father nd randfather, the few good people she had had in her life.

"So why did you leave?" He watched her face with great interest, trying to detect if she was lying about anything she said.

"My mother arranged a marriage between me and the highest Noble's son. He only wishes for the power the marriage will bring, I know that he would not stop at anything to make sure he got it. I would be dead as soon as were married. Unless my mother died before our marriage, I had no way to back out. At least this way I will live, and maybe someday can go back and save my people. I know what you are thinking, I took the cowards way out. But dead I can do nothing!" She spoke with anger, remembering the fight she had with Sy'vien when she had said she as going to leave. He had argued with her for hours, but finally agreed, promising to watch her brother and keep from harm.

Qui-Gon was left speechless at her outburst, not knowing hat to say and not wishing to anger her any more.

"I didn't think that," he finally said to her. "You are right, the only way you can help is to stay alive. Why come here though, and seek out the Jedi?"

"Because, I wish to learn more about the force. My father taught me everything he could. I want to make sure I have not missed anything in my training. I also wish to see the galaxy. My planet is so different from what I've seen so far. We are a planet of farmers, bakers, and other more primitive things."

"Yet if your ship is any example, you are excellent ship makers." He said, interrupting her again.

"Yes, we are, but what good is that if the farthest we go is supply runs to Corten? I also worry about my planet, we all seem to have a connection to the force. Everyone can feel it, use it in their daily lives. Yet I have heard of these dark Jedi and such, I wish to make sure my people have no such problems. Another reason I wish to talk to Yoda."

"You are all connected to the force?" his looked puzzled, surprised to hear such a thing. "Are they all powerful?"

"No, thankfully. Most can only feel the force for things they do daily. Each person can feel the force in different ways, the farmers use it to help their crops, the mechanics to build their machines. Only the royal and noble classes are anywhere near as powerful as most Jedi. Now you know I mean you know harm, I just wish to talk to Yoda, then see your galaxy. Reading about the planets and people is a lot different from visiting them." She hoped he would understand her situation and lead her to Yoda, she needed to talk to Yoda before her mother managed to get enough brave people to search for her. Z'an'dra doubted she could find many, most were afraid of leaving their home planet. If she gave them a long enough chase, chances are they'd give up and run back home.

Star had been watching the two as they talked. He suddenly started to talk to Z'an'dra, in a small angry voice. Z'an'dra listens to him and became annoyed, yelling back at him in Dritten. Qui-Gon only looked on in confusion, trying to understand what the argument might be about.

"That's not true Star! You speak lies." She said back to him in basic, then turned to Qui-Gon. "Excuse my small dumb friend for his outburst." Star stuck his tongue out at her and returned to his bed he had made out of some blankets and clothes. "So, can you take me?"

"Yes I suppose." Qui-Gon replied, still slightly confused at what had just take place. "How do you plan to get there? In this ship?"

"Yes, that was my plan. Do you have your own ship with you, that I may follow, so I can know how to get there exactly?" She asked, hoping to speed the talking up so she could get on her way.

"No, actually, I took a public transport here. I could go back on one, but it would be easier for me to come with you, I can help you better that way."

"Fine, you can come with me and Star. He will not mind." Star just glared at her for her comment.

"Okay, does your ship have a map to Courscant?"

"Yes, it does. Do you need to retrieve anything before we are on our way?"

"No, I am ready to go, if you are."

"Fine, let us be on our way then." She began the take off procedures and soon the stars turned into lines as they entered hyperspace.

One Last Hope
By Crisi

Chapter 2

The trip to Courscant went very peacefully, except for the time the food dispenser decided to give out only green goop, but that was solved with a nice sharp kick. Then there was the time Star decided that Qui-Gon needed some scorch markers, but that was solved by shoving Star into a nice fireproof closet. An essential item when traveling with small dragons.

Qui-Gon got on the com link as soon as they entered Courscant space and set up a meeting for Z'an'dra with the Jedi Council. They were rather eager to talk to her, Yoda vaguely remembering her grandfather. As soon they landed he tried taking her there, but the city overwhelmed her, causing the short walk to become a very long walk.

"People can really live here? I've read about places like this… but to see it…" She asked amazed.

"Yes, but don't go down very far, the people down there are not very nice to outsiders, or their own for that matter." Qui-Gon answered. He remembered the first time he had come there, but the city had long ago lost its awe.

"They can't even see the ground! How can anyone stand to live with out seeing the green of the ground? Places like this do not exist on Drachen, it is rural, and cities take up blocks, not planets. Does no land show through at all?" She tried to look down from the pathway they where on, but the depth of the streets upon each other made her fall back with dizziness, leaving Qui-Gon to catch her.

"Are you all right?" He asked concerned. She nodded red-faced at her error.

"I just still can't get over it."

"I know, I was surprised my first time also. The tallest mountains show through, but for the most part there is none. The only other place is on the bottom most level, but there the sun doesn't reach."

"I can image.. Looking down, ground can't be seen, just walk way after walk way." She looked down again, this time more ready for the shock of the distance. "So, how far to where Yoda is?"

"We should be there soon, only one other transport we need to go on." They quickly got to their destination and came before the Jedi council.

"A name you have?" Asked Yoda when she first came before them.

"Yes, Z'an'dra Ze'ron."

"You come from a planet of Jedi?" Kirana Soree, another Jedi master asked.

"They are not all as powerful as Jedi, but yes, they are force users," She answered nervously. "I wish to find out more about the Jedi, about the light side and the dark side, so I can help my people to stay on the light side. They do not use the force that much and do not have any training."

The questioning continued, them asking her mainly what Qui-Gon had asked her. He waited outside, wondering what would happen to her. No one her age was ever trained, but he hoped they would help her. From what he had seen of her skills, she had most of the training that she needed. In the short time he had known her, he had begun to like her. She was strong, yet very quiet. She had spent most of the trip lost in thought, staring at the walls of the small ship. He found him self hoping that she wouldn't go home, though from what he had heard that was not an option. Soon the doors opened and she walked out. He quickly jumped up and went over to her.

"What did they say? How did things go?" He asked anxiously.

"I'm not sure yet, I think they will help me, but they wish to see you." She seemed a little shaken up and relived to be out of there.

"Are you okay?" He realized he seemed to be saying that a lot when he was around her.

"Yes, just being in a whole room of Jedi is a little overwhelming. Yet another thing different from my planet." She sat down on the bench, collecting her thoughts. "And, no I don't know why they want to talk to you." She answered his unasked question.

"Okay… Will you still be here when I get back?"

"Yes, I don't think I could find my way back to my ship and I still need an answer." With that he entered the doors that lead him to the Jedi Council.

"The dark side she must be wary of." Yoda said as soon as he entered.

"Why Master? She seems to be a very nice person." Qui-Gon was rather taken back by Yoda's comment, he had never though of her going to the dark side.

"She is in the middle, does not know what either side really is. She has seen much anger and hurt in her life. She uses dark side and light side techniques." Kirana answered. "Do you have an assignment right now?"

"No.." He wondered where this was headed.

"Then you will show Z'an'dra some of the galaxy. She needs to be taught of the darkside. She is too old to become a Padawan, but not too old to learn. So, she will go with you, on what assignments you may get and learn about the galaxy." Kirana Soree told him.

"Yes, Master." Inside he nearly shouted with joy, finding himself happy to be ordered to spend more time with her, even though that would mean more time with Star also.

"You will also watch for signs that she is falling to the darkside and report if she starts to. You may go now." Kirana finished giving him his orders and he quickly left, figuring he'd show Z'an'dra around Courscant to begin with.

"What did they say to you?" Z'an'dra asked as soon as he came out.

"They said you have all the skills you need to be a Jedi, but not the knowledge of the galaxy. I'm to take you out into the galaxy and show you it." He told he as he gathered up the few things he had and began leading her outside to the nearest walkway.

"That sounds like fun! Though some how I doubt Star will be too happy with this arrangement." She said with a laugh. "Will we travel in my ship? I don't really wish to have to leave it or sell it."

"I don't have a ship, so if you want to take yours, that is fine with me." He replied.

"Good." She stated, and the two began to walk around.

Qui-Gon pointed out various buildings and things he hadn't had a chance to on their way to the Jedi Council. He thought to himself, trying to figure out what to do now. He didn't have any assignment, so he supposed he should just show her around till they had something for him to do. Eventually they came to a small restaurant that Qui-Gon knew had to good food, so they stopped for a bite to eat. As they waited to be served, the two began to talk; they had both been relatively silent on their walk.

"So, are there any places you really want to see?" Qui-Gon asked, trying to find something to talk about.

"Well, Corellia sounded interesting, but I don't really care too much. Any planet out there has its interests, history, and lesson to teach." She told him while flipping through the menu, trying to find something that sounded familiar. Many of the names and animals where very different to her, finally she figured she should ask. "Okay, I give up. I have know idea what most of this stuff is, what do you suggest to eat?"

He barely resisted laughing at the puzzled look on her face, but he knew he better. Making her angry would not be very good he suspected. Never make someone with a dragon angry! "Well, Bantha is pretty good to eat…" he went on to list some of the food that he knew would be good. Z'an'dra still looked puzzled though, so finally he just picked a dish and ordered for the both of them.

The made little conversation as they waited for their food, but it didn't take very long for the food to arrive. Z'an'dra began to eat her food, pausing often to examine it.

"What is this I'm eating, again?" Z'an'dra asked picking at the food on her plate.

"Filet of Bantha, here try some of this, Tri'la strips." He answered, offering her some of what he had ordered.

"Yummy! This is much better." She exclaimed as she tried a bite. He exchanged their plates then. "Are you sure you want Bantha instead?" she asked when she saw what he did.

"Yeah, that's fine. Bantha is one of my favorite meats." He said lying through his teeth. Bantha wasn't very good in his opinion, but many people liked it and he had figured she might also, obviously he was wrong. He tried to eat it as quickly as possible, drinking lots of Corellian Brandy to try to get rid of the taste from his mouth. As they finished up and he paid for the meal, they began to talk again.

"So, should we head to Corellia in the morning?" Z'an'dra asked.

"Yes, that'll probably work best, might as well go get some sleep now." Qui-Gon answered. Silently the two walked back to the ship. They said their goodnights and Z'an'dra gave Star his dinner. The ship was quiet as everyone one inside slept, Star sitting watch and playing a game against the computer. For now everything was calm.

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