Zekk and Jacen's Mr. Roger's Nightmare
By: Jaina Green

Continuation of the "Anja finally dies thank god" MST I wrote. Anja gets out of the abandoned temple and joins Callista, retaliating against Zekk and Jacen for choosing Jaina and Tenel Ka over her.

Another day has dawned in what has now become affectionately known as hell to the young Jedi knights. Lowie is sending a nasty e-mail to AOL, Jacen is sleeping, Jaina is huddled in a corner, and Zekk, Mara, and Luke are nowhere to be found. Then Callista comes on the screen, making everyone in the room groan.

Callista: Good Morning, everyone!!

Jaina: I hate you.

Lowie: your service sucks a Hutt's giant ass, so revoke my membership right now. I will be signing on with Freeinternet.com, since they are free and don't piss me off nearly as much as---oh, Callista. DAMMIT!!!!

Callista: Nice to see you too, Lowie, Jaina. Where is everyone else?

Jaina: Hiding.

Callista: Oh. Well, then, I'll just have to drive them out.

A loud recording of Britney Spear's "Oops, I Did it Again" begins blaring. Jaina falls to her knees and screams in anguish as the refrain "Oops, you think I'm in looove, that I'm sent from abooooooooove..." plays.


Zekk walks in, holding his ears.

Zekk: Where the hell is that annoying teen pop coming from?


Callista: Oh, someone not a Britney fan? mmmwwwwaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha!!(Dr. Evil laugh)

Mara, Luke, and Tenel Ka walk in, looking annoyed.

Mara: Turn that shit off! Britney is a walking trash-bag gutter slut. Almost as bad as Anja!

Tenel Ka: You've got that right.

Luke: I agree.

Jaina: I'M BEGGING YOU!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anja appears on the screen, shocking everyone. The music stops. Everyone gasps in unison.

Everyone: Anja?

Anja: You thought I was dead for good, didn't you? Well, actually, the exploding thing I did was a trick I learned from the Nightsisters. Yes, I am a dark Jedi, and I am going to inflict the greatest pain on Zekk and Jacen for rejecting me and taking the two penny whores Jaina and Tenel Ka. Read this and come crawling back!!!

The story title appears dramatically on the screen: ZEKK AND JACEN'S MR. ROGER'S NIGHTMARE!!!!

Zekk: Help me, please, get me outta here!!

Jaina: Oh shit.

Lowie: Sucks for you two.

Luke: This will be too cruel.

Mara: Who the hell is Mr. Rogers?

Tenel Ka: This can't be happening.

Jacen: Hmmmmm? What's going on?

>>>>>Jacen and Zekk walk and find a yellow house with lots of daisies and green grass a beautiful girl is on the porch it is Anja.

Jaina: Anja? Beautiful? No, I don't think I can call a junkie beautiful.

Zekk: Daisies? Who the hell grows daisies?

Jacen: I'm scared.

Lowie: If you dumb asses at AOL continue to serve your customers so badly, all of your technicians, phone solicitors, CEOs, you name it; will have one less arm to work with.

>>>>>Anja say Hi u guys come and have some cookies with me and forget your slutty girlfriends because they are involved in a lesbian love triangle and are on Jerry Springer today

Luke: Would a period here or there really kill this author?

Jaina and Tenel Ka: Lesbian love triangle?!

>>>>>Zekk and Jacen say ok and eat cookies with Anja. Mr. Rogers come out and skip around singing Won't you be my neighbor? Zekk and Jacen say they will be neighbors and go to TV studio and tied to chairs on the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood show.

Zekk: That made no sense at all.


Mara: Who was the third person in this lesbian love triangle? Never mind, I don't want to know.

Lowie: So kiss my fuzzy ass you mofos. Die and burn in hell, Lowbacca. There, my nasty e-mail is finished.

Jacen: Huh?

>>>>>At the studio Zekk see Jaina and Tenel Ka on The Jerry Springer Show fighting. Jerry call out next person in the lesbian love triangle. It Mara. Jaina jump out of chair and try to punch Tenel Ka. She holded back by Steve the bald body guard who is laughing at them.

Mara: Why me?

Zekk: Jaina, I hope this didn't really happen...


Lowie: Trust me, Zekk, it didn't happen. They were on Jerry Springer! Nothing on Springer is real!!

Luke: That's right, Springer's all a bunch of shit. No one takes it seriously.

>>>>>Mr. Rogers try to convince Zekk and Jacen to play on his all-star basketball team they say no and punch him and leave and marry Anja. The end.

Jaina: That story SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zekk: My words exactly.

Jacen: Ditto.

Tenel Ka: I will KILL Anja for that lesbian love triangle thing!!!

Mara: Me too!!

Luke and Lowie: Relax! Nothing on Jerry Springer is ever real!

Callista sppears, along with Anja. They do a Dr. Evil "mmmmwwwwahahahah laugh.

Anja: Zekk, Honey, you liked my story, didn't you?

Zekk: About as much as I'd like being neutered.

Anja: What about you, Jaceybaby?

Jacen: Call me Jaceybaby again, and I WILL hurt you.

Tenel Ka: Anja, you wrote this?

Anja: Yup. It took me a year and a half, but I finally finished it.

Jaina: Wow. I considered something like this to be beyond your drug-addicted brain capacity. Even if it is impressive for you, though, it stil sucked a fat one.

Luke nods in agreement.

Mara: Anja, do not ever, I repeat EVER put me, Jaina, and Tenel Ka in a lesbian love triangle again, or I WILL kill you.

Anja: Ohhhhhh, I thought you'd get a kick out of that. Oh well.

Callista: Luke, Zekk, Jacen, did you change your minds about who you want to be with?

Luke, Zekk, and Jacen: No.

Callista: Well, since we seem to have so much corruption in there, we'll just have to send some corrupted people in with you to make your stories public.

Jerry Springer's studio, studio audience, and crew drop in from the ceiling. Springer walks in, holding a microphone in his hand.

Audience: JER-RY, JER-RY, JER-RY!!!!!!

Jerry Springer: Today, on the Jerry Springer Show, "My twin children are shacking up with floozies and scrubs!"

Zekk: They had to refer to me as a scrub, didn't they?

Jaina: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I'd rather listen to the Britney Spears than be subjected to this!!!

She throws her arms around Zekk and begins weeping violently into his shoulder.



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