Text starts rolling:

>YJK fantasy moon light story:

>Once up on a time there was a boy, a girl, a goat, a dog, a crown, a

cloak, a wizard, and a thrown.

Jacen: Wow, this author knows what a coma is!

Luke: Must be a totally different one.

Mara: Or they an education

Jaina: Or they've been holding back the whole time

Tenel Ka: More likely it was to annoy Luke so he would whine and Mara

would leave him.

Lowie: probably.

>The boys name was Zekk, the girls name was Jacen, the dogs name was

Anja, the goats name was Jaina, the wizards name was Lowie, and the

cloaks name was Mara. The crowns name was TK and the thrones name was


Tenel Ka: Jacen is there something you think should tell me? I'm not like

that, I'm not "different".


Jaina: I am NOT a goat!

Zekk: well...

Tenel Ka: I do not like this author, why can't I be a spear.

Jacen: I like the part about Anja.

Jaina: Doesn't everyone?

Anja: No. But I like your part.

Luke: I'm a what?

Mara: Cloak?

Lowie: well so much for a nap.

Zekk: I AM a boy.

Jaina: Good thing.

Luke: Oh no, this author doesn't use flying commas!

Mara: apostrophes?

Lowie: ever notice how the text stops so we can complain?

Ø the dog own the boy, The girl owns the goat, the goat ate the cloak,

the wizard owns the crown and sit on the throne.

Mara: Great Jaina ate me.

Jaina: Sorry.

Anja: Ha! Pay back for all the hatred, I *own* you Zekk!

Jaina: Not for long!

Anja: Shut up you old goat!

>One day the dog took the boy for a walk and they met a girl pulling a

string tied to a fence with a goat named Jaina inside.

>"Wax youx doinx?x" The boy asked

>"Ij pullingj the stubornj goatj outj ofj thej penj.

Anja: Oh Jaina, I'm sorry, your a stubborn old goat!

Jaina rolls her eyes at stupid Anja.

>Whyx arex you pullx thatx goatx pecialyx whenx itx juxt thex penx youx


>Why? Twase wesa gonna staf the universe fromj the evillllll wizead.

Da boy taught shebs a stupid blonde.

Luke: I can't take this! This author keeps messing everything up!

Jaina: Expect for Anja being a dog.

Luke: True, true.

>dog say les go tooooooof. Boy got no choice so they go. The goat opens

pen and girl pulls pen behind her. Then shesa stratsa doing cart wheels.

The goat do em too. The dog beginth tooum. Boy run to keep up.

Tenel Ka: I do not understand this.

Mara: good, if you did we'd worry.

>Theysa cart whellin into town and find wizard. The girls sing tralalla

and wizard just shreak in. He then shoot purlpe lighting at them and the

boy ran at him the girl sing louder and the dog hit the fool. Big pooofer

and the wizard gone.

Lowie: I feel as loved as Anja.

Jacen: How do you pronounce all of our names any way? I mean I once met

this nut who said them like this: Yacen, Yaina, Lowie, Ten-al Kah, Zekk,

Anjia, Luke-warm, Murfa, Lily, Raynerf, Temith Kay, Visulus, and her

friend said them JacEn Jaina, Luie, Ten-el Kuh, Zak, Tamith Kie and so


Jaina: Jacen shut up.

>The girl marry the dog and he takes the throne and crown. The boy

promoted from doga slavesa toa goata herda. Tri end!

Anja: ooo, I make like a bandit in this one! I marry Jacen, own Tenel Ka

and Luke and Zekk, and command Jaina...or eat her!

Zekk: I'm going to hurt you!

>Epiolgue: Jaina goat get eated by dog.

All but Anja: NOOOOOO!

Tenel Ka: about Anja getting her way of course.

Callista comes on: Wadja thing?

Lowie: wadja?

Anja: Loved it, gimee more!

Callista: You know, maybe you should join me, you show promise.

Anja: oooh ye yes!!!!!!

Jaina: die, author die!

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