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Mild swearing warning, but nothing earth shattering. If you can watch TV, you can read this.)

Jaina: I dunno. I mean, it can't be by more than ten million. It's just not feasible.

Tenel Ka: Doesn't matter. I say it'll be around fifteen or sixteen.

Anja: I don't think it'll come anywhere close to beating it. I don't know why you all think it will, but-

Lowie: You're all wrong. It's gonna be by twenty million, no more, no less.

Mara (just walking in): What're you all talking about?

Jacen: By how much the Star Wars prequels are going to beat Titanic in the theaters.

Anja: Assuming that they would, and they won't.

Mara: Anja, you are merely a side affect of the stupor KJA was in when he wrote the last three YJK books. No one wants to hear what you have to say.

Zekk: Mara's right, Anja. Don't ever speak again.

Anja: I feel so loved.

Tenel Ka: You really shouldn't,

Callista suddenly appears on screen, obviously in a hurry.

Callista: Can't talk, have to deal with the insurance companies, send my love to Luke, here's the story, bye!

She disappears, and text slowly scrolls down from the screen.

Luke: Should I bother to ask her what insurance company she was referring to?

Lowie: Do you really care?

Luke: No.

Jaina: Then don't.

>>The YJK morph!

Luke: You know what this means, don't you?

Jacen: I had bad karma in my last life?

Luke: No . . .

Mara: We're not in it! (A bottle of champagne appears from thin air. Luke and Mara toast and Luke promptly passes out after one sip.)

Mara: Damn. Forgot about farmboy's alcohol tolerance: the lack thereof.

Luke (barely awake and drunkenly singing): I feel pretty, oh so pretty. . .

Tenel Ka smacks Luke on the head with a convenient chair. The singing stops.

>> Note:Don't own, don't get paid, Don't care

Jaina: It always makes my heart flutter to know how much they care for our sanity.

Zekk: Really? I usually get nauseous.

>> My wounderful fiends were sitting talking and eating when jacen relizd he loved anja with all his shrivled hart.

Tenel Ka: Jacen!

Jacen: It's not my fault!

Jaina: That sounds familiar. . .

>> She died nine months later after jacen had become a mad doctor and they had had had there first kid. anja changed her name to Rachle and die horibly.

Tenel Ka: All right Jacen, she's dead; you're forgiven.

Jacen: I knew I'd be redeemed!

Anja: And the vicious cycle continues.

Luke (just waking, very confused, still drunk): Whaths going on? I'm the star! I wanna be in the-

Tenel Ka gets the chair again, Luke's out.

>>the kid died too. jacen changed his name to ben quest and died his hair red. he bleached zekks hair and passed him off as his son. he hierd fur boy to be gaurd and changed his name to roger. tenel ka was his daughter. she had gotten into anjas drugs before this and it had completly messed her up.

Jaina: Anyone else completely lost?

Ryoga*: Am I anywhere near Nerima?

Blank looks from everyone else.

Lowie: Nerima?

Ryoga: In Japan?

More blank looks. Ryoga sighs, grabs his enormous back-pack and leaves.

>> Ben/J: oh life is sad. I need to complete my training and finsh my lastest invention. wow is me.

Jacen: Is that me?

Jaina: We may never know.

>> Jes/TK: I wanna be a blond! Daddy let me be a blond so I can be stupid like jonny!

>>FB/Rog: As long as you bleach me hair too!!!!!

All: ?

>> Jon/Z: I wanna be smart. Like Jess. soo.. I'll steal dads invention and changeym self into jes and be smart. she can be stupid forever.

>>Jonny steal the devise and tries to use it but instead they become part of the Sailor Moon story line.

Zekk: Sailor Moon?

Jaina: I have a feeling this is gonna get worse before it gets better.

Jacen: Doesn't it always?

Tenel Ka: Yes, but there's still some hope.

Lowie: There really isn't; didn't the other sludge we had to read teach you that much?

Tenel Ka (pauses): Guess so. We're doomed.

>> Z/SMoon: WHat happend. Oh....cute little dress I got on. Hmm. I wound whats under it.

Zekk: What a minute, I haven't gone. . . ?

Jaina: This could seriously affect our relationship.

Anja: Don't worry Zekk, I still love ya.

Tenel Ka: Anja! Can't you read?

Anja: Not really; why do you ask?

>> TK/Sailor mars: Wow. I wanna cut my hair. I don't like it. I hate fire. It scares me!!!!! Why do I control fire?????

>> FB/Venus: Wow I'm a blond. Thanks Jess this bleach is a merrical worker. Wow. I don't talk like a hic anymor!!!!

Mara: Who's FB?

Lowie: I don't know, and I don't want to know.

>> Ben/Mercury: wow this dress is short. hmm.. nice tight though.

Tenel Ka: Who's Ben? And why is he wearing a dress?

Jaina: What kind of a pervert would go around in woman's clothes?

Jacen: The fictional kind that is forced to by insane authors, and would never, *ever* do such a thing when under his own free will.

Anja: Jacen, are you trying to tell us something?

Jacen: No. . .

>> Well my friends finaly find out what uder the dress and kick some nega butt from her to Han Solos feet!

>> END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mara: Is anyone else totally confused by that?

Lowie: Are we ever not confused by these stories?

Callista appears on screen, Lando's nowhere to be seen.

Callista: I trust you all enjoyed the story?

Jaina: Do we ever?

Callista: No.

Zekk: Then you've just answered your own question.

Callista: Shut up. Where's Luke?

Mara: We found out we weren't going to be in the story, and he got a little carried away with the celebrations.

Callista: Celebrations?

Tenel Ka (gestures towards Luke's prone form): Can't handle alcohol too well, had to hit him to make him quiet.

Callista: You hit my Lukey-Poo? Just for that, the next one will be even worse!

Lowie: Didn't you say that last time?

Callista: Well, yes, I did. But wasn't it worse?

Lowie: Yeah.

Callista: Then the next will be-

Mara: We get the point, it's gonna suck. You don't have to rub it in.

Callista: But that's the fun of it! And you *will* be suffering!

*Ryoga's a character of Ranma 1/2 who has a really bad sense of direction.

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