Meeting Unknown
By: Kat

Description: What if Luke and Gaeriel had met before The Truce at Bakura? I ponder this possability

"Uncle Owen, where are we?" asked 8 year old Luke Skywalker asked his uncle.

"Bakura," answered Owen.

"Why?" Luke asked

"For a vaction."


"Don't be worried Luke. Bakura is a nice planet," Aunt Beru said as the transport landed.

Luke was the first one to emerge from the ship. It was early morning. The streets were not filled with people as a result. Luke was disappointed.

"Aunt Beru," he asked, "where is everybody?

"It's morning Luke, not many people come out in the morning."

"Come on," said Owen, "Let's get to the room at the Bakur Complex."

They walked into the Complex and Luke was absolutely dumbfound. His mouth hung open so far one would think it would never close again.

"Uncle Owen, can I go exploreing?"

Owen laughed. "Of course Luke, but be back by lunch."

So off ran Luke, going to explore.


"Lanjue, your hurting my arm!" screamed Gaeriel as her sister dragged her out of the apartment by her arm.

"Be quiet," hissed ten year old Lanjue. "Do you want us to get caught?"

"No, but why couldn't we tell mommy and daddy where we were going?"

"Because they wouldn't let us go, dummy," Lanjue hissed. Her long red hair twirled about her when she ran. "The guards are right around the corner. We need to find an adult and say your from a bantha tribe selling cookies, ok?"

"But that's lying!"

Lanjue didn't say anything, just dragged her into the hall along side a couple. "My sister is from Bantha Tribe 6786. She's selling fruits for the tribe," Lanjue said quietly.

"Oh, well, I think fruits are just lovely," the women said "and-"

"Oh look at the time," Lanjue said looking at her chronometer when they reached the door. "Mom and Dad will be terribly upset if we don't show up for lunch. We better go." Then she grabbed Gaeriel and brought her outside. The light shined on Lanjue's purple eyes.

"I thought you said mom and dad would-"

"I was fibbing," Lanjue said. "Let's go." She grabbed Gaeri's hand and started walking.

"Lanjue," Gaeri said, "I'm hungry."

"Don't worry, I brought money."

They stopped at a sidewalk restraunt. Gaeriel ordered a sandwich and a water. Lanjue ordered a huge meal of fruits and veggies. The explored the town for a while more and had the time of their lives.


Luke thought Bakura was wonderful. He had a good sence of direction so he didn't worry about being lost. He knew he was putting a good distance between him and the Complex, but he didn't care.

He passed many stores and restraunts. He loved it here. And he had n uncanny feeling he would return to Bakura.


"Lanjue," Gaeri said.

"What?" Lanjue said.

"Look at the sky."

Lanjue turned to see that the sky was red, indicating the end of the day. "Oh dear!" she said. "We have to go." She got up and started walking. She turned to see that Gaeri wasn't following her. "What are you doing?" she yelled.

"Do you know where we are, or how to get home?"

"Well, no.." Lanjue stood for a minute, then walked over andd grabbed Gaeriel's hand. "We'll just have to find our way by ourselves. How big of a town can Salis D'aar be?"

"Pretty big," Gaeriel muttered under her breath.


The sky was beginning to get red. Luke didn't know what it meant but he didn't think it was good. He started to run in the direction of the complex, when he ran in to a girl of his age and a girl a bit older. "Sorry," he muttered.

The girl started walking away the turned around and said, "DO you know how to get to the Bakur complex?" she asked.

"Yes," Luke said. "I'm going there now."

"Can we come with you?"

"Shut up," the older one said.

"No, it's ok, you seem lost anyway," Luke said.

"Fine," the older one said.

He looked al the girl, who was a bit shorter than him. The thing that caught his attention was her eyes. One was green and one was gray.

"Well," he said shaking his head to bring him back to ground. "if we're gonna go we better hurry."


Gaeriel looked at the odd boys clothes. "Your clothes are wierd," she said.

"I'm from a different planet," the boy said. "We dress differently."

"Oh," she said as they reached the door to the complex. The boy opened the door and let Gaeriel and Lanjue go first.

"Thankyou," Gaeriel said. She watched as the boy turned around and walked twords the hotels. "Where are you going," she shouted. The boy turned around.

"To the hotels," he said. "Where are you going?"

"To the apartments. You're only staying here?"

"Yeah. You live here?"


"Oh," the boy said. "Well, I had fun today."

"Me too," Gaeriel said.

"I didn't, Come on let's go," Lanjue said grabbing Gaerie's arm tking her to the apartments.


Luke watched the girl and her sister walk away. He was a bit upset he probably would never see her again.

Luke turned and started walking when he heard the girl say, "Wait!" He turned and saw her running twords him. She ran into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. He put his hands around her waist and hugged her back. "Thankyou," she whispered into his ear. She kissed him on the cheek and then ran back to her sister.

Luke turned and walked back to the hotel with a smile on his face. Thinking about the girl, he relised he never asked her name.


Gaeriel skipped back to the apartment with a huge smile on her face. "Do you think I"ll ever see him again?" she asked Lanjue.

"No," Lanjue said simply.

Gaeriel's smile faded. She asked, "Why not?"

"You just won't."

Gaeriel thaught about the boy when she was falling asleep. Thinking, she relised he never told her his name.

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