Past Memories
By: India Skywalker

Note: Lots of stories from me yes? Well, the imprisonment trilogy ended. So time for the basic stuff. Zarial and Xavier are mine. Along with India. Saber is Sabers. And...well...IT ALL BELONGS TO US FROM THE WORLD OF there. You take our meet my kids. And their MewTwos. Not pretty.

Zarial walked down the hallways of the castle rather absentmindedly. Her heart seemed destroyed in many places, the scar across her chest where she was killed once before. She sighed and sat down on the concrete ledge overlooking her kingdom. She smoothed out her long crimson red dress. She started to cry, her tears crystallizing into diamonds once they hit the ground.

Xavier sat behind Zarial and patted her back lightly. He kissed her cheek.

"Zarial, my dear. Calm down, crying won't bring her back." Zarial looked up at her husbands young looking face and hugged him close. His warmth somehow made her feel a little better. She shakily stood up.

"Was it the right thing to do?" she asked with more tears gathering in her eyes. Xavier nodded.

"It had to be done." he looked at her. Zarial turned away watching the orange and purple sunset which she had missed ever since her child was taken away from her. All eleven of her children had gone. Drakan, her oldest male had become jealous once his little sister was born. All because she had more power than the whole family combined, she was the most powerful Terrias in existence.

Xavier hugged his wife again and walked softly up to the tower. Zarial would join him soon but had to get back to her thoughts. She got up and walked down the stairs. Coming outside she walked through the golden grassy plains.

Drakan murdered all her children, she was dead, she couldn't stop any of that. The golden dragon swept down to death to give her child a life. India was so powerful, Zarial passed away giving birth to her. The child's dragons sacrificed themselves for the realms, re-creating Zarial and destroying Drakan. It was the worst blood shed the realms had ever faced.

Zarial settled down.

She had sent Teo to watch over India, to keep her safe. Teo sacrificed herself as well.....however...India had put her life into her mission and brought Teo back.

Xavier raced over to her. "Kabira!!"

Zarial looked up with excitement. "Kabira!? Where is she??"

Xavier grabbed her hands and ran up back to the tower. She raced close behind. Inside the small room was a crystal ball, they watched upon their only surviving child with this. He showed Zarial. "See the white dragon? That's Kabira Glenn's daughter. India is with her."

Zarial looked up at him with tears of joy. "She can return now! Kabira is the missing link.....we finally found Kabira. Our child can return as our heir now. We must notify her right away."

Xavier sighed. "One problem." he looked at his wife. She looked back afraid as to what he might say. "India doesn't know of Kabira's past. She will soon, but if the dragon turns human....."

Zarial gasped. "No...... she can't."

"Unfortunately, she will." he looked at the ground. She burst out into tears and hurried down to her room. Xavier sighed. This was a price too costly to pay.


Saber and Aqua hopped around India's feet in a quick pace. All three of them walking through the very crowded, very dangerous section of Mos Eisly space port. Saber wanted to go and explore. In other words...find new places to destroy and people to annoy.

India walked carefully not trying to step on her children as they scurried underfoot.

"How can I have two dragons for daughters?" she looked at them

"Well mommy....alcohol does a lotta weird things...." Saber grinned. Aqua tail smacked her sister.

"Be nice! Just cause mommy had too much alcohol and met a Mr. alien guy doesn't mean she had....."

"SHUT UP!" she snapped at the two dragons. Both of them laughed and ran around her feet some more.

"Mommy look! The ship!" Saber squealed and ran to boarding dock 83.

"Yeah. And we're going to sneak aboard too." she added...walking in calmly with her two daughters.


Zarial was sleeping serenely by the lake. Kalina, the darkish aqua horse with a firey red gem on her forehead neighed. The saddle to cover Kalina was engraved with the most beautiful patterns ever imagined. She neighed and tossed her dark navy blue mane into the air as she reared up. Xavier put a hand on her snout quickly silencing the horse. She snorted and nuzzled his hand for a treat or two. In the utmost care he reached into his pocket and drew out a sugar cube. The horse sniffed his hand and claimed her treat gently. She munched on it.

Xavier smiled and pat Kalina on the nose. Such a horse was immortally young in the realms where they lived. Every thing was so beautiful here. So why did they loose so much? It was true. He couldn't say he didn't worry about India. The orb showed them to her......but most was uncertain. No feelings were emitted from the orb. He walked to Zarial rather quietly. Kneeling down to her he admitted his worst fear. "We have lost her for good Zarial."

Zarial didn't move. For she did not hear his plea. Yet, he had said it. He had to tell it to someone and he did. Could his soul be at peace now? He sat down by the lake and closed his eyes. The coldness in his soul was still there and spreading around to his heart. He opened his cold eyes and looked around. He waded knee deep in the water and looked at the minnows swimming around with the big fish. Clams and everything down there. This was a realm......a realm...

A realm.................... he drifted off to a darkness. To die a horrible death. Kalina bit his back snapping him out of the trance. He shook his head.

Thanks girl...Drakan is trying to crush me from the grave. Because me and my lost child led to his death. Drakan is coming back.....I know he will be coming back....and no one can stop him.

Dark Curse
By: India Skywalker
Note: Hopefully this we be a long running series. Instead of the short five part Imprisonment Trilogy. Um....E-mail me people! I GET LONELY! lol.....kay. Well....bye.

"Get out of my head!!" she screamed shrilly.

" brought the bitch into my and my father will die." his haunting voice echoed.

"!!" her scream rang out through the bedroom. Zarial jerked up, sweating very hard. Her sheets were soaked to the bone. The white waves of fabric were tightly wrapped around her. A stand of her hair fell between her eyes. She buried her face into her hands and sobbed hysterically.

Xavier tore into her room and threw open the door quickly. His unruly hair was strewn about his face. He took a hand and brushed his hair back, quickly taking place beside her. His gentle, yet strong arms caressed her shoulders with each sob.

"He's gotten to you too..... hasn't he?" Xavier looked down towards the marble floor. She looked at him.

"Drakan....?" she asked very high pitched. Her voice quivered at the thought of her son. No...this....thing was not her son. No one in this realm could have done what he was not her son.

"We have to get rid of him." Xavier stood up.

"How?" Zarial asked.

"We need India back. She can jump to his underworld. Airon Ganders has taught her many things. When he disappeared....she taught herself to get revenge on the Regna. She battled Drakan before remember?" he paced around the room, a thin beam of light striking his face giving density to his eyes.

"Xavier....her dragons sacrificed themselves to save India. They loved her dearly. She treated them can she possibly win? She has no dragons to help her anymore." Zarial picked up a navy blue jewelry box with a blue velvet inside. A crystal shard shone brightly when she opened the box. It's light filled the dark room. He turned and looked at her. It was the shard....the shard that killed his wife when India was born.

He sighed. Such event was remarkable. After eleven births.....India came along. The twelfth birth. Before she was even born however....a few months before hand, a spirit of a golden dragon entered their royal chambers. The many shades of gold swirled in about it's form like a smoky trail being moved by the breeze. With ease it curled it's tail gently around Zarial, and it's voice boomed loud, like thunder but as soft as butterfly kisses.

"The twelfth birth is a very important one Queen Zarial..." Xavier recalled as the dragon had said it. "Yet, to give her must die..." that was the price to pay. Zarial stood herself up and placed her hands on the table. She looked the dragon spirit in the eye and directly stated the child would live.

He was just shocked...... The dragon picked himself up and disappeared into the swirling air....

so it was foretold.....India would be borne....

When she came....a shard pierced Zarial's heart and stayed there with her life glowing in its walls. It cracked her chest open, leaving a huge scar. A huge reminder of the price they had to pay for the strongest Terrias to ever have lived.....

"Xavier?" Zarial's soft and scared voice echoed in his ears.

He turned to face her...the box was closed. The thin rays of light from the rising sun were emitting slowly into the room. "Yes?"

"There is only one choice....we have to get India back here." she said quietly.

"I know...but how?" he looked at her.

"Glenn can help us........" they watched each other and sighed in sync. With a nod he leaned against the bed and stroked Zarial's hair lovingly and gently till she fell asleep once again.

"You have to help us Glenn...." he answered looking at the bright golden sun as it rose....


"but mommy...." Saber jumped from side to side of the ship.

"Not now!" she looked at her two hyper kids.

"Is it okay to break into someone else's ship?" Aqua piped up watching her mother and her sister walking up the ramp to the aircraft. India searched for an opening to sneak in.

"No it's not okay. It's illegal......right mommy?" Saber looked at India.

She nodded to her daughters. "Yeah but we need a ride. We travel around remember? The ZERO-ONE is still on Cerooine." a click was heard.

All three looked around and watched as the passengers started to come into the gate. They had unlocked the ship and the door was opening.

"Everybody in!" she ushered her two children into the ship before any one could see them. Saber pried open a secret compartment for smuggling and jumped in, her mother and sister following. India closed it just as the passengers walked across the hidden compartment. They all breathed a sigh of relief.

Nestling against each other in the cold chamber. All of them fell asleep keeping warm against one another for the day to come.

Coming Home
By: India Skywalker

Note: Gagh...I get bored people!! How else do you think these stories end up being....well......there! Lol.. Seriously tho. If you haven't read Briar Solo's stories yet, I suggest you should. They kick ass!

India yawned and her eyes fluttered open. She was in...a bed!? Looking around she saw marbled floors and pure white sheets. There was a square gap in the wall, being a window. This was a she had decided. Carefully she got up.

Where's Saber and Aqua!? Forgetting about being careful she jumped through wall after wall using her Terrias ability. She had to find them! She just had to....

"Mommy!!" Saber tackled her as she appeared from a wall.

"Gagh....SABER! I'm so glad you're okay!!" she squealed in happiness and hugged her daughter.

Aqua leaped on top of Saber. "PILE UP!!"

"No no no no no....." she looked at her kids. "No pile ups.....not on Indi....nope..."

"Awww...but MOM!" Saber protested.

India shook her head and scooped up both of her children setting them on the bed.

"Can anyone explain what happened?" she asked.

Both dragons shook their heads.

"Excuse me Miss? I can explain." Xavier walked into the room. Instantly India leaped up taking out her double light sabre letting both ends gleam a brilliant gold. She dropped into a fighter stance. was a natural reaction. As much as they have gotten ambushed in her life, you learn to be quick to defend.

Xavier blinked at his child. This was her? She didn't even remember him. The thought he had wanted to bring him to tears. It almost did.....but he couldn't do anything about it. Maybe after she knew about her past....

"I know why you're here." he said again. He watched India blink and release her hold on her lightsaber putting it away. Saber and Aqua leaped on her head, Saber getting claim shoving her little sister off her head into her mothers arms.

"Why?" Saber asked.

"Come.....we shall talk about this in the Royal Chambers."


India carefully opened the navy blue box and smiled at the glowing crystal shard. It was so beautiful. She closed the box and set it on the table waiting for the strange man to come in and tell her about her past. Something she had always wanted to know.

"Mommy?" Saber looked up at India. She stretched and sat on the corner of a table, legs dangling freely.

"Yes Saber?"

"Why you here? That man said he knew your past mommy...but.....your past isn't a mystery. You live with Luke...your mommy is Amidala....what's goin on?" the drageen asked with big eyes.

India sighed. "I don't know."

Xavier walked into the room and watched India rather coldly. Zarial followed him summoning up all her bravery. She wanted to tear across the room and hug her daughter and cry.....yet her husband explained what India almost did when he snuck up on her. That wouldn't be the smartest thing to do.

Yet their child seemed innocent enough. Humming a tune off of a video game she often played while in deep space. Eyes closed, ears open and almost twitching. She was listening to them. Both drageens beside her caught on and hummed along with her. She seemed so innocent when she stopped and turned her head slightly to look at Zarial with those big emerald green eyes. A strand of dark brown hair fell down into her face and she didn't bother to brush it back.

"Can I go now?" she asked impatiently.

Zarial opened her mouth to talk....but Xavier cut her off. He winked at her and walked towards their child.

"And where would you go to?" he queried.

"Back home..." she watched him.

"Where's 'back home?'"

"Naboo! Amidala lives there...she's my mom. Anakin was my dad. Luke is my brother. Leia is my sister." she looked at him.

"Mommmmmmy...I wanna go back home..." Saber nudged India.

Xavier raised an eyebrow. "You have two draclings for children? How did THAT happen?"

"Well see....when mommy gets drunk she makes bad decisions...and when she meets a Mr Alien guy she...." Aqua was cut off by her mother.

"Aqua....HUSH" she hissed.

Saber was in a mess of giggles along with her sister. They were shaking really hard. India cracked up laughing right along with them.

Xavier started to laugh too. He only chuckled a bit until India backflipped off the table and sat on the windowsill cross-legged. She watched them.

"Can I go home?.....huh?" all of them watched as a dark shadow swirled into the room. His presence made India growl.

Evil laughter rang through the room.

Xavier moved to the side with Zarial. India hopping down with her children right by her feet guarding all sides. The shadow swirled around her...paralyzing her to the bone. Saber squealed in fright...Aqua leaped at the shadow and sank her teeth into it. The shadow screamed letting India go and wreaking havoc on the drageen. Aqua was hurled into a wall only being counter effected by India's power. The shadow curled up around her again, leaving the dragons alone.

"Dear sister.....I shall kill you and your parents...soon."

She struggled.

"I don't have any parents here!!"

"Oh but you do...those two over there....." the shadows whisps circled around Zarial and Xavier leaving a looseness around India's wrists. She grabbed her double light saber and turned both side on uppercutting. The shadow screamed, splitting in half and floated off.

The very confused Terrias looked at the two strangers....

"Mom....Dad?" she asked shakily.

"India we need to talk...."

In the Past
By: India Skywalker

Note: Gagh weird eh? I DONT CARE! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!....E-mail me E-mail box is empty.......Kay..that's about all......

"Mom?" India looked at Zarial. Her dark brown, almost black hair swirled around her deep blue eyes. She lowered her head.

India walked over to the man.

"Dad...?" she looked up at him. He watched her emerald green eyes as they seemed to show pain in them.

She quickly walked away and sat furthest from them on the corner of the table with her head down. They were my real parents....and they couldn't tell me? She thought about her past. She was a complete 78 year old. In technical terms. She had only been 'living' for 18 years. Her eyes closed. Both of her children were sitting by her, nuzzling their mothers hand and waiting for her to talk to them.

"Mommy...?" Saber looked up at India.

"Kabira....." Xavier watched the young dragon. Her face fell.

"She already knows...." Saber looked at the man. "She knows....mommy knows already...."

He nodded and moved towards his child. Very carefully Xavier sat beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. She it had hurt her deeply.

"India...." he started.

She pulled away from him and turned to face them both. "When were you going to tell me!? Damnit! My whole life is a lie!!! This is what it means!! My whole life! I have no parents named Anakin and Amidala! I have no brother or sister! I have no niece.... I have nothing now! Not even a last name! Every part of me is FAKE!! ABSOLUTELY FAKE!!"

She looked out the window and phased through the wall to the other side. Where air was. Her two daughters climbed out the window and flew down to the ground where their mother was walking.


"Mommy?" Saber nudged her sleeping mothers side. All three of them had collapsed under a tree after getting as far away from the castle as possible. When she opened her eyes, Saber whined. The glitter in them seemed to fade she wasn't her anymore. Aqua whined along with saber.

"Get up mommy..." Aqua nudged her mother.

She just laid her head back on the ground. Saber got up and bit her arm.

"HEY! Ow!" India snapped back to her old self and rubbed her arm.

"Mommy...they your parents...shouldn't ya be happy to see them?" Aqua asked.

"I'm not darling..." her voice was colder than usual.

"Why not?" Saber scurried up to her mom.

"They abandoned me....." she said softly.

"Huh? no! Remember what you told me!?" Saber burst into tears.

"About Drakan...? Wait..........Drakan was my brother..."

Aqua nodded.

"Drakan....he killed my whole family! So I am here....and I always knew that I had a family in this realm...." she looked at her children.

Aqua and Saber's eyes lit up.

"You gonna help!?" She asked softly. Aqua stood by her sister.

"Hell...why not..."

"YAAAAAAAAY!" both drageens cheered.


Zarial hugged her daughter when they were all back together. "Thank you so much,...." she cried.

India hugged back. "No problem.....none at all...."

Xavier smiled at the two drageens sleeping in his arms.

"Tomorrow is a big day..." he looked at them.

They nodded.... it was the day to seal their fate.

Delicate Pain
By: India Skywalker

Note: Yay! Indi has a good long lasting series now! Yaaaaay! Well..humor me...blah!

India woke up as the delicate rays of the sun hit her face gently. Saber and Aqua were curled up beside her. She closed her eyes so she could fall asleep again. In years she had never slept that well. Maybe it was because she actually felt safe......Her friends always watched out for her if she would watch out for them. That's how they survived.

Yet.....Drakan....the battle would be today. The finishing account of everything wrong in the realms.........

She pulled herself up and stumbled to a mirror. Taking out a brush from her backpack she started to hum, brushing the strands of her long brown hair. Still dressed in a black raggedy tanktop and black raggedy shorts.....really the only clothes she had....and the only ones that survived her through the battles.

She carefully opened the doorknob and walked through the hallways. She leaned on a large windowsill and watched the sun rise. Aqua and Saber jumping up beside her.

"I'm fighting for all this..." she looked up at the sun and golden fields in awe.

"Mommy....are you going to be okay with fighting?" Saber asked quietly.

"She always beats her enemies....." Aqua watched her sister.

"Hush you two......the outcome will occur how it decides to..." she turned back to the suns golden light.


"Sleep well?" Zarial sipped her coffee and watched her child walk in and sit on the table.

"Surprisingly...yes." she answered.

Saber and Aqua jumped around Xavier and stole his sausage off his plate along with a couple pancakes.

"Hey!!" he yelled in protest.

"But you're our grandfather..." Aqua looked at him.

"Yah...feeeeeeeed us..." Saber grinned.

India watched the three argue over the breakfast plate, in the end..the two drageens licking the maple syrup off their claws.

India watched the sun was nearly time.

"Keep Saber and Aqua with you while I battle...." she told her parents. The young Jedi then straightened her clothes and walked out of the room to the fields beyond.


"Drakan!" she yelled into the clearing. It was all surrounded by woods, all five of them traveled a short distance behind the castle where Drakan had been killed before.

The blackness curled around India as she stepped into the middle of the clearing...leaving Zarial with Aqua and Xavier with Saber. They kept them held tightly in their arms.

A whispy form of Drakan formed in front of her.

"Dear sister...I seal your fate!" the earth split.....many pieces cracking open. They started to tilt. This would be their fighting field. India looked at him.


Fire blasted at him. He moved away and jump kicked at her. A dodge. An uppercut. Perfect hit. Both of them were fighting to their fullest fury possible. Drakan charged up his fist and swung it at her. She backflipped on a tilting rock, barely being missed. She punched, it passed through him.

"What.....!?" she looked at him.

"I am in the underworld dear sister.....You can't hurt me...but I can hurt you..." he laughed demonically.

"India! Watch out!" Zarials scream pierced India's senses deeply. She turned, yet was fraction of a second too late to jump. The black whisp had caught her ankle...barely and slammed her down to the ground. She tried to free herself....yet her hands went through the smoke.

"No...." she struggled as the whisps tightened around her body and lifted her up. Darkness spread around the shrubs, and trees around the clearing. The earth stopped moving......everything seemed to stop. Zarial and Xavier watched with the two drageens in shock.

"Stop it!" she yelled at the form of her older brother. "Fight me like a real man you coward!"

The whisps tightened, cutting off her breath making her scream in pain.

"Dear sister..." he smirked as his short brown hair fell into his dark eyes. "You will never win....."

The darkness filled her mind, slowly cutting off her will and soul to be strong and to fight back. It crept into her very heart, filling it with darkness. As the darkness spread, all she wanted to do was sleep....

"Sleep dear sister...." he watched in amusement.

"no......" her eyes closed and she went limp. Drakan laughed loudly, the sound echoing.

"What did you do to her!?" Zarial jumped up screaming at him.

"My mother....I only filled her with darkness. She is comfortably sleeping now...yet...getting into a deeper and deeper sleep as the darkness takes her over. She'll never wake up again....I hope you enjoy watching your last child die." he looked at her calmly.

Aqua was crying, burying her head into Zarial's arm.

"MOM! SNAP OUTTA IT!" Saber's high pitched scream pierced through everyone's ears. Xavier struggled to hold onto the furious drageen. Her claws tore into his arm and she flapped her wings hard, sending dust flying into his face. a last resort..she bit him, her razor sharp teeth cutting to the bone.

He winced....and that wincing released some energy. She burst out of his arms and ran to India's lifeless form.

"Mom!!!" she screamed again.

The drageen bit the shadow. Drakan screamed in pain, falling to his knees.

You hurt the hurt Drakan. This immediately clicked into Sabers head. She ran around biting the darkness furiously. Each bite causing him to scream in more pain.


India's eyes opened slightly. "Huh...? Sab...Saber?"

"Mom! Get up! Come on mom!! Get up!!"

Drakan sent a spiraling blade at Saber. She was sliced across the shoulder, causing her to slide across the ground from such a strong force.

Seeing her daughter in pain....the Terrias snapped.

"DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she exploded with energy, causing the shadow to break into billions upon billions of pieces. Drakans image screamed in utmost pain and faded.

She quickly ran to pick up Saber. The drageen hugged her mom with tears in her eyes. "I knew you could do it mommy....." she admitted quietly.

Aqua leaped into the hug leaving a surprised Xavier and Zarial watching.

"'re too weak to fight Drakan..." Zarial started.

"Weak!?" was her daughters snappy reply. "I survived when I was all alone damnit! Don't call me weak!!" Saber and Aqua nodded in agreement.

India walked back into the castle to rest. She needed more sleep.

Zarial watched as her daughters figure disappeared. Xavier smiled.

"Will she be okay?" she looked up at her husband.

"She'll be fine.........Ya know what? We lost so much time with our child....we don't even truly know what she is like inside."

They both nodded to one another and walked into the castle themselves.


India was in her four year old form, conserving energy by being in a smaller and younger form. She was curled up on the couch with the two drageens nestled by her. Saber was nestled up on her stomach, Aqua on her side. Both keeping her warm with their wings and body.

Zarial had gone off to bed.......Xavier hadn't.

He stood in the doorway and watched the three of them sleep. He felt complete now........

Totally complete.......

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