Lady Like
By: Vessela-Cordja Kaji


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"Jacen wait up!" Jaina yelled down one of the many winding halls of the imperial palace. Jacen had discovered some rare animal lurking these halls. or one had gotten away.whatever Jaina didn't know or care. The only reason she was following her brother was that she needed something to do. ANYTHING to do. This way no one could accuse her of being 'unproductive with her time'. Jaina had noticed that phrase was used quite a bit concerning her lately. They called her 'lazy with no interests', but she wasn't lazy and she did have interests. Oswald just wouldn't allow such things because they were 'unladylike'

All she wanted to do was leave the palace and go out to find Zekk, but her mother and father forbade such things to happen because of Oswald. 'She's only 9 years old and shouldn't be walking the streets of Coruscant alone searching for some scruffy looking street kid' he would tell her parents. Of course she could sneak out-- it was quite easy actually-- but that wouldn't make any difference because if he didn't know that she was coming, Zekk would be almost impossible to find in the under-levels of the huge city.

She kept running until something caught her eye. A maintenance droid was fixing a door's control panel. She stopped to examine with awe at how tall the wires seemed to fit together in an organized mess. She watched the droid start to reconnect wire and she was proud that she knew what a lot of the wires were used for (she had been making a hobby reading old data pads with information on machines and other moving parts). The droid shooed her away and she started to run again in the direction that Jacen had disappeared in. Her thoughts wandered back to the control panel and the wires but were soon interrupted as she ran into something. With a loud *oof* she fell backward onto the metal floor.

Jaina looked up with horror when she saw that she had ran into Oswald, her etiquette tutor. He looked down at her with an icy stare. Looking at his chronometer, he smiled. Jaina didn't like it when Oswald smiled, it meant that there would be a lot more work involving her lessons.

"Ah, Miss Jaina Solo." he said in an intimidating tone. "I do believe that it is almost time for today's etiquette lesson. Let us start early shall we? First," he said noticing her not so clean face "we shall discuss the fact that a young lady with a dirty face shows her imperfections. We must not have imperfections Miss Jaina Solo. Then we can remember the proper behavior while walking down a hall." Oswald continued to walked down the hallway.

Jaina looked at her own, smaller chronometer and saw that it was at least 20 standard minutes until her etiquette lesson. She sighed and obediently followed Oswald. What else could she to do? She couldn't complain to anyone. Threepio and her mother believed whatever Oswald said was best for her and her father didn't like to get in the middle of it so he also sided with Oswald. Complaining would probably end up giving her 2 hours of etiquette instead of only one.

Oh how Jaina envied her brothers. Instead of having to go through all that she was going through Jacen was off doing research for his wild life teacher and Anakin was playing on different computers because Threepio had suggested a 'fun lesson' but Jaina didn't have time for that with etiquette in her way.

Leia walked into her living quarters to find her husband sitting in front of the holo-vid screen watching a recording made when the twins were only 4 years old.

~ Han was trying to show Jacen how to tell the difference between a hydrospanner and a macrofuser, but Jacen would have none of that. He was too interested in the insect that flew past him. Jacen chased the insect as Han chased Jacen, still clutching the tools. ~

Han laughed remembering the occasion. They had been in one of the sky domes of the Imperial palace taking the day off for a picnic. Leia couldn't go very far in case of an emergency so, they had improvised and turned one of the many sky domes into a park which was still there today.

Leia instead said nothing as caught sight Jaina in the background.

~ She was sitting under a tree near her mother and it seemed that Threepio was talking to her. then she stood up did something and Threepio was still.~

"I could never get Jacen into machinery." Han said as he noticed his wife standing behind him "What?" he asked observing her concerned expression.

Leia replayed the scene she had just watched and enhanced Jaina sitting under the tree. Han watched again now focused on Jaina.

~ Jaina sat under the tree looking through some old data pads with excitement in her eyes. Threepio suddenly walked up next to her and he appeared to be conversing with the 4-year-old. Jaina rolled her eyes and stood up. She then opened Threepio's torso covering, rearranged a few wires and suddenly Threepio slumped lifeless. Leia walked up a moment later and switched Threepio back on with the switch near his neck, giving her daughter a disapproving stare. ~

"Wow!" Han was shocked "Not only did she turn Threepio off the hard way, but she did it while still allowing people to switch him on by his switch!"

"Yeah, I know, and at the age of four." Leia said, noticing the proud look in her husband's eyes.

"Speaking of the kids, where are they? Don't they have free time soon?" Han asked.

Threepio, who had been listening to their conversation, piped up: "Yes indeed General Solo. Both Master Jacen and Anakin have free time but Mistress Jaina is more than likely in her etiquette lesson."

"Doesn't she have free time too?" Han asked the protocol droid.

"Why, yes of course, but Master Oswald takes it away from her most of the time to teach her how to be more ladylike." Threepio dutifully replied. "And I do agree with him. It is quite rude to shut me off all of the time. And using control panel instead of my switch! She could cause serious damage to my circuits!"

Han thought about it for a second. His kids were growing up so fast. Next thing he knows Jaina and Jacen would be 17. Jacen might still be into animals and other creatures, while Jaina would just become just another stuck up princess. Is that what she wanted? Han became angry: he didn't know what his daughter wanted. Nobody did because she was never given a choice. The two would grow apart as the years flew past; he couldn't let that happen without a fight. He wasn't about to give up his baby girl so easily.

Han stood up and walked out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Leia asked, as he had just stepped through the doorway.

Before the doors *swooped* closed, Han poked his head back through simply stating: "Fatherly duties, you wouldn't understand."

Jaina walked down the long staircase carefully as a small hover droid flittered around her watching for the slightest mistake in her posture or elegance. Bead of sweat appeared on her forehead. She could feel them shift and tickle like tiny hairs, but she could not wipe them away or she would have to start all over again. A droplet of sweat escaped the grasp of her brow and slowly descended down her cheek then it made a suicidal fall down to the stone step below.

Loud buzzers exploded around her. Jaina winced at the sudden outcry of the loud and angry noise and covered her ears to shut it out. Then the buzzers stopped and the room echoed with the loud, stern voice of Oswald.

" Your head dropped. Do it again!" he said, as Jaina slowly trudged back up the steps. "And I will keep you here until you get this right and make it down those stairs."

"That won't be necessary Oswald." Han interrupted.

Jaina turned excitedly at the sound of the voice she heard and ran down the stairs (unladylike I might add). Han knelt and opened his arms just in time to catch his daughter in a bear hug. He lifted her up and started to leave.

"Excuse me General Solo but young Jaina is still in my care." Oswald said in his usual 'snooty tone', as Jaina would call it.

Turning toward Oswald, with his daughter sill still in his arms, Han replied in a serious tone: "Oh yes Oswald, I forgot about you." He then flashed his famous lop-sided grin "We no longer require your services here. You are now excused."

Jaina mimicked her father, giving the best lop-sided grin she could produce.

"Come on munchkin." he said. "I'm going to be your tutor now. Your agenda will include: hydrospanners, hyperdrives, droid parts, the Falcon, and other ships."

Jaina couldn't contain her excitement. "You mean I can work on the Falcon?" she asked.

"Yep and even learn how to fly it one day." Han said, but lost his excited tone for an instant. "If that's what you want."

"Are you kidding?" Jaina asked with glee. "This is what I've been wanting forever!"

Han rubbed his nose against his daughter's and gave her a kiss on the cheek, which Jaina quickly returned. Jaina giggled. Han couldn't hide the look of pride that was plastered on his face.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Jaina asked

"Absolutely nothing," Han answered. They weren't going to wait until the years split them too far apart to ever connect. The two stared down the hall to the docking bay that held the Falcon. No one knew at that time what the small incident had started.

Jacen Solo walked into the Academy's docking bay in search of his sister. "Hey Sis." he called out using the Force and the emptiness of the docking bay to make his voice echo. Suddenly he saw his sister's head pop up from the top of her ship, the Shadow Chaser.

Jaina Solo's short brown hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail. Her flight suit and face were covered with smudges from working on her ship for so long.

"Yeah Jace?" she asked wiping her hands off with a dirty rag.

Jacen laughed at his sister's usual appearance. "Jaina those grease stains suit you quite well." he said mockingly as he made a bow, "you never looked lovelier!"

Jaina gave an unladylike snort and tried to wipe them off using her dirty rag. The plan backfired and just seemed to smear the smudges even more. Jacen laughed, thinking about Jaina's old etiquette teacher Oswald, and his reaction if he ever saw Jaina again.

Her brothers thoughts of Oswald reminded Jaina of her teacher. Oswald's words echoed her head. yes after all these years she could still remember them "Smudges on a young lady's face reveals her imperfections.. and we don't want imperfections do we miss Jaina Solo?". So who cares if she had "imperfections" life had imperfections and she loved it that way.

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