Star Wars: Episode 1
Joy to Pain

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Setting: just after Qui-Gon's funeral, there was someone you
didn't see there in the movie, someone who didn't want to be seen,
someone from Obi-Wan's past. 

Warning this my first attempt at any real romantic tanglings in years. It
may contain adultish ideas (but I'm no adult!)


Obi-Wan walked out of the room holding little Anakin's hand. He
had to be strong for the boy. He had taken care of his own tears back in
the generator. Anakin sleepily stumbled into the night. Amildala was by
his side, holding his other hand. She looked down at him.
"Sleepy Ani?" She asked, half teasing him.
"No." He blinked his eyes and smiled at her. She laughed. "of
course not, but even Jedi have to sleep, right Obi-Wan?"
"Yes." The queen led them into the palace and to their quarters.
"Obi-Wan! Obi-Wan!" They all looked to who called the Jedi. It
was a blonde, short, young woman who looked about 25. Obi-wan dropped
Anaikin's hand.
"Shine`?" He asked.
"Who else? I came as soon as I could. Are you ok?"
"Yes." Anakin was staring at Shine`.
"Who are you?" The boy asked. Shine` knelt down and smiled at
"I'm Shine`, an old friend of Obi-wan and Qui-Gon's. Who are
you?" The way she asked it Anakin felt she was looking into his soul.
"I'm Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan's Padawan learner." She nearly
fell over.
"Anakin? Skywalker?" She stared at him in disbelief, could it be?
"Yes. Why do look so funny?" He asked her.
"Once, a long time ago, I knew a girl name Anakina Skywalker.
Strange that you should have her name. Did you say Padawan?" She got up
and looked at Obi-wan.
"You're a Knight? Well of course you are. I told you, you would
be." She turned to Amidala and bowed. "Your majesty, sorry to ignore you
like that. I'm honored to meet you." Amidala nodded. She took Anakin to
his room.
"So Obi, how've you been?"
"Shine`, what are you doing here? I'm glad to see you of course
but I thought you said you couldn't come back."
"I said I might never be able to. I had to now. I had to see
him...and you." She looked down. "Let me see it?" She knew she was asking
a lot, it was his memory and his pain. She looked up again her swamp
water green eyes mixing with his cloudy blue-gray.
"Of course, you collect pain."
"Yes, but he was my friend, its a little different." He put his
hands up, palm out. She lifted hers until they almost touched. He
replayed the horrific experience of the battle. Shine` nodded after it
was done. 
"That's all I really came for, I'll leave now if you want."
"No, I never wanted you to go. We were best friends."
"But things are different now, a the storm is fast approaching
and you will be at the center of it. I told you that you would loose
almost all you held dear, and it has started. You, Anakin, and Amidala
will be at the center of it. If I stay I can help, but there are certain
things that can not change. If I stay there will be more pain."
"I have to train him, I promised Qui-Gon. Yoda doesn't-"
"You know how I feel about Yoda! And yes you have to train him.
Yoda would avoid the storm, but that would bring greater suffering." She
knew her cryptic, metaphoric speech was getting tiresome. "The Republic
no longer does what it's supposed to, you know that. The Jedi have to
protect it, even though it is corrupt. So the Sith will side with the
government and corrupt it. The people will support it because they will
not release what is going on until they have lost their freedom. Most of
the Jedi will die, including me. You will not. Anakin is the key.
Remember that, he had to be trained. And it had to be you."
"Don't say stuff like that! You make it sound like all we can do
is side with evil while evil sides with good and corrupts it."
"That is the truth."
"The future is always in motion!"
"Of stop with the Yodaese! Besides some of the future can not be
"How do you know? You always think you know everything! What if
Yoda's right? He's older and a Master! You never even finished training!"
"And what do you presume to know? You know nothing! Yoda is not
older and he killed me! He ordered me away!"
"What? And Qui-Gon was never your friend! He never trusted you,
you always contradicted him!"
"Not always! I trained him to be like that! We were friends! He
saw the storm, he knew, I taught him that!"
"What are you talking about? You never taught him anything!"
"Obi-Wan, I know this has been hard for you but-"
"What the Sith do you know about anything?"
"More than you'll ever know!" And she stormed away. *I said too
much, I gave it away. I have to leave!*

*What was she blabbing about, taught him what? No! She can't
leave! I didn't mean to- aw I have to catch her!*

She was about to board her ship when he grabbed her arm. It was dark. His
heart was pounding. She turned to pull away. His arm slid around her
waste, he pulled her close and their lips connected. 
Sorry. He thought and the kiss deepened. She let it. She knew it had been
hard for him. He needed her and she had almost left. She wanted this as
much as he did. 

The kiss was accident, he had just meant to stop her but when she turned
it just happened. After that is was like his brain went on auto pilot and
he was only there for part of it. Vertical? Horizontal? Bed? Ceiling? He
wasn't sure what was going on, his mind just sort of blanked out. 
When he woke the next morning he was relieved to find that nothing much
happened. She lay beside him in the bed in his temporary quarters but
they were both fully clothed. It was well before dawn, his paranoid mind
had woke him far to early. He went back to sleep and didn't wake again
until morning. Shine` kissed him gently to wake him up. He groaned and
pulled the covers over his head. She lay there for a moment smiling at
his covered form.
"Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan, come out you old Ben! You have a parade this morning!"
He pulled her under.
"Old Ben? What's a Ben?" He asked.
"It's from a legend I heard. It was about an old hermit who was either
incredibly lazy, not a morning person or both. Actually he was a minor
character. It was called the Prince and the Piper."
"I'm not an 'Old Ben'." He insisted.
"Oh sure your not." Her smile changed. "Alright Mr. Jedi Knight, you can
stay in bed but I'm getting up. And I'll come back earlier!" She pulled
free and jumped onto the floor. She then left the room. Obi-Wan groaned
and got into a fresh set of robes. He didn't see Shine` all day. He and
Anakin were leaving in a few minutes and still no word from her.
"Where are we going again?" Anakin asked.
"I'm going to let the force guide me. I want to find the second Sith
lord. " Anakin nodded with understanding. He let his mind wander through
the force. He saw three children playing. There were two boys and a girl.
Suddenly, A masked man came in and one of the boys down. The other held
the girl's hand. She used her powers to rip away his mask. It was a blue
eyed, blond haired man he raised his crimson blade again and looked
straight at Anakin. His eyes, though clouded with evil, were Anakin's own
"Anakin?" Shine` asked.
"What?" He asked. Obi-Wan was just staring off in the distance.
"What were you seeing?"
"I'm not sure."
"Who are you...Tiran?" She asked. Her eyes burned with green fire. He saw
something in them. A flash he knew too well. A girl was swinging a blade
to take off a boy's head. Another boy with his eyes.
"I'm Anakin. Who's Tiran?" Obi-Wan came to life taking Shine`'s hand.
"Where were you?" 
Anakin was still staring hard at Shine`.
"Who was the girl?" Anakin asked looking straight in her eyes, imitating
her fire.
"We will continue that conversation later." She said. Then to Obi-Wan, "I
had things to take care of. Do you want me to go with you?" He nodded. 
They boarded the ship. Obi-Wan settled Anakin in his cabin and turned to
"What's between you and the boy?" He asked her meaning to pry.
"There are old ones Obi-Wan. Ones that never die. They come and go but
never stay away long. Anakin might be one. He might the Qui-Gon and I
didn't meet. He's young enough." She at first avoided his eyes then met
them. Her eyes did not burn, they were soft.
"You never make any sense. Anyway, tell me more about the old ones."
"There are two that I know about. Born near the beginning of time. They
were brother and sister. The conflict between good and evil was forced
inside them on a midi chonine scale. They can not die truly until the
battle ends, when time ends. If they are separated from their current
parents too young, they don't receive their memories. At least not all of
them. When I was small, I met him. Qui-Gon met him elsewhere." It was
true from a certain point of view.
"And you think he could be the boy?"
"It would fit. Only they could have such midi chorien level and only one
of them could bring balance to the force. And only he could...could have
those eyes and that name."
"Is there any way to test him?"
"Yes. But I have to do it alone, he would want it that way." Obi-Wan
didn't question her.

"Hello Anakin." Shine` said cheerily. His eyes were cold.
"The girl was me."
"Who was the boy and why did you kill him."
"He was my brother, you. I had to kill him; he had gone to the Dark Side.
He tried to kill Tyme."
"Tyme was my best friend. I named the concept after him."
"I'm not your brother."
"Tiran was, and you are Tiran, aren't you?" Her eyes revealed other
scenes. Some were familiar to Anakin and some were not.
"I guess so."
"Good. Now listen to me Anakin. I had to do this. I had to know and so
did you. Obi-Wan knows about you, but not me. It's important we keep it
that way. Understand?" He nodded.
"Good." She began to leave.
"Would you kill me again?"
"Anakin, I've never killed you. Anakina killed Tiran but that was a long
time ago." Her voice broke. "Yes, if I had to." Anakin shook his head.
This girl was odd.

"It was him?" Obi-Wan asked. He saw her tears. She brushed them away.
"Yes. It was, but he's just a boy now." Obi-Wan put his arm around her.
"Obi-Wan, there's nothing you can do. I'm sorry this had to happen,
especially to you and Qui-Gon." Shine` knew her brother always went to
the dark side, just as she never did. But it had killed Qui-Gon and it
would kill so many others.
"What do you mean Shine`? What's ahead that you see?"
"I see fire. Around him and you. If I stay the fire will be greater.
Obi-Wan it will consume him. It-" She looked at him. "I'm not making any
sense am I?"
"Not really. I want you to stay. Shine` I've always been, well, drawn to
you. This feels right to me. I let the force guide me always."
"I know but its going to guide you right into the heart of the fire. You
and the boy can not avoid that. I wouldn't, I let it happen before and
now I have to make it happen. Obi-Wan, I wish I could tell you-" 

Star Wars: Episode 2ish
The Darkside

By Anakina Kyp-Jade

HELLO: This story is based on the characters and timemarks created by
George Lucas. This not his version it mine (at if didn't know that go eat
a banana!) 

(Yellow type )                 Star Wars
Episode 2ish
The Darkside

Obi-Wan, Shine`, and Anakin chased Lord Sidious everywhere to no avail. 
He escaped them many times only to be killed by his new apprentice Darth
Fectious. Darth Fectious immediately sought out Anakin. 
        The Galactic Republic has continued to fall into corruption. The
Jedi are being used for personal gain and greedy plots. But they have
sworn an oath to protect the Republic. The Triworld Empire is gathering
support from the worlds that left the Republic. The Sith have infiltrated
it, however.
Anakin had returned to Naboo to visit his wife, Queen Amidala and his
son. That gave Shine`, Obi-Wan, and their three children a much needed
vacation. Unfortunately, Darth Fectious made sense to Anakin.
        Feeling the disturbance, Obi-Wan and his family race to rescue
Anakin from the Darkside. They are met by an unwelcoming committee...

        "Dad!" Qui yelled. "They're coming in fast. I've never seen this
design before."
        "Stolen proto types from the GR." His mother called back.
"Pattern Theta." Qui's twin brother Gon and his little sister took the
secondary weapons and his parents took the primaries while he was left to
        "Who?" Obi-Wan yelled to his wife.
        "Darth Sidous's new apprentice and Anakin." Shine` said sadly.
        "Why would Uncle Anakin attack us?" Cethryn asked.
        "He's not exactly sweetie. He just been listening to the wrong
        "The Sith?" Gon asked. "Uncle Annie's fallen in with the Sith." 
The last part was a statement, not a question.
        "It appears that way." Shine` said with gritted teeth.

        "Your friends are quite talented." Darth Fectious sneered.
        "Leave them out of this and let my family go!" Anakin cried.
        "My young apprentice, I have plans for you son. And your wife can
be used in so many ways." Anakin thrashed in his chains, his eyes turning
to fire, just like Shine`'s. Darth Fectious was no idiot, he didn't make
the stupid 'That's it, use your anger.' comment. He knew Anakin would
Amidala held her almost two-year-old son's hand.
        "Everything will be alright Luke. Daddy will get us out of this."
She said.
        "No. He can't."

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