Intro to Jedi Students
By Zekk Skywalk

Names and Backgrounds:

Jeremy Engleman: Born on Chandrilla, Jeremy doesn't know anything about his original family. At the age of 12 months, Jeremy was taken from his family by the Sith who trained him as an apprentice. By 7 though, Jeremy ran away, and stowed away on multiple starships before winding up on a transport heading for Yavin IV, to deliver supplies to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy. When there, Jeremy feared everyone there, who could also do things like himself and carried weapons like the Sith. After being found on the ship by one of Luke's older students, he defended himself, using the force. Not a match for the older person, but intrigued, the student took him to Master Skywalker. There he trained until he was old enough to join the military. After receiving the rank of Lt. Commander, Jeremy returned to the Academy to complete his training.

Jeremy is what the old Jedi would call an Artificer. Artificer's are mechanically inclined and usually are good pilots also. By 12, Jeremy could construct a VERY complex Lightsaber, and at 13, could pilot a Skyhopper with the ability of a person who'd been a pilot for years. Jeremy also has Martial Arts training, and has learned some Aiki-style martial arts.

Jeremy favors 2 different weapons: a Emerald Green/Sky Blue Lightsaber, and his personally designed Lightstaff. His Lightsaber has 4 different lengths, 2 different widths, a stun and kill variable, color variable which he uses for a code (like morse code) to people out of audio range, and a lock switch so he can throw it. His Lightstaff is designed by himself: a normal hilt save it has 2 ends connect a Lightsaber beam to another hilt on each end, which also have 2 sides. Then the beam is sent out the other end of the 2nd and 3rd hilts, making a small blade. Then a coding of regenerative metal is between the hilts, so he can grab the place like a staff, while also being able to deflect another Lightsaber at the same area. The Lightstaff also has length adjust, and color adjust between Crimson and Medium Blue. Jeremy also favors Throwing Stars as ranged weapons.

Kevin Lindley: Born as a Corellian, Kevin lived on the streets for a long time. After his parents were killed in a terrorist attack when he was 8, Kevin had to live alone in a small appartment, where he paid by helping maintain a nearby store. By 14, Kevin had enough money to leave system and go to Courscant, where he could hopefully find a Jedi. Kevin knew he had Jedi potential, and carries his great-grandfather's Lightsaber, which he found after his family died. At the time, Luke Skywalker was visiting Courscant to give a yearly report on how his academy was doing. Kevin stopped him in the streets when he saw he carried a Jedi's Lightsaber. From then on, he trained until 18, so he could join the New Republic military, where he now has the rank of a field Lieutenant. Now he has come back to the academy to learn more and to wait for his first mission as a Jedi Knight.

Kevin is an all around fighter. He's a good shot, and can be very deadly with a Lightsaber. Most of his training as a Jedi is in the enforcer and justice area, where he is the best at. He's the kind of person to send to settle conflicts between pro-republic and pro-imperial or similar things. Kevin also has good training as a gunner on a starship.

Kevin uses a normal Bright Green-colored Lightsaber with stun/kill settings and a pressure grip, and also uses a Merr-Sonn Power 5 heavy blaster pistol, which was modified by himself to carry more shots and to do a bit more damage.

Amanda McGrath: Or Mandy for short. Mandy was born on Cloud City, where her parents were gas exporters. By the age of 11, Mandy was identified as force sensitive and sent to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy for training. Of anyone in the group, Mandy has the most knowledge of the light side of the force, while Jeremy is the darker side. By 17, Mandy constructed a Lightsaber, and put it into use almost immediately when sent to Cloud City with a fellow student to stop a labor dispute. Unfortunately, the dispute was between her parents and another group of people. When she arrived, her parents had driven the confrontation to a fight and her parents shot at their opponents. Forced to help the helpless, Mandy had to defend these people from her parents, and ended up forcing her parents into jail, where they still are.

Mandy is the most sincere of the group. Meditating most of the time to find insight and skills in the force, she is what would have been called a Meditative. Mandy is also the healer of the group.

Mandy uses a weapon that Jeremy designed called a Light-Baton. Shaped like a normal baton, the Light-baton has 2 ends, both with small blades at each end. The middle of the baton is caved in, and inside the caved-in part has a Lightsaber blade, so she can deflect blades using the middle. The Light-Baton is suppose to be used by holding the cross-bar so that the caved-in part is facing out from the user's arm. The Baton blade is colored Navy Blue. Mandy also uses a modified hold-out blaster for ranged use.

Carrie Schramm: Carrie, like Jeremy, has had a brush with the dark side. Born on Byss to slaves that belonged to some of the Resurrected Emperor's Adepts, Carrie was taken from her family to be trained as a dark warrior. But a last-ditch attempt to free her by her parents succeeded, and they escaped Byss before it was destroyed. Eventually, after years of just wandering planets in a beat up shuttle, they ended up at Yavin IV, where Luke Skywalker had made his Jedi Academy. Still young and not understanding about that much, Carrie was left at Yavin IV to be taken care of by Skywalker and his students. Once Carrie was 16, she left the academy to search for her parents, who had become instructors at the New Republic Military Academy. Carrie joined, and ended up being put into the same squadron of starfighters as Jeremy. Now she is ready to be a full Jedi Knight.

Carrie is the all around person. She is a good diplomat, mechanic, pilot, naturalist, healer, and warrior. Of the group, she is also the quietist and most shy. Carrie also specializes in the force power Affect Mind.

Carrie favors normal Violet-colored Lightsaber, which also has a stun and kill variable. Carrie also carries a modified sporting blaster for ranged use.

Nick Paulakis: Nick is the most "Normal" of the group. Born on Courscant, Nick's Father was a security officer at the capital. When the Empire re-took Courscant, Nick and his family were quickly taken to Pinnacle Base, where his father helped as a field officer. It was there where Nick first showed his attunement with the force. A few days before the Galaxy Gun fired at Pinnacle base, Nick had a dream of the base being destroyed by a missile. When reports came in that that exact thing would happen soon, Nick's parents were amazed. After re-locating to Courscant after the New Republic had captured it again, Nick was scanned by Skywalker. Too young to really do too much with, Skywalker waited until Nick was about 12 to start training him. By 15, Nick had built his Lightsaber, and also had become a moderately good pilot. Nick also has the most calculating mind of the group, using the force to aid himself in different equations, making him also the security expert in the!

group. This he used almost immediately in his first mission as a Jedi Knight, to rescue a band of hostages from a terrorist attack.

Nick is the most investigative of the group. He listens to every detail, and completes the pieces of the puzzle. Nick is also the most likely to find a place that has dark-siders in or around it, after being taught to sense the dark energy they give off from Carrie and Jeremy.

Nick favors a Grey-White Lightsaber, one that gives off the same as normal glow-pannel's light. Nick also favors using a DL-6H Heavy Blaster pistol, modified for a bit less damage, but more ammo.

Katheryn Grahmm: Born on Bakura, Katheryn has known she was force sensitive since she was 2, being able to telekineticly lift small objects and to be able to sense bits of danger like stepping on a sharp rock. Since most of Bakura believed that Jedi traits, Jedi powers, and Jedi brethren caused in-balance to their beliefs, Katheryn and her family were sent away from Bakura as outcasts. Eventually hearing of a Jedi Academy that the New Reupublic would use to train Jedi for protection of the galaxy, they headed for Yavin IV. There she grew up, until leaving for a normal school to learn normal things and eventually leading her to become a Nature specialist in the military. Then, after being in the military, Katheryn came back to the academy on Yavin to finish training and to build her Lightsaber.

Katheryn is what the old Jedi would call a Naturalist. Those that know the most about the Living force and of all around life. Katheryn's talents lie in survival and of using all of life and substance to mutual advantage. Katheryn also specializes in the force power telekinesis.

Katheryn Uses a Red-white Lightsaber with 2 different lengths and a stun/kill setting, and also uses small Lightdaggers, designed by Jeremy. Lightdaggers are smaller versions of Lightsabers, ¼ the size of a normal Lightsaber blade. The hilt is big enough only for one hand. Katheryn Carries 2. Katheryn also carries a Repeating blaster pistol for ranged combat, though she uses her Lightdaggers as throwing weapons, rarely using the pistol.

Jedi Students
By Zekk Skywalk

Dusk has settled on a small moon of an unnamed gas giant. Dusk though does not stop a man from working on his newest project and scheme. Under the watchful eyes of a dark man with one normal eye and one mechanical red-glowing eye, a group of scientists worked on the finishing touches of their first successful cloning experiment. Now, with the midi-clorine blood samples of 10 different Jedi, this creation would be unstoppable. The man in the darkness smiled. The Jedi would pay. Most Importantly, Skywalker would pay.

"I said HALT!" One man yelled at another running man. Nick was annoyed. "This person thinks he could shoot a civilian and get away with it," he thought. Nick, though, wasn't running after him. He waited until the man had turned a corner before lifting his hand and shoving the person from out of the alley. Nick then jogged up to him and confiscated his weapon. The man then got up and tried to throw a punch at Nick, but when he though that he'd connected with Nick's face, he went through air. He'd disappeared! The man looked dumbfounded when Nick said from behind him, "You're under arrest," and put binders on his arms, using the force to keep the man from running.

Security officers then pulled up near him and put the binded man into their speeder. Nick said, "here is your murderer. I have to be leaving now. Tell Senator Teylong that I will be back within 4 months to check on the progress of your new security force." Nick then turned away and waked towards the spaceport.

BOOM! The sound rocked through the ship. Nick's transport, a modified Lambda-Class Shuttle, exits hyperspace. There, hanging before him, is a bright red gas-giant and a small forest green moon. Near the moon, called Yavin IV, a space station and a few New Republic cruisers hover. "Hmm, looks like they tightened security since I last was here."

After getting permission to land, Nick stopped the shuttle over the dirty landing field that the Academy uses. Once turned off, Nick exited the shuttle and entered the Great Temple. He headed for the grand audience chamber, and heard a lecture coming to a close. He peered around the door to see about 50 different Male, Female, Human, Wookiee, Mon Calamari, and other races sprinkled around the room, listening to the lecture. He then recognized a few of the younger students, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo, the Chief of State's kids, and others.

Once he ended the lecture, Master Skywalker walked towards Nick, who was waiting for him. Nick made a small bowing gesture. "You called me here 2 days ago," Nick said, going strait to the point. "What have I done now?" He asked in a half-sarcastic, half-sincere voice.

Luke smiled. "Nothing that you won't be able to get yourself out of," he replied. "I sent a few of my younger students with Kevin and Carrie, and we lost contact with them. They were investigating a bombing on Chandrilla, and the last we heard was they had found someone fitting Inquisitor Tremayne's description planting it. I sent Katheryn first, but she is on the outer rim and wont be there for 3 days. It will take you 2 to get there from here, and you were nearby. I want you to find them, and find out any information about Tremayne's whereabouts."

Nick stiffened. He sensed something else from Master Skywalker. Something about friends... "You want me to take the Solo kids with me." It wasn't a question.

"Yes. The younger students I sent with Kevin and Carrie were their friends. They will be able to help, and they want to help. Amanda and Jeremy will be here in about an hour, so you won't be alone."

Nick knew better then to question Master Skywalker's judgement. "I guess you can tell them to get their things together and to be out on the field in an hour."

An hour later, Mandy and Jeremy had landed, and didn't even get to get out before Nick and the Solo kids boarded the ship they were on. Nick brought a datapad that gave info on the mission and what the latest reports in the area were.

"ETA to Chandrilla, 37 hours, 52 minutes," Jeremy said. He then turned to another station, showing the statistics for his ship. He and Mandy had been using an attack shuttle, the newest class of attack vessels, a Valiant-Class Republic Shuttlecraft. Big enough to support and carry up to 20 people, and also small enough to maneuver almost as good as a X-Wing, the ship is state of the art. After sitting there for only a few minutes, Jeremy could sense Jaina and Anakin Solo looking at the display also. He remembered that Jaina was like her father, Han Solo, and loved to fly, and that Anakin was supposedly a lot like Anakin Skywalker, with the ability to construct, deconstruct, and improve anything mechanical.

"If you want, you two can go back and tinker with the engine or computer core," he said.

Anakin and Jaina both looked surprised. Jacen made a bit of a "you should see the look on your faces right now" look to his siblings.

Anakin spoke up first. "How did you know that we were thinking about that?, Master Skywalker taught us to block out other people."

Both Mandy and Jeremy smiled. "Obviously we're very good, or really lucky," Mandy said.

Jeremy got out of his seat so that Jaina and Anakin could look at the ships specs more closely. Nick followed Jeremy back into the hallway to get something to eat. Jacen, who sat there reading something off a datapad, when he noticed Nick's Lightsaber hilt. He stopped him and asked, "Hey, that's an odd Lightsaber. How'd you come up with a design like that?"

Nick just grinned and walked into the hallway. Jeremy stopped and said, "He found the design from a sith text. Oddly shaped, don't you think?"

Jacen nodded. "And I saw your staff that you put into the cargo hold. What is it?" he asked.

Jeremy grinned also. "Come back and I'll show you. Probobly Anakin will find it a bit interesting as well." Jeremy lead Jacen back to the hold, and unsheathed the weapon. "I designed it myself. A Lightstaff." He ignited the blade. A blue light shot out of each end of the middle hilt, going into another hilt each, then extending out into a very small blade. "The whole thing can be grabbed save the end blades. The middle blades are covered by regenerating metal, a mineral I found on one of my missions. I can grab anywhere on it, like a staff. An actual Lightsaber can cut through the metal, but is then deflected by the blade inside the metal. Then the cut part regenerates."

He then demonstrated by igniting his normal Lightsaber and cut through the metal, but was then deflected by the actual blade, then the metal regenerated.

Jacen watched. "Cool. Anakin would like it."

After hours of showing the Solo kids his equipment, all of which was designed by himself, making Jaina and Anakin both intrigued, Jeremy went back to the cockpit and sat back down into the pilot seat. The Solo kids decided they would need sleep, so went back to the main fuselage and went to sleep.

Mandy couldn't help but smile. "They remind me so much of us 5 years ago," she said.

Nick rolled his eyes. "A bit too much if you ask me."

After a few minutes of silence, Jeremy spoke up. "I really hope that Kevin and Carrie are ok."

"And their friends," Mandy added, pointing back to where Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin were.

The next day, everyone up from sleep and got ready. The ship plunged out of hyperspace and into the view of a big and bright planet. Jeremy talked first. "Chandrilla. Quiet, peaceful, and my homeplanet."

Nick, thought for a second, then said, "And all around dull. Good place to visit, I sure as heck wouldn't want to live here."

Mandy threw him a bit of an "oh shut up" look then turned back to the sensor display.

After getting clearance to land, the group disembarked from the ship and headed strait for the nearest security HQ.

"They were last seen doing WHAT?!" Nick exclaimed.

"Yes, fighting a man with a half mechanical face. A glowing red eye was on the mechanical side," the officer said.

"This is bad. If Tremayne is involved then..." Nick thought. High Inquisitor Tremayne is probably the strongest of the Imperial leaders. An apprentice to Darth Vader, Tremayne is known as the worst person to encounter when it comes to torture. That's why he was given the rank of Inquisitor. Inquisitors are those strong on the dark side that tortured people when torture droids and drugs didn't work. Tremayne was the worst of any Inquisitors. Tremayne had only unsucsessfully broke 1 person. 1 person out of something like 100. More then half of which were Jedi.

Chapter 2
By Zekk Skywalk

"Hey, didn't you say this was on a stun setting?" Jacen asked. He'd almost been burned by the blade.

"Yes it is, but I didn't say it wouldn't hurt," Jeremy said. He was practicing dueling with Jacen. He'd just grazed him right across the stomach, and even set at low power, it still could burn someone.

"And I thought I was a good dueler," Jacen said as he lunged at Jeremy.

Jeremy side-stepped and deflected. "You are, for your age. I am 6 years older then you, and have been training with a Lightsaber since I was 4. Though I did hear something from Master Skywalker about a 3 year old Solo boy killing a monster with a Lightsaber.." He added with a grin.

Jacen grinned also. "Actually, 2 and a half, but nobody's counting."

"Hey you guys," a voice said from behind them. Both of them switched off their blades and turned around. Anakin was sitting there hunched over a datapad. "I think this is where they are," Anakin said. He turned the datapad around and showed it to Jacen and Jeremy. "They seem to be following this person's pattern of movement, and it is making a clear symbol for the Empire. This was where they were last seen," he pointed to a section on the map. "And this is where they would have gone from here if the pattern is staying true."

Jacen nodded. "Lets go find the others and go find our friends then."

"Click," went the comlink. The time was here. He headed to the main laboratory. They were ready for him. The person sat up on the table. They had just finished giving him the midi-clorine injections. "Yes," the dark man thought. "Skywalker and his puny Jedi will not know what hit them. They will not have a chance." He smiled.

"They were here. I can sense their echoes in the force. There was a battle here." Nick stood up and held up a piece of lizard hide.

Jacen and Jaina both nodded. "That's definitely Tenel Ka's," Jaina said.

"They headed for the woods it looks like," Mandy said.

Just as they turned back out of the alley, 12 men stopped them and closed off the group's exit.

The lead person spoke first. "Where do you think you're going? This is Zypon turf."

Nick rolled his eyes. "Great, we're on gang land."

Jacen and Jaina went for their Lightsabers. Anakin almost did, but stopped himself when he saw that Nick, Mandy, and Jeremy hadn't gone for theirs.

Nick smiled a bit. He tuned to Mandy and Jeremy. "12. That leaves 4 each," he said to them.

Mandy raised an eyebrow. "What about them?" she asked, motioning to Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin.

"No need for them to get their hands dirty," Jeremy said.

Nick tuned back to the gang. "If you leave now, you can spare 500 credits worth of medical supplies," he said.

All the gang members drew clubs, knives, or some sort of chain. "I hope for your sake that you give us your money and run, so we only have to bruise your backs," the leader said, moving himself and his crew closer to the group.

Before Jacen or Jaina ignited their blades, Jeremy de-materialized and re-materialized behind the gang. Nick ran so fast that he was up in 2 of the men's faces, and Mandy used Telekinesis to push 3 of the members into the alley wall.

One Gang member twirled a chain at Jeremy's neck. As it wrapped around his neck, the person pulled on it, but didn't move him. Jeremy then put his hand on the chain, making it a red color before it fell to the ground.

Another person threw a punch at Nick, who instead of tried to parry it, let it come strait at him and hit him in the face. A millisecond before it hit his face, the fist hit air and stopped, as if it had hit an invisible wall. The gang member pulled back, holding his fist as if he'd hurt it.

Mandy had then neared the leader of the crew. He smiled. "A GIRL challenges ME? This is more amusing then that time when we found those jewel dea..." he didn't have a chance to finish the sentence before he was floating in the air spinning and turning. He then landed in a nearby dumpster.

Now, Jaina and Jacen were both dumbfounded. They just watched, not advancing, letting the older Jedi to handle the problem. Anakin gave one of those lop-sided Solo grins.

By now, all the gang members were either on the ground moaning, or running like wild banthas.

Nick rolled his eyes again. "We'd better get going. They just costed us 30 seconds," he said with some amusement.

Jacen nodded. "How many gang members does it take to beat a Jedi Knight? Answer: Who knows?!" he said.

It was Jaina and Anakin's turn to roll their eyes. "And that just costed us another 15," Jaina said.

"I'm homing in on Carrie's comlink. They should be about a 20 minute walk from here, according to this," Nick said.

Jacen nodded, but his thoughts were on Tenel Ka. <I really hope she is ok> he thought to himself.

Jaina, noticing his discomfort, put an arm around his shoulder. "I'm sure she's ok," she told him. Jacen just nodded again.

Mandy stopped the group. "I wish Katheryn was here. She could tell what it is I'm sensing right now." her voice trailed off.

Nick and Jeremy both looked around, increasing their awareness. Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin did the same, and it was Jacen who noticed something first. "People. Coming from that way," he said, pointing forward and to the right a bit.

Nick looked back down to his tracer. "I think that's where Kevin and Carrie are, but they aren't that close."

Anakin brought a pair of electrobinoculars to his eyes. "7 heat signatures 200 meters away. Each with a smaller heat signature, probably weapons," he said.

Jaina rolled her eyes again. "Here we go again," she said in annoyance.

Nick nodded, and gave a sidelong glance to Mandy and Jeremy. Both nodded. Nick then reached into his backpack and withdrew 3 spherical objects. "We don't have time for this," he said, pressing buttons on them and tossing one to Jeremy and one to Mandy. They both then typed in something and threw them.

Expecting them to go 20 meters and exploding, Jacen and Jaina backed away. But, using the force, the older Jedi propelled the grenades the whole 200 meters and hit with pinpoint accuracy right at the feet of the approaching people. A small CRACK sound could be heard, then a faint hissing.

Nick motioned for them to continue. "The breeze could blow the gas this way. Lets hurry," he said.

20 minutes later, the group had assembled near a lake. Looking around, there was no trace of their friends, or any life for that matter.

Nick looked around, studied the ground, then said, "Either they are dead and buried.." his voice trailed off. "Or they are in some sort of underground cave. I personally would like the latter."

Jeremy crouched over a small lump of grass on the edge of the lake. "I think there are traces of metal down here. My guess is a glowpannel, or maybe metal stairs or a ladder."

The group huddled around the grass. "We don't have time to find a door control pannel," Jacen said.

"We don't have to," Anakin said. "I already found it." The grass moved and a door swung open.

Jeremy grinned. "And I thought I was good with machines."

Before Jaina could say it, "Well what are we waiting for?" burst out of Jacen's lips.

Jaina gave a "shut up" look to her twin. "Lets go."

The group jumped down the hole, with a blaze of Emerald, Violet, Royal Purple, Grey, Pale Blue, and Sky Blue weapons ignited.

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