Jedi's Rebellion
By: Cpt Jaina Solo

Note: Jaina and her brother are 19, Zekk is 22. Brakiss is still as handsome as ever and as evil if not more so. He has trained Zekk in the ways of the dark jedi and Zekk has become like a son to him and now second in command of the Empire (Brakiss is first). But Brakiss has set high goals for his Jedi's and none seem to be performing to full standards. So he has desided to steel the three best full Jedi at Luke Skywalker's Academy and train these. 2 men and woman. Lowbacca, Jacen and... Jaina.

pt. one

Zekk slowly nodded, "Yes master Brakiss, I understand. I will get started on this immediately. I wont let you down." Zekk bowed, his black cape falling around his muscular body.

"Be sure that you don't dear boy. Im counting on you. The Empire is dependent on these jedi. We need them in order to regain power from the republic." and with that he waved a hand dismissing his dark jedi. "Now go. And get started as soon as possible. and as soon as possible means now." There was a chilling tone to his voice, though he knew his faithful jedi would never push his master.

Zekk stood tall taking the list of names and mission out of his masters hand bowed again and left the dark room. His cape swung around him like a blanket made of the night.


The door swished shut behind him as he entered his office. He spoke with his rough deep voice, "Commander, see to it that these jedi make it to our ranks. Force them, capture them beat them. Do whatever it takes. I want them brought to me in two days the latest!" And without even looking at the names of who his new jedi were to be he handed the data pad that his master had given him moments before, to his commanding officer.

"Yes sir. It shall be done." "Good. Now get started." "But sir I was to have today off to see my fam-" "FAMILY! Commander! Is not important! The Empire is your family and your first priority. Now Find these men and have them in my office early tomorrow morning. Your time has been decreased"

The commander wanted to sigh, but knew better. He stood up tall and saluted. "Yes sir!" Zekk nodded his approval "Dismissed." The commander turned sharply and marched out of the room.

Zekk sighed and slumped low in his seat. He was 22 and now on his way to being the head of the Empire, and he was being force to now baby sit or, "TRAIN" as his master put it 3 Jedi from Luke Skywalker's academy, were his old friends Jacen and Jaina once studied. Though the last he heard Jaina and Jacen finished their training. Jacen was still helping at the academy while Jaina was joining rouge squadron.

He snarled as he thought of Jaina. Working for the rebel scum and now THE rebel scum. He wished he could find her and shoot her down. She betrayed him by staying with those light siders.


Zekk's commander, Commander Atrayue walked down the halls to his ship while looking at the mission. It seemed difficult. In fact suicide. But he knew he had to do it. Chasing after Jacen Lowbacca the wookie and Jaina... "Zekk must be some kinda fool" He though. Though he'd never speak such words aloud.

But he had a plan, he had his ship filled with leaves from some planet under alliance with the Empire. It's been proven to dampen a jedi's ability. So they would now be evenly match. With only their wits and blasters... or sabers... He grinned and chuckled.


Jacen sat silently in a large tree with Lowie. "Just a little bit closer... cummon... cummon!" He whispered. Lowie rumbled silently. Jacen nodded. "Yes it's nice not having Em Tee Dee around. Good thing you left him behind, what with his big mouth and all. We'd never-Argh!"

A bolt of lightning sizzled as it hit the branch above his head. "This better not be another one of Jaina's practical jokes! Now I've lost my pet!- And Lowie stop laughing!!!"

The wookie chuckled and pointed out down at the ground as his laughter faded into a groan of worry. "You're right... we should have felt that coming... Jaina or not. Something isn't right here.... And I cant feel Jai- Ah Hey!"

A net wrapped around the two men, tugging them to the ground. "What is this? Who are you? And what are you doing and why?" but instead of any reply he got injected with some kind of drug. He lost his eyesight slowly at first then motor skill and then his state of awareness.


Jaina orbited the planet of Coriscant making routine rounds in her x-wing. "Wedge, the sun hasn't even come out yet! Why are we doing this again? If we are going to wake up at the butt crack of dawn-" Wedge cut her off and finished what she was saying "Then why don't we do something worth while like trying out the cantinas or kicking some Imperial ass."

Jaina grinned. "Yea! Now your getting it!" Wedge sighed "Jaina, after almost a year, most men are sick of this pilot crap. Why are you any different?" "It runs in my blood?" She said as if asking if he would except this as an answer and not make her give the real reason.

"Sure Jaina." Wedge said and chuckled. "Tell ya what. Fallow me and Ill take you to the best Corillian bar you've even been to." "Even the BEST is still bad." Wedge laughed. "True. At least bad taste in beers and rums don't run in your family, and it's just Han." Jaina laughed. "Okay boss. Lead the way!"


Jaina drew her blaster and shot at the Imperial. She got him in the chest and he fell to the ground with a burning hole. She turned around to see 3 more Imps coming at her. "OOOOW!" She moaned as she ran the other way. "I knew I shouldn't have told Wedge to go on without me!"

She leaped over the body and dashed into a corner, leaped up and grabbed onto a pole flipped to her feet onto the pole and from there onto a ledge. The Imperials shot at her trying to stun. But she continuously dodged. "Man, these boys don't give up" She mumbled under her breath.

She shot down the two imperials who were shooting at her and gave a nervous laugh "Ah ha! No more blasts."

She back flipped to the ground and frowned. "Wasn't there-" "A third?" She spun around just in time to say hello to someone's fist at her jaw. She stumbled but managed to kick him the gut. He staggered but then pulled his blaster and shot her in the arm.

Jaina yelped in pain but the imperial just laughed set for stun and shot her.


"Im afraid we have good news and bad news Master Zekk." swallowed one of Zekk's best jedi trainees, who was sent with his commander and 2 other of his best Jedi.

"First Im going to bring in two of the 3 jedi you wanted us to get. The 3rd... well. I think you'll be glad we saved number 3 for last." Zekk nodded and let him go on.

"Bring them in." Shouted his trainee. "These two provided to be an easy catch." In walked 2 of the younger trainees who tossed a net into the room with a loud thud. In the net were Jacen and Lowbacca. Jacen shouted some curse words. "Zekk you bastered! Let us out of here!" the wookie roared in furry.

Zekk gave a cruel laugh. "Oh this will be fun training him. Remove them let me see the other." As the 2 men were removed the young man spoke. "Before I bring in this one. Id like you to know that this one was much of a challenge. This one busted me up and... well here is the bad news. killed commander Atrayue and the other 2 jedi you sent with us."

Zekk raised an eyebrow. "Then I guess this young man will make a find dark jedi indeed. bring him in." "Uh... well it's not really a-" "NOW!" "Yes sir." he bowed.

Bringing the final jedi in, One of the boys gingerly carried in a small form and softly set the form on Zekk's desk. Zekk stood up to take a look at the knocked out jedi, but he didn't recognize her after so many years and with all the blood.

"Big deal. Some jedi woman" "but-" "Take the other two to Brakiss. I'll clean this one up." "Yes sir."


Zekk picked up the woman in his arms and walked down the hall way to her new room. He hit the access code and walked in. He set her in a tub of warm water. Her clothes still on. "Slade. Get to room 618. I need you to get this new trainee ready for her meeting with master Brakiss. He'll be pleased with this one. Make her look.... deadly. I want to see her before Brakiss. I don't want to be made to look like a fool." "Yes sir"


A dark figured woman walked into Zekk's office in Sith's clothing. Zekk was raged. 'Who are you and what do you think you are doing just walking into my office like that?!" She woman lifted her head and slid down the hood to her black cape.

"Why don't you tell-" Jaina staggered back. It was Zekk! She couldn't believe it! He had changed so much!

"Jaina..." He glared. He walked walked over to her and picked her up at her arms and slammed her down on his desk. She screamed in pain as a new gash was made. But she tightly wrapped her legs around his waist.

Zekk's eyes went wide. No one had ever made such a daring attempt. He knew full well that all the women would kill and HAVE killed for a night with the dark jedi OR his master.

Jaina sat up her legs still firmly around his waist. But she was wincing at her back and her grip tightened as she flipped Zekk over her head and over the desk onto the ground.

"Don't get cocky Zekk. I knew what you though." He stumbled to his feet. He held his head as she flipped off his desk. He held his head and slowly looked up at her.

Jaina got a chill. He was so evil. How could she still be in love with him. It was impossible. Or so she felt it SHOULD be. For at least her. He was dressed in his Sith suit. Like Vaders. He was so tall and no longer scrawny and shaggy. He was well built, his hair was short. Coming down only to the start of his neck and slightly shaved in the back and the sides. His eyes were brighter in color but darker in spirit.

Zekk walked up to Jaina and ripped her cape off so he could see her better. She looked so much like her mother. She was so tiny and seemed to be so fragile. He towered over her. Her hair was up. He reached behind her and pulled the pins out that held her hair up. It fell around her, and reached her waist.

He wrapped his fingers around her neck. Now trying to cover up the feelings that were apparent in his eyes. "You are to leave your hair down." His words were meant to be harsh but came in silent please.

Jaina stiffened as his fingers tightened. She didn't trust him. Thought Zekk. But he couldn't blame her. Though it slightly saddened him. "Come. Lets meet your new master." Jaina laughed "Oh no. I don't think so. I've given up the force."

Zekk stiffened, "You will do as told." Jaina mocked him behind his back as they left the room and mumbled "Cranky."


"Master Brakiss. Here she is." Brakiss stood and walked over to the two. "Zekk......" he said running the back of his hand down Jaina's cheek. "she is lovely. I can see why you didn't want to give her up. She is looking more and more like her mother. Im going to take a special interest in this one. The others arnt to know who she is. They are not to be trained near this one. She will sit beside you while giving your lectures. We need to keep an eye on her. The other 2 are to be kept privet from everyone. If she finds out who they are we are in for some trouble from her"

Jaina gave a low growl. "Lowie and Jacen have already escaped crack head." She gave an evil grin. You forget My brother and I are linked through the force. And while playing "Stunned" I paid close attention to my surroundings in order how to direct them out. Unfortunately I was restunned as a precaution just before tossed into Zekk's office.

"You said that you gave up the force!" Shouted Zekk. "I did. But that doesn't mean it doesn't come in handy once in a while!" Zekk screamed out loud at her and she screamed right back in his face.

Brakiss laughed. "Looks like you are going to have your hands full with this one Zekk. Leave me. You begin your training in the morning beautiful one. Zekk... rest up. You're going to need as much energy as possible. Why don't you put her in the room adjoining yours. So she cant get out but through your room." "Yes sir, what about the other 2." "Don't worry about them... So long as Jaina is with us. She's all we'll need."

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