Jedi Love
by Kris Balzer

Coruscant hung in the star covered sky. Zekk Thul, has many were calling him, stood and watch through the view-port on the bridge. His arms crossed over his board chest.

"Good to be going home, Zekk?" Raynar asked as he stood next to his adoptive brother. Aryn Dro Thul adopted the seventeen-year-old after Zekk helped their family out. For a few years no one knew, than Zekk told when he became the EXO with Raynar.

"A little. I missed the big buildings." Zekk's emerald eyes studied the planet. Four years since he been on this planet. It was more of a home to him than Ennth. "Four years, Raynar."

"Well I'm sure mother had a reason-"

"I know, Aryn had a very good reason. I tripled trade. I just can't believe I've been gone this long."

"Jacen is going to meet us. I think even Lowie will be there." Raynar studied him a moment more. He knew what was bugging Zekk- Jaina. Five years ago they were a couple. Zekk left her he never fully gave his reasons to Raynar. She wasn't too happy and from what Raynar was able to find out from Jacen, Jaina buried herself in her work.

"Fine. My apartment still there, right?" Zekk didn't know what to do. He was afraid to be back again. Raynar told him he was returning to Coruscant, he had to plead with Zekk. Zekk made a home on Balt 3 and he didn't want to leave just yet.


"Sir, we have permission to land at Bay 561." The Twi'lek said.

"Good. Come on Zekk." Raynar pulled on his arm until he followed.

Zekk smiled as Jacen talked. His eyes scan for Jaina but he knew she wouldn't come. He almost lost his smile. He made a wreck of that relationship and friendship. He wondered where she was.

"Tenel Ka is on Hapes. She'll be back by the end of the week. Jaina busy with something for the Senate, like always." Jacen paused. "She won't be able to eat dinner with us until next week. She rarely sleeps."

"She's that busy? What's new with the Senate? A Crisis?" Zekk lifted his eyebrow at Jacen. Zekk stood a head and half taller.

"No crisis, but with new planets being discovered in the Unknown Regions, the Senate is growing and things are changing all the time. Jaina says she'll die young with all the stress going on. I know she hasn't been out and about for years. She keeps avoiding me and Lowie."

Lowie roared his agreement. Adding, his own arguments. "What? Wait, this is Jaina, she always works on ships. It's her passion."

"Not for years, Zekk. Anyway, how's trading in the Unknowns?" Jacen said as they walked away from the ship.

Zekk responded, promising he would have a talk with Jaina and soon. Had she changed that much not to tinker with ships? He couldn't believe that, ever.

Jaina collsaped on her couch as soon as she walked in. Like everyday, she was so tried. She removed her belt and threw it somewhere. Her hands undid her hair that fell around her head.

Something was beeping at her. She heard it as she closed her eyes. "Great, just great." Jaina rolled off the couch and landed low to the ground on her feet. She stood up, stretching her sore muscles.

She walked over to the comm unit. One messenge. She seat down as a the messange appeared on the screen. She gasped as she saw who it was, Zekk.

"Hi, Jaina. I know Jacen told you I was coming home. I know you're busy but can we met somewhere? Sounds like a lot has happen and happing. Whenever you can I'll be at the Corellian Bar every evening, so we can talk. Bye. Zekk out." It ended.

Jaina's hand went to her mouth. She couldn't believe it, he called her. After five years of not talking to her, he contracted her.

Jaina quickly took off her clothes and jump in the shower. She redressed and stopped. What was she doing? She didn't know, she combed her long hair as she thought. She didn't really want to talk to Zekk but she did want to see him, from a distance. She left her apartment in the palace. She knew where the bar was. Zekk loved that bar, memories came back at her. His dancing lessons, his face on the dancing floor with her.

Jaina shook her head. She didn't have time for that, not any more. Over five years Jaina had aged. She didn't know how to have fun anymore. She barely had time to eat as it was. And here she was going to a bar to look at her old boyfriend.

Jaina slided into the bar. It was packed. Jaina looked around for their old booth. Zekk seat there, drinking corellian ale, his favotie. Jaina watched him, her eyes fix on him. His hair was the same color but shorter, the shortest she ever seen it. It, he looked real good with that hair cut.

"Maybe I should." Jaina said to herself. She looked away for a moment, when she looked again, he was gone. She looked around but he was no where to be found. She turned back to the door.

"You made it," Zekk's voice said close to her ear. She nearly jumped out of her skin. Where did he go?

"I had a little time-"

"Great." Zekk took her gently by the arm and lead her back to their booth. "I order you a drink, if that's all right."

"Sure." Jaina folded her arms on the table. She was now feeling a little weird. She couldn't believe this, he was um different.

Zekk felt the same as she. Now she was here and he was lost. Lost in her beauty, she looked stressed out, through. "So, what's new?" He kicked himself after the first word. Stupid, stupid, Zekk. He thought.

"Nothing- and you?" Jaina wanted to be any other place but here. She wanted to reach out and touch his new hair cut, but she couldn't.

"I'm home and-" Why not? Zekk thought to himself, he took Jaina by the hand and leaded her away from the booth. "dancing."

"Um, can we talk about this?" Jaina said as they started dancing. "I haven't dance in um what five years?"

"Than now's a good time to re-start." Zekk smiled as Jaina smiled..

They danced for hours, not even getting tried. Between the songs they took a drink. Rarely talking but enjoying the dance their hearts dance to. Jaina smiled and laughed. She forgot how much fun this was. She was so busy forgetting this. It had hurt for so long but now it didn't. She looked Zekk in the eyes as they danced. She saw his joy and pain. He missed this as much as she had.

Zekk wrapped his arms around Jaina. It felt so good to dance with her. He had been with other girls, learned new things from them but no one ever made him feel this good. He wanted to kiss her, but he knew that was wrong at the moment.

"Alright you lads and gals, last song and than get out of here." The manger said. "This song as been requested by Jay. For reunions here tonight." The manger looked right at Zekk and Jaina, who looked away. They were well known in this bar and looked like things haven't change that much. The manger smiled at them.

The dance began and ended, Zekk kept Jaina's hand in his as he paid for the drinks and leaded the way out of the bar.

"Where are we going?" Jaina asked as Zekk lead the way through the maze of building and catwalks.

"My place, to talk. If that's ok." Zekk stopped and look her in her brown eyes. When she said nothing he moved on, never dropping her hand. They made it back to his place within minutes. He keyed in the access code. The lights turned on as they entered. "Sorry, this isn't much I moved to a smaller apartment before I left."

Jaina looked around, only two rooms. One was the bedroom and the kitchen and living were one. "Doesn't matter." She seat down on the table.

"Do you want something to eat?" Zekk said as he prepared something for him.

"No, thanks." Jaina rested her head on the table as she watched Zekk.. He looked really good, she closed her eyes for a moment, thinking what it would have been like.

When she opened them, moments later, Zekk was watching her. "Am I keeping you up?"

"I'll be fine, I have only one appointment tomorrow in the afternoon." Jaina yawned.

"And you were dead tried tonight, right?"

"Um, but oh well I'm always like that-" Jaina said sleepily. She was really comfortable.

"Why do you buried yourself in your work, Jaina?" Zekk asked as he knelt down besides her.

"I didn't have anything else to do. I didn't have you-" Jaina felt her body being lifted up. "I loved you so much, it hurt so much I couldn't stand it."

"I know, it hurt too." Zekk laid her on his bed. She never been on his bed before. It was so soft and warm. "Jai, I love you." Zekk took off her boots and belt. He undid her hair as she fell asleep. Her hair was longer than he remember and soft. Zekk left her to sleep as he went to check on his night snack.

Jaina awake in a strange bed. "I have a bad feeling about this." She said to her self as she remove the covers. She was still dress expect no belt or boots. Her mind than decide to work for her, she remember the bar and part of what happened. Zekk must have moved her here to sleep better. Which she did, better than she had for a long time. "Zekk?" Jaina called, she felt him near through the force,

"Coming." Zekk walked in with a plate of food. "Hungry?" He presented the plate to her.

"Thanks," Jaina took the plate. "Sorry I crushed here-"

"Think nothing of it. We probably shouldn't have dance that long."

Jaina lowed her face. "I didn't mind." She looked up at him again.. "I haven't done that for a long time, thank you."

Zekk smile as Jaina took a bit of his cooking, something he learned from Gia. "I'm glad you enjoy it. I have fun, too. Do you remember what you talked about last night?"

"No- I didn't say anything I'll regret did I?"

"Nope, just a few things is all."

"Care to share?" Jaina took another bit, he was a good cook. She didn't know he could cook, guess he does now.

"Um just what you were doing today and why you buried yourself in your work."

Jaina stop chewing, looked straight at him. She was that tried and she told HIM?! "You wont suppose to know that-"

"Well I do, and-" Zekk moved closer to her. "I know how you feel, Jai. I have felt the same way." He took her hands in his. "I want to try again. I missed you so much." He laid a hand softly on her cheek, she rounded into it. "I was away so long because I couldn't believe I hurt you of all the people in the galaxy."

"Zekk," Jaina said softly. She wrapped her arms around his neck, she kissed him below the ear. "I-"

Zekk pulled her away from him so he could see her face. She was smiling along with him. "I know, Jai."

Their lips met, learning each other again as Zekk's hand move her plate off the bed and he laid next to her as their mouths got to know each other. He would not hurt her again, he couldn't. He wrapped his arms around her but did not explore as he would if this was anyone but Jaina. He loved her too much to do that, not without her permission.

The force allowed them to sense their feelings to each other. Jaina pulled away and lock her eyes with his. "I love you." She whispered, watching the joy spring in his eyes and on his face.

"I love you." Zekk said as he kissed her on the forehead. He round her over onto her back. He was smiling, much like a rancor would if he had just hunted and killed for his first time. Zekk trickle her, she was almost defenseless against his trickles. She started trickling him as they rolled to the floor, laughing all the way.

Their laugher was from the trickling but more was from the joy of being able to have a second chance at love. Love two Jedis could have not matter what happen down the line. Zekk knew he was with the one that he would marry and love forever.